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Vaporesso Xros Review

Vaporesso Xros
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Another day, another pod system, only this time it’s different! The Vaporesso Xros really isn’t your run of the mill vape pod, it’s actually one of the best such devices I’ve tried in a very long time. Not only does it cater to mouth-to-lung vapers thanks to two relatively high resistance coil-heads, but it also features a great airflow control system and a large battery to boot. Let’s take a closer look at the Vaporesso Xros:

Vaporesso Xros Packaging and Presentation

Vaporesso’s newest pod system comes in a small cardboard package colored the same as the device inside and featuring a photo of it on the front, along with several pictograms showing off its main features. As usual, on the back of the box we have some technical specifications, a list of kit contents, are restrictions and nicotine warnings, and a scratch-and-check authenticity sticker.

Inside the box, you’ll find the standard contents for this type of product – the Xros battery unit, two refillable pods, a USB Type-C charging cable, and a user manual. The extra pod is always nice to see, especially in a kit aimed at beginners and causal vapers, and I’m also glad Vaporesso decided to transition to USB-C. We had seen the same standard on the PM30 pod system, but this pretty much confirms that they have moved on from the micro-USB.

Vaporesso Xros Design and Build Quality

At first glance, the new Xros is yet another pen-style pod system. It’s a very popular format, probably the most popular for vape pods, but this one is slightly larger than most, because of the high-capacity battery inside.

The Vaporesso Xros is made primarily of stainless steel, measures 112mm x 23mm x 13mm, and comes in a variety of colors, from brushed stainless steel, to Sky Blue (a grey to turquoise gradient).

The Xros, like the original VooPoo Vinci pod mod, features both manual and automatic battery activation, so you do have a round, metallic fire button sitting almost flush with the battery, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can just draw on the mouthpiece like you would on a JUUL, for example, and a draw sensor will activate the battery.

Opposite the fire button, we have one of the most intriguing features of the Vaporesso Xros – an airflow control slider. You don’t often see airflow control on this type of rudimentary vaping device, so you just have to live with the kind of airflow the manufacturer decided on when designing the product, there’s no adjustment. That’s where the Xros is very different from most devices in its category.

Wide open, the airflow has three intake slots exposed, allowing you to do a very loose mouth-to-lung, even a restrictive direct lung hit, while closed off completely, it is perfect for a super-tight, cigarette-like draw, in my opinion. You can set it anywhere in between, too, until you find your sweet spot.

The airflow control system is cleverly positioned a few millimetres above the fore button, so if you like to vape using the fire button, there is no danger of accidentally covering the air intake slots with your index finger.

Unlike most recent pod systems and pod mods I’ve tested, the Vaporesso Xros doesn’t have replaceable coil-heads, relying instead on disposable pods. That seems a bit outdated, but I for one am ok with that, and I can also understand why they went with it. The Xros is primarily aimed at fresh ex-smokers looking for a viable alternative and casual vapers who don’t particularly like to get their hands dirty replacing coil-heads. Disposable pods are more convenient, there is no denying that.

Xros pods currently come in two variants – 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω. It’s easy to tell them apart thanks to the clear resistance rating on the bottom, and the color-coded o-rings inside (red for the lower resistance ones and black for the higher resistance). They are both suitable for MTL (mouth-to-lung), which is very rare, with the only difference being that the 0.8Ω puts out warmer vapor than the 1.2Ω coil.

The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid and attach to the battery section via a pair of powerful magnets, and feature top filling. All you need to do is pull out the mouthpiece to reveal the fill port. It’s the hole to the side (the one with a black membrane covering it), not the one in the middle, so don’t get them confused. Filling is super easy, just stick your juice bottle needle in the fill port and pour until it is full. Then put the mouthpiece back on and wait about 10 minutes for the wicking to soak up the juice.

One of the things I love about the Vaporesso Xros is that the pod sit above the battery unit, so you can easily keep an eye on the juice level inside without having to remove the pods to check the juice constantly.

The Vaporesso Xros is a slick pen-style pod system with some interesting features that definitely set it apart from other devices in its category. I like the clean design, the sturdy stainless steel battery unit and even the gradient finish.

Vaporesso Xros Battery Life

Remember when 400mAh was the norm for vape pods? Well, the Xros has double that battery capacity, which is pretty darn impressive for a pod system. You could say Vaporesso are leading the pack when it comes to improving battery life for pods, as they were the first to come out with a 650mAh vape pod, the popular Renova Zero. They are doing it again with the pen-style Xros.

800mAh battery capacity is very impressive, but it’s not the only thing going for the Xros. It also features USB-C fast charging at 1A. That means you can fully recharge the battery in about an hour or so, which is not bad at all for such a compact device. Plus, you can always use it while it’s charging as well, although the charging cable could be a bit longer.

The Vaporesso Xros has a tiny LED battery life indicator located right under the fire button. It lights up green when the battery is at over 70 percent, blue between 70 and 30 percent, and red under 30 percent.

How the Vaporesso Xros Vapes

It’s rare that you see an MTL-focused vape pod hit the market, and good MTL pod systems are even rarer. That is what makes the Vaporesso Xros so special. I have been using it for four days now, but I knew I loved it after taking my first puff. The airflow control slider was closed up almost all the way, and the draw was just the way I like it – super, super tight, like that of a tobacco cigarette.

Regardless of which of the two included coil-heads you are using, the 0.8Ω or the 1.2Ω, I guarantee that you are going to love the way this thing vapes (as long as you’re into MTL, of course). The lower resistance coil offers a noticeably warmer vape, but other than that, the two are very similar. The 1.2Ω pod has a bit more restricted draw, but you can adjust that on the 0.8Ω using the airflow control.

The Vaporesso Xros is all about the airflow control, in my opinion. Without it, this would be just another pen-style pod system, but that clever little slider makes it so much better, by allowing you to customize the draw. Some companies nail the fixed airflow for some vapers, they also miss the mark for others, because we all know how important personal preference is. Well, the integrated airflow control means the Xros will appeal to a larger part of the market.

Vaporesso claims that the 0.8Ω mesh coil-head is suitable for restricted direct lung vaping, and while they are technically correct, I feel like it is better suited for a loose mouth-to-lung, even with the airflow wide open. That’s just my opinion, though.

One thing is for sure, if you’re looking for an airy draw and thick plumes of vapor, the Vaporesso Xros is probably going to disappoint you. There are plenty of devices out there for that style of vaping, including the Vaporesso Target PM80, but this is a vape pod aimed primarily at people interested in that tight, cigarette-like draw.


The Vaporesso Xros is hands down the best MTL-focused pod system I’ve used this years, and one of the best ever. It just does so many things right, from the integrated airflow control, to the impressive battery capacity and the chosen resistances for the mesh coils. People are already calling it a Caliburn killer, but I think that is limiting the potential of this device. As popular as the Uwell Caliburn has been in the last year or so, it wasn’t nearly as advanced as the Xros is.

So if you’re looking for a truly customizable mouth-to-lung vaping experience, you’ll have a very, very hard time finding a better pod system than the Vaporesso Xross.

This device was sent to me directly by Vaporesso, for the purpose of this review.

  • clever airflow control system
  • great battery life
  • slick design
  • perfect for MTL
  • USB-C fast charging
  • disposable pods

Vaporesso Xros

Get the Vaporesso Xros pod system from a reputable seller

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25 Comments/Reviews

  • Sarah A Morgan says:
    1 stars

    I wish I was saying all these wonderful things about this vape right now but I wouldn’t know bc the device I received is defective & instead of just believing me & allowing me to exchange product for exact same product I’ve been asked to jump through a thousand hoops to point I just said screw it! I’ll cut my loses. If you order pray you get one that works bc if it doesnt your stuck with it.

    • Steve says:
      5 stars

      I BOUGHT THIS DEVICE AND I LOVE IT ITS THE BEST ONE YET. AND U WANT TO KNOW WHY BEVAUSE THE PROTEXTION THE PODS HAVE NO SPIT UP JUICE IN UR MOUTH WHICH IS HARD TO FIND. Idc that they r disposable pods they r super cheap and thus whole setup is much cheaper than a weeks worth of cigs. I’m already saving money. I bought a esco bar disposable it didn’t last 2800 puffs. I bought a airis beast that was supposed to be 4000 puffs with a 2200 mah battery that is a lie to. Don’t waste money on disposeables buy this today. Just the fact that u can fill it up to the tippity top and gey no spit up of juice when u take a rip is worth it alone. So happy I bought this device I may even buy another bevause I love it so much and love the colors. I been vaping for years tried a bunch of them and this is def the best one so far. I use the black pods over the red bevause the black is better for higher salt nic

  • Sarah A Morgan says:
    4 stars

    I would like to modify my review. I finally got my vape to work correctly & it is very good. I apologize for previous review although I do still feel customer service was difficult to work with.

    • Rachael says:

      How did you get it to work? I’m having trouble

      • Bobby says:
        5 stars

        If you’re having problems getting it to work like my daughters mom was there is a clear plastic you have to peel off the bottom of the pods. Also my favorite vape unit of all times. Very satisfied with my purchase

    5 stars

    Vapes great just like the vaporesso auora play but better. I got the gradient green limited edition. Like the review said for the perfect mtl I’d say on the .8ohm pod all the way closed but 1mm open is perfect.

  • mertjent says:

    the vaporesso Xros is a nice vape, nice to be able to adjust airflow.
    The 1.2 ohm coil is nice with 20mg or 25mg \ 30mg nic salts.
    A clean low sweetener nic salt makes sure that the coil lasts for at least 8 full days. SOmetimes the pods start leaking out of the blue. Vaporesso should upgrade these coils. And we need a better mouthpiece for the real MTL stuff

  • Jamie Mchugh says:

    Love the vape except a lot of them leak.

  • Angel Britnell says:
    5 stars

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your review! Very well laid out. Hoping to get to where you are one day with writing reviews and blogs. Happy Holidays,

  • jack says:

    Piece of junk. Don’t buy it.

  • Harrison says:

    I got this one 10 days ago, 2 pods in package. the first one last refilled twice and second one just refilled once. the little rubber cap didn’t go back to stop the juice leaking after refill. the juice leaked from the adjustable switch and spilled all over my pants. i pick up my old caliburn. 100 times reliable. Don’t buy. waste money.

  • Anna says:

    I have had this vape for 2 weeks. The charger has started smoking and I am afraid it is going to catch something on fire. It is cute, sleek, and I was excited about the features… but can’t use it because I feel like it is dangerous to charge.

  • Itang says:
    3 stars

    I was use this pod for 2 week, i feel so disappointment about this cartridge, the liquid alwas leaking everiday and the spitback is horrible, i swear this spitback is very-very massive

    • Jennifer says:
      5 stars

      I’ve used this vape for 3 yrs. I’ve had the one with the button & adjustable air flow (pods in pink box work best if air flow is wide open), and I have the new mini , which has no adjustable airflow or button & it’s a GREAT VAPE! I use the pods in the black box for this one. I use salt nic in both in 25-50 strengths. I’ve never ever used another system and never will. It’s slim design is perfect and there’s no nerf to go get a big chunky looking device! As far as leaking, don’t overfill it and don’t leave it on. The button can be clicked five times quickly to turn it off. Same thing to turn on, if you have that model. I love these devices! I’m an ex smoker thanks to vaporesso

  • Matt Tandy says:
    2 stars

    While the general idea of this vape is good, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The pods themselves are far too small, to the point I’m having to refill three or more times a day. It’s like Russian roulette whether you’ll get a working coil or not. Some last a week, while many (many, many) are already burnt out before use. This is exceptionally poor workmanship. Finally, there have been several occasions when it just stopped working for no reason. The pod is making connection, it’s powered up and the pod is new, however, nothing. I highly recommend avoiding this product.

  • Lori says:

    My first two pods also leak a lot! I enjoy the air flow, but not the amounts of liquid that spurts out with each draw. I am looking for a better device. Any suggestions?

  • Jordon says:

    I’m not happy with this, the pods last me just a few days and then they’re burnt. Please fix this.

  • Dave says:

    I’ve had my xros for about 5 months now. It still works great, and I use it all day everyday. I’ve dropped it several times and it always
    I’ve had my xros for about four months now. I use it all day everyday and have dropped it several times and it always keeps working. I prefer the .8 ohm pods and never had a leak. Great with salts or regular juice. And I can still use it while it charges. Two thumbs up from me.

  • Victoria says:
    5 stars

    I’ve used the Vaporesso XROS for over two years now and some of the complaints that people are talking about are true: the spit-back can happen (occasionally), I’ve bought faulty pods a couple times (really, just twice in the two years I’ve had it!), but overall it’s an amazing vape!

  • Sheila Pizzo says:

    Love it ! My sister bought it for me to help me get off the smokes . The only thing I do not like is the pods do leak . Then you have to clean it out very carefully. And I have no clue why I have to charge it constantly. It will not hold a charge. Plus spending tons on pods because they are disposable. I bought a second as a back up because I am fighting the urge to smoke , I need this and it’s simple to use . Tried to reach the company but no response at all . They owe me if not a new unit , at least a bunch of new pods .

  • Jim Jackson says:
    3 stars

    These are great while they work. But eventually, they’ll stop making good contact with the cartridges, and become very frustrating / useless at that point.

    Definitely some craftsmanship issues. I’m on my second one, and there won’t be a third.

  • D.H says:

    Trash. I get pods that won’t work at all, some that last a couple of days. Always leaking too. I just filled a pod and went to use it and it doesn’t work. I’ve wasted so much money on these. I won’t be buying anymore vaporesso products again

  • Courtney says:
    1 stars

    My fiancée and I both got one at first they were perfect then after not even a month after having them mine stopped hitting even though it was charged it would blink but not hit so I started using hers and it worked for a week than started doing the same thing also leaked pretty bad and we emailed the company about the warranty but they never got back to us.. I wouldn’t recommend this product

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