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Mistic Becomes First E-Cigarette Company to Shift Production from China to the US

Greenville-based e-cigarette company Mistic recently announced it has shipped production from China to the US, making it the first independent electronic cigarette company to so.

mistic-e-cigarettesThe move, first announced in April 2014, comes in response to growing quality concerns and the prospect of tighter federal regulations. Following the official announcement of proposed FDA regulations, Mistic devised a plan to shift the production and assembly of its e-cigarettes from China to a local space shared with e-liquid maker Purilum. The company was already producing the e-liquid in Greenville and shipping it to China, which delayed its supply chain by about 60 to 90 days.

But in order to make the move possible, Mistic had to find an alternative to the 300 Chinese workers that handled the production and assembly of its electronic cigarettes. Luckily, their partner company, Purilum, owns machines that assembles the cartomizers in a completely automated process that eliminates human error. Although Mistic will still be importing some components from China, like the lithium batteries and other electronic components, the assembly will now be done at its Greenville plant. The new factory standards include separate nicotine and non-nicotine mixing rooms, automated bottle filling and cartomizer assembly.

“This landmark deal will further streamline our production process and make Mistic the standard-bearer in the e-cig industry for world-class quality and supply chain management,” said John Wiesehan Jr., CEO of Mistic. “Our e-liquid is already made in the U.S. for both Haus and Mistic and the relocation of our automated product assembly to the U.S. from China will provide us with a highly skilled workforce, more oversight and increased operational efficiencies, making this a game-changing business decision that’s in line with our long-term strategy.”

The production shift will allegedly improve the vaping experience as well. Wiesehan believes the quality of the quality of the e-liquid deteriorated within the long time it took to ship it to China and back again. Now, the product will be fresher and will reach convenience store shelves within a week of production.

Strangely enough, Mistic’s CEO says production cost has gone down following the move, despite China’s notoriously cheap workforce. “Quite frankly, we have a pickup in our (profit) margin,” he told the press.

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  • nicholette acevedo says:

    For the past 6 months there’s been some duds in the filters. Then there were some white capped filters those were good then back to the clear capped filters I get to about 10/15 puffs later and the filter tastes really strong burns my throat on the dud ones I have to poke in filter with a paper clip to bring back out the vapor and that only lasts 5 to 10 puffs what up with that.

    • Kristi Mischel says:
      2 stars

      I loved the Mistic ecigs. I picked up my first one 4 years ago this past April and haven’t touched a cigarette since. I noticed the same problem. I recently bought a 10 pack refill cartridges and 7 out of the 10 were no good! It was like there was no “juice” in them. I would inhale and nothing. Out of 2 bundles (12- 5 pack boxes) I had a total of 9- 5 packs that were duds. I also noticed that the flavor changed. I purchased a bundle of the red box refill cartridges, instantly i was nauseous, tried them 2 more times and got so sick to my stomach. I asked them why they had to change the flavor. I have been smoking the same brand for 4 years, I know the flavor isn’t the same though they claim it hasn’t. So i have a 12 pack bundle (bought online from their website, priced at $129.99 and I cant smoke them!) What a disappointment. I am going to try the paper clip thing but if it doesn’t help in my situation then unfortunately they may lose a loyal customer. They’re product USED to be phenomenal but now since the change in their location it also brought a change to the product. I stayed with Mistic because I love how it has a slight sweet flavor and did NOT taste like a real cigarette. I haven’t been able to find another brand with a similar flavor.
      I used to brag to my friends about how Mistic had an amazing line of products and amazing service but since the change in location I can’t say the same anymore; no matter how many times they claim that there is no change I disagree with them. I have never got nauseated from their product in 4 years until now. And with the duds? I can understand maybe one here and there but 7 out of one 10 pack? That’s just uncalled for and thats just poor business that could effect them. They need to move their warehouse back to where they were originally located so they can bring back the original product with the amazing flavor and no duds. Because I would rather go back to bragging about their product instead of trying to deter people from buying their product!! They need to get it together before they lose more loyal customers.

  • travis taylor says:

    I just bought a has/mystic vaporizer 3 days ago and haven’t had a cigarette since.so far I really like it!

  • jackie says:

    I was buying Mistic when it was first in Sam’s club but now they are the worst company to buy from i bought a 12 pack of 5 packs only 2 out of 10 worked !!! so I sent them back and they ripped me off. also they never answer the phone or return calls. the battery’s had a 1 year warranty now they have a 3 month warranty and don’t last a month and you have to pay to send them back.THEY ARE NOW THE WORST RIP OFF COMPANY FOR E-CIGS THEY KNOW WHAT THERE SELLING CRAP

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