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Clean Life – A Futuristic Gadget to Help You Quit Smoking

You probably already know this, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway – quitting cigarettes is not easy. That’s why alternative products like electronic cigarettes are so popular these days, but a lot of people don’t have such a big problem with the physical aspect of quitting, as they do with the emotional part. Clean Life is a project designed to aid smokers get through the grueling withdrawal period.

Clean Life Decision Reminder

If using nicotine to kill of your cigarette cravings is not an option, and constantly going to counseling is too time consuming, Clean Life may be just what you’re looking for. Envisioned by designer Omer Haciomeroglu in partnership with Philips, Clean Life is a futuristic gadget that aims to help people quit smoking by monitoring their progress and making them feel good about their achievements so that they don’t feel the need to light up anymore. The idea behind the gadget is that after realizing how far they’ve come and how much the quality of life has improved, quitters will feel reluctant to go back to smoking. The creators of Clean Life believe the biggest challenges for smokers who want to quit are the social and mental barriers, so that’s what their product focuses on.

Clean Life Smoking Cessation project

Clean Life is made up of three different components: the Breath Analyzer, the Decision Reminder, and an Online Cessation Software and Community Support. The Breath Analyzer uses an electronic nose and Bluetooth technology to help the user monitor his progress. It measures the level of tar, mucus and carbon monoxide in the lungs, as well as the breathing capacity. A person can see the health-related improvements first hand, even if they don’t feel them right away.   The colors and graphic styles of the Breath Analyzer can be changed according to the user’s preferences, for a stronger feeling of ownership and attachment.

Clean Life Breath Analyzer

The Decision Reminder is a small gadget that doubles as a cool accessory. It can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist, or concealed inside a shoe, but it must be in contact with the user’s skin. The galvanic sensors developed by Philips can detect changes in skin conductivity. Science has proven that skin conductivity changes with emotions. When fresh quitters experience emotional peaks due to the lack of nicotine the reminder detects this change and lets the wearer know they are feeling the urge for a cigarette, helping them to stay focused on their ultimate goal.

The online component offers all kinds of statistics to help quitters track their progress, as well as a social platform for ex-smokers, giving them the chance to support each other and share tips and advice about beating nicotine addiction.

Clean Life Stop Smoking Prototype

I like the idea behind Clean Life, a way to help people quit cigarettes completely, but I doubt focusing on the emotional aspect of quitting will make the physical ones go away. I have no doubt ambition and mental strength pay a big part in smoking cessation, but what about the people who just can’t resist nicotine cravings? E-cigarettes have proven to be a great alternative for so many of them, and until projects like Clean Life become a reality and prove viable, statistics show e-cigs work great as a nicotine replacement therapy.

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