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FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank Review

FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank
Get a great price on the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank from Vaporfi.com.
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FreeMax may not be at the top of the food chain in the vaping industry these days, but they were once one of the most highly-regarded atomizer manufacturers in the business, so it comes as no surprise that their new Mesh Pro sub-ohm tank is the first to feature triple mesh coil-heads for extreme vapor production. Like last year’s Fireluke tank, the Mesh Pro is a testament to the Chinese company’s continued pursuit of innovation.

A Look at the Contents

The FreeMax Mesh Pro comes in a stylish cardboard box featuring a picture of the tank in the color it comes in on the front, and a least of features, kit contents, as well as company information, on the back. I think the features are a nice touch, but one of them is a little confusing. FreeMax actually lists three different e-liquid capacities for the tank, but doesn’t specify in what condition each one of them applies. It turns out that the juice capacity of the Mesh Pro depends both on which of the two included bubble glasses you’re using, as well as which of the three types of compatible coil-heads. For example, single mesh coil-heads are considerable smaller in diameter than the massive triple-mesh coils.

Inside the box, we have the lovely resin Mesh Pro tank with a double mesh coil pre-installed, a spare single mesh sub-ohm coil-heads, an extra bubble glass with the same rounded design as the one that made the FreeMax Fireluke so unique when it came out last year, a bag of spare o-rings, as well as a small user manual at the very bottom of the box, underneath the foam holder.

FreeMax doesn’t include the triple mesh coil-head in the Mesh Pro kit, which is a shame, because it really is the most impressive of the three available types. They were kind enough to send me all of them for this review, as well as some stainless steel single mesh coil-heads for temperature control vaping, but the tank kit only includes a single mesh and a double mesh coil head.

In case you’re interested in an RBA (rebuildable base) for the Mesh Pro, you’ll be happy to know that the tank is compatible with the Fireluke RBA. In fact, the coil head boxes clearly state that all coils are compatible with both the Mesh Pro, the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks.

Design and Build Quality

Visually, the most striking feature of the FreeMax Mesh Pro sub-ohm tank is the resin coating on the bottom airflow ring and the top cap. Each tank also comes with an 810 resin drip tip that matches the resin colors on the tank. That’s a big pro, if you’re into resin, but what if you’re not? The Fireluke tank came in good ol’ stainless steel as well as a resin version, but, from what I can tell, the Mesh Pro is only available with resin. Maybe they’ll come up with regular versions in the near future, so I won’t list that as a con.

The Mesh Pro has a diameter of 25mm at the base, but it will balloon over to a few mm more if you use the extra fish bowl glass included in the kit. The glass that comes pre-installed also looks like a bubble tank, because it’s tighter at the top and at the base, but it actually aligns with the base of the tank.

The drip tip is an 810 with two o-rings on the base, so if ever want to swap it with another 810 tip, make sure that it also comes with o-rings, or it will fall off.

As I mentioned, the top cap is coated in resin, and it’s actually a very high-quality resin that not only looks great but is also very smooth to the touch. Right under the top cap, you’ll see a big red dot. Push the top cap outwards right above that dot, and it will slide away to reveal a massive fill port that should fit any size dropper or bottle needle.

At the base, we have a beefy airflow control ring that is coated in the same resin as the top cap and drip tip. It has a bit too much resistance, if you ask me, requiring a bit of strength to adjust, but I for one prefer a tighter ring to a loose one, so I don’t consider it a con.

The two airflow slots are massive – which should please vapers interested in extreme vapor production – and feature stoppers on one side. On the bottom of the tank, we have a gold-plated, adjustable 510 pin that could, theoretically be used with hybrid mods, even though I strongly recommend against it.

There’s no denying that the FreeMax Mesh Pro is an interesting-looking tank, because of the resin and the fish bowl glass, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I won’t comment too much on its appearance. I will however say that the build quality is top notch. The resin is absolutely flawless and the metal sections are well-machined. Overall, the Mesh Pro is a very solid tank.

How It Vapes

The FreeMax Mesh Pro is a very nice tank, but if you already have a Fireluke or a Fireluke Pro in your arsenal, you don’t really need it. Its basically the same tank, to be honest. I have both the stainless steel and resin Fireluke tanks in my collection and the differences between them and the Mesh Pro are minimal. What does set the new Mesh Pro apart from the Fireluke however are the new mesh coils, which, luckily, are compatible with the Fireluke line of tanks.

Mesh is really popular these days, and there are quite a lot of mesh sub-ohm tanks to choose from if you search for them online. However, FreeMax are the first to come up with a triple mesh coil-head, and they’ve been able to do this by figuring out a way to improve the wicking system of their humongous coil-heads.

If you look at the FreeMax double and triple mesh coils, you’ll notice that some of the wicking slots have holes in them that lead to the center of the coil head. This allows juice to flow inside the coil-head, instead of simply being sucked in by the cotton at a slow rate. This way, the juice reaches the coils a lot faster an in a uniform manner, thus minimizing the risk of dry hits, even at high power output. All you really have to watch out for is that there is juice in the tank.

Most mesh coil-heads on the market these days are single coil, for the simple reason that mesh tends to burn the cotton wicking easier than regular coils, so it requires the cotton to remain saturated at all times. That’s harder to do with multiple coils, but FreeMax seem to have it figured out.

The Mesh Pro tank is compatible with the regular Fireluke coil-heads, but in this review we will only look at the new mesh coils. The single mesh coil is the smallest and simplest of all four types. It’s not small, by any means, just smaller in comparison with the other mesh coils. It has a single, vertical mesh coil and common wicking slots, with no holes drilled through them. That’s because this type of coil-head doesn’t actually have a chamber in the middle, but the actual mesh coil, and you certainly don’t want that to flood.

The single mesh coil is rated at 0.15Ω and has a recommended wattage rating of 40W – 70W. It’s a nice coil, vapes great at 60W – 65W, but there’s nothing really impressive about it. You get some dense clouds, clear flavor, but compared to its big brothers, it’s average.

It is with the double mesh coil that the FreeMax Mesh Pro really starts to shine. This coil is rated at 0.2Ω and has a recommended wattage range of 60W – 90W. I rarely go over 80W, but to get the best experience out of this coil-head, I highly recommend setting the wattage output to at least 80W, maybe even 90W. You can vape it at the lower end of its recommended range, and it will deliver good flavor and vapor, but this thing needs power to reach its full potential. My sweet spot with the double mesh coil is 85W, but I’m sure it could handle well over 90W with no problem.

But the true star of the Mesh Pro coil-head line is undoubtedly the triple mesh coil. It is rated at 0.15Ω and has a recommended wattage range of 80W – 110W. It consists of three vertical mesh coils and features three massive holes drilled through the wicking slots to ensure that the juice reaches the coils as fast as possible, to keep the cotton saturated. The system works beautifully, as I’ve never once felt any burnt taste, or even muted flavor for that matter.

I’ve been using the triple mesh coil head at 98W, which for me is extremely high wattage, with 0 nicotine e-liquid, and I’ve been enjoying a truly sublime vaping experience. I personally am not the biggest fan of sub-ohm tanks, as I never seem to get the kind of flavor I love out of them, but the FreeMax Mesh Pro with the triple mesh coil-head is the exception I’ve been looking for. This combination is hands down the best I’ve ever tried, in terms of sub-ohm tanks. Even at close to 100W, the flavor is simply amazing, as for the vapor production, I have no words.

I’ve been lucky to try a lot of sub-ohm tanks over the years, including all iterations of the SMOK TFV tanks (4,8,12, Prince), but the FreeMax Mesh Pro and its mesh coils are by far the best. And when I say ‘by far’, that’s exactly what I mean.

It’s a shame that the kit doesn’t come with the triple mesh coil, but if you ever get the chance to try one, don’t hesitate, it is the best out of all of them.

FreeMax also sent me the SS316 single mesh coil for temperature control, but I’m not into temp. control, so I can’t really comment on how good hey are compared to other similar coils on the market. To me, they seem similar in performance to the Kanthal single mesh coil-heads.

Oh, I forgot to specify that apart from the SS316 coil-heads, all other mesh coil-heads feature Kanthal coils.

If there one negative thing I could mention about the Mesh Pro is that the double and triple mesh coil-heads can be really thirsty, especially once you set the power to 90W and over. But it just comes with the territory. You can’t expect to blow massive clouds out of thin air, so this isn’t really a con, just something to keep in mind.


I personally could go on for at least another thousand words about how good of a sub-ohm tank the new FreeMax Mesh Pro really is, but my reviews are long enough as it is, so I’ll just wrap it up.

Whether you like the look of the Mesh Pro or not, if you’re looking for amazing flavor and giant clouds of dense vapor, I would recommend you get it. If you hate the way it looks, just vape it with your eyes closed and just enjoy its fantastic performance. If you have the FreeMax Fireluke Pro, just get the coil-heads, preferably the triple mesh or at least the double mesh ones, and you’ll enjoy the same vaping experience.

FreeMax have done an incredible job on the Mesh Pro, and it’ll be interesting to see how their competitors try to top their achievement. In the meantime, I just hope people get to experience how great this tank is.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

Get a great price on the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank from Vaporfi.com.

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21 Comments/Reviews

  • Chyme cummings says:
    1 stars

    The mesh pro is by far the worst tank I’ve had yet. I’ve lost almost half my juice in 2days the slider on the top sides open way to easy and if in my purse or on its side it opens and I lose my juice. I enjoy the flavour and everything else about this tank it does make some bubbly noise. But for 55 dollars do not buy this tank please save your juice and messy clean ups and get anything but this tank
    Sorry had to comment just so disapointed

    • Brian Arthur says:
      1 stars

      Came here to say the exact same thing. The top slides open for almost no reason. Fluid gets everywhere. Complete trash.

    • Nick says:

      Hey I’d say there may be a few reasons why your tank leaks. First your juice may be very thin. Check your VG/PG level if its 50/50 or less you’re gonna experience leaking in any tanks. 70/30 80/20 ratio is better. Also if you vape on your coil at too low of a wattage the juice wicks the cotton faster than it can burn it and this also creates the bubble effect. This means that your coil is flooded. Try opening up your airflow and raising wattage and I’m sure you’ll notice a significant difference.

      • Warren says:
        4 stars

        This is True but no excuse for the poor design top slider which is a shame as it’s a good vape with good coils but expensive in the long run because of the liquid you lose.. fingers crossed then next tank doesn’t have the some issue.

        • Lloyd says:
          5 stars

          So glad for the upgrade to fireluke 3! No more losing my liquid with the secure fill top. Can’t get better clouds and taste.

  • Tony American says:
    4 stars

    Great review, I think the tanks looks are great,the coils,especially the triple, are the sh#t. My big complaint is the top slides open way to easy. Still I’d buy it all over again.

  • Heredia says:
    4 stars

    The flavor that this coil produces is astonishing, I love everything about it. With that being said the only drawback of the triple mesh is I cannot get more than 5 days without having to change it out. Its burns up relatively quick even though I’m vaping a clear 2 nic juice.

    • Vranks says:

      Hmm, is it a very sweet e-liquid? Sweeteners usually gunk up on the coils much faster than unsweetened juice. Also, have you tried lowering the power output on the mod, that may also prolong the life of your coils.

    • Khalil lee says:

      The flavor makes the coil burn faster

    • Marc says:

      Set the mode for TC. Using temp control instead of wattage is like driving stick instead of auto. You’ll get huge clouds tons of flavor and the battery will last ALOT longer

  • Jace says:

    I love the tank, worked well for the first month but now it’s constantly saying ‘Check Atomizer’ on any mod I screw it on to.

  • lycan_warlord says:
    5 stars

    I’ve never had the lip open unexpectedly, so idk where those two 1 stars came from. Until they make something better, this will be the only tank I own. triple and quad coils are amazing, and with some shopping you can find them for damn good prices. I’ve also had success with washing (hottest tap water I can muster) and an overnight soak. Then 1-2 days drying in a paper towel. I’ve been able to get 2-3 reuses out of them. Overall, my only real negative is the slide top clearance issue with some juice bottles.

  • Wendy says:
    5 stars

    I have zero issues with mine coming open unexpectedly. I love mine & the flavor from the double coils is exquisite on around 80 watts. No complaints at all here & I’m even buying a second tank. Only slight complaint would be the issue of clearance for refilling with some bottle designs but I haven’t found one that didn’t reach the fill hole; just little awkward at times. I have a couple varieties of the beast & Falcon but the Freemax is my favorite.

  • Carlos r santos says:

    I have the Freemax mesh. I don’t know if it’s the tank or the coils but the taste is as bad as their customer service. I’ve gone through two packs of coils both the single and dual mesh and I get nothing but a cotton taste. I have a baby V2 and have no issues. I contacted customer service and in a bunch of garbled up misspelled words they basically said I’m SOL. SAD.

  • Matt says:

    Best Sub-ohm tank in history, I have no issues with the top sliding open. As for the coils, best coils ever…..

  • Rick says:
    4 stars

    The fireluke coils DO NOT fit this tank. I tried one and it doesnt fit. As fat as the tank, it’s nice, the dual coils are the best around 50 watts. The top slide opening is a terrible design. Slightly bump it and it opens up, spilling juice everywhere.
    The dual coil lasts about two weeks at 50 watts. Overall, not a bad tank, but lacks in quality control because of the sliding top..I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Jason says:
    4 stars

    I’ve been vaping this tank for almost 2 years now. I do hate that the top opens so easy but once I realized this was careful lost about 3 tanks to top slide over 2 years so not extreme. As far the tank goes never had it fail use the dual coil at 82. All and all a good tank I like the fish bowl 6ml good for all day. Plus me and my wife share juice so can’t take it to work. Full tank last my whole shift

  • Zac says:
    3 stars

    Top slides open way too easily, in my pocket, which I’ve never really had any other tank do.
    Other then that it’s a great tank.

  • Jams says:
    2 stars

    Best flavor I’ve had out of a coil. Most idiotic design I’ve ever seen. Unless you plan on never putting this in your pocket I would find something different

  • Anoniem says:
    1 stars

    Most bad vape I’ve tried. Also warranty is bad

  • Red says:
    1 stars

    Worst mod I’ve ever come across. Literally never was able to charge it even once. Battery was shot when I purchased

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