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Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

Vapor4Life has a great reputation in the vaping community. The family-owned company run by Steve Milin is known for offering its clients high-quality electronic cigarettes, as well as a variety of cartomizers and e-liquid flavors to suit every taste. It was this desire to cater to vapers’ growing needs that sparked the idea for the Vapor Zeus, a vaporizer unique to Vapor4Life designed to deliver the performance of a high-end mod only without the hassle and necessary tweaking. I’ve been wanting to review the V4L Vapor Zeus ever since it came out, last April, and now I finally got my chance. Let’s see if it’s every bit as impressive as everyone seems to think it is.

A Look at the Contents

The Vapor Zeus comes in a large sturdy box inscribed with Vapor4Life’s new “WOW Vapor” logo. Apart from all the usual marketing blurb and warnings, the box also features a message from Steve Milin himself, a short version of his life story, going from a heavy smoker to an electronic cigarette maker trying to help people have a better life for themselves. It’s a nice touch that sets the company apart from the competition and that helps V4L better connect with its customer base. Overall, the packaging choice is one of the best I’ve seen throughout my experience as an e-cigarette reviewer.


One of the things that have made Vapor4Life so popular with vapers, is their extensive customization options. The contents of the kit can vary considerably, depending on your taste and budget. I for one received the large automatic version of the Vapor Zeus, which included a huge 1,300 mAh battery, three V4L proprietary “smileomizers” – custom cigar-like cartomizer with a capacity to hold up to 6 ml. of e-liquid – a USB charging cable, a wall adapter and two 30 ml. bottle of tobacco juice. I should point out that the kit was sent to me specifically for review purposes, so they included an extra smileomizer and e-liquid bottle. The basic kit comes with just with just two refillable cartridges and one e-liquid bottle, but you can add as many extras as you like at an additional cost.

The first thing you’re bound to notice about the Zeus is its large size. It’s simply huge. It’s so big I’m having trouble referring to it as an electronic cigarette, especially since it looks so much like one of those giant Cuban cigars. However, it’s not particularly heavy for its size and actually feels great in your hand. Let’s just say that if you enjoyed puffing on cigars in your smoking days, you’ll appreciate the Vapor Zeus even more.

Design-wise, this vaporizer is fairly simple. It’s a two piece unit, with a large battery and smileomizer, both featuring a nice rubberized finish that looks good and ensures a great grip. The smileomizer has a silicone tip that you can bite on when you have your hands full, giving the user a more realistic cigar smoking experience. The bottom end of the battery houses a mini USB port for charging and turning the vaporizer into a useful pass-through to keep your mind off battery life while working on a PC or laptop.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

When I first opened the box and saw there was only one battery included, I was pretty disappointed. Starter kits usually come with two batteries, thus allowing users to keep vaping whenever one of them runs out of power and needs a recharge. But after using the Vapor Zeus for a few days I realized one battery is really all you need. The 1,300 mAh  XL battery would last for at least two days of heavy vaping, and working on the computer on a daily basis, I always plugged it in and used it as a pass-through, while it charged. I let it die a couple of times just to see how long it would last, but otherwise had no problems with it going out in the worst possible moment.


But there is more than just great battery life to these Vapor Zeus batteries. The switch, for example, I thought was simply phenomenal. The slightest draw would activate it, rewarding you with a mouthful of vapor. I actually tested this feature extensively, trying to draw as gently as I could on the silicone mouth piece, just to see if it would activate. It always did. I’ve had some pretty disappointing experiences with automatic batteries in the past, where I had to really put my lungs to work to get a tiny bit of vapor out of an e-cigarette, simply because the battery needed a lot of drag to switch on. The Vapor Zeus is nothing like that, it’s a responsive device that works flawlessly every time.

Performance wise, it’s also worth mentioning that Vapor Zeus batteries are regulated at 5 volts, considerably higher than the industry standard of 3.7 volts. The high resistance smileomizers (2.5 Ohms) are also of great quality, allowing numerous refiles before having to be replaced. All day vaping at 5 volts, with high capacity cartomizers that seem to last forever, all in a simple easy to use set up – what more can a casual vaper ask for?

I also have to give two thumbs up for the included pass-through feature. i can’t begin to tell you how big a fan i am of this system. Sitting in front of the computer every day, there’s nothing easier than plugging in the USB cable and hooking up my Zeus to the PC to enjoy my favorite e-liquid without worrying about battery life. One thing they should have added though is a cap for the mini USB port, like many pass-through eGo batteries have, as with it exposed like this, it’s just inviting gunk and lint to settle in.


Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Vapor Zeus. Steve Milin and his team reportedly worked on the Zeus for years, trying to replicate the performance of complicated high-end mods minus the hassle of tweaking,and it’s fair to say they’ve hit it out of the ballpark with this awesome vaporizer.

Vapor Production

Total white out. That’s probably the best way to describe the huge amount of vapor the Zeus puts out. Think steam engine, disco smoke machine, that kind of stuff. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using straight PG or VG juice, you’ll be more than pleased with the clouds of vapor you get from the Vapor Zeus. I actually tried both types of e-liquid with the Zeus before putting this into my review, and both vaped incredibly well.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Vapor4Life have done a great job of regulating their batteries so you as a user never really notice any difference in vapor production from when the battery is fully charged to when it’s about to run out of power. The voltage output is almost exactly the same, so you get the same great vaping experience every time you take a toot. That’s something many brands brag about, but that’s very hard to find in real life, at least outside the mod range of vaporizers.


If there’s one negative I can point out in this department, although it doesn’t really have to do with vapor production in particular, is that you never know when the Vapor Zeus is going to die on you. One moment you’re puffing a great cloud of vapor, and the next you’re getting absolutely nothing. This thing vapes like a dream, but when it goes, it’s gone. There’s no LED light flashing to signal the need for recharging, like on most cigalikes and eGos, so you just have to figure it out for yourself.

E-Liquids, Flavors and Clearomizers

The Vapor Zeus smileomizers are basically large cartomizers designed specifically for this device. They have a KR808 connection, so theoretically they are compatible with other such devices. However, you’re going to need a battery that delivers about the same voltage as the Vapor Zeus ones, to really get the best out of them. The mouth tip, on the other hand is a completely different story. If you feel the chewable silicone cover is too big and uncomfortable, you can just remove it, and you’re left with a simple metal tube to suck on. This isn’t as comfortable as a pawn-style drip tip, and unfortunately it can’t be replaced, because V4L made it so nothing else fits on the smileomizer. I for one had no problem with the silicone mouthpiece, on the contrary, I though it was pretty cool idea.

The filling of these smileomizers is different from the usual polyfill on regular cartomizers. It has more of a sponge-like texture, but it does a great job of holding large quantities of juice. One thing I learned the hard way with them, though, is that you have to let them suck in the e-liquid a bit longer than normal cartomizers. Unfortunately, I managed to ruin two of the four smileomizers I received, because I tried using them too soon after filling them up. The five minutes I usually gave cartos just weren’t enough with these, and they filled my mouth with a disgusting burnt taste. I had to through them out, because there’s not getting rid of that burnt taste, no matter how much e-liquid you add after that. So make sure to allow at least 15 minutes before using the Vapor Zeus, after you’ve filled the smileomizers. After having wasted two perfectly good ones, I just placed the others on a paper towel and overdid the filling, just to make sure they’re nice and full.


The WOW e-liquid sold by Vapor4Life is unfortunately the weakest link in the whole Vapor Zeus package. I received the Tobacco Nobacco and Traditional Tobacco e-liquids, and neither of them managed to please my taste buds. They’re not the worst tobacco juices I’ve ever tried, but they’re also nothing to write home about. Luckily, Vapor4Life has such a wide range of flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find something you like, so the mediocre tobacco juices are really no reason not to give the Vapor Zeus a try.


The Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus is an amazing electronic cigarette/e-cigar (or whatever you want to call it). The battery lasts forever and works as a pass-through, vapor production is outstanding, and for an automatic e-cigarette it’s as responsive as any vaper could ever hope. And best of all, it’s incredibly easy to use, making it a great choice even for total newbies. That said, its large size is sure to deter some people from even considering it as their next vaporizer, and the $94.95 price tag makes the XL version of the Vapor Zeus one of the priciest e-cigs on the market. I for one think it’s definitely worth it, though.

The Good

    • great battery life
    • outstanding vapor production
    • very responsive automatic version
    • mod level performance in a simple to use system
    • high voltage batteries
    • pass-through functionality
    • multiple customization options

The Bad

    • large size
    • pricey
    • no LED indicators for recharging
Starter Kit Contents
4 stars

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17 Comments/Reviews

  • Andrei says:
    1 stars

    Great cigarette when it works. I’ve spent over 100 on a kit and was very happy with it for 3-4 weeks. Then it stopped working. Some issue either with the connectors between battery and cartomizer. I contacted customer service, then mailed back the battery, received a replacement. DOA. I tried to troubleshoot the issue with the company but they were pretty uninterested. They offered to do another battery exchange. I went to a local store and they said that there seems to be an issue with the connectors between battery and cartomizers but since it’s proprietary hardware, they can’t help. I mailed the battery back again, and received another one that did not work. At that point, I was tired of going to the post office and spending money on returning all these batteries, so I just sent the kit back to them, considering it a total loss.

    Moral of story: there are problems with the Zeus e-cig. Perhaps I was just extremely unlucky, but it was very frustrating to spend all this time and money for a non-working product. I would recommend either looking for other products or buy the cheapest starter kit, so that it hurts less if the thing dies within a couple of weeks.

    • Mike Layton says:

      Agree. Love it when it works but got tired of going back to the store. In 6 mos replace 2 batteries as well as 4 power cords. When a retail store starts recognizing you coming in for problems then there is a problem. Loved it when it works but they have problems on the vapor zues.

      • Mike says:
        4 stars

        that is one too many times to go to the store to get new batteries and cord. I usually just return a product if I have to get replacement parts for it within the first month or two. It just really is a waste of time. I did get to try Zeus and wasn’t too bad, though I’m used to the strong vapor, Innoking itaste vape

    • castello2 says:

      Thanks for the candid review. I’ve wanted to try one of these but the price is way high. Any other suggestions for e-cigars?

      • Icey says:
        1 stars

        I can’t totally identify how big it is…looks like it’s close to the size I use (and love!). I use the Pro/Pro-L from VaporFi. I got a starter kit plus an additional battery and additional tank. One set is black, the other is purple…when one gets warm, I switch to the other.

  • sandy says:

    works great with a new smieomizer but they only last one to three days.gets expensive.

  • Pete says:
    5 stars

    I save the covers from the smileomizers and put those on my vapor zeus when I put it in my pocket. They work really well for protecting the USB and mouth tip from lint.

  • Barbi says:
    5 stars

    This is my favorite ecig ever…I prefer having the polyfil type carts…and this one is PHENOMINAL…
    The initial cost of a set up is pricy, but less than I spent in a month for analog…and whenever I have come across any issues V4L has promptly corrected the issue free of charge.
    I love this ecig so much I have set several of my family
    And friends up with their own…I’ve even converted several to full time capers (no more analog)!!
    Whenever I am asked in public, I freely give out the V4L reference cards I get with each order–this is the first ecig I have ever had that a single charge AND a single fill lasts all day…I charge mine each night while I sleep. One smilomizer lasts me about 10 days–and that’s my only complaint is that you don’t realize the cart is going until it’s GONE…
    I clean all threading each time I fill it, with any juice that has dripped thru to the napkin

  • Peter says:
    1 stars

    The short answer: it’s a complete waste of money.

    The Vapor Zeus kit was my first choice in e-cigs. After much research, I was impressed with the design, battery life, performance, ease of use (especially the automatics), and, most of all, the streamlined look. It’s a product that looks classy, delivers a great vape, and performs well.

    Then I discovered the reality behind the Vapor Zeus. After a full year of use, and hundreds of dollars spent, I’ve come to the conclusion that this product was designed with one function in mind: to sell the incredibly overpriced Smileomizer. Admittedly, it’s an excellent business plan.

    Never mind the overpriced batteries. The Smileomizers don’t last anywhere NEAR as long as the advertisements claim. Really light vaper? You might get a week of use out of them, even 7-10 days if you use them once a day and clean them properly (see the forums for tips). Heavy vaper? You’ll be replacing them every 2-3 days, and sometimes more often than that. And at $5-6 per Smileomizer, this adds up very fast – even if you purchase only when there’s a “sale.”

    Speaking of which, allow me to teach you about the Vapor4Life “sales” – there’s a sale every week, sometimes up to 3 times a week, effectively making them pointless. Endless emails. Endless catches – “this week’s sale doesn’t apply to ‘discounted’ items” (half the products are permanently labeled as discounted); “this week’s sale excludes the Vapor Zeus”; “this week’s sale is only good for purchases over $65.” You’ll wait for a “sale”, purchase your items at 20% off, and get emailed about a 30% off sale the next day. Basically, the Vapor4Life marketing department is run by clowns – clowns that will mislead you and eventually make you distrustful of the business.

    Like I said, the Vapor Zeus works really well, provided you’re willing to spend $15 a week on Smileomizers. If you’ve got money to burn, then by all means, give it a shot. For the rest of us, this product is nothing but a scheme.

  • Adrian says:

    I was happy when i bought my vapor zues my first vape.. But a after a couple days out completely stop working..i put. It on the battery and it was flashing green and red then went completely red i didn’t know what that meant.. So i let it charge for like a hour thinking it was dead but it still didn’t work I’m sad to say my first vapor experience was not a good 1

  • Bryan says:
    5 stars

    The Vapor Zeus has a one-year warranty and Vapor4Life’s customer service has been great. I had one problem with my Zeus and they took care of it. Love the soft tip on the SMileomizers and their Peppermint eLiquid is amazing

  • juan zuniga says:

    Soy de el ecuador la cabesera no m vale creo x q no m sale mas humo q pasa o sera q pongo otro liquido uno a sabor a madera

  • Frank says:
    1 stars

    Love this thing. Cant believe they haven’t fixed these issues. I have had a similar to worse experience. I am presently puffing on a my last one. I had one last year it worked for a good long time. The next 6-7 all failed within a week. I sent them back got replacements etc. I returned the last ones I purchased for a refund and they did send me two freebies afterword. Which I was thrilled about. I was missin it.
    One of them is already dead the other Im pretty sure as soon as I take the smilomizer of it will stop working. I have gotten them to work again by extending the screw on the smilomizer side, voids the warranty but it does work again but fails shortly there after. Great idea but it does not work well enough for the price. I would be accepting of the poor quality if it where 15 bucks but its 49.99 on sale. Spend your money on something else.

    • Frank says:

      So I got the V- kit delivered today.
      The connector is modified for a better connection. Ill follow up after a few weeks of use.

  • Slackerz says:
    1 stars

    I’ve been through 5 batteries in 4 months. It’s alright when it’s working but, the cost is very high with all of the failed batteries.

    The battery does not last a full day in regular use.

    The company only shows positive reviews of their products, so it’s a sham from the beginning. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • ronald rush says:

    I think these things are a piece of crap they do not hold up last one didn’t even last hardly 30 days

  • Kathy says:
    1 stars

    Vapor4Life: If you use a credit card on their website, you can bet it’ll get hacked. It happened to me last year, I totally forgot and ordered again a couple of days ago. Sure enough I got a fraud alert from my bank today. $2300 in fraudulent charges. Either their website is not secure or they have a thief at their company. I’ve learned my lesson for sure.

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