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The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes, a Book by Pr. Jean Francois Etter

Written by Jean Francois Etter, professor of public health at the University of Geneva and one of the world’s most renowned experts on tobacco addiction, The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes is a book that tries to answer the most important questions surrounding these innovative devices.

the-truth-about-electronic-cigarettesSick of all the misleading e-cigarette articles in the media? Looking to find real answers to important questions like “are electronic cigarettes dangerous to your health?”, “can they help you quit smoking?”, “does vaping save you money?” Then you might want to take a look at Professor Jean Francois Etter’s newest book, The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes. One of the biggest supporters of e-cigs as an alternative to smoking, and an expert on issues of public health and tobacco addiction, Etter tries to answer the most burning questions about e-cigarettes in a simplified and easily digestible way, while also tackling the scientific, practical and economic aspects of vaping.

About the health benefits of vaping, Pr. Etter writes that “with electronic cigarettes, 99.9% of dangers related to smoking are eliminated“. The subject of nicotine addiction, one of the main arguments of e-cigarette opponents is also addressed in the new book, and the Swiss expert believes that “we’re talking about addiction when you can no longer do without a product that destroys the health and social life of the user . This is the case of tobacco that kills you, ruins you financially and isolates you, whereas this is not the case of the e-cigarette that saves you, saves you money and does not desocialize you . “

Regarding the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, Jean Francois Etter writes that “while it is too early to say scientifically, clinical trials, observational studies and evidence are consistent: the electronic cigarette has helped a large number of smokers kick their habit … even when they lack the will to do so.” 

Designed to offer an objective view into the world of vaping, The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes also mentions that there are no long-term studies into the effects of inhaling propylene glycol and warns about the dangers of counterfeits. “Watch out for counterfeits,” Etter writes. “They have defects (limited lifetime devices, breakdowns, fluid leaks, etc..) and are developed with ingredients of lesser quality.

Our political leaders must demonstrate a real political courage and not miss the public health revolution that is the electronic cigarette. The lives of millions of smokers and vapers are at stake,”  the Swiss professor concludesHe also supports the idea of taxing e-cigarettes, as long as the proceeds are used to ensure better quality control of the devices and e-liquids, thus ensuring the safety of users.

The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes also features an extensive preface by Dr. Gerard Mathern, a renowned pneumologist, Secretary General of France’s League of Tobaccologists and President of the Rhone-Alps Tobaccologie Institute. The book is currently only available in French, has 168 pages and costs €11. It is published by the Fayard publishing company.

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