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Phillip Morris Launches New Type of Smokeless Cigarette

Marlboro-maker Phillip Morris International has finally launched the much talked about IQOS, a smokeless cigarette that has been described as a hybrid between analogs and electronic cigarettes. The new device uses real tobacco refills, but instead of burning it to produce hazardous smoke and tar, it heats it to produce tobacco-flavored vapor.

For many, e-cigarettes have proven to be a viable alternative to smoking, satisfying their craving for nicotine through a familiar hand-to-mouth gesture. However, there are also many smokers who find the taste of real tobacco so difficult to replace that they continue to risk their lives by continuing to smoke. They are the ones Phillip Morris International hopes to sell their new IQOS smokeless cigarette to.


On November 21st, the tobacco giant launched its new device in Milan, Italy, after previously making it available on the other side of the globe, in Nagoya, Japan. These two tests market will give the company an idea of whether the IQOS can indeed compete with the already hugely popular electronic cigarette in the reduced-risk product market, which Phillip Morris CEO André Calantzopoulos believes is the company’s “greatest growth opportunity in the years to come”.

The IQOS smokeless cigarette looks a lot like a second generation vaporizer, but is very different from modern electronic cigarettes in terms of functionality. Instead of nicotine-laced e-liquid, it uses actual tobacco in the shape of small Marlboro cigarettes that are heated at high temperatures, but not burned. The miniature cigarettes, called “HeatSticks”, are inserted into the IQOS heating device, leaving out the filter, which even has the Marlboro name written on it. Tobacco cigarettes burn at around 800 degrees Celsius, but the IQOS only heats the tobacco to 350 degrees, delivering a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor, but no smoke and tar. From what I’ve read, the tobacco is soaked in propylene glycol which helps produce the vapor.


According to PMI statements, the IQOS is the result of over ten years of research and development and around $2 billion dollar in investments. Needless to say the company has a lot riding on this, especially since its traditional tobacco product sales in developed countries have been on the decline for years. Sustained public health campaigns, increasing tobacco taxes and marketing restrictions make a growth in the cigarette sector very unlikely.

But the success of the IQOS is dependent on the reduced risk the product allegedly offers. I say allegedly, because while there is ample evidence that electronic cigarettes are indeed safer than analogs, the same cannot be said about Phillip Morris’ new products. Apparently, medical tests are already underway in Switzerland, and results are expected in the next year or so. For the time being, the IQOS is subject to the same level of taxation as conventional cigarettes, and its packaging contains a clear warning that it “can be hazardous to your health”.


The iQOS starter kit is currently priced at €70 ($87), while a pack of 20 HeatSticks costs €5 ($6). The devices are currently produced at a pilot factory in Bologna, Italy, but if it proves successful in its test markets, Phillip Morris plans to build a larger one capable of producing up to 30 billion HeatSticks per year.

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  • larry wexler says:

    I have no review but wold like to know how to by one and try it ty l wexler

    • Davide says:

      Absolutely fantastic. The flavor is good, at the moment we can choose the menthol taste and the normal taste. You still have nicotine, but no tar and no ash. And no smoke, only good smelled vapor. Tobacco is not burned, only heated

    • Jonny says:

      It’s working for me –
      Smoked up to 40 a day before new year
      Iqos is the first thing that has helped me stop real cigarettes, and I tried nearly everything over the last few years
      Let’s hope when the research results are out they are still saying it’s 95% better of you than traditional smoking
      My lungs feel less tortured already

      • Jimi says:
        1 stars

        Wow, does no one here vape? This is vaping in 2010, clunky, bulky and not quiet there. Go to an e-cig store, much better.

        My father in law switched after 35 years of smoking, hasn’t had a cig in 3 years now. Why would you want to support the same company that pushed cancer for so many years?

        • Buck says:
          1 stars

          I’ve smoked for about 40 years my son he’s 19 has smoked since he was 14 and he recently stopped and went to e-cigarettes I’m so impressed how how healthy he looks much better and here I am killing myself well I stop smoking I have no ashtrays in my house regardless I feel better and more healthy incredible stay away from anything that has to do with tobacco.

      • John Muir says:
        5 stars

        I have been using it for about 10 days now and love it.

        In fact I am starting to enjoy them MORE than real cigarettes I really feel a huge nicotine rush and the dirty rotten filthy taste that I know and love so well, that’s all that was lacking with Ecigs that flavour! Iqos have cracked it this time I’m a true and happy convert.

        I just hope when the research results come out they are still saying it’s 95%
        less harmful for you than traditional smoking.

        • JR says:
          5 stars

          Bought mine from the UK from a friend that gave me great deal on device + 100 Heets I’m fully converted. I would be happy to pass on their details as I believe this is a fantastic product and defiantly feel better in myself. Especially no smell on my clothes etc

    • Satomi eto says:

      On the UK site we recommend you to buy iqos kit ? Japan

    • chintan says:
      5 stars

      i have placed an order and will receive tomorrow wanna try it. will update u soon
      the first thing i like about this product is u r not using any liquid. just cigarette and that is it. easy to use and with one year warranty with one month return policy.

  • darline Smith says:

    would love to no no about this item. would you send me more info thanks you

  • darline Smith says:

    also would love to try one to see if they are as good as others say they are thanks

    • mau says:
      5 stars

      its going to take a while. but you can purchase them in Canada. and they will be available in Mexico soon. Colombia is the second country in America to launch. I just bought mine and it’s great.

  • kris says:

    How can i purchase one of these.

  • Smoker says:

    I used in Italy. It is unconfortable, expansive and I am not sure what kind of ingredient are inside if you open one stick you will see like brown sheets with glue!! Not for me

    • Jitendra gandhi says:

      If any one let me know where in Milan avlalabel will be great full

    • ns ja says:

      Exactly, i couldn t agree more with you! And what do we all know, about propylene glycol which helps produce the vapor!? I m not sure about that how healthy is smoking that kind of vapor!!! I suppose that classic good old killer smoke is even safer and healthier than this “e-smoke” !!? What about that?

  • Matosu says:

    I would like to buy this product, can any body tell me where to buy in italy. I live in Genova.

  • VS says:

    May I know where I can find this in Tokyo?

  • tiziana says:

    Ho acquistato il Vs prodotto, vorrei sapere se sulle navi della MSC trovo le sigarette per iQOS o se devo farmi la scorta prima di salire a bordo

  • Mary Havens says:

    I would like to know more about this product

  • anonymous says:

    Currently using it. Took couple of days to get used to non tar vapor feeling in mouth and throat, but feels just same as smoking analog cigrettes. Each heatstick is capable of about 15 inhales. Just hoping the company introduces more various tastes.

  • richard says:

    So the vape comes from tobacco, with all the poisons we are avoiding using e-sigs for years.

  • Tülin candan says:

    How much money?

  • Mine derin Bardakçı says:

    Hello ,
    How to buy
    I live in turkey

  • holl says:

    Ahhh…just had a precious little stick. Bought from nagoya, japan few days back. Cost ¥460 for a pack of 20s and ¥6980 for the device.

    • Larry says:
      5 stars

      How does it taste? Do you get the real tobacco flavor? I use e liquids but am not satisfied with them.

  • James says:
    5 stars

    I “smoke” this and it’s great! I bought this in Milan … and I have to come back because only in Italy I can buy Heat Stick’s …

    • PP says:

      The heartsick cigarettes are already in the swiss market. In Neuchatel for example, city center you can buy. The main production center is in Italy, Bologna but Switzerland is also producing. Actually the swiss market has only heatstick produced in Neuchatel. As everybody know the quality in swiss is always in high levels and for the heartsick it is no exception.
      Philip Morris Neuchatel made clinical test to prove that the heartsick is a reduced risk product.
      I read a comment from “smoker’ user in which he says that there is a brown sheets with glue. The brow sheets is a preparation of tobacco. There are 3 types of filters to ensure the best smoke inhalation.
      Best regards to everybody.

  • Allen says:

    this products looks awesome ,see how it goes ,the market will give us the result

    • Ken says:
      5 stars

      I purchased it in Japan. I have used it for half a year.
      It’s certainly nice, no bad smell no ash, when I’m not at home.

      But I wanna smoke real cigarettes at times.

  • John says:

    I just smoked two heatsticks in Japan at a specialty tobacco shop. A strong one and a regular one. There is slight tobacco taste but no tobacco smell to enjoy. It took a minute or two to do the max limit of 15 inhales. The product is good fix if you are in non smoking environment, but you will miss the beloved tobacco smell in your nose.

  • Chris says:

    if they are made with real tobacco, what keeps people from lighting the heat stick with a match?

  • Jack says:
    5 stars

    I live in Tokyo, you can only purchase Iqos if you are a Japanese citizen. So my Japanese friend helped me.
    The cigarette is great. No bad smell no ash
    I already had so many request by my friends overseas and shipped them.
    It is highly recommend!

    • Larry says:

      Jack. Do you mean that even if you’re visiting Japan as an American, Philip Morris won’t sell you the IQOS system? How does the heat stick taste?

    • Eric says:

      Jack, can i buy from you…i live in indonesia…do you help me please…u can email me..thanks

    • Danny says:
      5 stars

      Honestly I love it and it’s concept, after I got done with it there wasn’t any tar at the end on the filter at all. I’m I’m okinawa and even being an American they sold it to me, also taking the time to get me the discount for it. Great alternative, I hope to see it in the United States soon

  • Hiro says:
    5 stars

    I am a Japanese citizen living in Tokyo. So far, IQOX is great. Hopefully good for health without tar. No smell remains on fingers, clothes, in monuth. No ash. No need of lighter. No problem even in the storm. My wife doesn’t get mad smoking in house. Can smoke in the toilet in office. No smoke, just vapour. Taste is not bad. But poor customer service by Philip Morris in Tokyo. Campain price in Tokyo is about 75 Euro incl. 10 packages of HeatSticks.

    • Eric says:

      Hello…how to buy…i live in indonesia..help me. Thanks

      • Kim says:

        I live in California (USA) and bought my IQOS on EBay with heatsticks. It takes some getting used to. I’m hoping it will help me quit, but in the meantime I can breath much better.

  • Erick says:

    I have the product and i live florida but is nice…

    • Ben Fosher says:

      where can i get it , can u help me on this ? tx

    • Anna Maria Sacchi says:

      Just tried one feom a friend, but it is still tabacco, what actually has this machine inside? They say heat, but what amount of heat is needed? You still smoke tabaco, how less tanacco is inside? How much less are we having to deal with this IQOS?
      Does the amount of tabacco give lung cancer?
      When does this get. To north america or south america in ordee to buy the Heat sticks? I cant fly everytime I smoke a pack, and sont get them in South America ( Peru ), what actually charges this IQOS to have a good smoke without politing everybody at home? What difference does it have with BLU? Thank you for your patience and hope to have anawers as aoon as possible, since in a month I will be in Italy. Thank you very much!

  • Jon says:
    5 stars

    I tried one of a friends today and was quite impressed with both the hit and the flavor. Unfortunately I can’t buy these in my area yet.

  • Sultan says:

    Hello there ,,
    I hv been smoking for more than 20 years, and last week started using IQOS , for the beginning it was great. But now I have got pian in my heart and I can’t move my left arm, cause of the IQOS .

  • Rob says:
    1 stars

    I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 25 years. recently tried the IQOS (bought in Switserland). I no way this is going to stop me from quiting smoking. The taste vaguely ressembles the taste of a real cigaret, but it’s way to weak a taste to really enjoy. Smoke/Vapor production is nowhere near you that of a real cigarette.
    It helps to keep your nicotine cravings under control, but NOT your smoking craving!. It’s marginally better then patches or gums because you also have to inhale something. But that is where the similarity stops.

    I think the people that praise this product are either not real smokers or are paid to like these things. Can’t imagine that a real smoker actually likes these things so much.

    • Richard says:

      I m trying to buy the iqos marlboro. Where in switzerland i can buy

    • Jc says:

      Im a 40 a day smoker and had no intention to quit smoking. I switched to iqos due to pressure from kids n wife, I smoked a pack of regular smokes and a pack of heat sticks and after about a month im only using iqos, I’ve gone through and going through a bunch of withdrawl Symptoms linked to smoking which I can only assume is actually from the tar in smokes. Throat hurts and I have abit of a headache and I’ve been coughing up mucus just a few days after going completely iqos. non smoking sites say this is caused by nicotine I now doubt that this is true and is most likely caused by tar.

    • jamesup says:
      2 stars

      I wonder how this IQOS will compare to the vapor from marijuana. It seems to me that if the marijuana produces a greater euphoria, people will select a marijuana vap rather than an IQOS. I’ve smoked a marijuana vap and received no good feeling, although I’m 85 years old, which is likely a factor. 65 years ago I smoked cigarettes, and these vaps do not approach the satisfaction of smoking a cigrarette, since there is no sensation from inhaling the smoke volume.

  • Jon says:
    4 stars

    I’m using iqos now after being a life long smoker, took a little getting used to but I’m satisfied on the whole with it. Only down side is the time it takes to recharge while your craving and climbing the walls is a challenge!

  • nikotiner says:
    4 stars

    Smoker for 20 years. E-cig never fully worked as a full substitue to regular cigarets. Iqos does. Switch is very easy.. No way back to regular killer cigarets! Still have 10 packs of cigarette in my car, not even thinking of gettimg one of thosr anymore.. Too disgusting!

    • Larry says:

      Nikotiner–do you get the cigarette experience with IQOS? I’m finding that e cigs don’t give the same satisfaction as regular cigs.

      • nikotiner says:
        4 stars

        @ Larry,

        Much more than from e-cigs! Other experience sharings:
        – “healthier” e-cig adoption is much easier from iqos vs. Regular
        – tried a regular lately during social event.. I simply felt sick.
        Being long regular smoker, iqos is a way i can now breath again, taste is back, skin effect etc.. Many things you find back when quitting smoke without cravings in mind.. But that’s my story!

    • wendell says:

      Hi, can you use regular stick of cigarettes?

  • Linda says:
    3 stars

    IQOS are what got me into vaping and they served their purpose well, but compared to a regulated mod they are average at best.

  • Larry says:
    5 stars

    Just tried the IQOS with the Regular heatstick. Wonderful experience. Better than any vape I’ve had. I taste real tobacco and the alkaloids naturally in tobacco give me the relaxing feeling that eliquids alone didn’t. Highly recommended.

  • Patrick says:

    I’m in Japan and just tried the IQOS. I’ve tried many types of cig, and e-cig. Have to say the IQOS does taste better than e-cigs. That said, it does taste a bit strange at first, but after a few sticks you get use to it (I’ve tried the mint, so maybe that helped). The good thing is 1) it doesn’t leave the usual cig smell, 2) Although not fully but it does taste a bit like cig, and 3) it stops me from smoking more than 1 stick per session as the heating device does not allow you to immediately smoke another heat stick without having to put it back in the charger for a few mins.
    The bad thing? Well the taste does need some getting use to. Taking a puff or two after the orange light goes of and it taste even worst.

  • stu_cj says:

    I have one from Japan (I’m in the UK). To be honest, it’s a worthwhile attempt at an alternative but it’s not great. The whole process is a lot of messing about charging etc and the sticks taste and smell like burning fish. the sticks run out really quickly, you have to re-charge between each smoke and you still have the butts to dispose of. Worst of all is the foul smell while smoking (even worse than a normal cigarette ). I also note that the price of a pack is similar to that of a pack of cigarettes in Japan so no cost saving there. Perhaps later versions might be better.

    • Vladimir says:

      HeatSticks – ???
      Better not! “SMOK Guardian E-PIPE”!
      Look and think … http: //ecigs-pipe.com/
      The test of time.
      Good luck!

  • PatG says:

    Hi! Got one from Japan last month.
    Was working fine until 2 days ago.
    Now cannot charge the holder.
    Red LED light (Steady) comes on when I place holder into charger or when connected to USB.
    Anyway of resetting?
    Can anyone pls help?
    Realised there is no troubleshooting tips in the manual and no support contact.

  • SXO says:
    4 stars

    Purchased one in Zurich – they are readily available in the KKiosk outlets at the HB station. 80 CHF with 5 packs of cigarettes thrown in.

  • ilker says:
    5 stars

    Smoking it for 6 months now, completely satisfying experience for me. Was curious and tried 3 times usual cigarettes and each time never was not able to finish them. I was smoking 1 pack a day and now can not stand the taste and the smell.

  • Larry says:
    5 stars

    I have to say that this is the closest thing to a real cigarette that I’ve tried so far. As far as strength, I’ve noticed that the regular Marlboro is pretty intense at least for me. I can’t do the 14 draws without getting a nic overdose. The balanced regulars are better for me. I just got some Parliaments in from Russia and so I’m looking forward to trying those. Looking forward to Philip Morris selling these in the U.S.

  • Andreas says:
    1 stars

    I’m using this staff for a few days now. For me – disappointment. “Cigarettes” taste like fish glue. Really awful. While “smoking” you have to always check the status of iqos holder led. The iqos holder is working only for 6 minutes or 14 puffs, so instead of pleasure you have to be focused on led status. I think I will give up.

    • YIn says:

      I had one but not working anymore, if you don’t want yours anymore, can you sell that to me, I am in Melbourne Australia, will pay for postage. I have a lot of heating sticks but no device to use them. Thanks

      • Alex says:
        5 stars

        I can sell the device for a really god price, who is interested?

      • Danny says:

        I’m a IQOS smoker for sometime. Going to vacation in Australia Perth this coming May 2017. But as I check in the custom website, only 50 sticks of cigarettes is allow to bring in to Australia. Anyone can give some advise where can I buy heat stick in Australia?
        Thanks in advance.

  • Dennis says:

    As a Vapor Shop Owner in the United States, I have to refer to to this as a poor quality and poor attempt to compete with or in the vapor market. quality and value on this product from a 1 to 10 scale.. I rate it a -1. This is a junk item, dont waist your money on it. The other deal is to get smokers away from the taste of tobacco. Not o keep giving them tobacco flavoring.

  • Ann Mathisen says:

    Phillip Morris International does not produce Marlboros. That would be Altria, ticker symbol MO

    • Lolainswitz says:

      In the US they are produced by Altria. In the ROW they are produced by Philipp Morris International. They were the same company until a few years ago – possibly 2008

  • james says:
    3 stars

    can i use ordinary cigarette and cut it…same size as the heatstick???and replace if ever i cant find any heatsticks in the market???..i really want to know if its possible…

  • TJ says:

    Made in Italy? That’s crap.. This product made In Malaysia..

  • west says:
    1 stars

    Redlight, manual said malfunction.
    is this broken?
    can it be fixed?

    please help

  • Neso says:

    I bought new one, and 10 box of heat sticks cigarettes. Can anybody tell me where can I buy heat sticks because I leave in Bosnia or can I oder the heat sticks?

  • Raymond says:

    hey, where can i buy. can you tell me any website to me??

  • Tony says:

    How to buy ? and how much?
    I live in VietNam. thank you

  • Mitchell Mitchell says:
    5 stars

    I smoked for forty years.Switched to IQOS 6months ago,great at first then got a terrible pain in stomach and slight pain around heart area.Quit IQOS 3months ago.I have not smoked anything since that time!!!Yes Yes I have been able to quit smoking and all the pain has gone!!Thank you IQOS!!!!

  • Roland says:
    5 stars

    Pls I want to buy this product, I live in belgium , can someone help me

  • AS says:

    It’s still tobacco and cost the same as a pack of cigarettes. Why not by a vaporizer that you can use for over a year and find a flavor of e-liquid that you really enjoy? If you do that you only have to purchase the liquid, you get more than 15 puffs, no fish taste, no butts to dispose of and you safe money. This is ludicrous!

  • Robert Potts says:

    This is your spot in the face of the vapor community? Bought the FDA off with all of your rhetoric and falls claims about vaping just to produce your own?!?!?!? It’s still tobacco and tobacco kills, Philip Morris is a complete and utter joke!!!!

  • Antwon says:

    Roller machine, weed, dip in e-juice, rock n’ roll

  • mike says:

    I’ve been using e-cigs for 4 years and love them. I want to try these. But PA just whacked e-cig products with a 40% tax starting Oct. 1 2016, with no debate or public knowledge. Won’t be long before before it’s taxed out of existence.

  • elizabeth says:
    5 stars

    I was in Moscow visiting my son and family they have been on at me for years to quit and they brought me 2 of the iqos just in case one malfunctioned as I am unable to buy in Uk. Itried and havent smoked a real cigarette since. My cough is now non existent and I feel so much healthier. I do find that it doesn’t last long and sometimes have the need to burn a second also never enjoying a menthol cigarette befor have found that I get a better hit with the menthol flavoured ones. How long before I can get these in UK or do I have to go back to Moscow to get refill?

  • Mel says:

    Can i find the heat stick in paris?

  • Mike says:
    4 stars

    I was a pack-a-day smoker for about 7 years. Smoked all kinds…regular, menthol, clove, etc. Bought this the day it came out in Japan and never picked up a regular cigarette again. Actually, not true, I tried a regular cig in a pinch when I was in a remote area and ran out, and detested it for the residue smell (though I generally love the taste of regular cigarettes). The menthol (dark green pack) is the best. The regular flavor (blue pack) made me want to vomit. An excellent cigarette product. HOWEVER, all is not roses. I’ve had to have the charging unit replaced 2 times (!) due to poor quality control. And now, it’s broken for a third time. The failures are always one of two things: the tab that keeps the lid closed on the charging unit is made of plastic and breaks off from repeated use somewhere between 3-6 months. You can hold it all together with a thick rubber band which I’ve done this last time because I’m sick of sending it in. The other issue is the electronics in the charger and stick. They also seem to go wonky by about the 6th month. Customer service seems to be good IF you speak Japanese (and I do), although it takes forever to get to the step where they send out a replacement unit. I also began vaping in the last 3 months which, in my opinion, is a totally different product and shouldn’t be compared with this. In terms of buying either iQos sticks or vape liquids, I spend about the same or maybe even more on e-liquids.

  • throdoros says:

    Hello all..in a few days here in greece iqos will be arrived..my opinion is this..its tha same prise almost buying this product or buying normal cigarettes the only diferent is that iqos is more helthy than simple cigarettes..and think about your helth.

  • Jaze says:
    2 stars

    Where can I buy a pack of stick here in the Philippines? Please contact me, 0920-1610802.

  • Saif says:

    How can I buy it am in Berlin ?

  • george says:
    2 stars

    hello, i got mine and it was working and then suddenly stops, red light coming. and stick inside is like half broken, what can i do???

  • k says:

    my holder has already failed to work after 5 months
    and I have no idea how to contact customer service for advise…. it really sucks

  • ME says:

    Tobacco cigarettes burn at around 800 degrees Celsius, but the IQOS only heats the tobacco to 350 degrees, delivering a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor, but no smoke and tar. From what I’ve read, the tobacco is soaked in propylene glycol which helps produce the vapor.

    The Dangers of Propylene Glycol
    Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions.
    Potentially Toxic to the Kidneys and Liver.
    Probably Not Safe for Infants or Pregnant Women.
    Neurological Symptoms.
    Cardiovascular Problems.
    Respiratory Issues.
    Potentially Bioaccumulative in Certain Cases.
    May Be a Pathway for More Harmful Chemicals.

    • unbeholden says:

      IQOS doesn’t have any propylene glycose. It uses real tobacco leaf, not prepared to produce any smoke & not burnt.

  • Iza says:

    Want it! Live in the Netherlands. No iQOS here yet. Where to buy it online? Found buy-iqos[dot]com, but there’s only a pre-order option. Please advise! Tnx!

  • Daniella Atallah Accaoui says:

    I am going to Barcelona next week!!! Please can I find it there???

  • Gene says:
    1 stars

    No thanks, I’ll stick to vaping

  • Bora says:

    Hi, i have a iqos machine…how can i find heat stick?? i live in Turkey… [email protected] my mail…

  • Ren says:

    Fresh air is best.

  • Sérgio Nuno Silva says:
    5 stars

    This is great! We have them quite extensively in Portugal, they sell the sticks in the gas pump like normal cigarettes, not yet everywhere but enough places that you don’t run out easily. The taste is not exactly like a cigarette it has a roasted flavor wich I find very pleasing coming from Marlboro reds. Been using for some days and don’t get the cravings I got with vaping, so far I’m using as my only smoking device and quite enjoying it. To buy the device there are some places like shopping malls and a big store in Lisbon, but you can get it anywhere. It has a point system where you invite someone you get points and win prizes, good ones and fast. With 2 or 3 invites you get some Bose headphones for instance. Like I said loving them. I use the blue ones, the strongest to better emulate Marlboro reds. Very nice.

  • faisal 120 says:

    If some1 wants to buy it please send me a WhatsApp msg to discuss the financials. My number is : 923340009063

  • Erica Li says:

    I want 2! Live in Hong Kong. Where to buy it online? Please advise! Thanks

  • Manuel Rene IV Aloba Ponce says:
    5 stars

    When will this be available in the Phjilippines

  • Stephen Rogers says:

    Now available in the UK. They have a shop in London where you have to register in person. They then give a one to one presentation and then if you buy there is a package deal with a very attractive discount. I was a 40 a day smoker and having switched to !QOS I have quit smoking and also cut down the IQOS with a view to stopping completely.

  • Mike says:
    4 stars

    These are now available in Calgary, AB Canada
    White and Black IQOS and two variants of heats.
    I found on Google (IQOS Calgary)

    The IQOS was just $15 CDN

  • pavel says:

    Im smoking iqos for several months now. I can say that im quite happy but i have problem with plastic filter tip on my heatstick, after smoking it seems burned and sticked together. Does it means that Im inhaling plastic stuff?

  • guiomar francisca dos santos says:

    estou no brasil aonde posso encontrar os refil

  • Laurent says:

    Iqos is definitly the Best tobacco innovation never produced until now. You get the taste and pleasure of tobacco ,because you consume tobacco heated Without tard due to no burning process. I smoked 20 regular cigarettes per day since 30 years and i have totaly switched to iqos. Highly recommanded !! I love iqos ❤

  • V says:

    I have 2 of iqos but after a few used a while, when i try to chart them the green light just keep blinking, and never charge to the holder, don t know why, try to reset them the problem still remain, i guess have to go back to regular cigarettes , who know how to resolve this problem?

  • Ash says:
    5 stars

    Day one and I haven’t picked up a Marlboro since I bought it. I never thought I’d see the day I never smoked a regular cigarette! Very satisfying, I am liking the menthol and stronger one. It tastes a bit like toasted grains at first. I honestly don’t think I want to pick up a regular cigarette again. First time in 30 years smoking 20 a day. I am hoping that the holder and charger last a decent amount of time. I am in Cape Town. They were launched a month ago. Outstanding service and should be available in many shops soon. Slightly cheaper than Marlboro cigarettes too, but the main concern is my health. Have suddenly started feeling like a smoker these last few months. Hope to feel improvements quickly.

  • sasi o vidhyadharan says:

    I am in Dubai UAE. I like iqos stick heat and In UAE where it is available .please give your contact no . Also how I can pay the invoice value .

  • Shad says:

    I’m in Kuala Lumpur Where can I bay iqos!?

  • Corey says:

    Wow, alot of good reviews!! Where can I find 1 in Canana?

  • Ed says:
    3 stars

    Kind of nasty tasting. a big rush on the Nicotine. I use to smoke 2 packs a day, but I’m not even using a pack of heat sticks a da. Been smoking for 40 years and no desire for a regular cigarette now. And the Iquos tastes so nasty, I’ll be able to give it up tobacco completely soon.

  • Konstantinos says:
    5 stars

    I am fully switched from cigarettes to Iqos 6 months. Good taste good flavour noce feeling. The only complain is the duration of heets..
    I think is too short for my taste.
    Overall is a very promising product.

  • Selin says:

    Iqos works on me also. I switched to iqos a month ago. I was smoking cigarettes 40 per day, but now im breathing again. I hope its better then burning.

  • Mickey says:

    Let me guess breathing smoke causes cancer…propylene glycol wont?

  • dallas says:

    in japan, been smoking iqos for over a year, will never go back to reg. smoking. I get full tobacco taste and love not smelling like a cig. Im not offensive to others with the smell. I does not burn it heats up so all the carcinogens from burning, I get NONE. I had a heart attack because of shrinking vessels around my heart. Two years of continued smoking showed on CAT scans that i needed to get 2 more stents in my heart. IQOS came to my city in japan and i tried it. After one year, got another CAT scan, no shrinking vessels, my doc was amazed and cut some of my heart meds. I instantly noticed I can BREATH and NO more coughing. IQOS SAVED MY LIFE….AND ITS SATISFYING. Im able to enjoy my hardcore lifestyle of Mt. biking much better.

  • Adel says:

    I had (have) leucoplazia (my mouth was affected) because of cigarets. That could become cancer. Till I use iqos leucoplasia seems to diminish much. I hope it will disapeare in onu year.

  • Alan says:

    I never imagine that I can stay away from cigarette. After I have used IQOS, it works very good on me and I don’t like the smell of the regular cigarettes. If you also want to quit smoke, worth buying it n let’s converted to IQOS n soon u can stop both

  • Ken says:
    5 stars

    I have S,okey for nearly 40 years and was in South Korea on business during the first week of January 2018.
    I had been planning to try quitting my 30-40 a day cigarette habit (AGAIN) and saw so many Koreans with the iqos , one of the translators on our trip lent me there iqos for a day and I went out the next morning and bought my own.
    I accept I am still breathing in some chemicals but I use less than 20 heets a day and I have not thought about cigarettes for nearly a full month. Great product.

  • irfan farooq says:

    i need heat cigarette IOS,
    How can i buy can you help

  • William van Wyk says:
    4 stars

    I am smoking the IQS for 6 weeks and haven’t touch a cigarette. I’m hoping to kick the habit with the help of the IQS after 40 years.

  • Christine Rush says:
    1 stars

    If you stop selling cigarettes your company will go bankrupt. We wont buy this. We will just buy another brand of cigarette.

  • Jayant says:

    I live in melbourne is there anyone knows where can i buy IQOS in melbourne?

  • Ed says:
    1 stars

    A patch is better. The hand to mouth is the problem with cigarettes.

  • Ed says:
    5 stars

    Waste of money.

  • Hakim Ali says:

    i have smoked for 20 years literally but quit 3 years ago i fell that i deprived myself a great pleasure, life is not the same anymore for the cigarette lover. if this product test positive that will change so many people lives but i will not buy until the report is back tough .

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