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Taiwanese Media Makes Vaping Look Infinitely More Dangerous Than Tobacco Smoking

Taiwanese media recently reported the “shocking” case of a 30-year-old man who allegedly suffered an extreme allergic reaction to vaping, which left him with severe respiratory dermatological symptoms.

If you thought e-cigarette were getting bad press in the Western world, wait until you see how they are being treated by major news outlets in Asian countries like Taiwan. Popular news site ET Today recently featured the case of an unnamed 30-year-old man who reportedly started using e-cigarettes a few months ago, on the advice of a friend, after smoking tobacco cigarettes for about a decade.

In just a few months’ time, the man started exhibiting respiratory symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, excessive phlegm, and poor breathing, as well as severe allergic reaction in the form of dry itchy skin all over his body. He was recently admitted to a Taipei hospital under the suspicion of allergic reaction caused by electronic cigarettes.

Dr. Su Yifeng, who treated the e-cigarette user, told reporters that the patient had localized psoriasis on the head before he started vaping, but the symptoms worsened after he started using e-cigarettes, and eventually developed severe psoriasis all over the body.

But the dermatological aspect was only part of the problem, as the Taiwanese doctor added that his patient also suffered from asthma, was diagnosed with pneumonia, and his blood work also showed a spike in his allergic index. And to hear him say it, it was all because of those nasty electronic cigarettes.

“The horror of e-cigarettes is beyond imagination,” Dr. Su Yifeng said, adding that terrible e-cigarette diseases have erupted one after another in Taiwan, but many people still ignore the health hazards.

The Taiwanese doctor said that as soon as the unnamed patient stopped using electronic cigarettes, and underwent special treatment to suppress his exacerbated immune response to vaping, symptoms like asthma and psoriasis all improved.

And because this terrible case wasn’t nearly enough, ET Today decided to also mention the findings of Dong Foundation’s Tobacco Hazard Control Center, which claims that research has confirmed that the atomized e-liquid produced by e-cigarettes contains radioactive substances that damage DNA, and that long-term use will lead to respiratory diseases. That’s the first I hear of this, but ok…

Still not satisfied with this bonified hack-job? The article also claims that in just a few years, over 5.3 millions of American youths have been exposed to vaping in the United States.

So there you have it, if you want to avoid going through the same issues as this poor man, stick to tobacco cigarettes. They may kill half of smokers, but at least they don’t cause psoriasis. But wait, neither do e-cigarettes, and according to peer-reviewed research, not bombastic news articles, they don’t seem to cause respiratory illnesses either. But who really cares?

The article doesn’t even mention what the man had been vaping in his e-cigarettes, or if there were other factors, besides vaping, that may have exacerbated his symptoms. It just assumes that electronic cigarettes are to blame for all those symptoms, which makes absolutely no sense.

But then again, we’ve come to expect this type of scaremongering and misinformation from the media, haven’t we?

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  • Yu Yang Wang says:
    5 stars

    We are THR advocate in Taiwan, we are small but we will keep fighting for our right to switch to these less harmful products compared to combustible cigarettes.

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