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Am I Allergic to Electronic Cigarettes?

Following a series of comments by readers who suspect they might be allergic to the propylene glycol in e-liquid, I decided to write a short post on allergies caused by e-cigarette use and their symptoms.

Before we get started on allergies caused by PG and other e-liquid ingredients, it’s important to be sure the symptoms you are experiencing are indeed related to vaping. If you’ve recently given up smoking and switched to electronic cigarettes, you may be dealing with a series of smoking cessation side-effects. These can include mouth ulcers, headaches, nausea, coughing, a skin eruption known as “quit zits”, sputum and phlegm, among others. The good news is these symptoms go away after a few weeks to a month, but the bad news is vaping-related side-effects are very much the same, so it’s hard to identify what is causing them. The best thing you can do is stop using e-cigarettes for a couple of days and see if your general condition improves. If it does, you should investigate what kind of e-liquid you’ve been using and try to identify the problem, but if it doesn’t, it’s safe to assume the problems are linked to tobacco cessation.

Another thing you have to understand is that you don’t have to be a new e-cigarette user to experience vaping-related health issues. Humans can become allergic to various things at any point during their lives, so even if you’ve been happily puffing on your e-cig for months, even years, you can start to experience all kinds of bizarre symptoms. The most common culprit seems to be propylene glycol (PG), the organic compound used as a base for the majority of e-liquids available on the market today. It holds the nicotine and flavor in suspension so your e-cigarette can produce those thick plumes of smoke-like vapor, but it’s also a known irritant and can cause a number of allergic reactions. In mild cases, they range from a sore throat to sinus problems, headaches, and even feelings of nausea, while in extreme cases PG can cause numbness of the face and tongue and itchy hives on the upper body. The best way to make sure propylene glycol is responsible for any of these symptoms, and at the same time solve the problem, is to switch to a 100% vegetable glycerin e-liquid, or at least one with a lower PG content.

If there’s no improvement several days after lowering and ultimately eliminating PG, you may be experiencing a nicotine overdose or an allergy caused by artificial flavorings and other added chemicals. Nicotine overdose is a very serious medical condition characterized by headache, nausea, dizziness, accelerated heartbeat and sweating. If you’ve been using high-nicotine juices intensively, switch to 0% e-liquid immediately, and if your general health keeps deteriorating it’s imperative you seek medical help as soon as possible. What most vapers don’t know is that the wide majority of flavors come in a base of propylene glycol, so even though it’s advertised as 100% vegetable glycerin, it can still contain various amounts of PG and cause allergic reactions. I would advise contacting reputed e-liquid vendors (Halo, Totally Wicked E-liquid, Alien Vision, Goodejuice, etc.) and ask if they make true 100% VG-based juices. Artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners and other additives are approved for human consumption, but they have not yet been tested for safety when inhaled, so they could cause irritation or allergic symptoms when vaped.

The important thing is not giving up on electronic cigarettes and going back to analogs. Switch from propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin, lower the nicotine content, change e-liquid brand, do whatever it takes and you’re bound to find what works for you at some point, but going back to smoking tobacco is the worst thing you can do.

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  • Judy says:

    I am now experiencing a lot of phelm in my throat, after Using an e cig for 2years, the same brand and the same flavor. Has anyone else experienced this reaction?

    • Carmen says:

      I started vapo on 12/30/13 started noticing the hives about 2. Weeks into smoking the I taste. From hives I have severe swelling in the face my eyes lips and cheeks. I went to the doctor I am on prednisone Benadryl I have an epi pen now and Zantac. This is very frustrating the doctors don’t want to believe it’s the vapo however I was feeling just fine before i started. I’m going to an allergist specialist now and all they want to do is blood work I have up the vapo months ago and still going thru health issues

      • djdvape says:

        If you quit two months ago and stil are going through health issues, the vaping is NOT the problem. Some experience gum bleeeding, a direct result of years o fsmoking cigarettes. when quitting cigarettes and going over to vaping, the natural bad health of the gums, hidden by shrunken capillaries from smoking cigs, suddenly becomes pronounced and brushing teeth or nothing at all causes the gums to bleed. Getting your gums back to good health is all that is needed, but it takes time and fortitude.

      • samantha says:

        i have been vipeing fpr 1 year happily and now i have hives all over my body breathing problems itching iv stopped for a week and still having the same problems i have been trying to convince myself that its not the vipe but looking at this forom everyone has the same issues and i have tred the pg free one aswell and still have the same reaction i miss it so bad

        • Deborah Jones says:

          Hi Sam, I too have been Vaping a year and all of a sudden started itching every where and had a hard time breathing and sore throat. I now have gone to 65vg 35pg and still am having a hard time breathing not as bad plus now a sore throat. Ugh went back to cigs and no problem. I may try 100% vg if I can find it. For those with food allergies I would think the vg or both but in my case I’m thinking the pg. I have tried 50/50 zero mg to no avail. This is getting as expensive as cigs. Wishing you luck and hope this helps.

          • Jes Renfro says:

            Hi, wondering if anyone has had my experience? I have overall itching mostly of arms and torso, but especially my head. Just on the top. It keeps me up, and it’s so sore from scratching. I’ve had friends and my dr, while I was in for other reasons, check for lice or signs of them 5x, there are young kids in tje family, so it happens. But no bugs or eggs, or even dandruff. It’s gotten so bad that I hoped it was lice, because I’d know what to do to end this! Is anyone else experiencing an itchy head??

          • Lisa says:

            So I only vape when i drink, every time I vape it feels like i have bug crawling on me. I quit vaping completely for a year or more and then tired it again and the bugs are back. along with a headache. The weird thing is i had this one spot on this inside of my leg below the knee that wouldn’t stop feeling like a bug was tickling me. It is so precise on the spot. I didnt realize that it was the vape because i forget everything so i kept vaping and it just got worse. More spot started to tingle. I stopped vaping when it finally hit me. I didnt touch it and now i just tried again and I already have the feeling back.

          • Rachel Manning says:

            I didn’t develope hives, but exstream and I mean exstream muscle aches that nothing would relieve. I felt like I was dying. I have been vaping for almost 2 years. Dr were baffled. I finally found that pH can cause alot of these problems(as well as hives too) ph breaks down as lactic acid which is a toxin your body must then expell. That being said, I too switched back to cigarettes and I’m on day 3 feeling better everyday!! I believe there is so much Noone knows about high doses of these chemicals.just because we aren’t knew to vaping, in my opinion, does not make us exempt!!!

      • Adam says:

        Make sure you get your vapor from a state that has regulations. I order mine from California or seattle. Also I found I had allergy to latex or plastic in bottles. I get all glass bottles 230ml 11mg nicotine for $60. a huge glass bottle plus the throw in a test
        flavor. Vaporhead

      • elly says:

        I am experiencing same symtoms. Same time frame. I am pissed too and never had an allergy before. The swelling is severe and even painful around hives on face and chest. Unreal!!

        • Richard says:

          The itching!!!! Mostly at night would wake me and drive me nuts!
          One time I woke up frustrated and anxious. The Itching!
          I grabbed my ecig and just sat there thinking…what has changed in my life?
          I took a puff off the ecig, that was it! A quick late night google search about allergies to ecigs told me everything I needed to know…it was the propylene glycol…after a couple of weeks of no ecig the rash went away.

      • Elle P. says:

        I was going to permanently switch to an ecig today, but am highly concerned after reading these comments. Am I really gonna have to quit nicotine entirely… ?

      • Cindy Prien says:

        I went to the e-cig to stop smoking cigs. It stung when I first started I was told it would stop. I am now on oxygen and have copd. Vaping didn’t help. I have permanent damage that I didn’t have with regular cigs. I know this due to having xrays yrly for lung cancer. You play you pay.

        • kevin noonan says:

          Hi how long had you have you had copd for as most of the damage could of already been done also how long had you been vaping?
          I have copd to and have found with the ecig i can breath loads better(It did take a little while tho)

    • linda says:

      i am experiecing a burning of my skin all over my body.i have stopped a couple of days but when I test again. the burning starts immediately. i was using buck naked products.i will have to stop

      • linda says:

        does anyone else have the buring sensation of skin? its very intense?

        • sandy says:

          Only two days last week trying an ecig. Broke out in a really bad facial rash. Neck,face and chest. Went to my Dr. The rash was so bad he put me on a steroid for 5 days. The rash,redness and swelling is just about gone. Steroids are awful as well. Bye bye ecig.

        • mikesmelon says:

          I have been vaping for 4 months with a MVP and Mega tank and have been breaking out in itchy hives on my legs, arms, and body. I have no reaction on my mouth, throut, or face like others and posted most. I have been seeing a dermatologist who has been giving me steroid ointmet, and finally Prednisone and during
          the Pred. I didn’t break out at all but it has been a week off it and slowly the hives r coming back, itching mostly at night. I have
          gotten Veg.Glycol but a bit of PG is in most so my next step is allergy specialist. I am at 24 nicotine still but don’t smoke anymore. I hope to have more information after.

          • Ann Christy says:
            5 stars

            I’m experiencing the same thing as you. And it’s all the sudden. I was vaping happily before with no problems and then wham, itching all over and it’s getting worse.

            I had started vaping on a mech mod with dripping, which means more liquid, but still only 6 mg nicotine.

            Benadryl is the only thing that seems to work for a few hours. Be sure to update with your results!

          • adam says:

            I’ve been going through the same stuff. Been vaping for months, i drip also, and wham, I’m Itchy all over, only antihistamines help at all. Ive gone to the dermatologist and he has no idea. Ugh fml….anyone else have the same issues. I don’t have nicotine in my juice either.

          • XrisM says:

            It’s a toxic feeling. It almost feels like your entire bloodstream is infected. It’s serious and needs to be discussed. E cigs need to go through the FDA. There is just too many things that we don’t know about them. With multiple ways of ingesting and creating the vapor comes multiple ways of possibly infecting ourselves with things that aren’t good for us. With the amount of vapor being produced by some methods, you are inhaling 10 times the amount once thought safe. Liquid nicotine is poisonous.

          • josh says:

            I been vaping for a couple months now and I have been getting sore directly in the middle of my chest and only way to relieve it is to stretch my chest out and it pops you would your fingers. Do any of you know anything about this or why?

          • Cheyenne says:

            I just Started smoking electric cigarettes and two weeks. But all of a sudden now I got woken up at three in the morning and I spit up blood.is is causing me to do this because of me starting to smoke electric cigarette because if it is I’m going to stop immediately

        • sara blackmon says:
          5 stars

          I recently started a itching, hives on my face and arms.I am now wondering if the camping is causing it? It a rough deal to go through. So I am pulling everything up I can on this. Anyone else with Sam complaints?

          • Tammy says:

            Yes same been vaping a yr n hives on head itching scabs sores go away at nite, back next day,so it’s got to go!!

        • gina says:

          I’m going through a bad reaction too…My face mouth and throat are burning really bad..I’m going to stop all together..this is not right .

          O stop

          • Deborah says:

            After two years of sore mouth and gums, I am finally quitting my e-cigs thanks to this site and the strength it has given me. I pray I we all find the courage to face and conquer our addictions and get our health back..

          • pinkk says:

            i have beenitching almost a month and the only thing that helps me is zertec.i quit smoking ciggs all together after smoking 19 yrs.e ciggs helped me quit in 2 weeks but this itching is hell!!!!!!!please help

        • Sue owens says:

          I have just seen this page. Yes I am suffering from increased burning and tingling sensations – extremely depressing. I now aim to refrain totally from electronic cigarettes.

        • Sean says:

          The burning happens for me also – and very dry skin especially on my scalp…. I’m literally a blizzard of dead skin.

      • XrisM says:

        I have had the same symptoms. It’s called peripheral neuropathy. You are having an allergic reaction to the propylene glycol. A lot of people have it but ignore it. A lot of people will try and poo poo it. E cigs seriously need to be regulated. I have been so pro ecig for the past few years but now that I have had these symptoms and even though I have stopped VAPING for 3 days now, the symptoms are still there. It’s an itchy patchy burning needles type feeling with little pricks in different parts of my body. From my right eyelid to my inner thigh. Sore joints, Nausea, burning eyes. It’s ecig poisoning. It needs to be taken seriously so that we can be honest and admit that their are some health issues that need to be dealt with and the conversation will push people into coming up with different safer chemicals that don’t give you e cig poisoning. But yes, it is happening, it is caused by propylene glycol and it’s not good for you. Also, we need to remember that liquid nicotine is POISON. It needs to be treeded as poison. You notice that you start to feel nauseous when you are handling the e juice and it gets on ur fingers? That’s because you are poisoning yourself. It’s entering your blood through your skin and your body is getting sick.

        • annette trotter says:

          i started using e-cig october 2015 in november 2015 i was at the eye infermary with really sore & itchy eyes under my lower eye lids i have just clicked it might be the liquid i have had cream & drops from the doctor nothing works i am going to give the e-cig up

        • greg says:

          yes nicotine is poison in any form but it takes a lot to poison you its more than likely the pg that is the problem but if your vaping don’t use more than 9 mg of nicotine and don’t use more than 15 mil of juice in a day !

        • Angela says:
          5 stars

          I started vaping in Nov 2014 while vacationing and brought home some eliquid. Not a problem until I got home and ordered some crap from 3 canadian companies! Now Im not sure when it really started but I’ve never felt that flippin sick in my life! Started losing alot of weight felt like bugs were crawling under my skin, itchy as hell all over! It felt like I rolled in a bed of fibreglass! Red hives/rashes in sporatic spots all over body.My doctor thought I had a liver problem. I had systemic problem and they are at a loss to what it was. No blood test problems and they checked for EVERYTHING. I’ve tried everything under the to get rid of the burning skin itch. Antihistamines just mask it a bit enough for more denial about vaping bad effects. Im now on day 3 with Nicorette spray to quit the vaping habit because I vaped (responsibly) 12mg ejuice. I have never felt better in over 14 months of hell trying to figure out what the hell was going on with my body.Just quit vaping- please!I dont want anyone else to go through what i went through.Analog cigs never did that to me. It’s way easier to quit vaping than I must admit.

          • Just Mike says:
            5 stars

            Thank you here in Nov. 2022 for all these posts. I thought I was going to slowly die of some unknown ailment. It should have been more obvious. But I’ve been vaping for a couple years now without issue. Until recently when I started going through disposables faster than ever. Specifically ELF Bars and EVO Bars. Blue Razz Ice and other flavors. My itching was insane, so bad I would scratch my feet and ankles until they bled, nightly. I also felt like I had some nicotine poisoning since I just felt kind of hungover every morning, even tho I don’t drink. Basically, today is my first day without vaping and I already feel better. I’ll go back to dipping or smoking tobacco before I go back to vaping.

    • Nick says:

      Yes i too am experiencing symptoms from vaping, at first i thought i had a cold, but it cleared up, but the moment i went to vaping phlegm gets caught in my throat for days at a time, and i think it’s an allergy

    • Joanne V says:

      To everyone who writes about bad allergic reactions to vaping, I beg you to check where you’re getting your liquids from. Make sure they’re quality liquids from American vendors who only use quality, American ingredients. Junk juice is cheap and tasty but can make you sick. Please try Velvet Cloud organic liquids or similar. Feel free to email me with any questions.

      • dan says:

        Why only american? UK has just as good e liquid I think you’re talking rubbish

        • ed says:

          I think he was referring to the stuff coming out of China, like Dekang. I wouldn’t put anything from China in my body.

      • Nicole says:

        I have a question, just bought NY first vape yesterday around 1 starting smoking immediately around 6 I got extremely tired as if I were drugged. Now I’m at work started vaping this morning and just got hit w/ this unbelievable tiredness, I’ve never did hard core drugs before but I’ve seen people nodd out and that’s the way I feel! I hate this feeling and I’m at work should I discontinue use or maybe I’m getting sick?

        • Christian Price says:

          It might be the nicotine if you have any. Since like cigarettes, there is a nicotine option, you may be feeling a buzz. This is common, as it is a side effect of nicotine, whether smoking or vaping. However, I recommend you see an allergist and test for propylene glycerol, because that is always a possibility. I hope this helps. Have a nice day

    • susan says:

      I’m experience bad taste in mouth tounge problems loads phlem and problems swallowing and at the back of my throat it can get saw! Iv also come out in red patches on skin if any one has the same please let me know!

      • melanie says:

        My gums are bleeding horribly puffy soars in my mouth to me it looks like my gums are dimensions this is so very scary I know it’s from ecigs

        • OUch! says:

          I am getting lesions in my nose. I couldn’t understand – thought they were pimples but quit vaping for a few days and it goes away. Start again, even just a little, even with no nicotine, and lesions are back. I love vaping. This is so sad.

          • Carla says:

            I quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago and started vaping with no issue gradually going from 1.8 to .6. However I switched e juice and couldn’t figure out nor could drs why I was so ill. I was convinced I had a sinus infection. Went on antibiotics for 10 days. Went to er , went to ent, went to eye dr for sharp pain in my eye .. Never occurred to me it was the vaping. I haven’t vaped in 3 days and I’m feeling better- I want to smoke so bad sometimes , it really sucks. I feel like I poisoned myself for over a month and it freaks me out. I have / had symptoms of pg allergy and nicotine poisoning so I guess I’m not going to smoke either one. What I can smoke isn’t legal yet.

          • Judy Males says:

            My nose has been inflamed and sore. Very itchy. Every time I vape it starts bring up tons of phlem. Thought that was good. That if it was in me, baking was getting it out. Now I believe it’s causing it. I vape zero nic.also the minute I stay vapingi get a runny nose.

      • Lisa says:

        I have gotten bumps all over the back of my tongue and side of my tongue and I don’t use the e cigs that use juice or flavoring just the straight plugin ones that charge and you put the top on it and they’re menthol and all of a sudden I’ve got these big lumps on the back of my tongue and its freaking me out is this what you’re talking about every time I talk I feel them rubbing against my teeth and it’s killing me Any suggestions anything work for you

        • sscar says:

          Lisa I had that same thing with bumps on my tongue. I went to the dr and found out it was thrush. He have me meds. It is t easy to get rid of so the sooner you treat it the better! Also the longer it goes untreated the more painful it becomes!!

          • Angela says:
            5 stars

            I kept getting oral thrush on my tongue and had to get nystatin antifungal suspension to gargle. Ive never had so many health problems until i quit. After 1 month all my symptoms were gone. No more health problems- allergies, systemic fungal skin infection. Allergies, very very tired, more grouchy than when i quit smoking, itchy fibreglass like skin itch, please quit vaping. I was an avid pro vaping advocate that bragged about how great vaping was~ that was hind sight. Don’t deny your symptoms and please tell others.

      • Brian says:

        I have white bumps n mouth, mouth taste like batteries and tongue hurts. Also I can taste food the same. Never had before was vaping. Smoked for 30 years. Trying to stop but the nicotine got me. Also chest feels weird at times and mucus drips constantly in back of throat. Pretty upset that I just invested $200 bucks on vape pen and dont know if I can use it anymore

      • Kris says:

        I to am sad to say I’m getting a load of symptoms from hot flushes to red hives on my shoulders back face tummy extreme tiredness numbing of the lips and general feeling of not right at all it’s devastating as was a vape enthusiast collector and hobbyist but think I’m gna have to make a serious decision about this as it’s literally ruining my life right now

    • Candace says:
      5 stars

      Okay I have the same problem , thought it was ecig , quit guess what its not the ecig! Its stress induced hives/ rash! Take Magnesium and soak in epsom salt!!!!!!!! I have been hive and rash free taking nothing , but my magnesium!
      GOOD LUCk!!!!!!!

      • Andrea says:
        1 stars

        Ive tried all that. Nothing worked except quitting vaping. And believe me I didn’t want to quit vaping but I had no choice. Im so glad I did quit vaping. Never looking back.These bad side effects need to be talked about not in denial. When you get sick from it, listen to your body when it’s giving you signs something is not right. I was all pro vaping to until….I got really really sick. Like 50 lbs lost weight, itchy fibreglass crawly bitey skin feeling, so played out, muscle twitching especially at night, muscle cramps in right hand and forearm, very abnormal heat sensitive where i couldnt come close to heat near a stove it would hurt in an unusual hyper sensitive way~ no lung problems, thank god!

      • Synrgy says:
        5 stars

        after using e-cannabis tips for 2 hours, I started feeling a pain in my chest like a pulled muscle. Soon after the pain came the extreme difficulty to take a normal size breath , it felt like I had been punched in the chest and the wind knocked out of me. Off rythmn and 10% lung capacity. My left arm went numb and achy and I was getting increasingly overanxious to the point that I thought I was having the first stages of a heart attack(Im 44 years young btw). I was very fatigued from the low oxygen breathing pattern and overwhelmed with anxiety to the point of panic. I could not find a comfortable position to relax and I feared I might faint.This lasted intensely for 6 hours straight before any signs of improving. The breathing started slowly to improve with less pain and I was able to lie in bed comfortably only to experience flu like symptoms coming on (muscle aches in back and neck,cold sweats and generaly feeling green with sickness). Over the course of the next day I was breathing at 80% and able to cope with the pains in my muscles.2 days to finally get back to feeling mostly normal. It reoccured 5 more times within 2 months until I figured out that it was from the PEG/PG in the cannabis tips mainly because I had used them in the past with no issues. I dont vape any more and Ive had no more episodes, but I sometimes feel a chest pain when bending over and I get very nervous thinking I might relapse, but no more near death situations. I went back to smoking my cannabis medicine and feel wonderful now, but I have an ongoing fear that any chest/breathing issue is going to erupt into this torture again and it is something I never want to feel again.I would gladly take the worst toothache or back pain imaginable before ever having to go through this again. p’s out Syn

    • Crockett says:

      Yes,have incurred same,accept,also having issue with dry nasal passages,sinuses.
      Just using 12mg nicotine.
      No crazy drip mod or nothing just standard e cig..
      I guit..it can’t be good for you

    • Treble cleff says:

      I will be the first to die from this shit blood and dry chunks of mucus out of my nose and chest. Clear fluid pours out of my nose and mouth. I can breath but it’s red on my sides and is hit when u you touch it

    • kevin noonan says:

      me to

  • Larry says:

    I quit smoking tobacco about 3 months ago and switched to e cig’s. Got to where I could not breath anymore. Went to hospital, had exra’s done and the doc said I had no sign of emphasima or copd. Was given antibiotics and sent home. Two weeks later, I had to return to the hospital and was admitted for 4 days. They then said I had copd and am now home on oxygen, antibiotics and breathers. Could not seem to get the doc’s to even consider PG. Am at this point hoping that the symptoms lesson and my health improves. I had shortness of breath, feelings of nausea, phlegm in my throat causing coughing, dizziness, etc. Hoping these effects go away. I also had an allergic reaction a couple of years ago but couldn’t figure out what I was allergic too until now. Had to carry epipen ever since. Now think that it was PG in my toothpaste at the time. Be very attentive to your health when using e cig’s. Hope I improve. Thanks for reading, Larry

    • Destry says:

      I wanted to ask you if your health has gotten better? I have gone through the exact thing as you Larry . I quit smokeing 4 years ago and used the Safe Cig brand .They wwent out of business , so I went to the new vape pen anyway after a short time I could not breath and have had several URI and now they say cold .I say no way it has to be the vapeing I am making some changes .

    • Jenn says:

      Thank you for sharing. I have the same symtoms. Whenever I try to research every site suggested some other cause for my health issues. Doctors couldn’t figure it out. I stopped e cigs and feeling better. It’s only been a few days. Hope you feel better soon

    • Kevin says:

      After 10 emergency visit in 2014 finally I know ecig is killing me.
      No doctor ever told me my symptoms are caused by liquid vapor. Several time I was actually baking in my hospital bed.
      Here are my symptoms.
      Chest pain, headache, rapid hate,
      Depression, diarrhea, dizziness etc.
      I think Medicaid cover close to 45000 in hospital bills.
      One day something just told me maybe cause the gap I suffer, and after a single day not smoking I feel rejuvenated.

      • bill says:

        did you get a fever mine was as high as 100.8

      • Izzy says:

        I started using ecig about a month ago and after 2 weeks I suddenly felt very bad. At first I thought it was a heart attack but I am too young for that so I went to the hospital with these sypmtoms: chest pain, heavy breathing, shaking, swetting, my left arm was numb.There they told me it was a panic attack. I didn’t smoke ecigs for a while but when I started again I was sick.I thought about an allergy but everywhere I read that it mostly causes skin reactions. And now I do not know what to do anymore.I quit smoking ecigs and hope I will get better.

        • Angela says:
          5 stars

          Hope your feeling better. I know Iam after quitting vaping. After 3 days skin itch diminished by 80% and after 7 days wow! I felt so much better. They say it takes at least a month for body to expel that crap. I hope there is more regulation and studies done on vaping. Way too many sick people. I feel so much better. Hope you do too.

          • Angella says:
            5 stars

            Update: After 2 weeks quitting vaping I cannot tell you how great my skin feels~ itch is 95% gone! My eyes dont hurt anymore, headaches gone. Im feeling healthier every single day. You cab quit vaping. It is easier to quit vaping than smoking, less withdrawal symptoms. I was so sick vaping that i knew that something wasnt right.listen to your body and quit denying it like I did. One year of denying my body’s reaction of itchy burning skin, itchy nose, scalp itchy with sore breakouts. I thought it had to be soap, or shampoo, I literally tried everything (different pg/vg, no pg, literally nothing worked except quitting)until i could not deny it anymore.If I can quit vaping anyone can.

          • Sunny says:
            5 stars

            I felt the same thing with You , i know i love vapping but the side efffect is scary me Out . In the morning when i woke up my breath seems so short and Heart rate goes up and i felt the gastric pressed down the chest. Then i go to emmergency the doctor said becouse of Vaping. I really sad to hear that becouse i love vapping so much . I think im intolerence with PG or VG i dont which one is the Right one . Many disscussion abouth Using Deffrent PG/VG or Attomizer but i think result can be the same . Soo know I Quit vapping the Symtom slowly gone and i feeling better. I love vaping i hope some day there a liquid suitable for my condition

    • William Davis says:

      The same thing happened to me two times four days appart and all my went away about 6 hours but the dizzyness stayed for a day. I thought pg was the problem went to vg not nic or flavor was ok for a wile. One day I got some innevape Heisenberg with 18 mg of nic and mixed half vg with it we’ll wrong anwser back to the ER I’m starting to think that smoking the real thing might be better then e cigs at least I don’t have reaction that I think I’m dieing not worth me trying to figure it out I’m done with e cigs

    • Debbie Mohrweiss says:
      5 stars

      I smoked for 45 yrs and went cold turkey. I’ve been on Njoy e cigg for one year now. I have just started to get this dry itchy sensation around my lip upper as well as lower. My nose has started to itch as well. Has this happen to anyone else from using the battery recharge cigg? I love Njoy and I hate to thick that I’m having a reaction now after a year.

      • Nafiz Imteaz says:

        I got severe bulging rashes on my back. Was vaping a 60pg:40vg 5mg juice. It hasn’t been a month since I am vaping. I need help!

    • Dianne Williams says:

      I started vaping around 4yrs ago, gradually going from 2.4 to 0.6 nicotine. My problem is shortness of breath, when walking. I am not able to keep a good pace when walking my co 🙁 a pace that keeps weight off) it has just hit me suddenly, I’m thinking it might be cold, as that can come at u after 40 yrs of 20 a day, so am going to G.P.to get checked out.

  • A.j Laughter. says:

    Im trying different ecigs.i hav raised bumps.red .itchy. i enjoy ecigs havtried all kinds of vg to pg.same reaction. Anyone experience this?

    • Rosemarie says:

      Also having some sort of issue with allergic reaction. I keep getting canker scores on my tong and in my mouth painful. I stopped smoking 4 months ago and dont want to go back. I switch to this new E-cig for the blu I have been useing the new one for 3 days and I have a pimple on my tong How cant it be a reaction? PG free? Hope it is not.

      • Lisa says:

        All I have been smoking or the e cigs and now after several months I have the same thing with my tongue these bumps and canker sores I guess you call them all over the back of my tongue that are very painful and their large I never had these before until I started smoking for several months the ecig not the flavor ones that you have to pour juice in but the regular ecigs the blues but the mental ones I guess I’m going to quit and see if they go away because they are extremely painful let me know how yours works if you quit

    • Carl Payling says:

      I av been suffering these same symptoms from vaporizing ..really itchy skin and white raised lumps ..so I av been taking antiestamins which works an hour or so later .. never suffered with anything in 31 years but now not the case and only van put it down to the ecig a I am using .. how this helps someone in the future as I will be stopping vaping

    • Divya Bhatia says:

      have you guys tried litejoy e liquid?i’m using blueberry ,mint/menthol and strawberry flavors .I get itchy eyes from the strawberry but i’m fine with menthol ,blueberry and tobacco flavors.

    • Teresa says:

      I started having the same issues started about 3 weeks ago. Very small red bumps. Not zits. Today my who chin is covered. Could it be the entice on our fingers the. We touch our face? Goi g to put a steroid cream see if that helps and going to switch to veg glycerine and maybe 0 nicotine. Or last results buying bag is sugar free suckers. 🙁

  • Jo Evans says:

    My husband gave up smoking early January and switched to e-cigs. He has always suffered from exzema but since using it has had a number of severe allergic reactions to something, and has had to visit A & E and his GP, who have said they do not know what is causing them.
    I know he hasn’t mentioned to the doctor that he uses an e-cig, and I am concerned that this could be causing the problems he is experiencing.
    Has anyone experienced similar problems.

  • tina says:

    I just started vaping with a new tank and a new flavor. the day after I started I woke up with red splotches and canker sores on the sides of my tongue. I’m wondering if they are being caused by the liquid.

    • mikey says:
      5 stars

      I’ve been smoking and Ecig for 6 months now. I got dry skin with red bumbs a couple a months ago but it stopped. I quit using my Ecig for a month and now its back. I’ve experienced shortness of breathe many times I get kankor sores once a week glad to know I’m not the only one with problems I think this will help me quit smoking for good

  • kelly says:

    I have been vaping tsunami brand e cig with 12mg juice for about 5 months now and it was going great untill the last 2 weeks every time I use it now I get red blisters on th back of my throat and have pain in my ears. I tried just not useing it for 3 days and had no pain at all, but when I tried it again it came right back. It only takes 2 to 3 puffs for it to feel way worse and 12mg is already a pretty low dose for me. Has anyone else has this issue or have any way to fix it besides just quit?

  • Hill says:

    I stop smoking ecigs this year in janurary. I notice a rash on the left side of my cheast and on my fore head.i will start looking for 100% vig gly/ hope it helps. I dont want to go back to smoking cigs

    • Susie says:

      I quit cigarettes in December and have been vaping since then. However, I have an itchy red rash all over my body, mainly on legs and arms. Went to doctor yesterday and got some Prednisone and will take that and an antihistimine till it goes away, but Dr. said he has heard nothing about rashes from the PG in the vapor juice. I purchase my juice from a variety of sources. He suspects something else new in my diet or lotion or perfume. Anyone out there experiencing this?

      • Diane says:

        I am Suzie. I have been using the e-cigs for just over a month. Glad to be off tobacco and really like the e-cigs. However, now I have a rash all over my back and upper chest. I suspect that it is the e-cigs. I’m using V2 menthols. It may be the menthol too.

      • MaryAnne says:

        Hi Susie: I saw your review on Vaperanks.com. Did the prednisone shot and antihistamines help? I am so miserable with what I assume are side-effects from the 21st Century e-cig I use. Would be interested to know if the Dr.’s visit helped you, and if you switched to VG from PG. Thank you!

      • nancy c says:

        Yes to all who are getting red itchy bumps like bug bites and red rashes on their bodies, I have been vaping since Jan, about a month ago stared with red burning skin on my eyelids and under eyes, went to allergist told they couldn’t find anything I was allergic to after all tests for the past two days I have red itchy burning bumps on my body, I want to crawl out of my skin, I do believe it is the vaping jucies, makes me want to go back to cigs didn’t have these problems with cigs. anyone else have this problem

        • meghan says:

          Ya I have burning eyelids from the use of the electric cig. I believe these do cause that. I use organic liquid seems to be less irritating.I might have to quit because of the eye lid issues.

        • Gina says:

          Yes, I quit smoking 3 days ago and I have been experiencing red bug bite looking rashes and hive like welts all over, arms, legs, sides chest, stomach, neck face…even scalp. So itchy it is driving me crazy!!!! I actually threw out my mattress topper and thought it had to be bed bugs or mites or something, because it was the worst at night for some reason! I have a Foos ecig that takes the liquid and I think now I will stop that and use the other one that I have with the cartridges instead and see if my rash and itchiness subsides.

          • Dan says:
            5 stars

            Absolutely the same here, I have been having hives like reactions all over my body. They will start of as a little mosquito bite and slowly develop in to blotches all up arms, shoulders neck, anywhere skin rubs against it’s self or under my belt, extremelt itchy!!! I was convinced it was bedbugs or something and frantically washed all my sheets. The craziest bit is when I started getting a swollen lip, it was not itchy like the blotches, It started on one little part of the side of my upper lip and slowly inflamed my whole mouth and some of my cheeks. The doc didn’t know what it was, but he sent me for a blood test to see if I was having a reaction to something. This was a while ago now so I assume the test came back clear otherwise they would have been in touch. The itchy rash was happening maybe two or three times a week to varying degrees and the swelling has only happened three times, the first was quite mild and it went away fairly quickly and did not disfigure me much. The second time was the one I mentionned earlier where my whole mouth was puffed up (I went to the doc with this one) and the third time it happened was the other day together but this time I had a rash too. They hadn’t happened together until now, but as soon as I get any sign of itching I take 10mg of Cetirizine (hay fever/antihistamine pills). The doc (not knowing the cause) told me to take one every day for a month to see if it clears up and it did but I’d rather not have to be taking meds every day! I told him the reactions started at the same time as I started vaping and he didn’t think that would be the problem. I suspected it was the e-liquid so I looked on google and after reading this article I’m now sure. Thanks internet =O) It’s possible the Eliquid was getting on to my skin by being on my hands or cloths but my whole body would flare up not just a small area wher the liquid may have made contact. After reading this though it sounds more like it’s just the vaping that causes it.

            p.s. I think my mix is 80%PG and 20%VG. Gonna have to get me some pure VG. P.p.s. I think you should thin pure VG with water or alcohol so it doesn’t clog your e-cig.

          • Ivana says:

            Yes! I was thinking of changing my mattress too! I have an itchy rash on my legs mostly, around knees and upwards and I scratch myself like crazy when I wake up in the morning. It first appeared when I tried a strawberry-kiwi flavour, then it stopped when I was vaping other not so fruity flavours and then I got pomegranate-papaya with actually tastes quite similar to the strawberry one and it started all over again! I’m not sure it’s about PG-VG ratio, but perhaps it’s the flavouring. Will investigate further.

  • Sylvain says:

    I quit smoking after 31 years, used the patch and nicorets gum. the Patch burned my skin and the gum well it taste really bad. I quit the patch and the gum and tried flavored (raspberry) e cig. with out nicotine and after just 10 min my face and body were covered in bumps like I was attacked by an army of mosquitoes. I stop and 20 minutes later was back to normal. I wont try that again. So now I quit all no more patch no gum and no ecig and its all good. I drink a lot of water seems to help.

  • Sean says:

    I used e cig and a week later ended up with blocked ears and dizzy and spent two days in bed unable to move without the room spinning don’t know if its connected to the e cig or not but came on quickly after I started using it co insistence maybe?! Not sure can’t say one way or the other but I’ve stopped using it and using lozenges now and willpower I’m already a wheelchair user and the last thing I need is to be dizzy

    • tanya says:

      I stopped smoking completely 3 weeks ago, and started vaping. I have used e cigs before but not as a rule. I have started having a blocked nose, really dry and bloody. Very bad headache and feeling lethargic. I can only assume it’s linked to the e cig anyone else have these problems?

      • aj says:

        I bought a kit just yester day I do have asthma and I am on inhalers and things started to use e cig about 2 hour later e was odd and I thought my face was being walked on by spiders my tong odd my eyes felt odd as well
        breathing was not good, I did stop smoking the e fag but now I am worried about using it again in case it starts again or worse

      • Peggy says:

        I quit smoking cigs about 3 weeks ago too, and my skin has been breaking out, dizzy, sore throat, and had a headache for 3 days. I realized that I was overdosing on the e-cig, and have tried cutting back, which made my headache finally go away. I know it is from the vapor cig that is causing these new symptoms, but I really want to wean off these and be nicotine free. I am using the Vuse brand, made in the USA. Tastes so good and after smoking a pack a day of Marlboro lights, I am sure I am getting way more nicotine using the e-cigs. My husband quit the same time, cold turkey. I wished I had now.

      • Carla says:

        Yes. Def from vaping in my opinion. I stopped. I’m bummed.

  • Diane says:

    I quit smoking 7 months ago and have been using an ECig since then.But let me tell you I feel 100x worse now then when I smoked,never thought could
    be eliquid but is.i had canker sores on side of tongue,everlasting headaches that nothing helps.My body hurts everywhere,like my insides are too big for my outside.1 month phlegmy cough that burns.no appetite and rotten sleep.i know it sounds like a lot but am going to stop ecig and see if improves,my doctor can’t find anything wrong with me but never thought to tell her about ecig.if not regulated which I didn’t know,who knows what’s in these,not like we can test it?so if anyone has any of these symptoms try like me to not use for at least a week.can’t hurt.please try,not worth our health,BE STRONG!!!!

    • Jenn says:

      Diane me too. I have smoked e cigs for about a year. Thinking I was doing my body good. For the last three months I have been feeling horrible. The headaches are killer. I also feel sick, dizzy, have sinus issues, and terrible muscle aches especially in my shoulders and neck. Shortness of breath, and that is worse than when I smoked the real thing.. I through out the e cigs last night. I feel better today. My head is clearing up and the elephant that has been living on my chest isn’t so bad today. I have two young kids, a husband and a fast pace job.. I feel like I have been wasting my life away over the past months.. I seriously just zone out because of all pain my body is in..

      Best of luck to you hope you feel better soon.

      • Nancy says:

        Jenn, I also experienced terrible shoulder pain along with hand and wrist swelling so bad that I went to ER room. Since it was on my left side doctor did EKG and found nothing. I know I didn’t do anything to injure. I suspect Ecig as I’ve been vaping 60pg/40 for 3 months. I’m quitting ecigs today to see if it helps. Was Your Shoulder Pain SO Bad That You Couldn’t use arm?

        • janice says:

          my hands and fingers are numb and swelled to the point that it is causing nerves in my fingers to have a painful pinching feeling. Thinking about going to the er. This started 1 month ago,but has gotten worse over time. I have been on the e cig for 2 months.

      • Sofia says:
        5 stars

        I’ve started the e-cig last September and quit real tobacco (only a couple of cigarretes w/ friends on weekends). I thought I was doing a great thing… but I have been tired, really tired especially in the mornings, I don’t sleep well (I vap while watching tv at night!), and I wake up with muscle aches especially worse in neck and shoulder. Also, I’ve started to have migraines which I never had. I didn’t realise it could ve the PG in the fluid. Instead, 5 days ago I cut alcohol, coffe, chocolate, and dairy (I’m gluten intolerant and decided to try paleo AIP cause I was feeling like sh***). Well, instead of feeling better, I’ve been getting worse! So today I woke up thinking about it and I’m quiting the e-cig for good! And the ironic thingis that I was so convinced this could be explained because it could be Q-fever fatigue (and my doc agreed!). I’ll let you know how it goes…

      • Dave says:

        I’ve had all the same symptoms from this poison shit — facial swelling, angioedema, nose swelling, bad skin, no appetite, feeling poisoned.

        Ecigs are poison!!

  • john wayne says:

    i just got into vaping.been using it for about a week now..im trying to quit smoking because im having trouble breathing.so i decided to try vape..in 5days using vape i only smoked 2 cigs..but the thing is.i feel like im going to have a fever i also get slight headache numbness in my arms everytime i vape.im only using 6mg of nicotine because i only smoke 5-8cigs a day.im not sure if im allergic to the pg/vg thingy or maybe im smoking alot more than i used to..

    • Karen says:
      5 stars

      Me to!Ive had a tightening in my back,numbing sensation,thought it was pneumonia,starting taking antibiotics,didn’t help,then I knew it was vaping,I really don’t think it’s wise to inhale liquid anything!Still feeling sick

  • K says:

    I quit smoking over two years ago but in the last six months I began vaping. About four months ago, I started getting tonsillitis so bad that the drs tested me for strep and it was negative. This has happened every few weeks for four months so I am being referred to an ent to check it out. It is painful and I get these white pus pockets all over my tonsils… I’m probably allergic to something in the ecigs (I have tried two different brands). Boo hoo

  • Doug Forbes says:

    Started vaping in Jan/14. During the past 3 weeks I developed a bad rash (bumps) on my scalp, my face & my neck. Just ordered some 100% VG Juice aqnd will try that.
    I hope it was the PG, as I have not smoked an analog cig since I started vaping. I will post follow-up after going to the VG only juice.

    • Rob Vaughan says:

      I really wish people would have thought to come back on this site and tell everyone if switching to 100%VG worked. I’m waiting for my order to come in and hope it works also. I too had sores on the sides of my tongue and hives in my upper body. I have been through 1.5 cycles if prednisone now and have an appointment with an allergist IN 15 DAYS!!! Hard to believe that’s the soonest they could see me, considering I have hives all over my chest, stomach, sides, under my armpits and on my under my upper portion of my arms. I am also taking other medicines that I started a few months ago, so I’m trying to eliminate one thing at a time. I really hope it’s not the ecig or the medicine , as I use and “need” both…

      • Vranks says:

        Rob, I’m no doctor, but if you really have hives all over your chest, what you need to do is stop using e-cigs immediately, at least so you can confirm it’s the PG that’s causing them. I’ve only once had a case of mild allergy, to a specific brand of PG e-liquid, but I stopped using them for just a couple of days and my condition improved significantly. In my case, I had some itch spots on my forearms, but they vanished quickly after I stopped vaping. Let the medicine do it’s thing.

        As far as I know, the risk of VG causing allergies is very low, at least compared to PG. I recommend you try a VG based juice, but ONLY after you’ve confirmed PG is the culprit, and for that you need to stop vaping, at least for a couple of days. Hope you get better soon!

      • Sheri Lyn says:

        I too had the pretty much the same reaction as you did. I stopped smoking and started vapping and within 1 month I was covered in hives from head to toe. My entire body was red and I felt like I was ready to take a dirt nap. I went to my local Urgent Care doctor and they gave me a steroid shot, a Medrol dose pack and an antihistamine. The rash went away in about one week of stopping the e-cig with PG. I ordered pure VG from Virgin Vapor and having been smoking it for about three weeks now and today, I am starting to feel all the same old symptoms. My skin is turning red and I am itching all over. Apparently, the only thing to do now is just to quit all forms or smoking and see what happens to me now. Best of luck to you! Sheri

      • carol parker says:


      • Lin says:

        please tell me if you figured out anything about the vaping …
        I quit smoking cigs using vaping and wooo I think it was like 6 weeks no cigs … THEN I noticed a few bumps on my skin ( face ) then a little bit of tingle on my lips and then red bumps on my scalp then more red bigger bumps on my face. I was using 50/50 flavor 18% nic from many different places .. and then some joint pain and then I had LOT of red bumps and sores in my mouth THEN I woke up to flu like feeling and what looks like hives on half my face and terrible sores in my mouth
        my lips chin up the side of my face my ear killing me I got a slight fever … I have had this now for a week …every time I would vape burning and tingling and burning on my lips and chin especially …. so I am smoking a few cigs now and am terribly afraid to vape I AM SO MAD …like I said the vape juice was from many place though most was a a cytrus flavor maybe I am just hoping it could be the flavor since I was just vaping on the one lately …. any advice PLEASE

    • Pamela Davey says:

      It seems to me it is the amount of nicotine that u are vaping. When I vape a high nicotine I get a rash on my scalp it really itches and there are small bumps on my scalp. If I lower the nicotine, the bumps go away. I have seen this happen twice now.

  • Laura says:
    5 stars

    I’ve been vaping since April 4, 2014. Last cig April 6. Going on over a week now, I started with sores in my mouth (feels like a mouth full of gravel)..and for the last 3-4 days my lips have been swollen/sore/burn (name it)!! My lips seriously have tripled in size! Basically after reading everyone’s posts, I guess I’m done vaping :/ now to pray my mouth and lips stop burning! I mean real burn, like eating a hot pepper….that kind of burn (it won’t go away though). Thank you for your posts!!

  • Hunter says:

    Quit e cigs now. All kinds; disposable or refillable. I started using the refillable kind in place of chewing tobacco just as a way to get my fix. I thought I was addicted to dipping until I starting using the vape. In two weeks, I was using the e cig after every meal and every thing I did. Realized that I was getting insanely addicted to it so I destroyed it. I also developed some sort of hives on the inside of my forearms. These things are no good.

  • Larry says:

    I started vaping the end of February. I started experiencing itchy spots on my legs and arms. I also have a soreness in my throat. I started vaping to get off of oral tobacco (dipping). I stopped vaping three days ago and my throat has gotten much better. I am hopeful the itchy spots will disappear. Shame as the e-cigs did solve my nicotine urge. Oh well.

  • danny says:

    Started Gamucci brand a few months ago,every now and then I get sores and ulcers. All a bit wierd and sleeping pattern altered. Mouth is dry alot also.

  • yvonne says:

    I recently started smokin the ecig and still smoked cigarettes after 2 days i started having feelings in my body as if i was a drug abuser not having drugs in my system and were so severe that i was having body spazms, feelings like i wanted to “jump out of my skin” shaky overall horrible sleep, sweating and lethargy. I actually thought it was the pain pills i am on that were faulty. I felt so bad that i couldnt get out of bed and normally function so with that i didnt vape. After the days of not vaping it disappeared all together so im wondering if i am allergic to them? Im not even gona experiment because im so afraid of having this reaction happen again. Is there anybody out there that has had these symptoms? May 7/14

  • pat says:

    I have been using egig same brand for about a year 2 months ago I got big blister on leg thought from slipping on ice well to date i have had 4 different ones been to 2 docs they did cultures no virus shows up im wondering if it is the ecig I have not smoked a real cig in 1 year but if this is from the PG I am going to see what another brand does they dont tell you how much PG or what kind is in it but that is the only thing i can think of that has changed going from cig to ecig if this has happened to anyone please post so i can see if im not the only one magic mist brand

  • Doris says:

    I started using e cigs in March . I have tried both PG and VG and the reactions I’m experiencing are phlem in the back of my throat, red itchy skin rash and severe wind in my stomach. Is there any juice other than PG and VG available?

  • Deb says:

    I’ve been vaping for a little over a month and have been totally off regular cigs for about 9 days now. I have used various flavors and different appliances to vape, and until a few days ago have really enjoyed vaping. However, now I am experiencing sore gums on my upper mouth and burning in my throat when I vape. The burning disappears in my throat disappears when I stop vaping, but my gums remain sore. I have just ordered 20/80 Pg/VG, and am hoping it’s the PG causing this, because I thoroughly enjoy vaping. I will post a reply after I get my products in a few days and have had a chance to see if it’s made a difference.

  • carol mcgovern says:

    I have been using e cigs for the last 5 months.i have suffered uncontrollable itching (HIVES)
    nothing from the Doctor seems to work,
    so have now stopped using e cigs altogether
    hope the hives go away now.
    I was using GAMUCCI & VIP e cigs.

  • jan says:

    I have been vamping for about 9 months and have enjoyed not smoking cigarettes. However, during this time, I have developed an eczema type rash over and under both eyelids. Bumpy skin, sore, burns, so much so my GP referred me to a dermatologist, who stated that I must be allergic to something. I have tried VG, the problem still remains, i have tried changing my cosmetics, facial wash, shampoo you name it i ave done it and the problem still remains. Now the final test is to stop vamping altogether and see if intact tis is the culprit….Hasten to add, I have never experienced eczema before.

    • Bev says:

      Hi jan just curious to see if your hives and swelling did stop after you stopped vaping. If so how long did it take? Thanks

  • Mary says:

    I have been using ecigs for a year, I recently changed from disposable to refillable because of the cost element and have developed a red rash around my nose and mouth that won’t go away. I switched from PG to VG three weeks ago but the problem is still there, I have never had spots or rashes on my face before. I think I will have to stop using them.

  • philainsy says:
    5 stars

    I have been suffering with spots and rashes been very itchy my doc says i have echxma but i never had anyhing like this before i have been putting creams on and bathing in oilatum but some of my spots are still here and i am still itching , this could be vapouring but i dont know yet , i will stop and see what happens – See more at: https://vaperanks.com/am-i-allergic-to-electronic-cigarettes/#comment-68065

  • MaryAnne says:

    I have used the 21st Century e-cig for almost a year, but just recently developed painful sores in my mouth, phlegm in my throat, burning in mouth, inability to swallow at times, an irritating cough. My arms and legs burn…feels like a sunburn, but they’re not red. And the rash on my lower leg remains constantly. The itching on my legs never ceases. And my sleep pattern, too, has changed. Not sleeping well at all. Does anyone know if someone who has used this brand e-cig. I smoked for 30 years, and I truly don’t want to go back. Definitely interested in others who changed from PG to VG!

    • Karen says:

      I recently quit smoking ecigs and I was shocked by the withdrawal symptoms I was experiencing. I went to the doctor 2x first for blood tests to see what was causing the difficulty breathing (like severe dry lungs), to this feeling like I cant swallow. Cant sleep and just plain feel blah. I see others have had these exact symptoms. How long before they subside? The dry lung feeling finally subsided after 6 weeks, but the feeling like I have a pill stuck in my throat still has not subsided. Lots of phlegm. Ive started sleeping with a vaporizer, that has helped some. How long before the symptoms subside? I used 50/50 blend in my juices.

  • Brad says:

    MaryAnne i would like to here more about your inability to swallow. I have been vaping for 2 years and have recently had difficulty swallowing sometimes and an upset stomach often. I have been baffled as to what my problem is and was wondering if it was my vaping.

  • Ann says:

    Hi I have been using the vapor for about 2 years haven’t smoked cigs since thanksgiving 2013 well I was trying to see if anyone has had a problem with their tonsils , I had to have a tonsilectomy march 2014 due. To getting tonsil stones which are a form of Bactria in the tonsil ” tonsillitis ” is it possible that there can be Bactria build up in the e liquid I have Been purchasing? Could the vapor be putting in unwanted bad Bactria ?

    • Morag says:

      I have been vaping for 2 years, but for the past year have had dreadful problems with tonsil stones. Have tried gargling with hydrogen peroxide and using CB12 mouthwash, but to no avail. Doctor says removing tonsils might help, but with my age its not recommended (60). Don’t want to go back to smoking as e-cigs have helped me quit after a lifetime of tobacco use. Has anyone got any alternative suggestions, other than will power???

      • John says:

        I had exactly the same problem. Doctor sent me to the hospital and I was told removing my tonsils would be best. Since this could also cure my snoring problem I agreed but it wasn’t a walk in the park. Damn! I suffered a lot of pain for weeks.
        Anyway, tonsil stones have disappeared (duh, they had to without there being tonsils) but the ucky stuff just seems to build up deeper in my throat now. Bad taste and foul breath have returned and I sometimes cough up mucus and stuff that looks like tonsil stones. I think I may have to quit vaping alltogether because this ain’t fun anymore.

  • Tom says:
    5 stars

    Well I never had any itchy problems or any problems I have mild asthma.
    Seems i start ed smoking the strawberry flavour had a massive asthma attack short of breath itching skin all over even top of my head!!!!I did my own investigation I stop using it for 3 days and the symptoms went.
    10 days now without using this staff and I feel great day,
    I believe that you should stop 3 or four days to see how you feel if the symptoms are going probably u have got allergic to the liquid.

  • Nan says:

    Started vaping June 2014 w the V3 eGo Spinner using various flavoured e-liquids from VapeShop of 9-12mg of nicotine, 30 % VG / 70% PC … All was well the first 3 wks. A few days ago I noticed I was getting itchy on ankles and arms, thinking it was bug bites until I noticed that the areas had formed puss & looked more like swollen rashes = Hives & and ALARM when red blood blotches started to appear !! I turned to Benadryl and applied natural clay paste to stop the itching & stopped the Vape.Would 100 VG or Less nicotine help ? Or change brand ? … Has anyone found a solution ?

  • jan says:


    • Vranks says:

      Hello Jan, your comment drew my attention. How exactly are you getting exposed to the nickel in the batteries? I’m not questioning what you say, I’m simply asking, because most e-cigarette batteries these days are sealed and even if they weren’t, I don’t see how you would come in contact with the nickel. Perhaps you mean the nickel in the cartridges? I haven’t heard of any such allergies, at least not related to electronic cigarettes.

      You should definitely stop using e-cigs for a while, to see if your condition improves, and if you’re not ready to give up on them yet, maybe try a different model and another e-liquid.

      Hope you get better!

    • Dianne says:

      Hi Jan,
      Your review makes alot of sense. I just purchased an e-cig and broke out into hives. I am only on 6mg of nicotine, diluted from a 12 with non nicotine.
      But I bet the nickel in the battery has alot to do with it….we never put something into our mouth with a battery attached!!! Was thinking about how bad it is to have the cell phone to my ear, so I wear earphones with a mic to chat because of the battery. Thanks for making the lightbulb go off. I have only been vaping for 5 days and that’s enough for me. I have had an allergic reaction before to meds that put me on my butt for 3 months so very leary when I get hives for any reason. Dianne

  • DEBBIE says:


  • patti says:

    I have never smoked the e-cigs wherein the flavored nicotine oil is added separately but once in a while the cartridges will have a flaw and a slimy liquid comes out of the filter and I throw those out. People need to be acutely aware that Nicotine is however in small doses it can help a person cope with chronic pain, But over use as with anything is never good – more is not necessarily better it is just more.

  • Heathere' says:

    To those with the itchy ankles: are you sure you have not come into contact with poison oak/ivy or poison sumac? I can take a long soak in a bed of poison ivy and be perfectly fine. If a neighbor is burning sumac or my ankle brushes it for a second I am in complete hell for at least 2 months! Raised, puss filled bumps that itch incessantly. I truly hope everyone finds an alternative to cigarettes for those that are allergic. I quit 3 years ago and started my juice at 36mg of nicotine and am now down to 12mg.

  • james says:

    I’ve been vaping for about 6 months now. Didn’t have any trouble until 3 weeks ago. My allergy started with mosquito like bites all over my arm which a dermatologist treated for Ned bugs or bites. I’m sure there are no bed bugs sleeping with me and sure they could not have been insect bites. I have since developed a red rash, different to my arm bit this time all over the top of my chest and forehead. Due to nobody being sure on here, I will quit vaping all together and see if it helps. Hope you all get better soon, I know the itch is bad!

    • Frank says:

      Have you noticed any improvement on your rash? Are you sure it was from the P.G. yet?
      I have your exact same symptoms and I’m quitting today also.

  • Frank says:
    5 stars

    Thank you all for your posts.
    I started vaping around the first of the year. A few months ago I started getting this dry flaky rash on my forehead with blotchy red patches on my face. Recently the rash has extended to my chest and arms so I started thinking about what changes I’ve made in my diet and such. After some consideration I decided to Google “Rashes from vaping”, I was amazed to find so many people with the same symptoms.
    I mix my own juice with pure ingredients from a reputable lab based in the USA. My mix is 70% P.G. and 30% V.G. with 10mg of pure nicotine per 30ml of mix.
    I love that vaping has weened me off of tobaccos, and will try eliminating P.G. from my mix to see if that helps before giving up on it all together. I’m a real bitch without my nicotine fix. I almost lost my job the last time I went without it.

    • darla says:

      Have you ever heard of someones lips feeling sunburned and dry and swollen and painfull I cant take it but it seems to bee since I quit smoking cigarettes and started using magic puff menthol.I think its the pg.

  • Barbara says:
    4 stars

    I’ve been vaping for six months, around the three month mark I began having problems with widespread edema. By the four month mark there was mild burning of my face. Now I still have the edema, my face & arms burn with slight itching,and my eyes look like I’m shooting lasers! I suspected an allergy but got a physical just to be sure and allergy is it. I do DIY e-liquid so it’s a process of elimination to find the culprit but it’s a long process. If after everything has been checked I still have these symptoms I’ll have to quit vaping cause there’s one last factor to consider; I’m allergic to Ragweed and nicotine is derived from tobacco which is in the Ragweed family. I know that’s a stretch but the only time I’m symptom free is first thing in the morning after a night of not vaping & the symptoms begin about the third vape.

    • Jeannette Kenny says:

      Have just read all this stuff about e cigs & am shocked ! I have been ill for 2 months.really ill…as if I have a very bad cold that never goes away..burning nose..bad chest , cough..burning throat..have been to see a specialist…doesn’t know why ! Started smoking e cig 2 months ago….must be e cig ! Thought I was doing great..2 months no normal cigs…!

  • Dotti says:
    5 stars

    All these issues on e-cigarettes need addressing urgently. Alarm bells have begun to ring. Today’s news accelerated one’s beliefs thay there hasn’t been sufficient testing. I have been vaporing for 5 months with l00% success. Desire to smoke removed. Feeling good all round. But recently I have questioned the safety of e-cigarettes opposed to the infamous regular tobacco smoking.i now experience an unusual irritant in the throat sometimes when I inhale. I understood smoking and its issues after a comfortable 40 yrs but with vaporing I am less comfortable and await the results from the scientists’ laboratories with baited breath. I don’t wish to smoke again. It’s not easy stopping, and guess what? I enjoy smoking in moderation. Please carry on with the good work and let us wanna be ex okers know what to do. Thanks.

  • Emzy says:

    I’ve been using them a year been in out of hospital with ear pain large painfull spots all over and inside ears which spread to my face every antibiotic they could prescribe headaches that last weeks!!! And white lumpy burning spots all over face and chest which no doctor seems to no what’s going on untill today I spoke to my friend who started vaping two days ago has chronic ear pain pain and lumps all over her face the same as mine these need investigating further some days I thought I was going to die with the pain in my head I couldn’t get off the pillow my advise is bin them fast !!

  • Really? says:
    3 stars

    Are these real problems or are these people paid by big tobacco companies to make it seem like vaping is dangerous? I’d really like to know.

    • Barbara Lambert says:

      If you want to tell yourself we’re ALL liars so YOU can feel safer you will.I believe we have all posted our stories trying to get at the truth since there’s been very little research on the safety on this product. But you go ahead and tell yourself whatever you need to..I’m keeping an open mind.

  • Cindy says:
    5 stars

    I have the red nose irritated throat upper lip burning throat hurting, went to dermatologist he sais it’s the PG, and that if the flavoring isn’t organic there’s a great chance it’s extracted using PG or Acatone, it will still say organic. If the Glycerine is VG..I’m lucky my dermatologist was allergic too. So he knows his stuff, I’m on steroids, antibiotics because I have a illness that lowers my immune system. And on steroid ointments. It cleared up once, I started mixing my own vape from what I was told was organic flavorings(extracts and concentrates) I broke out exact same way same places but little worse..looked at the small writing on bottles that were labeled most Capella flavorings taste great but use PG to extract the flavoring, other companies clameing organic use acetone (nail polish remover) to extract the flavor. I contacted High Desert Vape talked to Jenniffer she knows her stuff she said Nature Flavoring is the only place she knows and trust to be organic flavoring. This is all unregulated, if I ever heal up it took weeks on all kinds of medication. I will mix organic kosher glycerine 60% 20% boiled water, 20%everclear or 90 proof vodka, then 100% organic flavoring it really limits your choices of flavoring but I’m sick of my face nose and throat burning ! I cleared once and had I know about the flavoring having a PG base to break it down, I wouldn’t be going through this again. They need to put on the box what in the cigs. I order 0 nicotine and they still say nicotine added for flavor. I will never buy premix again.

    • Cindy says:
      5 stars

      Don’t get me wrong Capella never said they were organic, I never even thought about how the flavors came out. Didn’t want to say anything negative about them. They were great when I ask which ones they made without PG. I’m still staying with Nature Finest Organic, just got my order will have to wait on my face and mouth to heal. I’ll mix so it can steep. I’ll need 2 weeks for a full clear if it goes like last time. Hope this helps you. I added some to water one drop thought my throat was going to shut my breathing was labored. Now I have to read everything ! It’s in a lot of stuff! PG can mess you up.

  • terry says:

    been vaping since the 1st of jan 4 last 8 weeks really bad spots in mouth an white patches also stopped two days ago things getting better now any 1 else had same

  • Pat says:

    Interesting reading all the comments. I quit smoking 3months ago and started using VIP ecigs 2weeks later. I started experiencing sore mouth, numbness in mouth, earache and mist of all nausea . I stopped using ecigs 3weeks ago and still have a bit of numbness and nausea. Anyone know how long this lasts for please .

  • Les says:

    I started vaping since last November and in a few weeks I found that I had breathing problem and it was so severe that I could not sleep. I have stuffy nose, mucus built up and swelled turbinates which completely blocked both of my nostrils. I had tight chess that made me feel I was out of oxigen. For several consecutive nights I only got very little sleep. I had to use nasal spread to clear my nose and get a temperate relief for a day or two and this condition lasted for a couple of months. I went to see my doctors and both my general physician and ENT doctor had little knowledge about e-cig and the allergies it may cause. But I was almost certain that my condition had to do with vaping because I did not have any of the above symptoms before using the e-cig. Long story short, I listened to my ENT doctor’s advice and I had a nasal surgery in March to trim the swelled turbinates and expand the nasal passage. After the surgery I felt much better and can sleep better. I have been going on and off on e-cig and every time I quick e-cig and back to smoking my stuffy nose condition improved so I know they are related. I am still on e-cig and on and off on smoking because both of my general doctor and ENT doctor feel e-cig is safer than cigarettes. I also tried various e-liquid with different flavor, PG/VG mixing and I am now on 100% VG with organic flavor from High Desert Vapes. But I can still relate the vaping with my current condition, even though it has improved significantly (at least I no longer had the feeling that I am out of breath and going to die) but I notice that if I used e-cig 100% of the time for a few days, my breath at night became worse due to mucus built up. I am still not convinced that 100% VG with organic flavor will let me enjoy the e-cig without smoking. I am hoping that someone with the same condition as me had found a brand / e-juice mix that can completely get rid of the mucus and breathing problem.

  • Les says:

    BTW, for those who experiencing burning / sore, etc. in the month and lips try to wash the lip piece of your e-cig as often as possible as it could be related to bacteria or something. Just a thought.

  • Alison says:

    First and foremost, for the record I am not being paid by anyone or company to post this comment. Second, I agree with most of the comments above. I stopped smoking in May 2014 and started vaping. Ive noticed in the last 2 months, I have lots of bumps: on my neck, behind my ears and especially in my hair line on the back of my neck. My husband says the bumps look like infected hairs. BUT, Ive never had any problems with my skin, EVER. Anyways… here is my problem with the attack on PG. My cousin and I (who is a doctor) have done some research on PG. Its not something new to any of us. In fact, its used in lots of everyday products much like VG. drugs.com has a long list of medications that include PG and I have been prescribed 2 of those before but never had this reaction. Also, PG is listed as one of the #1 ingredients in all inhalers but Ive never seen anyone on an inhaler have a reaction like this. Now, Im not saying its not the PG causing all of this because we all know that everything under the sun has side effects but, I have made an appt. with a dermatologist because Im very concerned. I will update with an answer after my appt. but for now Id would rather have to change my hair style than to go through nicotine withdrawals. For all of you who want to quit for good, check with your health insurance if you have it. My insurance offers incentives to quit like a decreased premium payment, gift cards to help with certain products for quitting, etc.

    • Sheryl says:

      in response to Alison on September 19TH: I came here to see if anyone else was experiencing skin problems due to vaping. Your response made my eyes pop because it is exactly what I am experiencing. I started vaping on July 16th 2014 and soon after noticed some bumps breaking out on my neck on my hairline. Now they are on both sides and my face is breaking out as well. No amount of topical creams or cortisone will calm it or make it go away. My face looks horrible. I am proud that I haven’t had a cigarette for over 3 months but if this is the side effect I don’t know if it is worth it.

  • Adam Baum says:

    I thought I’d add my anecdotal story here. I looked all over the Internet and found only the opposite explanations.

    I quit smoking in Feb of 2012 and switched to ecigs.

    I didn’t realise the connection for a long time, but in the two years that followed: I developed cold sores for the first time in my life. I had a rash on my leg for almost 2 years. I’m prone to eczema, so I just chalked it up to that at first. Started to get worried after a year. Talked to a doctor, who told me that it was eczema, not melanoma or a more serious infection. (ie: It would have either spread or gone away if it were flesh eating bacteria or syphilis.)
    I also developed rosacea on my face. I also had breakouts on my back, mostly (red bumps).

    I finally deduced that all of this started when I switched to ecigs. I have tried just about every type of vape liquid but nothing changed. Then, I decided to give up ecigs completely. (I went back to tobacco, because of unrelated stress.)

    A few months later, I’m pretty much back to normal. I also am weezing less than when I vaped.

    I know this isn’t common, but it’s likely that some of us are just allergic. Or maybe the dryness of vaping exacerbates preexisting allergies? I don’t know. All I know is I’d rather smoke or quit cold turkey than deal with the side effects of e-cigs that I have dealt with in the past.

    • Adam Baum says:

      I’m also not paid by anyone.

      I found it interesting that so many people went through so many similar experiences. I can’t remember how many times I checked for bedbugs. Or how much I scrutinised my diet. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what the cause was to all of these rashes and such.

      But I can attest that after several months of no e-cigs, I’m back to my normal allergy problems.

      • Ram says:

        Adam Baum. I’ve had the exact same thing. I started smoking e cig in 2010 after about a year….MAJOR skin issues. Doctors called it a bad case of atopic dermatitis. I was doing light therapy and on all kinds of topical steroids. I quit e cig and it all stopped. I figured the old e cig had lots of Nikel and maybe I was allergic to that. I bought another e cig unit this year (Feb 2014) figured I’d try it again as they have come a long way. September this year……BOOM!! Major skin problems again. By the way, the sleepless nights and itching at night come before the major skin problems. It’s now October, I’ve stopped e cig for 3 weeks now and skin is just starting to heal.

      • Audrey says:

        I too was checking my bed for bugs thiinking i must have scabies or bedbugs because of intense skin itching all over. Feels like burning itchy prickly like fiberglass in skin. Highly sensitive skin to anything and everything. I quit vaping fof 5 days and itching and rash disappeared. Tried again and within minutes redness was back. I tried all kinds of skin treatments and products denying and lying to myself it wasnt the evaping. Switched company’s and problem getting worse so Im quitting for good.

    • stephen says:

      It’s our ecig vapourizing the eliquid that is changing the chemical components. Not the pg or vg. There is no open study done as of yet to really determine what the health issues are of vapping. Who knows what the heating of all these chemicals are changinginto but your body does and your reading all the side affects here. I have experienced most of them personally and I know for certain vapping as it stands now unregulated is dangerous period.

      • Karen Harrison says:

        I’ve been using e cigs for about 2 years now, and I’m in agony with my stomach and throat, the acid I think has caused a stomach ulcer from the sharp pains I’m getting and my throat feels like there’s a lump in it all the time. I never had this many problems with cigarettes, I’ve got one bottle of juice left then I’ll go back to cigarettes, I have way too much stress in life to be able to quit. I really do think e cigs aren’t without dangers

      • Dave says:

        Vaping has caused a bright red rash around eyes, red rash all over entire neck and groin.
        It has taken many months for the symptoms to even start to subside and that’s with treatment from dermatologists.
        Vaping impairs the skin’s natural barrier function and leaves you susceptible to many skin issues.

        Until the toxins are out of your body it won’t go away. Drugs will help only slightly.

        We all get different symptoms because we are all different people. But it’s all from vaping.
        Cheap, poison chemicals from China,

  • Terry says:

    I Stopped smoking cigarettes 2014 September 2nd .3 week’s later, hacking up clear salty tasting phlegm canker sore and difficulty in breathing!Day one without ecigs breathing much better,almost no phlegm .I’m done with ecigs. back to chantix.

  • Ade says:

    Six weeks after quitting smoking and enjoying PG vapung, I developed a very sore throat but only while inhaling. I was so bad i had to stop. This then turned into a nasty cough appearing when lying down and/or after elevated breathing rate, i.e. from exercise. I ordered VG juice but it was no better. Doc initially said viral lung infection but now (9 weeks on), not so sure. I cant vape but i can smoke without irritation – bizarre.

  • Ram says:

    Oh ya. And smoking VG doesn’t make it any better. It’s too bad, I was really hopeful for these e cigs.

  • Lynnie says:

    I quit smoking October 2013 using patches for a week and plastic inhalator with nicotine cartridges and was doing great, my friends introduced me to vaping after I’d been quit for 6 months and I had to agree, it was great, gave me so much more of an hit than the inhalator, so I was converted and been on it ever since (7 months).

    I’ve had the most horrendous cough, more phlem than I’ve ever experienced, even when I smoked quite heavily, sinus pain and (sorry to be so crude) but a never ending supply of thick green snot from my sinuses! I also wake about 5/6 times a night with a tickly irritation in my throat/lungs and cannot cough hard or deep enough to shift it.

    I sat watching TV last night, vaping like a good un and suddenly made to link as my Daughter was coughing up her guts, realised that she is suffering the effects of my secondhand exhaled vape 🙁 this made me feel terrible and I dug out my old inhalator and nicotine cartidges, this was about 9pm last night, I only had one coughing ‘fit’ last night, am breathing through my nose this morning and only had to blow it twice since I’ve been up in about 3 hours!!!

    Now this could all be co-incidence but I’ve had these symptoms since I began vaping 7 months ago and they have practically disapeared when I stopped vaping for less than 24 hours, it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned and shall never vape again (even though I shall miss it loads!!)

  • joan says:

    I had given up smoking several times and had bad withdrawal symptoms. I had smoked for 55 years and was up to 2 packs a day. My lungs were always congested. A year ago Sept.9,2013 I gave up cigarettes and started to use e-cigs. My chest is completely clear and I had no withdrawal symptoms. I do find that I am very itchy all over when I am smoking them. I intend to wean off of them to see if that’ what I causing the itch. I still would recommend them at least to help wean off of the regular cigarettes.

  • Sue says:

    I am not a smoker but my husband is. Never did I realize that I have an allergic reaction to his vapor (he switched 4 months back to e cigarette). I cut out eggs, instant coffee, milk and more. After nothing left to cut out I suddenly realized that I only get the allergic reaction at night (after he comes from work). During the day there’s no issue. I itch in my head and neck mostly then my stumock and if it gets severe it goes to my upper front legs. It gets hectic until I drink an anti histamine.

  • Leah says:

    Hi Everyone, I have been vaping for about 5months now and every few weeks I am getting the most painful mouth ulcers, they seem to be getting worse each time! I now have them all over my tonsils too! I am going to doctors tomorrow as I cannot continue this way! I am going for blood tests soon too rule out any other underlying causes I haven’t mentioned my vape to doc’s as yet, it’s because I’ve been in denial about the fact it is more than likely the Vape that is the cause of my problems! I will struggle to give up as its permanently in my hand whether I’m using it or not! If it stops these God damn ulcers tho it’s my only option

  • mouse says:

    First time on ecigs was on PG ones that looked like cigs and got burnt taste very easily, often had a dry throat from that but one time actually fainted! (pretty sure that’s the reason-not dehydrated, anxious, or OD on nicotine as didn’t have that much) so now i’m trying VG clearo type but am getting the swollen tongue and dryness, even tried unflavoured (100% VG) but that’s WORSE for it. Also had diziness and diarhea and basically feeling ‘high’ in a bad way but the doctor said it was a virus, said it was unlikely to do with this and i’m not entirely sure will try antihistamine to see if it is! I’m pretty sure my ears are actually constantly blocked. ALL these things can be caused by: stopping smoking , allergy (to anything i guess including ecigs), and infections so I wouldn’t pass them off without testing if that really is the issue…stopping smoking makes you ill with many symptoms (most not to do with nicotine withdrawal) including hypoglycemia (!), infection, heightened allergic reactions(your cortisol is raised by smoking so it does have antihistamine-like effects), fainting so it can get bad but keep with it in moderation if necessary.

  • Bruce says:

    I found many reports here very interesting since my symptoms are similar to others, in fact worryingly so! I have developed very itchy skin on the back of my head. The more I scratch it the more it spreads. If I don’t scratch it, it reduces but I still know it’s there. The itching after I scratched the bumps becomes incredible swollen and sore and like someone else said, I want to crawl out of my skin. My wife said I was making my scalp bleed!

    I also had itchy palms, so much so that they would keep me awake at night because I just had to scratch them. But the more I scratched them, the more really painful they became. First the right hand, which in desperation I treated with some Hydrocortisone Hc45 cream. After 2 days the itching subsided. Then about a week later, same thing happened to my left hand. Applied the cream and all seems normal again now.

    However, the bumps on the back of my head are still there and I noticed yesterday that my left eyebrow has started to itch, the same feeling as on the back of my head. I put on rubbed some Hydrocortisone cream on it and its has stopped the itching. Now, this morning, my right eyebrow has started to itch! Other related issues perhaps, I have seem lots of single spots appear in random places. My belly, legs, arms, back! I have checked for fleas, but they are all what looks like just a single bite although they don’t actually itch very much.

    Just for information purposes, I stopped smoking 18 days ago and have been using TJuice liquid called Red Astaire which actually I really enjoy. I have three different vaper devices, all expensive refillable, variable voltage/wattage devices, thinking if I was to stop smoking and e-gics “could” be much better for me, I should enjoy the experience, hmm, or not perhaps? The only obvious benefit has been that I have been putting £10 a day into a large glass spaghetti jar towards next year’s holiday.

    Having read all the reports on this forum, I can only assume that e-cigs DO cause issues such a itchy skin and rashes. Coughing up muck can take up to 6 months to clear after you have stopped smoking. I stopped smoking for 13 years (and started again 15 years ago) and remember the symptoms well. But never in my life have I had so many itchy bumps. Then of course you become more aware of even the slightest itch and worry about not scratching it in case it grows and spreads like those on the back of my head.

    We are all treading an unproven path so I guess we should be aware that these symptoms can only be e-cig related. My advice, try to give them up because there seems to be clear evidence right here on these very pages. I will enjoy my e-cig for my holiday next week, then quit them all. I hope others see what is clearly an issue here. I will however keep putting the £10 a day in my jar.

    Good luck to everyone, I really wish you all well and hope you find the will power. Even if you use e-cigs for a very short period to get off cigarettes totally and then stop the e-cigs, you need to be aware of the issues which clearly manifest themselves within a very short period when using e-cigs. Try to stop altogether. Best of luck.

    • giles says:

      I agree I gave up smoking three months ago and have been vaping trying different mixes but now have blocked sinuses dry throat, at night have to put lip balm on to stop drying lips while sleeping due to not being able to breath through nose, I have to wake up three times a night to have a drink due to parched feeling have small mouth ulcers behind cheeks heavy lung feeling etc etc also vaping more than smoking and never really satisfied, it seems more trouble than its worth cleaning pieces gurgling at times battery going flat etc etc I might as well give up

  • Mark says:

    Five years ago I started vaping with a 510 gave it up, two years ago started again for six months, wondered at the time why are my hand breaking out, spent a lot of money at the skin center, ending up with cold sores for the first time, thought where did I get herpes? Stopped again, started four months ago with these new high powered, large vapor devices and whammo, my god the bumps on my hands, cold sores that I haven’t had in two years from the last time I vaped. I really wanted to be able to do this. Years ago I tried 24 mg nic, this time started with 18mg, but in the last month I’ve experimented with 12mg and 6mg. Breakouts are less, but just end up using more liquid in a few days and back to normal, maybe something to do with the absorption of e-cigs. Tobacco nic goes way up and drops off, e-cig nic stays at a more steady and higher level than tobacco after the drop off. Never gets near as high as tobacco but a higher constant level. Nicotine is freaking dangerous, back to smoking I guess.

  • Krystal says:
    5 stars

    I wish I was getting paid lol

    Anyway, swallowing problems, mucus buildup in throat, chest problem like heartburn feelings.
    I wish I’d carried on smoking rather than go through this swallowing issue – I am terrified of it! Completely believe I’m dying when it’s at its worst.
    Who else is getting this problem?

    I use ecig juice 70/30 mix and now on the lowest dose.

  • Jan says:

    I quit smoking May 1 with chantix. By June 1 I was using e cigarettes just to help. I got sick and went to the dr. He gave me amoxicilin, seroids etc for all my complaints. I had caner sores, sore throat, too much spit, droolling, I was tired, congested and had post nasal drip. Ig got so bad I didn’t want to live. I returned to the Dr. and I am having a cat scan on my nasal passages Monday and I have to see a ENT next week. I threw out the e cigs Friday morning and now I am well. I am going to have the san but I already know the answer to What was making me so sick.

    • Jeannette Kenny says:

      Same happened to me ! Have been ill for 2 months..cough , sinus peoblems, burning nose, never ending cold symptoms…just hit me….since I stopped smoking & started using e cig !

  • Srose says:

    I have been vaping on and off for a few years…that’s when my pain started.
    I don’t think it could ‘ve cape related, because I’d quit calling for well over a couple of weeks to test it…But…Just in case, I’m wondering if anyone experiences this..
    Dull, constant pain behind the ears..Just under the lobe, really. Pressure in ears/crackling and the sensation of your ear drum being…I don’t know…”suctioned” with certain noises. Headaches…And man…the neck pain
    Visited numerous neurologists…ENT’s…No luck, even tried anxiety medicine on the off chance it would help. It’s pretty damn miserable I’m only 28, but feel 80.
    Could it be that in just…simply allergic to all nicotine now even if I used to be a smoker without problems?
    Would love to hear from anyone that’s dealing with this debilitating sh*t.

    • SB says:

      You’re probably going through some ill after effects of nicotine overdose. I would stop smoking all together at least it is all sorted out. I know of people who went through the exact symptoms you’re speaking of. Always be aware of the amount of nicotine you intake with each pull. Hydrate very well and get some fruit and veggies into your system. If there are any adverse reactions, the body will heal itself.

    • jess says:

      Srose, I believe it is nicotine allergy cause I was smoking regular cig and then e-cig and the headaches and neck pain come back shortly after taking a drag from either. I have tested this!!!

      Best advice….non nicotine cig or e cig!

  • sRose says:

    Vape related*
    Dang ac….

  • Dan says:
    5 stars

    I used to smoke more than a pack a day and since day one i had my itaste e-cig i haven`t touched a real cig !! (24 days so far)I have same symptoms(itchy nose.ears and burning in corner of eyes and eyebrows) Only strange thing is that they showed up before i started to vape so i suspect its not inhaling itself that is the problem but contact with the secondhand vape on skin if i can call it like that!!!people where i work smoke it inside workplace and i noticed even non-vapers have the same symptoms so i started a daily routine witch seem to help a lot: I wash my face and inside of nose/ears with water few times a day and put hydrating creme before going to bed and before leaving for work in the morning!! let me know if this help!! don’t wanna go back to the real junk!!! I still believe in this product and hope i will find more suitable vg juice !! now i am using 70pg/30vg and suspect the pg of being the problem here!! ty and hope this help!! let me know!! 🙂

  • fran says:

    I stopped useing the vapour pipe yesterday coz i came too the conclution they are very dangerious i was also suffering from itching swelling off the face feeling it very nippy crawlly feeling, but didnt know it was conected to e-liquid i wished i had saw those comments from folks who had tried it an a wouldnt have ever started it..I feel quite ill coming off this hope im gonna be alrite stuff from hell itsself killer

  • Lynnie says:

    Hi all, well I lasted about a week without my e-cig (even though I vowed I’d never use it again!) and the symptoms are back with a vengence, my ear is totally blocked and am certain my hering is down by at least 40dB, ears popping n cracking all the time, feels like I’m underwater but so hard not to vape, I’m more addicted to this thing than cigs 🙁 and need to get rid

  • Joseph says:

    I am allergic to PG and many flavorings.

    I started vaping 2 years ago. I had smoked analogs for more than 30 years.

    I didn’t start getting allergic reactions to ecig liquids. The reactions came after 2 months of vaping.

    I had severe rashes, bumps and hives on my trunk and neck. No amount of benedryl helped. I stopped vaping completely and everything went away after 3 days. (I didn’t go back to smoking)

    I order VG liquids from Johnson Creek, Virgin Vapor and Boda.

    It wasn’t until i tried Virgin Vapor liquids that i found out i was also allergic to some flavorings.

    When i made the switch to VG only, my legs would itch after i had showered. No visible rash but it would itch like crazy. After a few weeks, the itching stopped completely when i only vaped Johnson Creek’s Tennessee Blend.

    The only other brand i can use is made by STARFIRE without having any symptons.

    As far as throat and mouth irritation, i only experience those symptoms when i use an atomizer for 2 long. i change everything every 3 days. That seem to do the trick, I believe the nickel is a major trigger to those symptoms.

  • Benny says:
    5 stars

    I get the Lip skin blisters every time I try a Tank system, Pro-Tanks, Vivi Nova, Aspire… If I keep using them I get sore throat, chapped lip puffy eyes, cheeks, rough tongue, loss of taste.. It’s a allergic reaction to the Chrome and Nickel used in chrome plating the Tank systems. Stainless steel same thing, has Chrome. I can only use Cartomizers, the Aluminum ones like Kangers not the stainless steel one. been Vaping 3 years now and if I started with Tanks with the chrome plating I would have thought it was a eliquid allergy.

  • Cesar says:

    Wow just scrolled threw the comments, I thought I was the only one. I just cut ecig as of now. I’ve been using a protank and mod dripper. 70vg/30pg cuttwood flavor juice for about 1 year. I haven’t broke out in rashes. But I have been having sleepless nights with weird random I itches. I would try not to scratch. Been washing sheets and covers on the weekly. I have also been getting a weird sound loss in on of my ears once a week on and off also. Since I’m quitting today. How many continued with problem after? I read a comment uptop that the rashes start after you quit? Glad I found this post. We all need to help everyone out and put the word out!
    Thx to all

  • Leo says:

    Very happy to have found this forum. i have smoked traditional cigs for 25 years and was so happy to switch to E cigs about 2 months ago. Had no problems then but due to limited retails of e cigs and associated materials here in Africa (Nigeria in my case) i have to use different atomizers and e liquids. Recently i started having some wheezing anytime i vape. So i researched the e liquid i was using and realized stopped for 2 days (without having to smoke the traditional cigs, which was awesome)and felt better. I intend to give it one more go with an i clear 2. if symptoms persist i am preparing my mind to stop everything, at least that was my initial aim of switchig.
    I strongly feel that anyone who has these or other allergies fro E cigs should use it as a positive to QUIT. You can, i have never for one day in my 25 years of smoking missed 10+ sticks a day minimum, but when i had some mild allergy i stopped vaping for 2 days and i was ok even around other traditional smokers.I might be wrong but i feel e cigs are aimed at making one quit not to enhance your smoking prowess. Thanks for reading

  • Nan says:
    4 stars

    My gums are getting real sore.I read that after you quit smoking your gums could bleed but is anyone experiencing real sore gum? I’m down to zero nicotine so I know it’s not the level of nictoine which I know can burn and cause sore throats etc.

  • dave says:

    I only smoked a few ecigs then developed the steady ringing in my ears. Stopped smoking them and will never again. I know that is what caused it and has been over a week. The constant ringing is annoying and i hope it one day goes away. I quit cigs for 2 years after smoking for 20+. Then smoked a few months till trying the ecigs. So know its not from a withdrawl or anything. Ecigs are bad. Do Not Start Smoking them. Quit for real or smoke the real cigs. You have been warned. Is not worth it. Really

    • meghan androsuk says:

      Hey I suffer from tinnitus. I went to a doctor that prescribed me to do plow yoga pose. Worked well for me maybe it can help.

    • John says:

      Seems to be same post over and over in this thread. We have doctors use them dont diagnose off the internet. And the tons of bad advice on here is rediculous like “go back to smoking analogs its safer” Really!. I guess if trying to beat cancer from smoking is a better option for you goodluck. My advice change your ejuice and/or seek medical attention smoking cigs may have tore your lungs up so bad you cant put anything in them.

  • Steven says:

    I have been vaping for about a year now. I use an Itaste 3.3vv E-cig and Tsunami 24mg tobacco flavor E-juice. I have had a red rash, bumps, blisters and acne on my right cheek and nose from it. It started about 2 days after I started vaping. I don’t itch, it just looks like I have an acne problem (did not have it previously) I know that vaping is causing it, but I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes again. I have found that taking allergy pills and using Gold Bond medicated lotion helps to decrease these symptoms. It doesn’t get rid of it, but it helps.

  • Jen says:

    I smoked Blu brand cigarettes for over 1 year and this past summer started waking up with what looked like mosquito bites all over my legs. Didn’t think much of it until this bite like rash was moving all over my body. I was diagnosed with hives by a dermatologist. Antihistamines couldn’t control it. I stopped the e cig but the hives wouldn’t go away. Dr said the chemicals can build up in your system and take time to clean out. I’ve been on prednisone for 2 months now doing a slow taper. At one point I tried the e cig again thinking maybe that wasn’t it and woke up with my eyes swollen shut and my lips 3 times my normal size. I’ve never had allergies or hives or rashes or anything like this in my life and I’m 40 years old. I’m off the e cigs now for 1 month and down to 10 mg prednisone and tapering down. After reading everyone’s comments I really believe, and hope, this was all from the ecig and that I’ll be healthy again soon. This was crazy. Dr tested me for autoimmune diseases cause my hives were so bad. All my bloodwork came back fine. Will post again soon.

  • Doug says:

    Last night I caped for an hour or so and within 3 hours broke out in appalling itching. The rest of the night I had very little sleep and awoke with swollen eyelids and a very itchy rash on my hands, palms and thighs. I had scratched so hard that it bled. I went to the Doctor who diagnosed Hives and prescribed steroids and antihistamine. Now reading this I am convinced it is the e-cig. I bought the liquid recently and this is my second time using it. I am convinced now after reading this thread that the vape is to blame.

  • Jim says:

    I’ve been using an e-cig, on and off, for about 4 months. Though my symptoms aren’t as severe as some people’s, I’m suffering with very itchy skin; arms, legs, front and back of torso. After scratching the itch, small white bumps appear (hives?) and leave small red spots – resembling an insect bite – on the skin after I’ve finished scratching. Also, I have noticed a sore throat and increased phlegm when using the e-cig.

    There’s been many suggestions as to what could be the cause of these (allergic?) reactions. Most people pointing the the PG in the e-liquid.

    I’d like to add a possible culprit to the list: toxins from the heating core. Maybe, when the heating elements are activated, they are releasing metal vapours which, when inhaled, are causing some, many, or most of these reactions. I’m not trying to excuse PG (or any other possible contributors) to these health concerns, but rather, put forward another possible contributor for consideration. Afterall, these things are made in China. Do we know, precisely, what is the metallurgical composition of these heating coils? Nickle? Steel? LEAD?

  • grolld says:
    5 stars

    Insane! So, I started vaping just over a month ago, on November 23 to be exact. It took me about a week to get off cigarettes, and I was feeling AMAZING and so proud of myself until Tuesday, when I thought I was coming down with a basic cold. I had a sore throat and got super congested. I eventually went to the doctor this Monday and she wasn’t sure what was up, but put me on an antibiotic. It’s been almost a week since I’ve started the antibiotic and I’ve been taking so many different decongestants and nothing has worked. The worst symptom is how plugged up my ears are! Even when the decongestants manage to clear up my nose, my ears are still horribly stuffed up. Also: my sleeping has been horrendous. Anyway: today I took a break from vaping and this evening I’m already feeling better. I”m pretty certain it’s the vaporizer. But now I’m freaking out because I have nothing! I hope I can just quit and be ok, but I’m really nervous.

  • Matt says:

    Really????!!! I’ve been Vaping for nearly 4 years now, started with little cig immitation e-cigs, then gradually upgraded to tube mods,rebuildable atty’s, an within the past year or so, moved to tanks and boc mods. I sometimes have a tendency to chain vape, I’ll kill a 5ml 12mg nic.tank Of ejuice in just a day, when I’m in that sort of mood, not always the case, though it’d be on days I’m up all night, and it’t takr me at least past 12 hours to get even get close to vaping that entire 5ml tank down, I’ve vaped heavy PG juices exclusively for months, around 80% PG, and now I vape mostly 80% VG, but not for any health reasons or problems, mostly because I like that VG is smoother, and creates more Vapor. I dunno whay everyone’s going through with their Vaping experiences, though for me, in 4 years of Vaping, I haven’t had a single one of these issues at all! Guess I just got a much higher tolerance or something, sure beats me? Most of these issues people are mentioning, don’t really sound all that Vape related to me, something else mudt be going on, or maybe it’s all judt the power of suggestion. Being paranoid that something might possibly be harming you, causes your body to react as if something really is harming you, this is your body’s natural defense against accidental overdoses. Your body tries to be hyper aware, in the indtance of mearly thinking something miht be wrong, it’s our body’s way of getting our attention just in case something really bad has happened, such as toutching poison oak. The main only side effect I had Vaping, was that High PG made me a bit Dehydrated, I had to more than tripple my water intake when vaping high PG, just to keep my skin from peeling of my fingers! VG’s much nicer, since that prob. virtually doesn’t exist with high VG juices. Sry to hear yoyr all running into difficulties, hope you all get to the bottom of whatever’s causing these symptoms!

    • paul says:

      Same problem big style. Stop vaping it’s as simple as that. I might have to go back to smoking but at least i won’t feel like i’m about to die. i must be allergic to PG or VG or Nicotine. Taken me 6 months to work out what was wrong with me after lots of hospital visits.

      Happy new year everybody

    • Jill C. says:
      5 stars








      My current concerns:
      Leg muscle tightening (quads and calves)
      Intermittent sharp “needle poke” pains in eye balls.
      Excessive sleeping
      Initial banging headaches which came first week of vaping stopped. No change in habits caused this.
      Liquids all kept in moist environment, not dry.

      Liquid: 70vg/30pg (per what the store “claims”
      Nicotine level at start of issues such as leg cramps: 1.8
      Previous Nic level at headaches: 1.2
      2 bottles of my juice are much thinner than the others, indicating that the store added additional PG and REDUCED VG without my knowledge.
      Have tried reducing nicotine? No.
      Have tried switching to 100% VG? No.
      Any other medical issues? Anxiety generalized
      Amount smoked : 2 packs/day, 25 years.
      Additional information: Notice excessive burning in back of throat after eating something, and then vaping.

      Please include as much as you can think of!

  • april says:

    I tried vaping for only one day, using 100 percent vg liquid. I had to stop because it burnt my mouth, throat and wind pipe. Four days later still having big problems feels like my throat is closing up. On the way to the doctors now.

    • dan says:

      You’re lying

      • april says:

        not lying, since that post tried 100 percent PG liquid, 30/70 liquid and no nicotine liquid and the same instant reaction. non of my friends have any problems. So I must be allergic to both VG and PG.

        • Jill C. says:

          April, you sound young.
          What was your wattage?
          What device did you use?
          What brand?
          What flavor?
          Did you try turning your device all the way down?

          Some of these comments seem very questionable.

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi. My sister has been vaping for over a year now and for the past year she has been suffering from chronic headaches non-stop its only on her left side and behind her ear. She feels sharp pains as if shes being stabbed in the head. Doctors have told her for 6 months now that its allergies, although no medications have helped. Shes been admitted to the hospital dozens of times, she and her husband are true vapors, its there life and I so think shes in denial, I wasn’t so sure if its the vaping that’s causing all her health issues. Shes had to quit her job, suggested by her doctor, she hasn’t been able to walk on her own without getting dizzy. Shes 38 but acts as if shes 80. Her health has completely gone so down that she cannot be out of her bed for long periods of time without getting dizzy and stabbing pains in her head. I hate seeing her like this. Seeing these posts has me convinced but I know she wont accept it because its already been discussed within the family that’s what it is and she thinks its bull.

    • Anya says:

      No bull, Suzanne! I’ve had exactly the same symptoms your sister had. Very cramplike headache behind the ears, together with earaches and musclepain in neck and shoulders. Found out that it are TRIGGERPOINTS that causes these pains, small muscle knots, situated on the shoulders. Red somewhere that the PG in e-liquid causes these triggerpoints. So I switched to VG liquid, but it didn’t make any difference. Had to quit the e-sigaret.

    • Emzy says:

      Please convince her to stop I’m 30 and felt 80 was on them for a year and was admitted to hospital with pain
      In my ears it the worst pain imaginable I stopped for 6month off the e cigs and felt amazing I wanted
      To stop smoking again so started e cigs again and with in two days worst itching and staining pain in the ears I no it’s the cause !!!

  • Chris says:

    Quit smoking in May 2013 with the help of an ecig, June 2013 all my throat closed up and I had trouble breathing and coughing all night so I stopped everything, doctor told me I had asthma, which at 26 I’d never suffered from before.

    September 2013 the then girlfriend had an ecig, I kept having the odd cheeky drag, the coughing came back within days.

    December 2013 I kept pinching a few drags from the then girlfriend and my lips swelled up x 5, to the point of not being able to talk.

    I quit everything for about 7 months and like an idiot started smoking normal cigarettes, today after only 3 days on an ecig trying to quit again, I have woken up with swollen hands and one side of my tongue has swollen up to the point on not being able to talk.

  • Cree says:

    I was at a resturant a few nights ago and started feeling really strange I had face tingling and felt like I was having an allergic reaction. I wasn’t eating anything unusual but I notices the bar tender and 3 patrons vaping. I wondered if this is what it was from?

  • nick says:

    I’ve had this weird side effect happen to me twice now in the past few months! I wake with a massive swollen tongue and it’s pretty scary. I can hardly talk and after 24 hours it’s gone down but it really hurts, I vaped in various forms over the past two years with no problem then bam, this starts happening which is really weird.

    I’m just going to quit it, maybe it’s for the best.

  • Geraint evans says:

    I have been vamping since October,everything was fine until a month ago,had no cigs and my breathing has never been better,but a month ago have developed this rash,which is very itchy at night.I read the report about allergy,and have given up using e- cigs,a month ago,on antihistamines from the docto for 2 weeks,but the the itchy rash has not cleared,will give it another 2 weeks,then I will be back to the doctor.Can anyone tell me how long does this rash take to clear

  • lola says:

    Hard to quit these things but will have to for a couple of days at least. Burning on tongue and roof of mouth. Now a white patch on roof of mouth spongy to the touch. I really think its the cheap china liquid. Who knows what is in it but when I switched to a cheap brand this started and the previous was pg as well. The flavor of this is strawberry too nd the most extreme reactions from only this flavor. Isuspect I’m having a bad reaction to the flavoring used or there’s other cheap Chinese crap contaminating this stuff.

  • Mikaela says:
    1 stars

    I had a severe allergic reaction; hives, swelling and nausea! Please be careful!!!!

  • thazer says:
    5 stars

    In 2012 I stopped smoking cigs with patches and gum (yeah, they kinda work). Also quit weed at the same time. 6 or so months later I was missing cigarettes a lot, and talked to my friend about it as just random convo and he suggested I try e-cigarettes. I ordered from a Canadian sell gentlemen’s reserve british columbia grbc.co and for about a year I had no problems. I was vaping in the end mostly 28mg/ml nicotine juices, 70/30 vg/pg. All kinds of flavors, I had about 15 of them that I liked to alternate from time to time to reset my tastes. Eventually I started getting really itchy on my hands, between the fingers, on the fingers, and on the knucles, very rarely a little further up between knuckles and wrists. Few months later, I was going down the stairs and noticed my legs shaking only when I bend them. Started paying attention to it a week later, I tested my arms and they also shake when I try to lift 10 pound weights (I’ve consistently lifted 50+ pounds years before never shook, never had a problem). My right eyelid now is twitching, sometimes the eyebrow as well. At some point I started noticing that my eyebrow muscle cramped up pretty badly into a little ball, or a big bump. Pressing on it hurts. Is usually gone by the next morning. Sometimes it lasts a few days and disappears. Even when there is no bump, and I feel my eyebrow with my fingers, I can feel that its permanently thicker than my other eyebrow. Sometimes I get spasms in my legs, arms, abs. Sometimes its in successions of 20+ spasms, sometimes its just a few and it stops, and never happens again for weeks. Sometimes it keeps happening every day. Very random, no discernible patterns.

    I went to see my doctor at some point. She examined my hands first as it was the only visible problem, she said I have eczema. As a first step, she gave me 1% hydrocortisone cream to see if it helps. It doesnt do anything. I can have rashes on my hands for 5 days straight applying the cream twice a day and it never leaves. I threw away the cream. Even months later, sometimes the rashes come and go within 24 hours, or they stay for longer. Again, completely random, no patterns. My breathing also get really bad over the nearly ~3 years of usage of e-cigs. Worse breathing than when I smoked cigarettes and weed on a daily basis for 15 years.

    I quit vaping almost 2 weeks ago, my breathing improved tenfold. Its still too early to tell if its helping my other symptoms. My eyelid is still twitching, I still have muscle tremor when I use my strength, still get random spasms. My face still tingles a bit around the nose (not on it, around it, right where the bigger muscles are that you can see when someone is smiling really hard). We’ll see what happens.. i’ll bookmark this page and update my post in a few months if things change…

    • diane says:

      Hello ..

      I have experienced the rash on palms of hands & inbeteen fingers also the knee quivering when I’m going downstairs.. I have been told it is dermittitis and had lots of different creams n potions!! Nothing gets rid of it .. And it’s a constant burning itch also in private areas .. So have just decided an hour ago I am quitting the ecig !! Hopefully resume my health 🙂

  • Freebie says:

    I smoked Blu ecigs for several months and then my hands got really itchy. I scratched so much they bled. The doctor gave me a cream which didn’t help. Ended up taking prednisone which cleared the rash. Stopped smoking Blu ecig for two months. Ran out of ciggs and smoked a ecig for about 2 days sporadically. Rash and itchiness has returned. This is definitely due to smoking the Blu ecigs.

  • Santana says:

    I started having a really weird symptom just a day after using a vapor device. Sleep paralysis! I thought it might be the juice, so I switched around to different ones to no avail. I am quitting and going back to cigarettes and try to find another way to stop smoking.

  • Ren says:

    Tried vaping for 3 weeks and have had an 2 abscesses on my gum. Root canal treatment and antibiotics cleared this but returned days later
    More abscesses on my rear and itching scalp Never suffered these symptoms before, more antibiotics from doc Blood test Thurs then I will update you all Has anyone else had these problems?

  • Paul says:
    5 stars

    I switched to e-cigs a year ago. The transition wasn’t a one-for-one, so it took a couple of attempts. After a couple of experiments, I stuck with VUSE for a long while because I could find them everywhere. But they made me seriously depressed. So I experimented with many others. Then about after 7 months, the red bumps appeared – mostly on my temples, but also behind my ears right at the hairline. I thought it was insects, shampoo, detergent, MSG in beef jerky…. I could not figure it out. But here is what I think. When I first switched to e-cigs, I still smoked them like real cigs – went outside and only smoked them periodically. But that transitioned into all day. I can ‘cape’ the e-digs at my desk with no complaints. So I’m dosing all day everywhere. And then the bumps started showing up on my face. What I’m thinking it’s mostly due to contact with the skin. My glasses probably kept the vapor residue pressed against my skin. I probably slept on my face after a good vaping of my e-cigs. I probably can’t go cold turkey, but I am going to cut back, smoke less inside, and wash my hands, face, and hairline as frequently as possible after every smoke. I recommend those experiencing mouth issues should rinse after every vape with mouthwash, saltwater, or hydrogen peroxide. We all appear to be experiencing something negative. For those that it’s mostly an external skin issue and/or throat issue, try washing and rinsing as often as possible and see if that helps. I’m convinced it’s prolonged contact of a small concentrated area/particle on my skin… where the air isn’t naturally drying it up. As for the first 7 months that I didn’t experience this, I was outside a lot. This past fall and winter, not much at all… stuck inside puffing the heck out of e-cigs with clouds of vapor lingering around my head. Well, no more. If cleaning the vapor away regularly doesn’t work, I’ll switch to OliverTwist tobacco (little tobacco chews). It helped me quit once before. Sucks that we suffer from hoping to make a change for the better. Wish you all luck in your search for relief.

  • meghan androsuk says:

    I had very bad eye allergy from p.g. I switched to a mod with an r.d.a. With this devise I can smoke pure v.g. I thought I was vaping pure v.g but I was not.So I decided to make my own juice. I bought now solutions vegetable glycerine.I mix in flavorganice organic chocolate flavor with few drops of water. The now solution v.g is g.m.o free and very gentle. My eyes looked and felt real bad from p.g. Swollen shut with skin peeling off. P.g is very bad for sensitive people.

  • meghan androsuk says:

    Eyes appear to be clearing up well. Skin is comming back as normal. All this was research had lots of errors. I do not smoke nicotine liquid. Needs to be pure organic for sensitive people. Hope this helps. Vape On!!!!

  • Richard says:

    Been smoking non nicotine vape for 2 years. Haven’t had a real cig since. I was smoking 2-3 packs a day. When I vape too much;my whole face swells. Sometimes the swelling is so bad that i can’t leave my house. I’ve tried juice from 2 different suppliers. No skin rash and a small amount of itching. Looks like I need to stop vaping; but I’ll never return to real cigs. I was really surprised that not many in the forum experienced swelling of the face. I reckon we all react to things different. I have found that benedryl will sometimes help. Any advise other than quitting all together?

  • e-cig sucks says:

    My co-worker vapes at his desk and our area doesn’t have good ventilation. I get headaches, and my neck muscle spasms and one of my jaw muscle was spasming shut a few times. The vaping co-worker’s eyes are always red and watery…this isn’t a good sign. If this shit causes cancer or any long term health effect, I’ll sue everyone around here for not stopping this guy from vaping indoor. Unbelievable work environment.

  • willyboff says:

    I VE been happily vaping for over a year now,started of a light user then gradually increased the amount i was using it. About a month ago i started getting sore eyes,head aches,general grogginess.I couldnt work out what was causing it so basically just ignored it.Then came the rashes, on my face,back and hands.Went to the doctor and he said it was an allergic reaction to something.So the process of elimination started,i exercise,eat and sleep well,generally a healthy person and i hadnt added or changed anythjing part of my lifestyle.This is my 3rd day without vaping and my rashes have pretty much gone,eyes dont feel sore and no headaches.Im convinced this is no coincidence.Although this is excellent i can feel my nicotine cravings starting to kick in and wonder how long itll be before i pick up a pack of cigerettes.

  • vape hero says:

    Pardon my language but vaping has become straight fucky for me. It’s turned me into a downright rotter…everyday I wake up and smoke my vape and just shit the bed doing nothing. It’s a real problem…i’ve lost my vigour and all I can do is vape and play vids. I’m pretty sure its making me retarded — bye bye ecigs, bitches.

  • Logic Elle Thinker says:

    My teenage son has been vaping (no I don’t condone this) for about a year and for the past two months has had allergies. Started thinking about it and happened on this site and what do you know? Bingo seems it is probably related to this really quit idiotic habit! First of all the FDA/government whoever needs to regulate it and the stores around here that sell it to minors should be shut down. This is a kid who never would have smoked cigs but seemed to think this is ok! Vape Hero you are right on track with your comments it has made him a “down right rotter”!! Good luck all of you in quitting!! I really think years from now you will look back and wish you hadn’t done it, that was very bad for your health just like our parents did who smoked like chimneys back in the day!

  • amanda says:
    4 stars

    I have been using e cig since December last year, in the last 4 weeks I have had a swollen face, lips, and Ulcers, all over my tongue. around this time I did up to 18m Menthol? I have now gone to 6m. its got so bad I had to visit the GP who has told me to stop it straight away, and given me antibiotics? I don’t want to go back to smoking, anyone any ideas.

  • Wendy Keith says:

    Omg! Rash from hell. So relieved to finally figure this out.

  • Alex says:

    Interesting comments….. Have you done the maths to correlate amount of e liquid vaping per day compared to the nicotine intake from tobacco cigarettes? A 10ml bottle of 8mg nicotine – wait for it – is approximately 1000 gold malboro. If you’re going through the 10ml bottle in three days, then your nicotine intake is very high. If you’re using 24mg nicotine strength you should only have a puff per day. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it tightens the blood vessels and rises blood pressure. it also raises the heart beat by 20 beats per minute. As a consequence, the tiny vessels named capillaries are tightened so much that no blood flows through them, causing numbness and skin tingling. Also Propylene Glycol increases lactic acid in the human body. So if you have muscle pains similar to those of exercising too hard then most likely, it is the extra amounts of PG that causes excessive production of lactic acid. PG also dehydrates the human body and dehydration causes headaches. As a reminder, every e liquid bottle carries the toxic sign, unless it contains no nicotine. The human body is trying to get rid of the toxins in anyway it can, usually causing red skin bumps and lesions.

    You see the companies behind vaping make more profit if they do not provide a user’s manual. I was surprised to see in the market 3.5ml tanks. They are really for elephants not humans. And who would like 32mg nicotine strength? This amount has the potential to kill you. Have you seen any cigarettes that strong? Neither have I and I don’t know why they marketed e liquid with nicotine strength greater than 12. But hang on a moment, nicotine is addictive and if I was a company the more I sell the more profit I make – right?

    So we consumers are left with the most challenging task regulate our consumption of nicotine or quit because humans can leave without it for sure…

  • tom says:

    I tired an ecig (one drag back in 09 and got strep like symptoms. Never tried again. However now they are nearly inescapably and if caught indoors with people vaping I often end up with a sever reaction. Symptoms much like stress acute pain in the throat sometimes soreness in my sinus cavities and eyes. These symptoms can persist for days. I am unsure of how to treat them and I cannot get people not to vape around me. they simply say it is just water vapor. From extended exposure last night, I have not been able to eat today. My diet smoothie and chloraseptic. I was a touring dj for much of the last decade so I have spent many a night in smokey clubs and blasted by fog machines with no ill results. Any idea of what the reaction could be? Is there something that a doctor could test for and something like allergy shots that I could get?

  • Crail Ballance says:

    The itchiness, hives and nausea might (might) all be symptoms of nicotine poisoning. They certainly occur with many cases of nic poisoning.
    The vapour in Ecigs, if held in the throat, is absorbed through the soft tissue at the back of the throat in volume.

    Sickness, drowsiness is often first. People have almost influenza type weariness that requires hours of bed rest to recover from. Over time their body reacts with hives and itchiness. Classic nic overdose symptoms.

    Nicotine poisoning can do that. The old “smoke till you’re sick” is no myth.

    Thing is I see moderate smokers pick up 6mg liquid and tote on it almost consistently for hours.

    Why? Because it’s labelled as “low” when in fact, even a few minutes a day toting on this “low” will introduce massively more nicotine into your system than a heavy smoker puffing away at 40 a day.

    Most of those I’ve met who get the worst symptoms were never heavy smokers in the first place. They have little or no tolerance to nicotine.

    Even with low 6mg liquid they are effectively upping their nicotine intake 50x even 100x.

    I now mix my own ultra low nic and zero nic. I also use pure VG (even some labelled 100% VG are in fact as much as 20% PG, the excuse given is that VG clogs up the burner and this mix is required to prevent the equipment from fouling up.

    If you think PG is upsetting you, insist on GENUINE 100% VG if that’s what’s bothering you.

    But if nausea, dizziness and hives are bothering you, then go for a fraction of 1% MAXIMUM mix.

    I love vaping but as Alex above says the nicotine, even in the lower mixes, is in fact STUPID high.

    My standard mix is massively lower than the lowest nic containing mix you can buy retail near me. a fraction of the smallest quantity.

    If I’m vaping to compensate for cigarette withdraw I use this ultra low mix.
    If I’m vaping for the ritual and taste (both of which I love) I use zero. This means having two tanks (I have about 25 tanks… but hey).

    Overall though. Alex above is right. Even the lowest of nic mixes and 30 minutes vaping a day introduces massively more nic to your body than a 40 a day Marlboro smoker, and that’s going to make you really sick, essp if you were not a heavy smoker in the first place.

    • Jill C. says:
      5 stars

      Crail: Finally!!! A well thought out answer that makes sense!!! Thanks for this!

    • Jill C. says:

      Another one thought: People that INCREASE mods over time are taking in a lot more vapor than the early starter kit they once had at first. I am wondering if anyone is considering this. Are people using mostly box mods when this is happening? And of the starters that this is happening with, I’m wondering what the nic levels are and how much they really smoked. I’m a heavy 2pack/day smoker, cut down to 1 pack/day on day one, at 1.2, and then raising up to 1.8 because the istick 20 wasn’t doing it for me. I’m now considering upgrading, yet I know with that comes more vapor consumption, which comes with more nic. My issues are excess sleep, muscle stiffness that is noticeably intense in quads and calves, and other small things. I’m almost thinking that the high nic levels that I started at, which I thought were not high enough, are too high for someone who is still smoking 1 pack/day while Chain vaping at night.

  • Na says:

    I have been vaping for almost a year now. I noticed I am really tired most of the day and just want to sleep all the time. I feel foggy thorough the day and can barely think. I also feel depressed most of the time and it is not like me to get that way. Recently I swiched from vaping to e-cigs, Vuse brand, and I started feeling even worse! My eyes are hurting/itching and really really dry. My lips are super drive and so is my mouth.My ears are always ringing when I do any physical activity. My chest is hurting when I run and I have difficulty breathing recently. My gums feel irritated all of the time and really sensitive. I am done smoking, I am not going to spend my money trying to find an alternative as this is simply not worth my health. I hope others here can find the will power to stop as this is not worth it.

  • charlotte grant says:

    I jumped on e-cigs as soon as I heard about them. for months I thought they were brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone, but after maybe 6 months of smoking the ones that look like cigs, in the orange pkt from most major retailers, I started getting itchy lumps under my skin. It was mainly on my face at 1st, but spread to my ears, neck and chest. Because of scratching, this got worse and worse, and I ended up with hideous open sores. I went to a few different doctors, not linking this to the e-cigs. None of them really knew what was causing this affliction, one doctor even suggested MRSA! I felt increasingly depressed about my appearance, but I also started to get very irritable and quite manic. no-one seemed to know what was happening to me, i felt like a leper. Then I started making the connection with e-cigs’ I stopped smoking them, went back to ordinary cigs, and the improvement was gradual but dramatic over a few weeks. In total I smoked e-cigs for a year, and It has taken me 2 years to clear my mind and my skin.(I still have scars on my face. I dont know whether I was allergic or particularly unlucky, but I do know that I have never experienced anything like this before and I will never, ever go back to smoking this poison.

    • Christian says:
      5 stars

      This poison? So you prefer 4000 other chemicals in cigarettes as your preferred poison?

      And the common question is, do you still look like a leper, or did those shiny red boxes of Marlboros clear up your skin? Is that what you want people do to? Go back to smoking so they fill the hospital rooms with lung cancer patients?

      You too sound like you work for Philip Morris. And if not, then you shouldn’t be implying that cigarettes fixed all of your problems, because that’s what these cult cigarette companies want you to tell people.

  • tab says:

    I decided to switch to the Vise vapor CIG and within 8 hourhours of use had itchy bumps all over my face and itchy skin all oveover… Ugh. Back to marboros I go..

  • norm says:

    It seems physical reactions are an “elephant in the room” that people seem to want to ignore I think because the symptoms are quite varied. After having terrible reactions including night sweats, sleep issues, headaches, chills, detached/foggy sensation, and fatigue I am going to stop vaping myself. I never had rashes or most other reactions I’ve read but the symptoms I do have largely went away the day I went without vaping.

    • Derek says:

      Hello Norm

      What do your headaches feel like? I have had persistent ones for two years…docs cant explain. It feels fizzy at the top of my head with pressure in the centre and sometimes sides. Now thinking this could be ecigs. What worries me now is that ‘spits’ of eliquid from the tank models could get into your head.

  • colin says:

    I quit smoking a week ago with an ecig, so easy and enjoyable! I thought I could learn to monitor my use and gradually cut out nicotine content… until I developed an instant reaction including red swollen lips, rash on the face, itching all over mainly on scalp, and wicked bad stomach complications. Also, barely able to sleep. I am not in a place to quit cold turkey so I’m back on “analogues” because I don’t know what else to do. What a waste of money! It is ridiculous that these things don’t have warnings attached. People who are thinking of taking up vaping should know their chances of getting sick from it! Surely someone has done a study already?

    • Pat says:

      I was vaping for about 2 years, some with an Ego mod and some with the cheap drugstore cig style, no reg. cigs during that time. I went back to smoking when batteries went dead. Now I am back to ecigs. I am concerned about the PG effects. My voice is very hoarse. It could be nicotine withdrawal. I believe “analogues” have more than 18 mg., depending on the brand. Everyone knows the tobacco companies are adding more to keep people addicted. FDA doesn’t monitor them or care. One consideration that no one mentions that beside the concern with PG, what about all the loads of companies that make juices, of varying quality? Who knows what’s in a lot of them? What are the artificial flavorings? What other additives are used? Some are, probably, a lot purer and safer than others. Some organic companies with only natural flavors, VG, maybe nicotine, and nothing else are, most likely, the safest, if you can trust them. I believe some you can. Make certain that the company providing juices tells you EXACTLY what the ingredients are. You, also, have to watch how much you vape, keep the mg low. I only use 3 mg, now, and will soon be cutting that in half and switching to VG, 90-100% (although that is harder on devices, because of viscosity) I don’t want to smoke cigarettes, but am not quite ready to quit ecigs. I just have to cut back my vaping and eventually, all nicotine.
      I think most people are vaping much more than they realize.

      • Jill C. says:

        That’s the best comment I’ve seen so far. The specifics aren’t being covered. People are screaming about it and no one wants to try to put the pieces together to see if a common denominator can be found. The crap that goes on in China IS DISGUSTING. People are sick, their pet foods have killed animals, kids are sick, chickens are disgusting, and I for one want to know if these USA companies who claim everything is “american made”, have gotten a single ingredient from China. Extracts? Where do people think they come from in bulk? Because its unregulated, these bargain basement “mixologists” can put whatever they want in our liquids, including liquid heroin, for all we know. This is getting ridiculous. Do people even realize that ANYONE can slap a label on this stuff, lie about what’s in it and sell it out of their black mold infested basement? Anyone can buy ANY of these ingredients. We don’t even know what’s in the O-rings. Are they Teflon? Is that what is making people itch? I really wish we could get some answers. Vaping has revolutionized smoking and big tobacco companies are taking HUGE losses. I want to keep vaping, and people need to band together to find out what is causing the issues, and ELIMINATE the issue if possible.

    • Christian says:
      5 stars

      Hi Colin, which department at Marlboro do you work for? Your comment sounds about as prepackaged as they come.

  • Donna says:
    5 stars

    I just started calling about a month and a half ago. I have had problems sleeping due to overheating/sweating for the last week. I overheat 24/7 now. If I peel my clothes or the sheet off, I get chilled from the sweat. I saw my doc today and he diagnosed me as having Hyperhidrosis. I looked this up when I got home and it mentioned nicotine in the Wikipedia article. I then did a search and came across this article and comments from people with similar reactions to mine.

    I have been vaping about 3 to 5 ml per day at anywhere between 0 and 24mg. I have a variety of eliquid strengths and flavors to help keep me away from regular cigs. I ordered from Halo, Johnson Creek and some other one I can’t remember. I am going to take a few days break from them to see if this might be what is heating me up and disturbing my sleep.

    I read through a lot of comments here. Thanks to everyone who contributed their experiences and thoughts on this. I wasn’t a heavy smoker and I’m hoping I can last a few days without the ecig or regular cigs. I do like that it only took two days of using the eCig to quit smoking. We will see what happens.

    I’m bookmarking this page to come back and read more comments. This is a little shocking.

    I also have the face and neck break outs. That mighmight just be from quitting smoking. I will look into that. My appetite is also much worse. I barely eat anything now.

    I’m glad to finally be free from cigs though. Thanks for your time. I hope you are all feeling better.

  • Donna says:
    5 stars

    I forgot to add that I have tried a nicotine patch and the super expensive gum in the past. Both made me very ill. I haven’t felt my heart racingracing like that when using my eCig.

    I also use a mod – Stingray. It puts out a lot of vapors. I still say this is a much betbetter experiece than going to the ER thinking that I’m dying from the stupid gum and patches. I can handle a few zits. I just wish my body wasn’t overheating and causing me to lose sleep. I will find out for sure after going a few dadays without vaping. Thanks all.

  • Dana says:

    I put reg smokes down a month ago and slapped on a patch. Used a patch for 3wks, and switched to an e-cig 5 days ago. Yesterday, I wound up in the ER cuz they say Allergic Conjunctivitis, and I’m probly going back tonight because I now have really painful hives all over my arms and legs! They really hurt. Think I gotta put the e-cig down. Should I try gum? What’s a girl to do?

  • Michelle says:
    5 stars

    Glad I found this board as I always intuitively knew the ecigs were taking me down a dark, sick Road but didn’t want to admit it. I got away with vaping for about a year without any really bad symptoms. then my inner ear, face and head would heat up when I vaped. I knew it was a sign but ignored it. My throat then began getting a bit sore periodically – I still ignored it. Exzema broke out on my eyelid, behind my knees – never have had exzema before. Rash has spread all over my body, my appetite is non existent, and my sleep sucks. I know it’s the ecigs. I quite this shit. It’s total poisen for me. My immune system went completely out of whack and man where i was headed if I kept this up was not pretty. I’m wearing a patch now, feeling much more whole and slowly getting better. Definately a poisen for me. I smoked jc classics Canadian made product.

  • HW says:
    5 stars

    I get a eczema type rash on face and scalp line if I vape constantly. Thought it was PG now it happens with VG. It must be the actual flavorings or food coloring.

  • Katie says:


    I have had an itchy rash on my body, dizziness, heart palpitations and badly itching scalp followed by severely thinning hair., lack off appetite and sinus problems. I have been off cigs for two days and my lungs feel heavy and so congested. I loved my vape but I felt horrible on it like I was seriously unhealthy., even more so though when I smoked.

  • Steve says:
    5 stars

    My goodness, I had an allergic reactions to penicillin once, did I stop getting antibiotics when bacteria was running riot in my body? Funnily enough no, I found another one that worked. The one certainty with giving up ecigs and going back to ciggies is you will end up very ill, not today, not tomorrow but one day.
    Some tips for successful vaping:
    1. Drink plenty of water, might just be me but I get dehydrated when vaping. Better than lung cancer or emphysema.
    2. Don’t trust that the manufacturers of the e-cigs you get, the ones from petrol stations or supermarkets won’t change their product design or ingredients. Many stories are I vaped for 6 months then got ill. Maybe just maybe the ecigs changed and nobody informed you. Try another brand/flavour/setup.
    3. PG is most likely a candidate to an allergic reaction in some cases. Do a prick test with a tiny tiny amoutn of your juice, like microlitres.
    4. Nicotine overdoeses are easily achieved if using high strength, even 12mg can be high. Try a mod with 3mg nicotine and high organic vg 90% or above. Yes they are a bit of an outlay but well worth it.
    5. Don’t chain vape, put it down like you would a normal cigarette. If you feel you need it in your mouth constantly, don’t go for higher nicotine, go for something that can vapourise more at a lower strength. Chain vaping overheats your coil creating nasty chemicals. Like most things that overheat, its not good.
    6. I fit really isn’t happening for you, don’t go back to analogues. Instead everytime you feel like a ciggie punch yourself really hard, reminding you of the future pain to come from smoking.

  • BRIGZY NZ says:
    5 stars

    I have mainly the red blotches all over my body from excessive gaping, I vape all day non stop. The rashes are very sore and slightly crusty making you want to scratch the crusty off, no so itchy but can be. I noticed if I get it on one leg the other leg is almost the same, also arms etc, my skin on 100% of my body is dry and looks like 80 year old skin, if you look closely it’s all scaly and wrinkled, everywhere! I think it’s from too much nicotine. I am going to stop completely, too many ppl have the same problem, it’s obvious that vaping is onl y suitable for some ppl. My problem is I find it way to easy to chain vape. You don’t need to go outside, no end like a cig, cheap, handy, tasty, satisfying, fun and so on. I wake in the night and have a puff, I wouldn’t have a regular smoke during the night! It’s just too easy! I noticed most say they have a rash but few say they have DRY SKIN? I have also been to a dermatologist and he says eczema, I never have it normally though.

    Been vaping 3 years.
    Juice: Mt baker Gwar – German choc beefcake.
    Inadvertent standard pen, mini pro tank 3, normal 650 battery. 12mg 50/50 PG by ratio.

    This juice is incredible but super strong in flavor, I have considered 100% vg but really I think the problem lies with the amount I vape, as I say it’s just too easy to vape non stop all day every day, who cares what does it, it’s vaping in general that is my problem, too much everything!

    The best plan of all is to not do it, at all I think. The crazy thing is I wasn’t a smoker, I just started dragging on my wife’s e cig next thing she bought me one which was cool but now I am so hooked it’s insane. I can’t just vapes every now and then and believe many vapers have the same problem, even if some things in the juice don’t agree with you surely to vape in moderation would help, I can’t as it’s a completely diff concept and there is no start or end to having a puff like a cigarette, in moderation I might be ok but it’s not a happeningthing ffor me.

    • Lisa says:

      So glad I found this site ! I am also a chain vaper after being a very light smoker! I have stopped 2 hours now and feeling lost without my dummy but cant believe some of the symptoms I’m reading on here!

  • Lisa says:

    I was. Very light cig smoker when I started vaping one year go. Last two weeks my face is full of pimples sore mouth and general terrible skin! I love vaping but am stopping now after reading about many other vapers with same problems

  • Duane Bradford says:

    I had this problem at first. An allergy specialist who was also a bio chemist suggested that it may be a chemical toxicity issue allergy and recommended I take glutathione. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and a protein that repairs cellular bonds. It can be bought at at any health food store. You should get the chewable type because it can’t be metabolized in the digestive tract unless u take a combo of L-cysteine, L-glutamine and glycine. I took it for a month and have had no problems for the last 4 months, except some occasional overproduction of mucus in the throat when I vale non stop.

  • Sarah says:

    Been vaping two weeks. Symptoms were tight chest shortness of breath shaky tired ringing in ears sore throat dry mouth. Hardly touched it. Not one to vape all day. Ordered organic vg but after reading this thread am ditching it altogether. This stuff is not safe.

  • Andy says:
    5 stars

    Been vaping over 4 years now have always loved it as believed it was not affecting my health in any way.
    I use a mod box with 0.4mg ice mint vape all day sometimes. Around 4 months ago I started to get chest pains and generally feeling unwell.
    One night it was that bad my wife called an ambulance as I thought I was having a heart attack.
    Hot sweats numb arms and stabbing pain in chest.
    X ray done chest scan blood samples ecg the full works conclusion nothing wrong!!!!
    Spent 4 months now with same pain in chest non stop feeling of anxiety through the worry, had numerous other tests done at docs blood samples everything nothing showing up.
    On a daily basis I feel very lethargic and the feeling of being unwell lots of headaches and muscle pain especially in the morning.
    Think it must be down to the years I have been vaping and the amount, not had any now for 30 hours and already feeling better, might be pycosomatic but def feel better pains still there just not as bad if stopping gives me my life back without these crazy problems then good job.

  • sue says:

    I have been using ecigs for about three months. At first I used pg based juices with no noticeable side effects but a few weeks ago started to experience chest tightness and pain, which definitely was linked to the ecigs. I was enjoying vaping and decided to start using vg based liquids as people were reporting that allergies were.likely to be towards the pg liquid. so have been using vg from a reputable shop. After few weeks have suddenly starts burning itchy skin especially on arms and legs, faint dry wheeziness and a bumpy rash on my neck. Quite scary so have stopped using ecig last night and wondering how long it will take to feel normal again
    . Bit confused whether the react in is nicotine overdose or allergy to componant in the juice tho .

  • jim says:

    got it all
    rashes hives eyebrow swelling
    stop vaping , go to patchesif you can
    for those who cant
    the only thing that haelped at least the hives was clariton /with the decongest
    ps im not a dr.

  • greg says:

    I have it all also hives nothing test right no drink food nothing
    been to the er 4 times had shot every tine and dose pack of prednisone every time and now have epipen go to allergy doc next week keep you posted !

  • Sandy says:

    I am glad I found this site! I started using ecigs about 3 months ago, started getting itchy legs and thought it was everything from food to shampoos. soaps, etc. Alos had issues with tongue getting numb, now I have a sore tip of the tongue all the time, eye issues, ringing in the ears and fatigue like I have never known before. Been to an allergist and doc and no reasons to feel this way so it has to be the egics. I just use the kind you add a screw on filter to. What to do? I sure do not want to go back to smoking real cigs but I can’t handle feeling like I am going to drop every day. I think I am now addicted to this ecig Guess I will try the patch.

  • Technicsmanz says:
    5 stars

    I have read every one of the comments on this site and I must say that most of them are almost the same type of complaint of sore mouths, nic overdose, and generally feeling unwell.Crail Ballance post is spot on. People have know idea how much nic they are getting into their systems. I have been vaping for 2 years now after rolling my own cigs for 30 odd years with Nautilus tank and ola hero mod box, 6 mg nic juice, Alabama strawberry flavour at 70 vg 30 pg. Now I have only been a very light user 30 mins total in any one day and felt quite ok, How ever over the last six months I have lots stress in my life and my vaping has increased to about 3.00 hours a day at the moment, and boy do I feel ill, sweats, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, stomach problems, been to the docs and he says it is down to the amount of nic I am getting in any one day now, it was my Doc who suggested I went on to vaping in a way to get me of the fags as it is healthier for me. So I have started to cut back down on my vaping and I found other ways of dealing with the stress, it has been three weeks now and I am down to 1.5 hours a day, and only 3 mg nic strength. So all do be careful just how much nic you are taking in,and also check your gear as well as sometimes you can get leaks which can put juice right into your mouth and it is so unpleant

  • mark says:

    Hi everyone

    I have been reading some of the stories in regards to itching due to the e/cig. I have been using an e/cig for about 4 months and have been experiencing some strange side affects.

    First off mad crazy itching all over my body and when I do scratch it leaves my skin bright red and I often look like I have been attacked by something.

    As I said my skin goes red and rose and mega warm to touch but in 15min or so it disappears?

    I had no ideas about the PV and all other things surrounding the e cigs but I have had to stop using it and try to work out what is causing the skin issues because it is driving me crazy.

    The best way to describe this is that I feel like my blood is toxic and my skin is on fire… Has anyone else had this?

    I have been to the doctor and had blood tests and they have come back with a raised white cell count possibly nothing to do with the itchy skin and I have been issued with 180mg antihistamines but today is the first day I have not used the cig so fingers crossed.

  • Technicsmanz says:

    Forgot to mention in my post, that it is now two weeks since I cut back on my vaping and I am just beginning to feel a bit like my old self again, but it is really tuff going though, I often wonder how some people can quite smoking with ease, wile others like my self struggle like hell with it, I am going to try my very best to become totally smoke free. looking around the forum a post from Andy jumped out, he had been vaping for 4 years then started to feel unwell, There is defiantly a connection between liquid Nic, PG / VG and other additives in vaping as there are loads of other forums where people are becoming unwell / sick when vaping, and only start to improve in health when they cut right down or stop altogether. I will keep you updated on my journey

  • Brett says:
    5 stars

    So glad I found this website, I thought I was dying or riddled with cancer. This is my 3rd time using ecigs, have used up to 8 months before with no issues. I have been vaping now for 5 weeks – last weekend was a red flushed face after showing, a few days later I had red patches on both sides of my neck which travelled down to chest (whole chest red/flushed above nipples) and now the back of my neck / back of shoulders. One poster described it perfectly, it’s just like coming in contact with fiberglass. The pharmacist gave me antihistamines and 1% hydrocortisone cream which takes it away probably 70%, still random itches on arms and legs. It’s day 3 since stopping the ecig and while I feel it is improving to some degree (red patches fading on neck but still slightly visible and scaley, chest still pink, shoulders burning) it is still there. I wake up ok and think it’s over, then have a lukewarm shower and as soon as the water hits the back of my neck the fiberglass feeling runs through the back of my neck and shoulders. About 30 mins after showering it all subsides except for random itches on arms and legs which I try to ignore. I don’t know whether to see a doctor in hope that prednisone may heal this sooner as some have been prescribed or just wait it out. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Lying in bed the back of my shoulders burn from being in contact with the sheets/mattress. I’m wearing singlets to not aggravate my neck area. Such a shame. Have ordered 100% vg everything but in all honesty I’m too scared about having this flare up more/ever again. I have thrown a patch on the last two days and have been on the gum now and again when the urge hits – have had 2 cigs today (partner smokes) just to relieve that hand to mouth action. People reading who aren’t commenting – take the time to share your stories, people need to know your experiences. I was smoking health cabin RY4 8mg PG, joyetech blueberry 8mg and joyetech grape 8mg, both PG, switching between the 3, using an ego one mini and going through maybe 4-6ml a day, it leaked a lot so not all of that was vaped. Good luck with your allergies everyone. If someone has been through this without prescribed steroids etc. please share how long it took for your symptoms to subside!

    • Brett says:

      So it’s day 6 and rashes / tingling / itching have gone. I am on the patches / gum and am having 2-3 cigarettes a day. I feel so much better being off the ecig – but I am certain it was a reaction to PG. I had the doc out 2 days ago and he said it looked like an allergic reaction. He was clueless about ecigs which was frustrating. I’m waiting on VG nic to arrive before I give vaping a go again, hopefully in the next few days. Fingers crossed that the VG works, super paranoid about flaring up but at least I know the warning signs for round 2. Generally my skin is so much better and has colour again, I realize now how unwell I looked over the last week or so. My body felt totally poisoned. Just wanted to give readers going through the same or similar thing a time frame for symptoms to dissipate. If it’s feeling wrong – stop, recover and try switching your liquid – just make sure you give your body time to heal first before vaping again. Will update on VG progress soon.

  • E. Johnston says:

    I got into vaping almost 6 weeks ago. I posted on r/vaping101 and received perfect advice. I ended up getting TopBox Mini and Ruthless E-Juice and launched my sweet vaping career. Two weeks in I started noticing what looked like mosquito bites around my ankles! I was terrified because I thought I had bedbugs. We had a bedbug problem a long time ago and my parents ended up selling the house after we failed to treat them. So needless to say, all that fear from my childhood came back and hit me! I changed all my beddings and got new mattress ($600), threw away half of my clothes and dry-cleaned the rest. It was no use, I was still getting these bites in the weirdest places!
    The bites appeared in clusters, which is a very big sign of bedbugs, and the burning itchy sensation was also very similar. However, other bites were larger and flatter with a whitish surface! And they appeared alone in places that bed bugs typically can’t get to (at my butt when wearing think underwear and pants), very confusing! What the hell was happening to me!
    I accused my cat of causing the trouble! I had that motherfucker cleaned so bad it was close to animal abuse! I started keeping a distance from him and not allowing him anywhere near the bedroom! No use! Until one night, while I was sitting on my couch, it happened! A big red bite appeared under my armpit! Now this is super suspicious, I’m not in my bed, and how in the hell a bedbug would end up there! Unless I have bedbugs inside my skin … jeez I think just triggered one of my phobias!
    Suddenly it hit me, I could be developing an allergy to something! I started googling everything that I ate that day! Nothing! Wait a minute, today I vaped! One Google search “vaping” + “mosquito bites” and Voila! Its PG allergy! Finally an answer to my one month long struggle that caused me $600 and long itchy sleepless nights!
    I quit vaping altogether, threw away my TopBox Mini, ending my short and sweet but painful journey with vaping. I gave my body a week to clear out the chemicals. It all stopped now and I couldn’t be happier, lesson fucking learnt!

  • Travi says:

    Is there something in vaping that makes everyone have horrible punctuation and grammar? Either that or the same person is typing over half of these entries. It’s like a YouTube thread.

  • Carlos says:
    5 stars

    Quit smoking 1 month ago and started using an e-cig. Well it’s been real and it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun! After reading the comments left on this site I have reached two conclusions. 1st: The irritation that has been crawling over my skin from head to toe (and inside an orifice or two,) is due to Vaping. I am stopping immediately. 2nd: The spelling, grammar and punctuation on this site is almost as upsetting as my rash! Slow down folks, take your time when you post a comment and hopefully, others will have a chance at understanding what the fuck you are saying!

  • Burt says:

    Hi folks,

    I am an occasional cigar smoker who started vaping about a year ago because I was finding my smoking frequency increasing and hoped that vaping could provide a relatively safe alternative. I started with one of those small Ego starter kits, vaping typical PG/VG mixes from a local commercial supplier. After about 4 months (happily believing I had found a panacea), I awoke one morning to find my left cheek feeling numb and tingly (kind of like it does for several days after quitting tobacco smoking), and most astonishingly, had a “fat” lower lip! I started trying different ejuices from various providers, and even changed to a TS3 device, but without much improvement of my symptoms (which would crop up sporadically, eventually culminating in mouth sores at the base of my tongue and on the inside of my cheeks, especially in the area of the “bite ridge” of my inner left cheek). I read about PG, and so switched to VG Max juice, and even started making my own concoction using 100% VG and nicotine in same, but flavourings from sources such as Capella, FlavorArt, and so on. Despite these measures, I continue to have persistent raised areas or papules inside my left cheek, with occasional tightness in the cheek muscle, and constant numbness & tingliness. I did find out that most flavourings are in a PG base, and therefor, even concocting my own juice will result in about 10% PG content – probably enough to trigger a reaction in an allergic individual. When I stop vaping during the week the symptoms do improve, but when I vape on the week-end they flare up again on Monday (strange that its always a delayed reaction!). Oh, yes, and now I have rosacea and permanently red eyes. I was about to book an appointment with the laserderm clinic, but now am thinking my condition may be related to vaping after reading other comments on this thread.

    Last week-end I tried vaping just VG with nicotine (i.e., no flavouring and no PG), and my mouth lesion does not appear to have reacted (at least not as severely as before), though I still generally have that old left cheek nicotine withdrawal sensation (I don’t touch the stuff during the week). I recently ordered a 100% PG-free ejuice to see how that works. But, frankly,folks, I don’t know – may just go back to the occasional cigar and just regulate my intake very carefully. After all, I very much doubt an occasional tobacco indulgence will be of any account, health-wise, its just that its so hard to do it only infrequently. The dangers of tobacco notwithstanding, it surely cannot be good for your tissues to be in a constant inflammatory state from vape!

  • SHU says:

    My wife and I have smoked standard cigarettes for so many years. We decided to use e-cigs instead about 4 months ago.
    It helped us stop using usual cigarettes for now. But, I have started to have itching and hives on my neck and especially on my skull. It also dries my face, my eyes. Benadryl is helping for couple of hours.
    On one hand, it’s helping us not to smoke cigarettes. On the other hand, it looks like it has side effects. Who knows what other side effects we are having, but don’t know it yet.
    I will try e-cigs with vegetable glycerin instead of Propylene Glycol and see if it will be any different.

  • joseph says:
    1 stars

    All these replies down low are a crock of shit posted by tobaccy companies! hives my ass 4 years vaping and still going strong!

    • Angella says:
      5 stars

      Iam not a tobacco company. And when you get sick from vaping remember us who did and your reply. I was all pro vaping and loved it until it actually happened to me too. Very itchy skin all over even in my scalp. Numb lip and my skin was losing feeling in places. My muscles hurt cramping in legs and forearms. I tried everything as i was in so much denial that it was the vaping. After i quit felt so much relief after 3 days and continued to improve daily. It took about a month to get that shit out of my system. I used Ultima electrolytes to replenish my body. It is way easier to quit vaping than smoking cigarettes i must say. Way less withdrawl. I dont regret my decision to quit vaping and i didnt even consider going back to smoking.

  • Joanne says:

    Joseph, you are rude.
    I tried vaping on sunday and stopped on monday as I developed a rash, I´m on anti-histamine, but how long is this rash going to last ? Anyone have an idea of how long it takes to get out of your system?

  • Telling Lies says:

    Been vaping 3 years. No such side effects besides living a cleaner healthier life. You ppl are full of chit

    • Monica says:

      Their not lying. My guy and I have quit cigarettes for 2 years now by vaping. But now the last 3 months, he’s had huge rashes, eyes-under arms- arms and even down to the manhood. Remember your body changes every 10 years. And a ton of ppl are having major reactions. We are glad you haven’t had any problems. And hope you don’t. Those hospital bills are expensive. The fluid hasn’t been tested long term period. Do you know exactly how your vape juice is made??

  • smokey the bear says:
    4 stars

    mild chest rash. could be from e-cig laundry detergent, food, stress, etcetera. doesnt mean it’s from e-cigs. Could be since i have had a reaction to factory coolant, after heavy contact.

  • Moe says:


    I was vaping for 3 monrhs and half after I quit smoking i was having no problem, recently, whenever i vape even one vape one puff , my nose start to get blocked for an hour and i start to have difficulties in breathing cuz i start to breath so fast in and out, i dunno why or what happened but i stopped vaping for one day i felt ok, it means it is from it , can you tell me what is that? Is it allergy? I even feel i cant breath and dizzy and i have to go to the hospital , so does anyone experience such a thing? Please help me i dont wanna go back to smoke

  • Jai says:

    After a 20 a day 25 year smoking habit and several attempts to give up i came across e-cigs around october of last year and have not even thought about going back to cigarettes since however,
    The damn acne….
    Nothing for maybe 6 months and then boom! my nostrils and surrounding areas have started having breakouts overnight , the same type of cystic acne ppl have mentioned here and my nose/ face i have noticed are really oily, never been oily as this in my entire life.
    I’ve switched liquids, gone full vg, weened myself right down to 0% nicotine as well as having been drinking more water daily than anybody could ever want to, and the problem remains.
    Now i don’t want to point the finger at e-cigs entirely here, they did help me kick a filthy habit with ease that NO other treatment came close to doing, but i do believe they are the lesser of 2 evils, great to help people give up smoking cigarettes…but should ONLY be short term in my opinion.
    I’m also adamant….that behind all this acne breakout thing that sebum is involved, maybe due to the fact that these e-cigs are dehydrating our bodies and no matter how much water we drink it’s having an effect, you see if your skin is dry what does your body do? produce more sebum to protect it right?
    Producing too much sebum! ultimately leads to clogging of the pores….bacteria doing their thing…..and boom, breakout, i’m no expert but experiencing this for 6 months trying this and that and the other, changing my diet, my exercise, the liquids…everything in my life…..all along i have had this strange feeling that the acne is being caused by my body trying to protect my skin from the damage e-cigs are causing, google sebum guys see what you think,
    oh p.s. i mentioned this to my gp a few weeks back, their reply?
    Give up the e-cigs and find out.
    Easy for them to say growing up on daddies yacht, e-cigs saved my life, i’m not ready to turn my back on them just yet.

    • C. Johnson says:

      I started e cigarette vaping 3 years ago. I used PG with nicotine first at a very low %. No problems until 2 years ago. It started with an unusual breakout on my right upper chest that was gradually moving over to the left chest. Also, at the same time my hair started to get very oily just one day after shampoo .. looked like I bathed in baby oil! Then along with this I started getting painful raised bumps on my scalp .. all over my scalp and down my neck. I went to the dermatologist and they took samples of my breakouts to be tested to see what was causing these skin issues … came back negative. Went to see allergist .. again no clue what was causing the skin issues.
      I looked on the internet and decided to switch over to VG w/nicotine at 3% … still no change. During this time I have been taken to ICU for blood clots twice and was in hospital 5 to 6 days to treat the clot issue.
      I have no idea if the vaping affected the clotting issue but I do wonder if the skin and scalp problems are, in fact, the cause of my horrible skin problems.
      I have smoked since I was 18 now I am turning 68. I thought I finally kicked the smoking habit because I went straight to the e cig after having my LAST cigarette and never looked back.
      I am going to stop the vaping after Christmas to see if my scalp & skin issues clear up.
      I would love to hear from anyone having similar problems.
      I am thinking the PG & VG with the added nicotine is the culprit.

  • Ralph says:

    I’ll never vape again, did it for about two months and was probably the worse chose I ever made. 4 weeks in I got dizzy, nauseous, stomach pain, thought it was nicotine at first. Kept vaping cause I did not want to go back to cigarettes that’s when I started to get a burning itch on my stomach, then my chest and side rashes out, caused anxiety, from worrying about what is going on since I did not know about this allergy. Caused depression from worrying about my health. Now I stopped using and will never use this toxic shit again, it’s still taking a minute for my body to break this allergy down and rid itself. Slowly but things are starting to subside. And I’m back to square one smoking cigarettes. Worst experience of quitting ever, I never want to vape again to me it’s a toxic poison that took away from my life, in all honesty I hope the shit gets banned I won’t care I’ll never touch the crap again. PG VG it’s all shit to me. Sick for almost two months, once I got the itch and rash I knew I was allergic to something. FU propylene glycol antifreeze shit. Man am I pissed!

  • anil jackson says:

    i’ve been getting these kind of sweeling around my nose and one or two buttons….idk whats causin it….maybe someone can help me out???….thanks

  • Vincent says:
    5 stars

    Has anyone found that vaping has caused candidiasis and seborreic dermatitis on their face? I’ve tried every VG/PG ratio, 100% VG, zero nicotine, flavorless, you name it… Although I really do enjoy it, I am going to have to quit.

  • Pgill says:

    I began having symptoms almost 2 weeks ago. Started out with small hives and then developed angiooedema on every single part of my body. Been to the ER twice with swollen tongue and am on second pack of steroids until I can make my appointment with the allergist. Family doctor had several test ran but all normal. I was a thirty year smoker and gave up cigarettes over a year ago thanks to vaping. I am a definite advocate for vaping vs smoking however, there absolutely needs to be some serious regulations put in place. I never expected this to happen but it did and it couldn’t have been any more random.

  • Helen says:

    I have just got some serious tooth/gum/jaw issues. Been using Bucks 18mg for a while. It hurt to the extent where I had to go to the ER, and am now on heavy pain killers.
    I tried to not vape, and it felt better. Then, just to test, I vaped a lot for an hour or so – and it felt like hell again..
    It feels like tooth pain, but also burning jaw/gum pain. And also the jaw/cheeks feel stiff. Anyone had anything like this?
    I have been vaping for 3 years

  • Algry says:

    Just thought I’d add my own experience. I have had no hives or anything like that with the vape. Only mental symptoms and crazy ones. I’ve been vaping for 2 years now and felt like **** ever since – tired, VERY FOGGY and 0 motivation to do anything. Funny, I still carried on vaping. Lately it’s been getting worse – very sick feeling of depression, almost
    flu-like. Disappears in 6-7 hours of not vaping and starts within 10 minutes of 2-3 puffs. Not a nicotine overdose! The feeling is just like my whole body and blood have been severely poisoned and I’m dying. It’s horrible. A feeling of something beeing extremely wrong. Sometimes it results in me crying.

  • Patrick says:

    As for me it is not the nicotine but all the additional tastes, smells and flavors.

    Some do not do anything – others – I guess with certain ingredients caused a fulll blown anaphylactic shock.

    It seems that the additives (flavors) are not regulated and seem more dangerous than nicotine…

  • Dennis ferguson says:
    5 stars

    I am experiencing sores on the corner of my whenever I vape tried different flavers but with no nicotine, i cough if I vape with. Anyone else have this problem

  • Vicki S Takacs says:
    1 stars

    The not being able to swallow sometimes is what is truly scary. I had a mini stroke a year ago and that was one of the precursors. I quit smoking 12 yrs ago and started hanging out with exhusband again who still smokes so I started vaping. I have horrible mass of itching hives on chest and red super itchy bumps all over like mosquito bites. It is the vaping and mine has no nicotine in it so it is the pg. Look it up and you will see that it is antifreeze, tastes sweet to dogs, they will lick it up and it kills them.

  • John says:
    3 stars

    Hi, I’ve been vaping for 3 plus years and my health has decreased so badly that i am basically bed bound with fatigue,headaches, nausea , rashes “on face and backs of hands” stomach pain, burning mouth/tongue also feeling faint and currently have bright red blood coming from my left sinus too. I have tried every style of vaping there is on the market and different blends of juice as well from diy to all the big vaping brands, but still have the same symptoms. I have been to AnE 4 times had 2 Mri Scans a CT Scan and numerous emergency doctors appointments and various other medical procedures to find out why I am getting these symptoms. I have changed my diet too, but these symptoms persist.All my medical tests and scans have came back clear, so it only leaves one thing to stop and that is vaping I am of the opinion that vaping is without a doubt the cause of my health problems, but I am finding very difficult to STOP. I was vaping 30ml 3mg 80vg/20pg per day at one point and my life has been hell even after cutting down. Vaping is not safe by any means and should be more heavily regulated as it is far from SAFE!. I bought a Blu pod system recently and have been using that to curb my nic cravings by taking a few puffs when i feel the urge. I am going to stop vaping for a week to see if the symptoms decrease and will report back in 7 days with my findings. This thread has made my mind up that it is definitely without a doubt that vaping is the cause.

  • Heather says:

    Hi!! I have been vaping for six years. Nearly the entire 6 years I have had a constant chronic headache. It is non-stop and the pain greets me in the morning the moment I open my eyes and at night before bed it prevents me from relaxing and falling asleep like a normal human. I always need “something” to help me fall asleep through the pain. I have dreams about pain relief….. I dream of miracle doctors that solve my headache problem ….. I chase after new drugs in dreams and they always pertain to being in pain. I’m a mess. Pretty much bed bound and completely unmotivated to do anything and always blame it on the head/face/ear pain. I’ve been to so many doctors it’s embarrassing….. plenty of ct scans, mris, ENT visits along with 3 different neurologists who have only come up with a diagnosis of new-daily-persistent-headache (no shit).

    Thing is…. I’ve quit Ecigs and went back to analogs over these years and the head and face and ear pain has never subsided….. I’m beginning to think that back when I started sucking on my ecig all the day long that the higher dose of nicotine “triggered” an allergic reaction to the nic – an allergy that I never had prior. And this is what continues to plague me…..
    Today is day one without any nicotine and I cannot believe it’s taken this long to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I’ve got to be done for my “life’s sake”

    The scaley itchy skin on my face and upper arms is definitely from vaping. When I jump down in nic levels there is always a correlation with the Area clearing up substantially……

    We all can do this!!!! For ourselves, our families and for societies sake!! Dammit

    • Alex says:

      Any updates Heather? I kinda also wasted about 3 years vaping and among headaches and muscle pain had pretty much no motivation to do anything during that time. I had many times where I quit for 2-3 days and the motivation, vigor and just feeling good in my body returns pretty quickly, god knows why I always go back to vaping..

  • Rob Mir says:

    I suggest that you all switch to juul. I had swollen tonsil and pain innmy throat for almost a year when i used to vape few years ago. I went back to smoking analog and 8 weeks ago switch to juul now i tried switching to myblu cause its cheaper only to find out that all my symptoms from when i used vaping are all coming back, i think that blu is using more pg than vg so im back to juul again.

  • M fren says:
    2 stars

    I have had the same symptoms. It’s called peripheral neuropathy. You are having an allergic reaction to the propylene glycol. A lot of people have it but ignore it. A lot of people will try and poo poo it. E cigs seriously need to be regulated. I have been so pro ecig for the past few years but now that I have had these symptoms and even though I have stopped VAPING for 3 days now, the symptoms are still there. It’s an itchy patchy burning needles type feeling with little pricks in different parts of my body. From my right eyelid to my inner thigh. Sore joints, Nausea, burning eyes. It’s ecig poisoning. It needs to be taken seriously so that we can be honest and admit that their are some health issues that need to be dealt with and the conversation will push people into coming up with different safer chemicals that don’t give you e cig poisoning. But yes, it is happening, it is caused by propylene glycol and it’s not good for you. Also, we need to remember that liquid nicotine is POISON. It needs to be treeded as poison. You notice that you start to feel nauseous when you are handling the e juice and it gets on ur fingers? That’s because you are poisoning yourself. It’s entering your blood through your skin and your body is getting sick.

  • Ace says:

    I have had same exact symtoms and scroured the net for a while before I found this place I thought I was completely alone everyone and the doctors just thought I was full of shit I have lost relationships over this while in extreme pain. This needs to get publicised big time. I suspect this is an issue with the device.

  • Dollar says:

    Hi just want to add my situation.
    Was extremely hooked to cigs , then found the vapes.
    I started having neck and shoulder pain. Then it progressed to my head pulling completely 90 degree. Muscles at times are uncontrollable.
    Over time I’ve refused to accept vaping may we’ll be the cause and it’s been a long long time now living like this as I am addicted to nicotine.
    Whether it’s the nicotine/ juice/ coil type I just don’t know but I do notice that within 10 minutes of starting to vape my head pulls and body twists..
    So obviously the time has come to stop.
    I actually do feel stupid.
    But yeah just wanted to post. It’s an old thread this but eh .

  • Joseph Nelson says:

    So when I vape, it feels like I have to pop my neck and fingers non stop. It stops when I stopped vaping. I switched to 100%vg but still have the problems. Any advice! I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes

  • Scofio Raybourf says:
    5 stars

    Oh my wow… I am indeed grateful….With herbal mixture, I was cured of Herpes simplex….. wanna get cured? contact_________________ [R.buckler11 @] gmail com, …

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been vaping now for over a year and recently, I started developing an allergent reaction. My skin was very itchy in localized areas, all over my body. It felt like mosquitoes were biting me on my head, face, neck, torso, chest,legs,arms and even between my toes and fingers. My eye lids and eyes were even itching. And when I scratch,, my skin it turned bright red with a single white bump and it appeared as quickly as it vanished… I experienced this discomfort for 4 days before noticing it only happened after I vaped. I started searching for answers on the world wide web and came across this site and yall’s comments. I discover that many of yall are experiencing the same symptoms as me! I decided to do an “at home allergy test” on myself by swabbing vape oil on my arm. My skin immediately started itched, burning,turned bright red and bumpy. I know it’s going to be rough,but I’m willing to take the next steps in my life to quit vaping because of these obvious warning signs. I hope my experience will help you do the same.

  • Sara says:

    After years of medical investigations I managed to figure out for myself that vaping was the cause of my wide ranging skin issues. Itching and dry skin that spread across different parts of my body and became like raw skin until I stopped. Took about a week or so to get better after completely quitting vaping. The worst days were a day or two after quitting when the itching became insane as my skin tried to heal.

    Doctors seem to be clueless about what vaping can do as when I asked they dismissed the link. But if I ever vape the skin issues come back within hours so it’s clear that is the cause

  • Monica says:

    My man has been vaping over 2 years. Never had issues till last 3 months. Gigantic puffy Red skin around eyes and eyes get so wrinkled he looks 20 years older then what he is. Then he gets such bad weepy raised raw rashes under arm pits and surrounded areas. Also gets red rash almost Raw in under sides of elbows all the way to wrist. It has also went so far to his man hood, that was really bad for him. He’s taken 3 times in different times large packs of prednisone. Tonight is the first time we actually decided to look up effects of Vaping. Apparently this is definitely it. We have seen 3 different Dr.s so far. So looks like either he quits or looks like cigarettes. Vape hasn’t bothered me so far, but I barely do it and only tiny hits. He uses a dang cannon and blows out clouds. Looks like vaping will end up on chopping block next, or Next big Lawsuit you see on TV by some Attorney stating ” Have you or a loved one been Harmed by Vaping” If so call us at such and such number.

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