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Ozone Smoke Review

Ozone Smoke is not the most well known e-cigarette brand out there, not yet at least, bet they are starting to make their presence felt on the vaping scene. More and more Ozone Smoke reviews are popping up online, most of which are just shady sales pages without so much as a photo taken during testing, but praising the product as “great” and “impressive”, so we decided to check it out for ourselves to see if it lives up to its reputation. It’s worth mentioning for this review we used the company’s cheapest package, the Deluxe Starter Kit.

A Look at the Contents

Like most other e-cigs, the Ozone Smoke comes in a magnet-top cardboard box. It includes all the essentials to get you vaping, but none of the accessories that make users’ experience easier and more pleasurable, like a portable charging case or a car charger. With the Deluxe kit you get one regular-size battery and one short, six “long lasting” cartomizers, a USB charger, a wall adapter and a user manual. Pretty basic stuff for $69.95, especially since we’re talking about a new brand, but let’s jump right to the nitty-gritty and see if performance can convince you to fork out that kind of money on an e-cig.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

They say size doesn’t matter, but when talking about electronic cigarette batteries, size matters, a lot! Most starter kits I’ve tested come with a short and long battery, but not Ozone Smoke’s. Yes, there’s a small size difference between the regular and short batteries, but at 69.9 mm and 75.9 mm, they both could easily be labeled as short. If you’re looking for something the size of an analog cigarette, this is good news, but if battery life is your main concern, there are way better e-cigs out there. The Ozone Smoke user’s manual says a fully-charged battery will last up to 400 puffs, but that never happened while I tested it. At the time of this review, the electronic cigarette industry remains unregulated, so brands are free to say whatever they like, but you should always take it with a grain of salt. After over a month of using Ozone Smoke e-cigarettes, I can say I get about 1.5 to 2 hours out of the short battery and up to 2.5 hours from the regular one. If you’re a light vaper, you may get better “mileage” from them, but former heavy smokers should look elsewhere for their fix, unless they want to spend a lot of their free time waiting for batteries to charge.

Ozone Smoke batteries are regulated at 3.7 volts, and industry standard, and were very responsive throughout the testing period. The switch is sensitive enough to activate the battery at the slightest draw, yet it doesn’t fire off in strong winds or on impact. Build quality is average, except for the plastic end-cap, which is so thin you can actually see the LED inside, even when it’s not lit. One positive thing I’ve noticed is they can handle shocks. During the last month, they’ve both rolled off my desk a few times, but without suffering any damage.

Vapor Production

Probably the most important aspect for some folks, vapor production on the Ozone Smoke is average. It doesn’t disappoint, but it’s no vapor monster, either. You can actually get a decent amount of vapor out of this small e-cigarette, but you definitely have to work for it. If you’ve never used an e-cig before, and you don’t know how to draw on it correctly, you’ll be tempted to send the starter kit back, but if you’re patient enough to get acquainted with you new gadget, you’ll soon notice that one or two primer puffs and a light but long draw yield satisfying results. It’s not going to feel like the smoke of a tobacco cigarette, especially if you go for low-nicotine e-liquid, but the same can be said about most other e-cigs out there.

Considering Ozone Smoke uses propylene glycol as a vaporizable base for their e-liquid, it’s understandable why the amount of vapor their electronic cigarettes produce isn’t all that impressive, and while there is still room for improvement in this area, vapor production is not bad.


E-Liquid, Flavors and Cartomizers

As I mentioned above, Ozone Smoke’s main e-liquid ingredient is propylene glycol. It’s the most widely-used juice base, although it’s known to produce less vapor then vegetable glycerin e-liquids or mixes of the two. It comes in 10 different flavors, including tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and various fruits, but no chocolate, which is a classic with every other brand I’ve ever tried. I wasn’t a fan of Ozone Smoke’s flavors from the start, but I found them tastier with each passing day, and right now I really enjoy vaping them. They all have a common base taste that you have to get used to, but once that happens, they’ll grow on you. The tobacco flavor is far from the best I’ve ever vaped. It’s not bad, I just find it bland compared to some of the other tobacco juices available on the market. Luckily, the fruity flavors are a lot tastier.

One thing I found rather disappointing about Ozone Smoke e-liquid was the throat hit. The variety pack I got contained all available flavors in all three available nicotine concentrations, and even the “Strong” ones didn’t deliver enough of a throat hit. That might not be a problem for former social smokers, but if you’re looking for something to replicate the feel of a Marlboro Red, for example, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Ozone Smoke cartomizers are labeled as “long lasting”, and they are slightly longer than most of the cartos I’ve tested before, but I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference between the number of puffs I got from them. According to the user manual, you should get about 400 puffs out of a cartomizer, but they exaggerate a little bit. I think 250 is a much more realistic number, and it certainly isn’t the equivalent of 1 and a half packs of cigarettes. But, again, that goes for all other brands, as well.

In Conclusion

I found Ozone Smoke to be an average electronic cigarette, with some nice flavors and responsive battery switch, but short battery life and average vapor production. With a starting price of $69.95, it’s not your cheapest option either, although there are far more expensive e-cigs out there, as well. If you’re looking for a cigarette-like e-cig to get you started on your vaping journey, you can give Ozone Smoke a try, but otherwise, there are better alternatives out there.

The Good

    • tasty flavors
    • analog cigarette size

The Bad

    • short battery life
    • no manual batteries
    • basic contents
Starter Kit Contents
3 stars

Battery Life and Performance
2 stars

Vapor Production
2 stars

E-Liquid Flavors
3 stars

3 stars

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