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Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin E-Liquid – What’s the Difference?

If you’re a smoker looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you’re probably curious about what you’ll be putting into your lungs instead of that dreadful tobacco smoke. Unfortunately, vaping terminology can be a bit confusing at first, so in this article I’m going to try and explain the differences between the two most widely used e-liquid bases: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

E-liquids contain four ingredients: a PG or VG base, nicotine, water and flavorings. The base, or carrier, holds the nicotine and flavor in suspension so your e-cigarette can produce those nice clouds of smoke-like vapor. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are non-toxic organic compounds and generally considered safe for consumption. In fact, they are widely used as food additives in a variety of commercially available products.

First, let’s talk about PG-based e-liquid, because it’s the most popular of the two. Due to the fact that propylene glycol is relatively thin in consistency, this kind of e-liquid is runnier than the VG variety, and is more easily absorbed by the polyfill fabric inside the cartomizer. The low density of the juice also means that gunk doesn’t build up on the heating element of your e-cigarette as fast as it does when thicker vegetable glycerin liquid is used. Propylene glycol is a tasteless odorless substance, so it doesn’t alter the flavor of the e-liquid in any way. It’s also a powerful humectant, so while it will dry your mouth and throat if used consistently, PG also produces a stronger throat hit, similar to that of tobacco cigarettes. On the down side, propylene glycol is known to cause allergic reactions in some e-cig users. These can vary from minor reactions, like a tingling sensation in the throat, to serious irritations on various parts of the body. If you experience any unusual symptoms after vaping PG e-liquid, it’s best to stop using it immediately and switch to vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is a considerably thicker solution, compared to propylene glycol. On its own, VG has a slight sweet taste which also makes the e-liquid sweeter and the flavors a little difficult to detect. While PG is know to give users a dry mouth, some vapers have complained about phlegm building up in their throat after suing vegetable glycerin-based juices. You also get less of a throat hit when using VG. On the upside, because of its high consistency, VG e-liquids produce significantly more vapor and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritations as often as propylene glycol.

It’s fair to say the vaping community is evenly divided when it comes to e-liquid preference. Some enjoy the smoking-like throat hit of vaping propylene glycol juices, while others prefer the thick plumes of vapor and the sweet taste of vegetable glycerin. It’s hard to say which one of the two is the best, because it ultimately comes down to personal preference. I’d suggest you start with a PG e-liquid, especially if you’re looking for an experience close to smoking, and try out a VG juice along the way, just to see what you’re missing out on. To get the best of both worlds, many vapers prefer a PG/VG mix, in different amounts.  This way, they get a decent throat hit as well as pillowy clouds of thick vapor.

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  • Mony says:
    5 stars

    Thanks for the clarification! I’m still pretty new to vaping, about a month, and I’ve used it to (successfully!) quit smoking tobacco. My preferred e-liquid vendor highlights organic flavorings and vegetable glycerin use as a point of pride, though being unaware of the benefits of either, I took the safe route and got a 50/50 PG/VG blend. Now that I know what each ingredient does, I feel more confident that I made the right choice. Thanks for clearing it up for us newbies!

    • Rolando says:
      5 stars

      I’m new on this and I want to make my own juice. Can you help me out?
      where exactly did you buy the PG and VG ? I Bought VG at Walmart but I can’t find the PG.Can you send me a pic of the bottle?
      Thanks a lot

      • Sherri says:

        I couldn’t find pg in a store, so I asked my pharmacist to order it for me. I purchased a pint of it for under $10.00.

      • Sean says:

        Lizard juice has pg

        • Curt Creelman says:
          5 stars

          Please dont buy Lizard Juice guys (and girls) I am not telling anyone what to do but I have been vaping for 5 years. You can look me up in the internet, my name is Curt Creelman. I have trie e-juice form 30-40 different suppliers around the country and the best quality, and best value is a company called The Vape mall in St.Louis. I dont work for them or know anyone who works there. They sell all flavors of ejuice ( I order a 70% VG / 30% Propylene Glycol mixture) of 6mg Nicotine Blackberry flavor. It cost 19.00 for a 120ml bottle which lasts a month. I would pay the 6.95 for Priority mail shipping and they always have a save 15% weekend discount ..juste eneter weekend15 and it knocks 3 bucks off your order.

      • Frankie says:

        The p.g. u can find at any drugstore. .that’s where i got mine and v.g. just called glycerin. Hopefully they will work. The brands . i hope work out ok.. but am i supposed to cook it all together over a few hours then strain it.

    • Linda says:

      Mony from May 2013 comment: Where did you find E liquid with a blend of VG & PG? Can you order it online?

      • Burgo says:
        5 stars

        I use and recommend Mount Baker Vapor for e-Juice

      • JohnDaddyo says:

        do a search for vg pg blend. You’ll come up with many! Vaperbomb is one

      • wes says:

        yes order from zues e juice they are the most premium juice ive found

      • Cameron Martinez says:

        If you are looking for DIY vg and pg my first go to is my freedom smokes they only sell food grade products. And the nicotine they sell is also from a FDA approved lab. They are the only one releasing where they get there nic from. A company called nic select check them out you will be glad you did. I have been diy for about a year now just make sure all your ingredince is food grade and you should be fine.. I get my flavoring from TFA all of there flavors are actually produced as flavor inhancers for food. Try to stay away from the companies that add unnecessary ingredients such as food coloring and such. This is going into your lungs!!! E cigs are not completely safe but as to everything I have research I would rather have the three chemicals and flavoring going into by body compared to what the cigarets are giving out.

        • Barbara says:

          Can someone tell me where I can buy the 100 percent vg juice that is flavored please, I believe the problems I am having with my legs is the pg part of the juice

          • barb says:
            3 stars

            there is a place called groovy juice in kent ohio

          • laura says:

            Barbara, when you said problems with your legs, what specific problems are you having. I’m curious if its the cause of mine and wanted to compare.

          • J-Dub says:

            You can get 100% VG from virgin vapors

          • martin says:

            Im not an expert but if your e-cig smoking gives you unpleasant sensations in your arms or legs the chances are higher that this is because you are vaping to much/have to high nicotine level in your e-juice than because of the pg-level.

          • Sara G says:

            I forgot to mention: Virgin Vapor: they have two organic lines, one with a water base one with the alcohol base added to the VG.

            With the ECblends, you can even customize your ration of PG to VG for a given flavor making it super unique.

          • Nicholas Muniz says:

            U can order max v.g. from almost any cape store just ask if you can put in a special order. Or order from vapure they have max v.g. juices of the highest quality. Another good spot is mount baker vapure as they also have a lot of flavors and the juice is a lil cheaper then vapure but it is also a lil less quality

          • Yolanda says:

            Wizard lab is excellent. They make their own vg/pg flavors and nicotine. They are fda approved and have the best prices. They have free delivery with orders over $65 you can get all the diy supplies from them.

          • meghan androsuk says:

            You can find a good v/g from Better Health or Health stores. They have a company that uses non genetically modified v/g. That means no pesticide veggies are used to make the v/g. I think you can get natrel flavors at these stores as well. As long as the flavor dose not contain an oil base your good. Oil bases flavors do not wick well.

          • dumpstar says:

            You can find VG at CVS.

          • lisa says:

            I am allergic to pg, gave me horrible shooting pains in my joints, muscle cramps and numbness in my arm and leg muscles. Nausea, headaches I felt spaced out and exhausted, my ears were irritated by it, hives and rashes… Took me months to figure out it was not from quitting normal cigarettes but a bad allergic reaction to the propylene glycol! Im also allergic to pg in cosmetics and some deodrants. My sister had the same reaction also to the pg content. I strongly urge ppl to try switching if you are sensitive to this ingrediant.
            I recently switched to VG and now I’m fine apart from the VG makes me cough if I use it to much

          • Ryan says:
            3 stars

            Do you mean legs as body parts or as in wine tasting terminology where legs is the thickness and way the juice Grabs & runs down the glass/tank? Clarification as I didn’t think these products could affect your body in a noticeable negative way. Thanks!

        • Tina says:

          Cameron Martinez,

          I have been vaping for over a year now and am just now trying to get into making my own e-juice. I already got PG and VG and my nicotine is on the way. I wanted to know if you would sort of be my mentor for the first go-round as I attempt to make my own juice. My favorite ejuice is the very first one I tried, it was called USA Blend from SmokinCrow, at the time… I have found the same e-juice (or similar as far as taste) but with the name changed of course. I want to try to make this juice, as well as several others that my family and other people I know really like. I wanted to see if you wouldn’t mind helping me during my journey. I need to find out HOW to make the darn stuff most importantly LOL but I also need to order concentrated flavorings and the tools I will need to blend the juices and of course any tips you might have for me or your preferences would really help and sincerely be appreciated. If you want, I will even make you a bottle once I get the hang of it— for helping out a complete stranger! 🙂



        • shigh says:

          i have read several reviews that say they are 95-98% better than actual cigarettes. and i haven’t smoked a actual cigarette in almost 3 months and can see a considerable change in my breathing as well as the rest of my body. im more energetic etc.

        • Cliff says:

          Just because something is “food grade” does not mean it is good to inhale. Vegetable Glycerine can cause Bronchial problems. Still way better than smoking. Just do your homework and you will be fine. Happy Vaping

      • jessie says:

        Is it really okay to inhale any type of oil? I smoked for 15+ years and im trying to rejuvenate my lungs.just trying to be cautious and healthy

        • Vranks says:

          Ideally, you should probably only inhale fresh mountain air, but considering the alternative here is deadly cigarette smoke, I personally believe PG or VG are a lot better. If you managed to quit smoking already, I advise you NOT try e-cigs, if you haven’t, they are generally considered a much less dangerous alternative.

        • ade says:
          4 stars

          Hi there eliquid is not oil based it is water based so you have no need to worry

          • HYRULIEN says:

            Alot of you are extremly misinformed believing vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are water based. Both of these substances come from the lipids in oil molecules. The main difference between PG and VG is that PG comes from inorganic oil like mineral oil or crude oil. As VG comes from organic oil such as coconut or palm oil. Please stop promoting PG like it is some top quality substance. PG is cheap as dirt and is like buying the cheapest cigars. VG is top notch and if extracted from premium grade coconut oil given the proper technique, it is far better. By supporting PG all you are doing is allowing merchants to sell you crap for the same price. Why it is true that some people are more resistant to PG then others….. It is still like eating plastic compared to VG.

      • Steve says:

        “Daimond Vapor” in south florida has the 50/50 mix

        • nobodyismyname says:

          @hyulien partly right as propylene glycol is more similar to mineral oil and petrol derived, and glycerine is organic( meaning carbon based) in production, they are both actually organic in nature and vg is actually not oil based but a sugar alcohol that leads to the production of triglycerides (lipids) but not an oil itself. I believe pg is oil based but could be alcohol, I forget and have to revisit past research. Both are considered safe by consumption but who has really studied the effects of smoking it?

          • mynameisnobody says:

            Also, being petrol derived does not necessarily make it more harmful, look at petroleum jelly/neosporin and mineral oil/candle wax, all of those can be medical miracles in their own way. “Everything is Herb, everything is poison. “

      • jack says:

        you can find really good e liquids with a veriaty of flavours that you can choose from and have a pick of pg or vg or you can blend them together its called 8bitvape

      • SSM says:

        I found that ITC Vapes sells 100% VG, 30/70 PPG/VG and 50/50 PPG/VG. Their juice is really good at a great price.

    • Brenda says:

      I have night mares whats up with that

      • Craig says:

        Try not to stoke it up to much right before going to sleep. Same as a nicotine patch worn during sleep will cause strange nightmare like dreams. Ive had some strange dreams also.

        • Jim G says:

          Nicotine patches and vivid dreams !! Let me tell you something… the most memorable dreams I’ve ever had in life, and I’m talking several years ago. were on the Patch, and I cna recall them with 100% accuracy !!!!! I can only hope that nocotinebased e-cigs can, at least for now, do the same with use just befopre bedtime. If nocotine wasn’t a stimulant, I’d be dosing with it before bedtime just for the vivid AND LUCID. dreams !!!!!!!!

      • Johnson says:

        To the person mentioning nightmares. Nightmares are dreams which you yourself define as negative, where as the dream itself is a completely neutral experience. They way you perceive it has nothing to do with PG or VG and because these chemicals are not psycho-active, neither could they induce these experiences. Nightmares are your brains attempt to orden memories and thus ending thought processes that burden the mind. Mindfulness, therapy or sport can help to end nightmares, but the best would be to just stop overthinking.

        • Lou Australia says:

          Very good answer. I also just started using e cigs. Can it be used with patches? My vapor juice has no nicotine as is illegal to buy in Australia.

    • Mike B says:
      4 stars

      VG is for more vapor and less throat hit you have it backwards but you do get more flavor out of PG

    • Mike says:
      2 stars

      Look it up before turning to vape! Glycol heated to certain temps creates formaldehyde a big cause of cancer.

      • Terri says:

        i stopped smoking cigarettes after smoking for 50 years mmi have early COPD but now enjoy vaping..I have some wheezing and shortness of breath.. Does anyone know if I should use higher VP or PG? I also read that thick mucous from vp. I have that too..so I am at a loss but don’t want to return to Marlobos cigs

        • tina gee says:

          I am now 6 months tobacco free. have been vaping about a year. usual.blend was 60/40. 3 weeks ago someone made me some 70/30 2 days later I was wheezing. after 2 weeks I went to doctor. he said “upper respiratory infection ” from the Vapor. I recently tried 50/50 & was better. want to try 100 percent VG

    • Jacob says:

      I’ve come to know many vapers over the past 5 years of vaping and most of the people I’ve met prefer a high vg blend with a low of ratio… that being said I feel the ratio isn’t split nearly in half because I’ve met 7-8 people that prefer a hard throat hit… all of them used to be cigar smokers and sometimes smoking cigarettes but I first starting vaping after 8 years of smoking and I used menthols but I preferred the sweet vape and a cool ending like I did with menthols I normally went to smoking as a relaxation method and the cooling feel of a mint like feel calms me if anyone smokes menthols and are thinking about quitting a high vg with menthol juice is very nice… I would gladly do a review for anybody that is just starting a new juice… I would post on YouTube and would give my honest opinion! If interested send me the deets of the juice ur line name and I’ll let you know.

  • Michelle says:

    I loved quitting tobacco but yikes! Whatever is in those e-cigs gave me such a bad allergic reaction. Bad rash, swelling of the face so bad my eyes closed shut. I miss them a lot and would rather use them for my nicotine intake but just can’t handle the horrible effect it has on me.

    • Joanne says:

      Michelle. U can go to the health food tore and get a bottle of vegetable glycerin , and just use that it is a little sweet but it works.

    • Ken says:
      5 stars

      I started vaping back in 2012 and didn’t know squat about as I ordered my stuff straight from China and they gave me straight PG base. My mouth had blisters everywhere, I then studied about the different bases as I’m full bore VG man now

      • TD says:

        Dude you ordered it from china. China. No. God knows what it was

        • RockRgrrl says:

          Sheeeez…..glad to see you’re still alive and well. I haven’t gotten this myself as I’m a week old noobie, but in doing much research, you’re best bet at this juncture may be to order from Virgin Vapers. All VG and all organic. Got the info from a very experienced vape dude.

      • GazBob says:

        Ken -that surprises me. I get my solutions from BestEcig out of China. I haven’t tried a pg only solution but I get vg/pg mixes from them very cheaply and haven’t had any adverse reaction to them at all.

      • Linda says:

        I started using the vapor 3 weeks ago and now I have bumps all over my tongue. Is this what you experienced?

    • Joseph Busby says:

      Michelle you are having a reaction to the pg it’s known in some people to have allergic reactions. So switch to vg and you won’t have that problem anymore. Hope this helps.

    • Alissa says:
      5 stars

      I have heard that the pg liquid has horrible effects on those allergic to it. Many ppl suggest an eliquid that’s pure vg for those with that allergy. Try virgin vapors, they use all organic everything and their juices come with 100% vg unless u specify otherwise

    • Nicholas Muniz says:

      U might be allergic to the p.g. in the cigarette,try a vg blend

      • snowy says:

        Have anyone suffers with bowels

      • lisa says:

        I had to switch from pg to VG, I’m allergic to pg which resulted in dry mouth sore throat, skin bumps, rashes, hives and even pains in my joints arm and leg muscles. So anyone out there having the same problem try changing to 100% Vg

        • edwin alvarez says:

          i just bought my vape kangertech. and im not quite satisfied with the juices i’d been buying. I’d been taking virgin coconut oil for almost 4 years now, and may i ask professionals if vco can also be used as vape juice. How?

        • Donald Coady says:

          I noticed the same exact symptoms as you, including the upper leg muscle pain.
          I then changed over to 100% VG mix and now I couldn’t be happier.
          Just remember folks, PG isn’t for everyone.

    • SA says:

      All of you please try to stop inhaling that liquid. I sacrifice half of a 10 ml bottle on my grass to see how caustic it is. It ate my grass in 3 days. You can now see a yellow circle the size of an apple exactly where I emptied the bottle. When I tasted a drop on my lips, it burnt a lot. As if I touched the poles of a 9 volt battery. Actually worse than that. I rinsed a lot and switched to another liquid that did not burn. A week later, I got very ill. I can’t describe it. Too embarrassing. It affected my internal organs to the point I saw blood. I won’t go into details. You all go ahead and inhale it. But for those who want to listen, I feel responsible to share my story. It destroys your cells. It changes your DNA sequence. Mutation might show on yourself or your future children. The reason antifreeze fluids for cars have a blue color is to distinguish them from water. If an animal drinks a little antifreeze, it could very much result in the death of an animal. Antifreeze has Propylene Glycol in it. Also, avoid skin lotions with PG in them. The ones without PG do exist and they are more expensive but healthier. At any cost, avoid PG.

      • Carrie says:

        Some of you are confusing propylene glycol with propylene ethanol.Propylene ethanol is what’s used in anti-freeze.

        • lisa says:

          Propylene glycol is not in anti freeze so do not get the confused with ethylene glycol. However propylene glycol CAN cause allergic reactions in sensitive people who smoke the pg e cigs. I also suffered with headaches, nausea and dizziness. I opted for 100% VG and my symptoms have now vanished much to my relief!

          • Dc says:

            Propylene glycol is used as antifreeze in geothermal looks as well as heated concrete slabs. I purchase it by the 5 gallon pail and it is mixed at about 30 percent for floor heat applications. That being said, it’s non-toxic, unlike some other antifreeze ingredients. Lots of things are used as antifreeze, just the term “antifreeze” has negative connotations.

      • Matt says:

        Great information, and if you poured your ejuice containing nicotine onto your lawn, and the grass died, you’ve only proved what people have known for years, nicotine is a poison, and a VERY effective herbacide, I’ve used it for years in my garden.

        • Geoff Hoch says:

          I managed to quit the nasty sticks almost a year ago by Vaping and have read as much as I can about it. I have many types of vapes now and different liquids and flavors. I don’t stink like an ashtray and can taste again. I am going to higher VG content because I upgraded to a rebuildable coil with higher wattage. I am starting to cut the nicotine levels down and enjoy the flavors much more. If you have troubles doing it stop. Did that work for smoking? I am glad I made the switch and so is my wife. Good luck all.

      • euphemus says:

        Good Lord! Did anyone pay attention in science class. SA?

        The deadly poisonous chemical in SOME older antifreezes/coolants is ETHYLENE glycol. Its so deadly they make sure you can’t confuse it with water by coluring it.

        Newer versions of coolant use the incredibly NON-TOXIC PROPYLENE glycol – they use PG precisely because it has a very low toxicity and is therefore safer.

        ETHYLENE GLYCOL and PROPYLENE GLYCOL are not the same chemical. Radiator coolants also contain water BTW – there’s water in antifreeze! I’m never drinking water again!

        Coolant/antifreeze works by lowering the freezing-point and increasing the boiling point of the fluid in the cooling system without being corrosive (it doesn’t react with the metal, rubber etc.). Salt does the same thing (lowers freezing-point / raises boiling-point) – it does however react and causes corrosion (that’s why they wouldn’t use it). Its also why you add salt to water when cooking pasta (it increases the boiling-point).

        Caustic? Caustic refers to burning organic matter through chemical reaction. PG is not caustic.

        Grass breathes – just as all pants breathe. They have on their leaves stomates/stomata through which they breathe. Clog them up with a viscous liquid and they suffocate! Add to the mix nicotine and no wonder your grass died: You smothered it and poisoned it.

        Nicotine will burn your lips – its the nicotine in the e-liquid that burned you. Don’t ever add nicotine directly to your skin in any quantity!

        “It destroys your cells. It changes your DNA sequence. Mutation might show on yourself or your future children.” What? There is absolutely no evidence of propylene glycol having mutagenic properties. None! We’ve been using it for years.

        That said: I prefer VG. PG irritates my throat and eyes. It always did, even at theatre productions when it was used in smoke machines. I don’t however think I will wake up with two heads because I inhaled it.

        • karen says:

          I do not use nicotine in my e liquid but I am telling you that it still burns your lips ( blisters them ) if you get any on your lips. I would like to know what esig your using that you dont get ( any ) on your lips ( directly on your skin ) because I get ( some ) even if a small amount on my lips every single time. So it is ( not ) just the nicotine that burns your lips because I use 0 nicotine…….

      • ray says:

        SA. . . . A car’s antifreeze is not blue for one thing, it’s green. For another that’s a whole other substance. Propylene glycol is not used in it. Propylene Ethanol is in there. HUGE DIFFERENCE. . . Do your research before you make claims.

  • Khadijah says:

    I tried a PG e-cig and was appalled. I got a wicked
    Headache and was so nauseous. I complained to
    Health Canada who said they were not approved of by
    Food and Drug. Now I hear there is a VG one.
    I am trying one tomorrow in the attempt to quit smoking.
    If it makes me sick I will take it back and get my money back. Thanks for the article. I understood there was no nicotine in an e-cig.

    • Kassidy says:

      They have been using E-ciggs in China for 10 years now. There is research and chat sites available. Plenty of research to look up. Food and Drug doesn’t approve tobacco ciggs and they do approve of plenty of foods with proven harmful additives. No reason to trust them.

      • Kevin says:

        E-cigs are banned in China still.

        • Thinus says:

          Eh no, E-cigarettes are mostly sold online in China, where government regulation around the product is still lax. Countries like Singapore and Brazil currently ban e-cigarettes probably because of the high taxes on regular tobacco products which they stand to lose out on with e-cigs.

    • Freddie says:
      5 stars

      The headache and nausea goes away after a day or so and then you never get them again.

    • l Butler says:

      for those switching, if you get a wicked headache, it is because you are hitting your e cig to often, and getting to much nicotine in your system!!

      • Dee says:

        To I Butler, re: Headache and nuscea. I have tried an ecig and copped a terrible headache. It was nicotine free and I used it 7 times over the course of the afternoon – one puff per go. Be careful what health advice you give people dick head. Nothing to do with over use nor nicotine.

        • Jorjey says:

          Nicotine can also cause headaches if too much gets into your system too quickly. 100% PG e-juice can also cause headache and some people have different reactions to it.

          Nicotine is very toxic and oan get ill just from it getting on one’s skin.

          VG e-juice is less troublesome but is quite thick but gives a huge “smoke” cloud and it’s important to make sure your e-cig is cleaned once in awhile.

          I prefer a 50/50 blend and that it’s easy to find.

          Happy Vaping All!

        • anna says:
          5 stars

          Wow! Dickhead? Really? Hello pot, meet kettle! Your rudeness is uncalled for no matter what but it is even worse because the “dickhead” gave advice that is correct for 99.9% of people. I guess you need a medical disclaimer at the end of each review? You need a psychiatrist.

          * Disclaimer: this information is not intended to confuse dickheads.*

          oh but about this article- very helpful! Thank you!

        • Greg glasscock says:

          His comment is true 99% of the time and a small fraction of people use no nicotine. Lighten up Francis.

          • Greg glasscock says:

            In hindsight, the poster probably is lying about the nicotine and is in fact vaping himself to death. Just felt patronized for no reason

    • cristy says:

      PG oils are 2 levels below anti-freeze. This is why so many people have problems. VG oil is the best for vaping. But never get it from CHina. Make sure it is made in the usa. Again, stay away from PG. For anyone that does not believe this, do your research. PG oil is very bad.

      • ade says:
        4 stars

        All respect due but it is not oil based it’s water based we need to shake off the oil label

      • mike says:

        i have done my research.PG may cause a allergic reaction in a small % of people.it is perfectly safe for the rest.as for use in e-juice it is a personal preference,not one based in
        any facts.

    • Terri says:
      2 stars

      I am having problems as well with the PG/VG mixture. I am having wicked headaches, spaciness. I felt better when I was smoking.

      • Owens70 says:

        I have had terrible headaches since I started vaping with VG/PG. I don’t vape but four or five times a day and short periods of time.
        I just switched today to 100% VG bought from Virgin Vapor so I’m hoping this will help with the headaches. I felt better when I was smoking a cig.

        • susan says:

          when someone stops smoking and goes to the ecig especially without nicotien like i have , we are going to feel lousy for a couple of weeks…from lack of nicotien…can cause alot of the problems i hear people talking about…

      • lisa says:

        Try changing to 100% VG I had the same, felt terrible using pg!

    • Jennifer ODell says:

      First, you can not return any used vape juice.
      You can get 0mg juice it doesn’t contain nicotine.
      To some of the other comments on here, do a little bit of research before you say or think it’s just as bad as cigarettes. It isn’t

  • Jules says:

    This is really helpful, thanks, but I do have a question. I know that both PG and VG are ‘considered safe for consumption’ – but doesn’t that usually mean digestive consumption? Do we know how the lungs react to exposure to PG or VG long term? I’m a little anxious about breathing in compounds that are usually only swallowed!

    • Vranks says:

      That’s a really good question, Jules. Unfortunately, the effects are yet to be determined. People have been using e-cigarettes for the last 10 years, and there haven’t been any reports of serious health problems related to PG or VG inhalation, but the long-term effects are yet unknown. The e-cigarette is a relatively new invention, so there’s simply no way to tell yet. The same can be said about a lot of other things, like Wi-FI or certain medicine. They go through a test trial, but the long-term effects are yet to be determined. Does that mean we should all just stop using them? Or is it a risk we should be allowed to take, if we so desire?

      • Pathos says:

        I am aware of few studies done regarding the amount of toxic or carcinogenic compounds emitted by e cig compared to analog. Below is a link to one of them. As far as we know, e cig appear to emit less carcinogens than combusting tobacco, which is very encouraging, add to that the ability to have better flavor, no bad tobacco smell and convenience … I traded analogs for e-cig 3 wks ago and i am happy with my switch.


        As many of the comments mentioned here and other site, there were few bumps along the road when first switching.
        1- headach and nausea: this is mostly due to higher nicotine inhalation, e cig are not supposed to be smoked as reg cig, you need to slowly inhale and less frequent, former smokers used to inhale harder and this doesnt work well with vaporizing. Just take it slow and enjoy the flavor.
        2- bulidup of flegm in the back of my throat, this was annoying, but i also have sinus problems, this is mostly due to vg, i am switching to lower vg in my next shment of e juice
        3. Less vapor and lack of real cig taste: i got used to it after a while, i didnt like the sweetness at first but i prefer it now.
        4- mouth dryness, this is bec of pg….drink water
        5- regular e cig were not very satisfying, its a good start, but i switched to tank , mod, vaporizer and now experimenting with dripping… The tendency for e smokers is to move on from the basic setup to more advanced, higher tech equipment, in general in the beginning the terms can be hard to understand and the options are overwhelming … Its a learning process

        I would definitly trade the known carcinogenic and harmful cig with an alternative that is ” theoritically” and at least in early studies appears less evil …

        Thats my 2 cents wor of advice …

        Vape on

        • Steve says:

          After choking for 20 plus years I was introduced to a ecig vaporizer. I was like wow this is great I can quit smoking with this. It’s been almost two years and I love by vape set up. I vape 0mg juice at this point and life is great.

        • David says:

          I Would like to share! I smoked for 20 years and been cigaret free four 2 years pulse!! know I will say the only time I ever had any side affect from vapor is when I bought the cheap stuff they sell at gas station. . I am 44 male and seems only when be a dum ass and inhaling way more vapor than a person really needs too have I ever had side effects! ! So my friends why not try taking smaller hits.. Remember every thing should be taking in small amount! God bless you all AND VAP ON! !

    • abbshurz says:
      5 stars

      Perhaps there haven’t been enough long term studies on pg or vg, but, and a big but at that, there have been plenty of studies and deaths as well as years of suffering from the use of traditional cigarettes. I’ll trade tobacco’s 500 chemicals for e cig’s 3,(nicotine, pg,vg), any day !

      • RockRgrrl says:


        There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic.

        I’m nervous about unknown long term results but it can’t possibly be any worse than cigs. Good on ya for switching.

        That said, as a newbie (2 weeks) the past 3 days of naseau is driving me insane. It’s really bad. I didn’t have 5% of this when I got preggy.
        Hope this passes soon. Any tips?

        • Casey says:

          I have a masters degree in organic chemistry and people it’s the mother ******* flavor to be worried about. VG when vaporized will produce carcinogens, but not in levels that any one should be concerned about. PG and VG are safe compared to nicotine which will kill just about anything.

          • Pauli says:
            3 stars

            I’m confused as I was led to believe that it wasn’t the nicotine in cigarettes that was harmful to the human body but the tar , is this correct ? I’ve been using my ecig 100% PG for months now instead of cigarettes & only symptom I’ve experienced is cut & chapped lips ( around the area where I insert the mouthpiece of the ecig .

          • Johnson says:

            Nicotine is one of the most poisonous chemicals known and used in pesticides, however… Like everything it depends on the dose. Low levels of nicotine dont cause much harm, yet it does cause some harm.. Also noone claims vaping is harmless, its just that cigarettes are more harmful.

    • Edale says:

      Apparently PG might, MIGHT, cause lipoid pneumonia in some people.


      I’ve yet to hear anything hazardous about VG, and in the forums I’ve found openly talking about the health risks, no one seems to think VG is bad.

      • Vranks says:

        I think that is indeed a big “might”, considering there are tens of millions of e-cigarette users out there and the study mentions a single case… If there was a pattern to speak of, I might have considered it probable, but right now..

      • Andrea says:

        This is very interesting to me but it scares me that it might make too much sense. Thanks for posting this, I read quite a bit of people get bronchitis when quitting smoking and or some newer users of e cigs who used to smoke, including myself. I wonder how many turn into this. I wouldn’t be as concerned about this if they weren’t heavy smokers and have no previous lung issues but to others I can see this being a HUGE culprit.

      • DocTonyNYC says:
        5 stars

        Actually, it couldn’t possibly be a bigger “might.” After looking at the link, and then looking directly at the “study” that they referenced in the footnote, it’s clear that nothing conclusive was discovered. The authors discussed the experience of one woman who, seven months after beginning vaping, developed lipoid pneumonia. HOWEVER, they also admitted that the patient had “significant” history of asthma (and had for many years). In addition, shortly before her diagnosis, she reported that she had “recent exposure to fumigation chemicals” when her apartment building was fumigated two weeks prior to her illness.

        (For the record, this wasn’t a scientific study. It was an article where the authors described on specific medical case.)

      • ade says:
        4 stars

        Lipoud is related to oil on the lungs eliquid is water based and has no oil in it so I would doubt it has anything to do with eliquid

    • Jorjey says:

      Being a long time tobacco smoker and I’m now 65..started smoking at 14, I get yearly chest X-rays.

      I’ve been vaping now for over 10 years and am 99% tobacco free. Just had my annual chest X-ray 2 weeks ago and it came back normal.

      Then again..I come from a family of coal miners who inhaled coal dust for at least 30 years…and perhaps I have some good lung genes. :0)

      • Simon says:

        Wow, I think your post really is the best one ,thank you for enlightening me like no one has before ( Ive probably read all the blogs and posts and reviews on the web). If what youre saying is true ( god bless you if it is), there should only be your post out there. Thank you so much, Simon from Quebec, vape on all yall

  • jolene johnson says:

    A friend of mine introduced me to e-ciggies and I’ve stopped smoking the traditional tobacco for a month now. I’m recommending e-ciggies to all my friends now, it really works.

    • Jorjey says:

      Once you find the flavors you like the most and get the “kick” from some nicotine and see the “smoke” you exhale…old “analog” tobacco ciggies just don’t even taste right anymore.

      Happy Vaping…it’s good for you!

      • deedee says:

        I am just wondering how long will it take and how much money will I have to spend, before finding that good, satisfying flavor and nicotine mix?

  • mike coffen says:

    Pg hurts when you use it (throat hit) and has less vapor I have used them both. I honestly dont see why any one would prefer pg. VG is smoother better tasting and a much more rewarding vape

  • Kimberly says:

    I’ve been smoking my e-cig for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it, I’ve only smoked a few real cigarettes since, lately though I’ve been experiencing some side effects that have me questioning whether I should keep on smoking my e-cig, I’ve had a lot of allergy problems such as mucus build up in the throat to the point that it’s hard to swallow without taking a drink of something, headaches, and even some vision problems sometimes, I have tested myself to make sure that it is the e-cig that’s caused the problems, when I am having these problems I’ll stop smoking my e-cig for awhile and the problems will stop, when I smoke it again they come back, I’m not sure of the PG/VG ratio, the company I got it from have not answered my emails. I don’t want to stop smoking my e-cig, so I would like to know if theirs anyone else that has experienced any of the same problems, and if so which one of the ingredients did you decrease or increase. Thanks for listening!!

    • hoc says:

      i also have this exact same problem… e-cig gives bad allergies but if i stop for a week and smoke regular cig it goes away. i was using a PG/VG mix but going to try a 100% VG i bought online to see how that works. I also think it might not be the PG or VG but just the process of quitting smoking causes the allergies to be so bad. i read that smoking paralyzes the cilia (little hairs in our lungs that filter out what is not supposed to enter) so when we quit smoking .. they work again and then our nose or whatever are more sensitive to dust or pollen..

    • Jackie says:

      I quit smoking reg. cigarettes 10 months ago and have been smoking e-cigs ever since. However, the last two months I have been really congested. Thought I had a sinus infection but antibiotics didn’t take away the stuffiness. Definitely seems like an allergy. My e-cigs contain USP Grade Propylene and USP Grade Glycerine, artificial flavoring and nicotine. Seems weird that I would develop an allergy suddenly after 8 months but I have been smoking menthol strong cartridges quite a bit. Help! Could I be allergic to the e-cig?!

      • Vranks says:

        I definitely recommend switching to a different flavor for a while, as menthol can cause this kind of side effects. If possible, stop vaping completely for a few days, and see if the congestion goes away, or at least switch to 100% VG for a while, to eliminate the possibility of an allergy to propylene glycol

        • Jackie says:

          I use GreenSmoke now, strongest menthol. Seems weird that congestion would start after I have been using them for 7 months with no issues. I have been hitting it pretty hard recently, tho. What would be a VG brand to try to see if it is the GreenSmoke brand?

      • Shelly says:

        I am not inhaling the smoke from my pen. The liquid I have is 30mg and I figured that the nicotine would also be absorbed in my mouth like when people chew or dip tobacco. I don’t know if that’s accurate though.

        • Gil says:

          Shelly, I have been doing a lot of research on this and you’re correct. With vaping, the particles are much larger than cigarette smoke particles so the nic is absorbed better in the mouth nose and throat. I still inhale after leaving the vape in my month because I like it. But just saying that you are correct!

    • Vranks says:

      Kimberly, I’m not a doctor, but your symptoms don’t seem to indicate an allergic reaction to propylene glycol, they seem more like side-effects of smoking cessation which is strange considering you have quit smoking six months ago. If you say it’s definitely related to using electronic cigarettes, I would suggest switching to a different brand of e-liquid, preferably from a reputed seller (Halo, Totally Wicked, Alien Vision, Johnson Creek, etc.) as the flavoring might have something to do with it. And to be 100% sure it’s not the PG, try a VG based juice for a while.

      • Cheryl says:

        If you look at the VG it contains Soy, I have been having severe allergic reactions, allergic to soy, wheat, chicken, onions, green peppers, egg white, amongst other things since smothing the e-cig, I love it, but its causing me to have hives all over and severe swelling of my entire body and lips.

      • Christine says:

        You are right YOU are not a doctor.

      • Lorraine says:
        5 stars

        My rating of 5 stars is based on the fact that you prefaced your comments by stating that you are NOT a doctor. Thank you for sharing that with us. I only hope that you continue to do this on a regular basis. You are quite well spoken. My fear is that somehow your audience may mistake your wonderful ability to communicate with an ability to communicate medical expertise that you have not studied for, nor qualified to give. The initials M.D. appear after a persons last name, had they so studied to give such advise. So…5 Stars for the preface of no medical degree and one star for continuing on with your medical advise.

        • Patrick says:
          5 stars

          As to not being a doctor-Some people are more adept at noticing cause and effect and applying common sense. As Bob Dylan quoted, “You don’t have to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows.”

    • kelly says:

      I myself had bad reaction to PG tried 100% VG same reactions, don’t know what to try now. My vendor has no signs telling us about this & seems to be more worried about selling the product then me & you.

      • t.no says:
        5 stars

        That is a rational ascertainment but don’t forget: make sure the vendor doesn’t use “diacetyl” as an additive–it adds the buttery taste and aroma, not only to the vape juice, but to all types of food flavorings.

        In the source I’ll cite eventually, has statistical information about the negative health afflictions that can root from inhaling it.*


        • odd says:

          thanks for mentioning this. I bought buttermint flavour just before christmas, and having been vaping since july (6 months) i have suddenly had swelling of the roof of my mouth. it looked like infection, and i was put on antibiotics. but after a week, i started to notice a definite link to vaping, as i was trying to give my mouth a rest so was only doing it once a day and using patches. after this restriction, and no improvement from the anti-biotics, i suddenly realised the link, massive swelling 10 minutes after vaping. i have taken anti-allergy pill, and the swollen roof of my mouth deflated quite a bit very rapidly. so i thought it was the pg, which seemed strange after all these months, but hey, no, i switched from menthol to buttermint and it has been since then. i didn’t know about diacetyl. i have stayed away for 36 hours now, and i’m going to have to do the hard thing and give up completely because i have dental implants and can’t afford reactions like this in my mouth. i only started vaping because i thought it was a safe option as i long ago switched to nicotine gum to protect my implants, but found that i was just as addicted to the gum, and wanted to give that up. i had given up smoking for 20 years but a few years ago “joined in” at work just for the fun of it and was straight away re-addicted. now i’m off for a week, so it’s cold turkey from tomorrow.

    • JR says:

      The problem is not a reaction to the chemical make-up of the eCig itself, but rather a reaction to how you utilize it. When you were smoking real cigs you weren’t looking to get a nice big vape cloud to satisfy your urges, and now you find yourself taking in too much vapor at once which is just reacting with your membranes and causing unwanted build-up or swelling. Try to take it easy on the hits you’re pullin out of your device and I’m sure it’ll all clear up.

    • Dottie Hall says:

      I have had the same things happening after two months of my ecigs. I am most likely and regretfully quitting them today.

      • Andrea says:

        I don’t know if you were a smoker and intend to go back but please don’t go back to smoking. Anyone who reads this, if you quit, your going to prob have more pain, your lungs have already begun to heal. If you remembered starting smoking, you can recall how long it took to get used to it. For me it was all or nothing between e cig’s and regular and that alone can make you feel so much worse, your body isn’t used to the changes and you might feel worse initially, I did but advil and mucinex and saline nasal spray can help ease symptoms in addition to water intake as e liquid can make you dehydrated I read. The last I smoked, my heart rate prob went up to 200 it felt it was too much but it gets easier esp if you quit. I also noticed a big sensitivity to caffeine and even medications for others to take note if trying to feel out symptom changes. So in case you didnt read my review below, try the technique of holding the e liquid in your mouth for 5 sec or so and the nicotine will absorb thru your mouth membranes or to still enjoy the flavor, puff like on a cigar. I use a triton tank by the way so the vapor is pretty high already. I am new to posting but wanted to share my thoughts if it can help you or other readers – Good luck 😉

    • Bill says:

      I had the same problems then I switched to 100%VG no more vision problems or anything else. I am diabetic with vision problems so I am more sensitive to some stuff

    • LZ says:

      I love my e-cig, however I am allergic to polyester and the PG produced a very bad rash on my parts of my body. The itching is horrible my face is swollen and bright red. I am switching to VG. If that doesn’t work, might be time to quit all together

    • Jorjey says:

      Kimberly…you might want to do some “Googling” and find some different companies who sell the e-liquid. There are many out there who show the ratios of the “juice” and some you can even order customized to your taste, strength and PG/VG ratios.

    • phyllis says:

      I know some relatives that quit smoking a few years back and never used a e-cig. They also have problems with Mucus in the troat.I think it is from not smoking any more for some reason.

      • Jackie says:

        I have attempted to quit smoking I with patches several times and in my case after a week or so I developed a cough and clearing of my lungs.It was pretty gross the mucus that came up out of my lungs.I think it is your body clearing out all the poisons from cigs

    • DAVIDE says:

      kimberly,firstly,stop buying juice from any vender that will not answer you. stay away from juice made in china the most polluted country on the planet.rivers there have caught on fire.i shit you not!there many many of sites on the web that will bend over backwards to help customers.i am down to less than 2mg nic.and and very very little pg. don’t give up. if you seek ye shall find.

    • meghan androsuk says:

      Yup I had a bad eye allergy from e cigs. I switched to 100 percent v/g based e liquids. Now I have no problems. Only R.D.A e cigs can vape pure v/g liquid. But I heard some v/g companies make a e cig friendly liquid. Pure v/g liquids are hypoallergenic. It’s always best to buy organic.

  • Sir Vapist says:
    4 stars

    TY for the article! I have been a HEAVY smoker of fine cut Canadian tobacco for over 20 years, and I now understand why vaping enthusiasts like the high VG blends, but for me simply replacing one nicotine delivery system (burnt tobacco) with another, I will stick with the lighter juices, and less wear and tear on the atomizer it would seem.

  • Will not Smoke again says:
    4 stars

    E-Cigs was my salvation for quitting smoking and will never go back. I like flavored e-juice and could never figure out why I could not taste it. Went higher on PG and all is well. No side effects from any e-juice I have tried. At first a dry mouth, but that cleared up in no time.

  • Jake says:

    I think people should try VG ecigs first, they are smoother with less people having adverse reactions. I tried PG ones and it really turned me off to ecigs, what was a nice flavor now seems gross for some reason.

  • Rob says:

    I quit tobacco with ecigs, the heavy VG ratio eliquid gave me some nasal congestion to begin with but now use 50/50PG/VG no probs, also discovered some flavourings can cause allergic reactions so maybe some poeple experiencing that rather than PG or VG intolerance

  • KW says:

    I started vaping 10 weeks ago and buy my supplies here locally. The store carries 50/50 PG/VG blends of e-liquids in many flavors and strengths. I have recently noticed an issue with mucus in the throat build-up and am being told that it is to be expected; the lungs are ‘cleaning’ themselves. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe. I can’t seem to get rid of it!

    • jordan says:
      4 stars

      There is definitely a lot of misinformation and confusion out there, but that does sound about right. Every attempt I made to wit smoking the old fashion way left me with a whole lot of congestion and phlegm. It’s your lungs way of cleaning out the bad stuff. How long it lasts depends on how long and how heavily you smoked.

  • Wanda P says:
    5 stars

    I started using an ecig 3 years ago this month. I have had no problem at all. The benefits are awesome. No stench of that foul smoke of cigarettes. No ashes everywhere. No burns on my clothing. No bronchitis every time I turn around. No cough. I could go on and on. Love it!!!!! If there turns out to be a side affect down the road I don’t think it will compare to cigarettes side affects. I would never encourage anyone to start smoking anything, but if you smoke cigarettes I do encourage to to switch. NOW!

    • Gil says:

      Agreed 100%! I have smoked for 33 years, and switched to ecigs 10 days ago. I I’ve the foo our, am used to this nicotine levels with ecigs and feel like I have a new life. My lungs have cleared I have much more energy and truly enjoy vaping. The floors out there are awesome! I definitely like the vg best so I stick to 100% vg juices. I have no experienced no side effects at all, just the opposite. Happy vaping everyone!

      Wow, iPad autocorrect. Everyone, I did pass the 4th grade! I love the flavors and have experienced no side effects. Vg is my choice. Sorry for the fumble!

    • Jim says:

      @ Wanda P
      I would love to quit. I would love to use that $200.00 vapeing device I so willing paid for and just paid another $10.00 for an extra Battery just yesterday. Yes it worked perfectly for me for the 2-3days I’ve had it never really had a nicotine craving once I loved it! I tried a few old analogs and the taste was horrid. But I think the damn thing has given me a bad sinus infection/cold. It’s 6:30am and I am still up due to the fact of a raw throat, sneezing, runny nose, pounding head ach and now with an inability to swallow yea it’s getting great here.
      I think I’m giving up on the whole
      idea of an e-smoke. This is not the first time one has done this to me.
      I had one of those cheap ones from the gas station before and it did the same thing to me. I don’t know if it’s the PG causing this or what. But I can tell you one thing for sure I am miserable as hell and broke to boot.

  • Janay says:

    I stopped using regular cigarettes 3 weeks ago today! Yay me! I did notice that I had a bit of a dry cough once starting the e-cig. I never coughed before even though I smoked for years. Weird, huh? Anyway, I did a bunch of research and found that PG can cause coughing and other strange reactions. So I ordered a couple of samples of 100% VG liquid. I got them today and am happy to report that I am not coughing anymore! If you are smoking regular cigs, switch to e-cigs! You’ll be so glad you did! I wish I would have switched long ago! Happy vaping everyone!

  • arron says:

    I used e-cig for 4 months and used 3 different blends from 3 different asuppliers. had no reactions. However just recently i bought one from a different supplier. this time a shop on the high street. The funny thing is, this bottle has a toxic symbol on it and says very toxic if swallowed. well wait a minute, isnt that the same as breathing in. everything that goes through your lungs, goes into your blood stream. everything that goes down to your guts, gets into your bloodstream…?? And since using the aniseed juice with the very toxic label on it, ive been getting alot of itching. Ive had heartburn too. sometimes quite intense tothe point my mouth fills up with saliva. Just a thought and addition to al this new stuff out there.

    • Andrea says:

      well, what is toxic is the nicotine, there are all organic vendors which I am about to try next. There are risks and you have to weigh them out, too much of anything isnt good. E cigs are a better option then analogs I assure you that, they just happen to put anesthetics and allergen blockers in cigarettes so you notice less effects or even have pain relief. Have you read what soda can do to your body? I was shocked, esp diets. Just throwing that out there, good observation though by the way in how new users can think about it.

  • Andrea says:

    I am up in debate about this topic and in the 15 days I have not smoked analogs, there is no going back however I have noticed some side effects. Take note if you have asthma or lung disease then maybe you can relate to the chest tightness, increased anxiety etc. Now I thought I was having issues getting used to not smoking and pains related to the coughing, its called Costochondritis to sum it up, you can google that word to get a better description now I may have a combination of things going on. Those who have given up on e cigs due to either getting or feeling like your getting bronchitis I found a simple solution you can use fully or switch it up, I found certain strengths and flavors alone can cause feeling of discomfort, lower levels are best and I feel the VG is just to heavy for my lungs but on the other hand maybe the pg creates the increased mucus? So try this, Hold the vapor in your mouth for awhile and you get the nicotine as it absorbs in your mouth, if you feel you are missing out on the flavor, take puffs like pipe smokers do and blow it out, I switch that up and I felt such a relief and cut back on full inhalation or at least adding a bit more air in my mouth before doing so. I am VERY anxious about changing things and I know this is better then smoking, I just worry about any mold or bacteria as 2 years ago I got lung disease from simply breathing in spores from dead wood or mild swampy areas. I reside in Wi, am 33 don’t drink or eat junk fast food I sleep enough but smoking has destroyed my hormones and thyroid Im sure so use caution in any decision you make, listen to your body and not what necessarily works for everyone else.

    • Jan says:

      I’ve been on the PG e-cigs for 3 months now. I have tried to quit many times in the past using patches and nicotine gum, I never made it past 2 weeks.
      Whenever I used to quit cigarettes (patches,gum or cold turkey) after 2 or 3 days I would start to have lots of phlegm build up. This was my lungs coughing up tar, I would see this if I would spit into the sink or a tissue. The same happens with my e-cig. I am still coughing up tar from time to time 3months in.
      For all of you out there who think e-cigs might be causing you Bronchitis, please check your phlegm first, you will feel a lot better when you realize your body is trying to clean itself.
      An earlier reviewer mentioned the small hairs in your throat becoming unstuck from the walls due to tar no longer weighing them down. This is true and the hairs returning to their natural state will give your throat a bit of a tickle.

      If your phlegm, if it has black particles in it you’re on the right track. Try not to swallow this phlegm, it would be better for your gut if you didn’t.

      I realize some people can have adverse reactions to e-cigs (although i haven’t caught many negative VG reviews). If it doesn’t agree with you then avoid it. But please, try be open minded to the probability that the phlegm that you get when you quit, could be your lungs purging years of filth.

      For interests sake:
      PG takes the same metabolic pathway as Lactic Acid, as this is the chemical your body breaks PG down into. Lactic Acid is passed through urine.

      Laboratory mice are almost impossible to kill using PG, unless you actually drown them in it.

      PG is used in asthma inhalers.

      • JG says:

        I second Jan’s comments about the tar bits coming out.

        I count every “tar removable hack” as a major victory on my road.

        And I thank every one of you all for for your posts. Very helpful!

        – another ‘Jan’

      • Melody says:

        “Hairs in back of throat”. There are no hairs in the throat. Maybe you are thinking of cilia which are hairlike parts in the lungs that stop working when one smokes. They brush mucus etc out of lungs & begin working again after a person quits smoking. Thanks, Melody

    • JG says:

      Agree!! I wholeheartedly agree with Andrea on this! To Quote: “Hold the vapor in your mouth for awhile and you get the nicotine as it absorbs in your mouth, if you feel you are missing out on the flavor, take puffs like pipe smokers do and blow it out, I switch that up and I felt such a relief and cut back on full inhalation or at least adding a bit more air in my mouth before doing so.” Worrks great! Anaolog free since Oct 1!

  • Ceelouha says:
    5 stars

    Great explanation. Thank to for the clarification and comparison.

  • murphy king says:
    5 stars

    Ive been smoking ecigs for about a year. I just started kinda mixing my on juice. Where I live they only sell high amounts of nicotine (20 to 24) juice. It hits way to hard, painful throat hits, dizzy don’t care for much more than 6 percent nicotine. I prefer a sweet taste so I bought vg at wall mart mixed that in to dilute what the stores sell. I am glad I tried it. very smooth sweet lots of vapor. Good luck to all I hope you find your perfect mix.

  • Shah says:

    I just want to know does PG and VG have alcohol particles in them?
    i was reading their ingredients PG is an organic compound of double alcohol and VG of Sugar alcohol.
    does that mean they contain Alcohol?

    • Bill says:

      Hi there, I’m a chemist, and neither PG nor VG contain any “alcohol”, meaning that they don’t contain any ethanol. Chemically, both are named alcohols by chemists because PG has two OH groups on it and glycerol has three. Neither one has any particles.

  • Lea says:

    My husband and I have both been heavy smokers for years. My husband switched to vapor e-cigs due to his job. I am still on regular cigs. When my husband started the vapor I got the worst headaches and nausea ever! I also made me very irritable and depressed, he left to go back to work and the symptoms went away. He came back home and I didnt have the headaches or nausea anymore but I was still very irritable and depressed. I didnt know what was wrong until we went to the vapor store and I walked in there for 5 mins, walked out and went completely insane in the parking lot, crying so bad I couldnt breathe and having thoughts of killing him or myself! I seriously felt so bad I wanted to die, he left to go back to work and I went back to my normal self. I really think I have some sort of chemical sensitivity disorder when it comes to these evil things!

    • JG says:

      My dear Lea. This sounds terrible and I feel for you! I would never make light of such a visceral reaction, though hard for me to imagine a smoker (as I “was” for 30+years) allergic to PG/VG. Maybe the flavoring? I don’t know.

      For myself, your strong reactions rang personal for me – like things I have gone through in the past when my smoking addiction sees a threat on the horizon. I still feel this way from time to time – and throw myself under a pillow from time to time to avoid mental breakdown. HUGS to you!

  • Sabrina Niedenthal says:

    I just got the e cig on Sunday and omg I have broke in a horrible rash on my legs and arms. Idk what the heck!. I’m gonna stop and hopefully that is what is causing this…

  • T. H. says:

    A humectant actually promotes moisture.
    Propylene Glycol is a desiccant.

  • Dezzy says:

    Never trust anyone that is trying to sell u something is my moto in life, people that are offering u something for free are generally upto something as well, but free advice goes a long way, I got little headaches for first 3 days, but after that I was fine, into day 7 now, and stopped fags 2 days ago completely, its probably got some health risks attached to heavy use, but certainly not as many as fags, which have rat posies and tar burning into your lungs, of course when u r young its all good, but I am 35 now and shut just got real, slowing down at the gym ect, so stopped wile I could lol

  • HF says:
    4 stars

    I had to switch to 100% organic VG. PG and or the artificial flavorings were causing allergies. Don’t give up until u try pure VG. Ya sure u have to clean out you’re attys more often but it’s better than smoking again. Less flavor and throat hit but more vape and no chemical taste

    • Carolynq says:

      I have that chemical taste and can’t stand it!! What brand did you get of the vg that solved the problem?

  • allan says:

    E-cigs are so healthy compared to analogs – the only problem is, they make people sick. We try to avoid artificial flavorings in food, but inhale heavy amounts of flavoring without knowing what we inhale – because it´s supposedly so healthy compared to analogs, analogs that never made us sick – me at least. weird world indeed.

  • Genesis says:

    Excuse me, but you contradicted yourself here: “It’s also a powerful humectant, so while it will dry your mouth and throat if used consistently,”… A humectant preserves/retains moisture, yet you also claim that PG will dry your mouth out…

    • Paul says:

      Hi Genesis,

      I think what he is saying, is that since the PG molecule is a humectant, it attracts water to it from its environment – in this case, the environment is your mouth, throat and lungs. When you exhale the PG, you will be losing some of that moisture also.

      • paul says:

        Retrospectively, that was not a very useful reply.

        Describing PG as a humectant is wrong in this context but I’m not sure if you are simply pointing out the contradiction or if it has confused you.

        I think it’s more correct to simply say that PG is a hydrophilic molecule – i.e. it attracts water.

        Whether it acts as a humectant or desiccant depends on it’s use.

        As an additive in foodstuffs it can be used to inhibit moisture loss to (or indeed gain from – hygroscopic) the environment – and hence can be described as a humectant.

        Is an inhalent it may be better described as a desiccant because it can take water moisture from the mouth, as it is inhaled and exhaled.

  • Jennifer says:

    for all you ladies out there that suffer with intersticial cystitis if you read up on PG one of the warnings i read were If you suffer with it do not use PG. i am sitting here writing with the uncomfortable syptoms of IC so disappointed because I love my VAP so I will try the VG instead

  • makaitungsee says:
    5 stars

    Believe me when I say we inhale automobile exhaust smoke every day. And yet nobody get a health problem. Cigarette also. And yet when it comes to pg and vg… Bla bla bla… Oh by the way, I am not making a point. Just a lonely guy got nothing to do. Lol.

  • ann hall says:

    hi everyone can you help me i am using e cigs jac vapour and have noticed that i am putting alot of weight on has anyone else suffered the same many thanks ann

  • James Vann says:

    Great info.after 3 days in hospital it turns out im allergic to pg when vaped, thankfully vg saved me from going back to real tobacco!

  • todd says:

    Hi all, not had a fag now for 5 weeks and love it,, all down to e cigs,, but getting really tired getting so bad that i feel i shouldn’t be drinving. i stop vapor today at 10am now 9.00 pm feeling a bit better. the e cig i had i think are pg,, skycig. just ordered some vg online so i’ll let you all know in a week or so..

  • Jen says:

    I have been using my e-cig for 11 weeks now. When I started it I had half a pack of cigs left and gave them away, never thought twice about it. The first couple days I had a head ache and fought the urge to want to inhale. Much like using a nicotine patch. I fought through that and will NEVER go back to real cigs again. I got my mother to use one and my boyfriend as I couldn’t stand the smell of cig smoke anymore. Though I encourage others to make the switch I don’t complain when around smokers. In my research and testing different blends I have come to find that many manufacturers use VG blends for the lower nicotine levels and PG or PG blends for higher nicotine levels. I have quite the array of juices stocked up, ranging from VG blends to PG blends and 10mg to 24mg nicotine levels. I typically will blend mine in my dual coil iclear 16 tank and use a variable voltage Ego battery. I prefer a bit of the 18mg VG blend mixed with 18mg PG blend as I don’t like a harsh throat hit but the flavor is superior in the PG’s. When I have to go 2-3hrs between vaping (work breaks) then I will often mix a little bit of a 24mg PG blend with an 18mg VG blend. I have recently even upped my voltage to 4.8 on my battery and enjoy it even more. I get a very nice balance of vapor and throat hit (mild) with this setting. As where in the past I wouldn’t turn it up past 3.6ish. There is also a vapor shop about an hour from me that has a taste bar set up which is great to try out new flavors before buying them. To those that decide to start or have already good luck and happy vaping!

  • Marloes says:

    Hi there,

    I am vaping for about 4 months, I really love vaping but 5 weeks ago i got a very bad rash when i changed to 70 pg 30 vg, before i had 100 pg and already had a irritation to my eye from it. Now i get a bad rash allergy to my right eye, so bad that you don’t want to go outside. I tried 100 vg with and without flavour, same to 100 pg with and without flavour, different suppliers, when i quit vaping the rash wil go away within a few days. I am so desperate wanting to vape because it really feels so much better. Anyone else here that has this problem and got a solution for my problem? Could it be a glycerol/glycerin allergy? Please any suggestion is welcome or just to hear that i am not the only one on the planet here. I really want to vape too.

    • Joan says:

      I’m vaping 11 weeks have eye allergy a from week 2 and been to doctor on eye drop steroids for last 4 weeks changed from 50/50 wicked pg/ vg to vg on its own and allergy still in eyes has anyone else had this

  • csivok says:

    Hello to every one male and female the reason you vaping is to give up ordinary cigarette’s right? So there are tree choices 1 give up totally 2 back to old habit 3 try to find witch substance is harmful for you don’t forget the strengths (mg) 0mg nicotine at first will not work , you have to work it down in time and eventually you got there .We al now every humane body reacts to same sort of food substance ,chemicals (nuts cacao from chocolate medicines etc.)the perfect food can kill you if abused and like one of you said listen to your body. Find if pg , vg , nicotine strengths or the flavour you use is the right one for you .I start vaping to mounts a go and since than I gone trough all flavours , strengths mixture and a few e-cig kits spent some money and I can say I’m happy with the decision I took to mounts a go.33 years of heavy smoking is something and all I can tell you is I’m not going back , got the perfect flavours I like finely the strength all most to 0, now the only problem is to control it not to abuse it .(TO QUIT) that is my advise but lets not for gate the cure for the worst illnesses and daises are the most harmful substance chemicals and treatment .In conclusion if vaping make you fill seek in any way stop it because it means that’s not better than a cigarette ,the vapour and smoke from e-cig there are harmful as well only maybe (and I say maybe)much les I hope.

  • Jessica says:

    I just found out I’m 1 month pregnant. I’ve been vaping a VG 0mg nicotine for about 3 weeks. Is VG safe for pregnancy?

    • Vranks says:

      I’m no doctor, Jessica, but as far as I know it’s the nicotine that’s dangerous during pregnancy, so I think you should be fine. Glycerin is a carbohydrate usually derived from plant oils and used in various foods. But you should definitely mention it to your physician.

  • tammy says:

    I am very happy to say that I have been tobacco free for over ten months now. I am using a 100% VG vapor pen. I’v cut my nicotine down from 24 to 18mg so far. I have tried the PG juice but didn’t like the headache that I got from it.
    Now I was a pack a day full flavor smoker for 20 yrs. Thats 20 years of damage to my body. I would be crazy not to think that there wouldn’t be a detox. Some people have no problems and others suffer their own private hell. my mouth bled & burned my skin felt like it was on fire, and I felt like I had the flue. my head hurt and even my stomach. But by about the 3rd month… it was all over. My body was doing what it had to do to get rid of the toxins and heal… I never once quit vapeing and I never smoked a tobacco cig. the benefits have been awesome. I got to throw away my asthma meds. and I never got my seasonal bronchitis. I feel so much better everyday.. mentally and physically. Good luck to all of you who are trying to quit. your family and friends will thank you. You can do!!

  • Kim says:

    Iquit smoking about a month ago and started VaPing. I was using pg and was having problems like bloating and gas so I switched to VG and now I’m having the same problem I quit and bought a pack of cigarettes yesterday and I’m not having as much problems with my gut. My question is this, anybody else having gas and bloating problems using VG I hate to be smoking cigarettes again but I can’t take the pain that comes with extreme bloating. I appreciate any help or comments in regards to This problem.

  • Tania says:
    5 stars

    Hi, I need a recommendation, I have been a smoker for 24 years and need to stop, my dad (also a smoker) had a terrible death and I don’t want to die that way. I would appreciate if someone can give me an idea of which brand should I purchase, it is very confusing… Is there a brand that offers VG and nicotine-free options? Sorry, I am new to this.

    • JG says:

      Tania, I am new to vaping as of Oct 1. I get low 6 mg and also 0mg ejuice from preferredvapor.com. If confused about all the parts and pieces available for ecigs, I suggest getting a eGo CE4 starter kit.

      7 weeks in, and still analog free!

    • Tammy says:

      Hey E C Blend and Mt.baker vapor let you choose strength and vg to pg

  • corey green says:

    Bello, I have read all over the internet trying to find someone who has my condition? I have be vaping for 5 months, no problem for 3 months, until I got really into it. I purchased a mod with a genesis tank, started vaping 24/7. I got a rash, like jock itch. It is so bad I can’t tell you. It’s not going away. I have never had a rash ever. I know it has to be from vaping. Yes I was vaping all day long. I always now have the runs. I need to find out if it’s pg, vg, or the sweeteners? My entire groin is red and on fire, nothing is helping.

  • Greg says:
    5 stars

    I would like to compare VaPing with smoking.

    To begin, I started smoking in 1961 when I was 11. I never in 52 years stopped smoking. I never minded the smell of my home until. I never minded the cost until. I never minded the brown stains on my clothes, on the furniture, in my vehicle until. I did however, mind the constant thought of when I was going to get cancer, until.

    Until 3 months ago when I started vaping. All of the above has gone. The 4 cartons a week or about $ 380.00 per/week gone. People’s avoidance of me because of smell, gone. Constant sinus congestion, gone. Unable to smell flowers and other things mother nature has, gone. Constant questions by the doctor when I was going to stop smoking, gone. Yellow finger stains, gone. Unable to walk a short distance to the mailbox, gone. Oh, I could keep listing things caused by smoking that are now gone since I began Vaping. Need I say anymore?

  • corey green says:

    on Friday I picked up a ton of straight pg ejuice, and all VG juice. I am going to smoke both for a week and see what is causing my jock itch rash, and the runs. I think that both are just not go away until I figure out what is the cause. I have been smoking VG only and will see what happens.

  • Derekg says:
    5 stars

    the best juice i’ve ever had came from a vape shop in New Jersey called 9South Vapes. I’ve ordered from almost ever sight out there and nothing compared. They actually have a mix bar that you can go up to and sit at and order the ANY juice with ANY percent nic as well as ANY pg/vg ratio….nothing better then custom making your own bottle of juice to absolute perfection!!!!

  • Dale says:

    I had been a 30 year smoker on roughly 1 pack per day. I decided to give up the day after my 50th birthday (4 weeks ago). Have tried patches, gum, tablets and other methods before. None worked.
    I started vaping with both VG & PG, with nicotine. So far I havent wanted or touched a real cigarette.
    I mix the two fluids to get the smoke/throat hit that is best for me. My big bug bear is that we call them e-cigs this gives the general public the impression that they are cigs. This is the reason why I believe most airline are asking people not to use vaping units. If I asked an airline if I could use a portable humidifier during the flight I wonder if they would agree or nor. If we call them cigs we will still be treated like smokers.

  • Misterious Vaping machine says:

    Hi all! Interesting comments!

    Can someone tell me if I was to buy Vegetable Glycerin VG & Propylene Glycol, do they all taste exactly the same or do they have different quality ingredients from different manufactures (Hope this makes sense)

    Because I want to make my own e-liquid juice and don’t want to use any cheap stuff

    Also where do I get the best flavour’s / nicotine to add in with this PG/ VG?

    Please advise!

  • Lockette says:

    I use e-liq.com for my juices. They have pure PG, pure VG, multiple nic levels, 170 flavors, and all the supplies you can imagine to either mix your own or by their premix based on your preferences. I used the e-cig E9 for 2 years and have recently switched to a tank style. I LOVE my newest vaping device and hope to have a successful long term relationship with it. It actually finally help my hubby quit too. I have gone through the suspected sinus infection and bronchitis but in the long run it was just my body purging the bad. Stock up on Tylenol and ride it out. It’s well worth it. As far as the rashes go I really don’t know. Might be allergies to flavors. As far as those who have been smoke free for months and then have symptoms, I recommend going through a full year before blaming the vaping. It could actually just be seasonal allergies. They tend to develope all through life.

    Good luck all. I wish everyone success!!!!

  • Jerry C says:

    I decided to try vaping as something to maybe help me quit smoking. Instead of going all out and paying a bunch of money to start, I started out with the cheap disposable ones you can buy in most stores. I started with the NJoy brand, made with P/G, and was happy with the throat hit and the satisfaction of feeling like I had smoked a real cigarette. However, I was disappointed with the fact that they did not last near as long as the claims made. So, I switched over to the infamous BluE’s, made with V/G, and noticed from the get go that my cough from smoking had gotten worse. That night after smoking the BluE for almost a day, when I laid down to sleep, it felt like my lungs were bleeding. I was up most of the night trying to stop coughing. My wife and I decided that the BluE’s and their V/G was not for me. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought me an expensive eGo and it came with some Second Generation Smoke Oil, Marlboro flavored, and from reading the ingredient listing, was happy to think that it didn’t have any V/G in it. I smoked this stuff for a week and my cough never got any better. My wife made me stop and just go back to regular cigarettes. I did add some tarbars to them though and my cough seems to be getting better. Okay, all that being said, my question. You said that people don’t have an allergy to V/G as much to P/G but there are people that are allergic to V/G right?? I’m wondering if I might possibly get some e liquid with just P/G and be okay. Or have I just wasted $50??

  • Me says:

    I have quit smoking using cigs/vapor cigs 3 separate times and went back the first 2 times. The first time was in 2003. I ordered it out of an airplane catelog. I am currently on ecigs (ego style) and frustrated because no one has mentioned the exact symptoms that I have experienced(except for one person). After 6 weeks of using thee cig, I get a very thick and almost fiberous mucous that I am constantly working to cough or urge(for lack of a better word) up. It is NOT ever colored. It’s always clear but a very heavy, very thick consistency that is difficult to cough up and is always in the back of my throat. Like the other iuser mentioned, it is extremely frustrating with others asking about me possibly getting sick with a cold or something and. It even interrupts talking as it is always there! I am convinced now that it is with out a doubt cursed by the vaporizer because it has happened all 3 times and I have used it 9 weeks this time, for 8 months the time before and almost 4 months the first time. I wanted to believe that it was just symptoms of the body cleansing itself but, that isn’t true with my case. I did have the mucous coughing at first but then it goes away and then weeks later this symptom shoes up again. I will quit these again and try the patch again. I am extremely disappointed because I enjoy ecigs but the constant grinding my voice and clearing my throat is just too damned much and I can’t take it any more. I hope this May help others as I didn’t see anyone else mention this same issue. Good luck to everyone who has or who is trying to quit smoking!!!!

    • pamela says:

      I love vaping, but fear i may have to give it up. I have very thick clear colored phlegm which seems to hang at back of throat and into and irritating the bronchial tubes. When lying down to sleep it is so irritating i can’t sleep. I have been vaping for 3 months and this didn’t happen when i switched from ciggys. I need my pacifier for now and wish i could figure out if its the brand or the vg or pg, dirty atomizer, you name it, i can’t break it down enough to figure this out. I do not inhale for the most part and really avoided it later, tried to exhale through nose to get more flavor, but my sinus’ can bother me doing that. After reading the remarks on vg and phlegm i will try a full pg liquid. Please leave online company’s with cleaner flavor ingredients for vaping pg within a budget. And thanks for all the comments, they really enlighten.

  • Gary says:

    I heard about an e-cigarette exploding while it was being used and am thinking that what caused it was the glycerol in the liquid seeing that dynamite is made from glycerol. I use a PG/Glycerol blend and mine hasn’t blown up yet. Still worried though adding heat to glycerol.

  • Myron says:

    @Gary if you just leave out the fuming red nitric acid you won’t need to worry about the Heated liquid exploding 🙂

  • billyvee says:
    5 stars

    If you’re concerned about health risks of VG and/or PG look at the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for each liquid. http://www.usglycerin.com/pages/Specification-Data-%5BMSDS%5D.html for VG and http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927239 for PG. NOTE: the MSDS for PG says it is harmful to the CNS or central nrevous system. For this reason alone I reccommend sticking with VG.

  • A+ says:

    I had a allergic reaction to PG too. Not right away but over time i started getting a rash on my scalp plus a general sick feeling from PG. I found a organic vendor that uses 100% VG. Haven’t had a problem since. Its expensive though. PG has a chemical taste to me anyway so it all worked out for the best. Id recommend giving 100% VG a try to see if PG is the problem.

    • Mark says:

      I have also light allergic reaction to PG, my lips are swollen by end of the day and it started since I use vapor.
      I found very good price and great selection of e-juices at High Brow Vapor.
      They are offering VG only, PG only, customized ratio mixes. Price for 30ml is $15.00. Worth to try.

  • Renee says:

    I’ve been using a kanger-tech e-cig for 4weeks and so far LOVE it! I am concerned with the pg and ingredients in the flavoring….I go to a shop where they mix the “juice” themselves and couldn’t stress enough NOT to use juices made in China unless u like mouth sores, rashes, lung probs etc! They also don’t recommend using straight vg because it burns out the heating element faster! A few bucks for the elements compared to the cost of cigs don’t concern me…however I’m interested in making my own juice preferably “organic” any suggestions on where to buy organic vg and flavorings?

  • Rod says:


    i smoked for year i was out of breath coughing up green and black shit sometimes blood i had hay fever all the time blocked noses head aces people in my presence would always coment on how bad my chest sounded i breathed like i was under water i even got polimithemia becouse of my lungs on the 30 of november last year 4 months now ive been vapeing electronic cigarets for the first 2 months i coughed up black shit and it was black black i goughed up- green shit over the 3rd months i stopped bringing up shit i health has improved to know end i can take massive lungs of air not a sound not 1 i dont get head aces any longer my heads clear no migrains no nothing my6 health have gotten 200% better since vapeing.

    the e-juice consists of VG veggie glysarine and PG propylene glycol the PG gives a throat hit like you would get with a normal smoke it depends on the person weather they want 50/50 vg and pg or 70.30 of eather or strait vg or pg vg is more vapor and pg is as i said the throat hit pg is used in radiator coolent and this is what ppl are carrying on about pg as vg are both food grade items and used in many diffrent foods the fact they use it in coolent is neather here or there sadly most of the world are left brained they see this as bad but its not think about it if jelly dident freeze they could use that it wouldent make the jelly bad for humans same with pg. it can also contain destilled water and flavoring witch is food or alcahole what ever flavors you want to use in it.

    also the juice has levels you choose of Nicotine 52mg in some places 32 mg 24mg 18mg 16mg 11mg 6mg i started on 18mg and now im on 11mg im going to get off the nicotine and keep vapeing and just vape 0 content ejuice its quite plesent to vape repaxing im going for 0 nicotine and 100%VG and flavor its grate for waight lose as well some ppl started vapeing 0mg juice and vape when they feel hungry as a juice i just had was apple cinomon pie with cream and you cant tell your not eating it 0 callories.

    its band now in victoria becouse aperently its worse for you than alcahole that killes many hundreds of people a year cigarettes that are none cancer coases people have vaped in America now for 6 years every day and there health is amazing yet its ok to drink and smoke cigarettes goverment bullshit and left brained ppl who cant see outside the box.

    I’M vapping capachino coffee at the moment and it taste exactly the same but better and the smell is grate.

    it cost me about $1.40 per week to vape thats e-juice and power to charge the batterys for it.

    compaired to $90.00 per fortnight sometimes more.

    vapeing has become a bit of a hobby for me as ive perchest a few diffrent e-cigaretts and a few tanks exetra everythings realy well priced just not in australia but im 100% sure if i wanted to sell them i could do so and do well from it.










  • Corky says:

    Brand new to all of this as I just purchased a ego-V-c yesterday. I got zero nicotine juice that says it is VG and PG. I’m looking for recommendations of zero nicotine juices. Thanks!

  • Steven White says:

    Propylene Glycol is not organic. This is promotional voodoo put out by pro-e-cigarette promoters.

    PG is a crude oil by-product. Would you drink gasoline, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, engine degreaser, etc etc etc….

    PG is PG is PG. If PG were a different compound that is used in anti-freeze, brake fluids, wing de-icing, engine de-greaser, etc etc etc, the name would be different….. but it isn’t.

    Just because PG is food grade, does not mean it is not toxic. Go to the FDA website, it explains that the FDA allows the human consumption of PG to certain levels because it is a known toxin.

    When you vape PG, you easily exceed this level of toxicity.

    I have been an anti-PG advocate since the early 90’s. I used to have two websites that explained the perils of consuming PG & using it on infants in personal care products like baby wipes and lotions.

    I am nauseated by the pro PG rhetoric that seems to mimic this ignorant blog post above.

    Just realize that Petrochemical Companies are feeding humans and animals toxic crude oil by-products and are using human bodies for waste dumping grounds. Don’t be stupid enough to fall for this inane rhetoric about PG in this article.

  • Vaping Nate says:
    4 stars


    I find that a ratio of 80% PG and 20% VG creates a liquid that has a ton of flavor and produces a good amount of vapor.

    Thanks for the article!

  • Amanda says:

    I quit smoking cigs after 13 years of a pack a day by vaping. When I first started I was using a PG/VG mix and got a very bad sinus infection/ upper respiratory infection that lasted 3 weeks. I contributed it to all the changes in my body with quitting and such. I found a place local that does all their juice in the shop and its 100% VG…. had been using only that juice for the last 5 months until the other day a new shop came in with “organic” PG/VG blend so I thought I’ll give it a try. About 36 hours later my throat started getting scratchy and low and behold now I have the symptoms of another sinus infection. I am truly allergic to the PG and will never use anything besides 100% VG again. Through trial and error I know now that something in the PG does not agree with my body. Finding that happy medium is key. I am only on a 12 mg and havent had a real cig sine November 12th and truly thankful for vaping regardless of the conflicts with my body along the way!

  • HF says:
    5 stars

    PG gave me allergies…100% VG doesn’t i have no choice. Was so allergic i went back to cigarettes for awhile… tired all the time with a stomach ache and transient rash on my scalp and forehead.

  • Elizabeth Harris says:

    I have started smoking e-liquids & quit cigarettes 2weeks ago. My lungs are currently in the stage of self cleansing because I smoked cigarettes for so long. I have no allergic reactions to pg or vg I have been collecting flavors I like billowy puffs of vapor I like my hookah pen it has a KangerTech protank2 made of pyrex & screwed onto an eGo battery I smoke all day long I like chocolate/vanilla ice cream eliquid best at 18mg nicotine. Now it’s easy to stay away from cigarettes! I hope more people can have success with quitting for everyone elses sake!

    • Smokey says:

      Quitting is a snap if you use electronic cigarettes! I would try to quit the nicotine and goofy flavors later on, though.

  • AA says:

    I quit tobacco cigarettes as of March4th2014 and have not smoked since then. Now I vape. Started with pg 8mg then switched to VG with 18mg but unfortunately now I have started having the runs and stomach cramps and rectal bleeding. I am positive its all because of vaping so I am planning to quit and maybe reluctantly go back to the regular cigs. Watch out you guys there is something here in PG/VG which is unfit for most human beings.

  • Dan says:

    I’m a new user. After 2 weeks,I feel a pain in my lungs. Is that normal?

    • Brian Will says:

      I’m posting this in a few places hoping it helps others. I used a pg/vg mix and must be one the rare few. I had such wicked bad headaches that at first I didn’t attribute to the vape. I had a CT and MRI, as the ache was so bad and nonstop I thought there was something physically wrong. Stopped the PG, my headached is going away, my sanity is coming back…

  • Amber Leaf says:

    You can’t win can you, been using a vaper now for 3 months, horrible acne on my forehead/eyebrows/nose and round my mouth (caused by vegetable glycerine?) and dry itchy eyes (caused by propylene glycol?), I don’t want to go back to 50g of tobacco a week.

  • Dawn says:

    Idk if anyone else had this problem on here because I failed to get through all the comments. I started vaping a pg/vg mix from our local vape shop 8 weeks ago (now 2 months free of nasty cigarettes) after about a week I started breaking out real bad with acne on my face. I’m 36 years old and have never in my life had acne like this. I’m talking like a prepubescent adolescent. RIDICULOUS. It was freaking me out. I started doing research on the interwebs about this after having already linked this to my vaping because it had been the only thing I had changed in my daily routine. I found out about the pg sensitivity and immediately ordered a 3 pack of 100% vg e-liquid samples. I’ve been vaping this for 3 days and already my face is clearing up. I can’t believe it! The flavors are fantastic and I will be sticking with the vg from now on! If you are having a negative reaction, please do what I did! No regrets!

  • Aaron says:

    I have been vaping with 100% VG for 2 years now. I have tried PG/VG blends 3 times and have had bad reactions each time, headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. It had nothing to do with nicotine levels. It only took a few puffs to notice the reaction.

  • Myke says:
    5 stars

    I tried Vape World in Calgary, AB and they source their juices from this company called G&G Smith. 30/70 PG/VG ratios. When they first came out with their juices, it wasn’t very good…. actually threw out a couple of them but now they’re awesome!

  • mouse says:

    I go to Cloud 9. They customize juices for you.check them out. Pg/vg blend 50/50. You can change the blendif you prefer. Happy Vaping

  • Ray says:

    VOODOO brand e juice made my legs from knee down including my feet swell to massive size and was very painful even lost my job as I was unable to work for over a week.. I am not positive of their VG/PG or other ingredients but have not had this problem with any other brand.. I currently use a 100% PG Tsunami brand e juice and have no problems.. been vaping for over a year

  • Myra Ford says:

    I have been Smoking V 2 Vanilla cigs…I had to STOP because of the Vanilla in my lips and gums are very Intense. I also have white blisters in my Mouth. I haven’t had a e CIG in over a week now. This Taste of Vanilla Sentation is still in my mouth and I have tried Rinsing my mouth 3 times a day with Listerine..( I guess I am having an allergic reaction to the PG …)

  • Carrie says:

    Most of the problem occur in people that are using low grade e-liquid. The low grade liquid usual comes from China. Wholesalers buy it from China because it is the cheap way out for them and a great way to profit off others. Make sure that you buy only USP grade liquid and make sure their nicotine is from a US international based company. There is no company as of yet that actually strips the nicotine from tobacco. The US has companies internationally based out of the UK and such and it is US 99.9 pure. NEVER buy any eliquid made in China. There are many of them out there. One thing that gives them away most of the time is the cost. Eliquids from China claim to be made in the US. The US may make the PG/VG but the nicotine comes from China and is dangerous. I suggest that you read up on allot more about the nicotine rather than the VG/PG.

  • Carrie says:

    Propylene glycol is safe. Propylene ethanol is what is used to make antifreeze and such. I buy my liquid either 50/50 or 80VG/20PG. I have had no issues. Just drink plenty of water or juice for the first few weeks and maybe use a saline nasal spray and all should be fine. Most of the time the bad side effects comes from the nicotine extracted in China. Make sure who you buy from is willing to reveal where their nicotine comes from. I smoked a pack and a 1/2 a day and when I started vaping I stop smoking within 3 days. Have not smoked since. 🙂 Cigarettes are far more dangerous than anything in eliquid (excluding nicotine that comes from China)

  • micky mouse says:

    Started off using cig a likes with ready made carts using a 70/30 pg/vg mix from a reputable source and they were good. Then bought an ego to try liquids and the pg ones all bar cinnamint flavour made my chest tight.The local tobacconist who I bought the ego from only stocks vg liquids so I thought I’d give it a try and have found this to be so much better. I do have asthma so was surprised that pg had that effect
    as it is in my inhalers but perhaps too much
    causes the opposite effect. I will say that smoking an analogue reversed the tightness strangely but I didn’t want to start smoking again. As for coughing up mucus and sinus problems both are synonymous with smoking and a side effect of giving up so maybe nothing to do with liquids. Headaches the same because of all the chemicals in cigarettes. Waking up with a headache everyday if a smoker is actually a sign of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) to conclude I will be sticking to vg liquid from now on plus I actually prefer the mellowness of the flavours.

  • Janet says:
    1 stars

    The writer of this article should have researched more material and interviewed many actual people who have uses e-cigs for a few years to get more facts and more of the ones in the article correct. I am going on my 7th year of quitting cigarettes and vaping instead. I have been making my own e-liquid for about 5 years. However there is a lot of good info in the article too. Same goes for all the comments – correct info and incorrect. I do not have time to write my version of an article like this. I just felt responsible to tell people that there are a lot of variables and to please research further for the truth. I like “vaping” and have no intention to quit. It has also become a hobby for me to make my own e-liquid, along with decorating my e-cigs with paint and fingernail decals. The biggest forum I know has a wealth of information. At least go there and read for a while before making any decisions.

  • Janet says:
    1 stars

    The writer of this article should have researched more material and interviewed many actual people who have used e-cigs for a few years to get more facts and more of the ones in the article correct. I am going on my 7th year of quitting cigarettes and vaping instead. I have been making my own e-liquid for about 5 years. However there is a lot of good info in the article too. Same goes for all the comments – correct info and incorrect. I do not have time to write my version of an article like this. I just felt responsible to tell people that there are a lot of variables and to please research further for the truth. I like “vaping” and have no intention to quit. It has also become a hobby for me to make my own e-liquid, along with decorating my e-cigs with paint and fingernail decals. The biggest forum I know has a wealth of information. At least go there and read for a while before making any decisions.

    • Sadie says:

      As with most internet searches on most topics, the hits run into the thousands. Not too many people are vapid enough to read one article and consider their research complete. Nor could one author write one blog and cover a topic thoroughly.
      You comment about mistakes, but don’t point them out, vaguely mention a better source but are too busy to offer even a link.
      Thanks for assuming that this is the only stop on my learning path about ecigs, that I’m not smart enough to research both personal experience and clinical research and find out who is authoring articles and blogs, and trying to find out where there personal and financial interests lie. An article strongly in favour of ecigs over tobacco authored by a doctor who lost a spouse to lung cancer is likely biased, as is a article bashing ecigs authored by the CEO of Marlboro.
      Your comment added nothing but static to the topic. Thanks for popping by and alluding to your superior reasoning skills and deep and profound web searches that us fools could never access without your help.

  • Gloria says:
    5 stars

    Congrats to all of u who have stopped smoking cigarettes by changing to ur e cigs!! I recently bought one for my fiancee that was going through 2 packs a day & he loves it!! I’m very proud of him for sticking with his e cig & I’m very grateful that we have this alternative way of smoking for the ppl we love!!

    • Sam says:

      Can someone please tell me a name of an e-juice tobacco flavour that tastes close to tobacco smoke? Thankyou.

  • Lisa says:

    I have been vaping since Feb 2014. I stopped smoking, I had been smoking for many years. The nicotine level was at 6 and shortly changed to none. The problem I have is this horrible stuff I am coughing up and now getting hard to get a good deep breath. My nails are brittle as can be and my circulation is horrible… is it all connected? The coughing up this stuff is for sure… what are all the health risks are there that we dont know about?? I buy from 151 Vapes, 50/50 mix of PG/VG. Any thoughts??

  • Debbie says:

    I have been a smoker for over 40 years and on January 5, 2014 I bought my first ecig. I went online and did my research and they said don’t cheap out or you won’t like it. First I started with pre made bottles of flavors at the local cape shop. It takes a while to find what you like best. In the end my flavor is plain strawberry. I go to a vape shop near my home and the guy was making it for me, its was 50/50 blend. Five months after gaping I was experiencing shortness of breath. I went to the doctor and everything there was fine. So I started reading online what others say. It was the vg in mine that caused the shortness of breath. I switched to 70pg and 30vg. It worked great for me, no more shortness of breath no more stuffy nose, I can breath clearly again. I would never go back to smoking again and after 40 years a pack and a half a day. I encourage anyone to do this..Heck 9 months smoke free I save enough money up from not buying cigarettes I went out and bought myself a new Louis Vuitton

  • Quinn says:
    4 stars

    As someone who developed a full body rash a week into using a pg vapor, I recommend finding out if you have an allergy to pg first. Having used both, I’d prefer the pg if it didn’t give me hives. 🙁

  • Sara says:
    5 stars

    I mix my e-liquid with pg and vg, I got it from novocig. it has a mixing pack

  • Jenni says:

    For those of you looking for a 100% VG or the option of a 50/50 blend, try Virgin Vapor. They offer a HUGE variety of flavors along with your choice between VG and PG as well as nicotine level. Highly recommended.

  • roy g biv says:
    5 stars

    i know this is one long post….hopefully this will be the last post on this page.. after i read all the posts i developed a rash on my eyeball and and have a pounding migraine from the back and forth of uncertainty, truths, misinformation’s, and hypocrisy … . i smoked tobacco for exactly 37.9 years 4 hours and 37 seconds as of new years day as my final attempt at that “quit cigarettes resolution” i promise myself annually …with no regard or respect for my lungs or anyone else,..i continued inhaling tobacco and the plethora of chemicals i cant even pronounce ..so i finally decided to inhale some vaporized flavored liquid for 3 months…now i have an arm growing out the back of my neck..just wondering, did anyone else experience this from e-juice vape? i live in a major city where the air is clean crisp and pollution free, but for some strange reason i get lung infections seasonally …bad skin…headaches and jock itch..so doctor told me i had to stop breathing while im out of my asbestos infested landmark building…eat more food with preservatives and ingredients that only a lab rat could love … take pills that have no side effects and eat mostly fruits and vegetables that are grown with steroids and make sure they have a special coating that keeps bugs off… wash it all down with a limited edition diet coke zero that has my name printed on it, or drink mad cow milk as a option …also if you look up into the sky most days…the lines you see are just water vapor from planes that seem to incredibly not evaporate ..must be due to global warmings new e-juice has too much PH…oh look is that the marboro man driving a hybrid as he eats his perfectly golden organic apple?…oh no its actually phillip morris riding a big white horse while he plays the violin just for his loyal supporters …im not a doctor, but i can say 72.5 % of the time its guess work 100% of the things i talk about 50% of my assumptions i google because i think i know what i dont want to belive may be true 50% of the time of my short enough lifetime while here working for a grateful 38.6% of my actual income earned which can feed me a great fast meal that is so good the billboards brag about it everywhere i turn, while i ride my bike because the bus fare increased due to the gas prices that are equal to minimum wage that i see increase so often at my part time job that offers me a great medical package from the president who cares…hey its definitely progress from congress..that has its pros and cons… like everything i think i know 75% of the time could actually be a 50/50 split personality disorder that the pharmacy may have a pill for 99% of the time .. i posted a message on my facebook page to all my old high school friends, not about the 30 year reunion but that i will be promoting my new myspace page on a youtube video i posted just by clicking on the link of my text message from my smartphones number i hope they have gotten from my twitter while i was skydiving from the moon to earth that day i was helping starbucks marketing campaign for thier new e-cup of joe thats compatible with apples new limited edition redbull iphone 69.,to commemorate the landing of neil armstrong on the moon, and me back to earth sporting my limited edition microsoft gps … oh by the way, did i mention newport and marllboro has joined forces to bring you a limited edition e-cig that comes in 666 flavors that have all the vitamins and minerals you need with only 24mg of nicotine carefully crafted by budwisers new organic brewery mobile truck that runs on redbulls new taurine gasoline exclusively for gamestops games for gas program with all proceeds going to the next american idol and the make a wish foundation .. who obviously ignored me when i asked for an organically crafted ..well balanced e -liquid imported from the fountain of youth while being aged to perfection .. and all i got was a pack of camels cool menthol crush 100s and a coupon for 10% off my next lung transplant at the salvation army.. in truth..anything in the wrong hands is destined to be destructive

    • John says:
      5 stars

      I give roy g biv a fifty star rating for the most enjoyable comment I have ever read anywhere concerning any subject. You are one interesting guy! Betting your IQ well exceeds 160.

  • deedee says:

    Great article and info. I am a newbie. Not happy with the juice I was sold. Tried a few with more nic but couldn’t stand the throat hits. So, now I have 3mg.
    But, the greatest thing is I can smoke on my super expensive new sofa that is viny, without worrying about putting hole in it from cigarette ash/burn!

  • john says:

    if vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate can anyone tell me if the smoking of this produce would raise your blood sugar levels – since it is raised through ingestion of carbs. Thanks

    • Alan says:

      Hi John,
      Interesting question about VG raising blood sugar levels. Since vaping for a year my blood sugar levels have shot up by 5 times their previous. I am looking to change to PG to see if it helps

  • mickey says:

    I quit smoking 4 years ago and vaped instead. My lungs are pretty muc de-tarred now and I feel fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time. Im one of the rare cases of being allergic to vg, it causes a hive type condition called skin writing, I could literally draw on my skin by pressing lightly and a raised hive would appear in the shape of whatever I drew. It was actually quite cool as very intricate drawings were possible, but obviously it was a problem as the iching was pretty painful and sometimes the preasure from wearing clothes would be enough to trigger a very unpleasent all over body rash.
    I switched to 100% pg and the problem went away. I mix my own now, so much safer and cheaper than buying ready made stuff from a garage or wherever, god knows whats in those cheap chinese sourced bottles.

  • gt99 says:

    My question with all these side effects usuers are reporting is are you getting ejuice from someone reputable? I have quit a pack a day habit and have many decent ejuices, when I started I had a starter kit with some tobacco flavoured chinese juice, since then I have upgraded, I have a great shop close by and you can get any combo of pg/vg, I love the clouds and sweetness of the vg with certain flavours but being thicker you need a better set up to vape it. Generally I run 70/30 vg/pg and 100% vg on some flavours if I use my box mod

  • Pet ALERT says:

    Any CAT OWNERS out there, careful. Propylene Glycol causes Heinz body anemia in cats.
    Watch your E-Juice bottles around cats and dogs, and wash it off your skin if you’re in direct contact as it will also absorb into your blood stream.
    We vape in a separate room away from our cats.





  • debra says:
    5 stars

    After a month of vaping and using e-juice from various shops and online stores, I decided to take control of the e-juice I was inhaling by making my own. I read up on DIY sites and youtube tutorials. It’s not as complicated as it seems. I ordered my supplies from Wizard Labs… (Myfreedomsmokes.com is another good site imo). I order my flavors from TFA aka The Flavor Apprentice. Use an e-juice calculator which can be found online or even as a mobile phone application. After some experimenting I have found my favorite all day vape recipe. I use 100% VG in all my juices except for the tiny amount found in some flavorings. My recipe consists of: VG, nicotine, flavors and vodka (for the throat hit). That’s it! I’ve had no problems with this mixture and I really love making my own juice. It now takes me about 10 minutes to make 10-30 ml of e-juice and I know the exact ingredients. Write down your recipes so they can be duplicated or tweaked. I would be happy to help anyone make their own DIY juice. Just post your email.

    • glenn says:

      Debra, I didn’t see your post until after I posted mine. You say that there is a tiny amount of what I’m presuming to be PG, (you don’t really say)in your flavorings. Do you know what the flavorings actually contain in pg and vg percentages??


  • debra says:
    5 stars

    Oh and by the way,
    Roy g biv- hysterical, impressive and thought provoking post. You made me shoot iced tea from mouth and nose. You are my new hero.

  • Chris says:

    PG is not a flavorless odorless liquid… Read wikipedia, it has a slight sweet taste. I just bought some pharmaceutical grade PG to suspend some medical grade BHO and I tested the flavour of the PG in my tank, new atomizer head and proper cleaning, it’s most definitely sweet, like a sweet rubbery plastic synthetic taste/smell. Don’t know where you got the info that it’s tasteless……..

  • BMc says:

    I tried PG and started at 18mg and after 1 10ml bottle I switched to
    12mg and then 6mg, the hit was ok for me after smoking cigs for over 48 years. I didn’t realize it but after 6 to 8 weeks the itching got
    terrible. I even places on my arms that bled when scratching. I just recently switched to just VG, do you get these reactions to VG. I haven’t touched PG for over a week now and the itchy seems to be going away slowly. Is there a length of time the pg stays in your system ??

  • glenn says:

    I know my vg/pg but in DYI I’m still unable to find what flavorings
    are comprised of. Not knowing this makes me wonder what my pg/vg percentages are in the final product as compared to what I’m trying to arrive at.

  • gigi says:

    Quit smoking in oct, have been using vg 6mg,I felt fine at first, now I have developed headaches, rash on my chest and very irritated. My Dr mentioned an allergy to vg juice..My throat also feels wet and I can taste the juice..I did order vg juice and I am hoping I can use it…hate to go back smoking..but I really think the vg is effecting me..anyone else have allergies from it…thanks

  • Pauly M says:

    1. VG can cause excess phlegm in the throat.
    2. Headaches. Can be caused by too much nicotine intake. Vaping too much even on low mg nic is still causing high nic levels being inhaled. I cape from 6-18 mg myself depending on my setup. Alternately headaches can be caused by excessive vaping (or any frequent suction for that matter). Taking quick deep breaths will have the same effect.
    3. For those having rashes, swelling or other food type reactions. This is typically at fault of the flavoring and neither PG or VG. Make a bottle of unflavored nic juice at your normal pg/VG ratios and see if the condition returns. If not, it’s the flavor. If it does, try just nic with PG and then nic with VG to see which causes the problem. Have Benadryl on hand just in case. I had a mix I did that caused slight difficulty breathing. I grabbed my other flavored juice and no issues since. I used 70 PG/30VG in both.
    4. PG is/was used in antifreeze due to it being less toxic to people and animals. Vaping it does NOT mean you’re vaping antifreeze.

  • kiggylubsvapor says:
    2 stars

    Ive used vapors for about 9 months now. To all first time users, while using a pg/vg blend, be weary to any burning sensations, rashes, etc that you may experience. When I first started vaping I was using a 50/50 blend. It burned my throat and tongue a bit and I found myself clearing my throat often. Eventually it became so unbearable I went back to smoking. I decided to give it a second try about a month later. It was the worst mistake. I had an allergic reaction to the pg in the solution and had to be hospitalized for two full days and nights. I went back to smoking as I couldnt find a pure vg blend at any shop in my area. (Mind you I live in a city and we have about 12 different shops). My father who wanted me to quit smoking started making me pure vg blends. One thing to keep in mind while using vg blends or making your own. They are 10% distilled water. It is still quite a bit thicker than pg mixes. You will need a medium to high resistance coil (low resistance tend to overheat and burn out due to the thickness. I use a 250 ohm coil and keep my voltage set at around 4.3) and a bottom feeder tank as the top feeders that have the dangling wicks do not uptake the vg blend as well. Also, after every few puffs you will need to do a dry pull (sucking on the tip without applying power) since vg has a slower uptake, the clearomizer becomes dry quicker which will cause your wicks to become singed and you will have a nasty burnt taste and have to get a completely new coil and wick. As long as you follow that you should have no problems. Happy vaping!

  • Adrenaline Vapes says:

    well i have read thru alot of posts on here. first n foremost everyone is different and everyones body will react different to vaping. i have been vaping for 2 yrs now and i have done my fair share of research.

    VG is thick if you vape max vg you will need to stay hydrated. because of its thickness it will absorb more fluids out of your body hense y some of you get that mucus in your throut. if you constantly vape you will need to drink more water. vg is far better for you and if u like big clouds vg is the way to go.

    nicotine: if you vape on a tank chances are nicotine may not burn your throut. if you use a dripper 6mg nic will burn as you get a harder hit off a dripper over a tank.

    research your mixtures vg is smoother and pg gives throut hit but if your nicotine is to high it will burn. if you smoke a pack a day then you should be vaping with 12mg nicotine then adjust yourself from there.

    i see tomany people start to high and complain about side affects. your side affects are you not taking proper precaution. if you start low n adjust yourself. you will get better results. plus starting low will show you how ur body will truely react.

    good luck all and happy vaping

  • Vicky says:

    Hi I’ve only been vamping for a little ove a month . And my throat kills me everytime I inhale and now the roof of my mouth feels raw . I’m going to switch to all VG and see if this helps . It just started happening in the last week n a half . So I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the PG . Oh my nic level is only 6 so I don’t think it’s the nic level . Has anyone had an issue with this . Oh lol I’m very hydrated so it’s not that either and I’ve been using 50/50

  • karen says:

    I am having an allergic reaction to the vicious e liquid 0 mg nicotine, I have a rash all over my neck and shoulders back and stomach………. middle of my hands…….. and a headache…… stomach ache with indigestion………

  • Sharron says:

    Ive been vaping since Oct 2014! Just recently started experiencing Wheezing, any thoughts?

  • Dee says:

    I started vaping over a week ago and in the last couple of days it has become clear something is not agreeing with me. After reading this thread, i am pretty sure it’s PG. It started off with stinging on my tongue, then soar throat and blisters…now lung irritation. I have ordered some VG only liquid and hoping it’s just the PG. I have been smoking Halo’s tribeck and midnight apple with no problem since i started vaping over a week ago using their triton…but boy am i one miserable camper this evening as it has taken it’s toll on my lungs.

  • Dee says:

    One thing i did want to add..everybody really needs to read up on the side effects of HIGH AMOUNTS of inhaled nicotine. Used in moderation it’s safe and actually has some medical benefits that research is finding…but over doing it does have a negative effect on you vascular system by causing it to constrict. For people who have blood pressure problems, migraines or heart problems…. or like me, have blood clotting disorders, this is all very important information to take into consideration when inhaling nicotine. Vaping is much better any day of the week then cigs, but it’s also alot easier to over do it before you realize it with vaping. READ UP ON NICOTINE and know how it effects the body especially if you already have health problems so you can vape safely .

  • Patricia says:

    Does anyone know if cottonseed oil is used in the vg? It’s a strong allergen for me. I’ve been a bit wheezy and itchy all over…..crazy itchy, so I’m wondering if I’ve found my way into the cottonseed oil again.

  • Shunn says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve been vaping for a month now. So far, it is effective in helping me quit smoking. However, I recently feel a side effect. My breathing is heavier than usual and sometimes I feel some pain in my chest. I can also feel gas inside my body. Please help me sort down the cause of this side effects. I am not sure if this is just a withdrawal syndrome from cigar or if I am experiencing a side effect in VG or PG.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Propylene glycol says:

    Propylene glycol is used to dilute liquid nicotine for e-liquid. It is a colorless, odorless substance and does not alter the flavor of e-liquid.Vegetable glycerin is a derivative of palm oil and is plant-based.

  • Cam says:

    This is a great review board. Ive done a lot of research on the “side affects” of ecig liquid. Im really pissed off that the cigarette companies are brainwashing people into believing that ejuice is more harmful than smoking carbon monoxide. People seem to believe what they’re told. Idiots. Please spread the gospel!

  • Graham says:

    I have just started with e cigs in an attempt to quit smoking. I have heard rumours about e cigs so I decided to do my own research, which brought me to this page. Congratulations on a very informative page, I learnt a lot and I also realised that a lot of folk have no idea what they are talking about and one has to sort through what is correct information and what is not.

    From my own research I have learned that E Cigs are NOT safe and as they are not regulated they could be more dangerous by the use of non food grade glycerine. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I have no doubt that E cigs are safer than tobacco and if you smoke by all means use E cigs as a means to quitting smoking but quit E cigs as soon as you are able.

    I don’t think most people are aware that glycerine, when heated, creates Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and acrolein as does tobacco and other organic matter when burned. Carbon dioxide isn’t a health threat though, allegedly, it is an environmental threat (that will give our governments an excuse to tax e cigs) but carbon monoxide and acrolein is not good for us.

    My information came from the MSDS sheets for Glycerine, which there are many but here are a couple; https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0151/1179/files/MSDS_Vegetable_Glycerine_USP.pdf food grade vegetable Glycerine, http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0153/9461/files/Glycerine.pdf?3091 non food grade vegetable glycerine. Note how similar the two are. http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp124-c1.pdf A public health statement on Acrolein.

    I have not read every post in this thread but I had to scroll to the bottom to right this and after writing the previous paragraph I read the last post by Cam…er sorry mate you are smoking carbon monoxide and other poisons that are in cigarettes because of the burning of vegetable matter.

    My advice is; Use E cigs to help you quit smoking but get off E cigs as soon as you are comfortable. Unfortunately, just like the tobacco industry I fear it is going to take years/decades before we get the full truth about E cigs but we know from our experiences with the tobacco industry that it will be a dirty fight with misinformation and untruths but we also know from the tobacco industry and the available MSDS sheets that burning organic material is going to cause the production of carbon monoxide, Acrolein and other nasties.

    BE WARY.

    • Christiaan says:

      You are confused if you think eCigs are burning/combusting eLiquid. Do some research on the temperatures etc compared to normal combusting cigarettes.

      eCigs do not produce carbon monoxide or Acrolein. Unless you chuck them in an incinerator.

      The MSDS sheets you mention is for fire hazards etc regarding manufacturing environments.

      Anything organic ie carbon based will produce carbon dioxide and/or monoxide when combusted, that is, burned and oxidised. That is NOT what happens inside an eCigarette/atomizer.

      I do agree that you can chuck anything including rat poison into an eCig, but as we know, the world is made from electrons, protons, neurons, leptons and – morons… LOL!

  • Tawnya says:

    Has anyone had terrible heartburn from vaping???? Was wondering if pg or vg makes it worse? Or even contributes…..

    • Sarah says:
      5 stars

      I did get a heartburn from various liquids as well. However, I mostly got it from high PG based liquids – like 70/30. I’m actually not sure if its because of the PG or maybe just some flavor which I couldnt handle that well. Since I mostly vape 70-80VG based liquids I hadnt have any heartburn. I current favorite is 63Maui

  • Leon Fang says:
    5 stars

    Can I get PG that’s flavored as tobacco, or does PG not have any flavor at all?

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