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EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Review

Like many other Chinese companies, Shenzen-based EHPRO started off making clones of popular atomizers, but eventually came out with their original designs. Their first big hit was the Billow, a single-coil RTA that got a lot of praise from the international vaping community. After putting out several versions of the Billow, EHPRO came out with the Bachelor RTA, which was also very well received, and after a relatively long hiatus, it recently released the Bachelor X single-coil RTA, which, despite sharing the same name as its predecessor, is an entirely different device. Let’s check it out:

A Look at the Contents

The EHPRO Bachelor X comes in the same style of packaging we’ve seen countless times before – a small cardboard box with a picture of the device on the front, and the usual warnings and authenticity code on the back. I’m not going to lie, seeing that code on an EHPRO product made me giggle a little bit.

Inside the box we have the Bachelor X RTA sitting snug in a Styrofoam holder, next to a an extended, aka bubble glass tuber, and a small box containing all the other accessories. Inside that tiny box, you’ll find som Japanese cotton, a bag full of different size o-rings, an Allen key and four spare grub screws for the deck. But the thing that really impressed me the most was that EHPRO included not one, not two, but three really nice fused Clapton coils. Keep in mind that this is a single-coil atomizers, so three is a very generous offering.

On the other hand, the Bachelor X comes with just one 810 Ultem drip tip, and there’s no 510 drip tip, or even an adapter included in the kit. I don’t know who uses 510 drip tips anymore, but I guess it would have been nice to see one included, just in case.

Overall, though, this is a very nice kit. Not only did they include a bubble glass as a spare for the standard one, but they also threw in three great coils. What’s not to like?

Design and Build Quality

The EHPRO Bachelor X RTA is made primarily of stainless steel and glass. It’s 25 mm in diameter and measures just over 33 mm from the bottom of the base to the tip of the top-cap, not including the drip tip. That means it'[s a bit stubbier than other 25 mm tanks, like the Eleaf Ello, for example. That’s a plus in my book, as I’m not really a big fan of atomizers that make a vaping setup stick out of my pocket.

In terms of design, EHPRO went for a classic look, so apart from the laser etched gaduation hat and X logos on the chimney, and the Bachelor X name engraved on the base, nothing really stands out about it. The top cap features some discrete knurling to make it easier to unscrew and access the top filling slots, and the base features an adjustable airflow ring and two massive slots. The 510 pin is gold-plated and seems adjustable, although I wouldn’t recommend using it with a hybrid mech mod.

With the standard glass tube that comes pre-installed, the EHPRO Bachelor X has an e-liquid capacity of 3.5 ml, but if you replpace that with the bubble glass included in the kit, that capacity is increased to 5 ml. The downside is that the tank will look a bit funny, as the glass extends past the metal sections on the top and bottom, plus it’ll me more prone to breaking as it’s be the first to come inn contact with a rough surface, if you accidentally drop it.

The build deck inside the EHPRO Bachelor X is a bit different than most. It’s kind of similar to the one on the Wotofo Nudge RDA – of which I will be doing a review soon – in that the coil needs to have one lead facing forward and the other backward, and that you have to completely remove at least one of the screws to install it. But the strangest thing about this deck is that itts two massive posts feature two screw slots each. That’s four screw slots, but you can only install one coil… I don’t really get why they did that, so if you care to educate me, I’d appreciate it.

The post slots on this deck are not the largest I’ve seen, so while you’ll be able to install most types of coils on it, if you’re going for a very large exotic build, especially one with very wide leads, you may have trouble getting the leads in these slots.

However, the EHPRO Bachelor X has one of the largest bottom airflow slots I’ve seen on an RTA. This thing is over 4.6 mm in diameter, so absolutely massive, as are the two wicking slots on each side of the deck. You really have to be careful when wicking the cotton, as you want to make sure the cotton leads are fluffy enough to cover these slots completely and prevent e-liquid from flooding the atomization chamber.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the EHPRO Bachelor. The machining is top notch, the threads work perfectly and that airflow ring on the bottom has just the right amount of tension on it. Apart from a few minor cons regarding the build deck – more on that below – there really isn’t anything negative I can say about this atomizer. It’s pretty solid.

Setting Up

Before you start setting up the EHPRO Bachelor X for your first vape, it’s really important that you take it apart and give all the components a through rinse with hot water, to make sure that you get rid of any impurities or leftover machining oil.

Once everything is clean and dry, it’s time to mount the coil. And that leads us to the first little con. The only way to install your coil is by completely removing at least one of the grub screws on the deck. Some people prefer to remove both, but I just like to take one out completely and loosen the other just enough to slide one of the coil leads under it. The problem is that these grub screws are really tiny, so if you accidentally drop one of them, it’s going to take you a while to find them. Unfortunately, that’s how this deck design works, and while it makes installing the coil very easy, it does have this little drawback.

Once your coil is in place, tighten down the two screws, adjust the coil using a coil jig to make sure it is directly above that bottom airflow hole and dry burn it to make sure there are no hot spots. I like to space mine out just a little bit to get rid of pesky hot spots, but you can also scrape it with a screwdriver to make them go away.

Usually, when wicking on an RTA deck, I prefer to fluff out the cotton leads with some tweezers, removing much of the cotton in the process, just to be sure that the e-liquid reaches the coil easily. However, you really need to make sure that you don’t take out too much cotton on the Bachelor X, because of those massive wicking holes. You’re going to need a lot of cotton to cover them completely, so you have to be careful.

This leads us to the second con I found. EHPRO includes three 3-mm diameter coils with this RTA, and they work very well, but if you’re planning to use any smaller diameter coils with it, you may find that you can’t fit enough cotton through them to plug those wicking slots. maybe you can get away with 2.5 mm coils, although I don’t recommend the, but anything under that is not going to work.

Once you’ve wicked your coils, saturate the cotton with a few drops of juice, screw on the top section of the tank, and fill it up through the two massive fill ports located under the top cap. And that’s it, you’re ready to vape.

How It Vapes

I was very impressed with the build quality of the EHPRO Bachelor X and the generous amount of accessories it came with, but I honestly didn’t expect it to perform this well. Using one of the stock coils it came with, I was blown away both by the vapor production and the intensity of the flavor. If you wick this thing correctly, it will not let you down, I guarantee it.

I’m not sure exactly why the Bachelor X vapes as well as it does; well, I guess it has to do with that large bottom airflow slot, and the thick, stubby chimney that allows most of the vapor to reach your mouth very fast, but there may be some other elements that I didn’t consider, I don’t know. The bottom line, and that’s all that matters really, is that this is one heck of an RTA. It puts out crazy amounts of vapor, even at average wattage levels – I vape it around 60W – and the flavor is incredible. In terms of flavor, this is definitely one of the best RTAs I’ve used in a while.

I’ve had no leaking problems with it, although, again, because of those large wicking holes, leaking can be an issue. You just have to wick it right, though and you should be fine, so even if you have some leaks, don’t give up on it.

If I were to be a picky vaper and come up with a con, I would probably say that it can be a bit noisy with both airflow slots wide open. But personally, I don’t really care about that as long as the performance is this good.


Having tries my share of single-coil RTAs, I can honestly say that the EHPRO Bachelor X is one of the best ones out there right now. Not only does it perform incredibly well, but it also has great build quality and is easy to build on. Is it perfect? Of course not, I have yet to find that holy grail, but if you’re looking for an above-average RTA that happens to come with loads of accessories, I highly recommend the Bachelor X.

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