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Bluetooth E-Cigarette Lets Users Take Phone Calls, Listen to Music

The Supersmoker Bluetooth is a smart electronic cigarette that connects to smartphones and tablets, allowing users to take phone calls and even listen to music.

The common electronic cigarette in itself is a great leap forward from the deadly tobacco analog, but if the recent technological advancements are a sign of things to come, it’s safe to assume e-cigs will soon rival smartphones in terms of functionality. It all started last year, with the TweetinCiggy, a DIY project that showed electronic cigarettes could be fitted with a cheap and easy-to-use Arduino microprocessor and a Bluetooth shield to connect to popular internet platforms like Twitter via a dedicated application, allowing vapers to track their usage and share data through social media.

Then, in December 2013, French start-up Smokio unveiled the world’s “first connected electronic cigarette”, which also relies on a microprocessor and Bluetooth technology to synchronize with Android and iOS gadgets, allowing users to track the numbers of puffs they take, as well as other interesting stats like Life Expectancy Increase, Blood Oxygenation, Lung Capacity, Heart Rejuvenation and Taste&Smell Recovery. It also allows vapers to digitally regulate the e-cigarette’s vapor volume and monitor battery life. Still in pre-production at the time of its unveiling, the Smokio connected e-cigarette has become available for purchase this month.


Now for the newest smart electronic cigarette to hit the market – the Supersmoker Bluetooth. As the name suggests, this e-cig also uses Bluetooth technology to connect to modern handhelds, only its uses make it nothing short of revolutionary. Via three small buttons under the battery, vapers can use the electronic cigarettes to take phone calls and listen to tracks stored on their smartphones and tablets.

“At Supersmoker we are always striving to make your e-smoking experience more enjoyable, that’s why we created the Supersmoker Bluetooth,” a company statement reads. “With the Supersmoker Bluetooth we are changing the face of the e-smoking lifestyle with cutting edge design.”

Although I wouldn’t exactly describe the design of the Supersmoker Bluetooth as cutting edge, as it retains the look of the classic eGo e-cigarette, the functionality it introduces is indeed revolutionary. One only has to press the middle button below the battery for a few seconds to turn on the Bluetooth. Then turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, scan for new devices and connect to the e-cig. The Supersmoker Bluetooth features a microphone at the base of the battery, while the speaker is fitted in its middle coil. When you get a call on your phone, all you have to do is press the middle button on the e-cigarette to answer. Then hold the speaker to your ear and the microphone close to your mouth as you would your mobile phone.


Pressing the middle and “-” buttons on the Supersmoker Bluetooth simultaneously will take you to voice control, so you can adjust the volume. Pressing the classic button on the eGo-style battery five times in fast succession will turn off the battery, to prevent it from activating accidentally when stored in tight places, but it will still allow you to take phone calls.

And as if using the e-cig as a cellphone wasn’t cool enough, the Supersmoker Bluetooth also allows you to listen to music stored on your phone. The “+” and “-” buttons on the battery allow you to control the volume of the music, and by holding them down you can advance through your playlist, like you would on an mp3 player.

According to Netherlands-based Supersmoker, their Bluetooth electronic cigarette works with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, as well as any other gadgets with Bluetooth functionality.

The Supersmoker Bluetooth can be ordered on the company’s website, costs €79.95 ($110) and ships internationally.


With new technology like Bluetooth connectivity, internet tracking and even biometric locks already compatible with vaping devices, I wonder what’s next for electronic cigarettes.

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  • steven walker says:

    What a great level of luxury in context to technology!! A smoking cigarette that is designed such that it can connect to Smartphones through Bluetooth?
    A single device that tends to satisfy the eagerness to smoke and moreover, it can be interfaced with Smartphones through bluetooth is a concept accelerating the eagerness and excitement to have such multipurpose device in our routine.
    It would be an additional parameter to enhance personality!! Fabulous info!!

  • Patrick says:
    5 stars

    I believe if I could listen to the root my music off of my phone on the speaker on my e-cig that would be the one that I buy because you have a double purpose for it rather than carrying around headphones are carrying around a speaker just listen to music you have it on your Easter eggs I really like that if you have any made send me a email on it so I could check it out and look it up and buy one but it has to be temperature controlled also

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