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SMOK Big Baby Beast Review

The SMOK Big Baby Beast is the newest addition to the popular TFV8 family of tanks. It’s very similar in design and functionality to the TFV8 Cloud Beast and the Baby Beast, which comes included in the Alien 220W kit, and size-wise it’s smaller than the original TFV8 tank and larger than the Baby Beast. SMOK loves to offer all these different versions of their tanks, they’ve done the same thing with the TFV4, and now they’re doing it with the newer TFV8 series.


A Look at the Contents

The SMOK Big Baby Beast tank comes in the usual SMOK packaging – a rectangular cardboard box with an orange and black paper wrapper. On the front we have a clear picture of the tank, so you know exactly what you’re buying, and on the back we have a flattering description of the device, a list of the items included in the kit and all the required warnings and legal disclaimers.

In the box we have the Big Baby Beast tank with a pre-installed coil-head, and underneath its foam holder, we have the generous collection of included accessories we’ve come to expect from SMOK – a second coil-head, an RBA base, two spare glass tubes (one for use with the coil-heads and one design specifically for the RBA), a 510 drip tip, a bag of spare parts (gaskets, o-rings, grub screws,) and Allen key, a SMOK vape band and a user manual.


The tank itself is basically a larger version of the Baby Beast. It has a noticeably larger wide bore drip tip, a wider chimney and bigger airflow slots on the base, but other than that, everything is pretty much the same. In fact, the Big Baby Beast is actually compatible with Baby Beast coil heads, so if you’re not satisfied with the the Ω0.15 quadruple coil or the Ω0.2 sextuple coil included in the kit, you have a wider range of coil-heads to choose from.

If you have a problem with the wide bore Delrin drip tip of the Big Baby Beast, you can easily replace it with your favorite 510 drip tip by using the included adapter.

Since the Big Baby Beast is so similar to the TFV8 Cloud Beast and Baby Beast tanks, both of which I’ve reviewed in great detail, I’ve decided not to dwell too much on the design features of this tank. If you’re interested to learn more about this, feel free to check out either of my previous reviews of TFV8 tanks. What’s important is that the machining is as impeccable as always, which, again, is something we’ve come to expect from SMOK.


Setting Up

After taking apart the Big Baby Beast and rinsing it to remove any leftover machining oil, dry them with a paper towel, and install one of the coil-heads by screwing it on the base of the tank. Then add the glass tank by gently pressing it down onto the base, and finally, screw on the top cap. The chimney screws on directly to the top of the coil head, so make sure they are properly aligned. Once that’s done with, just slide the hinged top cap counterclockwise to reveal the fill port and add juice using a dropper or unicorn bottle. Now all you have to do is wait for the cotton wick to soak some juice, and you’re ready to vape. To make sure you don’t get any nasty dry hits, you can also drip a bit of e-liquid directly onto the coils prior to putting the tank back together.

Setting up the RBA base is a bit more complicated for inexperienced vapers, but if you’ve ever used a rebuildable atomizer before it should be pretty straightforward. Luckily the Big Baby Beast RBA comes with two preinstalled Clapton coils, so all you have to do is insert the cotton wicks. What you want to pay close attention to is the length and thickness of your cotton leads. Make sure they seal off the four wicking ports directly under the coils, but stuff them in there too hard and the e-liquid is going to have a hard time reaching the coils, which may cause dry hits, especially when chain vaping.


There is an art to wicking RBAs, and you’re probably not going to do an outstanding job of it the first time. But that’s ok, I still mess up the wicking sometimes, and I’ve done it hundreds of times. The important thing is to keep at it, eventually you’ll get it right. If you feel you need some help, there are many helpful video tutorials on YouTube.

How It Vapes

After having such positive experiences with both the SMOK TFV8 and the Baby Beast tanks, I was sure that the Big Baby Beast would be just as good. After all it is pretty much the same tank, the only thing that differs is the size. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Instead of beating around the bush, I’m just going to come right out and say it – the Big Baby Beast tank leaks, badly. With the pre-installed coil, juice started dripping through the bottom airflow slots and down on my iJoy MAXO mod in just a few minutes. And it wasn’t just a few drops of it, there was a lot of it and wiping it off didn’t fix the problem. As soon as the bottom of the tank filled up, it started pouring down again. It was horrible.

I thought it was a coil problem so I just drained the Big Baby Beast tank and replaced the first coil with the spare that came in the kit. About 20 minutes after refilling the tank, I could see juice building up in the base once again, but about an hour later, it still hadn’t dripped through the air slots. I was beginning to hope that I had just imagined those droplets of e-liquid on the bottom of the coil, but when I woke up the next morning, the tank was empty and all the juice was on my mod and on the table around it.


This could still be a coil-head issue, but it seems unlikely that both coils had the exact same flaw. My guess is that it has something to do with the insulation, and changing the o-rings may fix the problem, but you shouldn’t have to. Those spare o-rings are intended for wear-and-tear issues, not replacing perfectly new o-rings. I’ll confess that I didn’t even attempt to change mine. I was just too frustrated with this tank, and it wouldn’t have changed my review anyway.

After checking for similar leaking complaints online, I was surprised that pretty much all other reviewers were very happy with the Big Baby Beast, so I guess it’s not a general problem. But it still hints to an inconsistency on SMOK’s part. You shouldn’t have to buy a tank and hope that your lucky enough to get one that doesn’t leak.


I’m really sad to be doing this negative review, I really am. I’ve had mostly positive experiences with SMOK tanks, especially newer models, like the Brit tanks, Baby Beast and TFV8 Cloud Beast, and I honestly hope this Big Baby Beast problem is only an accident.

I could tell you about the monster clouds you get from this tank (when it’s not leaking), or the beautiful RBA base that makes replacing coils and wicking a breeze, but the issue described above just overshadows these aspects. What’s the point of blowing plumes of vapor if it means having to waste most of your liquid in the process?


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  • Evelyn Serrano says:

    I just bought this yesterday and already having trouble closing the top after refilling it and now it’s not hardly vaping. And it leaks too much I don’t if I’m doing something wrong.

    • Daniel Patty says:

      It’s probably the juice you are using making the seal expand. It should have come with an extra. When you swap it out put the seal in a pot of boiling water for a couple minutes and that will shrink it back to normal. Works for me.

    • Gina Puma says:
      5 stars

      Hey ok so I have this tank and I wanna cry cuz I just lost it Tonight and I will go out and buy it again as far as closing it all you have to do is close it almost all the way and instead of pushing it the same way press down ever so slightly and in at the same time and it closes perfectly!! And to boot my tank never leaked once not even a drop and I’m the type of person that will just shut my mod off and toss it in my pocket I do mechanic work so I’m throwing it in my pocket often and not once has it leaked I absolutely love this mod and the baby but I like the larger bored drip tip on this one MD the RBA

      • Shawna Kelly says:
        5 stars

        I love the big baby beast. I borrowed one from my aunt and ordered the smok 220 alien kit and didnt like the smaller tank with the baby beast so i went and got a big baby and i also just throw it in my pocket and its never leaked on me and ive dropped it hundreds of times and it has treated me right would recommend to anyone

    • Callum Peters says:

      The smoke tanks have a manufacturing defect and have a seal not fully closed causing a lot to slowly start leaking I found by this happening to me 3 new big baby beast tanks I got with the 225 pro colour I have got my money back

  • Arif Khan says:
    5 stars

    Hi I want to know what size is the glass for the RBA as it is bigger than the normal size tank. Thanks.

    • Zachary Ciardelli says:

      Common sense would put the large rba with the larger tank.. but I get sense isn’t common lmao

  • Mustafa says:

    Can u tell me what is the solution of leaking please…. I ordered mine which will reach my hands within 2 days so the solution will help me a lot

    • Howard says:
      5 stars

      The problem I find with these coils is the seal that separates the leads is usually not very well sealed and the juice travels down the coil lead and out the bottom. I smash the crap out of every coil before I install, making sure the contact pin in the coil is flat against the rubber spacer and there are no wires sticking out. Do that, and you shouldn’t have any leaks.

    • Rick says:

      Replica coils will leak…

  • MiriG says:

    Damn! I’m really sorry you’ve had this experience because like yourself I’ve had wonderful vapes with the other two TFV8’s I own and am jut about to buy ’tis one because the baby beast is my fav except the tank is too small.
    I’ve got severe Emphysema so I can’t use the full size Beast for long so this was going to be the answer as far as tank size that I needed!
    Well, I just hope that my experience isn’t the same as yours and that someone can come up with a fix and post it here, plus anywhere that gets large exposure.

  • Gary London says:
    5 stars

    Sorry to hear people are having leakage issues.
    I got mine as part of the kit with the G Priv and have had no issues at all with the tank. Used 3 different types of coils now no probs at all.
    Absolutely love the thing. Best tank and mod combo I have used so far.

  • Harland says:
    5 stars

    I actually had an issue at first. I just had to reseat the coil and twist it tighter. Ever hear of tightening a screw loosening it and tightening again? This is what worked for me. Hope this works for you. Also messing with the base of the coil could possibly do something. Just mess with it. You won’t hurt anything. Even if you do the prebuilt quad coil is replaceable.

    • Austin says:
      5 stars

      This also worked for me. I had a leak so i just twisted it tighter and turns out that it wasnt as tight as it could have been from the factory. Problem solved in 30 sec

  • Steve says:
    5 stars

    I have all 3 beast tanks and this one is special. Great size, great airflow and great flavor. Never gets hot and has some small leaks but nothing crazy. I do install the coil to the chimney first then to the base. I’ve tried all the coils and the x4 is the best for clouds+flavor however it’s a bit less airflow.
    The RBA is great but I’m not a good wicker and just don’t mess with it as I’m in love with the x4 coil.
    Give it another shot with the x4.

    • Fred Rogers jr says:

      I love the big baby. I mean I pre-soak my coils to where the e-juice is running out of them before I install them and I still haven’t had any leak problems I use the V8 baby T8 coils best flavor I’ve ever had it sure beats the elabo tank that I have

  • Thomas says:
    5 stars


    Hey guys, I had the same exact problem with this tank. I had vaped it for a few minutes, left it in my car where it then leaked all over my cupholder. Here’s the actual fix (found it in a youtube comment):

    First take your tank apart and clean it. I personally had a hard time removing the coil from the base as well as getting the glass removed from the top cap. But don’t worry, you’ll get it. THEN, really important, when reassembling: screw the coil onto the TOP CAP first (real tight). Then put the glass on the base and screw the whole top part with the coil attached, to the base. Fill up your tank again and start vaping it. You might still get some leaking initially, but as soon as you start vaping, the heat creates a vacuum inside the tank so it will stop leaking. Clean off excess juice and enjoy your tank leakfree!

  • Matt says:
    5 stars

    I got my Big Baby last week and I’m using it with T6 coil. Didn’t tried X4 or RBA yet. I’m using 90/10 to 80/20 (somewhere in that range) homemade juice and I have not seen any leaking so far. None. It’s really great tank (I’m tired of coiling and wicking) but coils are a little on the expensive side. I’m using T6 with airflow half open and 50W. If these coils last a couple of weeks at least then it’s best tank with changeable coils so far in my collection. My Big Baby upon close inspection have just a little problem with top opening mechanism – it is a little loose when open for juice filling. And that is so far only con I could find. I got discount and paid only 25 EUR. Currently best Tank in my collection.

    However as a daily driver I use Joyetech VTC-VTwo with Wotofo Serpent Mini with which is more on the flavor side then producing big clouds. And that combination is really small and “cute”.

    • John says:

      What do you mean if the coil lasts a couple weeks you will be happy? If you are only getting a week or two out of your coils then you need better juice. I go through 120 ml every two weeks and coils last a month or more. Until I found the right juice I went through coils like crazy. The right juice = long lasting coils. I am however glad that there is a fix to the leak issue as I had given up on it and gone back to my horizon arctic sub ohm.

    • Zachary Ciardelli says:
      3 stars

      Yeah if your coils aren’t lasting very long then it’s definitely your choice of juice.. I get a month out of 1 no problem. 70 – 80w airflow at half to fully open. Although I am in Canada premium juices are only 20-25$ CAD for a 30ml bottle.. like 17$ EU. Worth it to spend the money on better liquids

  • Karl says:
    2 stars

    I haven’t had any problems with leaking but I’ve heard of them happening a lot. The solution I found was screwing the top of coil into the chimney first and then screwing the base into the bottom from there.

    A problem I have had though is with the longevity of the coils. With my old TFV4, I would get at least a week of great flavour out of a coil but I barely get a day with the Baby Beast coils. Once the flavour dulls, I probably get another day before it starts tasting harsh and a little burnt. I’ve had it almost two months and I’ve gone through four 5-packs of coils (and I’m two into my 5th pack now).

    I was such a big fan of Smok beforehand but I’m finding myself looking for a different tank altogether now.

  • Michael Williams says:
    4 stars

    How big is the drip tip piece (mouth piece). I lost mine and wanted to replace it.

  • Phil carr says:
    4 stars

    The first time I used it it leaked big time but I’m new to big boy vapeing,so I opened it up and the coil wasn’t tight since then I make sure the coil is screwed in as tight as poss and had no problems since

  • Caine Wing says:
    5 stars

    I had the same leaking issue with my Baby Beast, but have been using my big baby for a few days straight now and haven’t had the same issue with this one. I’m not sure what makes this an issue for some consumers and not for others.

  • Ross says:
    5 stars

    I like it. To prevent leaking try not to overfill it. I fill it to about where the coil meets the chimney. No problems. Vapes great but drinks a lot of juice. Still my favorite tank.

  • Alex Ward says:

    I think there are much better RBA systems available and if you were to use it with the quad or sextuple coils, i personally think they are to expensive to replace as frequently as I run through them. I’d get the Fuji Son by digiflavor if your after a RBA

  • George says:
    1 stars

    In my opinion its terribly designed. the valves on the tank to adjust the airflow get stuck 90% of the time and you have to sit and pry them open one way or the other because when you try to take the tank apart to clean it or change the coils the valves over rotate and get stuck because they don’t spin all the way around. not sure if it makes sense but I don’t recommend this tank at all you’ll see what I mean if you get it.

  • Johnnie says:
    3 stars

    I recently bought the Smoke Stick V8 which comes with the Big Baby and it leaked something fierce right away. Nothing I did has stopped it so since this is a kinda common issue, the vape shop is mailing me a new one to replace it. I hope the new one doesn’t have any issues because it vapes great until it starts leaking and spitting really bad.

  • Steve says:
    4 stars

    I’m surprised at these leaking comments. I’ve had mine for three weeks, in fact I’ve had two but that’s another story and I’ve had no leaks whatsoever. I agree that the pre made coils don’t seem to last too long – I’m getting about five days but, I suppose given the VAST amount of liquid these things use, I’m not surprised that the coils wear out quickly. Having only recently moved to sub ohm vaping, I’ve been horrified at the amount of liquid I’ve been using. I’ve only used LOADED liquid to date at £30 for 120ml – I’m reckoning on using two a month. Add that into the new coils and this is proving to be far more expensive than the less satisfying pen vaping.

    Going back to the baby beast, the air flow spinner at the bottom can get frustratingly jammed, when tightening the head back onto the unit

    I personally love this unit. Apart from it’s thirst for coils and liquid, it’s incredibly satisfying and certainly gives those unreal size vape clouds

  • Chris says:
    5 stars

    I’ve had my big baby for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it! I haven’t had any leaking issues or issues with the air flow ring getting stuck. As long as I keep sufficient airflow to my pre-built coils they last a decent amount of time/fluid for me. They will tend to burn up if I hit it too slow, or have the air flow closed too much, but I learned that lesson pretty quickly! After some practice with wicking the RBA I got it right and it’s by far my favorite way to vape out of this tank. The flavor and vapor production are fantastic! I’m going today to pick up more pre-built, and some wire to make my own coils. Probably go with Clapton just because of how well it’s been working so far.

  • The Motel says:
    5 stars

    I think when 90% of people say it’s great and 10% say otherwise it’s clear that most, if not all, of the bad experiencing are a result of user error. They don’t include instructions for shits and giggles but unfortunately there’s people that think their way is better. This tank is great and not because a bunch of shit head YouTube reviewers say so but because IT IS! Myself and many others will tell you that SMOK has literally made a beast of a tank. I ran this fucking thing over attached to my RX 2/3 with my car and their both still trucking on. Other than cosmetic damage likes scratches, blemishes, a bend in the rx’s battery door and a chipped delrin drip tip they both still worked perfectly. I was able to fix the bend no problem with some plyers as I wasn’t worried about scratches anymore at that point and since I was using a different tip on the beast I just put the original back on! The mod was strong enough to protect the batteries from any damage whatsoever and the big baby’s glass didn’t even break! Durable as hell and a God damn pleasure to vape every day! Fuck this review and fuck all the misleading bullshit out there in and outside of the community!

    • Word says:

      The flavor just isnt there with this tank. Everything else is ok but compared to many other tanks this one doesn’t give as great flavor. Never had any leaks with mine, all of the different coils have been fine. Youtube reviews are mostly worthless look how many said the mini volt was a good mod and its a conplete piece of trash

    • savage55 says:
      5 stars

      best damn tank there is got 2 of them not a prob no leak nothing i have even droped this tank of a ladder still going strong o and damn good flavor and badass clouds

    • Zachary Ciardelli says:
      2 stars

      The glass used for the tanks are actually super cheap.. smallest drop with the included tiny smok bands does nothing for protection if the rings aremy exactly overtop the metal underneath the glass. . If not it just caves. I’m forgetful tho, I will say that. So that’s my fault for the drops but I’ve actually broken the original glass and the rba glass super easily. It’s cheap. Replacements at a shop near me only cost 3$ CAD.. no big deal. But they should temper their glass or something cause it’s crap

    • Seann Scott says:
      5 stars

      Ha ha ha, I Totally agree on this one, TOTALLY !!!!!

  • MS vape shop owner says:
    4 stars

    SMOK may of had a few bad tanks/coil heads go out, or it may be user error causing leaks. I am not sure, but we have sold a couple hundered of the Big Babys. and NOt ONe has been brought back due to leaking. SMOK is making some remarkable products these days, and they have moved themselves firmly into the top spot of the well known mass market brands. These tanks are good, but IMHO these are the BEST Tanks out there NOW:
    1. Low to intermediate wattage Nautilus2 , SMOK Spirals tank
    2. MId wattage tanks – UWELL D1 tank, Starre PURE Tank, Original Crown, Crown SE1 (updated Crown2 with FIXED coil heads!)
    3. High Wattage tanks – Arctic V12, Melo300, SmokTFV8, SmokTFV12

  • Word says:
    3 stars

    I got one with my al85 kit, didnt buy it for the tank i just wanted the mod and they didnt sell it seperste where i got it. It definitly produces massive vapor but flavor is not on par with other smaller coil tanks. Another thing i didnt like is that it drinks juice so fast due to all the vapor its making, the coil head is so big that it doesnt hold much juice. It kinda doesnt make sense that they made these tanks smaller then the cloud beast do to how much juice they consume. 2 long large hits you can pretty much empty the tank. Out of all the cliks i found the .6 to have the best flavor. I am not a fan of huge mouth peiece since i was a smoker i prefer something comparable to a cig. Its a not a bad tank but it definitly isnt as good as all this hype about it. great vapor, great nic hit, but flavor is not on par with other regular size coil tanks and obviously no where near a rda flavor.

  • Brittani says:

    Mine leaks horribly! !!! I’ve even taken it to three different shops to see if they had any idea why it’s leaking so badly. I can fill it up, within 10 minutes all my juice is leaked out. It didn’t do this the first 2 weeks I had it. I just started out of nowhere and nothing I do is helping this issue. I’m beyond fed up with this. Will be buying a different tank asap.

  • Danny says:

    The factory coils on mine work perfect. But the RBA sucks. First it just kept shorting. No matter what. Problem was the bottom post corners were barely touching the sides and if I backed if out half a turn it would fire. Fixed that with a file.. Problem two. The top of the RBA seems to be threaded different than the factory coils cause it will not screw on. There is a solid 1mm gap between the top of the RBA And the seal. RBA… Useless. I hope it’s just this RBA

    • Hyperthread says:

      Did you use the separate glass tube (included in the kit) made for the RTA?
      If not, that’s probably your problem.

  • STU says:


  • Ryan says:

    I figured out the solution to why it’s leaking there isn’t enough cotton in the juice Reservoir so once you add more cotton it should stop the leaking completely

    I was experiencing the same problem until I add more cotton to the juice Reservoir then it completely went away

  • Dazza says:
    5 stars

    Danny. The RBA is taller than the standard coils, nothing to do with the threads – that’s why you have a gap at the top. Fortunately they’ve included a taller glass in the box.

    I can’t say I’ve had any problem, and I’ve not had it long but I’m struggling to find a proper complaint with mine. I agree that a lot of these problems are user error, closing the airflow when you fill is schoolboy stuff isn’t it?

    Yes it does like a lot of juice, but if you want a thick cloud you need to vaporise a lot of juice. Where do people think the cloud comes from?

  • Corey says:
    1 stars

    To begin, both the X4 core and the t6 cores didn’t work. Didn’t work as in, regardless of how many times I unscrew them from the base and screw back in, they just flash 0.00 Ohms. Happens every time I get a junk coil that doesn’t make a proper connection. pretty sad that both pre-builts are doing this. Now onto the RBA, lol, this thing wasted a good 3 hours of my time, and all I can smell is strawberry…. hands, pants, table, totally soaked when I tried the RBA. Thankfully this one actually fired up. Cottoned it, and tested it before installing everything and it fired up fine. So I capped it and filled the tank, and about half way to full, it poured out of the air ports. I drained what was left, put cotton across the air ports under the coils to help damn the leak and allow the coils to soak up more before pouring out the bottom, and then inhaled a torrent of magma that was once my juice. The ports being covered made me basically use it as a straw and pulled in a mouth-full. Then I managed to find some happy medium adjusting the cotton, where there was just a small leak, and a little gurgle, but was not pouring out the bottom or in my mouth. Then, it just wouldn’t smoke right. Barely any vape at all, and just a burnt taste. Yep, the cotton and coils were soaked. I just don’t get having t cranked to 40-45 watts and still barely getting vapor. Instead, it just gets harsher. I usually use a Kanger Sub Box Mini and the stock tank, so you have an idea of what I normally use, and that thing actually smokes. Apparently my Big Baby Beast Kit was put together in a f*#king clown car. This is the worst kit I’ve ever gotten.

  • muurdock says:
    4 stars

    I bought it about a week ago. Yes it leaks like hell, but after a while i figured out that it is problem of the last o ring of the head…x4 have too many wires coming out so the o ring cant seal properly that area. fix is to pick one of those tine screwdrivers and push all wires to the sides,so ring can touch the head everywhere. No leakage at all after few days now.

    • murdock says:
      4 stars

      …and i forget to add , x4 and m2 heads taste great, but i prefer to change mouthpiece for something with smaller diameter.

  • monson says:

    Been subohming for awhile with tanks, I’m lazy lol.. Just ordered one of these deals cause I wanted bigger clouds and I kinda wish I hadn’t after reading these reviews.. Check out joyetech ultimo tank, easy rewicking on the notch coils, these things last for weeks.. vastly underrated imo

  • Kevin Shenk says:
    5 stars

    Dude this thing is fantastic

  • Rondy Reeves Jr. says:
    5 stars

    I bought one yesterday (20 October 2017) after using a regular Baby Beast for months and months without any problems. Primed the coil, filled it up, let it sit for a few minutes, took a few puffs, and leakage seepage. It was terrible, and I was honestly shocked. Other than my Alien crapping out at only a little more than 12,000 puffs (as much as I loved the Alien, I’ll never buy another after that) I’ve had nothing but success with Smok products.

    Aggravated, I took it apart, cleaned everything, and tossed out the pre-installed coil and replaced it with another .15 coil. Made sure everything was nice and tight. So far so good. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

    Other than the leaking, the flavor is good, guys and girls. I don’t care about “ZOMG MASSIVE CLOUDS BRAH”, but those of you who do would probably be pleased with the cloud production. After using a Baby Beast for so long it is taking me a little time getting used to the much larger drip tip on the Big Baby which is easily two to three times larger than the BB drip tip.

    Doesn’t seem to get hot after vaping or chain-vaping. Came with lots of extras.

    Got me a cool green Army-style camo one, which made my girlfriend laugh her butt off – she knows how much I love military and hunter’s camo patterns.

    Here’s to hoping that the leaking was just because of a bad coil (which God knows Smok is guilty of – out of every five pack of coils I’ve ever bought I have gotten at least one dud).

    Taking a star away for the leaking. Adding .5 stars for knowing that “Made in China”’often means made by near-slaves working for pathetic and cruel wages and I should have expected the leaking issues.

    • Jeanna Huston says:

      I ordered a alien kit came with a baby beast it leaked horrible and was small so i went and got a big baby beaat from the store and not one problem at all. I read the fine print and the one i ordered was a knockoff so thats probably why it leaked. Didn’t look for that cause i had no idea knock offs were being made! My advice is make sure you check and confirm online orders arent fake mods. Giving smok a bad name. Smok tanks are still my fav

  • saf says:

    It’s terrible experience after all issues including leaking , rba not detected and also wrong ohm detection (all that and am using papers tp dry it and dry my fingers all the time!!!! comes the most negative part it also stucks on mod and makes free spin movement, so it cannot be removed ! FUCK YOU SMOK TECH.

  • Wb67 says:

    So i have a solution that works great as a backup. I twist a small tissue and wrap it around the edge inside of the airflow, this way if it leaks the tissue soaks it up before it drips out the flow. No more sticky pockets bam!

  • drury says:

    have no problems with leaks pull apart coil from base make sure 1 drop of juice on Oring make sure it is lubed and free in seating pos do it up furmly no leaks thats it. Some preinstalled coils are Oring not seated correctly or dry both most of the time

  • Capone5150 says:
    5 stars

    Holy crap! Mine is set to arrive on Saturday and I’m going to take all this advice in (but I’m not wrapping tissue around the vent, but thanks) and I’m hoping for the best. I stopped vaping afew years back and I wanted something cheap but powerful and most likely it’s a knock off because the whole 3000mah stick and Big Baby Beast only cost me $24. I get my juice from cigabuy.com and pay around $16 for 200ml of RY4 delivered and it’s always been good to me and tastes great so I’m okay if it sucks up 5ml an hour, lol. Big clouds and a nice flavor is the hope. 5 stars for now, gotta stay positive!

  • Capone5150 says:
    5 stars

    Well, my kit arrived a day early! I love when that happens. I started off worried because the battery arrived completely dead, which never happened 3 or so years ago when I had so many vape pens and box mods (my last one was a three battery beast but my memory fails me, can’t recall the name). Anyhow, I always got at least a little charge in the battery upon arrival of any one of the 20 or so batteries I’ve owned, and to tell you the truth, this 3000mah felt pretty dang light which is never a good sign when it comes to batteries- I used to weigh them to see if they were authentic. The heavier the better. Either way I tried to research the best input to charge the battery but I couldn’t find an answer so I figured I’d play it safe and go with an old 5v/1.0amp instead of the 2.1a I had ready to go. I think that was a wise choice because the battery is already running a little hot. I don’t know if anyone brought this up, but I had been reading about people having problems getting the thing fully charged and that got me down because I really wanted to try this “Beast” out and take my first vape in years and then BAM- someone posted that the Smok2 3000mah battery worked as a passthrough- hell yes! That is vital information and my quest was on. I didn’t want to
    I’m pretty sure it is a knockoff (sorry Smoke) because the outside box says it comes with a .15ohm dual coil pre-installed and a .25ohm on the side and the manual said it came with two .3ohm dual coils- but with my handy pocket magnifier (10 for $.99 on eBay) I was able to see that infact I got two .15ohm could. Gotta be fake. So, I took pretty much everyone’s advice and took my time, carefully taking it apart, priming the coil in it’s four holes, lightning back up real good with a pAir of channel locks with a towel wrapped around them so I wouldn’t scratch it. Filled it up and waited a good 10 minutes to make sure a dry hit wouldn’t be remotely possible… And * know someone said closing the air vent and giving it a good inhale was “basic” or “rookie information” or whatever, but my memory sucks and I’m glad for that post… I’d forgot about that simple technique to help the seal and get the juice close to the top. I did it all, even turned the top fill cap gently and giving it a little push and I was fully prepared to boil my O-Rings if all that didn’t work, but you know what? It hit perfectly! Nice flavor from my dirt cheap RY4 (and I found two extra 100ml bottles I bought last year and forgot about so I’m good to go. As any vaper knows, esspecially one who has analog cigs at the ready, the only thing I need to do now is pick up a couple back ups… I somehow saved an old KangerTech all metal that takes the old pointy 1.5ohm coils and while it never produced big clouds, thetaste and reliability was good, so I might just pick up a 75w eLeaf and swap out the tanks… No leaks and this thing is AWESOME. The previous 5 star rating stands and I want to say thanks to you all- I probably would have blown it if not for all your good and occasionally hilarious advice! Next in the mail is a $33 10800mah charger with Qualcomm 3.0 rapid charge, and get this- it freaking will Jump Start up to a 3 0 L car! And it will serve as my never ending battery supply thanks to the passthrough- feature of the Smok2 3000 battery. BTW buy it on eBay and three year warranty is only $3.99 instead of Amazon’s $11 99 or so. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t jump my 2.0L Dodge Caliber. Pretty soon every cell phone will have a jumper cables port and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t add a difibulator feature one day too. And your phone will act as a 100″ HDTV and you’ll get every channel for free like you get any song you want on YouTube today! The future is awesome! Little football stadiums will be projected in 3D on your living room floor and playing Madden 2030 will be amazing! I rant… Bipolar is a blessing and a curse but for now I’m stoked to be vaping again, baby! See you in the mental ward! Thx & Peace! No leaks!

  • TJ says:

    I Just found mine after a while of not using it and went and cleaned it but now after putting it back together the Glass tube wont stay connected to the base and will just fall off after seconds of being put on, I have looked everywhere for solutions and haven’t found anything. I hope someone here would have a solution because at this point I am beyond frustrated and don’t have the money to go out and buy a whole new tank

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