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SMOK Brit One Mini/Mega Review

With the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) now in full effect in the European Union, companies are scrambling to come out with products that abide by the new rules while still offering users a satisfying vaping experience. Chinese manufacturer SMOK is apparently trying to tick multiple boxes by launching two new TPD-compliant starter kits – the Brit One Mini and Brit One Mega, one for flavor chasers and the other for cloud chasers.


Both new Brit One kits have a very similar e-Go-style design, but when it comes to vaping, the differences between them are considerable. They are both light, pocket-friendly and easy to use, but while the Brit One Mini is aimed at users looking for great flavor and decent vapor production, the Brit One Mega is meant to produce monstrous vapor clouds without compromising too much on flavor. Although there are other small differences between the two devices, this is definitely the main one you have to consider when deciding which one you want to buy.

A Look at the Contents

Both the Mini and Mega starter kits come in the usual SMOK packaging – a black cardboard box with a sliding paper wrapper that has a picture of the device on the front and a small description of the unit, a list of contents and the usual legal disclaimer and warnings, on the back. The contents are the same for both variants of the SMOK Brit One – a non-removable battery, a Brit One tank, a spare glass tube for the tank, two Brit One B2 coil-heads, a micro-USB charging cable, a bag of spare o-rings and a user manual. The only real difference is the resistance of the B2 coils – o.6Ω for the Brit One Mini and 0.4Ω for the Mega.


Just like the SMOK Stick One series of entry-level, pen-style vaporizers, the Brit One series features two very similar e-Go style units, with cylindrical batteries and interchangeable tanks.

The batteries both measure 75mm in length, but you will notice a difference in diameter. The 1600mAh Brit One Mini battery is 22mm in diameter, while the Mega version measures 24.5mm, which is explained by the higher capacity – 2000mAh. Other than that the two batteries are identical. They both have feature a large circular fire button with a LED ring around it which lights up when the button is pressed, a micro-USB port opposite the fire button, with a tiny LED indicator under it. That’s pretty much it, but you have to keep in mind that both these products are entry-level devices, so the simplicity is actually intentional.


The Brit One tanks that come included in these two starter kits are also very similar, boasting a capacity of 2ml – the maximum allowed by the TPD –  top airflow control only, and the same type of coil-heads (which are interchangeable). The only notable differences are the length and diameter – with the Brit One Mega measuring 24.5mm in diameter (to match the battery) and 42mm in length, and the Mini tank measuring 22mm in diameter (also to match the Mini battery) and 48.5mm in length – the size of the airflow control slots (larger on the Mega version), and the design of the drip tip. The Brit One Mini has the features the new “bullet drip tip” we first saw in our review of the SMOK Quantum Brit Mini kit, while the Mega has that stubby, wide bore drip tip we first saw on the SMOK OSUB Plus kit.

In terms of size and design, the differences between the SMOK Brit One Mini and the Brit One Mega are minimal, so you can expect the same quality machining, ease of use and portability from both devices.


Battery Life 

Since neither the Brit One Mini nor the Mega feature variable wattage/voltage, comparing the battery life of these two devices is a lot easier. The Mini has a 1600mAh battery capacity, while the bulkier Brit One Mega has a capacity of 2000 milliamp hours. The 20% difference in capacity is a pretty big deal, especially when you’re vaping on the go, because it will last you at least an extra hour. So in terms of battery life, the Brit One Mega is definitely the better choice.

During my one week test period, I got about six hours of vaping out of the Brit One Mini battery, and around seven – eight ours from the Mega. Now, I consider myself a heavy vaper, so I was using the devices heavily during this period. A beginner or even an intermediate e-cig user will probably get a full day’s use out of the Mega, and close to that with the Brit One Mini.


The great thing about these devices is that they can also feature passthrough capability, meaning you can use them while they are charging, thanks to the extra-long micro-USB charging cable. So if you mostly spend your time at home or at the office, simply connect your vaporizer to a USB power source and you can forget all about battery life.

Both batteries batteries operate at a set voltage range of 3.7V – 4.2V, depending on the charging level of the battery. When it’s fully charged, the battery outputs 4.2V, and as it starts to deplete, the power level drops as well, until it reaches 3.5V, at which point the device doesn’t fire anymore and the LED light starts to blink, letting you know that it needs to be recharged.


Even though these are basic devices aimed at beginners and intermediate vapers, they come with the same safety features as the most advanced mods on the market – a 12-second battery cutoff, low voltage protection, short-circuit protection and low resistance protection, overheating protection and low battery warning. Both the Mini and Mega batteries also have vent holes.

The Tanks

At first glance, the tank of the Brit One Mini is almost identical to that of the Mega. The only noticeable differences are the diameter – one is wider and stubbier, and the other a bit longer to make up for the smaller diameter – the size of the top airflow slots and the shape of the drip tip. They both have the same style coils, the same e-liquid capacity – 2ml, and since they lack bottom airflow control, they are both leak-proof.


My first experience with the SMOK Brit One tank was when I reviewed the Quantum Brit starter kit, and I wasn’t very impressed with it. I am not a big fan of mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, so the top-airflow and high-resistance coils just didn’t provide the vaping experience I was looking for. The Brit One Mini tank is identical to the one on the Quantum Brit, so I didn’t have high expectations from it, but the one on the Mega was stubbier, had bigger coils, larger airflow holes and an extra wicking slot. So I decided to give it a chance.

Even though it only has top-airflow control, the Brit One Mega tank is far superior to the Mini, in terms of vapor production. And I mean this thing chugs vapor like a SMOK Baby Beast tank, which is pretty unbelievable. The 0.4Ω coil-heads are meant to be used at a range of 20W – 50W (best at 35W), but they put out the same clouds as a dual-coil setup at around 60W. The flavor you get with it is pretty good too.


The Mini tank, on the other hand, is strictly for MTL vaping. If you value flavor over vapor, the Brit One Mini is the device you’re looking for, but if you want great vapor production as well as good flavor, the Mega is a clear winner. On the Mini tank, the draw is very restrictive, even with the airflow slots wide open, the vapor is cooler, and you only get a bit of it. Frankly, the only thing it has working for it when compared to the Mega are the lower e-liquid consumption and slightly better flavor.


As far as I am concerned, the Brit One Mega is the clear choice for anyone but die-hard mouth-lo-lung vapers. It is just as portable and user-friendly as the Brit One Mini, only it has a longer battery life, produces tons of warm, satisfying vapor, and you can use it for direct lung hits, as well as MTL (by adjusting the airflow). Basically, you can use the Mega as a Mini, but not the other way around. Considering they are both priced the same, the choice is a no-brainer in my book.



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  • Rick says:
    1 stars

    Useless if you live in the states because NO ONE carries the coils!!
    Beware and do your research first.
    Smok does not even offer the 1.2 on their own web site!!

  • berkshirevape says:
    5 stars

    Absolutely love this underrated,under marketed cloud chaser!
    I recommend this 1000% based on our testing with not only the original tank it comes with but,we screwed on a ijoy captain S and it chucked some serious clouds when fully charged! lots of flavor too!

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