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New Clinical Study Shows E-Cigarettes May Help People Quit Smoking

Following a new clinical study funded by LOGIC Electronic Cigarettes, renowned psychiatric expert Dr. Keith Ablow has reported dramatic result regarding the efficiency of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation and reduction aid.

quit-smokingAblow’s research monitored the progress of a number of traditional tobacco smokers who were given 10 menthol or tobacco flavored electronic cigarettes. Over the 90-day study period, participants were periodically asked about their use of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs. At the end of the three months, 70% of test subject reported they had quit smoking tobacco entirely. Out of the participants who claimed they no longer used tobacco cigarettes, 47% said they had stopped using electronic cigarettes as well. Further proof of electronic cigarettes’ potential to curb tobacco use was the fact that 60% of those who were still using analogs at the end of the study reported that they had reduced the number of daily cigarettes considerably while using e-cigarettes. Only two of the people involved in the research stopped using electronic cigarettes and continued smoking tobacco cigarettes at the same rate as before.

“I am thrilled with the results and am further convinced that electronic cigarettes may turn out to be the most effective anti-tobacco tool we have ever known,” Keith Ablow said. “This sample of participants strengthens the argument that the government should embrace electronic cigarettes.  It is in the interest of public health for the National Institutes of Health to immediately fund a large-scale trial to determine whether these findings can be replicated and whether, in addition, it is found that transitioning people from tobacco to electronic cigarettes also allows them to quit all forms of tobacco.”

LOGIC’s new president, Miguel Martin, also praised the results of the clinical study and asked for more government-funded research: “Dr. Ablow’s results, along with additional recent studies, are important indicators of the need for accelerated studies by the government to carefully and thoughtfully examine electronic cigarettes, and then properly educate consumers. We want our customers, trade partners and the general public to have a clear, science-based understanding as to the differences between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.”
The results of Dr. Ablow’s study are in line with previous research into the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation and reduction aid. Unfortunately, they are not as detailed as we would have hoped. The exact number of participants has yet to be disclosed, as well as the methods used to conduct the study throughout the 90-day period. Hopefully, we’ll have more on this in the following days. Keith Ablow, who is also a writer for the FOX News Medical Section, has recommended electronic cigarettes as a quit-smoking aid for people who fail by other means, in the past. “Since many of my patients have reported using electronic cigarettes to successfully stop smoking, I now recommend the devices to anyone who has tried to quit smoking cold turkey and failed. And I think it is time that other doctors do, too,” Ablow wrote in his column on FOX, back in Faebruary.

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  • Bonnie says:
    5 stars

    After years of smoking at least a pack a day I quit smoking regular cigarettes and have reduced the amount of smoking electronic cigs to after meals and very stressful situations. It is less expensive and I no longer have a cough and I am very pleased with the results. I use Ovale and will continue. I use a very low dose of nicotine fluid after one year of use. This was very reassuring. I know it has helped me. I was diagnosed with Lupus and told I had to quit regular cigs and was told to try Nicorette gum. It made me sick to my stomach and I had a skin allergy to the patch. Thank goodness for electronic cigs. Stress increases the bad effects of my disease so it helped it more ways than one.

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