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How to Extend Your E-Cigarette’s Battery Life

Battery life is a really important factor in the overall performance of an electronic cigarette, and you’ll have a tough time finding an online review that doesn’t mention it in their analysis. Although lithium-ion polymer batteries are a huge leap forward from their disposable predecessors, they can quickly die out if they’re not taken care of properly. E-cigarette battery prices aren’t exactly prohibitive, but with having to regularly buy cartomizers and e-liquid, costs will add up faster than you can imagine. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most life out of your battery before replacing it.

Use the E-cigarette Regularly: Just like the lithium-ion batteries in your cellphone or iPod,  an e-cig battery is designed for frequent use. The more you use it, the easier power flows through its cells, increasing efficiency and life span. Think of this as our need for regular exercise to remain in “working order”. You don’t necessarily have to use your electronic cigarette every single day, but making a habit out of leaving it unused for long periods of time can definitely affect its performance.

Avoid Fully Draining Your Battery: Most e-cigarette starter kits come with at least two batteries, making it easier for users to switch between them whenever they need to. What most newbie vapers don’t know is that they shouldn’t wait until the LED tip of the battery starts to blink, signaling the need to recharge. Waiting until the battery is fully drained will most certainly reduce its life and increase charging time. Think of your battery as a vehicle – it’s much easier to move a car while it’s still in motion than when it’s stationary. The same principle pretty much applies to your e-cigarette battery. When it’s completely drained, it has to work twice as hard to recharge, which takes its toll in the long run. Some companies recommend recharging the battery when half of its stored energy has been drained, but that can get really frustrating, especially when using mini batteries like the KR808 or 510 models, because you’d have to recharge them every hour or so. Most experienced vapers recommend recharging batteries when you notice a decline in vapor production.

Protect the Battery as Much as Possible: You’ve probably never thought about it before, but even carrying your e-cigarette battery in your pocket can damage it. Dust and pocket lint can easily get inside through any of its small openings and cause the switch to malfunction or prevent air from flowing through it properly. Ideally, you should carry the batteries in a portable charging case or a simple carrying case, but at least make sure your pockets are clean before putting your e-cig in. Keeping the battery in extreme heat can also shorten its lifespan and cause severe damage, so if you happen to forget it in your car on a hot day, don’t be lazy, get yourself out of that chair and get it.

They might be electronic, but e-cigarettes are tougher than your think. I’ve personally dropped my e-cigs more times than I can remember, and they’re still in working condition, but you should definitely be careful to prevent serious impacts. Big hits can move the integrated switch out of place, causing the battery to activate randomly or not activate at all. Another thing you have to be careful about when using automatic batteries is e-liquid leaking inside. Even a small drop can be enough to short-circuit the unit, rendering it useless.

Unscrew the Cartomizer: Few e-cigarette users know that even when you’re not actively vaping, if the cartomizer is connected to the battery, it’s slowly draining it of juice. Disconnecting the cartomizer when you’re not using your device for an extended period of time extends the interval between recharges, ultimately increasing battery life.

Don’t Store Batteries Empty: You’ve probably noticed most electronic cigarette companies ship batteries fully charged. That’s a habit you might want to copy yourself when storing batteries for long periods of time. Just as when you vape batteries dry, they have to work a lot harder to refill their power cells, and storing them 50% full or less will cause them to drain a lot faster. As I mentioned before, repeatedly draining batteries dry significantly reduces their lifespan. So make sure you charge the batteries to at least 70% before storing them.

Unplug Batteries After Charging: Once the battery is fully charged as signaled by the green LED on your USB charger or wall adapter, it’s recommended that you unplug it to avoid overcharging, which can also overwork the device and reduce its lifespan. Leaving batteries to charge overnight might seem convenient but it’s definitely not advisable.

Clean Your Batteries Regularly: When you first get your e-cigarette batteries, they’re all shiny and new, but before long, the threads on its cartomizer-connecting end will get full of dust and gunk. Small amounts of e-liquid can leak from the cartridge and even if it doesn’t actually get into the battery, it can still cause problems. The two tiny air holes under the threading can get plugged, making it harder to draw on the e-cigarette and eventually completely prevent it from functioning. In order to keep the battery in working order, it’s recommended that you clean it often with a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol pad, using a toothpick to clear the air holes.

Following all these tips will ensure your battery remains in perfect working condition for longer. Most manufacturers claim their units are good for about 300 charge and discharge cycles, after which you’ll have to replace them with new ones.

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  • Judy Smith says:

    I have dropped my cigarette & the wires disconnected. Is there any way to fix it?

  • Jo says:
    1 stars

    What is an rda? Absolutely hate it when vaping geeks use acronyms. Makes the comment less than helpful. I guess some people need to show that they are special members of an exclusive club.

    • Ben says:

      A rda is the atomizer base for mech mods. You can rebuild the coils that vaporized the juice. These are the bigger vape you see. The ones that produce alot of vapor.

    • KaCee says:

      It is called a rda, that’s the name. He wasn’t being a cape geek

  • caralyn says:
    4 stars

    Should batteries be switched off when charging?

  • Duibhir says:
    5 stars

    Good info

  • Trish says:

    I’m a newer user and having a lot of problems I got a whole new system. My battery flashes after a few hours and not sure why and when its charging I leave the tank upright and it leaks out?? My light goes solid quickly how do I know when its charged?? Thanks signed clueless lol

    • Tracy says:

      You could have a bad or loose coil. Take the tank apart and check if the coil is loose and also check all your seals if u put it back together and it leaks replace the coil. If u turned the mod up too high u probly burnt the coil and that can cause it to leak. U could just take it all apart clean it and replace the coil and ck for bad gaskets. On your battery life if its new it may need to break in b4 u get good charges from it or its a bad battery u should take it to where u purchased it. Might do the same for the tank if both are warrantied u could get them both replaced and save yourself the trouble. When u get new tanks I always start wattage way lower than suggested and work my way up so I don’t burn them. Also when u fill them wait 10 min or so b4 u try using it so the wick saturates and prime your coil first,any good store u purchase equipment from will show u how to prime it or ck out a YouTube video on priming coils. Might search your tank and mod on YouTube to watch videos abt it that may show u how to do it all yourself

  • Paul says:

    Do i need to take out battery after use from the unit?

  • Jorma Huhtala says:

    Black Note e-liquid 1pullo näytteeksi tänne.
    Jorma Huhtala
    Kirjalankirkkotie 2

  • Kathy says:
    4 stars

    Like Caralynn said,

    Do you leave your battery on while charging? i’ve looked everywhere for this answer and can’t find one. So, does anyone know what’s best: Do you leave the battery on or off when charging?

    Thanks everybody!

  • Roger N Colvin says:

    I need to get me puffs off my 225

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