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Are E-Cigarettes Allowed on Planes?

There was a time when you could freely take your e-cigarette and e-liquid aboard airplanes as well as pack them in your luggage, but things have changed a lot since those days, and today most airlines have strict protocols regarding vaping and the transportation of vaping gear.

The simple answer is ‘Yes’, you can take electronic cigarettes and e-liquid on planes, but there are a few general rules you should abide by to avoid having your vapes confiscated, or worse still, getting fined or being banned by certain airlines for a stupid mistake.

Can I Take My E-cigarette With Me on the Plane?

You should always check the rules of the airline you will be flying with, but according to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website, all “battery-powered e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person)”. That goes for you lithium batteries as well. Dry batteries (simple AA, AAA, C, D) can be transported in checked bags, but any lithium batteries, like those that power laptops and smartphones and some vaping devices have to be carried in the plane cabin.

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So not only can you take your e-cigarettes with you on the plane, the TSA actually requires you to do so rather than pack them in your checked luggage. I used to think it was the other way around for a while, but luckily I double-checked before traveling on vacation abroad and realized my mistake in time.

You’ll find that different airlines have different guidelines and rules regarding the number of batteries allowed in carry-on bags, and how they should be packaged. While some companies allow a maximum of two batteries, other allow up to 20 individual batteries.

When using external-battery vape mods, it’s best to remove the batteries from the device, and use a plastic battery case for safe storing. You don’t want your mod going off accidentally and causing a small fire inside the cabin in mid-flight. Yes, I know, the risk of that happening is very small, but it has happened before, and whenever it does, it hurts the entire vaping movement, so don’t be selfish!

Can I Take E-Liquid on the Plane?

As for e-liquid, again, it’s up to the airline, but typically, you are allowed to take e-liquid with you in the cabin, just keep in mind that it will be included in the maximum 100ml you are allowed to take with you, so you can only take so much. It should also be packed in a clear plastic bag, with the rest of your liquids.

If you’re using a refillable tank, it’s best to empty it before boarding the plane, because the air pressure inside the cabin may cause it to leak. Even it’s packed in a plastic bag, do you really want to clean it up afterwards? The risk of leaking is smaller in the case of vape pods, but it’s still safer to empty your refills, if possible.

Most airlines allow for larger quantities of e-liquid to be carried in checked luggage, so you should probably take that option if you’re traveling for longer periods of time, and need to bring your favorite juices with you.

Can I Use E-Cigarettes on the Plane?

If you’re trying to bring e-cigarettes on the plane so you can vape, I have some bad news for you – it’s not going to happen. Well, not unless you want to make the news like this guy who hid in the airplane toilet so he could vape. He pleaded ignorance, but that didn’t help him much. He was placed in police into police custody upon landing, and was banned from the airline for life.

You might think that you can get away with a few stealthy puffs, maybe keep the vapor inside the lungs for longer so they’re not as visible, and maybe you can, but is it really worth the risk? Airlines are really strict about this kind of stunts, they have installed detectors that can pick up this kind of behavior, and they are apparently very keen on enforcing the rules.

And just remember that it’s not just about you. In a time when vaping as a whole is carefully scrutinized, any negative publicity reflects very badly on the whole community.

So, no, you can’t vape on the plane, and that’s that!

Can I Vape in the Airport?

Most airports have designated smoking areas, and even though vaping is not tobacco smoking, it’s definitely treated the same way by airports, so you’ll have to use these smoking areas if you want to vape safely. The consequences of vaping in an airport terminal are likely not as dire as doing the same on an airplane, but you may have to deal with airport staff, even if just verbally.

Bottom line, airports generally enforce a no-vaping policy, so once you enter the terminal, you won’t be able to vape until you reach your destination, unless you feel like using the smoking areas.

The above is just general advice and guidelines. Different countries, different airports, different airlines all have different rules, so to make sure that you don’t get into trouble, it’s best to check for your specific situation. But the information on this page should give you a pretty good idea of what you definitely shouldn’t do, though.

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