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Eversmoke E-Cigarette Review

You probably didn’t know this, but Eversmoke is the sister company of the popular South Beach Smoke, one of the biggest electronic cigarette brands in the world. After doing a review of South Beach Smoke, I was contacted about testing the Eversmoke, and since I’m always eager to try out new toys, I said why not. Want to know what sets these two e-cigarettes apart? Not much, so in this review I’m just going to highlight the few things that make Eversmoke different. For an in-depth analysis of the e-cigarette I suggest you read/watch my South Beach Smoke review.

A Look at the Contents

Starting with the packaging, there aren’t a lot of differences between SBS and Eversmoke. They both come in the same small magnetic box, just with different logos and graphics, and the contents are very similar as well. The starter kit contains two lithium-ion batteries, a 5-pack of cartomizers, a USB charger, and a wall adapter. One important difference is the cheapest Eversmoke package actually includes a USB charger, unlike the entry-level South Beach Smoke. Other than that the two brands are pretty much the same.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

Eversmoke uses the same 4.2-volt batteries as South Beach Smoke, which is definitely a good thing. They performed well throughout the testing period and I personally haven’t had any kind of problems with either the automatic or the manual. The only notable difference I could find between these sister brands in the battery department is that Eversmoke offers the option of a manual battery, whereas South Beach Smoke offers various size automatic batteries. Also, Evermoke has the choice of a metallic finish to SBS’ black and white.

Vapor Production

Considering we’re talking about virtually the same electronic cigarette sold by South Beach Smoke, the vapor production is just as impressive. Although they don’t bear the SuperMAXX™ name, Eversmoke batteries are obviously the same model KR808D-2 as South Beach Smoke’s, and as far as I could tell they have the same cartomizers and e-liquid, so they perform just as good. That’s great news for vapers looking for an electronic cigarette that delivers clouds of vapor with every puff.

E-Liquid, Flavors and Cartomizers

Eversmoke flavors may have different names, but they just pretty much the same as the ones offered by South Beach. Some even sound the same: Classic Tobacco/Tobacco Classic, Golden Tobacco/Tobacco Gold, and even when they don’t it’s clear they are the same, if only judging by the same identical flavor line-up. I’ve never been a fan of South Beach Smoke flavors, so unfortunately I can’t say too many nice things about Eversmoke’s choice of e-liquid either.

In conclusion

If you ask me, the Eversmoke e-cigarette is just a rebranded South Beach Smoke, with very few differences,  most note-worthy being the option of a manual battery and the inclusion of a USB charger for Eversmoke’s cheapest starter kit. They both share the same qualities and faults, so if you’ve ever tried SBS and liked it, you’re probably going to be a fan of the Eversmoke as well, but if you’re looking for a better alternative, this isn’t it.

Because of the aforementioned differences, I’m going to place Eversmoke above South Beach in my e-cigarette rankings, but overall, these two are pretty much the same thing.

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3 stars

Battery Life and Performance
4 stars

Vapor Production
5 stars

E-Liquid Flavors
2 stars

3 stars

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12 Comments/Reviews

  • Joe says:
    2 stars

    I have found that this product does not live up to expectations. the cartridges seem stale and do not last more then a day [more like 1/2 a day]. the manual battery button sticks [I have 2 both with the same result] the auto sticks are hit or miss luckly I have 5. I am switching to vapor shark far superior product!!!!!!

  • Jc says:

    Horrible, unethical customer service
    I wasn’t overly impressed with the ES product. It’s mediocre at best. The draw on the ES e-cig is horrible- you have to draw so hard that it feels like I’m getting a new wrinkle with each hit I take. The flavors are unimpressive and taste stale (as mentioned by another reviewer). This just wasn’t the right e-cig for me. Customer service, however, is a nightmare and they don’t seem to care if their customers are satisfied. Three times now I have attempted to change my subscription service. I was getting them faster than I could smoke them so I called customer service to change the date of the next order. I thought it was handled, as the rep told me she had successfully changed the date of the next order to xxx date. Next thing I know I get an email notifying me that my order WOULD BE SHIPPED in 7 days. Hmmm- I thought this had been changed but fine, accidents happen and, since it hadn’t been shipped yet, it was fixed with a simple phone call . My card wasn’t charged so I let it go. That happened twice. The third time was the real nightmare- I called to postpone my next shipment and thought everything was handled. Next thing I know there’s a $38 charge to my bank account and this time the email said my shipment was ON ITS WAY. They didn’t give me a chance to stop he order this time. I called customer service and the woman gave me the RMA, I sent the package back and 2 months later and countless calls/ emails to CS, my $ is yet to be refunded. They are HORRIBLE and I would advise you to RUN from this company.

    • leigh thiele says:

      I found the products satisfactory but removal of money from my bank account with out authorisation is not acceptable and amounts to fraud they’ve sent me products that I’ve told them I do not like and not answered emails and changed our account very dodgy company

    • Appalachia says:
      1 stars

      Have to agree. Batteries are poor at best. You better be able to suck the proverbial golf ball through the garden hose to get a hit.
      This is the seventh brand that I have tried “going all in”. Meaning: battery, cartomizer, and liquid. I’m back to the best I’ve tried*, “HALO”. It is superior, but like all; they work great when all components are new. HALO just last longer and gives the vapor & throat hit we all want. Made in USA liquids helps seal the deal. I am willing to continue my search. GL all and leave the smokes.

  • Kevin cotton says:

    Good morning need to know how to remove the steel cap from the cartomizer to fill. The one I have appears that it doesn’t remove and can not figure out how to fill any help would be appreciated

    • Vranks says:

      Sadly, the caps on Eversmoke cartomizers are glued to discourage buyers from trying to refill them with their own juice and make them buying prefilled ones from Eversmoke. I managed to remove mine using a knife, getting the blade between the cap and the cartomizzer and yanking it off. It’s not easy, though.

      • boops says:
        1 stars

        their cartridges are easily opened with a mini screwdriver tip, then remove the plastic ring and toss the ring. Fill and use your own juice. Also get a 510 to 808 adapter and you can use any 510 cartridge on it. Where there is a will theres a way! Don’t like that there batteries don’t fit into other 808 chargers.

  • Emir says:
    2 stars

    If you are going to buy your first e-cig, DO NOT buy it from eversmoke. Purchased the starter kit, used a coupon and they said they need to verify it before sending. 2 days past and there wasn’t any ahipment so I called back. Customer service changed my shipment into 2 days shipping and promised to ship it same day. Weekend passed and today is the second day and thankfully my package is on UPS. But wait, it says delivery ti e is tomorrow. Horrible customer service horrible shipment technique and I believe the juice and the battery will be horrible too. 2 stars just for the refund for my shipment.

  • Fritzy says:
    4 stars

    A couple of tricks to know about this brand, they seem to also be affiliated with Vaporzone. All Vaporzone cartridges, including blanks (which Eversmoke does not make) are compatible with the Eversmoke battery. I just tried out a chocolate cartridge from Vaporzone, works great. Second, you can easily refill the prefilled cartridges using the “condom method”. I wait until my prefilled start to change flavor and then squirt some compatible juice in one of the rubber caps and fill. There are YT videos on how to do it, search “refilling Eversmoke”. With those additional things in consideration, I will give Eversmoke 4 stars. You can get all the same benefits from Eversmoke products, but not as easily as with other companies who have their products more centralized and easier to use.

  • Ave says:
    1 stars

    My husband and I bought the continuous shipping for the cartridges and they continuously screwed up our order, month after month. I called customer service time after time to say

    “Hey, you didn’t ship my order.” or “Hey, we got less than we payed for.”

    I would always get, “we’re shipping it now, hon.” or “It’ll be on it’s way tomorrow.” And guess what, it wouldn’t ship until about a week later.

    This one time I asked to speak to a manager and the lady said, “What do you need to speak to a manager for? I just told you….”

    Very irritating. I would not recommend this company to anyone let alone if you are trying to quit smoking. I know I wanted to smoke more than every. I know they must work for big tobacco.

    • JMcSquiggle says:
      1 stars

      I had the exact same problem as Ave. I kept hearing from their customer support crew they were “going through a system change” for two years. I found I probably called them on average once every other month just to get my order from them.
      Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem I had with this company either. The biggest gripe I have with Eversmoke is their products are completely inconsistent. For every two replacement batteries I got from the company, one would work fantastically while the other would short out within a few weeks of use or have some other defect with it. Plus, the cartridges, while very satisfying in taste, were inconsistent in their quality as well. Roughly, there would be a defect with about 2 out of every 5 cartridges. Sometimes they were tainted and sometimes they would burn out within a couple dozen puffs.
      I was willing to overlook a lot of the issues at first because the customer support line people were usually very pleasant to talk to, but what was the real kicker for me was the need to call them as frequently as I did. The kinds of problems I had with my order every month were strenuous at best. Over two years of use I had: the wrong product sent to me once, orders lost repeatedly or delayed being sent out, shipment dates on the automatic renewal program randomly changing to different dates in the month inexplicably, varying prices on the product from month to month (sometimes with the 20% discount offered with the monthly renewal program either not being applied or sometimes changed to 10%), and changes to the shipping cost nearly every month.
      This is a bad company to purchase products from.

  • Joshua says:

    After reading comments and reviews I wouldn’t waste my time

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