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V2 Cigs Review

If you’ve been reading up on electronic cigarettes, chances are you already know about V2 Cigs. They advertise themselves as the number one e-cigarette brand online, and to tell you the truth the web really is full of V2 Cigs ad banners and reviews, so I’m inclined to believe them. But of course, popularity doesn’t always equal quality, and that’s why I decided to invest in one of their starter kits, just to see if the products really live up to the hype.

A Look at the Contents

As soon as I opened the mail box and saw the V2 Cigs kit inside, I was impressed. I know packaging doesn’t really affect performance in any way, but we all know how important first impressions are. I had ordered their Standard Starter Kit, so I definitely wasn’t expecting a very big package, but it turned out to be the largest e-cig kit I had ever seen. The flip-top box with the V2 Cigs logo on a nice white and blue background was pretty sturdy as well, compared to other more flimsy packages I had reviewed in the past. It seemed pretty full as well, and knowing that I had only ordered two batteries, two packs of cartomizers and a couple of chargers, I was curious what else was in the box. It turned out more than half the space was taken up by those plastic holders, so no surprise goodies for me, but I can’t say I was disappointed, as V2’s packaging really won me over. I could tell they really put a lot of effort into the design and presentation, and that really says a lot about them as a company.

On to the actual contents of the V2 Cigs starter kit. Like most other cigarette-like (cigalike) e-cig suppliers, they sell the tried and true KR808D batteries in short, standard or long sizes,  in both automatic and manual variants. I opted for a short manual battery rated at 150mAh and a long automatic rated at 380mAh. I already had a few standard size KR808s and I was kind of curious about V2’s extra-long batteries. They both seemed to be of good quality, although the plastic button on the manual did seem a bit loose and made a rattling sound when I shook it. The 5-cartomizer blister packs come in nicely designed boxes with detailed warnings about the legal smoking age and nicotine, and the USB charger features the V2 Cigs logo which lights up when in use. Unlike other companies, they also include a handy wall adapter in their Standard kit.

All things considered, I found the V2 Cigs Standard Kit to be a pretty good option for someone who wants to start their vaping experience without breaking the bank.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

I’ve always been a fan of the good old KR808 battery, so I was expecting no less than top performance from those included in my V2 Cigs starter kit. I’ve had them for over a week, and in order to make sure they work properly, I have been using them exclusively ever since. I wasn’t expecting too much from the 150mAh battery, considering its size and the fact that manuals tend to need recharging more often, but I got around 4 hours worth of vaping out of it, which was pretty decent. If you’re looking for an e-cigarette that’s roughly the size of an analog and works great, this is definitely an option to consider.

But I was really impressed with the 380mAh battery. At first I was a little put off by its size. This thing is 110mm-long by itself, and 140mm-long with a cartomizer attached, so you definitely won’t be fooling anyone into thinking you’re puffing on a tobacco cigarette. But it’s also much less noticeable than the eGo batteries of the tank system and the Halo Ultra Tank, and the high mAh rating means it will keep you vaping for longer. I was also impressed with the moderately sensitive switch which powered the battery at the slightest draw but wasn’t affected by environmental factors like wind or loud noises. Heavy vapers will probably need at least two of these batteries to get through the day, but for casual ex-smokers this one battery is going to be enough. I consider myself an average vaper, and for me the two batteries that came with the kit were enough. I just charged them before going to bed and I was all set the next day. For a couple of cigalikes, albeit one was slightly longer, you can’t ask for better battery life.

Another great thing about V2 Cigs batteries is they are regulated at 4.2 volts, instead of the usual 3.7 volts. Used with the same standard resistance cartomizers, they produce hotter vapor, and more of it. And last but not least, the automatic batteries are actually sealed, which makes them a lot less vulnerable to damage caused by e-liquid leaking from the cartomizer. We’ve seen the same type of batteries used on the awesome Bloog MaxxFusion, and I’m glad to see V2 Cigs using the same high-quality products.

Vapor Production

I was aware of the KR808’s vapor production capabilities, so I had high hopes for my V2 Cigs e-cigarettes, and they didn’t disappoint. Even though most of their e-liquids are a PG-dominant mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, I got a satisfying mouthful of vapor with every draw. That was due in part to the long cutoff time of the batteries, which I never actually reached. I like my draws long and smooth, but you need a pair of really good lungs to suck on an e-cigarette for 10 seconds straight. Of course, the increased voltage of the batteries also plays a big role in the high vapor production of the V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes.  While they can’t compare to larger, more complex vaporizers, the cigarette-like V2 Cigs are more than enough for someone looking for a smoking-like experience without the smoke.

E-Liquid, Flavors and Cartomizers

As I mentioned, V2 Cigs e-liquid is a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which is supposed to give users a good throat hit as well as great vapor. However, even though I opted for full strength 1.8% nicotine tobacco and menthol juices, the throat hit was not what I expected. It didn’t matter if i took short or long draws, all I got was a light-to-mild hit, which wasn’t very satisfying. I’m not sure if it has to do with the e-liquid or the cartomizers, but if you used to smoke strong tobacco cigarettes, you might want to go for an even higher strength.

The flavors, I’m sorry to say, were the most disappointing aspect of my experience with V2 Cigs. I had read all kinds of great reviews of their Red and Menthol e-liquid but I wasn’t at all impressed with them. I guess it just goes to show you how subjective a matter juice taste really is. The nutty aftertaste of the Red tobacco was way too strong for me, so much so that it made be a bit nauseous after vaping it for long periods of time, so I simply stopped using it for a day or two. On the other hand, the menthol had what I can only describe as a slight medicinal taste that reminded me a bit about the bad experience I had with South Beach Smoke flavors. As I said, I read a lot of forum posts and customer reviews praising V2 Cigs flavors, but they just weren’t to my taste.

The cartomizers seemed a lot less prone to leaking than all the others I’ve used until now, so that’s definitely a plus for V2 Cigs, but on the downside, the company decided to glue the plastic caps to the metal body of the cartridge, thus making it very tough for users to refill them. I understand they are disposables, but you should be able to use them more than once, if you so choose.


If not for the disappointing e-liquid flavors and one-time-use cartomizers, I would say V2 Cigs e-cigarettes are on par with the best I’ve ever tried. The batteries look and work great, vapor production is way above average, and the standard kit as a whole is a complete package for any beginner vaper. The price is also in the “acceptable” range, and if the reputation of their customer service is anything to go by, you shouldn’t have any problems getting replacements or your money back should anything go wrong with your order.

The Good

    • great presentation
    • sealed automatic batteries
    • impressive battery life
    • good vapor production
    • lifetime limited warranty
    • several customization options

The Bad

    • sealed cartomizers
    • e-liquid flavors (subjective)
Starter Kit Contents
4 stars

Battery Life and Performance
4 stars

Vapor Production
4 stars

E-Liquid Flavors
4 stars

5 stars

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170 Comments/Reviews

  • Rich says:
    3 stars

    Great product but their shipping is horrible! Takes for ever and shopping is very expensive. They advertise “order by 6pm and product sous next day” BS. Numerous times and on my most current order and item is on back order and they do not inform you so you wait and wait until you run out and have to call customer service who do nothing to help. You think they would offer you a discount or something else to hold you over. Their customer service could use a full re-vamping!

    • fritz lachoff says:
      1 stars

      POOR service, never again will I let these BS’ers get my biz. Stick to your local quick stop for the product. 1 week ago I ordered and I just chatted w/ Daniel. He says he will ship my order for me within the next 24 hours!! Musta got lost………save 1/2 your cash and buy local, overpriced online, cancelling order asap.

      • Me says:
        4 stars

        Guys, you know you can just get it from a retailer. I got the V2 last night from Turkey Hill. Didn’t have one cig today. So far so good

    • pmvrwc says:

      I am having the same problem. I have two orders. One over a month old and one two weeks old. They are unresponsive and the message keeps resetting saying it will be 15 days. I am looking for recommendation on a different brand. I am done with this company.

      • Dianne says:
        1 stars

        My neighbor purchased the V2 for her quadraplegic son as most ‘helpers’ don’t want to stand there and hold a cigarette for him. It worked great at first then just stopped giving any vapor. She brought it to me to check out and the wick had gotten severed from opening and closing the top to refill it. Local shop she bought it from was kind enough to replace but it was inconvenient and speaks to me of lack of quality control.

      • Dianne says:
        1 stars

        pmvrwc – I’ve purchased from VaporFi for the past 18 months and haven’t had any problems. They say 5-7 business days and that’s been totally accurate. I had a couple of clearomizers that didn’t work correctly and the customer service folks got replacements out the same day. Hope this helps.

        • Jan says:

          Than u r one of the lucky ones.
          It takes forever to get mine. And my son has the same problem to. It is ashame because we truly like the. It has been all most a year with out a cigarette.

    • Charles says:
      1 stars

      I think these guys might be going under or something. My favorite product but they sent me two cases of dated product…2 months out from expiration/batch date from April 2013. 3 of first 6 dead out of the box. The other three dead after no more than 20 puffs. Tried emailing, calling and live chatting for over a week. Never got anyone live or a response. I now have a box of useless product and am out $116.

    • bob says:

      V2 Sucks. I have been waiting weeks for my order. Been trying to get my money back with no success. They give you the run a round. I will never buy from them again. I ordered from a different company and had my items in 2 days. It was a lot nicer kit as well. So you have been warned.

      • Vickie Martin says:

        What other company did you order from? I had the same experience
        that you had!

      • Chrisd says:
        1 stars

        Have been with v2 for a number of years an never had a problem til now! Placed an order for cartridges oct 17 went online chat only to find out that it would be another 60 days til they could ship the Reds. How can they possibly keep loyal customers an not have adequate inventory on hand. How can they expect a customer to wait more than 60 business days. I give up canceled order an will move on to an alternative brand . As they say on Shark Tank “I’m out”

        • steve says:
          1 stars

          I cant stay with V2 any longer. Same thing with my order. Ordered 4 boxes. One arrived and was also out of date and stale. Other three I’m still waiting for over a month. Don’t know how much longer they could stay in business with this kind of customer service. You would think they would apologize and offer discounts or product to make up for it. They offered overnight shipping for a product i ordered over a month ago thats still not in stock. So overnight from when? They suck.

        • DOUG CONN says:

          I anyone has some of the batteries and any chargers for the E-Cig disposable cigarettes, I surely would like to get them.. Trying to quit smoking and have 2 full boxes of the filter (liquid holder) and 1 old battery/charger.

    • Dennis English says:
      1 stars

      I couldn’t agree more. Shipping costs are outrageous and they shipped the wrong product. Chat is VERY poor and they just put you on hold by phone

    • Jamie says:
      1 stars

      Worst customer service ever. I’d ordered 80 cartridges from them with free shipping and realized I would never get them before I ran out.

      I ordered another 80 on July 2, a Thursday, and paid for overnight shipping. Their idea of overnight shipping was that it only occurred on business days beginning the day after your order (mine was placed in the morning of Thursday) and it didn’t include weekends.

      So I was supposed to get my “overnight” order, placed Thursday, on a Monday. I’ll return it and never do business with this crowd again.

      Also, when I called on Thursday 7/2, I was placed on hold with an automatic message saying that due to the overwhelming success of their product, they were experiencing delays of up to 48 hours before shipping.

      That’s called, in English, “due to our inability to manage.”

      I’ll never use these scoundrels again.

      Their cartridges run out way too quickly, but that isn’t my main concern.

      Anybody who uses nicotine cartridges is an addict, and believe me, the sellers know it. So when they can’t take your calls or deliver as promised, move on.

    • V2 User says:

      V2 has a great product but their shipping IS the worst. They say they will ship if you order before 6pm but rarely does any order get shipped same day. I pay extra for expedited shipping and it never arrives on time. I often request a.refund and they have some excuse. Their product is the best and I’ve tried them all. Use the clear cartridges and fill them with liquid. Better than the already filled cartridges. Menthol and Sahars are both great flavors.

    • Annie says:
      1 stars

      I agree!! Definitely time for me to move on!

    • Susan says:
      2 stars

      Agreed! Shipping it terrible, and expensive. I’ve paid for expedited shipping, and still wait more than a week.
      Regular shipping and it usually takes 2 weeks to arrive.
      Customer service is not helpful.

      • DOUG CONN says:

        I liked them pretty good. not perfect but got me by. If anyone has leftover chargers/batteries for V2 E-Cigs, I sure would like to have them.. I have 2 full boxes of the filters, but are older. Trying to quit cigarettes (again)

  • Mark Ruiz says:
    1 stars

    Stay away. Its crap!! I paid $85 for a box that came with no charger, no instructions, no tobaccco, and a broken ecig. I read online they were a good product but they probablly pay people. V2cigs are crap. your better off going to a local smoke shop were you can go back and raise hell than an online company that doesnt respond. BE AWARE

    • Vranks says:

      Hello Mark. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with V2Cigs. I don’t know if V2 pays people to say nice things about them, but I can assure you they didn’t pay me. I bought my kit as any other customer and I have the receipt to prove it. I actually thought they were pretty good, and your comment is a little strange to be honest. V2, or any other reputed brand for that matter, always have a detailed instruction manual, a charger and e-liquid included in their starter kits. I can’t say anything bad about their support either, they’ve always got back back to me after I contacted them

      • Zabi says:
        4 stars

        I have been using V2 and never had any problem with my order or the product itself. But yes their shipping is slow, generally takes around a week.
        Looking at me 3 of my friends also tried this and it has 2 of them.

      • Connyo says:

        Beware! I Bought one starter kit and some extra cart + blanks.
        I only received the starter kit.
        When I check my credit card bill – V2 charge me for the thing they didn’t deliver.

      • Wrg says:


        Been with them 2 yrs +, but there quality control has gone really bad as well as service and warranty {which is now changed}
        Cartridges : roughly 1/2 don’t work
        Batteries all going bad way too soon
        Vape pen is a disaster….and I loved it….BUT batteries and/or chargers going bad in as little as 3 weeks.
        Warranty now changed as to how and how long.

      • Larry Gifford says:

        Do you still feel the same.? Or have you woken up? The service sucks!!!!!! They promised to have my product within 30 Day, well 45 days later, nothing. No explanation or apology. Jus, OK we will refund. If you are thinking of getting this product,RUN fast and find something else…… Not worth the time or money

    • mike says:
      5 stars

      I have tried others, disposable to the one popular smokeless ecig in the mall which worked ok. This kit came in ONE DAY like it stated, so no problem in shipping, It has two batteries A BIG PLUS, they last all day for me, a huge plus, the smoke content and flavor is the best I have used PERIOD. Im sure some will always have a bad experience, but the mall kit was over 200 bux, this was 79 bux with next day shipping and multiple flavor cartridges with two batteries, I got the medium length battery, any longer would be very odd. I do not see anyone using this product and not loving it. I have not smoked a real black and mild in months now. I did buy mine, have receipt if you need proof, and this is the best kit out there for ease of use and quality.

  • Denise says:
    1 stars

    I did so much research and chose the V2 b/c of the reviews. I waited anxiously in the mail and was so happy when it arrived. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. Very low vapor production and that’s after trying a disposable and 2 different batteries w/3 different cartridges. Also, NO throat hit. The disposable has a decent throat hit but the batteries? You may as well smoke nothing. This entire kit is going back. I’m so disappointed. The customer service I chatted with online about this was 0 help. Her response was,
    “wow really? Well you can return it. There is a form on the site”. Period. End of story. Don’t bother.

    • mike says:
      5 stars

      Maybe you need to try again, no disposable comes close to the hit these give. Make sure its version 2.0. Make sure you charge your batter fully, and make sure you take two short pulls to prime the cartridge and on the third pull it is as close to the real thing that you can get. The battery doesnt shut off in 5 seconds like many other brands. I think you were unlucky, because the vapor content and pull, power, taste of this kit is by far the best out there and I have tried 7 different brands before settling on this one.

  • Cunningham says:
    4 stars

    If you select free shipping it may take up 10 business days. They state this on the web site. The tracking number doesn’t work because the use a 3rd party or something. I have no local store and must order online pricing is fair and you can save by using coupon codes. They always have one available. And order in bulk. I am not sure but Denise may have gotten bad carts or something. I have not been able to match the great throat hit and smoke production I get with v2.I use menthol or vanilla. Menthol has the best throat hit. Customer service has always done good by me have had to replace a few batteries under lifetime warranty hassle free.

    • Connie says:
      2 stars

      I have used v2 for three years. Used to not have to pay for shipping and would get it in about 7 days. Now I have to pay for shipping and prices have gone up and it takes forever to get the product. I ordered 6 days ago and it is still awaiting fulfillment. I have had to send back batteries that don’t work and the cartridges aren’t as good as they used to be. But they did however charge my bank within two days of ordering. They have been horrible this year. I do like the taste of V2 but I think I am also going to have to look elsewhere for another product.

  • Peggy says:

    I disagree with most of you. I have been using V2’s for probably a year and a half and although some of the flavored cartriages (I used only the Cherry, Blues, or Chocolate..Cherry being my favorite) and within 3 days I was completely off cigarrettes completely. I don’t smoke alot. I have since gone on to use the liquid (Congress 18) which is a little inconvenient but so much better vapor. E-cigs, I hated those, they tasted like dried cow shit! Optima’s were not much better. So I have settle in with my V2’s and have a local store where I can go and purchase everything I need!

  • Mercy says:
    5 stars

    I tried the menthol ones and found them to be really good. Surprised about your experience, cause I thought the throat hit to be actually too strong.
    I found everything about the V2 cig above my expectations for an e-cig. From their beautiful packaging to their good service. I think they are a very professional company.

  • Denise says:
    3 stars

    V2 is beautiful to look at. Very high quality. I just found that the the throat hit was 0 and the vapor production was not impressive. I returned the entire kit. I can’t say for sure whether someone who buys a higher nicotine content will have the same problems but for a 0 nicotine product, it was no good.

  • Linda says:

    I have been using the e-cig for 3 months. They are ok but make my throat hurt after using. I have never been a heaving smoker, maybe a pack in 3 days.

  • rosemary peterson says:

    I’ve been using the v2 with filters and they are okay but leak in my mouth, I changed to the vapor and bought 3 on a Sunday and they are not any good by Wed-Thurs the clerk said one was good for 2 weeks and I find this hard to believe. The battery life is too short for the money and I have been using the v2 for over a year. I feel like I need some credit or some money back or something done for all of the money I have spent but then maybe it’s just the way life is to it’s customers. The cigs hiss alot and to me that is not good quality.

  • Robert S. says:
    1 stars

    The Menthol cartomizer is absolutely terrible and disgusting. It was making me feel sick and queasy. I like my eco-cig.

  • Nikki says:
    5 stars

    I smoked for over 20 years. Lung cancer runs in my family, so I knew I had to quit. The problem was I enjoyed smoking and nothing seemed to help, from the patch to the gum, etc, etc… I tried other e cigs like blu and njoy but didn’t find any real satisfaction and went back to the real thing. Then I discovered v2 cigs and was quickly impressed. I bought the starter kit which includes a cig with a charger and use the disposable cartridges so there’s nothing to order or wait for. They have truly changed my life for the better! They’re satisfying and much safer than cigarettes. It’s nice to know there is a way to smoke without the four thousand carcinogens. Thank you v2!

  • Joel says:
    2 stars

    Be ware. ‘Red’ flavor is pretty nasty, not one you would want. You will have to order from their site to get anything else, and shipping is ridiculously slow. They seem to punish you for not paying more for shipping by shipping it very slowly. They send the shipping info to USPS then take several days to drop it with USP or another carrier who will eventually get it to USPS. Their return policy is 30 days, but you must ship it back within 30 days of THEIR ship date. This means you may get to use the product for 10 days before the need to ship it back before your time expires. I did complain about the ‘Red’ taste and they agreed to replace the carts, but its been 10 days and i havent seen the replacements. Overall nice people on the phone, but shipping is so bad i probably wont get anything else from them. Overall, the batteries make decent vapor, and they are much better than a sky colored competitor 🙂 but the prohibitively slow shipping means they wont get anymore return business from me.
    They lose a star for having a terrible ‘red’ flavor in the starter kits, another for super bad shipping, and one more for the scary stuff i found in the ‘batch testing’. Lots of chemicals that should not be there even in very small quantities. Get a rig from Joyetech/Halo/South Beach/Green Smoke or some other mod vendor, and some ejuice.

    • Anasui says:

      I would disagree with you. I actually like the Red Tobaco flavor. For me it’s smoother than some oth the others I have tried. When it comes to flavors, it’s more with subjective. I may say that menthols taste really bad but you could say something completely different.

  • Hank says:

    Tryed V2 red tobacco flavor instead of buying my usual blu & its like night & day. After trying it for about 20 minutes I developed a severe headache. Tossed it in the trash will never go back. Garbage.

  • tonja says:
    3 stars

    I just started the V2cig and its ok sometimes I smoke a Newport or two that day and sometimes I don’t I be good but I just started 3days ago and its ok I was wondering will it harm u if u still smoke a real cigarette once or twice a day.

  • Bill says:
    5 stars

    I saw comments from other people on other sites about V2, and for all the positives, I ordered from V2. I can not be any happier! The battery life of the standard automatic lasts me a day easily. The flavors are really darn good and for me, the throat hit and vapor has been perfect. I smoked a pack a day for 27 years and from day one of getting my V2 kit, I stopped the cigarettes.

    I have ordered about six times from them, opting for free shipping every time, and the shipping has been fine. Sure, it takes one day longer than UPS, but for free, you get what you pay for, or in this case, not paying for. Want faster shipping? Pay for it! If you are opting for free shipping, then there is NO complaining allowed at all.

    If you are experiencing a dry, painful throat, you are vaping too high of a nicotine rating. For me, I started at the 1.2% nicotine, which was too high. I’ve since cut back to the 0.6% and no more pain in the throat. It’s as smooth and flavorful as can be.

    For the main review above, they are incorrect that the disposables are one-time use only. Check YouTube for videos of how to refill them easily and in less than 30 seconds. I’ve refilled some of my “disposable” cartomizers and it’s worked great.

  • Vi says:

    I’v had my V2 Standard Starter Kit for 5 days now,and have no desire to smoke a regular cigarette. I think thats great! since I’ve smoked for almost 40 yrs. Along with my kit I ordered a 10 pack flavor sampler… I ‘Love’ the Coffee flsvor best of all. Vanilla is good, so is Congress. I got so enthused over flavors I ordered a whole bunch, including Cinnamon and Chocolate yesterday. And, since the cartridges can be refilled I ordered a bottle of the e-liquid in the Congress flavor. I figure, why not? Its cheaper than regular cigarettes, and I don’t feel deprived one bit.

  • donna says:
    1 stars

    The battery lasted exactly two weeks. I ordered a four week supply of regular and received two weeks of regular and two weeks of menthol. About two days after I received the package, the battery stopped working. This is not a good product. I have subsequently tried Logic and at have the price, I have confirmed that this can be a good tobacco alternative. I would not endorse this product. A close look at it’s ratings, indicates that they are paid for.

    • Vranks says:

      Paid for with what, Donna? Other than free kits for review I have never taken any incentives from any company that I have reviewed, although I’ll admit there have been some that offered financial incentives. If this were true, would I post negative user reviews like yours? Think about it. This is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it, but please, don’t make this kind of unsubstantiated claims. Thank you!

    • Bill says:

      The reviews are paid for? Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my review is not paid for. I am nothing more than an extremely happy and content V2 customer. I did have one problem with a battery, and their customer service was nothing less than fantastic. They shipped me a replacement battery, for free, and included a postage-paid mailer for me to return the defective battery. They have a lifetime warranty on their batteries and when you use it, it costs you nothing at all. All free.

    • Jamie says:
      1 stars

      @Jim Sudar: Don’t accept store credit when these liars offer it. They offered it to me and I told them it was of no use since I’d never buy from them again. They immediately offered to refund the entire shipping charges. Tell them they are the ones to pound salt. I have no idea what that means.

  • Hank says:

    I guess people that like the V2 never tryed Blu. I guess you like that chemical smell and taste of V2? Blu hands down is far better.!

    • Anasui says:

      Smoking a blu right now. Got a v2 cig and tried it real quick. Like the V2 so far because blu kinda hurts my throat a bit. Both are good for me.

  • real niggah says:

    this is some real top quality type sh1t. perfect for the boys on the wrong side of town. thick vapor and long batteries. #keepitreal
    the only hood that i love is pointy and white

  • Mark says:

    Any really negative reviews here are troll posts. These are absolutely the highest quality normal-sized ecigs out there in my opinion The packaging is extremely high quality. I paid for 1 day shipping and it was here overnight. You can use a 15% discount code to offset the $10. HIGHLY reccomend.

  • Jason says:

    Thin vapor and no throat hit using Red 1.2%. Battery lasts 1 day, but the charging kit is nice. Would be better if I could fit a battery plus cartridge in the charging case.

  • Debbie says:
    5 stars

    I have been using V2 for 6 weeks and LOVE them. I have been smoking cigs for 40 years and after using the V2 for a while I no longer even want to smoke reg cigs.
    I use the 2.4 Reds and love them. I have ordered numerous times for different batteries, flavor etc and have always received products very quickly.
    I recommend this product to everyone I know.
    And no I did not get paid for this review. Just love the V2

  • Dave says:
    5 stars

    I’m really surprised by all of the bad reviews here. This is by far the BEST e-cig company I’ve tried. Their stuff is of high quality, their customer service is decent, and I love their Menthol cartridges. Only complaint I have is their Red or Desert tobacco flavors are pretty foul tasting. That’s why I stick with the menthols.

  • Karen says:

    Been a heavy 60plus smoker for 28yrs, tried patches, gum ect, always failed. Sadly lost my dad to throat cancer few mths ago and watching this horrible disease take him broke my heart. Tried three different brands of ecigs, hated all, after reading good reviews on V2, thought I’d try once more. Ordered standerd kit and got it next day (free delivery) didn’t facy flavours so got 2 boxes RED full strength, I was very impressed with the deep vapor and good throat hit, RED was ok so decided to try a mix pack flavours, to my surprise I found I liked the congress, vanilla and spearmint. Still using full strength, but now off regular cigs and plan to eventually cut down to the 0 nicotine. Would not use anything else, love my V2 and if I can stop smoking using this product anyone can, xxx

  • Poku says:
    4 stars

    I’ve used V2 for a few months and only got one cartridge that didn’t taste right. I have never experienced any problems with the shipping. Overall, satisfied.

  • David says:
    1 stars

    Thought I’d move on to another cig and read up about this one. Wish I hadn’t bothered. One of the initial batteries didn’t seem to work so asked for a replacement which didn’t seem any better when it arrived. Had to really suck to get a decent ‘draw’ and the vapour wasn’t any better than my old ones and was quite noisy with the air being drawn in too. Postage time was fairly slow at 3-4 days. Tried the sampler pack and quite a few tasted dry and wore out quickly. Going back to my old brand and putting it down to experience.

  • Jeff says:
    2 stars

    I’ve been a customer for over three years. They are better than a couple others I tried, but quality control is an issue. There carts are made in China and I didn’t care for them. Food based items from China are something I consider unsafe. I quickly move to refillable carts and purchased USA made smoke juice from another company. Carts would last for a few days or over a week. Never consistent. Same for the mini tanks they now sell. Some leak, some don’t last long, and others are great. As for batteries, that is the biggest problem. I have five, and at any given time I might have two or three that work. They are great about the battery warranty, but it’s a pain to deal with every month. I’ve also had “new” warranty batteries that were doa. Having to own five batteries, two chargers, and a stack of blanks to insure I always had a working e-cig was too much and I moved on. The e-cig market has changed a great deal in the past few years and there are some great products that are far better. I now use an EVOD with large capacity battery, large tank, and dirt cheap replacement heating elements. The starter kit with two batteries is cheaper than a pair of v2 batteries.

  • Chris says:

    I have Ordered the standard kit on wed feb 5th and got 1 day shipping and it came on the 6th. I was very excited to get this product with a new born in my house and didnt want her to smell smoke on me. I ordered 1 manual e cig and an auto. The manual one produces a better hit, and I like the clear cartriages which you fill with e liquid. For me they produce the best vapor and hit of nicotine.

  • Cynthia says:

    These reviews are crazy.. all over the board! Guess I will just have to order it to see for myself, what all the fuss is about.

  • Giovanni Brondo says:






  • Patrick McCormick says:
    1 stars

    I have given these a serious try. I used them for quite a period of time, but I have some frustrations.

    The good: The battery does last a long time.

    The bad: The refillable cartridges tend to fall apart because they are insufficiently glued near a threaded joint that connects them to the battery. The result is that the torque required to seat them to the battery will eventually cause the glue joint to fail. This joint should have been keyed to remove the rotational stress on the glue joint itself.

    The automatic version of the battery fails slowly, requiring harder and harder hits in order to trigger the battery to fire. If you, like me, assume that this problem is coming from the cartridges, it is particularly frustrating because it means that you will waste time and e-juice, fiddling with the cartridges and still have an unusable battery.

    I’m not sure what the life expectancy of the batteries is, but the fact that the flow switches seem to fail much sooner is really disappointing.

    I was able to stop smoking, but because this product does not last very long and fails in a slow and frustrating way, I ended up smoking more.

  • greg says:
    1 stars

    batteries and cartridges last about 1/4 to 1/3 as long as advertised…horrible

  • marypies says:
    4 stars

    First, V2 is he only brand I have tried, so I can’t speak to how they compare to others. I have been using for about 2 months. I was a 1+ pack a day smoker for 20 years. I ordered the standard starter kit with 2 batteries (1 auto, 1 manual), which came with the charger & 2 flavor choices of 5 cartridges each. I also order their variety flavor pack; it’s all subjective as to which tastes good to you. I did not like the most popular Red flavor, I prefer the sweeter Sahara and Congress. I have the long batteries, which last mst of the day. The auto produces much thicker vapor. After getting the starter pack & deciding what worked for me, I ordered their blank cartriges & the e-liquid. They seem to last a little longer. I was going through 2 disposable cartridges a day. I also ordered another battery, their EX series. Unfortuntly, it came & was not holding a charge. I emailed them & they got back to me in a few hours & shipped a replacement. The only complaint I have is that the free shipping is VERY slow, 10 business days. I buy things on eBay from China that come quicker! Overall I am very satisfied & don’t really feel the need to try another brand.

  • mike says:

    I am brand new to these ecigarette things and am unfamiliar. However, I decided to buy one of v2 single :disposible” cigarettes. I thought, like a lighter or a camera that they worked for 400 puffs (advertised on box) and you simply threw it out! Nowhere on the box does it state theat I could see MUST BUY STARTER KIT.” Instead the first heading under instructions were to “Remove from packaging and smoke as you would a traditional cigarette.” Again nothing about having to purchase a starter kit! Besides what would I need that for when I only wanted to use this cigarette only one time? I thought disposible meant that. I found out lo and behold, it does just as long as you go into more expense. To me this is deceptive. Had I known beforehand I would have never even bought it. In addition, in extremely small writing they reveal the rest.. on the back of the package it says their website to go to and order. I wrote them about this but I have yet to receive a response. Because I am new to these things, and as stated earlier why can’t they simply say “Starter kit purchase needed.” I even went as far as to tear off the entire white wrapping of the thing thinking that was holding it back from working and becoming what it was advertised as ..disposible. I’m not happy with them.

    • vaperr says:

      Sounds like a bogus negative review, disposables are disposables you don’t need a starter kit for them. If something’s wrong with it return it to the store and get the owner to give you another and let him deal with getting it replaced.

  • Jim says:

    tried 1 of these and the first battery was no good and wouldnt charge. Took it back to the store of purchase and they said there was no returns and gave me another one. this one worked but wasnt happy with the taste or vapor production. I have been using green smaoke in tghe past and they are so much better in taste and vapor. u pay about 10% more but they are worth the cost.

  • Monika says:
    5 stars

    I think the Sahara V2-cigs are great, both the prefilled and the liquid! Didn’t like Red, the aroma reminded me of hospitals! I’m not interested in the other flavours either, only (maybe) Parliament – I haven’t tried it (yet).
    The review says the carts can’t be refilled, but they can. They say you should use a paper clip to remove the cap – that didn’t work very well, but a thin crocheting needle does the trick.
    Also, you didn’t mention the Notebook-cig which gives a real strong throat hit.
    Also, I ordered a package packages before easter, and it was delivered to me in Norway in 7 days, that’s fantastic for Europe/Norway mail

  • Natalia says:
    1 stars

    Bought it and it didn’t work for me, called customer service and they said they will give me refund if I send it all back, what I did… They “forget” to say that I will not have full refund, end up spending more on return postage then what they refund me… Will never reccomend it to anybody.. ((((

  • Kay says:
    4 stars

    V2 Ecigs are one of the best inventions ever! Ever since I invested in this product, I’ve been smoke free and that was 2 1/2 years ago. Only thing is I truly miss the original menthol flavor they had when I first started vaping. They we’re fantastic! Even the peppermint was great. The newer recipes don’t compare to the older ones. But since they changed, I’ve been purchasing eliquid from various companies for variety. I recently bought a V2 Ecig for my boyfriend and I hope he sticks with it.

  • Loyal Client of v2 says:
    5 stars

    Absolutely fantastic company! They’re the best on the market in product/selection and their customer service is beyond A+.

    I’ve been loyally using them for nearly three years, but I had no idea about their fantastic customer service until the last few months. I had a minor issue and they were like superheros to the rescue. Just this week, I had a larger issue and they donned their cape again – surpassing my expectations.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with V2…they know how to handle their customers and create brand loyalty. I’m truly, truly impressed.

  • Linda says:
    1 stars

    Not a fan. I looked up 500 reviews on these, and decided to spend (waste) my money on them. If you’re a menthol smoker, look elsewhere. I can smoke either Marlboro menthol lights or Newports with equal pleasure, and I despised these ecigs.

  • William English says:
    1 stars

    V2 Cigs has competent marketing. Their products are compare well to what is available from other vendors. It is easy to make purchases from their website. However, placing an order and paying for the product does not necessarily mean that you will receive your product.

    I ordered products from the V2 website that I have not received. I made repeated requests that they ship my products to no avail. Finally, I requested that they credit back to my card the money that they have taken from me. I have not had any success getting V2 Cigs to resolve the transaction.

    This was my third order with V2, and my last. This experience has made me regret any interaction with the company. I will also mention that they will not ship on the same day that you order. It makes no difference the time of day, they will hold your order from shipping for at least 24 hours before shipping.

  • adriane says:
    5 stars

    I bought a v2 started kit over a year ago. I have a xl and short battery with mine, and have not had any problems at all. I did have one v2 max atomizer that was faulty. but it came in a pack of 3. Both my batteries still work wonderfully. I usually buy the vanilla e-liquid, which on my last purchase they sent me two bottles and only charged me for one.

  • Vapah says:

    V2 HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Purchased their latest ex batteries.. worked for just under month before it stopped.. contacted v2 team in Australia via email (only contact option) no reply. contacted V2 america.. no reply.. private messaged on their Facebook page.. no reply.. Now out of pocket $35.. what more can I say.. RIP OFF!!!

  • jamie says:

    IM not use to electronic cigs. So figured I’d buy one of the disposable ones for starters,,it cost like $6 I think..it looked cool suppose to be the same as a pack of cigs,,I read what directions we’re on the box containing what looked like a cig. Open and start puffn,,was the directions I got,,,took the rubber cap off and puffed and puffed,,,,didn’t get no vapor or anything,,haven’t found no battery in this thing to turn anything on,,,my friend at work states his had vapor,,,but I’ve gotten nothing out of this thing I bought,,may as well puff on nothing because I got no vapor,,no taste..nothing to even tell me the thing worked…I can get more from puffn on a non lit cigratte from what I got from this..$6.99 threw down the drain..

  • JD says:
    1 stars

    Bought 10 batteries total, only 2 work. I messaged them and they will not respond. I’m not going to beg someone to let me do business with them, and I’m not going to keep buying batteries on each monthly order.

  • Paul says:

    As a new vapor I have had only a few orders with V2 cigs. The product has been fine for me but with my last order I am now seeing what many reviewers have experienced. I had the ex blanks back ordered from the order I already paid for weeks ago. A call to customer service on the 17th promised that they would be sent out soon. Now it is the 30th and still nothing AND no answer to email inquiring about the status. Starting to feel ripped off. I would now NOT RECOMMEND this company!! At the very least horrible customer service and perhaps a strait up rip-off.

  • Rick says:

    I have been a customer for three years, despite a horrible customer experience. Many long back orders and very slow shipping.
    And, like “Paul”, I ordered EX blanks and batteries OVER A MONTH AGO. Three inquiries yield the same “one more week” lie.

  • NewellVW says:
    5 stars

    Bought a V2 Express kit for $12.99and a package of 5 menthol cartridges for $9.99 2 weeks ago and have not touched a cigarette since! Have had no problems with equipment. Just ordered their new Series3 e-cig on August 1 and arrives by FedEx August 4! Overall, super pleased with everything.
    As for problems with customer service, equipment or shipping I would recommend going on their forum at their website. Forum moderator is excellent at helping everyone with any problems encountered?

    • Paul says:

      Why should I, as a paid for order customer, have to go to the forum. Is that not what customer service is for?

  • mark vs says:
    1 stars

    I placed my order on July 30 and they tell me, on August 8, that it will not ship for another 4-7 business days.

  • Liz says:
    1 stars

    Horrible product only worked for a few weeks. They did replace, but I received defective products; which didn’t work at all. I have wasted hundreds of $$$$$$$$$$$$ for a product that is not ready for prime time. Their customer care is the worst I have ever seen.

  • jo says:

    This product has really went to pot. I have been using it for about 18 months and in the last six months or so the carts are lasting about 1/3-1/4 of what they used to. I recent bought two new batteries and one is crappy does not work right.

  • Ron says:

    July 29 ’14 – Ordered V2’s Ultimate starter kit.
    August 20 ’14 – Still waiting.

    I would say their shipping is sh*t.
    A week ago I was told they would re ship. When I got the new tracking number..it also came with a second charge.
    Looks like I have now paid for two kits..thus still nothing to show for it…

    All the rave reviews for V2 out there is what earned them my business.
    My personal experience thus far has cost them a potentially long term customer!

    BOO V2!! Zero stars

  • Carl says:
    1 stars

    I used to think this company was great. Very fast shipping, quality product…Then I made the mistake of trying to fix something that wasn’t broken.

    I decided to try the new V2Pro that I received the email about. I saw on the site that it was supposed to ship in 7 Days, so I ordered some disposables to hold me over until the V2 Pro Arrives (V2Pro ordered 8/10/14 still got nothing, a lot more than seven human days).

    I order 2 packs of 400 puff disposables, and received 2 Packs of 200 Puff disposables. V2 was quick to get me 2 more packs of 200 to make it right. But it is annoying that they can’t ship on the same day you order, so I still didn’t get them for three days!! Not to mention two disposables in each shipment were duds that didn’t even work for one PUFF!

    But now the fun really begins, I noticed that I was probably not going to get my V2Pro until at least September at the rate things were going, so I ordered another pack of 400 puff disposables on 8/18/14, website says they ship the next day if ordered before 6pm, I ordered at 9am! I noticed by Thursday that they still had not shipped, so I spoke with customer service. I got no explanation as to why my order was ignored, but I was told they were IN STOCK and would ship the next day (FRI). By the end of the day Friday I noticed that nothing had happened so I contacted customer service again. This time I was told they were out of stock! I asked them if they were out of stock to begin with and if they were just going to make me wait until they came in and not notify me. Of course I got no answer and that they were substituting my disposables with another brand and would ship “FIRST THING MONDAY”.

    Today is Monday, and it is almost 8pm, still AWAITING SHIPMENT. I contacted customer service AGAIN and was told they spoke with a supervisor and they will definitely go out tomorrow “FIRST THING”.

    I am so fed up! I have had to spend a ridiculous amount of money on crappy gas station eCigs that last for literally minutes! I told them that if I don’t get these things by the end of the week, I am cancelling my V2pro order and never shopping with them again!

    It’s a shame too, because in little over a year I’ve spent hundreds of dollars with V2. A company that started off fast and reliable, and is now falling fast into the terrible slow shipping and poor customer service that will drive customers away.

    Would no longer recommend V2 to a friend!!

    • Wrg says:
      2 stars

      See YET:
      Unfortunately things are NOT gonna get better when u receive the Vape pen Pro series.

  • Azadeh says:

    I have purchased the kits about two weeks and was so excited to use it once I received the package. When I started using it the cartridge burned my lips. I used another cartridge and samething happen. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom says:
    1 stars

    Long time user. They recently changed their rewards program. I went from a 10% to a 5% discount. Besides that their customer service is steadily going downhill from what was once terrific : someone else’s replacement, several follow up calls to get the correct replacement, a promise of overnight shipment in their notes that went regular mail. Wonder now if there product will also deteriorate. Looking around for new supplier

  • Ms.ATx says:
    1 stars

    Good products, but they never ship my entire order. Something is always backlog, but they charge the full amount before they ship the backorder items. Web site is bad – they show products as in stock when they aren’t. I’ve waited for more than a month for my back order items while they pocketed my money the day I ordered.

  • Gerardo says:
    1 stars

    Horrible shipping. I placed my order on the 15th of August. Apparently their batteries for the v2pro are out of stock. 1 week later I was told that they should be back in stock within 7 days. The following Monday I was told that it would be another 7 days. I contacted them today and I was told that it would be another 7 days. When I told them I wanted to cancel they said that they just received a small shipment of batteries… Yeah right. I don’t want used batteries that they probably have laying around. Horrible customer service…

  • E. Scheuermann says:

    I am searching for a e cigg that smokes like a real cigg. Winston to be exact. Tried the original tobacco flavor Blu and just did not like the taste. It gave a great hit with lots of vapor but the taste does not remind one of a cigg. Tried the V2 red today and find that the taste is much better but has less vapor. So far it’s the V2 for me but I am going to try a few more just in case the perfect Winston match is out there. Thanks so much for your review. It really helps to get another smokers take on a given product. I did not expect such a wide range of performance and flavor. Thanks again…

  • CC says:
    2 stars

    From the looks of things I got lucky with my shipping. However my beef is with the actual product. I ordered a V2 EX standard package to try it out. Over priced and over hyped.

    The vapor production sucks on the new EX Cartridges. In fact my old V2 blank cartridges produced more vapor. Even priming it up with a few puffs STILL does not produce the vapor all that well.

    The battery indicators are useless, as there is no way to check how much battery life is left unless you are actively puffing.. (the indicators cut off as soon as you get done puffing – no delay). You end up looking like doofus as you puff away crosseyed trying to read how much battery life you have left (as it was gently pointed out to me).

    Battery life is average at best… so not really much to justify the higher price for the EX over the Standard version.

    I’m checking out a few other brands out there – I need a cig-a-like that I can trust. This isn’t it.

    • Nancy says:

      CC I could not stop laughing about the Ex. Trying to c the charge. U r so RIGHT. LMAO

      • Elaine says:
        3 stars

        I’ve been a faithful customer since Feb. 2113 slow shipping didn’t bother me but Dec. gets hectic and last Dec. I paid for 3 day shipping because I was low on carts. Had to call, again this Dec. I was low ordered Dec. 13 & paid for delivery the 16th. The order is still on hold. I called and raised Cain and the SR. Mailed priority 5 courtesy v2-EX cartridges after TRIED to convince me their website told me they were out. She couldn’t answer my question as to why I would pay for quick shipping on a product that wasn’t in stock, thus the freebie. In the interim I ordered from Volt and like them better! If my V2 carts get here, I will use them since they are paid for already but these Volts are great in MHO. I got a Smokeless Image kit that included a 5 pk. of 555 carts & 2 78 mm. batteries with charger and wall adapter plus 2 additional 78mm batteries, 2 additional packs of carts. and two day priority all for less than my current OUTSTANDING order with V2. I love the full flavor of the 555s but may like the others even more. So, yeah, this is a review on V2….if it wasn’t for the good customer service I have gotten so far I would only give 2 stars because the Volt is much more to my liking…..so one additional star for good customer service.

  • cc says:
    1 stars

    Do not buy V2 Cigs – Unethical company

    I recently bought V2 cigs for my mother, who lives in Canada. The company took my money and sent the e-cigs. The e-cigs were subsequently sent back to them by customs, because it is illegal for them to ship to Canada.

    The company did not bother to refund me until I complained. When they did finally refund the money, they only gave me back ~$70 US, instead of the original $121 that I paid. They claimed it was my fault for having them shipped to Canada, even though they are the ones who shipped it in the first place.

    This company is nothing short of fraudulent.

  • Wayne says:

    I’m same as Carl, loved the v2cigs then started to order the ex series and the pro series so far two months after ordering I’m still waiting for my pro kit and accessories and as for the EX batteries, I got one of the first ones they had which came in its own pacakaging and was great te battery indicator stayed lit for 2 seconds after puffing so you could easily see how much charge you had left, every puff was a good wholesome hit I’d rate it 10/10 but then I ordered a silver EX battery and two graphites all 3 delivered without the packing in a little clear bag, obviously cheap Chinese alternative to the original item somebody somewhere in V2 is getting greedy and all that will happen is the company will fold as soon as they’ve ripped everyone of their loyal customers out of they hard earned money, won’t recommend them to anyone and if your considering buying from them don’t bothet, they don’t even bother replying to emails complaining either now, a company going nowhere in one of the biggest growth industries out there, obviously not very clever…

  • victoria walker says:

    I have bought two of the vuse ecigs one blew up before I could even charge it and I lost one my fault but I keep hearing about free coupons that were sent out I never received one and I would like one could u mail me out one thank you Vicky walker 2003 Stillwater ln #4 cinti, ohio 45150

  • David says:
    1 stars

    I tried V2 ciggalikes quite a number of months ago..and concluded there were far cheaper and better products out there…but why would anyone want to vape a ciggalike…things have moved along…vaping isn’t smoking it’s Vaping…so get some actual decent vaping kit and really
    enjoy the experience…Vision spinner coupled with a Protank 2 mini..or even more worthwhile a Vamo V5 coupled with a Protank 2 mini….forget about the absurdity of a red/blue simulated glowing ciggi.

  • betty says:

    …..lets all remember this is a vapor cigarrettes are not real cigarettes….if your concerned about a good hit-common sense….then smoke a regular cigarette….these vapor style smokes are convenient when your not able to smoke in certain places …if your trying to quit or you ran out of smokes..they all work fine!!

  • smartest man in the world says:

    I smoke a pack every 4-5 day. V2cigs are garbage. I spend more money on v2cig cart than a regular pack of cigarette. 1 cart is like less than half a pack. The battery last only half a day. How the hell can a pack of 5 cart last me a week? Better spend your money somewhere else. Expensive garbage.

  • Mary says:
    5 stars

    I smoked for 40 + years. I decided it was time to quit (even though I love smoking). I started with V2 Red 1.8 eight months ago. I have NOT had a puff of a cigarette since. I just wish the batteries last a little longer.

  • Veronique says:
    2 stars

    As of today I fear something is amiss! Placed order on 28 Nov based on promotional email received 27 Nov 14. Have not been able to reach by phone; online chat box is usually inoperable, but was able to online chat twice only to end up with no information – “But more importantly do not receive promo weekly emails, email order updates, website does not reflect anything except “TRACK YOUR ORDER
    Order Date: 28th Nov 2014

    This order is marked as Awaiting Fulfillment

    Your Order Contains:
    Above just copied & pasted from ‘WEBSITE”
    I rate this 2.5 stars “ONLY BECAUSE PRODUCT IS GREAT” – this is 2nd order after 60 years of smoking I’ve stopped; but there is nothing else good about website. Fortunately I cross dress & also order from “Vapor Couture.com” who really have their act together (order from same date 28 Nov arrived Monday, 8 Dec 14. Luv & Hugs Veronique

  • Bill says:
    1 stars

    Also have an order awaiting Shipment for 2 weeks now with no response to calls, email, or chat. I ordered with overnight delivery and I feel I threw that money away.
    Something is very wrong with the way they are doing business. While I like the product, the customer service and response has been non existent lately. I was a loyal customer that is now going elsewhere. Be warned!!

  • Bill says:
    1 stars

    AVOID V2 like the plague. They *used* to offer quality items and had fantastic customer service, but as of 07/2014, they’ve gone downhill FAST. Items are constantly out of stock, the quality is now garbage, e-juice flavors are changed, customer service LIES. Do some research and you will see MANY complaint about this company, but you will never see them all. V2 has been deleting complaints from their forum and their Facebook page. Yes, they are hiding the complaints they are receiving. That is just one aspect of their dishonest, deceitful practices.

    Junk. Absolute junk. I had an XL battery that was faulty and when I did an exchange in 09/2014, they kept sending me faulty batteries. After FOUR exchanges, I gave up and started buying my supplies elsewhere. The quality is gone.

    AVOID V2. They know how to offer LIES and deceit to cover up their problems as well as to try to protect themselves, but they do NOT care about the customer. Their one customer service representative openly admitted that she “disconnected” herself for a few days over the holidays. MANY unfulfilled orders, MANY angry customers, and their customer service agents are taking vacations and ignoring the customers. How’s that for feeling like an important customer? It’s a slap in the face.

    As of 1/6/2014, there are still people who are awaiting their orders from 11/27/2013. Over one month and no order, but the money was taken. Quite unethical, isn’t it?

    • Jim Fowler says:

      I had the same experience and used them 5 years. I asked them if they were going out of business several times when I was shocked at the deterioration of their customer service. I now use E-Smart Clearomizer KR808D-1 Compatible. They are refillable, do not leak and the KR808D-1 type are Compatible with the V2 batteries. Much happier now.

  • petrina t says:
    1 stars

    Couldn’t agree more with the problems that they give us with the non existant customer service, online chat is NEVER answered and I am waiting on the rest of my order placed 12/17/14…..

    • Liz says:

      Pentrina, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get your order.. I’m experiencing the same issue with no answer online and via phone! Like I said, Maybe they’re closing their doors!

  • Liz says:

    Not sure how they continue to sell their product.. I have been using V2 ciggs for over a year.. Way too long. Why? Well because at one point in time the service and the product was good. What I mean by good is the Flavor of tobacco , batteries and chargers are under warranty and customer service was quick to help and send out any replacements. Within the past 6 months I have had a number of issues with their products from defected ex-blanks( where the liquid goes), batteries that do not work properly even when they send you a replacement.. I believe they are refurbished because a brand new one should work properly.. In the past six months I have had over 15 defected exblanks and 6 batteries that I have had to have replaced. Considering a box of 3 is over 15.00, which then you have to wait till they ship and you receive after receiving a product that is broken to begin with.. Or they will credit your account but then you are sitting on a broken product until your next order and are responsible for paying the shipping cost.. Doesn’t make sense. I’ve also ordered liquid and exblanks and received shipment with one or the other not being in that order. Which they fail to tell you that it is on back order.. Why would they send you the liquid for example and not the exblanks.. What is a person able to do with the liquid if they can’t vape without receiving the complete order!!! In cases like this CS states that they will be receiving the product that’s on back order in 5 business days then 3 weeks later I’m calling back and its’ still on back order. I’m sure Its is because they outsource their manufacture oversees via ocean container. Don’t these people take inventory???? The out of stock has happened more than once.. I try to contact them and have been on hold for over 30 minutes at a time. They have no representative that is available for their online Live Chat!! Maybe their closing their doors.. Wouldn’t be surprised.. I have ordered a new vapor from another company and have had ZERO issues.. Anyone can pay to have their product advertised as the #1 product.. FAR FROM #1..

  • Nina says:
    1 stars

    We have been loyal to them for nearly 3 years – this last order is a nightmare. They billed for the full amount but only sent half the cartridges in the one flavor and the other flavor is supposedly out of stock. I have emailed repeatedly with no response, the live chat is unattended or says due to heavy volume and calling leaves me on hold for well over 20 minutes and then auto disconnects. I find their customer service has gone down the drain in the last few months and will have to re-think purchasing from them ever again – if of course the rest of my order ever shows up.

  • E Bubba Shedlock says:
    1 stars

    The shipping is terrible. It took 5 days to process order but only a few seconds to chard card. Then when it did finally show up with FedEx tracking number it came smart post that takes forever. So if you need supplies from these people give yourself 2 weeks to receive items. Terrible.

  • Dave Mahoney says:
    1 stars

    I have been purchasing products from V2 for only a few weeks now but I can tell you that I am not pleased.

    I have received 1/2 EX batteries that was defective with no air holes drilled beneath the threads. Took them forever to get a replacement shipped so I drilled my own holes.

    Two packs or carts come with my starter kit. 2 of the 5 in EACH pack leaked and or tasted like burnt metal from the very first puff. I sent in a complaint and the dispatched a free pack of cart in a different flavor and strength (over two weeks later) and this pack had the same problem. 2 of the 5 were unusable due to the burning metal taste. They were also covered in this black and gray metallic dust with makes me very concerned.

    I have also ordered their EX blanks. They come in packs of three. Two of them worked fine and the third worked but I had to continuously lift the center pole of each battery just slightly so that it could make contact with the battery.

    I just this past Monday ordered a second set of EX blanks. I place the order pretty early Monday morning and the package has still not left their facility. They have printed the shipping label from their fedex account. Why does it take 4 days to ship any package. Let alone something less than 1 pound.

    I have been very communicative with them since this began and will continue to do so. Honestly, not sure this is worth the effort just to ensure I get my money’s worth.

  • Josh says:
    1 stars

    Shipping and customer service are terrible. Waiting over a month on refills. They will ship your starter kit quickly to get you locked in and then you are put at the back of the line. It does not matter how good a product is if they don’t give it to you.

  • Harry O says:
    2 stars

    Got the V2 Series 3 Kit and Flower cart. Spent over 140.00 plus paid for 4 day shipping $10.00, Didn’t arrive until 14 days later,so I essentially was hosed for the extra fast postage. The Vape works great on e-liquids and wax. Not so great on the Flower Cart that was 24.95 extra. Took them forever to release the wax cart accessory ( also 24.95 plus postage). It works great for an electronic dab. Customer service is non-existent with these folks. Don’t pay for faster delivery, it’s a ripoff.

  • Joyce says:
    1 stars

    Horrible service. After more than a week my order still wasn’t shipped. Trying to contact customer service was near impossible but I kept trying until I reached someone. I asked for a refund. I was told they would process the refund that day but when I asked for a transaction number I was told that the supervisor was not there and my refund would be processed the next day. The next day I got an email saying my order was shipped! But it wasn’t. There was no tracking available. As of now they have my $60. I have no product and no refund. I will NEVER order from this company again.

  • Bob says:


    I thought you & your readers would want to know of my experience w/ V2… I sent an e-mail to the support e-mail address posted on their web-site requesting additional info & received no reply… I even sent a follow-up message specifically requesting a reply, but they’re still ignoring me…

    Is this how they generally treat potential new customers? Just thought you’d want to know…

  • Richard says:

    V2 customer service SUCKS! They MAY have good products,BUT… I say MAY have good products because it has been over a month and I haven’t received my order nor can I get a refund. If you ever need to deal with their customer service, be prepared for the run-around. They are happy to take your money without telling you the product is on back-order. Then they make it very difficult to impossible to get a refund. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!

  • Steve T says:
    1 stars

    Love V2 e-cigs but their customer service is horrible. I placed an order in January for some cartridges and now it’s almost April and still have not received them. They have sent no emails or notices telling me they are sorry for the delay, or what the reason is. I emailed them with no reply so I finally called and all they could say is that it is on backorder. I am looking for an alterative to V2 now because this is the third time in six months this has happened.

  • Dan says:
    1 stars

    V2 is garbage. I bought a V2 Pro Series 7 only to have the $30.00 loose leaf cartridge break in under 3 days. Then I find out they don’t warrant their products; in fact you have to Google just to find the “warranty” on their Pro products. They’re a terrible company.

    Also never believe any site like this talking about any company that has an affiliate program. This “review” has affiliate links. Yes, V2 does therefore in fact “pay” this “reviewer” to “say nice things about them”. Go google what an affiliate program is, or go to V2’s site and read their affiliate program. The link to v2 from this site is an affiliate link. It’s not even a ‘cloaked’ link, it’s right there out in the open, for anyone that has any clue to see for themselves.

    • Pete says:
      1 stars

      I just ordered a pro V3 from these and I have to be completely honest, it is total rubbish! and totally over priced for what it is. It is not even worth 10 pounds…
      I got it to replace my multivape with a proper atomiser costing 15 pounds at my local BP petrol shop.. I thought if I got one of the V2 products it would be better… completely wrong.. its 10 times worse and has a wick inside for the atomiser which is not shown on the pictures on their site. Had it been shown I wouldn’t of purchased as from experience of all wick based products simply don’t work well. There is virtually no vape from these products. The review sites all seem to lie, and after looking into it, v2 pay and give commission to give them good reviews.. wish I had seen this before buying.. I guess I’m just another idiot that’s fallen foul of the false advertising and reviews for these products.
      I have put mine back in the box and have gone back to my multivape which gives more vape than this rubbish.
      Unlike the rest of you posting on here I have no problem with delivery and don’t think that postage problems should be posted here. I wanted to give the actual product a fully truthful review. My advise is buy something else, these do not work well…and choose a product with no wick.
      I would of given 0 star review if it would of let me, so I guess it gets a non deserved 1 star.. 🙁

  • reid says:

    I really do not go out of my way to write poor reviews of products normally. In fact, I appreciate the vapor pen that V2 designed, it works well. Unfortunately, first off, the customer service is bottom of the barrel, so if there is a problem with your order, or something goes wrong with your product, I would share that your probably going to be spending hours, hours, hours, trying to get anything accomplished from V2, so hopefully your time is worth very little. Normally I would not go out of my way to write a poor review about a company’s customer service either. But, conducting fraudulent activity is a principle that I will not stand for. I have been waiting for my E-Liquid for 2.5 months now. I have called multiple times, stayed on the phone for hours, the first phone call ended with the customer service agent stating; “oh, ya, umm…. I see that your E-Liquid did not ship out with the original order, but we just shipped it!” (That was two months ago) I have written emails with no response back, spent countless hours of my life dealing with this. Honestly I don’t care at all about my $30 E-Liquid, but I do care about fraudulent companies, and that IS something that I will go out of my way to write a review about, as I hope you would too.

  • Janet says:
    1 stars

    V@s are good, but they must address their quality control problems. I’m resigned to their 20+% failure rate (of each box of 5 cartridges, at least 1 does not work). But my latest experience with 2 new boxes is that one box had 4 duds and the other had 5! A 90% failure rate is reason to stay away.

  • Larry says:
    1 stars


  • Nancy says:

    I’m with ALOT of u guys. USED to b a decent company but I think they’re goin under. Ordered 2.4 OVER 6 weeks ago & can’t get them & can’t get a refund even tho they SAY its n process. Lo & behold tho u can still order them. Go figure. It says 5-10 days. Wait time on phone is about 30 minutes & chat kicks me off. E-mails r not answered either. Will NEVER order from company again. Hav been with them for 4 yrs & never had this problem till 6 months ago!!

  • Vivian says:
    2 stars

    My husband and I have been buying from V2 for 2 years and have been very happy with the product,shipping, and service until October 2014. Since then, products are constantly out of stock, it’s impossible to get through on the phone, and no one answers emails. Incredible. They seem to be falling apart, maybe unable to grow fast enough to keep up with demand but the consequences are that they are making customers very unhappy. The product is great but if you can’t get it…useless. We have been patient because of the $ investment we’ve made in hardware but are now forced to find another company. Ridiculous!

  • Starr says:
    1 stars

    Stay away from V2! They are SCAMMERS just stealing people’s money at this point. I was a loyal customer for over 2 years until they started their BS of disclaimers on when they would ship orders. First it was 15 days, now it’s 30, but they charge your credit card immediately – what does that tell you? As a fan of coffee flavor, I switched to Green Smoke for that. But I still haven’t found a replacement for the V2 Menthol. That was the absolute best. All other brands I’ve tried taste like mouthwash.

    • Jamie says:
      1 stars

      Don’t use this company. They’re constantly out of stock, their customer service reps are insolent (“Ma’am, I’ve already explained to you that overnight delivery ordered on a Thursday before noon means that it will be shipped on Friday and delivered on Monday, and it’s all right there in the fine print, because Saturdays and Sundays are not “business” days.”)

      Seriously? Terrible service. Do not use them.

  • Lori says:
    1 stars

    This company sucks. Don’t order from them. Read the reviews. Poor customer service. Poor product. Cartridges are duds.

  • carol says:
    1 stars

    Just rec’d the starter kit and the product tastes nothing like cigarettes. No throat hit and poor vapor production. I’ve used GreenSmoke for 2 yrs and the taste is great but the cartridges burn out after a couple of hrs. and it’s costing twice as much as I ever paid for smokes. Very disappointed.

  • Stevo says:

    Not surprised at the comments; I was a firm V2 user but as of about September 2014 their product and service crashed. I waited nearly 3 months for my last order and I pay a hefty price to have them shipped overseas.
    Has anyone tried White Cloud e-cigs??

  • Debbie says:
    1 stars

    I got the classic starter kit with 5 cartridges the automatic didn’t work. The one battery stopped working within 3 weeks. I tried every way to get these people to respond. Nothing worked. Finally a guy name Eddie called me to make things right. He sent me a replacement battery and new cartridges since only one worked. The replacement worked for a month and malfunctioned too!Another rep was completely rude #0001. I was told the warranty was only for the original purchase. What kind of warranty is that if they send you a replacement that doesn’t work?

    • Jim Fowler says:

      Sounds about what I started dealing with after 5 years of good customer service they nose dived. I received a sale ad from them today. No way I would ever trust them again.

  • TT says:

    I wish I had read these reviews before ordering from this place. Bought a starter kit, paid the overpriced 1-day shipping. One of the batteries doesn’t work. Started trying to get it replaced on Tuesday. 6+ chats with them, and it’s STILL NOT SHIPPED. I’m sending this box of crap back and getting a refund. Will NEVER use this company again. Also, after trying other E-Juices, I realized that V2’s stuff is AWFUL! Too chemical tasting, and harsh with no flavor.

  • wf says:

    The worst customer service. They always seemed to not have in stock the items I’ve ordered after I’ve already ordered then replace it with something I don;t really want They will sit on the order before sending it, sometimes taking up to almost 2 weeks to arrive. They were fine the first year I ordered with them,although their batteries never seemed to last that long but now they are getting worse and worse. Definitely sounds like they are going out of business, so don’t order from these guys.

  • Hasan says:
    2 stars

    2.5 y ago they were doing everything to sell their products , now they even don’t respond to emails !! any order may takes more than 10 days to get it delivered …always they have mistakes …the website doesn’t reflects the real availability of items , when you submit your order you will be surprised with their delay and most likely you will be notified with some items are out of stock meanwhile the website shows they are available but of course after placing the order and pay!!!! looking for an alternatives now…they are really bad….

  • Hal P says:
    1 stars

    I placed my first order with this company several days ago, or at least I tried. It appears they were out of stock on their EX batteries (the web site stated that they would ship within 30 days) and also out of stock on their EX Blanks and charging case (both of which would supposedly ship within 15 days). I wound up ordering just some prefilled carts and their Power-Cig. I was a bit disappointed in the other items being out of stock, but also disappointed when I learned that the order I placed early in the afternoon on Tuesday was not scheduled to be delivered until the following Monday. That might otherwise be acceptable except my shipping address is not much more than a 2-hour drive from their distribution center. Since V2 is (or perhaps was) one of the more reputable and reliable companies in the business, I expected a much better experience.

  • Jim Sudar says:
    1 stars

    I placed my order online and made sure my order was over $50 for the free shipping. Got charged $35.62 for shipping. Called them a week later to tell them there was a mistake. They said I must have chosen 1 day delivery and the mistake was mine. I said, it is a week later and I still don’t have my 1 day shipment, and that I know I didn’t choose next day. They said they would give me a credit of half the shipping charge to put toward my next order. I said that is unacceptable. I want a credit for the shipping. The basically told me to pound salt.

  • Eliza says:
    1 stars

    Awful customer service. They are insolent and arrogant. You can’t rely on their delivery dates, but you can certainly rely on your credit card being charged the day your order is placed, not shipped, and then fighting an almighty battle for a refund.

    Just avoid V2. Plenty of other services out there that actually operate like a business.

  • sandy allen says:
    4 stars

    My first and second orders were shipped in a timely manner, since then most of my orders have taken close to four weeks to ship. If i didn’t like the product so much I certainly would look for another source for e liquid. Make sure you order in plenty of time so as not to run out of product with this company as calling them does no good.

  • RWD says:
    1 stars

    These guys WERE the best in the business, for people who wanted a real vaporizer without having to carry a lightsaber. Sadly, they are now running their business out of the back of a van, down by the river. Their shipping and customer service are the absolute rock bottom of mail order, and their batteries sit around in the van so long that most of them are old and dead by the time they get around to selling them.

    Avoid these scam artists at all costs. Vaporfi and Halo both make a better product anyway, and they will actually ship those products to you before your hair turns grey.

  • DOR says:

    Same experience with bad company. Ordered a V2, worked OK..for a month.

    Faulty switch, unit appeared to charge, but would not start

    Requested a return/replacement

    New unit arrived, out of sealed package, faulty switch. Same as original unit.

    Advised V2 of their obvious manufacturing issues and asked for a tested unit to be shipped

    They haven’t responded, but did say that if I wanted credit for broken units they are shipping, I needed to return each one separately.

    Look elsewhere if you are in need of their products.

  • Bella says:
    1 stars

    This company is awful. Your orders come late and if you contact customer service you get a generic response not even responding to what you wrote at all. I waited 2 months to receive an order and finally asked them to just cancel it and refund the money, I got a response back saying they stopped the order and would refund the money then 2 days later I get an email that my package was finally sent and I didn’t get a refund. Also, I ordered their 80 pack of cartridges and 20 of them didn’t work, when I wrote customer service about it, no response.

  • nancy says:

    3 day shipping on july 30th. Labeled for fedex on august 17th. Told by nasty attitude sparkling guy in customer service “i’ve told you twice NANCY that the weekend can’t be counted!” Longest weekend EVER!

  • E says:
    1 stars

    I have waited over a month for my small shipment and V2 has refused to allow me to speak to a manager and has refused to reimburse me for the shipping charges. I won’t be utilizing them again and am passing on feedback to utilize other brands.

  • Tom Crisp says:
    2 stars

    I’ve ordered from V2 a few times and I like their product but after this last order never again. Every time V2 has taken a long time to ship (like 5-6 weeks). Now it’s been almost 5 weeks again and I’m still waiting. But the most frustrating thing about V2 is they NEVER respond to emails and their ‘online chat’ client just crashes and doesn’t work. Never again.

  • Sailor says:
    1 stars

    Terrible, slow shipping, they claimed the item I ordered was marked as back ordered on their site. Ok, maybe I missed it. What I didn’t miss was that I ordered 1.8% and they shipped 1.2%.The product is good, however, waiting a MONTH to get the wrong product isn’t good. Nice batteries, carts, liquids, too bad their service is abysmal. Avoid this company. I will be looking for alternatives. They suck

  • KeithInTampa says:
    1 stars

    I have to concur with most of the commenters here. The product is pretty good, but the customer service and the lack of products on hand is atrocious! I’ve had to wait on numerous occasions to receive product….Today, after paying for overnight shipping, and then waiting for 21 days, only to learn that it will be an additional week before V2 will be able to ship ANY level of Menthol product, I cancelled my order. I’m done with them!

  • Ali says:

    I waited 45 days & they only sent 1/2 of the $150 package I paid for. Over a year later & I still never received the rest of the products or any money back. Their flavors tasted awful as well, cheap like chemicals. Beware. Just pay for a better product.

  • RA says:
    1 stars

    COSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSENT. Orders ship so….slowly. I was aware order Stated 15 BUSINESS DAYS TO SHIP. On business day #17, no shipping notification (and I’ve been here before). My inquiry was met with this…..
    “Thank you for contacting V2. The cartridges on your order are out of stock for 15 business days. If you would like to modify the order to an in stock flavor and strength, we can ship the order within 48 hours.

    Our website indicated your order will be shipped within 15 business days at the time of making your order. This is confirmed by the delayed shipping time frame shown on your order details.
    In the future, please use the availability estimate shown on our website. This yellow, orange, red or green clock is shown beside the product name and indicates when you can expect your order to be shipped. The product you selected advised your order would be shipped within 15 days on the product description screen before check out, again during checkout under the red “Place Order” button, then again after check out on your order details.
    We invite you to place your orders by phone to ensure all products selected have next day shipping availability”. ARE YO KIDDING ME! And it didn’t end there.

  • Brandon Lewis says:
    1 stars

    Horrible Company. Bad product, bad customer service. I ordered the series 7, only for v2cigs to run out of cartridges for said product for months, leaving me hanging. Product itself felt cheap and it didn’t even vape well to begin with. Customer service was rude on the phone and would not refund. Do NOT buy ANYTHING from this company.

  • Lewis Porto says:
    1 stars

    Same opinion as most. Quality control is terrible and the potential product suffers from this. Customer service is sometimes good and sometimes lies. The V2 Pro is ok, but breaks down fast and needs to be replaced after a few months. Their concepts are very smart but have poor quality products overall, and competition is surpassing them. I hope they get their Chinese production plants in order soon or they will be replaced by a better company.

  • chris says:
    1 stars

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! The product is good, in fact one of the better ones out there. However, that really does not matter when the constantly play games with your order. When every online commerce site is trying to get orders out on hours, these guys drag their feet for weeks. If you want to sell an item that people are addicted to, you need to make sure you can feed that addiction. Check out GreenSmoke instead

  • robert pope says:
    1 stars

    They ripped me off for $14 in shipping. 3 days took almost a week. When I called they actually told me that’s how 3 day shipping works. Horrible customer service.

  • RSA says:
    1 stars

    Recently V2s quality control and Customer Service is the worse of all the Ecig Companies I purchase from. Have been buying Ecig products for almost 2yrs and I no longer recommend V2 to family & friends. It appears they have turned all their attention to profits rather than quality.

  • Deb says:
    1 stars

    I have had a horrible experience with this company, and after a year of being cigarette free, I’ve started smoking again, because their products are cheaply made, and don’t last. I purchased a $100 unit, which has had to be replaced FOUR TIMES due to failure of the unit. So, I’m done with this shoddy, cheap crap. This latest unit was just replaced two months ago, and suddenly, the inner magnetic ring came away from the unit, and attached itself to the cart. I had to use superglue to put it back, and now the unit barely functions at all. AVOID v2!

  • Chris says:
    1 stars

    Happy with the products, but in terms of getting your orders fullfilled in a timely manner, the company is bogus. They partially ship, then leave it open and unfulfilled until you call them, then if they have it in stock (not normally) they ship it at a snails pace. Why they don’t ship to you as soon as it is back in stock, I don’t know. Horrible customer service for an otherwise great product, IF YOU CAN RECIEVE THEM……….

  • Peter says:

    I still haven’t received all of the items I ordered 8 months ago, nor did they return my money. Well, they lost a good customer and I’m saving a lot of money after having switched to other suppliers and paying only a third of V2’s high prices now. Thanks V2 for causing me to find better suppliers!

  • annacolleen says:
    2 stars

    I don’t know what happened to V2, because they used to have good products at fairly reasonable prices. Sure, once in awhile I’d get what felt like a mouthful of the liquid, but it was probably just me, getting used to the transition from cigarettes. At any rate, I persevered, and within 3 months, was off cigarettes. I then started ordering the refillable cartridges, which came to my mailbox quickly. So, fast forward 2 years, all was well. Then, I developed a horrible case of thrush. I spent the next 7 months, back and forth at the doc’s office. Using my e-cigg seemed to make it worse. It burned something fierce, and at times the sores were so painful that it felt like the sores were so deep, that the bones in the back of my throat were literally being eaten away. My daughter, who is an RN, suggested that the thrush could be the result of my V2 e juice. I didn’t want to believe it, and ignored her suggestion, to stop for a few days. I happened to run out of it last August, while waiting for my order, which I noticed for the 1st time, was taking a very long time to arrive. So, I went to my local smoke shop and bought a USA brand. Within a few days, the sores in my mouth and throat receeded for the first time in 5 months, and by week 2, dissappeared completely. My order from V2 arrived very late. The 3 days it used to take, had lengthened slowly, to 3.5 weeks, for delivery, over the course of 2 years. I also noticed that the liquid had started to come from China, whereas it used to be made here in the USA, which made me stop and think, but my order ad arrived, and I was happy….for the moment. After using it, the sores came back, and this is not my imagination! The V2 e juice is responsible for the horrible case of thrush I suffered through for almost 8 months, and I now buy only liquid made here, in the USA. Hey, if the Chinese use lead paint for childrens toys, and eat dogs and cats…. I still use the refillable cartridges, and the battery-less thingy, that gets plugged into my pc, so I don’t need to re-charge it. Anyway, that’s my story. I’d like to know if anyone experienced anything like I did. At least I’m not smoking, but made in China?! Why?

  • Belinda says:
    1 stars

    You only need to search for V2 on consumer affairs website to see it’s the most complained about ecigarette company

  • Jan Groot says:
    1 stars

    Horrible taste. Especially the Red. Tried all three tobacco tastes. Very dissapointing. They say they only use food grade ingredients. But they all have chemical taste and after a few puffs my lungs started to hurt tremendously and I felt nauseous. I hope I can send them back. They look good, batteries are of good quality and the Design of the package is nice. But taste is everything and that’s very bad, so for me it’s just a monkey with a golde necklace: Still ugly.

  • connie b says:

    I was using this product for almost 2 years. It was great that I could stop smoking cigarettes and the window on the side of the cartridge was great as well, however….it caused me to break out in a pimple blister which turned into a small crater sore that would take forever to heal. I would have several of these on my face arms and chest. I was getting several a week. It was horrible and I didn’t realize until recently that it was my v2 EX cigs. I had never had acne or breakouts in my life. I literally looked like I had meth sores. I threw my products in the trash and the sores have stopped. In addition I had gained 30 pounds. I also would get HEART pains, dizzy spells and overall feeling bad.

  • GrammaCC says:
    5 stars

    I have been using V2 batteries & cartridges for over 3 years & have been very pleased by not only the product but with their customer service dept. also. Any time I have an issue with an order all I need to make is one phone call & the correct product is received in the next 2-3 days.
    Their quality control/shipping dept has made some mistakes in filling orders occasionally but the issue has always been resolved it a very courteous & timely manner. Wish they would come out with some new flavor a though.

  • Az G says:
    1 stars

    Was a previous customer of Greensmoke, now they are out of the UK market, I am seeking a replacement.
    V2 cartridges burns your lips, as it over heats (I am not even holding for that long), cartridges are rubbish, they don’t give you 400 puffs – 100 if you are lucky, the batteries are substandard and customer services are rubbish. I did not receive a sensation that you get with other brands.
    Have stopped using and still looking for an alternative.

  • Jennifer Picone says:
    1 stars

    I don’t understand how this company is ranked so high on a lot of vape sites. This is by far the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Their products are junk and their customer service is nonexistent. I ordered 2 batteries, one standard and one EX series. One didn’t work from the get go, and the other stopped working within a couple of days. When I went to return the product, they stated that I have to pay for the return shipping. Although I was unhappy about their company policy, I didn’t have a choice but to return at my own expense, as I’d be stuck with 2 pieces of junk that don’t even hold a charge. Almost a month has passed and they still didn’t credit me for my return. My several inquiries as to the status of the return went unanswered. What a rip off! Not only that, I just realized that they charged me an extra fee every time I ordered, so they can offset their legal costs from the lawsuit they lost to Blu. What sort of company does that to their customers? Had I realized what a sham this company is, I would never have ordered anything from them. Now I’m out of the money I paid for nonworking batteries, and out more money for returning those items. I’m going through the BBB to get my refund. Buyer beware!

  • Dream says:

    The quality and customer service at V2 has seriously tanked. Inferior, non working products ZERO return policy. SLOW shipping.

  • Peggy Dressell says:
    1 stars

    DON’T be stupid like me, twice! Both times i was cheated both of discount and paid for Priority 4 days ago. It still hasnt shipped. By god, they ship pony express.

  • Joshua B says:

    I placed an order on Sep 4, 2017 with rush shipping and then never heard back. Contacted V2 support within a couple of days to ask for a refund of the rush shipping charge, which they did. Still hadn’t come a few weeks later, so asked for a full refund. At first, they refused, but then said it would arrive in 15 days (this was Dec). It’s now been six months, four phone calls and numerous emails later and they still keep telling me I will get my refund in 15 business days. Bunch of crooks. Do NOT buy V2.

  • Benjamin says:
    5 stars

    I ordered my Vapour2 last year and i think this brand has good products. Have not had any issues since i got it. And i think even their customer service is fair – honestly i know even worst one. But people have bad or god days so i kind of ignore it. For me the most important is the product and for me it works. I has good design and never had problem with battery, what actually lasts long enough. The kit comes with manual batteries but i bought some automatic ones which work better for me.

    • DOUG CONN says:

      Hello: If anyone has any leftover
      V2 E-Cig batteries and chargers, I surely would like to have them. I have 2 full boxes of filters and 1 old battery and charger. I like them ok.. Trying to quit smoking cigarette’s AGAIN !!!

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