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E-Cigarette Problems – Not Getting Enough Vapor

Electronic cigarettes don’t always work the way they should, and one of the most frequently encountered problems is low vapor production. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including vaping techniques and faulty components. It’s always important to find the root of the problem before trying to fix it, so in this article we’re going to look at the different issues that cause e-cigarettes to produce less vapor than normal.

Before we cover the technical issues, let’s talk a bit about your expectations. A lot of users watch e-cigarette reviews on video-sharing sites like YouTube and expect their devices to produce the same crazy amount of vapor. What most of them fail to notice is some reviewers don’t actually inhale the vapor into their lungs. They just draw on the e-cig, hold the vapor in their mouth and blow it out for that “wow” effect. It’s a cheap trick, but you’ll be surprised how many people actually fall for it. Inhaling into the lungs makes a huge difference in vapor production, so the next time you’re watching a review, you may want to pay close attention to how the device is actually used.

Speaking about e-cigarette usage, the truth is many ex-smokers are disappointed after their first vaping experience, because they tend to use the e-cig just like they did analogs. But just because they look like tobacco cigarettes, doesn’t mean they work the same way. As their name implies, electronic cigarettes are electronic devices and they have to be used in a certain way for optimal results. Pulling fast and hard on an e-cig is not going to produce a lot of vapor, and could even damage its internal components, or cause e-liquid to leak into your mouth. Instead, take long and steady draws, allowing the atomizer to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid.

Usually, when you notice a decrease in vapor volume, the first thing you need to check is the battery. If you’ve been using the e-cigarette for a while, the battery might be low on power and in need of a charge. Even before the LED tip of the battery starts blinking (between 5 – 10 times) letting you know it’s time to recharge it, there’s a noticeable difference in vapor production compared to a fully charged battery. Most electronic cigarette starter kits come with two batteries, and you can check if this is the cause of your problem by using the other battery, or a USB pass-through. You should also check if the area around the battery connector is clean, allowing the air to pass through. They are all shiny at first, but they tend to clog up with all kinds of impurities and leaked e-liquid. Make sure to clean them regularly using a napkin and a toothpick, paying special attention to the two air holes on the side. If those little vents are clogged up, you won’t get a lot of vapor and you’ll be forced to draw really hard on your e-cig to get any at all.

If you’re battery is in working condition, the low vapor production problem might have something to do with the cartomizer or cartridge. Start off by making sure there is plenty of fluid left inside the cartomizer. Vapers often get caught up in their daily routine and forget to check the level of e-liquid. Once there’s nothing left to vaporize, the heating coil gets dry and burns the filler fabric inside, leaving users with a nasty burnt taste in their mouth, and rendering the cartomizer unusable. But before this happens, there’s a serious decrease in vapor volume, you just have to notice it in time. Also, cartomizers don’t last forever. The incorporated atomizer deteriorates with time, so if you’ve been refilling and using it for a while, it maybe time to throw it in the trash and order a set of new ones. Cleaning cartomizers can sometimes damage the inner components, so keep that in mind before boiling them or using the syringe cleaning method. Although not as frequent as the causes listed above, an imperfect contact between the cartomizer and the battery can also cause the e-cigarette to produce less vapor than usual. If you feel there’s more air coming through than vapor, you might want to try another cartridge.

If you’ve checked everything, and the e-cigarette still doesn’t produce the desired amount of vapor, it’s possible you’ve either bought a low quality device, or simply that your unit is faulty. You should either opt for a reputed electronic cigarette model, or contact the vendor and ask for a replacement.

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  • kaygee says:

    why is it my e cigarrette’s led doesnt turn off at all and it only keeps on light up all the time. Even if i press d led button, nuthing happen. I did try to charge it thinkin myb d led lights turn off yet same things still happen. can u tell me is there any problem with it?

    • adam says:

      Sure Kaygee, This means it was shorted out and the battery is no good. The positive and negative touched each other some how.

    • Eric says:

      I would like to know why thier is smoke in my tube on cartomizor on my e cig is that ok it happens when I take a puff from it why is the amok in thier?

    • matt says:

      I have bought 8 Ecig’s now all are bad quality, like everything manufactured from China, its all a bit …. crap?

    • Devin says:

      Kaygee, I had the same problem. I looked for hours until i found a solution. Follow the steps below
      1: Take off the battery
      2 Use a Q-Tip & clean the battery around where it screws on & inside
      3: Clean the charger with a Q-Tip
      4: Use a small glasses screwdriver & go around the battery & push it down.
      It should work. It worked on both of my batteries!

    • Kite says:

      I had an itaste vv 3 battery do that to me while using the usb pass through feature.since then i have steped up to an aspire atlantis tank with aspire sub ohm battery. I found out that this issue is actualy common with batteries that have the usb passthrough feture.

  • melissa says:

    Just got an e cigarette took it out of the package and plugged it in for the first time and it’s charged but the light doesn’t flash and you can’t hit it. Can you tell me why this is happening and what to do?

  • patricia tomimura says:

    my ecigarette doesnt produce any smoke whatsoever. i’ve tried adding more eliquid, recharging it up and still no smoke. i dont know what to do.

    • Vranks says:

      Either the battery is a dud, or the atomizer in the cartridge doesn’t work. Or they don’t connect as they should. There’s no point in trying to fix i yourself and probably cause more damage. Contact customer support and if they don’t offer a solution, ask for a refund

  • patricia tomimura says:

    my eliquid is leaking from the ecigarette into my mouth – i also dont know what to do. thank you for your kindness in responding me.

    • Vranks says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of cartomizers/clearomizers/tanks leak, even though they shouldn’t. Not much you can do other than throwing away the cartridge and trying a new one.

      • Kite says:

        Vranks i have also noticed that the type of Juice (e-liquid) also affects vapor production.depending on if the juice is thicker it produces more vapor than 50/50 juice in more powerful mods but less vapor than 50/50 juice in smaller mods.

  • julia says:

    IM new to all this but i put some new liquid in my e cig n charged it up n since iv done all this it doesn’t seem to turn on the blue led light not flashing or nothing in just wondering if any 1 could help me plus iv took it apart n its got a bit of liquid on the battery please help thanks

    • shirley says:

      your connections need to be cleaned, what I mean by that is like where you screw your tank on the battery you need to get a qutipe and clean it it works

  • gerardo says:

    EMy vape keeps blinking when i try to smoke it and no smoke comes out and i charged it and still doesnt work i checked the battery and its fine but when i try to use it keeps blinking and wont even try to vape can someone help please

    • Devin says:

      aye so gerardo, I have a dodo ecig verry expensive broke my bank on it, but it was fine for a few weeks then the same thing happened to me, replaced the atimizor/cartimizer (its all one piece in mine) and it worked fine, replace your atimizor/cartimizer, it should work fine

    • Joe sph says:
      5 stars


      Hey the exact same thing happened to me. So what pro lb happened is you it shorted out. In my case I cleaned out my vape (Kager tech brand) and I was experimenting. I put just the coil on with no liquid thinking I could burn out excess build up (my noobie days) and it shorted. If it keeps blinking that’s the problem not the battery or anything else. I learned all this from the great vape store up my street “Stuff n Puffs). They actually were cool enough to just give me a new as i honestly told them what I did. Stop by a vape store and grab a new coil (3-4 bucks)

  • Lee says:
    5 stars

    I am vaping a juice that isn’t producing hardly any vapour. I am getting a nice thought hit but not much vapour. I am using clearomizers. I tried empting my juice into a new clearomizer but still the same!?
    All my other clearomizers with different juice works fine ion the same battery.
    Is the juice the reason why it isn’t producing much vapour?
    Thanx lee

    • Danny says:

      I just got a EGo CE5 off eBay, a twin pack with 2 batts and 2 Cartomizers, but I cant seem to get any vapour? Using Hangsen 0% with Hangsen 12% 50/50 split, nice enough throat hit, but very little vapour and feels like I am sucking air!! any ideas guys? is it the unit or the juice at fault 🙁

  • Chris Martin says:

    These things suck this is my second one an they both are a fail. They cost to much to be so shitty

  • Dylan says:

    So, I recently bought a K100. Now, I made sure the batteries were both charged. The tiny battery seems to allow some smoke, but by some smoke, I mean nearly NOTHING. An when I try using the larger battery I receive no affect at all. Nothing burns. I made sure the batteries & the mod/k100 itself was firmly put together. Why is my K100 not hitting? Is it broken? Am I simply doing something wrong? The batteries are over heating quickly, due to not burning the actual juice it seems.

    • rhonda whitfield says:

      Do you have a cartomizer on it or an atomizer. K-100’s can come in starter kits with a cartomizer or bought separately and you can put an atomizer on it. An atomizer would need to have coils built onto it and wicked with organic cotton. Atomizers produce much more vapor.On an atomizer,different gauge special wire can make it burn hotter and where you hold it can get warm.

  • daniel says:

    what does it mean if my ecig blinks eight times and then wont let any vapor out?

    • Kelley says:

      I just got an E-cig brand name ProLite X Prod I can’t tell if it’s charging or not it blinks 20 times then nothing.v on the package it’s say when the charger turns green it’s charged push 5 times still NOTHING.v can sumbody help me. Thus my 1st maybe my last. SMH Shagurl

  • Barry Norman says:

    I have 2 batteries but have noticed that some cartimizers don’t work with 1 of my batteries but do with the other. Then the one that does;t work WILL work with another cart. I don’t understand this at all. Can anyone throw any light on this. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Rhonda Whitfield says:

      Barry Norman, sounds like battery isn’t making a good connection. You can buy tiny magnets the size of a watch battery and place it on top of your battery. It will then have a good connection.

  • kel says:

    I just got a new battery last week. I replaced the atomizer today because I had been using the one I had with my old battery. It only allows me on hit on it before it stops producing vapor. It is full of liquid, has been cleaned and battery is charged. Every time the battery comes off of the charger, it does the one hit thing again. My battery worked fine before this with the other tubing. It this a problem with the atomizer or whatever it is you guys called it (the thing that holds the liquid)?

  • markp says:
    5 stars

    V2 starter kit.lots of vapor.Nice tobacco flavors.Had a fin and was very dissapointed with it.

  • Dalton rich says:

    My mini firefly when I tryto vape I barely get anything at all, mostly a little cloud smoke and it only last about 15 minutes is this normal or do I have a problem with it. Respond ASAP

  • Idalia23 says:

    why does my electronic cigarette flashes blue when I take a puff & vapor doesn’t come out

  • Paul says:

    I am pleased you pointed out that most reviewers don’t inhale. I couldn’t understand why my Evod was not producing anywhere near the vapor on youtube. Then I noticed they were not inhaling.
    And it’s not just a few, pretty much every reviewer does exactly the same thing.

    • Mike says:

      I bought a vape yesterday called matchless vv1 and for some reason I’m not getting anything out of it, it’s like a really tiny bit of smoke and chokes me sometimes. I’m not too sure what to do since I’ve cleaned it like 3 times and I’ve only had it about 24 hours. Help what should I do?

  • Jake says:

    I just got my e-cig Friday(yesterday) and It was working fine, well I started cleaning it and when I got done I tried to pull through it nothing came through I tried pulling long ad nothing so I tried charging the battery and that didn’t help any idk what happened I cleaned it agin and nothin happened

  • laurie briggs says:

    Got a blu e-cig the other day the battery package thing doesnt seem to charge and when i tried to smoke the e-cig i got nothing so i went and got a different one with the liquid oil things to put in it i and i like it what should i do with the “blu e-cig”??

  • Kate says:

    I’ve had my e-cig for a couple of mo ths and up til now its been working brilliantly. I picked it up tonight and the button doest seem to be working on the battery, but instead of it not producing any vapour it’s doing the oposite and is constantly producing vapour without holding the button down. Is there anything I can try to fix this?

  • Emma says:
    5 stars

    Hi I have recently purchased a e cig mine is a ego-t and was workin fine today but I’ve put it on charge and the light is on constant and charging I take it of to smoke and the blue light dosent work and no vapour can any one help please as I’m in 2 nd day of no smoking and this I the only thing that’s helping thanks

    • Vranks says:

      Emma, have you tried pressing the button on the battery five times in rapid succession? Maybe you turned it off by mistake.

      • Nicole says:

        Hey thanx! Just got this ecig and it wouldn’t smoke. Clicked the button 5 times and Preston. It works. Nearly choked me to death though

  • eric says:

    Hi, my e cigarette light turns on fine everything seems fine but when I inhale nothing comes out, this started when I bought another e liquid.. any idea what’s wrong?

    • Tom says:
      5 stars

      Great review! A lot of great tips! As a fairly experienced vaper, this is one of the best forums I have found. A quick bit of information you didn’t point out, not to come across harsh, was that if the e-cig doesn’t give off vapour, or gives off less, make sure that you are not getting ANY e-liquid in the small steel hole when filling. That is the Airflow hole (probably not the official term) which the vapour comes out of. Instead, when filling, press the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle to the side of your clearomizer tank when filling, so it all dribbles into the tank. Check after that the Airflow hole has no droplets on it at all, and if so get a napkin or tissue and push it in the top and wipe. Even if there is no droplets, do this every time you fill your tank for the best results in vapour production. I had this problem when I started, but after a few tutorials, I sorted it. Abby Vapes and IndoorSmokers on YouTube are two great vaping channels, who do reviews on cheap vapes and e-liquids, and also give great tips!

  • kombo says:

    i didnt get these problems with the usual cigarettes 😀

  • cj says:
    3 stars

    my e cig is good and i have a t3s tank and i keep cleaning it by blowing into holes running water and cuping the bottom so the water shoots out of the 4 little holes on it and cleaning the part that you unscrew from bottom with the 2 tiny wicks and blowing into it i also filled tank with water and used toilet paper to clean it and not enough smoke is coming out even though i just charged my battery for an hour and its a pure voltage changing battery whats wrong please help text me the answer to this 321-501-8204 please help :c

  • joshua says:

    so it blinks 8 times and it will charge but everytime i take it off and try to light it nothing ?

  • Brian says:

    I need a real cig. 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    So my vape came loose and I put ew liquid in it and now I am not getting anything out. What should I do?

  • Patrick Stewart says:
    5 stars

    Hi I have an itaste vv and put an ego ce4 cartomizer on it ,and now I can’t get the clearomizer of it just keeps turning ,can you help ?

    Thanks Patrick

  • Kim says:

    I have a tripl3 ego 900 and I’m barely getting any vapor and I had blueberry flavor in it, and now watermelon and I can’t taste any flavor? What can I do to taste the flavor?

  • peter says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the nicotine vapours are a gimmick. I bought my first one months ago and at the beginning it was great. Then problems started, my battery constantly needed charging as it only lasted half a day. I countered this by getting another battery. I have two of these useless objects now and neither work, batteries are fully charged, I have tried pressing the button 5 times on each, still nothing. At least when I had real cigarettes I was always assured of a smoke, with e vapour its a lottery

  • james says:

    just got ego-ce4 took out of package started to charge it and it said it would take two hours but the light is still red so don’t think its actually charging what can I do ?

  • james says:

    sorry nvm it is an ego-t box just says ego-ce4

  • Dylan says:

    I got the started kit avail vapor and I’ve only had In for a week now and I ran out of juice for the first time,so I refilled it and now it won’t vape,I cleaned out the battery peace and everything with a cue-tip and it still doesn’t work,anyone know why?

    • Bill says:

      Make sure your automiser is tigh and the conecton from battery to otomiser is ther.

    • Billy says:

      Need help!! Baught the Lotus and all 3 coils are fighring Great. My Problem is no matter how much airflow or juice it just does Not Hit like it should. Battery is good and like said all 3 coils glow red hot without cotton. With cotton and 50/50 juice it throws no or verry little vap even if I only install one coil. Any ideas? Help would be great. Thanx all you vapers for advise!!!!;)

  • kattie says:

    OK so I got a vaporin chrome and past week been working fine had to charge it for the first time last night and now its just blinking red and not working at all anybody know what happen or how to fix the problem…. try 🙂

  • Lizbell says:

    This is what works best for me ego -t 900 battery watts I’ve been vaping it for bout a month now and no battery problems I even dropped it several times and freaked out. I love my Vape.
    The best clearomizers is kanger techs aspire models the work best with ego and any vapor specialist should tell u that when buying your Vape.
    E juice I haven’t encountered any issues smoking good stuff because I admit I smoke the best out there on market it’s called SPACEJAM products more PG flavoring less VG but still has VG just VG is less expensive when it comes to smoke shop wholesalers to supply the e juice it literally is the best product on market to Vape with best cloud vapor all day.
    Easy clean and fun flavors
    I Vape Pluto and mix with passion

    Cleaning tips clean everyday with qtip before use and filling obviously don’t fill inside your tank or it will leak and it will stop working if you run water on your battery or I even heard on your tank.

    Enjoy vapors 🙂

  • Mike says:

    South Beach air. Tank leaked and clogged after only 10 minutes.

  • Mark Williams says:
    3 stars

    Just Got The FIN and Had To Do The 5 Presses Then It Worked, It Should Tell You This In The Instructions But Doesn’t

  • Reece says:

    Got my e cig couple days ago and changed flavors and cleaned it but now it won’t hit and it feels like sacking through a straw in an empty cup

  • Josh says:
    4 stars

    Well, I have A problem so when I smoke it I get barely any smoke I feel like and also when I smoke it it feels like it’s Morley air then vapor I’m so confused!

    • Jonn says:
      5 stars

      For all complaining about low vapor volume, remember that the physical characteristics differ from the analogs to the apvs. When you take in a drag, make sure it is soft and long, you should feel the coil heating up. This is necessary to ensure you don’t get any liquid onto your lips/mouth, but only vapor instead. Also, if you get gurgling sounds and little to no vapor, liquid has leaked into the air hole and will need to be cleaned in order to work right again. Hope this helps.

  • Sick of Vaping says:

    I’m really getting so feed up with vaping. It’s been a bit over a year now, and I’m glad to be off of analogs, but my pro tanks are spotty – sometimes great, sometimes giving no vapor, sometimes spitting juice out of the top – my carto based tanks gurgle or flood, and I don’t even bother with my iClear 30’s.

    No matter how much shit I buy, it’s seemingly impossible to get a consistent, good vaping experience.

    Is that really so much to ask?

  • Bill says:

    This site seems to put down youtube videos but I fixed my E cig with no tools using just a napkin after watching a youtube video.
    I had the gurgling sounds and it prodused no smoke so I took off the battery and put a napkin over the mouth peice and shook it upside down.Instantly fixed it and now im back to tobbaco free smoking again.

  • joey says:

    This was pretty helpful to me. Thank you.

  • rico says:

    My e-cigerette light flashes green and then stops vaping when i take a long drag..what does this mean?

  • Mossy says:

    Need help. Just bought a motions 10 cirro e cigarette and it won’t let me take a draw it’s as if it’s blocked and I don’t want to start ripping it apart if I don’t need too any help would be great. Thank you

  • Debi says:

    I have 3 ego t batteries all doing the same thing. Charged but when I hit them, they blink real fast. Could this be my coils bad in my tanks? I have cleaned everything and charged the batteries, but not replaced the coils.
    Thank you for any information.

  • Luke says:

    I have an e cig and it used to work fine but know it has stopped and its charged but nothing is coming and its not liteing up anymore what is wrong with it it like oks like an actual cigarette but its silver

  • aftab says:

    E GO e ig is not good produt.after one day of perchasing its out of order.its bettry is not good riting bettry problam.

  • Michael says:

    I have a vision spinner 1300 and a SMOK Mico ADC Tank and for some reason im not getting much vapor smoke out of it and the ring around the outside where the coil is gets super hot almost to the point where it can burn you

  • Trevor says:

    My ego-t is producing a little smoke but when I take a slow drag the tank and mouth peice get really hot and burn my mouth and also the smoke is hot too

  • Faith says:

    What If The Vapor Is Fully Charged And When You Disconnect It From The Usb It Doesn’t Turn On ?

    • sara says:
      3 stars

      im new here, why does my ecig doesnt give out much vapor compared to my friends. wht do i have to change in order to det more smoke ? isit the mode or the tank ?

  • Bobby says:
    5 stars

    Been smoking regular smokes, camels straights, at the age of 9 yrs old and the other day the cable guy hooking up my new service told me about this “E” cig and when he said he saves a bunch f money I had to get in on that so I’m smoking a Kanger evod and no shzt I haven’t bought a pack since.
    going on 2 months now and the “E” cig is out f**ng standing. I recommend it to all smokers.

  • Melinda says:
    3 stars

    I have a problem. My ecig won’t work with my new battery. I have an old one and it works fine. But I have to charge it. So when I switch the newer one won’t make vaper. It lights up but doesn’t make that crackling noise. Idk what’s wrong. About to break down and buy a pack of cigarettes. -_-;;

  • Coleen says:

    On most ecig chargers, its supposed to turn red when charging then green when done . But I’ve been trying to charge it. But its only on green. And assuming its charged . when I connect the battery to the tank. It dies. I have a V Exotica ecig. Any help ?

  • brady says:

    So when i bought my battery they told me to charge it on 4.2v and i forgot one day and charged it on 4.8 and now it doesnt hit like it used to how can i fix this problem?

  • Alis says:
    3 stars

    I’ve had my e-cig about 2 days and when I inhale it makes a funny sound and I sometimes get a drop of the liquid coming out of the top. Should I get a new top part? Help?

  • Tara says:

    Hi, when I am smoking on my efeg it will produce a normal amount of vapour but after roughly 3 times of taking a draw of it the efeg will just stop producing vapour and I do not know what the problem is, I have tried cleaning the battery and putting new liquid in and nothing has helped

  • Susie says:
    3 stars

    I have charged my battery, changed the atomiser, as soon as I vape on it the battery light flashes & no smoke, light is fine on it’s own, any help would be a blessing also how do you know when the battery needs renewing please. Thanks in advance

  • Brittany says:

    I have an x6 battery and kangertech protank 3 and the battery is charged when I put the tank on it the led light blinks but when I take it off it doesn’t blink I’ve changed the coil but still nothing is helping and ideas?

    • Leonard says:
      5 stars

      Britnay , your coil shorted out. I let happened to me with my Kanger tech. I kind of naive and put the coil on just that and wanted to burn out excess stuff cleaning it and it heated up for a second and then started blinking crazy. I went nuts thinking the battery was not charging but learned from my vape store the coils can short out. Hope this helps as I just noticed but message is from 2015 :-/ lol

  • Alex says:

    I have a kangertech subox mini and the problem with that is it leaks and clogs so easily especially if you do some hard vaping. It sucks cause I gotta clean it daily but it still does the job.

  • Keila says:

    I have an evod mini that I just bought last week. And all of a sudden 3 days later, it stops working normally,and the led blinks 10 times but won’t charge, won’t die, won’t even give you a single toke… Just flashes. I plug the usb in and it indicates it’s already charged

  • ZAINI MUGHAL says:

    plzz suggest me….
    i need enough smoke of ecig
    so plzz tell me right now plzz…..
    03361425271 this is my WhatsApp number plzz contect me and tell me pricea

  • emily says:

    This was incredibly helpful – thank you 🙂 i have an e-smart and it stopped working after a month of frustration trying everything i could find for suggestions i just used a pin to pull the post in the battery up a tiny bit and now it works perfectly!! i was planning to go buy a whole new system tomorrow so you just saved me a hundred bucks – i like that a lot 😀

  • Joe sph says:
    2 stars


    Lol didn’t notice I’m replying to a post from 3 years ago

    And sorry my bad keyboard text skills and I’ll claim auotcorrect kind of butchered up the message. It Shoud make sense. The coil shorted out.

  • Emma says:

    Hi my mate has an e cig and it’s the big tank battery. It’s not blowing out any smoke/vapour. Anyone know what is wrong with it?

  • Johnny says:

    I have a tsunami vape and I had it for 2 weeks now tot won’t produce bearly any smoke

  • Danny says:

    My KangerTech evod starts hitting as soon as I screw the tank on and won’t stop till battery is dead or coil it burnt. I can’t turn it off. The button does nothing but blink three times when I press it.. what is wrong and can it be fixed and how

  • Dwayne says:

    I have an atlantis evo tank and using 2 amp coils. Been using the same set up for a while…but recently when i haul it…it seems like the air vent is closed and after 4 or 5 puffs it tasted burnt like the tank is empty even tho its full and a new coil. If i haul without pushing the button…im able to take another few puffs and it tastes burnt again.

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