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Research Center Calls E-Cigarette Regulations “A Win for Liars and Big Tobacco”

Capital Research Center, an independent investigative think tank founded in 1984, recently published an article about the deeming regulations of electronic cigarettes recently enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. After analyzing the facts, they called the new rules “a win for liars and Big Tobacco”.

capital-research-center“The Food and Drug Administration has joined with Big Tobacco in an effort to crush the small businesses that make up most of the e-cigarette industry. In doing so, the FDA is putting at risk the lives of millions of Americans,” Dr. Steven J. Allen, Vice-President and Chief Investigative Officer of the Capital Research Center, writes in the first paragraph of his article. He goes on to to tackle a series of controversial issues, like the distortion of scientific research by bureaucrats and politicians, the FDA’s desire to become a “national nanny”, and the agency’s attempt to wipe out small vaping businesses businesses and scuttle innovation in the industry to “enrich the companies that misled the public about the health consequences of real smoking.”

Allen mentions that electronic cigarettes have been classified as tobacco products despite the fact that they contain no tobacco. Neither do they contain any of the roughly 7,000 chemicals associated with real cigarettes, except for nicotine, or any of the chemicals associated with emphysema and the 60 substances classified as carcinogens. Yet, in the interest of public health, the FDA has banned manufacturers from making any kind of health claims when marketing e-cigarettes or even mentioning the fact that their products are tobacco-free.

In their quest to justify these draconian regulations, Government agencies have chosen to ignore all positive e-cigarette research, including the independent studies carried out by reputed organizations like Public Health England and the Royal Academy of Physicians, both of which have concluded that e-cigarettes are about 95% safer than e-cigarettes. Instead, they have resorted to distorting their own research to send a false message to the public.

For example, Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has repeatedly made claims about electronic cigarettes targeting kids and acting as a gateway to smoking, without actually providing any sound scientific evidence. The gateway theory has been debunked by several studies and surveys conducted in the last three years, but people like Frieden just choose to ignore it.


Furthermore, Allen also mentions an instance when the CDC actually manipulated the results of their own study to serve its agenda. “Another CDC fake-out involved the agency’s claim that overall tobacco use by middle and high school students has not changed since 2011. The CDC got to that result by classifying e-cigarettes, which contain no tobacco, as part of overall tobacco use,” he writes.

Regarding the FDA’s approval process required for new e-cigarette products to hit the market, Dr. Allen acknowledges that it serves the sole purpose of wiping out small businesses and shops and handing the whole market to Big Tobacco. “Effectively, the FDA’s actions constitute a ban on e-cigarettes except for products from large corporations that can afford to deal with the FDA bureaucracy,” the Capital Research Center vice-president says. “That dramatically favors Big Tobacco over small manufacturers. Even more favorable to Big Tobacco is the removal from the market of countless e-cigarette products that would have served as alternatives to real smoking.”

The FDA estimates the cost per application to be between $285,000 to $2.6 million, but more realistic estimates put the cost at between $2 million and $10 million per item. With most small businesses in the industry selling dozens of different products, the financial burden is expected to wipe out around 99% of them.


“Today, politicians and bureaucrats and their media allies are attempting to do to e-cigs what they did to tobacco. In the case of tobacco, their targets largely deserved what happened to them. But as we’ve learned before, violators of the Constitution never stop at violating the rights of bad guys. Eventually, using the same techniques of deception, they come for the rest of us,” the Capital Research Center article concludes.

The Capital Research Center was established in 1984 “to examine how foundations, charities, and other nonprofits spend money and get involved in politics and advocacy, often in ways that donors never intended and would find abhorrent.” Today it investigates unions, environmentalist groups, and a wide variety of nonprofit and activist organizations, while also keeping an eye on capitalists seeking to profit by taking advantage of government regulations.

The CRC takes pride in being tax-exempt and fiercely independent. “We perform no contract work and we accept no government funds—not one cent. We depend on voluntary contributions, to fund our important work. We are the Capital Research Center, “America’s Investigative Think Tank,” their YouTube channel description states.

According to Wikipedia, the Capital Research Center is a conservative organization sometimes described as “right wing” or being part of the “New Right”. In the 1990s, the CRC came under fire for publishing a series of studies critical of charities which engaged in anti-tobacco lobbying efforts. It was later revealed that Phillip Morris had contributed $50,000 in funding to the Capital Research Center.

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  • Beau Pracilio says:

    The FDA has broken it’s fundamental rule in what can only be described as The Ultimate Failure to Act when faced to make decisions in the 21st century that Is within any acceptable grounds only managing to create a Gateway for their own financial benefit as they have Always managed to create through,Major industry alliance that will eliminate the position of strength when face with any applied force, Just like Water Always chooseing the path of least resistance and strength!
    Their a disgrace and should be dealt with accordingly as their Position is as weak as water and reflects their unjust actions.
    It is the FDA WHO and the departments of Health’s own actions that have lead to the Cluster of what the majority see as unfair unethical and now bias due to their ability to act and procrastinate while trying to work their own system to seek out a financial gain.
    Which is blantantly obvious having accepted the Low Nicotine Strategy which would been another cash cow as more ppl who smoke would’ve only smoked More while trying to make up for the lost fix of Nicotine & the boosting pyrazines & high sugar contents in Tobacco that their use to.
    Get with the Program and make something work Ethically that is balanced and follows the WTO and international Humanitarian Code “Being a Good Bloke” helps!
    Legalising Meth in the Form of Jelly for Kids with ADHD
    Another Great Idea Accepted By some Half witted Team of “Professional’s”! That was the Second Single Biggest Failure I’ve ever Come across.
    & I speak with over 25 Years of experience First hand What that Crap does to the minds of Young ppl.
    If anyone deserves an award for

    Creating Public Chaos You guys Win Hands down!

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