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Electronic Cigarettes “Not at All Dangerous” According to French Smoking Cessation Specialist

Dr. Philippe Presles, a well-known smoking cessation specialist and author of the book “The Electronic Cigarette: Finally an Easy Way to Quit Smoking”, was recently invited on a French radio show where he talked about the benefits of vaping over smoking.

philippe-preslesAsked if the electronic cigarette is a miracle for smokers wanting to quit, Dr. Presles simply said that right now it is the best way to kick the habit, certainly much more efficient than traditional nicotine replacement products like patches or gum. He went on to explain that what makes the e-cigarettes such a successful smoking cessation aid is its similarity to the tobacco cigarettes. Switching from analogs to e-cigs is relatively easy, “like switching from Coke to Light Coke”, Dr. Presles said. “What makes quitting smoking and adopting a healthy lifestyle so hard for most people is the change in daily habits, but with the electronic cigarettes that change is minimal and that is a very important factor.”

Regarding the health dangers posed by electronic cigarettes, Philippe Presles said “they are not dangerous at all, let me say that very clearly, not dangerous at all.” None of the dangerous compounds produced by tobacco and paper combustion – carbon monoxide, tar or smoke particles – can be found in e-liquid or exhaled vapor, only small traces of dangerous substances, most of which are also detected in nicotine replacement therapy products, but at levels that pose no threat to our health.

Regarding the role of willpower in quitting smoking, Dr. Presles said that statistically less than 5% of those who rely solely on willpower to kick the habit actually succeed. With electronic cigarettes, users still get their nicotine fix and the hand-to-mouth motion they are accustomed to, making the transition much easier. Of course, some of those who switch to e-cigarettes remain nicotine dependent, but that is also the case with many of those who use patches or gum. However the main goal right now is to give up smoking and prevent smoking-related diseases, he said.


Although there are many e-cigarette opponents who would gladly include smokers and vapers in the same category, Dr. Presles sees a clear distinction between them: “smokers are people who destroy their health every single time they light up, while e-cigarette users are people who satisfy their urges without endangering their health”. The French smoking prevention specialist also emphasized the difference between dependence and addiction: the dependence is a habit that brings you pleasure without putting your life in danger while addiction is a dependence that makes you sick. That is the difference between smoking and vaping according to Dr. Presles.

Source: Europe1

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