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Dutch Company Announces Revolutionary E-Cigarette Technology

Untited Tobacco Vapor Group (UTVG) has just issued a press release announcing new e-cigarette technology that will revolutionize the industry by eliminating a series of problems that have plagued vaping for years.

UTVGThe Monfoort-based company, which owns brands like Premium Vapes, Vape Master and eHitter, among others, has apparently patented a proprietary electronic cigarette design that promises to eliminate problems like overheating, dry hits, burning and potential exposure to high levels of formaldehyde, by completely doing away with filler materials like cotton or silica wicks. UTVG has revealed little about how their new products will work, mentioning only that they will “create capillary action and vaporization simultaneously”.

This new technology will reduce the number of components in conventional cigalikes from over 34 to around 14, thus lowering both the cost and time of manufacturing and assembly. Perhaps the boldest claim made by UTVG in their press release is that on some e-cig models even the battery will be eliminated.

Another thing that makes this new e-cigarette technology revolutionary is that it can be used for the vaporization of any type of liquids while delivering a consistent and reliable vaping experience.

Products built using the new UTVG design will also make it possible to accurately determine dosage at all times, the press release states.

United Tobacco Vapor Group has apparently working on this new technology for the last four years and will implement it for its brands in the 4th quarter of 2015.

With cigalikes losing steam in the last couple of years, due to vapers turning to more advanced vaporizers, I doubt even this new technology will revive the category. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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