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What Is the Best Electronic Cigarette for Beginners?

You’ve probably heard about electronic cigarettes by now. Maybe you even have a few friends who have successfully replaced analogs with e-cigs, but the cold truth is a lot of ex-smokers have a bad first experience using e-cigarettes, and that’s mostly because they don’t use the right kind of device. Some buy cheap disposables or dubious brands while others opt for advanced mods that are tricky to operate and refill, but the outcome is almost always the same – they go back to smoking. That’s why it’s important to know what e-cigarette works best for beginners.

Electronic cigarettes are really popular these days, and although not everyone has nice things to say about them, they can be a really good alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The problem is there are literally hundreds if not thousands of models available right now, with new ones being launches virtually every day, and not all of them are suitable for beginner vapers. Some are just of poor quality and don’t deliver the kind of performance ex-smokers are used to, while others have a series of advanced features that make using them a drag (pun intended) for casual vapers. Let’s take a look at the qualities a beginner’s e-cigarette should have:

First of all it should be simple and reliable. Smoking is a hard habit to kick, and most ex-smokers who decide to give electronic cigarettes a try are looking for something that resembles their old habit as closely as possible. The analog-like shape of most e-cigarette models has been rather controversial, with lots of users claiming it makes vaping look too much like smoking when in fact it’s something completely different. But even they can’t deny that the familiar shape is much more appealing to smokers, who feel very comfortable using something that mimics their old smokes almost to perfection. The filter-like cartridges, the LED tip that lights a bright red and the similar size all had a big part to play in making e-cigs the popular devices they are today. It’s also important that the e-cigarette be automatic rather than manual, to amplify the smoking-like feeling.

Even the cheapest electronic cigarettes mimic the analog look to perfection but that doesn’t make them suitable for beginners. That’s because they don’t work very well. Most of these low quality e-cigs require a lot of drag to produce the tiniest amount of vapor, and in most cases they are filled with disgusting e-liquid. A few draws and you’re left wondering what’s so great about something that works and tastes so poorly. That’s why it’s important to choose your first electronic cigarette carefully. Mini e-cigarettes may not last as long as some of the bigger models, but some of them can definitely perform just as well. Take the KR808 and the Joye 510, the two most popular analog-shaped e-cigs on the market today. They both produce an insane amount of vapor for their size and are very simple to use. You can either buy them unbranded from most reputable online e-cigarette stores, or get them rebranded and enjoy perks like lifetime warranty for the batteries, a money back guarantee and a reliable support network.

The KR808 is by far my personal favorite beginner electronic cigarette. It works with cartomizers so it’s very easy to use, and the latest generation batteries can store quite a lot of power for their size. Those are the two main reasons that most US brands prefer to use this particular model over all the others, and the vaping community seems to agree that this is the best choice for someone who is only just discovering the world of vapor. With time, a lot of vapers move on to more advanced models like the eGo, the eGo tank model or powerful mods like the Provari or Silver Bullet, but when you’re starting out, nothing beats the simplicity and performance of the good old 808.

Although a lot of suppliers sell the generic KR808 electronic cigarette, most beginner vapers prefer to buy it rebranded from the most popular e-cigarette companies. It’s basically the same product in terms of performance, but I guess a lot of people feel more comfortable spending their money on a popular brand like V2 Cigs or Green Smoke, instead of getting a a device with nothing but the technical name KR808 attached to it. On the bright side, buying from a trusted company comes with several advantages, like the opportunity to change broken components for free, getting all kinds of cool accessories or access to a support network. Unfortunately, rebranded e-cigarettes usually cost considerably more than generic ones, because the company is trying to make a profit. But that’s not always the case – the Smokeless Image Volt or the Bloog MaxxFusion are both great KR808D e-cigarettes that come with leak-proof batteries at a very affordable price, and are very highly regarded by the vaping community.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but whatever you decided to buy as your first electronic cigarette, make sure you do your research before reaching for the wallet. And even if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, don’t give up on vaping too easily. The worst thing you can do is go back to smoking, so give e-cigs another try. They’re not all the same, just because you didn’t like the taste of a particular e-liquid or the vapor production of a certain e-cigarette, doesn’t mean they’re all just as bad.

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  • Sarah Kaufman says:
    5 stars

    The fact that there are now too many brands of e-cig in the market makes it clear that it is popular not because of some gimmick. There must be some really good quality in the electronic cigarette which keeps it so much in demand.

  • leduc joseph michel says:

    28 days towmoro.not to much craving.but filling different ,more energy,betther appetit…all but good …got pipe 2 and vtr……like to by for my dather e-cig…mini what do you thing..?..michel..excuse my wreghting in anglish…

  • doris raines says:

    i tried a e cig but feel like i cant get the cig taste, not sure how to get the right one

    • Russ Jones says:
      3 stars

      Vuze Original has a taste that’s close to the real deal…much better than the others I tried

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