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Pax JUUL Review

Cigalikes may be obsolete, but did you know that over half of e-cigarette users still use them over more efficient second-generation devices? It would be nice if someone stepped in and brought some innovation to that corner of the market, don’t you think? Enter Pax Labs, or as some like to call them, the ‘Apple of the e-cigarette industry’, a company better known for its for sleek high-performance dry-herb vaporizers. They’ve recently decided to enter the vaping game and have brought not only their eye-catching design ideas but also revolutionary technology to better replicate the experience of smoking.

Their new product is called the JUUL, and even though it’s marketed as an electronic cigarette, it certaily doesn’t look like one. Design-wise, e-cigs and advanced vaporizers usually fit in one of three categories: cigalikes, which as the name suggests replicate the size and shape of traditional tobacco cigarettes, tubular devices like the once popular eGo style e-cigarettes or the Apollo VTube v4, and box mods like the SMOK X Cube 2. Sure there are a few exceptions, like Vaporesso Target, but for some reason, most manufacturers like to play it safe and go for one of these three main design choices. Not Pax Labs, though.


The JUUL looks unlike any e-cigarette I’ve ever seen before. If I didn’t know what it was beforehand, I could have sworn this thing was just an unusually long USB flash drive. It has a rectangular shape, it’s incredibly thin and light, and features absolutely no buttons. This is minimalism at its finest, and I for one love it. This streamlined design not only makes the JUUL easy to use and carry around, it also oozes elegance and originality.

The packaging is minimalist as well, but here I believe Pax could have done a much better job. The JUUL comes in a small cardboard box with two separate compartments – one for the actual device and the magnetic USB charger, and one for the blister pack of four proprietary flavor pods. The cardboard box is almost paper-thin and feels a bit cheap, and there’s also no user manual inside. The JUUL may be easy to use, but a first-time vaper still needs a bit of guidance. Luckily, Pax didn’t forget to add instructions, they just decided to hide them really well.


Basically, the JUUL packaging is also the user guide. You can see a picture of the device and some writing on the inside of the cardboard box after you remove the two compartments, but you actually have to take it apart to properly read the instructions. It’s different, I’ll give them that, but it just feels like they were trying too hard to be original. Some users may end up throwing the packaging away before realizing it contains the instructions of use.

The Pax JUUL is a closed system very similar to automatic cigalikes. Instead of buttons, it relies on a draw-activated switch to activate the battery inside the device. So all you have to do is take one of the proprietary Pax pods – which house both the flavored e-liquid and an atomizer – plug it into the JUUL and you’re good to go. Gently draw on the plastic mouthpiece and you’ll start to hear a faint crackling sound letting you know that the battery is heating the atomizer.


Before we talk about the performance of the Pax JUUL, it’s important to note that this device was not designed to compete with advanced open systems, like variable wattage and temperature control mods, or even intermediate-level vaporizers like the VaporFi Rocket. To be honest, after using high-power mods for so long, I had to constantly remind myself that the JUUL is an entry-level electronic cigarette and I should judge it as such. It’s not supposed to be a cloud chugging machine, but an alternative to inefficient cigalikes.

Vapor production is obviously not the JUUL’s strong point. You need to draw on it slowly for a long time to get a decent plume of vapor, and even then, it’s very unimpressive. One of the reasons for this might be that on the unit I received from Pax the automatic switch didn’t perform consistently. Sometimes a very gentle draw was enough to activate the battery, while other times I would really have to put my lungs to work to get it to work. I don’t know if this is a general issue, or just my device, but I feel it could use some improvement.


Yes, you could easily get much more vapor from an eGo-style e-cigarette, but keep in mind the size of the JUUL. This thing is tiny and almost as light as a feather, so you really shouldn’t expect it to produce huge plumes of vapor. Plus, vapor production was never really the main concern of Pax Labs. Instead, they concentrated more on the design of the unit, and a new means of nicotine delivery to satisfy smokers.

It’s the science behind nicotine delivery that truly makes the JUUL an innovation. While all other electronic cigarettes and e-liquids use freebase nicotine, the guys at Pax have patented nicotine salts, which replicate the way nicotine is found in tobacco leaves. “Nicotine in nature is a compound that wants to form and join with the organic acids and salts you find in tobacco leaves,” CEO James Monsees explains. What that means is that thanks to the company’s proprietary nicotine salts, you can expect the JUUL to deliver the drug in a similar fashion to combustible cigarettes.


Another thing that makes the JUUL special is the concentration of nicotine in the e-liquid. You’re not likely to find any juice with more than 2.4% nicotine content, but the JUUL pods carry o.7 ml of e-liquid with a nicotine concentration of 5%. That’s double the nicotine of the hardest juice you can normally buy. This explains how such a tiny device can deliver a very strong throat hit with so little vapor.

Battery life is actually quite impressive for the size and weight of the JUUL, and slightly better than that of larger cigalikes I have used in the past. Holding this device in your hand, it’s hard to believe there is a battery inside, it’s that incredibly light! Pax claims a full charge should be good for 200 puffs, and I would say that’s a fairly accurate estimation. I’ve gotten about a day’s use out of it, but I should clarify that I didn’t use it exclusively, but rather as a backup for my main setup.


The JUUL has an integrated smart sensor that lets you check the battery level simply by tapping on the device two twice in rapid succession. When the battery is full, the small LED indicator lights up green, when you’re about half way through the battery it lights up yellow, and when it’s low on power, it lights up red. It’s a pretty neat and user friendly battery indicator, I have to say.

To recharge the JUUL, plug the magnetic USB charger into a power source, snap on the device and wait. A full charge only takes about an hour, which is very impressive, but given that the kit only comes with one device, that’s one hour that you have to go without a nicotine fix, if this is your only e-cigarette. Sure, you can easily detach the JUUL from the charger to take a hit from time to time, but that’s not exactly the optimal solution.


The JUUL pods, or cartridges, come in four different flavors – Tabaac (tobacco), Miint (Menthol), Fruut (fruit cocktail), Bruule (creme brulé) and Coco Miint (chocolate and peppermint). This last one was just launched, so I didn’t get a sample, but I can tell you that the other four taste pretty good.

Tabaac, for example tastes exactly the same as the Green Smoke Classic juice I fell in love with many years back. Except for naturally-extracted tobacco e-liquids like Black Note, this is the most realistic tobacco flavor I’ve ever tried. It’s got that distinct dry leaf aroma, a hint of sweetness on the exhale and a good throat hit to boot.

Miint is a clear and strong menthol and, for some reason, produces considerably more vapor than the other JUUL flavors.


Bruule is a dessert flavor that’s bound to appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. It lacks the creaminess of other similar e-liquids I have tried, but makes up for it with a pleasantly strong vanilla custard taste.

Fruut is not bad either, but I would say it was my least favorite of all the four Juul flavors. It’s basically a fruit cocktail, with strawberry and peach among the strongest notes I picked up, but I would have preferred it to be more flavorful.

The cartridges themselves are really easy to use – just remove their colorful caps and plug them into the vaporizer, but, like any closed system, they can only be used with the JUUL. Even though the company doesn’t mention this, you can refill the pods by removing the plastic mouthpiece, but you’ll have to fill them up with regular e-liquid, since Pax doesn’t sell their nicotine salt juice separately.


The two issues I have with the JUUL flavor pods have to do with visibility and pricing. Although the cut diamond shape of the pods and the vaporizer allow you to see the level of e-juice when you’re vaping, it’s kind of an ok system, but it could have been done better, in my opinion. The problem is that once the e-liquid level drops past the little diamond-shaped window, you can’t see if there’s any left. It’ a minor problem, but having gotten used to transparent tanks, I guess it bothers me more than it should.

The price of the pods is a more serious issue. A pack of four will set you back $15.99, which adds up to a pretty sum in the long run. Pax claims that one cartridge contains the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes, so using the JUUL is still cheaper than smoking, but at roughly $4 per pod, it’s still a very pricey affair. Hopefully, the price will come down soon, to be more inline with the cartridge prices of regular cigalikes.


The device itself is not the cheapest either. At $49.99, the JUUL is considerably cheaper than most cigalikes, but I guess Pax is not called the ‘Apple of the e-cigarette industry’ for design and innovation alone. You definitely pay a premium for a unique good-looking device.

To their merit, Pax offer customers a way to save 15% on their supplies by enrolling in a monthly subscription program. You can choose to have between two and eight 4-pod packs delivered at your doorstep every month. It’s a nice deal if you’re willing to tie yourself to the JUUL for at least one month.


So, would I buy the Pax JUUL? Probably not, but only because I’ve long since transitioned to high-power mods that greatly outperform it. For a smoker looking to cut back on cigarettes, or make the switch to vaping, it’s definitely a great choice. Keeping in mind the gorgeous design and feel of the JUUL, its good performance for a cigalike and innovative nicotine delivery system, I’d say it’s undoubtedly superior to a classic cigalike.

If you’re one of those people who hate getting their hands dirty with coil builds, DIY e-liquid or learning about resistance, voltage and wattage, and if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish alternative to smoking, you should definitely check out the Pax JUUL.

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28 Comments/Reviews

  • John says:

    They are garbage

    • Lori says:
      1 stars

      I received a new order of pods on 11/9/2016 it had 4 pods going down the front of the packaging. What have they done??? They turned a good thing bad. The newest pods are discussing. The mint is like lighting a piece of mint gum on fire and lighting it. Way to go PAX/JUUL. You have took a perfectly good thing and destroyed it.

      • Lori says:

        Sorry for my spelling. When typing it’s too light to read and it somehow changed my words. They are discusting it’s like lighting a piece of mint gum on fire and smoking it. The pods were perfectly fine the 2nd time around. Why mess with a good thing. Now the mint is too strong, instant headache and the worse heartburn ever! Loved my Juul until I received this last batch of pods. Way too many issues. I give up!

    • Lori says:

      Does anyone know what juul is doing and why? The first version pod leaked so they came out with a second version, that was perfect in every way, they added a an enclosed wick of some kind and stoped the leaking and viola a perfect pod. Then just recently the released a version that has 4 pods going down the front on the box and they are right back where the started a very bad pod, way too Minty you can’t even hit off it and when you do it gives you heartburn headaches. Why did they try and fix it if it was not broken. Bring back the 2nd well liked pod and be done with it. Uugghhh

    • Arlene says:

      I’m a newbbie to the Juul but so far i find it very useful . Although the prices are cheaper for the pods on their website , i am lucky that the Tobacco shop where i live always have them in stock regardless of the flavor. I am very friendly with the owner so he knows to put on the side what i like so i am never stuck without, yes there more money but i don’t have to wait for shipping . The Juul has def got me to quit at a faster pace . Once in a blue moon i still need a regular cig but i see my cravings dropping . Thank you Juul your making me a quitter . Awesome product .

  • mohd TARIQ says:

    Hello ir
    i wanna buy e cigrat you have show in bangkok

  • Kraig says:

    The juul is a junk. If it works or when it works it is great. But the charging system does not sit snugly and there for you end up having to fiddle with it to get it to charge. Thier pods have leaked in their unopened package. It has a tendency to give you a little e-juice in your mouth at times when used (very uneasant taste and hiccups). The availability of pods at local retailers is nonexistent. They have not had any for weeks now. Then you run into the fact that sometimes it won’t produce vapor. Had that happen twice. Dealing with it for the second time now and am ready to throw in to the trash. Now if they could fix these issues it would be a great product. The amount of vapor is close to what you get from a cigarette. I was using that instead of smoking at that worked. But now it is creating more agrication and driving me back to smoking. If they fix the problems it is worth the money if they don’t, well don’t waste your money or your time with it.

    • Nicoret says:
      5 stars

      Juul is the most innovative device for nicotine delivery invented yet. Yes, it has had some ‘start-up’ issues, but once you get used to it you will not want to use anything else.

    • Rob says:
      5 stars

      Kind of stunning the amount of bad reviews on here. For all those saying ‘it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to’ or ‘it’s buggy’–total non-sense. I’ve owned several Ego sticks, 2 Mods, and another cig-a-like, and I’ve had far moor leakage, charging, and vapor production issues than the Juul.

      The Juul I may have a problem with once a month. Maybe one of the carts doesn’t hit as well, or a certain angel of charging doesn’t work. Besides that, it works like a charm.

      So I’m not sure if you’re getting paid to write bad reviews, but it’s pretty dishonest.

      The only CON of the Juul is the lack of weaker nicotine flavors. It IS addictive and you can’t hit it more than twice in a minute or you start getting a REAL nicotine high. I’m now filling carts with my own juice. Take it with me in the car and people always tell me how convenient it is when I use it around them.

  • MemeSupreme says:

    2.4% is the highest amount of nicotine you can buy? Dude you can find upwards of 12% at any vape shop

    • Jones says:

      Meme, you are mistaking milligrams per milliliter with percentages. That 12mg you are referring to is 1.2% nicotine. 12% would be 120mg/ml. I promise you aren’t finding that level of nic unless you are into diy and diluting.

    • Kirby patterson says:

      No 12 nic is 1.2% nicotine. 2.4 is 24 nic so yeah that is pretty much the highest you can find at stores

    • Cody says:

      Use your brain bro

  • Jason says:
    5 stars

    Love this device, 44 year old 30 year smoker. Tried several times with the cig a likes because I don’t want the big contraptions I see others with. They never quite took, mainly because they just didn’t give me the same satisfaction as a cigarette. This juul is far closer to a cigarette and I quit on July 23rd 2016. Haven’t smoked a cigarette since the sales clerk took my pack from me!
    This is my copied testimony and I’ll post it around for others to see.

  • Lyle says:
    2 stars

    Juul uses nicotine salts, which are MORE addictive. They recently redesigned their pods because of leakage.

    • Lori says:
      1 stars

      You are absolutely right. Just gave up my Juul after receiving the newest version of pods, believe it’s the 3rd version, the one with 4 pods going down the right hand side of the packaging. Had to give them up instantly. Too much mint, severe headaches, and even worse heartburn. The nicotine withdrawal is worse then cigarettes. The Salt delivery allows nic to go right into the bloodstream for instant satisfaction. As soon as you quit them you will be pulling you hair out. I promise. Don’t do it. Find another way to quit smoking.

  • Glenn says:

    Love the Juul.! Started on August 31 and have had no desire to have a “real cigarette ” since. Hoping that they will come up with less nicotine amounts as I’m trying to quit. Love my Juul!!!

  • RichL says:
    5 stars

    I just got a JUUL, and it is pretty impressive for what it is. It is a very well thought out device.

    Here is my take, as one of the first people who ever vaped, back in 2008:

    I started with the 410, 902, and then everyone started using 510 threads so I went with that. All of those (from the beginning) were using batting material to hold the juice. Later models has more than an inch of batting, and you could cram a lot of juice in there. But every single one, ever, leaked juice.

    A lot of people tried using thick VG juice, because everyone started out with PG. The thick stuff doesn’t work well with batting material, and won’t flow.

    Later, everyone went to tanks, then to un-batted tanks (or synthetic wicks), which caused the opposite problem…everyone wanted thick juice, and VG was popular.

    VG gives me stomach cramps that I can only imagine feel like a woman’s period, so I still can’t use that stuff. It would last for one or two days, and it felt like someone punching me in the gut, or I ate cut glass or something.

    The JUUL has glycerol (derivative of VG, but doesn’t have any stomach effects), and PG, but is thicker than straight PG. I finished a cart and refilled it with PG, and it leaked.

    So, JUUL has me on board for more carts, and I can already tell it works. Not having juice drip everywhere, or massive amounts of accessories laying around is enough to buy one.

    The JUUL carts are now easier to pull apart than the utube vid guy’s “hack”. They have little tabs, and you can get it all apart with your fingers.

  • Rachel Hughes says:
    5 stars

    Product is excellent. But even better, the customer service. I needed a new JUUL and they pretty much sent one back out to me without question, and were exceptionally nice about it.

  • Andrew Smith says:
    5 stars

    absolutely lit. I’m 6 years old and its cut down my 2 packs a day to one.

  • Andre Hoffman says:
    1 stars

    This is my 7th new Juul purchase and have 10 packs of pods for his to not work after 100 puffs, it will charge, but when trying to inhale the light doesn’t come on and it leaks.I am not going to buy another one, just need to know how to make it work again.

  • joe says:
    1 stars

    the company has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. 10 days and they still haven’t shipped my order, and the items are in stock. they were suppose to give me a discount on my next order and they never did. It takes days for them to respond to emails. I cant wait for a new company to come out with something similar because I’m done with this company. they are a rip off, I don’t mind paying a little more money but come on give the customer the benefit of the doubt. I have purchased hundreds of dollars in products and you still cant have the decency to respond in a timely manner. and when they do respond they are just rude. the product itself is great. some pods are better then others, but the company is the worst in the business. if they are selling wholesale to individual vape shops those shops shouldn’t be allowed to charge $20 per pack, they should put a restriction on it. these vape shops are making and arm and a leg on these pods. the company shouldn’t allow this. You want to carry my pods ok there should be a limit to what the retailer can charge.

  • Mike says:
    1 stars

    The Juul itself is very good while it lasted. Joe is absolutely correct. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. That is unacceptable for any company and if they keep these practices up, they may not be in business very long. It states on their site that they respond to every email. What a joke that is. According to their site, there is a year warranty on their product but it is doubtful they will stand behind it. They are so unresponsive but will respond when you order so they can take your. Be careful if you deal with them, especially if there is a problem.

  • Johnny says:
    2 stars

    I am on my third device in 6 months. They fail, the pods are crap. Worst purchase ever. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Not sure why I was fooled 3 times.

  • maya schatz says:
    1 stars

    I have had no problem with the customer service but every time they send me a new Juul I’m lucky if it lasts two weeks I have been trying to quit smoking not only for health but to save money cigarettes are so expensive it’s ended up costing me double or triple because I have not had a chance to have a workable product long enough quit which makes me purchase more cigarettes I’m calling tomorrow since today is Sunday and I’m hoping the response is a full refund from September of 2016 until current I got my neighbor one of these she has had nothing but the worst time with it so frustrating I hope they do the right thing and refund every time I have spent

  • Annie says:

    I am very disappointed in the juul. I have bought 3 of them in the past 4 months and each time they have broken. The pods also tend to leak or occasionally get a faulty one in the package. I need to look for a new brand of e-cig! They are also quite expensive for how many issues they have.

  • Carol says:
    5 stars

    Bought 7 weeks ago. Not one bit of trouble with it. Haven’t had a cigarette since. 5 Coworkers purchased one since I bought mine and they haven’t had a problem either. Very happy!

  • Lynne says:
    1 stars

    They offer 1 year return. They don’t last long in spite of the high price. It’s not 1 year guarantee it’s one time replacement.
    I mailed them 4 juuls, only 2 were eligible. Even though I gave them age verification they want it again….then it won’t go through.
    Don’t get started

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