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SMOK TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

I have been putting off this review of the SMOK TFV4 sub-ohm tank for a while now, partly for lack of time, but mostly because I have been having mixed feelings about it. The build quality and performance of this thing are absolutely amazing, but, on the other hand, it’s hurting my wallet so bad that I can almost hear it screaming in pain.

The SMOK TFV4 (Taste Fusion Version 4) is a monster of a tank, both literally and figuratively speaking. At 24.5mm wide and 73.5mm high, it’s one of the biggest – if not the biggest – tanks on the market today. I used to think the Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank was a big boy, but this thing just dwarfs it. The good news is it can hold up to 5 ml. of e-liquid, but on the flip side, it will likely overhang on most mods, except the one it was actually designed to be used with, the recently released SMOK X Cube 2 160 W temperature control mod. However, if aesthetics are not a priority, the TFV4 will work fine on any decent vaporizer.


As I mentioned in the opening, the design and build quality of the SMOK TFV4 are top notch! Accept for the glass tube, everything is made of stainless steel. It has a total of eight adjustable airflow slots – four on the base and another four on the drip tip – a unique top-filling design meant to make refilling leak-proof, a double-layered drip tip and an unprecedented array of disposable coils and RBA decks to meet your vaping needs. SMOK claims the TFV4 could be the last tank you’ll ever need, and judging by the degree of customization this thing supports, I tend to agree with them. If only we could all afford it, but, more on that later.

The top-filling design is one of the features I was most impressed with. The top of the TFV4 is connected to the tank with a hinge and can easily be pushed to the side to reveal a silicone gasket with a whole in it, through which you add the juice. The great thing about the silicone gasket is that it’s so flexible, accommodating virtually any kind of refilling medium, be it a dropper, a syringe or dripper bottle. Simply fill up the tank, slide the top back into place until it locks and you’re good to go. I have been using the TFV4 for about a month, and I’ve never had any kind of leaking issues. If you’re worried about the silicone gasket deteriorating in time, the SMOK TFV4 comes with a spare, so it’ll be a while before this becomes a problem.


The airflow control drip tip is another noteworthy feature of the SMOK TFV4 and one that really comes in handy at high wattages. The lower part of the stainless steel drip tip has four adjustable airflow slots, just like the base of the tank itself, and you can cover or open them by rotating the ring surrounding them. I usually keep them completely closed when vaping at up to 100 watts, but anything over that is just too hot for my lips. Even though it’s designed as a “double-layered structure” – an inner and outer tube with a 2 mm spacing that acts as a heat shield, the stainless steel conducts heat very well at high wattages making it almost impossible to hold so close to your lips. However, opening the airflow slots makes all the difference in the world. Cool air comes through the holes and into the heat shield as you vape and, yes, the draw is much airier and the vapor isn’t as dense, but it cools down the drip tip, allowing you to go as high as 140 watts (even though anything over 120 was way too hot for me) without burning your lips.

The airflow control of the TFV4 consists of four massive slots on the base of the tank that work in the same way as the ones on the drip tip. Just rotate the metal ring to cover or expose them completely or partially, depending on preference. I for one enjoyed vaping on this thing with all four slots wide open, for maximum vapor production and above average flavor, but you can experiment and find your own sweet spot. One thing is for sure, with four big air slots on the tank and equally large chimneys on the SMOK coil heads, airflow is not an issue with the TFV4.


Now on to the most impressive part of our review – the SMOK TFV4 coil heads, of which there are many. The tank itself comes with a triple coil, a quadruple coil and a single-coil RBA base. This would normally be enough diversity to satisfy most vapers, but SMOK went all out on this one, releasing an additional 6 coil types, as well as a dual-coil RBA Base. That’s just insane, unheard of, or whatever you want to call it. I just call it awesome.

Let’s start with the TF-T3 triple coil head, which comes pre-installed in the tank. This is easily the most visually impressive of all TFV4 coil heads. It features three massive vertical coils each individually wrapped in separate Japanese cotton wicks, encased in a stainless steel chamber with only the top part exposed. The bottom features four massive air slots that really speak volumes about its vapor production capabilities.


The coils are made of high-quality kanthal, and the coil head has a resistance of 0.2 ohms. It has a recommended wattage range of 40 – 130 watts, but from my experience, you only get decent performance at 60 watts or higher. My sweet spot was around 80 watts with the tank’s air slots wide open. The vapor production is way above anything I’ve ever gotten from a tank, even better than some of my RBA’s. This thing chugs so much vapor it’s pretty intimidating the first time you use it. It’s pretty impressive flavor-wise as well, but not so much at over 120 watts. It’s not that the flavor is muted or anything, but the vapor gets so hot and the throat his is so strong – even with 3mg/ml nicotine – I personally could only handle very short draws without feeling like my throat just got scorched. But at that point you’re basically cloud chasing, so flavor is not your main concern.

Vaping  a 50/50 PG-VG e-liquid at about 80 watts, I got about two weeks out of the triple coil, but much less when vaping Max VG juice, like Apollo Fa-Q. After just four days, the coils had gunked up so bad that I had no choice than to throw it out.


The 0.15 Ω TF-Q4 quadruple coil head has a completely different design than the triple coil head. Instead of four individually wrapped coils, this one features fur parallel coils that, seen from above, look like a single massive vertical coil. The protective chamber also has a unique design, with a whopping 16 individual wicking holes. Performance-wise, however, this is even more impressive than the triple coil and can handle a bit more power – between 40 and 140 watts.

Again, my sweet spot was at around 80 – 90 watts, and anything over 120 watts was just too much for me to handle. My lungs are apparently just not well-enough equipped to handle the massive hot vapor the TFV4 coils can produce. It’s just insane!

Coil builders will be happy to know that the SMOK TFV4 comes with a reasonably-sized TF-R1 RBA deck that makes mounting custom coils a breeze. Unlike the SMOK coil heads, the RBA has a detachable protective chamber that you can unscrew to expose the deck. Then all you have to do is loosen the two fairly large screws, mount your coil, screw it into place, wick it, add juice, and you’re good to go. It’s worth pointing out that the RBA deck comes with a pre-installed 0.85Ω coil, so you can give it a try even if you don’t have coil-building experience.


The RBA deck has a very large vertical airflow slot positioned right under the coil, so you can expect massive vapor and plenty of flavor. The wicking ports on the sides of the deck are pretty large as well, so the cotton wicks superbly, but you have to make sure you fit enough cotton in them so the juice in the tank doesn’t flood the chamber.

The one disadvantage of the TFV4 RBA deck – and this applies to every other tank RBA deck I’ve tried – is that once you fill the tank with juice, you don’t have access to it without making a big mess or draining out the e-liquid. So if you screw something up, or if you need to change the cotton or the coil, you have to empty the tank to access the deck. Hopefully manufacturers will make a design improvement in that regard sometime in the near future.

I only got the new coil types a week ago, so I haven’t had a chance to test them all out yet, but if they’re anything like the original ones that come with the tank, you can safely refer to them as ‘miniature fog machines’. Let’s at least run through them a bit, so you know what to expect:

TF-S6 Sextuple Coil Head (0.4Ω resistance/40 – 100 watts): I personally thought four coils was pushing it, but this thing is just insane. I couldn’t resist giving it a try as soon as I got them, and boy was it impressive. The vapor production on this is mind-blowing. I’ve been using it with the X Cube 2 at 80 watts and it’s been performing beautifully so far. In terms of vapor, this has been the most impressive of all SMOK TFV4 coil heads.


TF-N2 Dual Coil Head (0.12Ω resistance +/- 0.02Ω/420’F~600’F): this one is part of SMOK’s temperature control range of TFV4 coil heads. The coils are made of Nickel 200 instead of kanthal, making it the perfect choice for use with temperature control mods.

TF-N2 Air Dual Coil Head (0.12Ω resistance +/- 0.02Ω/420’F~600’F): this is essentially the TF-N2 coild head, with an extra two air-holes that apparently ensure a cooler vapor.

TF-TI Dual Coil Head (0.33Ω resistance/420’F~600’F): also part of the temperature control series, this particular coil head uses titanium coils instead of nickel.

TF-T2 Dual Coil Head (1.5Ω resistance/20 – 40 watts): featuring two higher resistance kanthal coils, the TF-T2 requires less power, so it can be used with just about any mod, and delivers a cooler vape.

TF-T2 Air Dual Coil Head (1.5Ω resistance/20 – 40 watts): the same as the TF-T2 but with two extra air holes for better airflow and even cooler vapor.

The dual-coil RBA deck is about the size of the single-coil one, but has a slightly different design. It features two separate vertical air holes under each of the coils, and four smaller wicking ports, instead of two large ones. Just like the original, it comes pre-installed with two sub-ohm coils with a combined resistance of 0.25Ω.


It certainly looks like SMOK thought of everything when they designed the TFV4. It supports temperature control coils, extreme sub-ohm coils, low-power coils for cooler vape as well as two RBA decks for a personalized vaping experience.

The only big issues I have with it have to do with cost. The SMOK TFV4 kit retails for $49.99, which makes it the most expensive sub-ohm tank on the market today, as far as I know. It costs more than some decent mods, but considering the build quality, level of customization and stellar performance, I would say it is totally worth it. I have never been more impressed with a tank like I have with the TFV4, and the competition is going to have to work really hard to come up with anything close to what this thing can do. But forking out the cash for the tank is just the beginning of a very expensive affair.

The TFV4 is by far the thirstiest tank I have ever used. Chugging huge clouds of vapor is awesome but it takes a heavy toll on e-liquid. Basically, you’re filling this monster of a tank with juice and depending on how much power you’re pushing through it and how heavy you are vaping, you may have to refill it in a matter of minutes. You can literally see the juice level dropping in the tank after taking only a couple of hits. It’s crazy!


Sure, juice consumption drops to more decent levels when using the TFV4 at lower wattages or temperatures – depending what mode you’re using it in – but performance drops visibly as well, and quite frankly, this thing is designed for cloud chasing and using it for anything other than that just isn’t worth it. With so many sub-ohm tanks available these days you can easily find a cheaper option. But if a fog machine is what you’re looking for, there’s nothing better than the TFV4. Just know you’ll be investing in juice much more than you’re used to.

And lastly, there’s the price of the coils. These things are massive, intricate and made of stainless steel, so I never imagined they would be cheap, but paying between $24.95 and 34.50$ for a five pack, depending on the model, is definitely not for everyone. Just imagine the costs of using the TFV4  as part of your daily vaping setup, it’s going to make your wallet cry, trust me.

As much as I love to chug the clouds with the SMOK TFV4, I’ve decided this is not an all-day vape device. The costs associated with using it frequently are too high to be ignored, and the amount of vaporized e-liquid you inhale without even realizing is frankly a little scary. So I’m only going to use it on special occasions.


So, is the SMOK TFV4 ultimately worth your hard-earned money? That’s a difficult one to answer. I guess it depends on a series of factors, like how deep your pockets are, how much you intend on using it and how much you love blowing big clouds of vapor. I can only say that performance-wise, the TFV4 is the most impressive tank I have ever used and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Overall Performance
5 stars

Vapor Production
5 stars

4 stars

Build Quality
5 stars

3 stars

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29 Comments/Reviews

  • Janssen says:
    5 stars

    May I know what batteries you used to power the quad coils 0.15 ohms to 100 watts? As I used the samsung 25r blue wrapper..it could not get me beyond 20 amps…it showed “SHORTED” on my mod. But as soon as i got the amps below 20 amps around 45 watts, it could fire normally on Ijoy A160 mod. Could you advice on what batteries to use the best for covering the watts on all the high powered heads??

    • vapehog says:

      i use efest 18650 2900mAH on the sigeli 150, i can run the sextuplet coils at 100 watts no problems

    • timothy says:

      2600mah 3.7v li-mn

    • Joe says:
      5 stars

      I use the LG 18650 3000mAh 3.7V batteries and they will allow me to push this mod to the max, no problems at all. I prefer using the TF-Q4 quadruple coil head as it maximizes the mod’s capabilities without sacrificing flavor. Yes, the 5 pack is expensive, but it’s not too bad considering the fact that each pre-built coil could last you around a week+ depending on usage. Great tank, great coils, makes for one outstanding mod. No complaints whatsoever. I am using on the Smok XCube II

  • BlueLine says:

    Would you recommend using the TF-T2 Air Dual Coil Heads if I’m using the tank on an MVP 3.0 Pro (60 watt Device) and if so, how is the vapor production with those coils as a compared to the TF-T3 Triple coil?

    • Scarlet__Jester says:
      5 stars

      TFT4 mini version is way smaller than this one. This is a tank that does not come with my X Cube Mini. I got this tank seperate, before I got a box mod that will work for the TFT4 large/regular version I got for the no-mess fill system feature and capacity.

      In this article, I am sure you mean to say left the air holes closed for flavor/vapor, because I just started that now and thanks, because it now works perfect at 31 watts. Answering the question to using it on a low wattage tank like my 75 watt max unit, Use the 1.5 ohm coil and you will never have a problem with the battery. My battery is incorrectly labeled and I had problems using any of the low-resistance high wattage coils. I find the battery charging in the unit the best feature not included in the X cube 2 version, but it would be nice if the battery lasted more than one day in my 1 battery version. I now have something without the clouds/heat and just for replacing cigarrettes with long juice tank life. I like the colored replacement glass and the look of the stainless. Also I definately agree a red glass or stone tip is needed and airflow unit at the top comes off with the metal tip, for the better though.

  • Jan Brun says:
    4 stars

    I’m a Dripper I hated tanks due to less vapor and air flow. Then this tank came out. I have not had a problem wit it. Quality is great. I have honestly no complaints at all. I get the same amount of vapor from this tank as I do my drippers with the same airflow. Personally I recommend this tank to all.

    • Lee says:

      What coil do you use with yours? Im new to vaping and wanted to get some good clouds…. I have the smok on a Sigelei Fuchai 200W TC… Any and all help will do…. I geuss im still learn how to hit it also….lol….Thanks

  • Bobby says:

    I bought the tank yesterday and am vaping it on a sigelei 75 watt mod. Flavor and vapor production are awesome but yeah, I see the juice level decreasing after every hit, and the high wattage drains the battery extremely fast. Love the tank but will only be vaping on it at home or in the neighborhood sometimes.

  • Christian Emmons says:
    5 stars

    Love the TFV4 Mini! Not one problem at all. Even wicking the premade single coil for my first ever wicking, no problems! No leaks and no dry hits and on my third tank using it! Love the Clapton coil that they have for it now, great, great flavor! Find it and buy it, then end!

  • Vapid says:
    5 stars

    Just got it yesterday, and I love it. Literally disassembled by seven RDAs and put them away. I mix my own juice so am happy to have such a thirsty beast. Only tried the quad coil so far and I can’t inhale more than 1 second though even on ~80W because of the amount of vapor! I actually wish the xcube2 had more fidelity in the power curve (0.1sec instead of 1sec) so I could make it drop to 50W after half a second!

  • John says:

    Does the sextuplet coil fit the tfv4 full tank or just the mini tank

  • Jonathan Slaydon says:
    5 stars

    I was buying tank after tank trying to find something better. I bought the TFV-4 a few months ago. It’s perfect. Smok really out did themselves! It drinks up the liquid , but for how wellit performs… It’s beyond worth it. I believe. It’s the best tank out there. I use it with a Sigelei Spark (90 watts) and the combo is what I have been looking for. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!

  • Royce Shedd says:
    5 stars

    I’m with Mr. Slaydon on this.
    I’ve been through 3 different Kangers (up-grade after up-grade) 5-6 different stick battery devices,then this past Nov. I decided to stop messing around and just buy the best,with the most options and highest wattage for the best possiable price. After 2 months of investigating I came to the conclusion that the Smok Cube X2 was perfect for me.
    I have to say that it’s been VERY reliable but I STILL wasn’t getting a bit like I would on a regular ciggerete. So I had to make ONE LAST UPGRADE ! My thank/coil.
    Found out the TFV4 was made for my box. So I broke down last week and bought the full-sized tank.
    People this thing is amazing ! When paired with the box the amount of fog that I get is AMAZING ! ! I only use it at about 90 watts because that’s the best simulation of smoking a ciggerete to me.

  • Mike says:

    The new Beast coils are where it’s at for the tfv4. I just used a quad Clapton TF-T4 for nearly 4 weeks before it started to tail off. The clouds and flavor exceed the regular quad TF-Q4. Using the sextuplet at the moment, but I have an octuple Clapton TF-T8 in waiting.

    • Lee says:
      5 stars

      wanted to know did you get that TF-T8 coil???? If so how did it work for you???? Im thinking about getting it soon!!!!!

  • The Vapour Man says:

    Love this tank only burn at 100w with quad coils Amazing!

  • Andy says:
    5 stars

    Superb tank, ive gone through the triple, had a great honey moon with the quad, a brief affair with the sixer, but the octacoil is where its at, yes its thirsty, but by christ is full o flavour, yes i use it as my daily vape, throw some huge clouds in the air, i lung the contents, and it really satisfied my craving and texture, i got shot of the airy tip and placed an artic horizon tip on instaed #perfection.

  • Matt Fearon says:
    5 stars

    Love this tank, triple coil was nice and had purchased a pack of quad coils which were even better. However for me the RBA provides the better vape for my tastes, plus I can run it at 40w and still get decent flavour and cloud production. I also found it easy to wick, you just have to make sure that the wick is covering the opening to the juice channels but don’t put the wick into the juice channels, it’s that simple. I had a couple of leaking issues but this was down to the fact that I didn’t check all the o rings when I purchased it. When I unscrewed the tank I noticed the large o ring wasn’t on properly, haven’t had a single issue since. I make my own juice so it’s not a huge cost to me but not sure you’d want to buy full price juice and vape on this all day, as it will cost. My advice is to try all your coils and then try the RBA to check what you prefer. Totally happy with the RBA and should keep the cost down. 5 star tank without a doubt!

  • wayne says:
    5 stars

    The tfv4 is amazing! It does suck up a lot of juice though. But the flavour is worth it I think.
    I am using the triple coil RBA with Clapton coils. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Only question is when I rebuild can I use regular kanthal?

    • Vranks says:

      sure you can, as long as the coil fit on the deck and you don’t use it in temperature control mode, you should have no problems. Just keep an eye on the resistance of your coils and adjust the wattage accordingly.

  • Lucca says:

    Is it me or do the coils that come in the box have a chemical taste on the first 2-3 tanks primed coils.

    • Josh says:
      5 stars

      I have that chemical taste on the first three to four hits also on the top quad but it goes away then the flavor is get is phenomenal love my tfv4 mini pairs perfect with the segelei fuchai 200 watt tc

  • Rozey says:
    5 stars

    Of all the reviews for TFV4 coils yours was the most informative. I really appreciate the time you took to inform us as consumers on the products we buy. Kudos brotha

  • Joe says:
    5 stars

    I prefer using the TF-Q4 quadruple coil head as it maximizes the mod’s capabilities without sacrificing flavor. Yes, the 5 pack is expensive, but it’s not too bad considering the fact that each pre-built coil could last you around a week+ depending on usage. Great tank, great coils, makes for one outstanding mod. No complaints whatsoever. I am using on the Smok XCube II

  • Anna says:
    1 stars

    NEVER EVER BUY SMOK PRODUCTS! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG AND SHARE IT SO WE CAN EXPOSE COMPANIES THAT ARE SCAMS. I bought a Smok product about a year and a half ago ago and It broke within the month, So seeing as it still had a 3 month warranty I called their rude customer service line and they said If i sent it back along with $5 I could get the next updated version of the XCube II. I sent it back with $5 to be replaced, and as time went on I never got anything back! So I called their awful customer service again and they said it was already delivered to me! BUT I NEVER RECIEVED ANYTHING! I didn’t sign for anything and nothing came in the mail, ever! So after calling about 7 times and arguing with them they said that they will contact their supplier and put me on a list to get, again, the newest version of the product……THIS WAS OVER A YEAR AGO! WHEN WILL I GET WHAT I PAID FOR! This is a very unprofessional and dishonest company! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! YOUR PRODUCT WILL BREAK UPON PURCHASE AND THEY WONT BAT AND EYE OR LIFT A FINGER TO HELP!

  • Shawn Blanton says:
    5 stars

    I use the tfv4 single coil on a Wismec rx200s. At .71 ohms at 35w intense cloud and flavor. Took a while to find the sweet spot, but man does this tank pump out some comp level cloud.

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