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What Is a Drip Shield?

drip-shieldA drip shield is an easy to use accessory that prevents e-liquid leaks when using drip tips. The shield is a hollow metal tube that slides over the atomizer, covering its airflow holes and retaining whatever juice leaks through them.

Dripping is very popular these days, especially among advanced vapers. Drip tips eliminate the need for cartomizers or cartridges while enhancing the flavor of the juice. But it does have one major drawback that makes it very unpopular with casual e-cigarette users and newbie vapers – e-liquid leakage. When trying to make sure the atomizer wick is nice and moist, people tend to add more juice than necessary, which eventually leaks through the atty’s airflow holes and onto the electronic cigarette, their hands and clothes.

Drip tips are notoriously messy, but luckily, someone had the bright idea to invent the drip shield, an accessory designed to prevent leaks. Originally developed by Empire Mods for 901-type atomizers, drip shields are now available from a wide number of e-cigarette companies in a variety of shapes and sizes and compatible with 510 atomizers as well. If you plan on giving drip tips a try, using a shield is highly recommended.

The drip tip works by covering the entire atomizer, or at least the part of it where the air holes are located. Featuring air holes of its own, but at a higher point, they prevent leaking even when users add a lot more e-liquid than necessary. Shields also act as a small tank, retaining whatever juice overflows through the atomizer air holes, and ensuring it doesn’t find its way into the battery, or on the user’s hands.

Once you’re done using the drip shield, all you have to do is detach it from the atomizer, rinse it of e-liquid, dry it completely and use it again when you need to.

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