Bloog E-cigarette Review


Price: $39.99 - $109.99

Available Flavors: 16
Nicotine Strengths: 4  
Cartomizer Price (5 Pack): $10.99
Limited Warranty: 3 Months  
Shipping: Cost Varies
Money Back Guarantee: 35 Days

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DO NOT BUY FROM BLOOG! This company used to be one of my favorites, but they have recently become just another fraud trying to make money off unsuspecting customers. After several reports about a complete lack of customer support, I decided to investigate. Unfortunately, it’s true. Bloog will charge you for the products, but you will not be getting any real support or warranty. I tried emailing them, but I haven’t received any response, and I have never been able to reach them by phone. They practically cannot be contacted about anything. BUY FROM THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Bloog has changed their logo and packaging after this review was posted, so the Bloog MaxxFusion is now just Bloog, but their products are the same as before

If you’re an ex-smoker browsing through e-cigarette review sites in search of your first e-cig, names like “Bloog” of “MaxxFusion” are probably new to you. That’s because unlike other brands, Bloog doesn’t offer very lucrative sales commissions, so the vast majority of “honest” electronic cigarette reviewers out there have chosen not to waste their time with it. However, in the vaping community, the Bloog brand is one of the most respected, both for its advanced products and its efficient customer service, and since I managed to get my hands on one of the awesome MaxxFusion Aurora Deluxe Starter Kit, I decided to do my own review and see if Bloog is as great as most seasoned vapers say it is.

A Look at the Contents

I can’t say I was overly impressed the first time I laid eyes on the Bloog MaxxFusion starter kit. It comes in the same generic magnet-top box that most brands use for packaging, but I wasn’t going to let such an unimportant detail curb my enthusiasm. Inside this bland box I found two 78 mm KR808D MaxxFusion batteries, one manual and one automatic, a pack of five cartomizers, a USB charger, a wall adapter and two velvet battery pouches. Definitely not the most complete e-cigarette starter kit I’ve ever reviewed, but the Bloog Deluxe package has everything you need to start a smoke-free life. Plus, you can also go for a more expensive option, like the Ultimate Kit, which comes with loads of useful accessories like a car charger, USB pass-thru battery and a PCC.

I was lucky enough to get Bloog’s anodized signature Aurora batteries. This limited edition series comes in a rainbow color and features a simulated crystal tip that lights up blue when activated. It’s one of the flashiest devices I’ve ever used, but if you don’t mind attracting some attention while vaping, you might actually like it. They’re certainly very different from most batteries available today, and I’ve always been a sucker for bling. The MaxxFusion Aurora Deluxe Starer Kit is priced at $65.99, which is pretty reasonable, but if you don’t feel like spending that much on your first e-cigarette kit, there’s always the $49.99 Standard Deluxe Kit, which includes pretty much the same stuff, the only difference being the look of the batteries.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

I’m a big fan of the KR808 battery, I personally prefer it to the 510 and other mini e-cigarette models, and Bloog’s version is definitely the best I’ve ever tried. The 78 mm battery has a mAh rating of 320, compared to the 180 mAh of the venerable 510, giving you almost twice the battery life. It’s also 40 mAh more than other KR808 batteries of this size. The biggest weakness of analog-style e-cigarettes has always been the short battery life, but the MaxxFusion is a real game-changer. In the few weeks I’ve used the Bloog I got an average of 4 hours for each of the two batteries, which is considerably longer than any other similar-size e-cigs available on the market. I’ve never been a heavy vaper, I rarely chain vape, but even if you use your electronic cigarette non-stop, you’re still going to get a much better performance out of the Bloog than any other cigarette-like vaporizer.

But the long battery life for its size is not the only thing that makes the MaxxFusion battery special. It has a brand new design that makes the switch literally 10 times faster than any other switch, according to the manufacturer, as well as a sensitive and restrictive decibal and frequency range, making it less likely to activate from loud noises. Another thing I’ve noticed about the Bloog MaxxFusion automatic batteries is they are sealed, which means there is little danger of them getting damaged from e-liquid leaking from the cartomizers.  But the thing that impressed me the most about the automatic was that it didn’t require a primer puff to heat the the atomizer, something most other brands actually recommend. With the Bloog, you get a very satisfying amount of vapor from the first draw.

Overall, I found the MaxxFusion battery very impressive.

Vapor Production

With such great batteries, it would have been a real shame if vapor production wasn’t on par. And wouldn’t you know it, the first time I used the Bloog MaxxFusion, I hardly got any vapor out of it. You couldn’t imagine my disappointment, after all the great things I had read about this e-cigarette I was hardly getting anything out of mine, regardless of how hard I tried. But instead of labeling the Bloog as junk, I started looking for causes of the low vapor volume. Everyone was so pleased with these things, and I had seen respected reviewers like Grimm Green blowing plumes of thick vapor with their MaxxFusion e-cigs, so why was mine performing so poorly? It turned out is was the cartomizers I got. A lot of the e-liquid had leaked, and the ruber caps were practically filled with it, leaving the cartos almost empty. So I got in touch with this really nice guy at Bloog, called Xavier, and explained my problem. With no questions asked he sent me a fresh batch of cartomizers, which finally did the batteries justice. I’m not trying to bore you with my story, I just want to you to understand this kind of issues do occur sometimes, so if you think your device isn’t working as it should, just contact customer service and they’ll be more than happy to replace any faulty products.

Now on to the real vapor production capabilities of the Bloog MaxxFusion. This little e-cigarette is a real vapor monster. After my initial experience I was blown away by the amount of “smoke” coming out of my mouth on the first draw. The rumors were true after all, the Bloog does deliver thick plumes that can easily be compared with those produced by some of the best mods available. A slick cigarette-like vaporizer than can hold its own against a Provari or a Silver Bullet, now that’s something to be impressed about.

One thing worth noting is that the batteries don’t produce the same amount of vapor with any kind of KR808 cartomizers. As Bloog claims, and many users have noticed, although the batteries are compatible with other cartomizers, it’s their own specially designed cartos that push the MaxxFusion to the limit.

E-Liquid, Flavors and Cartomizers

A great set of batteries and spectacular vapor production are usually enough to convince me that an electronic cigarette is worth buying, but in the case of the Bloog MaxxFusion, it was also the excellent cartomizers and flavors that won me over. Let’s start with the thing that Bloog is most famous for – its cartomizers. Normally, when you go through all the e-liquid, you start to get a burnt taste, which lets you know it’s time to refill or replace your cartomizer, but believe it or not, Bloog cartomizers don’t burn. Many vaping aficionados have taken them apart after using them multiple times and reported that there’s no sign of burns on the filler material, which counts a whole lot if you plan on refilling them. Unlike other brands,  Bloog actually encourages clients to use the cartos multiple times, instead of advising they buy new ones once they’re depleted. They are specially designed to allow users to easily remove the end caps or drip directly through the large air hole. It’s safe to say the cartomizers play a big role in the overall performance of the Bloog MaxxFusion, and even if you don’t plan on buying a starter kit, I invite you to try their blank cartos and experience their quality for yourself.

Bloog’s “Liquid Fusion” range numbers 16 different flavors, including six tobaccos, classics like vanilla, chocolate or coffee, fruity flavors like watermelon and grape and a few interesting combinations (e.g. Watermelon Mint). The great thing about Bloog is they have a special sampler pack for tobacco flavors, so I had a chance to test five of them. If you’re looking for a robust taste reminiscent of your smoking days, then the RED is perfect, but the discreet sweetness of the RY4 and the peanut butter hints of the 555 also made quite an impression on me. I’m a big fan of tobaccos, and Bloog’s are some of the best I’ve ever had, but my favorite Liquid Fusion flavor is without a doubt the Bloogberry. As the name implies, it tastes like blueberry, and it’s simply mouthwatering. I was intrigued by the name, and I’ve always been a fan of berries, but I never expected this e-liquid to have such a strong delicious taste. All in all, a varied selection of flavors and excellent taste, so two thumbs up on this one, as well.

If you’re looking for a decent throat hit, you should go for at least 16 mg nicotine strength, and if you’re looking for a horse kick in the back of the throat, check out the 36 mg e-juice. Anything lower than 16 mg will taste great, but you won’t be feeling much of a hit.

In conclusion

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say the Bloog MaxxFusion electronic cigarette has rocked my world in these last few weeks. If more ex-smokers would start their journey in the world of vaper with one of these things, instead of over-advertised junk, I think we would be definitely be seeing far fewer relapses. It’s simple to use, it has that analog look, the flavors are great and battery life isn’t a big issue; in a nutshell, it’s the perfect e-cigarette to start vaping. Obviously, I highly recommend you give the Bloog a try.

The Good

    • impressive battery life
    • great vapor production
    • superior cartomizers
    • varied and tasty flavors

The Bad

  • unimpressive presentation
  • 3-month warranty

Conclusion Rating
Starter Kit Contents
4 stars
Battery Life and Performance
5 stars
Vapor Production
5 stars
E-Liquid Flavors
4 stars
4 stars

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16 Comments/Reviews

  • Bruce Shiflet says:

    I would like more info on the kits and especially about refilling

    • Richard Quirk says:
      5 stars

      After a lot of trial and error, I tried BLOOG, and it was a great decision. The hit, super easy draw, vapor and battery life are vastly superior. I prefer a plain tobacco flavor without pesky, sweet aftertaste. BLOOG RED is perfect, and refilling their superior cartos is super simple -Remove the end cap with a flick of a fingernail, fill, pop the cap back on, go.If that isn’t enough, pricing is more than competitive, shipping is 3-5 days flat, and response to any e-mail inquiry is immediate. Trust me, BLOOG is doing it right!

    • Zachary Sanger says:
      1 stars

      no you really dont want to do anything with bloog their customer service is terrible they have a phone line available to call but not a single time has any1 ever answerd for me i have tried so hard to stick with their products but what happens heres a laundry list, customer service is terrible sometimes you wont get emails back which is the only way i ever have contacted them, also their products always fail not seem to always fail after 3 months of use at most and now the latest bloog crime is their e-liquid has a terrible taste i ordered sweet dreams which is suppose to be strawberry but it had no flavor at all but a burnt cotton taste ive teested this by using a clearomizer that was working fine with a different flavor drained it out and then put the sweet dreams in it after it ruined a different clearomizer and then they sold me a clearomizer that didnt fit with the atomizers they sell i had a 1.6ml clearomizer and several 1.6ml atomizers that were useless please if you dont want to be pushed around by this company you will avoid them in general!!!!

  • Flavio says:

    @Bruce if you need additional info besides the great info Richard gave you, you can contact customer service cs@bloog.com. They’re really nice and will talk you through it.

  • james says:

    i was wondering if you could tell me if the Bloog carts are compatible with the V2 batteries. they look very similar on the website, but its hard to tell.

    also, have you used either brand’s reusable clear carts? if so, which do you prefer?


  • Cody says:

    Called customer service twice on different days during biz hours and only get recorded message. I left name and number both times but no one bothers to return the call – even though I said I want to place an order. If biz is that good, they should have another person answering and taking orders, etc. Will try the email route but already not happy. We’ll see. Products look good and worth trying but have limited time and patience for poor customer service.

  • aaron says:
    5 stars

    I just received my kit. I orderd the basic kit with one battery, and they sent me TWO batteries. They also sent 3 bottles of “juice” that I didn’t order. I’m not complaining!! This is a huge improvement over the Njoy Kings which was my first e-cig I tried. What a difference. I actually coughed the first time I hit this thing and I couldn’t belive the amount of “smoke” I blew out.

  • Sylvia Kronstadt says:
    5 stars

    I just have to put in a word for Bloog’s customer service. I dealt with three people there. I am a total novice, and asked one stupid question after another.

    They were delightful, warm, and very generous.

  • Timothy Riley says:

    I have to tell you BLOOG E-Cigarettes are by far the best on the market !!! I’ve tried at least 6 or more different brands and I’m so thankful for my girlfriend and this guy that worked with my girlfriend ! She says to me one day, “Why don’t you have as much vapor coming out as this guy that works where I do does” ? I. said “He has a lot of vapor coming out” ? She says “Oh Yeah ! Way more than yours” ! So I say what anyone else would say ” Really ? You have to ask him what he smokes” ! She calls me and tells me he smokes BLOOG and gave me the website. Well let me tell you when I got my BLOOG E-Cigs I was totally amazed ! I’ve never felt anything like this with any E-Cig that I have tried ! BANG ! Man I was hooked ! And to tell you the truth I havent looked back ! I ran out once and had to buy some junk at the store till my next shipment arrived ! One thing for sure ! I don’t run out anymore ! Lol ! Do yourself a favor ! If you really want to quit smoking you better go online and order you some BLOOG E-CIGARETTES ! They are the only one’ that I’ve ever had that makes you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette ! Most people don’t listen to what people tell them but if you listen to me this one time you will be nothing but “Super Satisfied” ! I would bet my life on it ! So all you people that listen, VAPE AWAY !!!

  • Timothy Riley says:

    I forgot to say one thing ! I read some where on another website about how the customer service at BLOOG was horrible and the worst ever ! Well I for sure know that is nothing but one Big Lie ! The 2 or 3 times that I had to deal with customer service they were of up the most helpful and understanding ever ! I know how this world is too ! You are always going to get people who will do anything to get something for nothing ! They’ll make up stuff so they can get stuff for free. Like telling customer service this thing is junk or don’t work right. I really feel sorry for people like that in the world. If that’s the way you are going through life well you have no idea what you are missing ! You might think you are getting ahead by deceiving someone but in the long run you really are only deceiving yourself ! Maybe one day when they figure out what life is all about they’ll realize it won’t get you anywhere ! I have to give Customer Service a rating of
    11 out of 10 ! To me that is “OUT STANDING” !!!

  • Alison says:
    5 stars

    I have tried many different brands of e-cigs. My search for the perfect one stopped when i found bloog! I love the flavors, batteries last long and customer service is the best of ANY company I’ve ever dealt with EVER! If I do have to call for some reason, I always get a call back by the end of the day. Emails get responded to almost immediately even if it’s just to say they received my email and someone will be sending me an answer shortly, within an hour I get an answer. I’ve had times when a battery would malfunction and they always replace them free of charge. The USB plug thingy that attaches the e-cig to the wall charger to charge the battery wasn’t working anymore for whatever reason, I called customer service to see if they could do anything for me considering the plug was more than a year old. They sent me a whole new charger, USB and wall plug! I love love love them and recommend them to everyone! The one thing I wish is that they had sales more frequently. When i first started ordering Bloog they would have the cartomizers on sale for 6.99…..haven’t seen a sale in about a year and I keep missing the coupons. Doesn’t deter me from ordering at least $50 (for the free shipping) worth every month tho :)

  • Ryan says:
    4 stars

    This was my first company I went with. I did tons of research and finally came to a conclusion to try Bloog out. No complaints at all. Very happy with the product. Vapor is good and I think the prices are affordable and reasonable. I do have a question for anyone out there reading this. I feel like I have to suck on it a lot longer than a cig to get vapor. Any tips or other products that can help? I’m not familiar what I have, I have the longer one, its not fluid if that helps. Just was curious if there was anyone out there that could give me some advice?

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