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Guns’n’Roses Guitarist Claims E-Cigarettes Almost Killed Him

The rumors are true, ladies and gentlemen, electronic cigarettes CAN kill you! Famous Guns’n’Roses guitarist DJ Ashba recently revealed he went through a near-death experience after using e-cigarettes he bought from a mall in Poland. Don’t forget, you heard it here first.

If the above sounds like a bad joke, the rest of this story is going to seem pretty crazy. So here’s how it all played out. DJ Ashba, real name Darren Jay Ashba, posted a photo of him smoking a cigarette on Instagram, last Wednesday. A fan commented “I thought you quit the cigs, man?”, to which the Guns’n’Roses guitarist replied: “I did quit for 9 months. However, I was smoking fake cigarettes that I bought in a mall in Poland which contained high doses of nicotine and antifreeze, which kills people.” You hear that, people? Antifreeze in electronic cigarettes kills people, so be careful. Anyway, Ashba didn’t stop there, he went on to tell an incredible story of how he almost lost his life to e-cigarettes. “Nobody knows this, but I was rushed to the hospital put on heart monitors and I had eight of the best doctors trying to save my life” the musician posted on Instagram. “Poison control confirmed that the nicotine intake that was going into my body from the fake cigarettes was equivalent to smoking 33 packs of cigarettes a day.” What in the…? 33 packs a day from e-cigarettes?!? Did he use them virtually non-stop, or were the cartridges loaded with just pure nicotine? Sounds pretty incredible to me, but it gets better.

Ashba wrote that “After doing a full body CAT scan, the doctors were amazed that every organ in my body was in perfect condition. They advised me to start smoking real cigarettes because my body would go into shock if I just stop smoking, so now I can wean myself off of real cigarettes and hopefully quit for good this time.” That’s right, eight of the best doctors in the world advised him to go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes for a while so he could get better…I’ve never heard of anyone dying from nicotine withdrawal, but hey, I’m no doctor, what do I know? “We purposely kept this out of the press but that is the real story of why I am smoking right now,” the rocker concluded his lengthy comment.

As I said, pretty far out stuff, and I would never have believed it, but there is actually a print-screen of DJ Ashba’s Instagram comment, and you can see it for yourself here. After doing the rounds online it was picked up by various entertainment news sites, but so far there’s been no confirmation of its veridity. I actually do hope it’s fake, because otherwise DJ Ashba is talking pure nonsense or there are there are some really shady electronic cigarettes in Poland.

I’d say news like this makes it obvious why we need to have e-cigarettes banned, don’t you agree? Sure, it’s not the most reliable source, but come on, a man allegedly almost died using them. Someone alert Big Pharma and Big Tobacco, they have to get behind this!

Photo: Boyoli/Wikimedia Commons

Source: Blabbermouth

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  • Debbie says:

    I call BS on the whole story

  • Les says:

    MAYBE in Poland they use etylene glycol AKA antifreeze. In North Almerica it is propolyn glycol food grade. That’s right folk check you food labels this type of glycol is on our food. Also vegetable gylcerin is also mixed with the glycol which makes more vapor and less harsh on the throst. As far as nicotine content is concerned sorry but some basement chemist overdid the amount.

  • Les says:

    Excuse my typos, it’s late at night

  • Kywi says:

    Atleast “poland story” my be partly true… Polish “experts” sometimes makes e-juice with technical tobacco (tobacco used for aphid killing). This was a common with cheap pipe tobacco in middle and eastern europe…

    Etnylene Glycol is also not so rare ingredience…
    And of course, artifical flavours, distilled water etc…
    And yes, they usualy sell them with ridiculous amount of nicotine (36 mg – 50 mg or 3,6% – 5,0%)…

    But equivalency of 33 packs?!

    Im from czech republic and worst thing you can buy is polish cheap liquids…

    And sorry, no doctor in first world will never tell you to start smoking cigarettes again, this is just stupid…

    • Rob_ecig says:

      What doesn’t kill you makes Yu stronger.

    • Ezo says:

      Oh please. I’m from Poland and I don’t know what are you talking about. I’ve never seen liquid made from anything else than PG/VG, or with more nicotine than 36 mg/ml (and that’s only for PG/VG base, for DIY).

  • Brett says:
    1 stars

    Too bad it was “almost”. Someone that stupid doesn’t really deserve to breathe… not to mention someone who makes fucking awful music.

  • Jerry says:

    All that proves is that you can die from niccotine poisoning which was already known. Not that ecigs kill you, I will admit they need more research but you must be some sort of moronic Obama voter to buy into and sell a story this stupid.

  • David Pinkham says:
    5 stars

    Too bad this didn’t happen to Axl Rose instead.

  • mike says:

    yea bull shit story, vaping is safe, not bad, my Dr. And my Cancer Dr. both said good job on stop smoking, and good job on vaping. What does this say?

  • SK13 says:

    Give me an F’ing break!!!
    Maybe we should ban GnR for making people’s ears bleed???!!!
    I have been using ecigs for almost 5 yrs. with NO adverse effects.
    But you need to be aware of what you are putting in your body…

    Note to DJ: If you go to Mexico, don’t drink the water!!! :p

  • SK13 says:

    #VapingSavedMyLife #NotBlowingSmoke

  • Chris says:

    Saw it on the internet, so it must be true, right?

  • Steve says:

    Ya this is bull shit ! I saw an interview with DJ where he said he used e cigs to stop smoking then he went to 0 nicotine and stop e smoking ! He never once brought up anything about almost dyeing !!

  • MiriG says:

    I think “Blabbermouth” needs to shut his/her blabbermouth until stories that are blabbermouthed are properly verified!!
    What a load of internet crap!

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