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Renova Zero Review

Renova Zero
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Ever since the JUUL changed the vaping industry forever, we’ve seen countless other pod systems, but very little in terms of innovation. Yes, they all have different designs, battery capacity and airflow, but when it comes to technological advancement, it’s almost non-existent for this category of vaping devices. That’s what makes the Renova Zero so special, in my opinion; it’s packed full of interesting features that I’ve never seen on a pod system before, and it’s also one of the coolest vape pods I’ve ever used. Let’s check it out:

A Look at the Contents

The Renova Zero comes in a turquoise cardboard box with a picture of the device in the color it comes in on the front, and a short description, a list of kit contents, as well as information about the manufacturer, on the back. I personally haven’t heard about Renova before, but judging by the “created by Vaporesso” logo on the side of the box, I’m guessing it’s an offshoot of Smoore, the parent company of Vaporesso.

Inside the box we have the Renova Zero pod placed in a plastic holder, and underneath that is a smaller box which contains a micro-USB cable for charging, a plastic refill bottle, and a user manual. I was disappointed to see that the Zero kit only includes one refillable pod, which is definitely not enough for the average user. I and other reviewers have been saying that vape pod kits need to include at least two pods, but some companies simply reviews to get with the program. For some reason, they simply refuse to accept the fact that most users would gladly pay a couple of bucks extra for an extra pod, because having a second pod to fall back on, instead of having to order one, is really important. This is a big con in my book.

Design and Build Quality

The Renova Zero pod system has an elongated oval shape, measures 31mm x 13.5mm x 80mm and is primarily made of zinc alloy. I received the orange version for this review – which looks absolutely stunning – but the device comes in nine different colors, all of which have a matte finish that minimizes fingerprint staining. Design-wise, the Renova Zero reminds me a lot of the Wismec Motiv 2 pod system. In fact, the first time I saw the Zero, I was convinced that it was Wismec’s newest generation vape pod, but it turns out that the similar design is the only thing these two devices have in common.

Like most pod systems, the new Renova Zero is made up of the battery section and a detachable, refillable pod. The pod has magnetic contacts on the bottom, so you need only drop it into the loading bay on the battery and it snaps into place. It’s draw activated, so all you need to do is suck on the mouthpiece of the pod after you’ve filled it and it will start to heat the coil inside. But first, you need to turn it on, and that leads us to that tiny button on the battery.

The vast majority of pod systems are automatic, so they don’t have any buttons, but the Zero by Renova is a bit different. It’s also an automatic, regulated vaping device, but it also features a small round button on the battery which does some cool stuff. First of all, you can click that little button five times in rapid succession to turn the battery on or off. This allows you to draw on the mouthpiece without accidentally activating the battery, just in case you need to check something. But there is a lot more to it than that.

One of the things that sets the Renova Zero apart from virtually all other pod systems is the built-in variable wattage feature. Pressing that same plastic button three times rapidly, will cause the color of the build-in LED to chance to either green, blue or yellow, each corresponding to a different wattage level. Green is 12.5W, blue is 10.5W and red is 9W. Although there’s no way to adjust the airflow on this device, the variable wattage function lets you adjust the vapor production as well as the temperature of the vapor. The differences between the three available settings aren’t huge, but thy are definitely noticeable. Simply pressing the button one time will cause it to light up in one of the three colors (green, blue, red) letting you know the wattage level it is currently at, so you can change it if you need to.

The button on the battery also acts as a classic battery level indicator. It lights up whenever you draw on the mouthpiece of the pod, and the color it lights up in corresponds to the power left in the battery. A green light lets you know that battery life is over 70 percent, blue means it’s between 70 percent and 30 percent, while red means it’s under 30 percent. The Renova Zero is a regulated vaping device, so you shouldn’t notice any difference in power output regardless of battery life. However, when the battery is nearly depleted, you’ll definitely notice a drop in vapor production.

There’s more innovation in this little button of the Renova Zero than I’ve seen in all pods I’ve reviewed, but there’s actually more to go over. For example, the Zero pods have an innovative push-to-fill refilling system which eliminates the need for rubber plugs. Basically, there is this small metallic funnel on the bottom of the pods which you need to press down on when filling. It actually requires some pressure, so pressing down with a glass dropper isn’t advisable, as it may crack, so Renova actually included a fine tip refill bottle. If you already have one of those thin tip unicorn or gorilla bottles, you don’t really need the included refill bottle, but it’s nice that they’re offering it anyway.

This innovative refill system has been working excellently so far. Even though there’s no visible plug stopping the juice from leaking out of the pod, the fill port is as dry as a bone right now, so I’m willing to bet that we’ll be seeing more of it in the future.

Finally, the Omni Board Mini chip powering the Renova Zero also features temperature control technology, which I’ve never seen used on a pod system before. While you are not able to set the temperature or the TCR, like on advanced vape mods, this handy feature prevents users from accidentally burning the coil inside the refillable pod and thus ruining it. When the chip detects that there isn’t enough e-liquid left inside the pod to saturate the wick around the ceramic coil, it cuts off power from the battery. That’s one of the coolest features I’ve seen on a pod system, and definitely one I’d love to see implemented on other devices as well.

All in all, from the ergonomic, pocket-friendly design and quality paint job, to the multitude of innovative features, the Renova Zero vape pod left me impressed. In fact, it’s so ahead of everything else I’ve used that I’m having trouble even comparing it to other pod systems.

Battery Life and Performance

The Renova Zero is shorter than the Wismec Motiv 2 and slightly thinner than the SMOK Novo vape pod, so I was surprised that it has a considerably higher battery capacity. The Zero features a 650mAh built-in battery which is nothing short of amazing for a device this compact. How long it will last you depends on a variety of factors, from how much you vape to what wattage putput you are using it in, but one thing is for sure, it will keep you vaping a lot longer than the 150mAh JUUL.

You’ll also be happy to know that the Renova Zero features fast-charging technology (1 amp charging rate) which allows you to fully recharge the battery in about 45 minutes. If that’s still too long, you can also use it while it’s charging, which is a big plus, considering many vape pods don’t have passthrough functionality.

I’ve been using the Renova Zero for almost a week, and so far I’ve been very pleased with the way it’s been performing. The draw is what I would call middle-of-the-road, not to loose, not too tight, which is actually ideal for such a customizable device. Having too tight a draw would have negated the potential of the adjustable wattage function, at least in terms of vapor production, and making it too airy would have made it disappointing for mouth-to-lung vapers. This way, it’s a decent compromise that will please most users.

The Renova Zero pods come with a built-in 1-ohm ceramic Ccell coil which really brings out the flavor of the e-liquid. It’s not as good as a triple mesh-coil tank, like the Freemax Mesh Pro, but compared to other pod systems, the taste is very clean. Another advantage of this ceramic coil is that it’s supposed to last longer than cotton wicked ones. I’ve only been using it for a week, but I expect to get at least another seven days out of it, especially since I am using a clear, very lightly sweetened juice.

One thing to keep in mind with the Renova Zero is that when using it at max power output (12.5W), it tends to burn through e-liquid a lot faster than regular pod systems. You get some impressive plumes of vapor, but you have to pay for them in e-liquid.

As I already mentioned, I’ve had no leaking issues with this device, the coil has been holding up well and flavor is better than I expected. One very small con would be that the draw activated switch is not the most sensitive I’ve seen, so you really have to suck on the mouthpiece of the pod to activate the battery. But other than that, I have no problems to report.


I’ve used dozens of pod systems in the last year alone, and I’ve liked some more than others, but apart from the usual differences in design airflow and battery capacity, there wasn’t a lot setting them apart. The Renova Zero is in a league of its own in that regard. Not only is it a solid device that actually performs really well, but it also introduces some truly innovative features, from the new push-to-fill system, to the variable power output and temperature control. This is without a doubt the most advanced vape pod system I have ever used, and that alone is worth your money.

The Renova Zero was sent to me by Buy Best, for the purpose of this review. They currently have it on sale for just $28.42.

Renova Zero

Get a discounted price on the Renova Zero advanced pod system from a reputable buyer.

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25 Comments/Reviews

  • NICKY says:
    1 stars

    Horrible! I bought this device about 2 months ago and it worked great for 3 weeks and now every single pack of pods i buy are burnt instantly. Becoming more popular and they are making their pods cheaper.


  • Tracy says:
    5 stars

    Thrilled so far. 8 days and have NOT touched a single cigarette. NO CHEATING. That alone is an act of God. Gorgeous design, feels great in the hand, hides in a purse or a pocket, nice hit, easy to fill, no mess, charges fast. Have yet to replace a pod as I just started so Nicky is terrifying me with the above review. Here’s hoping that is not the case as I feel way better physically and mentally. It is an adjustment if you want a huge throat hit or smoke cloud but it is sooooooooooo worth it.

  • CaffeinatedSloth says:
    4 stars

    I’ve had one for 2 weeks now. Here’s some thoughts…

    Overall, it’s a great beginner vape for a novice like myself, or really for anyone who wants a simple, small, no fuss way to vape on the go. The flavor is mostly good, the pod capacity and battery size is reasonable, it’s easy to fill, comes with a superb USB cord, it’s reasonably priced and pods are readily available locally or online. Longevity of the pod is very good too. Charging is very quick and the magnetic pods seat very well in the device.

    Of course, there’s a few minor drawbacks. The coil in the pod is quite long lasting, however I’ve found the flavor to be somewhat inconsistent at times. At times its bursting with flavor throughout a refill and then the next time you fill it, it tastes a bit more muted. I’ve used the same 50 mg bottle of nic salts during these 2 weeks, and I’m on second pod after a solid 7 days of consistent use with the first one. I’m thinking I may have gotten longer but my wife ran it completely out of juice and I think that basically ruined the first pod. Second pod has been good for a week, although the flavor has been fluctuating between very vibrant at times to somewhat muted. No burnt hits, rarely does it spit back but it seems to perform best when it’s topped off with juice. As the lower it gets the more the flavor seems to lessen.

    Still, I’m happy with it and is good. I’m definitely eager to try it with some different nic salts and see if it shines more with different flavors. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a simple vape or maybe transitioning straight from a Juul or even cigarettes.

  • J says:
    4 stars

    I am a smoker and i have quit thanks to renova zero, been used couple of weeks and it is still the best pod system so far

    There are some notes i could share with you guys. This pod requires very well maintenance and patience once you refill the cartridge. 1. Once full, Wait for 15-20 mins , you cant rush on this one. This step is to give the coil absorb its juice at the fullest…
    2. After that try to inhale from the lowest power (red light ) , slowly 1-2 hours , then increase to medium (blue power) , smoke it, if its still taste the same, you need to wait again. If the flavor getting better , you are on track.. smoke around 4-5 hours, then finally switch to high power (green light), enjoy. You will understand what i mean

    And dont try change the liquid flavor on a same cartridge cause it will ruin the taste.. happy vaping

  • Lewis says:
    5 stars

    This is my 2nd Zero. I lost the first one that i had somewhere. I very much enjoy vaping with the Zero. As for being a non-smoker, i love that i can vape the 0 nicotine e-juices. I find that it is very relaxing to vape, and i LOVE my Zero! I would recommend what “J” said above about the time limits on the Zero, as the longer you wait, the more the coil can absorb the juice. The vape cloud is awesome with this one, even on low power, the cloud is awesome.Just wish the company would throw in a 2nd pod in case you wanted to change up your flavors while vaping. I wouldn’t mind paying a few more dollars for that either. Anyway, happy vaping to all!

  • alex says:
    5 stars

    i recommend this zero for anyone that wants to quit smoking as it helped me. its a very good device and satisfying. i am very new to to the whole vaping thing as i was a smoker. 10-15 cigarettes a day. and this took me off completely, i must say i am happy.

  • joe says:
    5 stars

    I think it is great but I don’t know what the strips on the sides are for

  • John Steve Barlaan says:
    5 stars

    I bought this on 3rd of July and since then I never smoke a single cigarette to now. my last park is kept in my drawer and I only used two stick while waiting for the zero arrives

  • Stacy Qualset says:

    Trying to quite cigarette I really hope this helps already cut down a lot It’s first one I tried wwere I stopped coughing to death I’m making progress I did someyhing in begging cause coughed so much I put half a light babe juice that wasn’t salt kind an it worked on the coughing I’m finnaly straight salt babe wish there was more flavors but I don’t know maybe trying to stop it’s best my brain takes nicotine flavor. This is so promising for me first time maybe I’ll be off cigs forever or even if it just cuts down the amount I’m so thankful guy st vape store sent me to this zero vspe

  • Engela says:

    I got my zero 5 weeks ago. Smoked around 25 sigarettes a day. Went to 2 a day within a day. I love my zero as it really helped me quit the nasty habit of smoking. I never thought I would quit this easy

  • Rick says:
    5 stars

    I have tried a number of different pod and sub-ohm systems and the Renova Zero is the one I’ve stocked to and the only one that lasted. It’s been more then one year on the same device, pods usually last for about a month or 1 30ml bottle of nic salt juice, the 35mg is the max I can vape without too much coughing. II completely quit smoking since I got my Renova zero!

  • Scott says:
    5 stars

    Brilliant product. Works a treat and the pods last longer than the recommended refills. The battery life is incredible for such a small unit and it’s really well built too.

    Perfect for giving up cigarettes, it makes it much easier and doesn’t cause the coughing like the bigger vapes do.

    Highly recommend

  • Nikola says:

    Imam pitanje kupio sam uredjaj i dugmence poprilično zvecka jel to sve ok?

  • Saeed says:
    3 stars

    I use 25mg nicsalt on my other devices but on zero I should add some 50mg on it. But it has good flavor

  • Logan says:
    2 stars

    I really like everything about them except the rods in side that are spring loaded. I’ve hade 4 first lasted a while. Second broke in 3 weeks went back and they replaced it not 2 months later that one broke same story with the other. All the same problem the pin on the inside stops pushing out. Not happy with them I will not be buying this product and longer.

  • oriayith says:
    5 stars

    ive had my zero 3 days now. i was tobacco free the first day. i love this thing. whats even better is its less expensive. i could go on and on. best money spent

  • Mike says:
    3 stars

    I have had the Zero Vape for a few months ama my biggest issue is the pods leak. I was told when purchasing it that some people did call & say after buying it that their pods were leaking. The person at the store said she believed it was because they weren’t using the refill bottle that comes with the vape and they were filling directly from the juice bottles. I never fill from the juice bottles and my pods still leak. It’s definitely an issue with the pods unless the store got a bad batch of pods.

    Purchase at your own risk


  • Jason Russell Williams says:

    Had mine for 2 weeks blinking 3 times was great now not usable at all such a waste of money cost me 30 bucks

  • Mel says:

    Mesh pods… absolutely horrible. Burnt my lungs so bad. Dont buy them!!

  • Rich says:

    Terrible product!! The battery lasted only less than 2 months. I have a Nord AIO 19 that still keeps a charge aftercover a year of use. Problem with it was a glass tank that cracked when I dropped it. It stills works better then Renova Zero!

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