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Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro Review

Lost Vape already had the most confusing pod system range in the vaping industry, with its very similar-looking but incompatible Orion and Quest devices. We already had two different Orion iterations, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go, and the Orion Plus, and you can add another entry to the list, the new Quest Q-Pro. Once again, the newest entry in Lost Vape’s pod mod range looks very similar to the previously-released versions, but features some improvements “under the hod”. Let’s check it out:

A Look at the Contents

The Lost Vape Q-Pro all-in-one system comes in a white cardboard box with a picture of the device, several pictograms, and mandatory nicotine warnings on the front, and a list of contents, manufacturer contact information and an authenticity sticker on the back.

Inside the kit you’ll find the Q-Pro pod mod sitting in a plastic holder, and underneath that a small box of accessories. You get one refillable plastic pod complete with a replaceable coil-head, an extra coil-head, micro-USB charger, a lanyard, and a helpful user manual. It’s pretty much your regular starter kit, as even extras like lanyards have become regular inclusion in recent months.

Design and Build Quality

As I mentioned in the the opening paragraph, the Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro is virtually identical to the Lost Vape Orion Plus I reviewed a while back. It has the exact same design, dimensions (93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm) and it’s made of the same material – stainless steel. The lock mechanism for the pods is identical, as are the buttons and their location on one of the narrow sides of the mod. Plainly put, if you were to strip away the Orion and the Q-pro markings from the mods and put them side by side, it would be impossible to figure out which was which.

The only noticeable difference between the new Quest Q-Pro and the other Orion ranges is the addition of three decorative stabwood panels (blue, red and ochre). I received the ochre stabwood version and I can tell you that it looks and feels very refined, but the same could be said about the stabwood & resin panels of the Lost Vape Orion Plus. Both are very high-quality, and ultimately the choice depends on personal taste.

Because the Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro is so similar to the Orion Plus, there is really no point in going over all the specs and features again, so I will try to focus on the difference between the original Quest and the new Q-Pro.

The original Lost Vape Quest was a classic pod-system, with disposable pods that one had to throw away once the taste started turning bad or vapor production dropped dramatically. The same was true for the original Orion DNA Go pod system, but just as the Orion Plus introduced replaceable coils for the Orion range, so does the Q-Pro do the same for the more affordable Quest line. Now you have three compatible coil-head types to choose from – 1Ω coil-head for mouth to lung vaping, as well as 0.5Ω and 0.25Ω coil-heads for direct lung – which allows the device to cater to various vaping styles.

Changing the coil-heads on the Q-Pro all-in-one system is just as easy as on the Orion Plus. Just unscrew the mouthpiece from the pod and push down on the coil-head to remove it. You can then insert another coil from the bottom, and screw the mouthpiece back on. It’s a very simple and efficient system, but the tolerances on the o-rings that prevent leaking can vary, making it a bit hard to remove the coil-heads. I  had to turn the pod upside down and press the top of the coil head against a hard surface to pop it out, as it proved impossible to push out with my thumb.

Unlike the original Lost Vape Quest, which only featured a power button, the Q-Pro version features the power adjustment button we saw on the Orion DNA Go and on the Orion Plus. It has a maximum power output of 24W, and the color codes indicate five different power levels (white, blue, red, yellow and purple), with white being the lowest and purple the highest.

But probably the most important thing about the Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro is its compatibility. The two Lost Vape pod mod ranges are very very confusing in that regard, as Quest and Orion pods weren’t interchangeable before. However, the Q-Pro changes that. It works with all the pods and coil-heads going back to the the original Quest and Orion DNA Go. That’s a first for Lost Vape, and makes the Q-Pro that much more appealing.

For example if you’re confused whether to get the Orion Plus or the Lost Vape Q-Pro, the fact that Orion Plus pods and coil-heads work on the Q-Pro, but not vice-versa, may help you make a decision. When the Orion Plus came out, Lost Vape was still trying to keep its two ranges – Orion and Quest – separate, so that may explain the compatibility issues of the Orion Plus, but the Q-Pro is essentially the ultimate Lost Vape pod system, as it works with all the pods and coil-heads the company ever released for the Orion and Quest ranges.

How It Vapes

Because the Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro is so similar to the Orion Plus all-in-one system, there is virtually no difference between them in the way they vape, at least when using the same coil-heads that the Orion Plus comes with (0.5Ω and 0.25Ω). You get the same impressive vapor production and great flavor as before, but thanks to the inclusion of the 1Ω coil-head, you now get a proper mouth-to-lung vape as well. With those lower resistance coil-heads, you had to close the adjustable airflow ring on the bottom of the mouthpiece almost completely to get a decent MTL vape, but with this new coil-head you can actually enjoy a tight mouth-to-lung vape.

Obviously, since this isn’t powered by the same high-end DNA board as the Orion pod mods, you don’t get access to the Replay Mode which lets you replicate the perfect puff over and over again by saving it at the touch of a button, or to the upgrade via E-Scribe software, but in terms of overall performance the Q-Pro is just as good as the Orion Plus, with the mention that it doesn’t suffer from any compatibility issues.


If you already own the Lost Vape Orion Plus, spending even more money on the Q-Pro probably isn’t worth it (unless you really want to give that 1Ω coil-head a try), but if you’ve just decided to invest in a Lost Vape all-in-one vaping system, I think the Q-Pro is the way to go. It may not be powered by an advanced DNA board like the Orion versions, but it delivers a damn good vape all the same, and it works with all the coil-heads and disposable pods that Lost Vape ever released for the Quest and Orion series, so in that regard it’s the best value for money.

The Lost Vape Quest Q-Pro was sent to me directly by Lost Vape for the purpose of this review.

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