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VooPoo Vinci X 2 Review

While the original VooPoo Vinci may have kickstarted the pod mod revolution, it was the Vinci X that really made the Vinci brand so popular among both casual and experienced vapers. The idea of making an external battery version of the Vinci turned out to be one of the most inspired in VooPoo’s history, with the Vinci X surpassing the original in popularity. So you could say that it’s no surprise the Chinese company decided to come up with a Vinci X 2.

Vinci X 2 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 121 mm x 27 mm x 29 mm
  • Material: zinc alloy, PC+ABS
  • Battery: 18650 (not included)
  • Power: 5W – 80W
  • E-liquid capacity: 6.5 ml
  • Resistance range: 0.15Ω – 3.0Ω

Vinci X 2 Packaging and Presentation

The new Vinci X 2 pod mod comes in the same style box as the VooPoo Vinci 2, only slightly longer, to accommodate the device inside. It features a picture of the pod mod over a large “2” in the background, on the front, and a list of contents, nicotine and age-related warnings, manufacturer information, and a scratch and check authenticity sticker, on the back.

Inside the box, we have the same accessories I mentioned in the Vinci 2 review – a couple of PnP coil-heads, a USB Type-C charging cable, and a user manual. The only difference is that instead of a higher resistance MTL coil-head, you get an 0.15Ω mesh coil-head designed for direct lung vaping.

Vinci X 2 Design and Build Quality

As was the case with the Vinci 2, the new Vinci X 2 looks very similar to its predecessor, the original Vinci X. It makes sense, I guess, since that was such a recognizable vaping device that the looks alone are now somewhat of a calling card.

There are a few small differences between the new Vinci X 2 and the original, including the new and improved airflow system, which now consists of a metallic knob that you can turn sideways to open and close the two airflow slots, the decorative panel which now comes in five different patterns and colors, as well as the layout of the screen. The device itself has slightly more beveled edges and corners this time around and a nicer brushed metal finish, but overall it remains very similar to the old VooPoo Vinci.

Starting at the top, we have the same style refillable pod as before, only this time it holds up to 6.5 ml of e-liquid, compared to 5ml. It takes the same PnP coil-heads as the original, only a lot more coil variants have been launched in the past couple of years, so there are plenty more PnP coil-heads and RBAs to choose from.

The control panel is reminiscent of the original Vinci X, with the same round fire button near the top, vertically-oriented up and down knob near the bottom, and a generous color display in-between. The screen has a decent resolution and is fairly bright, making everything easy to see in virtually any lighting conditions.

Opposite the control panel we have a decorative panel. My review sample came with an iridescent purple to orange gradient featuring the VooPoo brand, but there are plenty of others to choose from. On the bottom, we have a classic battery door with a nice rubber ring on the exterior, which offers more grip and stability when positioning the pod mod upright.

The battery compartment accommodates a single 18650 battery, and has polarity markings both on the bottom and on the back of the battery door. The door is nice and firm, and there is no battery rattle whatsoever.

Overall, the VooPoo Vinci X 2 is a very solidly built yet refined vaping device, if somewhat too similar to its predecessor in terms of design.

Vinci X 2 Menu System and Navigation

The VooPoo Vinci X 2 is powered by the same Gene chip as the Vinci 2, so it has the same screen layout, menu and button combination. For a more detailed rundown of the menu, check out my review of the VooPoo Vinci 2.

The few differences between VooPoo’s latest pod mods include the difference in power, with the Vinci 2 maxing out at 50W, and the Vinci X having a max output of 80W. However, although the Vinci X can also be used in Smart Mode or RBA Mode, it lacks the multiple battery activation of the Vinci 2.

Just like with the original Vinci X, the only way to activate the battery on the Vinci X 2 is by pressing the fire button. There is no automatic draw option here, and I personally consider that a con, as having the choice to simply draw on the mouthpiece, like on a cigarette, or to press the fire button is brilliant!

Vinci X 2 Battery Life and Performance

The new Vinci X 2 pod mod requires an 18650 external battery, which not only provides more vape time on a single charge than the built-in 1,500mAh of the Vinci 2, but also gives the user more freedom. Instead of having to plug in the pod mod to a power source in order to use it after the battery is depleted, all you have to do is get a spare 18650 battery, pop it into the battery compartment and you’re good to go.

The USB Type-C charging port allows you to charge your battery inside the Vinci X 2, but I personally recommend you use an external charger for added safety and to prolong the life of your batteries.

Performance-wise, the VooPoo Vinci X 2 is virtually the same as the classic Vinci 2, with only the different power output to tell them apart. The cartridges are exactly the same, they use the same PnP coil-heads, and the airflow adjustment is the exact same as well. Yes, the Vinci X 2 comes with one different coil-head than the Vinci 2, but you can just buy whatever PnP coil-head separately, so it’s not much of a difference.

Just like with the Vinci 2, the airflow adjustment on the Vinci X 2 is a big improvement over the original’s rudimentary airflow control system, allowing you to use it both as an airy direct lung vaping device, as well as for a loose MTL draw. Its versatility is one of its main qualities.

The PnP coil-heads have been around for ages, they’re some of the best coil-heads on the market, and with so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. Just keep in mind that there is no MTL option included in the kit, you’ll have to buy that separately.


The new VooPoo Vinci X 2 isn’t the innovation that its predecessor was a couple of years ago, but it is definitely a fine addition to the growing Vinci line of pod mods. The build quality has been improved this time around, with the visible imperfections of the original now a thing of the past, the e-liquid capacity has been increased, and the color display is much nicer this time around.

It’s not all positive though, as, just like the Vinci 2, the X version is a bit too similar to its predecessor, both in terms of design and functionality. Apart from the improvements listed above, it’s pretty much the same as the original Vinci X, just with more PnP options than the original had when it launched. It’s still one of the best pod mods around, it’s just not the game changer the original was.

The VooPoo Vinci X 2 was sent to me directly by VooPoo for the purpose of this review.

  • great build quality
  • improved e-liquid capacity
  • nice color display
  • USB Type-C
  • improved airflow control system
  • compatible with entire PnP line
  • lacks automatic activation (subjective)
  • too similar to the original Vinci X

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