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Online Survey Shows E-Cigarettes Are a Viable Alternative to Smoking

A recent online survey conducted on The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) and Totally Wicked E-Liquid customers has revealed that they have either replaced analogs with e-cigarettes completely or have significantly cut down their smoking.

The survey was hosted at the University of East London with links from TECC/TWEL websites from September 2011 to May 2012. Its fiding was based on responses from 1,347 vapers from 33 countries (72% European), with an average age of 43. 74% of participants reported not smoking any tobacco cigs for at least two weeks after using an e-cigarette, and 70% reported reduced urge to smoke. The lower level of dependence to electronic cigarettes is shown also by the significantly longer “time to first vape” compared to  the “time to first cigarette” of the day (t1104 = 11.16, P < 0.001). Also, only 18% of respondents said their craving for e-cigarettes was as strong as that for tobacco analogs. This data shows that electronic cigarettes can not only successfully replace analogs but they also cut down a person’s psychological need to light up.

As other e-cigarette studies have shown in the past, the survey conducted by the University of East London reveals most vapers report a number of health benefits associated with e-cigarette use: improved breathing, reduced coughing, fewer cravings, less throat irritation and jaw aching. The survey concludes electronic cigarettes are primarily used as a way to quit smoking, only for a longer duration than conventional nicotine replacement therapy, and that users consider them safer than analogs.

Although this data sounds encouraging, the fact that the survey used links on electronic cigarette stores may have influenced the results to a degree. A lot of people try low quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid from obscure online sellers or convenience stores and you can bet they don’t think too highly of vaping as a result. 72% of respondents to this online questionnaire used an advanced tank system e-cigarette (commonly the eGo-C), and not some dubious disposable you can buy at a gas station. I certainly wish the method of recruitment had been different, but in a time when most research and media articles prefer to simply bash e-cigarettes, any positive news is welcome.

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