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R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Launches VUSE Electronic Cigarette

Winston-Salem-based tobacco company, R.J. Reynolds, has recently announced its own line of electronic cigarettes, called VUSE. According to Reynolds American representatives, the VUSE is “a game-changing product in the e-cigarette category”.

News about R.J. Reynolds intention to enter the e-cigarette business emerged last year, when they confirmed VUSE was still in the development stage. It had been introduced in a very limited test market a while ago, and last Thursday the tobacco maker finally launched a revamped version of VUSE during an event in Colorado. Created by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. (RJRV), a subsidiary of Reynolds American, this new electronic cigarette promises to offer vapers unsatisfied with the products available on the market today the “perfect puff”. According to the official press release, “VUSE is completely designed and assembled in the U.S., and, as an additional quality step, VUSE incorporates automated manufacturing to ensure a consistently reliable cartridge every time.” Stephanie Cordisco, president of RJRV says “VUSE is powered by Smart Technology which is designed to monitor and regulate the power, heat and cartridge performance to ensure a perfect puff first time, every time.” This new technology apparently monitors and adjusts heat and power more than 2,000 times per second to deliver consistent puffs.

Photo: video caption

Smart Technology and quality-related claims aside, the VUSE doesn’t seem much different than other electronic cigarettes. It features the same battery-and-cartridge system, mirrors analog cigarettes and replaces harmful tobacco with e-liquid. Actually, Reynolds’ is called “v-liquid”, but I bet it’s not much different than the stuff already used in the industry. Still, Cordisco is confident the fact that VUSE is designed and assembled in the United States and its ability to provide a consistent puffing experience will give it an edge over the competition.

Photo: video caption

For the time being, VUSE will only be available in the state of Colorado, but R.J. Reynolds has its sights set on expanding nationally in the future. “We plan to be a large, strong national leader in a very short period of time, and Colorado represents just one of our major states as we roll it out,” Stephanie Cordisco told CNBC. The new electronic cigarettes will be available as a single rechargeable unit called VUSE Solo, which includes the lithium battery, one cartridge and a USB charger, for an estimated price of $10, and as a starter kit, called VUSE System, which includes the battery, three cartridges (two Original and one Menthol), a USB charger, an AC adapter and a carrying case. The VUSE System will retail at around $30. VUSE cartridges will be sold in packs of two at an estimated price of $6. Just like the majority of electronic cigarette companies, R.J. Reynolds Vapor says one VUSE cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of analogs.


Stephanie Cordisco and R.J Reynolds CEO Daan Delen have both said VUSE aims to solve the dilemma of high volumes of smokers trying electronic cigarettes but eventually going back to using tobacco analogs exclusively. “We believe Vuse will change that through providing a smoking experience that’s the most similar to the traditional cigarette,” Cordisco said. That’s pretty much on par with what every other e-cigarette company claims these days. We’ll just have to wait and see if VUSE actually delivers. One thing is for sure though, tobacco companies are trying to cover losses in the traditional cigarette business by entering the e-cigarette market. Lorillard was first to strike by acquiring blu e-cigarettes last year, for $135 million, while Altria and British American Tobacco have announced their intention to join in, either via way of acquisition or by developing their own e-cigarettes.

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  • Morcos says:

    Available on UK
    How match
    How mine day one filer

    • Vranks says:

      The VUSE is currently only available in the state of Colorado, US. The info you’re looking isn’t available yet

      • Paul Reimer says:
        1 stars

        The price is nice and all, but getting refills of the product is impossible. Don’t waste your money.

        • nathen says:

          i love it and u can get the refills at any loaf n jug

          • Gina says:

            NUVO are way better. The VUSE are so cheaply made, run out soooo fast and are total crap. The taste is good, but inferior to Logic, Blue, and way inferior to Nuvo

          • robe says:
            5 stars

            I’m apologize in this review and am sorry for the long review of this product, but I have so much to say about these. These have more nicotine than Logic, Blue, and Nuvo–and most of the negative comments on here are bull. I have been using this product since the Colorado trials and I absolutely love it. In thirteen months, I’ve had about nine defective cartridges.

            I travel often and can tell you, outside of the liberal-you’ll-be-better-off-letting-us-take-care-of-your-health attitude, like I find in New England (and it’s good it’s New “England” because many affronts to this type of product as well as other legal issues, remind of England, oh, say, 300 years ago).

            These are great. I usually smoke menthol but tried the Rich Mint, which was good, but I’ll stick with menthol. Might try Creama (spelling?) next, but I think the idea of a chai freaking flavor means the devil’s work is influencing the decisions of R.J. Reynolds, but I’m not sure.

            I love this product and even more now that I don’t have to stock up before leaving the state. I started using it after a service-connected heart attack. This product is saving my life.

            Please, please, try using this product. And most of the basic gas-station vapor products share common parent companies. Most people are still unknowingly pushing new vaporizer users to use the lower nicotine products made by R.J. Reynolds. At least, research deeper than a product website. In fact, the sterile, flat, and depth-lacking function of the internet, will more than likely steer you in the wrong direction.

            Go to a gas station and ask clerks what they sell most or ask a customer what they think of the product just bought. You should kind of straw poll the people using the product. There are more good reviews than bad and that goes across the internet when looking at multiple review sites (I did nearly a months worth of research before I used this product).

            I pray that anyone looking to quit smoking finds that little vapor kit that works for you.

        • Tony says:

          I have been a smoker for an embarrassing amount of years and am no fan of big tobacco company’s but will use their e-cigs over others because they have experience and money. That means they are more likely to be able develop a good produce and overcome whatever regulatory issues that may arise. The reason big tobacco is in the game at all is profit. They see the writing on the wall. The e-cig market is expected to outperform the market for tobacco cigarettes in the next ten years. I for one look forward to R.J.Reynolds offering their product nationwide

          • TueVaporFan says:
            1 stars

            This is embarrasing. First R.J Reynolds pleads for the FDA to ban tanks, mods, and ejuice. The claim that they are unsafe. They claim these closed system vapor products are healthier when in fact that are mass produced garbage with low QC.

            THe vape market already happend, and tanks, real vapes, and mods using EJUICE is the only way to win. Don’t waste your money and time with this frustraigting product, its another blu, njoy.. or whatever dime a dozen low quality high maintence big cost money pit.

            Get a real vape. Try something legit that actually overcomes your habbit. Something powerful you can rely on. They don’t have to be huge, just use a real battery that cranks 3.7v or higher. Any of this crap is going to fail and never satisfy.

          • immabeech says:

            Why would big tobacco want to create a product that would help you not use their product? I’d rather use an e-cig that big tobacco didn’t make.

          • nick meljie says:

            not hRMFUL TO ME BUT THE TRUTH IS I FEEL HELTHER USEING THE VUSE PRODUCT. I NEVER WOULD HVE GUESSED THAT FAKE CIG. COULD TASTE SO REAL TOCHEA PEOPLE HERE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK. GOOD WORK.I have to make a comment,I recived your free cupons for vuse after getting yourproduct I was a bit sceptal tried it anyway. After using it now for about two weeks my lungs feellighter less heavey I’ve been a life long smoker I’m 54 yrs old. Im not sure iff the vapors

          • Buster says:
            1 stars

            These will not help you quit and giving money to the people who marketed a deadly habit at you in the first place is the textbook definition of clinical insanity.

        • Karen Wood says:
          4 stars

          Not my experience (having problems getting refills). I can get them at almost any grocery store of convenience store

          • Marla J Eshleman-Winner says:
            4 stars

            I like it and have no problem getting cartridges in Fort Wayne, IN I am just wondering what 1 puff equals to. I have been smoking for over 36 yrs and am trying to cut down. I have some ?’s to ask on how many puffs = 1 cigarette!

        • Lisa says:
          1 stars

          the vuse is hard to drag on,you don’t get the feeling of a really cigarette.And it has the slight taste of cigar. Not worth the money or time.

          • bill b says:

            how soon can we get a thc vapor cig

          • Misery c says:

            I see a few dope heads putting up shit about the e cigs you stupid pot smokers need to take your shit somewhere else e cigs like this are intended for people to get of regular cigs regular smokers not dopers

          • Dickard Cranium says:

            We already have THC vape pens, and have for a couple years. I even have an attachment for my battery that vaporizes raw hash and raw bud.

        • Jordan mason says:

          Your E cig taste lick crap yes don’t waste your money!!!

        • kay says:

          can purchase on amazon. i live in pittsburgh, theyre at all getgo’s. love the product.

        • PAT DOWNING says:

          WON’T CHARGE ONE TIME !|!|!

          • michael jones says:
            5 stars

            to charge the VUSE you need to use the lithium ion battery till it flashes red that means its dead then plug it in it will charge

          • christy says:
            5 stars

            Love it..we just started..we have them everywere in Baltimore, Maryland! Hope it helps me to stop smoking!

          • Shawna says:
            1 stars

            Ya, what’s the deal? Opened right out of the package. Didn’t want to work at all no matter what I try.

        • cindy says:
          1 stars

          they are junk i have bought 2 of them 9.99 and the break wont charge junk

          • randy says:
            1 stars

            when they work they are good, problem is they don’t last. 1st one lasted 2 to 3 weeks. seconded one lasted approx. 2 to 3 months, 3rd one again lasted 2 weeks.

            secondly the cartridges don’t seem to last with any consistency.

        • Andria braun says:

          Very expensive and the charger doesn’t work. Waste of time and money. I am sorry I bought it. What an expensive piece of crap!

        • TC says:

          The prcie isn’t right, the pods have about a 35% – 40% failure rate. That makes this way too expensive! They’ll send you coupons for the failures, but no-one will take them, except maybe Walmart. By then I was frustrated, and didn’t care anymore.

      • Pearl says:

        You can get refills at all Speedway Stations

      • Joy Meece says:
        5 stars

        I found it @ a Marathon Gas Station in Portage IN. Lake Station IN gets them in October 2014

      • Brooke says:

        I received a free coupon in the mail to try the vuse….does anyone know where I can find it in Bowling Green, KY

        • randi says:

          If you live in Ohio or Kentucky only store you can go too is Speedway

          • Trisha says:
            4 stars

            I’ve actually enjoyed vuse..I love the taste..as oppose to noflame ecig I played 100.00 dollars for. Umm if you live in Ohio I have found vuse everywhere certified, speedway etc. I’ve been a smoker for the last 15 years and I’ve quit smoking regular ciggerettes for about 1mth now..its helped me I think its an all around great product, the only thing I disagree with is the lasting of the cartridges. I don’t think they last to one pack of ciggerettes.

          • Bobbi says:

            In Ohio you can get Vuse at Speedway and Go-Mart as well. Vusevapor[dot]com has a locator map on the site of retailers in your area using your zip code.

          • Cindy says:

            In my area in Ohio you can find the solo’s and refills at all Speedway stations and the Murphy USA (WalMart) gas stations.

          • john says:

            you can get them in ohio at all gas stations speedway bp marathon and so on

          • kris masson says:

            Not true. They’re available at many places, such as UDF, GetGo (Giant Eagle), Turkey Hill, etc.

        • marcella says:

          sent and 40 friends a free coupon no one in a 1/2 drive in my area covers it…and one that do are out because of coupon..and will probally never try it again

        • Santhony says:
          4 stars

          I received a free coupon in the mail, im 10 mins South of Philadelphia. I was able to use my coupons at WAWA, and the associate at WAWA said they are the only company who accepts the coupons and evwn carries the VUSE in PA as of now!

          • Sharon says:
            5 stars

            I live in upstate NY and used the free coupon I was sent to buy the vuse solo and two cartridges. Got it at the Hess gas station, didn’t have to pay sales tax. I like this a lot, I have a five year old so obviously smoking cigarettes inside the house is out of the question, with the vuse though I can safely smoke in my room and not have to worry about the second hand smoke harming her. It smells pleasant as well and the taste is pretty enjoyable. I give it 5/5

          • mike says:
            4 stars

            7 Eleven Has all Vuse products as well

        • Jamie says:
          5 stars

          If you live in KY you can find it at Cox’s. Also most smoke shops will carry it as well.

      • cathy miller says:

        its also availalble in florida. My son just bought one .

      • jack says:

        is it good as say better than blue e smoke

      • lisa lawrence says:
        5 stars

        I’m in Oklahoma and get them right across town

        • Connie says:

          I live in Tulsa, OK. I also received the free coupons,but can’t find them anywhere. HELP!!!!

          • KC White says:

            I also live in Oklahoma. I found them at few smoke shops but On Cue always has them in Okc, Bethany & Warr Acres. All suburbs of Oklahoma City.

      • Fujiman says:
        3 stars

        Picked one up at the gas station near me in CT. The flavor isn’t awful, but it’s nothing special either. Not sure if it’s just me, but the cartridges don’t seem to last all that long. Anybody else experiencing that as well? Will definitely be more expensive than it’s worth if the cartridge life really is as low as I’ve experienced so far.

        • john tuccillo says:

          I found that the cartridges provided with the e-cig lasted much longer than the replacements. Typical Big Tobacco marketing games

      • nancy says:
        4 stars

        Got coupon for free starter kit and a coupon for 2 free refills in the mail here in NY And redeemed at a gas station for only the price of NY sales tax.

        I like this one. I tried the no smoke device (a scam) and this one gave a more authentic smoking experience.

        • Patty says:

          Read all the reviews and would like to try it out. Where can I get free coupons?

          • bill says:

            i have been smoking camel filters for over 45yrs, love RL REYNOLS Product, but want to stop. am trying e-cig, but don’t like. how do i get a VUSE COUPON to try this product by RJR

      • matt says:

        i livein iowa and bought one at gas station…just saying but i enjoy it…happy vaping!!!

      • Robert Blanscet says:
        5 stars

        The Vuse is also in Georgia i use them and like them they are # 1 in my book

      • HELEN says:

        Are Vuse going to be available in Ontario Canada?

    • Lonny Day says:


      • Ramsey says:
        1 stars

        It is nice to be able to refill at gas station but god damn the pen just craps out every other day. You really need to buy a new $10 battery each week cause it either stops powering on, stops drawing smoke in or will not turn off and burn through the cartridge- and the cartridge doesn’t last too long either. They say it is for our good to make it stop when done but the times vary so much they just want to crap out their cartridges so you must buy 2 a day. Piece of shit. Only use if you have no other option.

      • Cookiesncream says:
        5 stars

        Just because you put your whole sentence in caps, does not mean that people are going to take your advice. (Just a heads up.)

      • D. L. says:

        Agreed, I bought one yesterday, liked it, it stopped working this morning. Wont charge wont accept cartridges, just totally dead. Called RJR, in 3-4 *weeks* I will get a coupon *to buy a new one*, not even a replacement. Don’t spend any money on this. It is a crap product.

    • allidan says:

      theres a atomiser it works with a expanding wafer that cause a small valve to open then it vaporises the juice

    • Josh says:

      I work at the factory making Vuse its a very good product. We are growing at a very fast pace to meet the markets need. Soon Vuse will be in very state in the US.

      • NickyJoe90 says:
        5 stars

        Josh posted on the 13th…And it’s all lies. He can’t work in the factory because it’s all automated. No human employees. I lived in CO and bought the solo to get started and loved it. I recently moved back to Nebraska and now can buy in retail here. The product has some hiccups just like any new product. They’re essentially a new company and therefore have a lot of kinks to work out. I’ve had bad experiences just like with any other product. The cartridges will glitch if you want to call it that. Plug in a new one and it will tell you the pen needs charged…or that it’s out. But call them. They’re amazing about sending coupons for discounted prices just for sticking with the company. It saves me money, my lungs feel better, it taste great. I say go for it. Buy it. Don’t avoid what you could find to be an amazing product because people deliberately make things up to blast random companies just for s**** and giggles.

        • joseph says:

          How do you get the coupons? I can go threw 2 to 4 carts a day… I do like the system but it can get expensive for me… better then smoking 🙂

      • Shelly says:

        Love love love!!!! Great work!!
        Should be able to order refills 🙁
        Everything else top of the line!!!

        • Suzette says:

          you can buy refills in 7-11 stores for 5.99 Just took my friend who had free coupon for starter kit an one pack of 2 refills. I am trying to get the free starter kit so I can try. Left them an email we will see.

          • angela cisneros says:
            5 stars


      • Wonder why says:

        I really enjoyed using the Vuse vapor cigarette, been smoking all my life sad to say, but my son really wanted me to stop, so I purchase the Vuse Digital Vapor cigarettes and have been using it for a week and two days and it flashes Red and White when I try to puff it. Now mind you I’ve just charge it and put a new cartridge on it. (Hello tell me what up with that), nothing comes out. I really like this product but please let me know how this can be resolved, buy buying a new vapor cigarette. I don’t think I should, I thought all you had to do is purchase the cig. once and purchase the cartridges when needed.

        • JDG says:

          @WonderWhy — When it flashes red it needs** charging, when it flashes white it needs** a new cartridge. Flashing red and white means both conditions are true.

          **or is close to it

    • Ann says:

      Got mine today here in milwaukee, Wisconsin at a gas station. and cartridges are about $6.50 and that’s with the taxes.

    • Joan says:

      I got my coupon for a free one but I can’t find where they are sold in Florida. Can any one help?

    • connie says:

      vuse cigs. are also avalible in kentucky now the cartridges are cheaper in Co.

      • michele says:
        5 stars

        These are awesome! I love that I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore! The cartridges aren’t expensive and I’m not having a hard time finding them in Colorado or California. I currently live in Colorado and am vising California for the holidays. California is surprisingly 50% less expensive than Colorado, but then again I live in a tourist town. The cartridges only cost about $5 in Los Angeles as compared to $10 in Pagosa Springs.

    • anyhony arnold says:

      Sooo dis appointed it tasted like DIRT!! shame on you Reynolds, you are not going to make any money off this, Sorry!!!

    • mototechRyan says:
      4 stars

      I’ve been a 1-2 pack a day smoker for over 20 years. Vuse is the first e-cig I’ve tried that I like the flavor of and satisfies my cravings for tobacco cigs.

      My only complaints are the price. 5.99 plus tax for 2 refill cartridges is pricey, but better then the cost of a pack of name brand cigarettes. Also I’ve had the problem of brand new vuse cartridges blinking red. I read a review above stating there is a flap in the cartridge that gets stuck. So I thought I’d try tapping it on a hard surface…and it worked!

      Try tapping the end with the hole that you put your lips on down on a hard surface. Hope it works for others like it worked for me.

      Hoping Vuse will help me finally be free of tobacco. Has helped me go from 1-2 packs a day down to one pack every 3-4 days of tobacco cigarettes.

    • Sherry Horton says:
      1 stars

      Awful Awful Awful. I got coupons for a free Vuse and free refills. I got both… and threw them away. The only flavor other than the menthol is regular. It is so strong, unless you smoke camel straights or Marlboro reds. I only smoke light cigs… so these are just horrible.

    • Amanda says:
      1 stars

      I have been using way overpriced ecigs, the best has been alternacig. I would love to try this, as is reasonable and affordable, however, what I dont understand why would such a great new high end product be available in only thrifty liquor stores where the crap cigs are sold. Got very excited after reviewing and ready to buy, but not online? why?

    • Brenda Hedrick says:

      U owe me money I sent your stuff back 44195640083

    • William Terry says:

      I have been using Vuse since January of 2015. Until recently I had very few problems with them. For the past 5 weeks I have got 12 of the refills that did not work at all! Yesterday I bought refills and both of the refills in one pack did not work. Thought maybe I was getting old ones from a store, so I started purchasing from other stores and I am still having the same problem. How do I get a refund on the ones I have bought that were no good? I am also trying to figure out how to use a coupon I got from a store that says I can get a solo and a pack of cartridges for $1. I went to the website and registered. I put the promo code in and it keeps trying to get me to buy stuff like carrying cases and charges, which are very over priced. You can get a charger for just a dollar or $2 at family dollar or general dollar.

  • John says:
    1 stars

    They will loose with the price. Too far behind in the games.

  • Ritchie says:
    5 stars

    Only in CO!? California is already on top of it. Everyone’s got a vape pen with different flavors out here in the Bay Area.

    • Michelle Payne says:

      They have been available in Indiana for about 3 weeks now I just got a coupon for a free trial so why not try it if I don’t like it I am not committed to it. Know what I am Saying

  • shaun says:

    Big tobacco should stay out of the e CIG market. People switch to e cigs for the health benefits and because they are tired of paying high CIG prives. I can go to my local e cig store and get a great vapor king kit for $50 and I only pay $7 a week to refill my device. If big tobacco gets involved its going to cause the prices to go up and eventually it will be just as expensive if not more than cigs. I think big tobacco wants the price of e cigs to go up so people go back to smoking.

    • rich says:

      I am very involved in this project and while your opinion is understandable. I can assure you that RJ only expects to achieve a 3% US market share. With these numbers they will make billions over 10 years but that still leaves 97% (less the compitions market share) still smoking cigaretts. Their primary goal in the forseeable future is to lower the price to beat the compitition. The one thing I can tell you is the RJ product is superior to all other E cig manufacturers. What few people do know is with the exception of RJ all e cig are made by hand in china and there are 10 + nasty chemicals in the non RJ e cigs. If for no other reason this is a good reason to stay away from all e-cigs except RJ. As I said, I have seen the studies and i am involved in the assembly side of this program.

      • Bill says:

        Rich, I have been trying to find out how to purchase Vuse. Do you have any suggestions?

        • Diana says:

          This is an incredible product. Refills can be found at all 7-Eleven stores. The price is reasonable, it is clean, can smoke in bed, carry it in your purse and tastes great. Best invention yet.

      • Rich says:

        The “cigarette” form factor already has a tarnished reputation and anyone looking for a replacement will perhaps try a Vuse and then move on to a a viable replacement.

        There are thousands of products already being manufactured in the U.S and marketed through an exponentially growing network of brick and mortar and online businesses exclusively marketing U.S. made hardware and consumables that truly meet the needs of those seeking an alternative to tobacco.

        It is obvious that companies like RJR have been monitoring the traction the e-cig products have gained in the marketplace in spite of the obstacles and are now attempting to cash in on the sweat equity of people and groups whose mission it is to provide alternatives to the products RJR and others of its ilk have peddled for the last 100 years.

        Maybe the right thing for a company like RJR to do is invest in research to undo the damage their products have wrought.

        I can’t imagine any consumer trusting anything a tobacco company would have to say or any product they would offer.

        However, as PT Barnum said, “there is a sucker born every minute and two to take them”

        • Mike Beal says:
          2 stars

          Most cartridges are worth 3 packs, they come in 3’s and last like a carton. Having to find a store that has cartridges everyday is a bother. I’m in CO, was excited to try, got a solo, but they don’t have cartridges. BOOOO!

          • Wyn says:

            My local gas station sells these along with the cartridges. Also, King Soopers sell these. I love them!!!

          • Kim says:
            5 stars

            I have sold all of the products for VUSE at the convenience store I work at and have had amazing reviews for it. I also purchased the complete system when it hit our store. I love it and will continue to use it. I have had no problems. At the Corner Stores(formerly Diamond Shamrock/Valero) we sell the Complete Systems, Solos and the refill cartridges. I am happy to be a part of the test market here in Fort Collins, CO. I wouldn’t buy or try any others now. I have used several in the past and was never satisfied, now with the subzero temperatures I can stay inside and still have my nicotine craving satisfied!

        • Maureen says:
          1 stars

          Rich you have nailed this on the head. If you think an addiction like heroin is hard to shake imagine an RJ Reynolds liquid drug product after ten years of development. Our grand children will shaking in ditches naked and screaming without this stuff in 20 years. People better know their enemy.

        • Robert Blanscet says:

          Well Rich i just bought my first Vuse and i sure hope you are right about them ,You can buy them here where i live in Georgia ,I am 71 years old and i have been buying my own ever since i was 15 and my doc. tells me i now have copd so i am trying to quit ,I have tried the blu and a couple of others that you put the liquid in but that blu is bad i bought them and one would last me a day and a half and that is more then the cig i was buying ,I have been a pall mall smoker all my life but is ure hope to get off them

      • Will says:
        1 stars

        Big Tobacco for years did just about every thing in their power to squash ecigs , where behind doors trying multiple things to eliminate vapor smokes from the U.S. And when they realized they couldn’t squash the switch from tobacco to ecig products . They immiately jumped in to save their huge profits , never mind they have been proven in court their tobacco products have destroyed health and life’s for years and years . You think Big Tobacco cares about the Public ? You think they want a 3% Market share ? Ha ha don’t be a fool my friend ! Tell you what read very closely how they say ” all our stores that we have contracts with are 100% involved with our product” huh ? Sounds like forced product on retailers to me. How about interview a retail store and publish the truth what retail locations that have a RJR Contract must do to keep their discounts or rebates ? Ha ha bet it now is structured to force the VUSE ! And RICH . What is exactly your title with RJR ? Again someone do research and find out who rich really is inside RJR . I agree with previous writer and as someone who worked in Big Tobacco Pro easing Plant in the 80s BIG TOBACCO SHOULD STAY OUT OF ECIGS !EVEN MORE SO !! The PUBLIC SHOULDNT EVER BUY 1 OF BIG TOBACCOS ECIGS !!!!!! Sincerely, Will

        • Eric says:
          3 stars

          Imo, i like these betterthan most out there. i was buying the Metro e cigs and they were okay, but i purchased a pack of 3 cartridges and all empty. i say this one for the same price as my refills and got it. it actually does work a little better than the Metros and Blu. I think big tobacco has all the money they need from their real cigs, i think they’re just trying to get in on the action since they do sell to smokers. For now, ill be buying vuse.

        • Rum Dummy says:
          3 stars

          @Will, Re: Rich.

          As I am studying in my BSIT program, and to paraphrase what I’ve read in quite a few textbooks now – ‘Corporations have embraced social media and often employ people whose function is to either use the social media as free advertising, reputation/damage control or both’. My bet is, that’s what Rich is. Rich “Brick and mortar,” really. Not long out of college are you?

      • Unclewoo says:

        When will THC and CBD cartridges be available in CO and WA

      • Dagl says:

        I read thru your post a number of times looking for any truth. There was none.

      • Joe says:

        Interesting? Your ecig batteries, activation diaphram, charger, and cartomizer are all made in China aren’t they? So what is made in the states? The liquid itself and final assembly!

        Please don’t credit yourself too much. There are already logic driven constant power delivering batteries out there. No the are’t cheap plastic either, most are made of glass and steel. Then any liquid can be used in a quality and very sophisticated system. 3% is your projections…LOL!!! There are 3 vape stores a month opening near me. Why would anyone buy a gas station ecig? The cost of your replacement cartomizers over just 2 months allow anyone to buy a better vaping unit and use whatever flavor they desire.

      • Vince says:

        Rj guys, I have an idea that you might find very interesting. Contact me and let’s start the dialogue.

      • Jayne Musser says:

        I got a coupon to try the Vuse free but can’t find a store that accepts them i live in Auburn, Washington State USA. Do you know of a store where i can use the coupon?

        • sharran says:

          7-11 takes them

        • JUiCY says:

          I also live in Washington state and have been trying to find a Flippin store that accept these damn coupons and can’t seem to find one anywhere!! At 7-Eleven I have tried multiple different locations and been denied or told that they don’t accept the coupon. Please help and expires in less than a month now and I really would like to get my kit for a dollar

      • kari says:

        Just got my fuse. Luv it!!! Thanks guys. Keep up the good work;)

    • Dee Talor says:
      5 stars


    • Freedom Badeaux says:


  • arthur4563 says:
    3 stars

    Lorillard Tobacco is making more profits on its new Blu ecig than i is on its cigarettes.

  • David164 says:
    1 stars

    I agree big tobacco should stay out. That will come down to consumers NOT choosing to support their brand. The blu purchase was smart due to the fact blu had prior market share and goodwill. I think consumers will view Vuse as another play by big tobacco trying to push their weight around and in a community as tight as the ecig community … I do not believe the majority will have it nor support a big tobacco startup.

  • Andrew says:

    I’ve been vaping for seven months now and moved on to a mod. I only ever used these types of e-cigs in my first week before getting an ego.

    I don’t hink the e-cig market is the cash cow the big tobacco companies think. I wouldn’t buy a look-a-like and certainly not one made by a tobacco company whose clutches I have got away from.

    Also the technology described here is woefully out of date by today’s standards, despite the fact they are selling it as cutting edge and modern. So why go back?

  • Bradley says:
    5 stars

    I tried the other brands of e-cig and have been a camel smoker for years. I decided if camel came out with an e-cig, I would try it and possibly go to that. Smokers are very loyal to their brands, as i am. It’s a good idea for the big tobacco companies to keep their loyal customers at home, than loose to the poor quality china made e-cigs.
    Also the federal regulations that most assuredly will ensue are no new hurdle for the big tobacco companies. I would much rather keep the assembly and production of e-cigs here in this country as they are claiming. Maybe someone can finally make an e-cig that actually does what it says it does and delivers less toxins. Oh and by the way, nicotine is not a toxin!! (for the dumbass who said that earlier). Everything else in the smoke is a toxin. Nicotine is actually a drug and a neurotransmitter, tht people become dependent on. That’s the only thing needed other than flavor in the e-cig. Hopefully we can get it refined down to the point of a true nicotine delivery system. That’s all I want from any cig anyway! Enough said. “Smoke ’em if you got ’em! “

    • aaron says:

      Bradley, I have been an avid camel smoker for years. I always said I will quit, if I have a child. Well, I have 3 months, I’ve been smoking for almost 20 years. Since I can see that you may be the most the most logical and informed, I could use some advice.

      • Richard cranium says:

        Garbage. I’ve been a Camel smoker since 1999, and these are trash. Get a real kit with a bottom coil glass tank and at least a variable voltage battery. The Vision Spinner is a good battery, Kanger EVOD glass is an excellent tank, as is the Aerotank. My favorite flavor that I’ve found so far is the Denver Dusk flavor from Vaporleaf. Tastes like Camel Snus, but without the vomitty snuff taste.

  • gary says:

    I just purchased a vuse a couple days ago n I’ll have to say its actually pretty decent not to exspencive bought the solo for about 10.50 a 2 pack of cartridges for 6 I used to smoke a pack in about 3 days n I’m still on my first cartridge n have yet to charge it.

    • Bill says:

      Gary, where did you purchase Vuse

      • Crue says:
        5 stars

        “To bill, the above comments state that the vuse is only available in colorado. However check your local 7-11 that’s where I found mine. And I love this product I have yet to buy a pack of analog smokes in over a week the vapor tastes 10 times better and smoother than any other e-cig I’ve tried and I’ve tried the blu with multiple attachments and I’ve tried a lotus and a few others and I don’t think any other product delivers what this one does. I would recommend it to anyone

    • joe says:

      I think its too sweet. Wonder if light is supposed to come on when charging with the USB

  • Todd says:
    1 stars

    I have bought two of the 10.00 starter kits. Both malfunctioned.

  • Mike says:
    5 stars

    I just got one its awesome!!Vapes good great puffs.

    got it at 7-11 on 63rd and Washington,Denver

  • Keith says:
    1 stars

    Between my friend and I we have bought 4 starter kits in the last 6 days and not one of then lasted past the initial charge from the factory. Once you charge out for the first time it malfunctions. The light starts to flicker, the nicotine cartridge heats up and it randomly lets you take a drag. I was just puffing for roughly 2 minutes to get it to light up and give me a drag. The first one I bought wouldn’t even come on after I charged it for the first time. I usually smoke the disposable ecigs and have never had a problem with them not working. In my opinion Vuse is a waste of money.

    • Billy says:

      On my second stick that has quit working after 2 days. Flickers ,stays on then flashes red and white. This is a big waste of time and money. I am seriously thinking of starting smoking again I am so frusrated

      • Marvin says:

        Flashing read means to re-charge. Blinking white means cartridge is running out. You should read the directions. Vuse works great.

        • Joni says:

          I am also pleased with this product After saying that I am having a problem with the red and white light flashing at the same time. Common sense tells me to buy a new solo but it is told to last 4 to six months this has not even been a month. So I think RJR should look into these issues but I have not bought but two packs of cigs and smoking less I do like the vuse

        • Lori says:
          5 stars

          I got the vuse n love it! Satusfys me.I love flavor. To me leaves tobacco taste in mouth. I also use eliquid vape however my mouth feels cotton at night.since got vuse no cotton mouth.
          I hope in future come out with different cartridge flavors like light n coffee. Coffee eliquid good flavor. Thanks RJ.Best vape ecig I ever tried. Love so much I bought two kits.

      • Shawn says:
        1 stars

        I purchased a VUSE Menthol e-cig and on my first night of owning it, I went through the starter cartridge and the one of the two free cartridges from my coupons. The other cartridge malfunctioned. According to the customer service department, it’s a known problem with the cartridges. As I was told by the CSR “Some consumers are asking for refunds, and we just can’t do that.” Yes, you can. If you sell a knowingly defective product and do not recall it, you’re liable to refund the consumers money.

        Their solution to this problem? We’ll send you a coupon but you’ll have to pay $1.00. I have to pay more money with the knowledge that there are massive amounts of defective cartridges out there? I’ll be contacting my attorney general for sure.

  • KC says:
    4 stars

    for 30$ this is a nice vape, im charging it now, the taste is crisp, but i got tired of it. got this one on the 7-11 up on broadway and mansfield
    now i just need to get my dispensary to fill them

  • jerrod says:

    Rework your cartridges. First Cartridge lasted about 2 days, second one lasted 1 day. the batterie isnt the issue. its the cartridges. the coil built up a ton of junk on it and causes too much resistance basicaly causing it to “short” I would ask if this RJ’s design plan to get the consumer to have to buy their cartridges, or is this just a design flaw. either way it’s been the worst $17.00 i have spent and would not just not recommend this to any of my friends, but I would recommend to others that already have this to just toss it and buy a different brand with screw on type cartridges instead of this garbage push on b.s.

  • Drood says:
    5 stars

    I found that I quite like the Vuse. I tried the blu first and hated the taste of it. I moved on to the njoy disposable, which was good, but didn’t last the 2 packs like they said and wound up being too expensive. A friend of mine had the rechargeable njoy and gave me his, after he moved on to something else, and that was the worst thing of all, I do not even have enough time to go through all the horrible things wrong with that thing. Having just about given up I was able to pick up the Vuse when it went on sale, FINALLY. I have found this alternative to regular cigarettes as delightful as a… well I can’t think of anything, but never the less. It’s nice, it gives a good vapor, you know when you hit it, and I can’t quite put my finger on the flavor of the red pack other than ‘chocolate’, which is way better than trying to recreate tobacco as every company has failed at. Each cartridge last me about a day and a half which is equal to about 1 1/2 packs. My only real complaint is that both batteries I have don’t turn red when the cartridge is running out like the packaging says it should, it just lights up white like it does when the battery is going out. So I figure I’ll keep going on it until it doesn’t light up anymore showing the battery itself is dead. It’s definitely worth trying to get used to as I’m breathing better now, I’m able to still smoke regular cigarettes when I really really want the tobacco taste, and the fact I can smoke it at my desk.

    • Bryan says:
      4 stars

      I love the Vuse, it is the best one I have tried so far, it has a great throat hit and actually tastes good, it also gives a constant hit from start of the cartridge to the last of the cartridge. do wish they would last a little longer though, on cartridge only lasts me less than a day, to the one that was complaining about he lights, it flashes white when the cartridge is low on liquid and flashes red when the batter is getting low.

    • Marvin says:

      You have the colors backward. Red is re-charge and flashing white is cartridge running out.

    • joseph says:

      Read the directions lol

      I love this product too and am phasing out Tanks (ego for this) ok back on topic the red light comes on (blinks) when battery is low.. but these batteries are great and last longer then the carts.. The white light flashing means your cart needs replacement is empty.

  • Drood says:
    5 stars

    An update:

    It was at the time I needed to replace the cartridge (only because I pay attention to that kind of thing) that I figured I’d try the menthal (green) version. I’m not usually a menthal guy but I figured I might as well try it. It was at this time that I put the menthal cartridge in and I began to take pulls off it when I noticed the battery was blinking red (which happens when the cartridge is going out according to the packaging, but could only be happening because the battery was going out, again, because I pay attention to that kind of thing). So once the battery recharges I will be trying the menthal cartridge.

  • jamie says:
    4 stars

    I got one the other day I am on day two no smoking. Seems to work good I smoke a pack a day and this really helps had to charge it once and used on of the cartridges. Happy with my purchase

  • mmn says:
    4 stars

    So far, I love the Vuse. I have tried a number of other e-cigs and was either disgusted with the flavors (bubble-gum?! really?), the size or the expense. Vuse is the closest thing to an actual cigarette out there – only comes in 2 flavors and the nicotine level is roughly equivalent to the amount you get in a real cigarette as opposed to the wild fluctuations you get with other e-cigs. So far the only issue I’ve run into is that I have purchased replacement cartridges that come out of the sealed packaging unusable/empty (according to the indicator on the battery). Will be contacting RJR about that and update in future posts.

  • Nick says:

    Robbery! I bought the 9.99 start up kit. Today. Opened b4 work, read the instructions. Nothing is working. So when I get off work I buy some replacement cartridges for like 5.99 or 6.99. Any way still nothing. So I try charging it. It flashes red for like 3 min then goes to a steady white. Put the new cartridge in and still nothing. So Thanks VUSE for ripping me off, for close too $20.00 dollars. Will not be buying your product again.

  • brent says:
    5 stars

    The Vuse is fabulous other states are in for a treat when it is sold outside of CO. Had to travel to CA and forgot to get refills for my Vuse. Bought a Blu, and the Vuse is far superior. It seems to me the Blu formulated their fluid to fast like a Marblo or Camel. Medeocor tobacco products the folks smoke just for the nicotine and forgoing the flavor that makes smoking pleasurable. The Vuse formula provides a taste of fine tobacco. The kind you find in Nat Sherman’s and other expensive brands the province the quality tobacco taste.

  • Chris says:
    2 stars

    I think rjr made a great attempt on this product, and initially I really liked it being New to the vape scene. However I noticed also many of the “bugs”. Perhaps that’s why they are “beta” testing the product out in co first. After trying many other products since I can say that although vuse got me started, I have switched. Perhaps once they up their game and deliver a truly consistent dependable product I would consider switching back.

    • Blaze says:
      1 stars

      Prefilled cartomizers are the biggest ripoff. Any simi experienced vaper knows this. I wish failure on the big tobacco companies. I hope you go out of business and real e ciggs take over the market

  • firecat says:
    5 stars

    I’ve tried them all and had no issue with my Vuse and will switch over completely to vuse after trying mistic, fin, blu, injoy and a few others I’ve run across. I like the flavor much more then the other options out in the market

  • Sharon says:

    I live in Colorado and anticipated the release of the Vuse for weeks. Once they went on the market, people in Northern Colorado bought them up very quickly, in fact many stores were running out of refills within a week or two. I have tried just about every brand of ecig, and the only one I liked was eBlu. Even though I really like the Vuse, the taste, the ability to charge anywhere (USB) I have had at least 5 defective batteries. I have figured out that if you put them in your pocket and you are sitting, the cartridge will bend just enough to break the tip of the battery. Other than that, these are by far the best eCig on the market SO FAR. I hope they can redesign the battery so I don’t have to keep replacing them.

  • Sharon says:
    4 stars

    I would also like to see the Vuse available in lower to no nicotine like the rechargeable eBlu.

  • Courser says:
    2 stars

    meh. I’ve been using a Blu for the last two months (and no analogs) and thought I’d give the Vuse a try because my preferred analog brand was Winston. I’ve only been using it for a couple hours but so far, I’m unimpressed. It just seems kinda wimpy compared to my Blu. The taste is nice & similar to a Winston, but the vapor is minimal.
    I know people seem to either love or hate Blu and their free shipping policy for under $100 is crazy

  • Elvas says:

    I purchased the pen and two refills for $1.38 with the instore promo! Pack a day smoker , I must say this might be the solution to quitting!!!!!!!

  • AvidVaper1 says:
    1 stars

    This all just another ploy for big tobacco to Jump into the eCig game. Superior or not, this will provide an anemic alternative to smoking just like the test of the commercially produced crap out there. Blu was an existing company purched by Lorilard, the product sucks compared to what’s out there. Grant it will be a good 1st step for people looking to change over to a safer alternative, but ultimately, stop taking the adversing for gospel. Do your research and you’ll find that there is a higher success rate when people use higher powered devices. These batteries only provide around 3v of power to a mid to high resistance coil in the cartomizer. Lower resistance and higher power is the key to kicking the analog habit while feeling satisfied. Go buy a bottle or 2 of eJuice a variable voltage mod and some kanger ProTanks and be done with the commercial BS people.

  • Ben says:

    I am a non smoker but I tried an E-cig because my wife started using them. I like them! I was in my local inconvenience store a few weeks ago and the clerk showed me the Vuse. I bought it, tried it, and Loved it. BUT – I bought the 2 re-fill pack and before I got to the second refill the unit burned out. Bought another one and the exact same thing happened – burned out on the second refill. I am posting tonight because 2 days ago I bought my 3rd Vuse and on the 2nd refill it burned out AGAIN. Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me three times and it is MY fault for falling for it. This product needs a LOT of work before it is marketable.

  • ReevesBurrola says:

    we have gone thru 4 solo packs. one ran over opps one malfunctioned not lighting up not allowig a drag one burning and one that works so far. 4 weeks with vuse plenty of cartridges not totally happy. i am about to buy the last solo pack i will buy and if this one malfunctions i will be looking for a new vapor cigg

  • Kathy says:

    If you’ve purchased a VUSE that you had ANY issue with, call the number on the packaging and they will make it good!!! I did!! They also really want your feedback so be honest about it. I love mine and I’ve been a menthol smoke for 35 years!!!

  • Ted says:
    5 stars

    I bought a Vuse 2 weeks ago and have no complaints until tonight, the last cartridge I put on only lasted 4 hrs. Aside from that I have had less then a pack of regular cigarettes in the past two weeks and the cartridge normally lasts me 1/1/2 days.

  • Mike Olson says:

    I bought one of the full starter kits at 7-11 yesterday. It worked fine until evening time and it was tasting a little bitter. Then I changed the cartridge and it stopped working. I then thought that maybe it needed charging. so I charged it. Still doesnt work. went back to 7-11 this morning and they wouldnt take it back or exchange it. So now I am stuck with $37.00 worth of stuff that doesnt even work. I am really pissed! I can not even see giving a rating, because I have yet to be able to use the product in a full circle. If it only works until it needs charged or changing the cartridge, then they will have a lot more upset customers. I would definately use this instead of cigarettes if I can get it to work. I tried to call the phone number and they were closed. Not really happy so far. I want to be though.

  • martin says:
    1 stars

    I bought a vuse cig. in colorado. The solo and it worked great! I figured it was worth it and i bought the kit. The kit lasted 2 days and could not get it to charge anymore. The refills were a joke. They lasted 2 days with 3 refills . Im not a heavy smoker either. I am going to try some other e cigs out in the market. Thanxs for taking my money. Enjoy!!!!

  • Mike S says:

    Had knee replacement surgery 3 days ago. Laying in my hospital bed now smoking a vuse. My wife brought me one of these. I’ve tried other e cigs and they sucked. I really like this vuse. Taste and feels like a real smoke. 3 days, on my 2 cartridge and it works great. Done with real smokes. I live in Colorado.

  • Mike S says:
    1 stars

    Cancel my last review. Charged the first one and now it doesn’t work. Bought another, used it for a few days, charged it and now it doesn’t work either. Thing that pisses me off though is their customer service. Dumb, Rude, and basically just pissed that they work at a call center.

  • Eric says:

    Have had a Vuse for over a month, and has worked great until today.

    I’m not sure what I did, but something inside the connection piece looks bent, and it won’t charge anymore.

    Up until today though, it’s been delivering a DELICIOUS, thick, satisfying smoke. Recharged it many times, smoked it every day.

    I’m just gonna go buy another, ten bucks aint bad.

  • Nicole says:
    5 stars

    I went to Denver’s Oktoberfest last week and there was a Vuse tent set up. I did not know what it was so my friends and I checked it out. They gave us a free vuse and USB charger, about 4 cartridges, a coupon for a free pack of cartridges, and a card with a survey that they give you a $20 Amazon gift certificate. So far I really like it. I haven’t been using it a lot because for some reason ecigs scare me but it has a really good taste which I did not expect. It feels like real smoke instead of just vapor. I haven’t needed to recharge it yet or change the cartridge so Ill let you know if any problems arise. One of my friends had to change the cartridge after a few hours (he was drunk so that may have been the reason haha). Im betting that they will be set up at Oktoberfest again this weekend so If you want to try it for yourself, why not try it for free and have some fun!

  • devin says:
    5 stars

    That’s the positive news ,tobacco giant notice that ecig will obtain market shares and take actions for launches ecig items .no stranger !

  • Jack says:
    1 stars

    I just bought the Vuse starter kit at a 7/11 about 3 days ago. I loved the thick vapor and good taste at first. However, when I tried to recharge it, nothing happens. I have to take a two minute drag from the damn thing before any vapor comes out. Even then it is weird and buggy, the cartridge heats up a bunch and vapor just sorta spurts out the end even when I’m not taking a drag. Waste of my money, very upset that it didn’t work.

  • joy says:

    i love love love it!!!!

  • Joey says:

    Y’all are trippin. I’ve had my VUSE pen for almost a month now and it works fine. Every now and then the pen flashes red and white but I learned that if you turn the cartridge will work.

  • Steve Jones says:
    3 stars

    Mine were dying at a rapid rate, or acted weird at times. I noticed that if I recharged it using a computer or my Roku 2 usb port, it worked and lasted fine. If I used my cell phone charger, or high power usb charger, thats when they would die.

    • JDG says:

      @SteveJones, I just discovered this myself. I used a 2 amp car charger on one, and a 4 amp car charger (insane, I know) on the other and now neither of them wants to work for more than 2 puffs. They should really warn users about that.

  • Trish says:

    I think I like my vuse. When I started it I found out it was kinda rough at first but I have since taken smoother puffs and it is pretty good. It tastes like a Wilson cig too, not Marlboro but that doesn’t bother me. I am just making a note of the flavor part. Overall, good.

  • David says:
    5 stars

    I worked on the design, manfacture and qualification debug part of the operation. All the finest materials and highest quality efforts to get the product to the market in a timely manner. I am a non-smoker but feel this is the wave of the future for smokers. Deliver the nicotine with no Tar to preserve life. Yes I do believe RJR wants to preserve the health and pleasure of their customers, not that I can speak for RJR but I do believe this to be the truth. It only gets better from here and honest imput is the goal here. As with all products ther are failure rates but all told it should be a viable product.

    • Dale says:
      1 stars

      The magical quality assurance chip is to make it die after 200 puffs. Probably to make sure you cant just refill them with 5 cents of ejuice. It’s probably only for the one percent of weird tinkerer guys like me. I’m sorta like a realistic MacGuyver in that regard. A refilled Mistic is almost as good as an E9 refillable, and about the same price, but the cap is glued in on the Mistic, to thwart all but the most die hard do it yourselfers. The only reason I started vaping on a Mistic is because it looked like I could play with refilling it. The end result is I bought Mistic stuff.

      To quit smoking for real, right now, I got a big expensive looking personal accessory. It’s a mechanical MOD battery with a massive rebuildable atomizer. It puts real cigarettes to shame in every category, sort of to the rediculous level, so I very much prefer to vape it than smoke. I barely feel like I quit. I jus found the way to do it much better, with the side effect of making my mom happy.

      And I’m definately going to modify this blinking Vuse my friend gave me, so that it’s refillable, only because Vuse presented the challenge.

      • Brian says:

        Hey Dale, I would love to hear if you have success modifying the cartridges to be refillable. The only real weakness to the VUSE for me is the limited flavors and nicotine choices.

  • Kia says:
    5 stars

    Love vuse! I’ve bn smoking them for two months now. I haven’t bought a pack of cigs since;)…

  • David says:
    5 stars

    So far Vuse has been a wonderful replacement I have been using Vuse problem free for about 6 days now.
    Was wondering if R.J. Reynolds is planning on increasing the refill pack size since only available in Colorado when I travel a larger refill option would be perffered.

  • Donald says:
    5 stars

    So to all the naysayers vuse is a great option tbh been usimg them for a month now same battery no issues i smoked over a pack a day one cartridge last me a full day both menthol and non menthol taste great unlike blu where the blu menthol tastes like dope. I love vuse and dont have a single bad thing to say about the system

  • tthomas walters says:
    1 stars

    You have to suck on so hard you think your smoking a joint.

    • Helen says:

      I work at a 7-11 part time, we get coupons in all the time. Also the rep explained to us if you take short puffs if works a lot better then taking long drags on it. I would like to know how to get coupons on though so I may save a few dollars.

  • Tony says:

    I for one am glad big tobacco has read the writing on the wall. They realize that e-cigs will out perform traditional cigarettes in 10 years. I look forward to this product nation wide

  • Brigitte Lant says:
    5 stars

    Dont you offer any discounts or coupons on vuse

    • Vranks says:

      VUSE is made my RJ Reynolds, a tobacco company, they don’t offer discounts and coupons.

      • Nick says:
        3 stars

        Not true about no discounts, I go to Camel[dot]com and they send me 2-2.50 off a pack or 1-$7 off a carton every month. I just picked up a Vuse Vapor system from Summerfest in Milwaukee for free and it works great. I haven’t had to re-up on cartridges yet, but I hear $6 for the equivalent of 2 packs? So far so good.

  • Kimberly A Quante says:

    I wish they would quit marketing it as a tobacco product! Yes it has nicotine but Utah legislature doesn’t bother to research the product before banning the use. The vapor any e-cigarette releases does not harm anyone. Please market that rather than “tobacco product.” You are not helping your sales!

  • Cory says:
    2 stars

    I just barely bought the Vuse Solo and a 2-pack of refills and the taste is good but it doesn’t seem to be as consistent as touted. Further, I’m not particularly thrilled about the way the refill cartridge attaches to the battery, with it being pushed on rather than screwed on. Seems flimsy and easily prone to malfunction. I think they need to go to a screw-on type of refill cartridge. I give it only a two rating right now due to my reservations about the push-on type cartridge which seems like it’s probably going to start getting to the point where it keeps falling off in the not too distant future.

  • chelsea says:
    3 stars

    why is it flashing RED AND WHITE at the same time???

  • Peggy Berube says:

    I hate this product! There should be a way to get a refund since they cost so much and suck!

  • KEN TAYLOR says:


  • Alonso D says:
    1 stars

    I been using VUSE for about 5 months taste is much better that other ecigs but i have notice the refills are very inconsistent sometimes you get your money worth but some other times they last about half the time, and the reason for my review today is that i just purchase one 2pk refill and i only get like 5 poofs out of the first refill, i was thinking it was the battery i switch it to another battery and same thing then open the second one and went about my business about 15 min latter tray it again and i only got 2 smokes out and it was gone again, the light flashes white and red. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! the problem is that you go to the store and they dont wanna do anything about it. If i experience this again I’m going to switch I hear camel ecigs will be available 5/3/14

  • Killhb says:
    3 stars

    Can anyone answer the question of what to do if your Vuse flashes red then white when taking a drag after a brand new cartridge has been snapped on? The question has been asked lots on this forum and I’m curious to know if anyone has been able to fix this problem. I’m aware of the red flash (re-charge) and white flash (low or empty cartridge). Haven’t been able to find any immediate solution.

    • Jeff says:

      The red and white flashing is a bad connection between the cartridge and the battery. Just separate, turn 1/4th of a turn and reconnect.

  • Dale says:

    It would be nice if they work half the time they dont. im going to look into other e cigs. They cost to much when they fail all the time SUCKS

  • John says:
    5 stars

    Vuse was just released nation wide today and I have to say I bought one this morning and it’s unlike any other e-cig I have ever tried. The puff you get out of it is amazing and the refills are convenient. I really recommend it for anyone who is interested in e-cigs. Very impressed.

  • Robert Joseph says:

    sucks ran out after like twenty hits. flashed red and white. dont know why necause thats not a description of out of battery or out of oil. so who knows. its no good. would be if it lasted though.

  • Darin says:
    3 stars

    not charging please help

  • Ryan says:
    4 stars

    I loved, then hated, then loved this ecig. I tried blu but it never gave me a buzz. Then I tried vuse. I immediately knew it was stronger. The problem was the charging. It came charged and worked perfectly, but when that ran out (faster than blu) I would try it again after a full charge and it would still blink white. I thought it was the charger…it wasn’t. It’s the cartridge. It took me 3 purchases to figure this out. Put a brand new charged base on an old cartridge…doesn’t work. Put an old but charged base on a new cartridge and it works. Just buy the new cartridges and you’re good. I am back to liking this product. Just be aware the is no difference in indication. From no charge vs an empty cartridge.

    • Marj says:

      I watched both videos on vusevapor[dot]com. It helped a little in understanding how the cartridge and battery work. But I think they need even a different color when the cartridge gets low because I am puffing on one end and can’t really tell if the white light means it is getting low or working correctly. It happens so fast. But clearly when it starts flashing red as the video shows, it is time to recharge the battery. What is nice about it is the light turns white when the battery is charged. Am liking this better than “blu” but wish they could make a light cartridge as well that tastes like Marlboro.

  • Dave says:
    1 stars

    I wonder if all the good reviews are shills. I bought two refill packs, different places (Walgreens and a gas station) and each one has had a dud that flashes red and white. I WANT MY MONEY BACK

    • Brian says:

      For those getting the blinking red and white (if it’s a fully charged system) call VUSE And give them the details. They are eager to make this system 100% and they provide excellent product support.

      Also- this VUSE system is far more reliable, consistent, and inexpensive than the EVOD system I have (the big weakness of Vuse though is that it has only two flavors…one really decent regular flavor and one really nasty menthol. Other options on the way)

  • Eddie Michael says:
    1 stars

    Too far behind in the game not much of anything look at joyetech, aspire, kangertech, innokin and you are free to choose your e-liquid please don’t make big tobacco compaies Rich agin remember the law suit years back they don’t deserve our money they say assembled in USA but all component still made in china.
    I don’t trust non of the big tobacco manufacture and they are the one who wants to impose more taxes on e-cigs so they can kill this business.

  • john lee says:
    1 stars

    it sucks i bought two of them and they both were broke!!!!

  • John Castle says:

    As someone who left cigarette lookalike devices behind as quickly as possible, and who now builds his own atomizer coils, I can tell you that nothing available in this product category (cigarette lookalikes) is worth the cost of the materials used to build it.

    These could be the best cigarette lookalike ever produced, and they’re still garbage compared to the system I used to finally quit smoking.

  • Dee Dee says:
    5 stars

    I am so glad I tried the VUSE Digital VAPOR cigarettes, I was smoking 3 packs a day and my husband 2 packs a day, we now both smoke the VUSE Digital VAPOR cigarettes. Has saved us a lot of money,we love it.

  • new2VUS3 says:
    5 stars

    One of my friends gave me their coupon for a free Vuse starter and another coupon for a set of cartridges for free. i ran out of cigarettes and quickly redeemed the coupons to get nicotine for free and have been a user of the same starter cigarette for 2 weeks now without many issues. just a word to the wise. if your Vuse starts flashing red and white use your computers usb port for a charge. let it charge all the way and then remove. i had an issue using an adapter for wall socket that charges my cell phone where it was flashing red and white no matter how many cartridges i used and the true charge from my desktop PC fixed that issue indefinitely. 🙂 i am a happy user and will never buy another pack of smokes with the help of Vuse. mayby they will roll out a new line of flavors soon. good luck to all

  • CC says:

    I live in Oshkosh Wisconsin and I would like to get one but everyone I call say they don’t carry it. Could anyone tell me where I can find one around here. Thanks

    • Steve says:
      3 stars

      In Minnesota you can buy at Super America and Holiday gas stations only. I like them but at $12 bucks for 2 cartridges.Too expensive.

  • Rocky says:

    I think this product is top notch I don’t know if these people are lying or what I have bought five so far from diff store’s in sw Florida and they all work perfect as a matter a fact everything I buy were people write bad reviews on products that have returned numerous times for failure mine always is perfect what gives

  • c. says:
    5 stars

    calling the Vuse for free coupon offers cart and can its great malfunctioned they are sending another coupon . great tobbaco
    taste compared to other ecigs Please TRY IT

  • CC says:

    Well, I quit smoking last year and these are helpful for that, BUT getting sick of getting defective(?) cartridges that just flash red and white and just plain don’t work. Planning to find another type of vape due to this problem.

  • coco says:

    I love this prodct but I am very disappointed because the refund would not charge and because of that I almost went out and bought a pack of cigarettes.. I decided not to do that I called the 1 800 number and they were very nice and they’re sending me a coupon

  • Gina says:
    5 stars

    I am from Milwaukee WI, I just purchased a unit at Speedway for 9.99 and a two pack of refills for 5.99. I am still on the charge from two days ago and the original cartridge. So far I’m loving it. Short puffs or long puffs work fine, even though the advertising suggests long, slow drags. I don’t think I’m as addicted to the nicotine as I am to the motion of smoking, so this really is perfect for me. I recommend 100%

  • Maryann says:

    I got a free one today I haven’t used it yet may give it to a family member. I have used blu and liked it
    am I’m using 0 mg of nicotine and the store did not know how much nicotine was in the vuse so I checked it out when I got home it is 4.8% of nicotine. so if you ever make 0 mg i might give it a try.

  • Melissa Smith says:

    Used my coupon today for a free vuse solo and refill cartridges. They are absolutely the nastiest ecig I have ever tried! Thankful I did not actually waste any money on this product. I will not be purchasing vuse again.

  • Dinnke says:

    Alright so I just got the vuse a day ago and it’s blinking red and white does that mean it’s malfunction

  • Mr. Bill says:

    The blinking alternating red and white appears to be what happens if it thinks there is no cartridge at all (try it without a cartridge and see). I have managed to correct the problem by very slightly bending out the 2 metal tabs in the cartridge so they make better contact.

  • Dave Benes says:

    I haven’t tried vuse yet send me a coupn so i can try one.
    Then i’ll give ypu my responce. Dave B.

  • Sonia says:
    5 stars

    Best ecig ever

  • Doris says:

    Where can I find the Vuse in Ohio?

    • Mark says:

      Seen them at Duke and Duchess in Mansfield

    • StarDoc says:
      5 stars

      In Ohio they are available at all Speedway stations. After 50 years of smoking cigarettes I think I’ve finally found a way to give them up completely with Vuse. I’ve tried Blu and several other e-cigs, but this is the first one with really good flavor and that works on each “Puff”. I’m not having any of the problems some are having and they’re a lot cheaper than cigarettes! As a disabled person that means a lot now a days. 🙂

  • joshua Moore says:

    If only available in Colorado the why the hell would they send me a coupon for a free Vuse and free cartridge too Kansas when there not available here? and go figure it expires november 30th before ill beable to get 1 im sure.

  • Not_ur_playtoy says:

    Really? These companies have complained about the ecig due to them losing big money. What a bunch of hypocrites they are now supporting what they tried to ban. I’ll stick with my 3 ingredient juice and any flavor of the day I choose and not pay tobacco companies and the outrageous prices but Good luck with pushing your crap you hypocrites!

  • Diane Bolin says:
    2 stars

    Just tried using my coupon at 7-11 store (which is listed as a retailer for the product) they said they don’t accept the coupons. The store is in Pasadena Maryland. Why send coupons if the only stores listed doesn’t accept them. I am very disappointed.

  • Maddy says:

    I have a coupon for a free starter and a coupon for set of refill cartridges. Only I live in north Texas and have no idea where I can find this product. I want to quit smoking but need help and think this may work. but does ANYONE know where these can be bought in Sherman/Denison area of north Texas?

    • Stephanie says:
      5 stars

      my husband got mea vuse solo in menthol with the coupon I absolutely love it !! smoking regular cigarettes would give me nicotene headaches but the vuse doesn’t I am so happy I got it

  • oRly says:
    1 stars

    Got the coupon for the free set and it literally doesn’t work… light reads that it’s charged, but when you try it, the light flashes red/ white…. Sounded good, too bad I won’t be able to try it. Not like I’m going to go exchange a free item. lol

  • outfall33 says:
    5 stars

    Great product for the price. I got a free coupon in mail for Vuse and refills!!! Cant wait to try it out!

  • Barb Muto says:

    They are great but please send me some coupons.

  • Cindy Lewis says:

    I just received my free vuse with free cartridges where do I get it in Shreveport, La

  • Infinite Zero says:

    I’ve been vaping since 2009 and have tried most cigalikes available in retail outlets. From 2009 until now (September 2014) the industry has vastly improved. The Vuse is really a great product. Cartridges last me 2 days and the battery goes 2 days between charges. The menthol tastes like crap though so I don’t recommend trying those carts. The hype about the battery monitoring your vapor is true, every drag I take is exactly the same. Normally you get your best drags on a fully charged battery. With the vuse, every drag produces a quality hit. I was skeptical about trying it because my Blu kit was garbage, it stopped working after a month. I figured $10 (vs $40 for a Blu starter kit) wasn’t a lot to lose if the vuse did suck and I’m glad I took the chance. I will be using it long term. I also like that it’s made in America. The juice is much better than the Chinese crap in most e-cigs.

  • GoForASoda says:
    2 stars

    When I read some of the glowing reviews of this product I have to wonder whether I’ve gotten a defective one or whether those glowing reviews are sock puppet PR from Vuse’ producers – because this is the absolute worst vape I have ever tried. I’d given it a number of “chances” over the course of the last few days but I’ve just chucked it into the dustbin with a velocity born of contempt. If I had to review Vuse in a single word it would be “unusable.”

    The first time I took a drag of this thing I got what would be its signature “experience”: The distinct sensation of someone sparking up a Hibachi at the apex of my throat.

    If you want to cauterize the insides of your head, this is the product for you. For something advertised as “the perfect puff, every time,” this is like a bad joke – unless you’re one of Hagrid’s Norwegian Ridgebacks. I tried and tried and tried to get this thing to deliver something at less than 48,000 degrees F, and on exactly one (1) occasion I managed to get a mouthful of vapor that did not cause me to dive for ice water, and my appraisal of its taste was a little like “I suffered through that excruciating pain for *this*??” Compared to products like Logic, Blu, or even Njoy, calling the Vuse flavor “a yawner” would be an undeserved compliment. There’s no “there” there. And your price of admission for the trip is a throat-searing shock and an hour of panicky contemplation of a future in an oncology ward.

    The idea of the LED thing at the end warning you that it’s almost dead is a good one, but… the product itself is flatly unusable. The electronic whiz-bang selling points remind me of expensive condiments stacked atop a burger of overcooked horsemeat. Never, ever again. Blu and Logic are still the best e-cigarettes for people who don’t care to dive into the high-end paraphernalia of the vape shops, and they’re roughly 30% cheaper than these Vuse Throat-Roaster Deluxe things.

    I will continue to sample other brands I haven’t gotten to and new ones as they pop up, but I know all I need to know about Vuse. I want a smoke, not a barbequed throat. This is easily the most inexplicable advertising / product disconnect I’ve ever encountered, and by far the most physically excruciating product I’ve tried in as long as I can remember. Unbelievably bad.

  • tomm robinson says:

    my son got coupon to try it. it was great how do i get one

  • Nathan says:

    Consumers are not stupid. This is planned obselesence!

    So sick of corporate greed. R.J. Reynolds can take their greed and shove it. I hacked my vuse carto and now I can refill it and it will last a month instead of a day.

  • Keith says:

    I also had coupon for a free VUSE solo and 2 pack refill. I’m glad it was free, if I would have paid for it I would ask for my money back. First puff choked like crazy. I had high expectations for this product coming from RJR. What a disappointment. It may be assembled in the USA but I would say MADE IN CHINA!!!

  • Jamie says:

    I live in ohio where can I find it at?

    • mike says:


  • traci says:

    how do iget coupon for free kit please some one

  • Kathy says:

    I bought a 2nd starter kit today because 1st USB would not recharge for me so I thought was defective. Well the 2nd one doesn’t work any better. So I have the cartridges but cannot recharge my battery. Won’t buy anymore of them. Anyone else having a problem?

  • mike says:
    5 stars


  • kathryn porter says:

    I was sent a coupon for free vuse electronic cigarettes and vuse cartridges, my only problem is that I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and vuse isn’t sold anywhere except Colorado. can I send my vuse coupon to the vuse company and have them redeem it for the product and send it back to me

  • cody miller says:

    how do i get a coupon

  • Patricia says:

    Are they in New York? I got a free one but don’t know who sells it?

  • lois waller says:

    where are they sold in the crawfordville florida or tallahassee ?

  • Todd says:

    I can’t find any place that has it in Hillsboro OR. So where can I find a distributor?

  • Deanna says:

    I got mine at 7-11
    I also received coupon for free solo & cartridges, i payed a whopping $1.20 in taxes. So far im happy with it, its lite & im very satisfied with the flavor. Thank you RJReynolds

  • Luigi says:
    3 stars

    I have been smoking e-cigs for a few years and have tried quite a few of them. I did get off real ones and do believe that you can quit with them as I did. The problem I have with VUSE is not the taste or how long they last it is that I have been purchasing them for a few weeks using 2 to 3 cartridges a day. My problem is that it seems like every 5th or 6th cartridge is faulty!!!! The darn things light up red and it sure is aggravating when these cartridges don’t work. You would think that such a large company would want to put out a good product and would have checked them out to make sure that they work every time and not have a 20% failure rate!!!! I called the company, but all you get is some ans. service who really could give a hoot about your purchase. Again, when the damn things work I think they are one of the best e-cigs to fill in for the real ones. I wish they correct this problem for I don’t believe that I am the only one to have had problems like this.

  • Sherri says:

    I recieved a free coupon to try the vuse in the mail now im going to find what stores carry it then try it. I heard that it only sells in colorado but they sent it to me and im in Michigan

  • Eric Moreno says:

    This product is the best cigarette I have had

  • Tammy ward says:

    I got the free coupons but where in the crap can I buy one. I live in toccoa Georgia and can’t find or sold out???!?!

  • Tiwona says:

    Rj sent me a coupon but can’t find them in Illinois? That’s a waste. Maybe it would help if they told you where to purchase vuse. Ratings don’t seem to be coming off to well from those who have alredy tried it.

  • rich says:
    2 stars

    just started my vapping today its not to bad kinda harsh to start.but I will give it a shot…..vap and be merry everyone

  • R. Millwe says:

    Don’t waste your money! the charge doesn’t last very long and the cartridges don’t last more than a couple of cigarettes would.

  • ryan says:
    1 stars

    Wouldn’t charge at all on any device or even a wall. The reason big tobbacco is making an ecig is not to help you quit. They have the highest mg of nicotin on devices like this to keep you hooked with no tapering down. One carterage lasts me about as long as a pack of cigs would and refills cost about the same amount as a pack of cigs.

  • Sandra Dye says:
    5 stars

    I got the free coupons and I am so glad .. I would love some more .. 2 weeks little to no cigs… love it

  • BurningSol says:
    3 stars

    Vuse is okay at best. Its inconstant. Ive been using it for about 7 hours and its started tasting like the flud was running low, like all the other junk (nJoy, Blu, no-names) do when they run low. Set it down and it tastes okay again. Thats not ensuring me of much. I tried because I wasnt able to get fluid for my VAMO/AeroTank true vaping unit last night. I accidentally bought the replacement cartridges first because its behind a counter and the dude at the 7-11 didn’t know what he was handing me, so I’m stuck with it for at least 3 full carts, I’m not throwing it out now that I’m $25 in. I’m sure it’s going to be just like every other, disappointing. Just get a good unit, c-twist or go big with a cool mod, its a much better experience and you can really monitor your fluid use. When you can see the fluid disappearing you get a good idea of how much your smoking. If a big tobacco company makes it, dont buy it. Chances are its the same a-holes who tried getting your Protank III banned or made it so you couldn’t buy well made fluids from people who really enjoy vaping. Its a money grab, they dont care about the quality or consistency.

  • Angie says:

    I liked blu original flavor disposeables but 10 bucks for one is crazy. so I tried vuse its ok but some refill cartridges don’t work. It is cheaper but i’m going to try something else…

  • orlando says:

    E-cigarette do not make you quit. U still getting nicotine in your body rather is real cigarettes or e-cigarette. This is not for make you quit…

  • Bren says:

    we’ve had vuse for about a month I been trying to find the coupon for a free vuse kit But I cant find it

  • Jeffrey Allender says:
    2 stars

    I vape on a daily basis, and this thing is a total piece of crap. I luckily did not pay a dime for this thing, as I was sent coupons to try the cigarette for free. Even a dime would be a ripoff. First of all, trying to connect these things is a total pain in the ass. I do sort of like the flavor, and I can see they are trying to mock a cigarette by having the sensation that you are inhaling smoke. I dont really care for that part of it. Also, I charged the battery, and when I tried to connect the cartridge that I barely even used, it kept blinking saying it wasnt attached. I dont know what kind of sensors they have on these, but I had to throw away a barely used cartridge because it wouldnt allow me to use it. A total waste of money that would have been if I paid for it. Im just going to use these 2 cartriges I got for free, and this thing is going in the garbage. For a product they are wanting people to try, they really need to work on having a product that works correctly before releasing it to the public.

  • sandra fisher says:

    i can get them in a few places were i live nc ….but have yet to get coupons..i have tried other brands and like them ..would likento try this brand thanx

  • sandra fisher says:

    These vapor type products were not designed to help u stop smoking,thats up to u. They were designed to stop cigarett polutents,second hand smoke,ect.

  • Karen Baker says:

    I vape with the Unique e-cigarette. I received a coupon for free starter kit so thought I’d give this a try. My problem is, I can’t find it in Oswego, NY. Where can it be bought in my area? It must be available somewhere because why would a coupon be sent to an area where it isn’t sold. :-). Any ideas, we are 35 miles north of Syracuse, NY

  • Tom Gemmill says:
    4 stars

    I received my free coupons in the mail and went to my local Smoker’s Express. They didn’t have Vuse available, but expected to get them soon. The cashier said that the local Rutter’s convenience/gas store had them. Went and got my starter kit and 2 free cartridges. I’ve been a smoker for 41 years and really like Vuse; just wish they had different flavors…I imagine that will be the next step. My dog got hold of it and chewed the cartridge and it STILL worked!!! No problems charging it either. You people that are complaining that it doesn’t work MUST be doing something wrong; it has totally worked perfectly fine for me!! Read the instructions!!! Haven’t really monitored if the cartridges are worth a pack of cigs in puffs. I use VUSE to supplement my regular cigs to try to cut back on the carcinogens going into my lungs (which might be too late after 41 years!! LOL) I live in PA near York. Great product, fan of RJ Reynolds!!! Loved my Camels until they got too expensive!!

  • Billie says:
    3 stars

    I love the new vuse, but mine dont work, The first time I charged it , it will not take a charge. Please send me a new one

  • S Pip says:

    Vuse cartridge refills run out sooooooo quickly. They claim they are each about a pack but that is total crap. They only last for about as long as 5 Camel or Marlboro cigs. Won’t buy these again. Thank goodness I got my initial product for free.

  • Jack Tors says:
    1 stars

    I rolled barkies as a teenager out of notebook paper that were smoother than this thing… horrible.

  • John says:
    3 stars

    As for the blinking red & white it means it’s a defective cartridge according to Vuse customer service and they’re working on fixing this problem. So far I’ve had this happen six times, I’ve contacted them and they’ve sent me coupons for replacement cartridges and batteries.

    I use the original and the flavor fluctuates from straight nicotine to a smoky chocolate flavor (probably due to the food-grade smoke is stronger than the nicotine in some cartridges).

    I’ve been using for three months now and haven’t had a regular cigarette since and don’t miss it which is odd since I’ve been smoking casually for about 30 years which is a lot different than hard-core chain smoking so I’ve never had the craving for a regular cigarette when I couldn’t smoke for whatever reason. I really like the fact my breath doesn’t smell like a cigarette anymore, nor do my clothes; big plus!

    Duration depends on your smoking habit. If you’re a chain smoker then they’re going to last a lot shorter than someone who casually smokes. I’ve seen video reviews on Youtube and they’re smoking like Puff the Magic Dragon and you’ll be lucky to get two hours smoking like that.

    The only place I can find them in Hampton Roads Virginia is at 7-11, Shell, and Wawa; unfortunately these stores are out of stock a lot because they won’t order enough to meet the demand.

    If you have any problems then call them at: 1-877-614-8873 or go to their website at: http://www.vusevapor.com. You will have to create an account at vusevapor to get any information there or order accessories. They are really helpful and do actually answer their phone with an informed person and not an automated answering system.

    Had it not been for the defective cartridges then this would’ve been rated 4 stars, but since they’re still popping up then three is as high as I can rate this.

  • Tina says:

    Just tried this product yesterday. It sucks. I nearly coughed for 2 hours. I thought my lungs were burning. There’s nothing smooth about dragging off of one of these E Cigarettes.

  • bix dood says:
    1 stars

    Got a coupon in the mail so I picked this thing up along with two extra cartridges. Didn’t get through the second cartridge before the thing flashed red and white alternately… which is not covered in the little booklet that came with it. I’m going to assume this means it’s broken.
    It kind of tasted like a soldering iron smells anyway. Didn’t expect much for free but would’ve been upset if I paid for this thing.

  • JR says:
    1 stars

    These taste like mildew smells.
    I was happy to try it out, but I will not be buying any in the future!

  • Lynn Torreso says:

    I like the Vuse but can get expensive , how about some coupons

  • Guest says:
    4 stars


    I too ran into the problem of a red/white sequential flashing. As stated in other comments, the booklet doesn’t cover this message, and charging it (twice) didn’t seem to help. What DID, though, was attaching in a previously used cartridge, attempting to inhale from it (at which point it flashed only red), and then trying the known good cartridge again.

    If this helped you, comment/reply so others may find this info more easily 🙂

  • Chris says:
    5 stars

    I think alot of the people bad mouthing the vuse are paid to do so or arent very bright. I bought two starters. Both work great. Ill admit i didnt care for the tobacco flavor but the menthol is amazing. Havent bought a pack of cigs since. Each cartridge lasts a full day except one time a cartridge ran out to quick. They are way cheaper than cigs and totally satisfy my cravings and actually ruined cigs for me. Yuck!

  • Charles says:
    1 stars

    Vuse is an incompetently manufactured failure. The cartridges have to be snapped onto the battery tube, rather than screwed on. The act of snapping the cartridges into the battery tube causes the cartridges to become damaged, and they will not work, even though they are newly-purchased and full. The way this is signaled is that the battery tube flashes red and white — which is supposed to mean the battery tube needs to be recharged. However, it doesn’t: fully-charged battery tubes will flash red and white when the cartridge is damaged during insertion. When a cartridge is legitimately empty, the battery tube flashes only white. So, at least a third of brand new cartridges will get damaged while being snapped into the battery tubes — and the battery tubes react by falsely indicating that they need to be charged (red and white flashes). Newly-purchased cartridges have to be throw away because of being damaged during insertion into the battery tube. The company doesn’t acknowledge this problem, and continues to sell a defective, money-wasting product.

  • kyle says:

    Junk! I have two of these and neither of them will take a charge after first time use! I bought refill cartridges too but there useless because the dam thing won’t even charge! Junk

  • james says:

    a friend allowed me to try his menthol VUSE. I thought it was ok, but I don’t smoke menthol. I may like the non-menthol… but I haven’t decided to spend the $16 yet
    I’ll write more once I purchase.

  • Ray says:
    1 stars

    it was good at the beginning now it stopped working every 2 weeks I need to buy a whole new battery in ny is 9.99 at 7eleven then the refills at 5.99 well I don’t know why but I had to buy 3 batteries in 4 weeks its that a saving ?

  • bill says:
    1 stars

    Your better off buying a Vaper unit and filling it. These VUSE unit’s only give you a 3 to 4 cig use. Not a Pack per filter. That is when they work. Have had 5 New ones not even work after placed on the fully charged battery. WAIST of money.
    $25.00 for the unit and $5.99 for a pack of 2 filters. You do the math and your really paying out the !!!

  • frankie says:

    I have a Vuse and was wondering how long it takes to charge? Can anybody help me?

  • Corinne says:

    got great coupons in the mail and was excited to try them. however my coupons expired before they were available in my area. wondering if more coupons will be sent

  • mike says:
    2 stars

    I like the vuse, but out of curiosity I’ve been cutting my carts open when they’re forced to stop working and they are very, very wasteful.

    I’d rather it flash and tell me it’s low and continue to allow me to use it till I decide it’s done rather than to WASTE enough fluid to last an entire extra 100 puffs. I’ve been squeezing the wasted fluid out of the wading and into my vaporking.

    due to the forced waste issue. I’ll be buying a different ecig brand here on out.

    it forcing the turn off so soon is ridiculous, it’s loosely based off puff counts which are no where near as advertised

    oh well. they had a good idea for a product and failed the delivery by forcing wasteful practices

  • Trey says:
    2 stars

    Just got one from a friend and it apeared pretty decent for the price. then i realized why they didnt want it I was quite disapointed to find out they only have 2 flavors when all the other brands that use cartridges have way more. I wish all e cigs would use liquid instead. cartridges r just a big scam they just want you to have to go buy more all the time

  • paul says:
    5 stars

    Great Product. Best ecig on market so far and I tried them all. Love that it is made in USA.

  • Barbara says:
    5 stars

    Great product. I really enjoy them and I have tried a lot of others. These are really great

  • Steven Churchill says:

    I really love the Vuse. I have many problems with the units and the cartridges. I have called numerous times and the people taking my complaints are very nice. They send out coupons, but every time I use them there is something that causes either the cartridges or the unit to quit working when it is charged. I am done messing with Vuse!

  • jerry says:


  • brian says:
    4 stars

    my free cupon expired please send free vuse cardridges and free solo im using mark 10 do night like

  • Lisa says:
    4 stars

    I received the free coupons and used them when Vuse became available in Illinois and I don’t use it all the time but I think it works well and the taste isn’t too bad. 🙂

  • jc says:
    2 stars

    Used to love this product, but now the refills cost more than cigs and last for like 45 minutes. I moved on to a better vapo sold at my local headship that is 10 times better and also costs less. These guys won’t survive in the vapor market. Completely ridiculous that they wouldn’t think the competition would outdo them.

  • Johnathon says:

    Bought the vuse for $10.00 yesterday the cartridge that comes with it is a rip off u only got a couple of puffs off it and u have to go buy a set of 2 cartridges that cost the same as a pack of cigs . It’s a waist of money and the company knows what they made a piece of crap and they still sold it thanks alot for nothing there gos my money I should of just flushed that money down the toilet !!!!!

  • Shane says:
    5 stars

    I have smoked since I was 13 yrs old.. I am now 34… I for one love smoking and have never intended on quitting.. But, recently I began working out and weight training.. So there I was working out and at the end of my training whats the first thing I do.. Lite up a cigarette.. After a couple of weeks I realized, “This just doesn’t seem logical.” So, I decided to Quit!!! I went with the VUSE hoping it would sway my cravings.. WOW! I never thought I would really totally quit but Yeah, I have!! I owe alot of that to Vuse.. It has been reliable and I have to say that I didn’t care much for the regular flavor but the menthol isnt that bad… The regular knida choked me a little bit.. lol.. But yeah, Thanks for the help!!! On my way to a New Life Style!!!

  • Patty says:
    1 stars

    I have received coupons for free Vuse and I am sorely disappointed that 8 out of 10 cartridges only provide a few puffs then it’s done. I have charged it off the tower of my desktop and on the charger provided and still have the same results. I have taken slower shorter puffs with poor results. I will not ever pay for this product. I will however replace my mod battery as it is consistent every time. I have limited mobility in my hands and the filter is very hard to get on and off the battery. The battery is very hard to get on and off the charger. The blinking lights are not consistent with the instructions…yet sometimes it is….makes me crazy ! Not a product I will ever spend money on. Boo

  • Bryce says:
    1 stars

    This would be the best ecig on the market if the refills actually lasted. One Blu or Logic refill is about 10-15 vuse cartriges. You will need about 4-5 cartiges per day which is like 20 dollars

  • Liz says:
    1 stars

    I got a free coupon in the mail to try vuse. I bought it tonight bc I’m honestly broke and can’t afford to keep wasting money on cigarettes. I honestly can’t say I dislike it but I don’t exactly love it either. I’ve been smoking it for 10 minutes and I still want a cigarette…not too impressed..I’m 24 live in ga bought it at the Wal-Mart gas station..I got menthol…I’m not a big e cig fan but I didn’t like how it left a bad taste in my mouth…

  • Daniel wallace says:
    3 stars

    Hi my name is Daniel Wallace I have been smoking for two yea I has try everything to stop until I find this I really want to try it out befor I speen money on it .. How can I get free coupon .. Can u help me out???

  • matt says:

    yup your right…just bought two carts thatfailed…fuck vuse shit sucks cocks!!!! and washes balls

  • faith says:
    3 stars

    I give 3 out of 5 definitely would be 5/5 if so many cartridges went defective or whatever like 5 times already and one unit stoped charging so I’m on my second one sucks when u get to work and then stuck there for 8 hours and the cartridges just don’t work annoying

  • stevo says:
    4 stars

    I’ve tried 4-5 different e-cogs and Vuse is by far the best for consistency, however none have actually lasted like a pack of cigs will and unless you get your cigs wet they will always smoke. Some cartridges are defective and when I have called Vuse they say they will send coupons. Well I have had 2 defective cartridges in 3 months and am still waiting on coupons I was promised on 11/22/14. I know how batteries work so I bought 3 starter kits so 2 are always charged. The product for the most part is great the follow thru on defective cartridges is disappointing.

  • paul says:

    Refill cartridge did not work. A waste of six dollars. I wont buy again.

  • MITCH says:
    1 stars

    Sorry folks…enough nonsense. Vuse suck, plain and simple. AWFUL taste…absolutely ass-munch terrible taste. V2 taste AWESOME and last twice…TWICE as long. Really really looked forward to Vuse but they suck…value AND taste. Period. Next?

  • Mike says:
    5 stars

    So my wife received coupons in the mail for a vuse ecig, I have to say its so far a decent product. The reviews I’ve read seem a bit out there, most of what I’ve read seems to be operator error, my vuse is working well and as per what the manufacturer states, so far so good. The vuse has a decent taste, almost like cloves, but in a good way.if I run into any trouble I will certainly post it, but I’m sure I can safely say that it will be around for quite a while!

  • Don't Matter says:

    This e-cig is the worst of them all! If I were to actually pay for this e-cig, I would have been ripped off. Took it home with a coupon and tried it. Took two puffs and the thing was done. Thank God I didnt spend any money on it. $10.00 e-cig and you get 2 puffs? What a rip off.

  • frankin d fite says:
    5 stars

    I think the vuse is awesome.

  • Mitch says:
    2 stars

    where can i get them in okc ok

  • Gina says:
    5 stars

    I stopped smoking cigs over 2 months ago, after 25+ years. Had the VUSE coupon, so I tried it. Also used other kinds of e-cigs. VUSE, by far is the best. It does what it says, I can see why they call it “digital”. I could not have stopped smoking without THIS e-cig. The good news is they are expanding across the country & soon will have more flavors available,(NC). I have registered on their website & continue to receive coupons & after calling customer service the other day about the website login the rep asked if I would like more coupons sent out! I did have a problem with 2 cartridges in the beginning but I quickly realized it was “user error” & carefully click the cartridges on now. I was a pack a day smoker, a cartridge last me 2 days now. Sorry for such a long review but clearly I had a lot to say!

  • helen horter says:
    3 stars

    need to buy a big box of filters,they don’t last a day please u have a good e cig but the filters need to last a lot longer then it does.My son got me 2 packs of filters for my birthday march 12 here it is march 14 all dead not even 2 days 4 dead

  • Steve Swan says:

    Great tasting !! Longer lasting filters !!!

  • cameron webb says:

    great tasteing but don’t last very long for the cost.

  • Jerrica says:
    2 stars

    Ok…soooo charging this thing…is an absolute JOKE!! I will spend around 20min slowly twisting and turning the battery waiting for it to “Catch” and lite up red!!!!!. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’ve even purchased three separate ones just to see if maybe mine was defective….Nope! They ALL do it!! I’m beyond pissed. Other than that it’s great. I bought this for my mother so she could use it in the house without bothering others. Extremely disappointed. Blew over $30 trying to find one that actually charges with ease….haven’t happened.

  • Vicky Greer says:

    Where can I get coupon to try Vuse .Thank You

  • vincent rigoli says:
    5 stars

    I’ve tried blue and a couple other electronic devices and I can honestly say that this hits strong and feels closest to smoking a real tobacco cigarette. First pull and I actually coughed.I’ve been using for 2 weeks. I was on nicorete Patches week one but they burned my skin, so I heard about vuse,and if u use their website. put in your postal code and a list of every local retailer comes on screen. I drove a quarter of a mile to mobile, payed 10$ for a solo menthol unit.comes with one cartridge, USB charger, and a qunlit packaged unit.I kicked in 5 extra bucks for 2 refill cartridges. I just finished original package cartridge.that was 2 days ago. I can’t give a review of battery life only for the reason that while driving and vuse is not being used Iput it on the charger.but I’ve been smoke free 3 weeks now.and I really like it…but everyone has different preferences…but it make sense a tobacco company would knock it out the park.they want that loss capita. Lol.vuse us great in my opinion.

  • Dann Reardon says:

    This product is virtually unusable. What I have experienced from Vuse, for all of you smokers who have once made the mistake of inhaling a cigar, it locks up my throat and is nowhere a replacement for a regular cigarette. Avoid this product even if they give it to your free.

  • rhonda moorehous says:
    5 stars

    I love the Vuse I have tried mnany E cigs Vuse by far is my favorite that’s all I smoke.

  • Allen Turpin says:

    I’m interested in trying the vuse E-Cigs. Is there any coupons available?

  • denise day says:

    i would like to try the e-cig vuse. i heard it really taste like the real thing. please send a free coupons for the vuse and cartridges by mail. 923 east old philadelphia rd. elkton, md. 21921

  • SDnVal says:

    I picked up a VUSE at 7-eleven used it until it needed to be charged. When I charged it and tried to use it again,it blinked red and white and will not work anymore. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix?

    • Suzanne Richardson says:

      I saw this in an earlier post, maybe it will help you. My only complaints are the price. 5.99 plus tax for 2 refill cartridges is pricey, but better then the cost of a pack of name brand cigarettes. Also I’ve had the problem of brand new vuse cartridges blinking red. I read a review above stating there is a flap in the cartridge that gets stuck. So I thought I’d try tapping it on a hard surface…and it worked! Try tapping the end with the hole that you put your lips on down on a hard surface. Hope it works for others like it worked for me.

  • Tim says:

    I’m probably going look for a different e-cig…too many defective cartridges with Vuse. I like the taste and everything else, but I’m getting too many defective cartridges.

  • Robert Kostak says:
    5 stars

    Vuse, cigs are great! they work for me. i used to buy 2 pks a day of camels now i buy the refills every two days, only problem is somtimes you may get a defected electric cig that wont hold a charge, this has happend two times to me and the bastards at the gas station wont give me a new one ,you have to pay $10 bucks for a new one. thats terible hurbts gas stations chain here in nevada, crook bastards!

  • Hmmmm says:

    This product is not the best product. I’ve been using it for over two months. I’m extremely unhappy. I have gotten defective cartridges numerous times. It is not a product I would recommend to anyone. I would recommend using the liquids. The test is good and I liked it at first but the charging is extremely annoying. And I can’t stand it because it runs out so quickly. If you open a cartridge it will go on fresh and not be usable within two days. Good luck everyone trying to stop smoking real cigarettes and go to the electronic technology version of healthier. I hope we all don’t die from halls in our lungs later in life. Let’s wait till those test results come back in 10 years. Really hope I’m being healthier.

  • rebecca lidberg says:

    don’t know, trying to find web page to order?????????

  • Sassy says:
    1 stars

    Bought one of your packages of Cartages and went to use it It was emty I know the battery part was fully charge so wasted my money

  • tom says:

    replaced smoking for me (seems healthier so far). no issues with defective units. so far if it “clicks” onto cartridge or usb adapter, works as one would expect. charges fine in about 3 hrs with a one amp adapter. i wait until it has zero battery power before charging. have not tried higher amp adapter because of possible damage to the battery. much less complicated than more powerful vaping units, and i am less skeptical about what i am vaping with a product from rjr.

  • ROB says:

    I really have been trying these but I’m finding a lot of flaws. The berry flavor taste the best but every once in a while it taste like burnt plastic. the creame has to be the best and holds the taste longer. The produce doesn’t last as long as it says and I’ve been buying them a pack a day for almost a month now and I’ve already had 5 units not work. I usually chalk it up as a 3.25 loss because a pack has two and it cost 6.50. This last time I’m annoyed though because I didn’t want to go out I’m doing a long paper.

  • Cathy says:
    2 stars

    Very happy with the VUSE. I purchased it in Florida, but now that I’m back in NY, I can’t find it. I tried going to their website to order from there, but after trying to register so that I could log on, I gave the last 4 digits of my SSN and they wouldn’t accept it. Said I wasn’t old enough. Don’t really want to, but I guess I’m going to have to try a different brand

  • Kim says:

    I like the taste and the price wasn’t bad but 6.99 for 2 cartridges that don’t last all that long is a bit much for me. Ill keep using it until I find something better because I haven’t smoked cigarettes since I started using this product.

  • Tammy holzer says:
    5 stars

    I love my vuse but buy 2 refills a day and you never have refill coupons or anything and they are 6.99 here in Texas do you ever put out any coupons or anything? Thanks

  • Rob Rodia says:
    5 stars

    I love vuse vapor. Great item! I stopped smoking with it. I RECENTLY SOLD MY STORE, anyone interested in buying my LARGE VUSE VAPOR STOCK! (Or even a small order) please contact me! great price!will ship! 9734171336

  • Stacy says:
    5 stars

    I’ve just started trying out the Vuse solo. My first unit was bad right out of the package, but I was able to do an exchange at the gas station where I purchased it. So far, the new unit is working fine. I’ve used MANY of the E-juice Vapor unit’s in the past and frankly, just get tired of filling tanks and dealing with leaks and replacing wicks, tanks, filters etc…I personally like just having a simple cartridge already filled and easy to replace. It’s light, not bulky, and I don’t worry it will leak in my purse, bag or pocket. Since i’m still on my first cartridge, I can’t comment yet on cost vs value. But since a pack of Cigarettes here in MN is nearly $9 a pack, unless I’m using 2-3 cartridges a day, i’m going to save money. I’m not looking to give up my nicotine addiction yet, just find a cheaper and somewhat healthier option. Maybe i’ll post another review when I’ve seen how long the cartridges last, how long the battery lasts between charging, and how long the unit lasts before the battery unit goes bad. For now, I’m completely satisfied.

  • Mark says:

    I have a special kind of herb like tobacco and it subdue sugar level in the body, dries fat in our stomach, reduces waist pain,frees the bowel, relieves alcohol drunkenness, and relieves heart burn and finally its has no nicotine in it. Its 100% herb and this can change the cigarette world and am ready to show them the herb if they want

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