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XEO VOID Vaporizer Review

The XEO VOID is an entry-level device aimed at beginners and intermediate users looking for a better vaping experience and a longer battery life than cigalikes could possibly offer. Featuring a built-in cup-like tank that makes leaking a non-issue, support for sub-ohm coils and adjustable airflow control, the XEO VOID sounds like a very promising vaporizer, and in this review we’re going to see if it can actually compete against the wave of similar devices that have hit the market lately.

The VOID was developed by German  company XEO, an established e-cigarette and e-liquid brand in Europe, but is also available in the US through a partnership with V2 Cigs.


A Look at the Contents

You can tell that the XEO VOID was not originally developed for the US market simply by looking at the packaging. Instead of the usual cardboard boxes used by the majority of American and Chinese brands, XEO opted for a large clear plastic box that contains the VOID unit, a USB charging cable, two coil-heads and a user manual. The contents are pretty standard for such a starter kit, but you have to keep in mind that you have to have your own e-liquid in order to use it. Also keep in mind that the VOID does not come with a pre-installed coil, so you have to screw one on before adding the juice.

The Design

The VOID is a very compact vaporizer with an appealing design. It is about the same size as the hugely popular Joyetech eGo AIO, one of its main competitors, but has an innovative triangular shape with rounded edges that allows you to set it horizontally on a flat surface without it rolling off. The bottom half of the device houses a non-removable 1500mAh battery, while the top half features a built-in 2ml cup tank and a child-proof top cap and drip tip.


The power button, in fact the only button of the XEO VOID, shares the same triangular shape of the vaporizer and has an LED-illuminated lining that lights up whenever you press it. The button is nice and clicky and makes no annoying rattling sound, even if you shake it vigorously. Right next to the power button is the micro-USB charging port that also allows you to use the VOID as a passthrough while it’s charging, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

The detachable top cap has a funnel-like design that makes the draw feel a bit tighter that on the eGo AIO, for example, but if you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper, that shouldn’t be a big issue. The metallic ring right under the chromed drip tip is actually a dial that allows you to adjust the airflow. You can make the draw airier or tighter by rotating this ring clockwise or counter-clockwise.


Setting Up

After turning on the XEO VOID by clicking the power button five times in rapid succession, the first thing you have to do before filling up the 2ml tank is pop open one of the two blister packs containing the coil-heads and screw one of those bad boys to the bottom end of the detachable top cap. Mouth-to-lung vapers will probably prefer the 1.0Ω coil, while direct lung hitting fans will choose the 0.6Ω.

Once the coil-head is firmly attached to the top cap, you may proceed to fill the tank with e-liquid. Just make sure you don’t go over the “Max” indicator or juice will overflow when you connect the top cap with the coil head attached. The cup-like design of the built-in tanks allows you to simply pour juice in without worrying about it finding its way into the chimney or leaking through the airflow holes. Originally introduced by Joyetech on its innovative Cubis tank, this design has since been adopted by other manufacturers because it guarantees a leak-free vaping experience.


Now that you’ve installed the coil and filled up the tank with juice, just give it a good 15 minutes to wick properly, and you’re ready to vape. There’s no wattage adjustment available on the XEO VOID, it just fires at 30W regardless of the resistance of the coil, but you can adjust the airflow to control the tightness of the draw and the vapor volume.

How It Vapes

If you’re looking for the biggest clouds, the best flavor and the best battery life, you can do a lot better than the XEO VOID. There are plenty of advanced mods and tanks out there that outperform this device, but they are much pricier and require extensive vaping knowledge to operate properly. However, for someone looking for a hassle-free all-in-one device that offers above average performance, is easy to carry around as well as affordable, this vape pen is all you need.


As you would expect from a device that closely mimics all the main features of the amazing eGo AIO, the VOID offers a pleasurable vaping experience. Vapor production is on par with that of Joyetech’s vaporizer, which means it’s way better than what you get from those tiny cigalikes, and, with the sub-ohm coil and a max VG e-liquid, it actually rivals the vapor-chugging capabilities of some medium-power mods.

The XEO VOID is primarily aimed at ex-smokers looking to give vaping a try, but the excellent vapor production and decent battery life also makes this device a great choice for intermediate and advanced vapers interested in a compact vaporizer for vaping on the go.


The VOID uses the exact same type of coil-heads as the Joyetech eGo AIO, so some advanced users may find the draw a bit too tight even with the air slots wide open, due to the small air-shaft and tiny wicking holes of the coils. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an entry-level device, so the tighter draw has a very important purpose – to replicate the sensation of smoking as closely as possible

The flavor you get from the XEO VOID is also infinitely better than anything you’ve ever gotten out of a cigalike or even some advanced tanks, and thanks to the spiral-shaped spit-back protection of the mouthpiece, there’s virtually no risk of getting any juice in your mouth, even when using thinner PG-heavy blends.


During a week of testing the XEO VOID, I’ve only used the 0.6Ω coil, because I prefer direct lung hits and the 1.0Ω one is more suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping, but as I mentioned above, this thing uses the same type of coils as the Joyetech Cubis and the eGo AIO, so you can virtually uses any resistance you like, as long as it’s not below 0.3Ω or higher than 5Ω.


The XEO VOID is one of the best all-in-one vaping devices on the market right now. It has a high-quality compact metallic body that feels great in your hand and make it a great option for vaping n the go, it’s easy to use, and the performance is on par with the top devices in its size category.

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