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VooPoo Drag 2 Review

VooPoo Drag 2
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The VooPoo Drag  was one of the most successful vape mods ever made, so it’s no surprise that the Chinese company decided to come out with a version 2. If anything, they actually took their time, when other manufacturers would have rushed a second version just to capitalize on the popularity of the first. Anyway, the new VooPoo Drag 2 retains the same look of the original as well as the same fast-firing Gene chip that made it so successful, but also features slight design improvements that make it more ergonomic, as well as a completely new FIT mode that’s supposed to protect your atomizer and give you the kind of vaping experience you want. So let’s check out the VooPoo Drag 2:

A Look at the Contents

For some reason, the rectangular cardboard box that the VooPoo Drag 2 kit comes in features no clear indication that the mod inside is actually the version 2 and not the original Drag. It just says “DRAG” on the front of the box, while the back of the packaging features a list of contents, some legally-required warnings and company information. Luckily, the mod is listed as ‘Drag 2’ in the contents section, but that’s literally the only way to tell what version is inside the box. It’s not a big deal, but I find it strange that VooPoo didn’t slap a big ‘2’ on the packaging just to hype up their new device.

Inside the box, we have the new Drag 2 box mod placed in a Styrofoam holder, and underneath that we have a second compartment that holds the included micro-USB cable for charging, as well as the VooPoo UForce T2 sub-ohm tank , two different coil-heads (one pre-instaled in the tank), a spare glass section for the tank, and a black envelope containing user manuals fro both the mod and the tank, a warranty card, and a small card that reads “Gene chip, Born for fever”. That sounds sick…

It’s a nice kit, but if you’re only interested in the VooPoo Drag 2 mod, I’m sure you can find it as a stand-alone, at a lower price.

Design and Build Quality

It’s no secret that when it came out in early 2017 the original Drag basically blew away all its competitors with its fast-firing and fast ramp-up time, but it was definitely not the most ergonomic vape mod ever made. It was a classic box mod, with very sharp edges and corners, and you could actually feel them digging into the palm of your hand when holding it. This flaw was overlooked by most users simply because of the mod’s impressive performance, but it was still something that needed fixing, and VooPoo did just that with the Drag 2.

The new version of the Drag is not only a bit smaller and slightly more rounded than the original, but the edges are bevelled and the corners are rounded off this time as well, which really makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand. The difference between the two versions in terms of ergonomics is huge, so if you hated the way the first Drag felt in your hand, you’re probably going to like the Drag 2 a lot more.

The 510 connection on the first VooPoo Drag was located way off to the side, whereas on the Drag 2 it’s been moved toward the center, although I wouldn’t call it centered because it’s actually off center, for some reason. Still, it’s an improvement over the first one, and you can easily fit atomizers up to 25mm without overhang. Technically, even 26mm fit well, although they fall right on the bevelled edges of the mod which makes it look like you have a bit of overhang, even though you technically don’t. I say stick to 25mm at most, just to be sure.

While the location of the 510 connection has been improved, VooPoo kind of dropped the ball when it decided to go for a raised connection instead of making it flush with the mod. I get that they wanted to prevent accidental scratching of the device, and we have seen slightly raised connection plates before, but this one is raised too much and whatever atomizer you use on it, you’re always left with a big gap. This obviously doesn’t affect the performance of the device at all, but if you care about aesthetics, this will annoy the heck out of you.

The command panel of the Drag 2 is very similar to that of the original VooPoo Drag. We have the same rounded and slightly recessed fire button, a rectangular and decently-sized OLED display, two small metallic ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons and a micro-USB port near the bottom. The fire button is very clicky and fits your thumb perfectly, but the screen is a bit disappointing, at least compared to the ones on other modern vape mods. First of all, it’s dimmer than I’d like, and it’s black and white, which in this day in age feels outdated. Compared to the large and vibrant screens of mods like the Modefined Draco or Smoant Naboo, this one just looks obsolete.

The magnetic battery door of the Drag 2 features the same large ‘DRAG’ branding as the original version and is held in place by a pair of magnets. However, unlike the door of the original Drag, which went inside the frame of the mod and didn’t wobble at all, this one is slightly raised and has a bit of movement to it, both up and down and side to side. It’s not a deal-breaker, in fact I doubt most users will even notice the wobbling, but I just think VooPoo should have stuck with the original design, because it was just better.

The battery compartment is pretty standard, two 18650 battery trays with very clear polarity indicators and spring-loaded contacts at the top. It also features a textile ribbon to help you remove the batteries easier.

Opposite the battery door we have a resin panel. It comes in various patterns, but sadly is non-removable. Once you buy a mod, that’s the resin pattern you’re stuck with. I wish VooPoo had gone with interchangeable panels instead; it would have been a smart business decision, because it could have sold them separately, and it would have made the mod more customizable. But, the fixed resin panel at least feels high-quality. It’s smooth to the touch and features no scratches or other imperfections.

All in all, the VooPoo Drag 2 features a lot of improvements over the first version, while retaining the same iconic look. It’s more ergonomic, more compact and has an (almost) centered connection. However, it does have its own flaws. The 510 connection is raised more than it should be, in my opinion at least, the battery door is a little wobbly, and the black and white screen feels outdated. So I’d say it’s better than the original Drag, but there’s still room for improvement.

Menu System and Navigation

If you’re familiar with the menu and navigation of the original VooPoo Drag, you’re most likely going to get the hang of the Drag 2 in no time. Most of the button combinations are the same, the secondary menu system is almost identical to that of the Drag version one, and the screen layout of the menu is very similar as well.

The main menu of the Drag 2 vape mod allows you to cycle through the different available modes by pressing the fire button three times in rapid succession. Sadly, the manufacturer decided to make the newest and most confusing mode of this device the first to show up on the screen. It’s called ‘FIT’ mode and it basically offers three different configurations to fit vapers’ needs. You can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons through cycle through the three configurations, and you don’t need to confirm your choice; once the cursor is over one of them, it’s already activated.

The first Fit configuration is described as a battery saver. It offers a cooler vape, and moderate vapor production, but extends the time you are able to use the mod before recharging the batteries. The second Fit option is apparently designed to improve flavor, but I personally am a bit confused about how it’s able to do that. In this mode, you get more power than in the battery saver configuration, but the mod doesn’t fire as fast as it normally does. Finally, the third configuration is all about vapor production; the mod fires super fast and the power ramp-up is impressive as well.

I think the FIT mode is an interesting addition, but so far VooPoo has a done a very poor job of explaining what it does and how it does it. There’s hardly any mention of it in the user manual and the information on the VooPoo website is mostly marketing with very little meaningful information. I was able to find some info on the three configurations on Reddit, but I still don’t know how the mode works. Is it reading the resistance of the atomizer and using an algorithm to adjust the power output? Does it only work with UForce coils or can it be used with any atomizer? Hopefully the company will offer answers to those questions soon.

Pressing the fire button three times while in FIT mode will take you to the temperature control menu. Here you are presented with the usual options – stainless steel, nickel and titanium. You can cycle through them with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons and confirm with the fire button. Pressing the fire button three times once again, will take you back to the default operating mode, wattage mode.

Just like the original Drag, the secondary menu of the Drag 2 can be accessed by keeping the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons pressed for a couple of seconds. Depending on what mode you are currently using (wattage mode or temperature control), you are presented with different settings.

In wattage mode, the first icon is a ‘W’ which acts as a ‘back’ button and takes you back to wattage mode. Then you have Memory mode. Selecting this icon with the fire button takes you to the last used memory mode. There are fire customizable memory modes, and you can cycle through them with the adjustment buttons. While in one of these five memory mode, you can input custom power curves for each of them by pressing the fire button four times. The power curves can be adjusted for the first five seconds after pressing the fire button, in 0.5-second increments.

The next option in the secondary menu is ‘SN’, where you can check the serial number of your mod, and finally ‘Ver.’ where you can check the firmware version currently installed.

The options are a bit different while in temperature control or one of the memory modes. You have an ‘Ω’ where you can adjust the resistance of your atomizer, although I don’t recommend you do that. The mod can read resistances pretty well, so I suggest you don’t mess with this setting. There’s also a Fahrenheit icon where you can adjust the temperature coefficient for whatever temp. control-supported material your coil is made of.

One important thing to note for any fans of temperature control, to adjust the wattage, just press the fire button four times while in this mode, and you’ll see the wattage icon flashing on screen. Then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the power.

The button combinations are the same as on the original Drag. Pressing the fire button and the ‘-‘ button will flip the orientation of the screen, while pressing the fire button and the ‘+’ button will lock all the buttons of the mod. To unlock it, just press the same two buttons again.

That’s about all there is to the Drag 2 menu. It’s pretty similar to the first version, with the addition of FIT mode and custom power curves. It’s also missing voltage mode, which was available on the original Drag, but I’ve heard that VooPoo plans to add it again through a firmware upgrade.

The display has been slightly changed as well, in that there are now battery life icons for both 18650 batteries, and there’s also a puff timer subparameter as well. Unfortunately, the screen is not as bright as it was on the original drag, and there’s no way to adjust the brightness directly from the mod menu.

Battery Life and Performance

As with any other external battery vape mod, estimating the battery life of the VooPoo Drag 2 is virtually impossible. It depends on what power output you have set on it, the capacity of your 18650 batteries, and last but not least, how much you’re using it. I’ve personally been using mine almost exclusively in wattage mode, at 65W with the included UForce T2 tank, and I’ve been getting about 8 hours of use out of it. I’m using Sony VTC5a batteries, by the way. That’s decent, and pretty much on par with most of the dual-battery regulated mods I’ve reviewed in the last few months.

However if you’re out and about with no spare batteries and are looking to conserve battery life, the Drag 2’s FIT mode can help you do that. Just leave it in the ‘1’ setting, and it will theoretically save power. Now, that comes at a pretty heavy cost. You’ll be getting a much cooler vape than usual, which will impact flavor intensity and vapor production as well, but in situations where you don’t have spare batteries on hand or any way to charge your mod, it’s an option worth considering.

The thing that made the original VooPoo Drag so incredibly popular was its responsiveness. That thing fired as soon as you pressed that fire button and the power ramp-up was insanely fast as well. Back in early 2017 when the Drag came out, it’s firing speed was pretty much unrivalled, especially in the budget price category. It blew away the competition and forced rival companies to come out with better, more responsive devices.

Things are a bit different now, as most advanced mods fire just as fast as the Drag, so the new version may not seem as impressive as its predecessor, because speed alone won’t help it stand out as easily. Still, it might benefit from the reputation of the original Drag and the now famous GENE chip. The Drag 2 is powered by the newest version of the Gene chip which reportedly helps it fire and ramp-up the power even faster than the first Drag mod and the VooPoo Vmate, although I doubt most users will even notice a difference without using sensitive measuring equipment. They are both incredibly responsive, so if that’s what you were wondering, I can confirm that the Drag 2 is at least as fast as its predecessor.

The VooPoo Drag 2 also has a maximum power output of 177W, which is 20W more than the Drag 1, but still less than most dual-18650 mods. I personally don’t really care about this slight power increase, as I never vape anywhere near that level anyway, and I don’t know anyone else who does either. But if you felt the 157W of the original wan’t quit enough, you’ll probably appreciate this bump more than me.

The FIT mode is a nice feature, especially for vapers just getting into advanced mods, as it offers three different configurations for battery saving, flavor enhancement and vapor production. If you don’t know how to set your mod to get the vaping experience you want, the FIT mode can come in handy. However, VooPoo really needs to explain how it works exactly, because right now we don’t know much about that.

I haven’t used the Drag 2 in temperature control mode, because I’m not interested in that at all. I remember that the original Drag didn’t do very well in temp. control, but that didn’t affect its success at all, so I’m thinking that the vapers interested in this second version don’t really care about its temp. control performance either.

The UForce T2 Tank

This turned out to be a very long review, so I won’t be going into too much detail about the UForce T2 tanks included in this kit. It’s a 24.5mm diameter sub-ohm tank with 5ml capacity. However VooPoo offers a wide variety of compatible glass sections, which can decrease or increase capacity from 2ml to an impressive 8ml.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the UForce T2 tank is the wide range of available coil heads. I remember receiving the UForce T1 tank a few months ago, but I sadly never got around to using it and doing a review; I imagine that some of the coils released for it are also compatible with the T2 version. Right now, the VooPoo website lists no less than 10 different coil-heads for this tank, with more to be released in the near future. So if you’re looking for something highly customizable, this is definitely worth your consideration.

The VooPoo UForce T2 tank comes with two coil-heads – the dual-coil U2 and the triple-mesh N3 – as well as a spare straight glass section, if you don’t like the 5ml bubble glass. I only used the N3 coil-head as I’m pretty much using mesh coil-heads exclusively these days, and I can say that this is one of the best I’ve tried. As I expected, the flavor you get out of this coil-head is downright amazing right off the bat. You don’t even need to break it in, and because the three mesh coils are on the narrow side, you get a slightly restricted lung hit, just the way I like it.

I hope to try some of the other compatible coil-heads in the near future, but so far the N3 triple mesh coil has made quite an impression on me. I’d say it’s right up there with the triple coil-heads of the Freemax Mesh Pro.


The VooPoo Drag 2 is a clear improvement over the original version. It’s a lot more ergonomic, the 510 connection, though off center, is superior to the old one, and the reduced size makes it easier to carry around and store in the pocket. The slight boost in power is sure to please cloud chasers crazy enough to vape at 177W, and the new FIT mode is a nice addition, especially for beginners.

All that said, the Drag 2 is definitely not perfect. The raised 510 connection leaves a big gap between the mod and any atomizer you use with it, the battery door is a little wobbly, and the black and white display looks outdated. Also, I really wish that the gorgeous resin panel was interchangeable, in case I ever get bored of it. Still, the Drag 2 has the same impressive firing time and power ramp up as the original, so if you’re looking for the newest version of one of the most popular vape mods ever made, the VooPoo Drag 2 is a solid buy.

The VooPoo Drag 2 was sent to me directly by VooPoo for the purpose of this review.

  • ergonomic
  • iconic Drag design
  • fast firing
  • fast power ramp-up
  • FIT mode
  • raised 510 connection plate
  • wobbly battery door
  • outdated display
Build Quality
4 stars

5 stars

Ease of Use
4 stars

4 stars

VooPoo Drag 2

Get a discounted price on the VooPoo Drag 2 vape mod from a reputable seller.

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4 Comments/Reviews

  • like you will let me says:
    1 stars

    i searched for insruction manual this sucks. I dont need 100000 shitty reviews of something, i need a fucking 200 character or 2 picture image of HOW TO USE THE FUCKING SETTINGS. BecauseI cant find that the poopoo drag sucks shit.

    • Irish Geordie says:
      5 stars

      Hey ‘@like you will let me’ you are a fucking douchebag!
      This is a good review by someone who has actually tried the Mod.
      I doubt that a wankstain like you has events tried thev Drag 2! You’re probably too busy sniffing your mother’s knickers!

  • Paratrooper says:
    5 stars

    @like you will let me

    Simple menus … 3 clicks of fire button to switch between modes, hold + and – to bring up menus and while in a mode 4 clicks of fire button to change settings ie wattage, adjust watts in temp mode, hold + and fire to flip screen, hold – and fire to lock mod. Normally I wouldn’t even waste the time telling you how to use the menus since you were so rude in the asking for help but you seem a little slow and could t manage to see the instructions in the article you commented on in the first place.

    Drag 2 is great and the gene chip as usual is amazing. The drag 2 raised 510 and battery door are my only gripes really and the drag 2 mini has lackluster battery life but most internal battery mods do compared to top tier 18650 bats.

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