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E-Cigarette Industry Plans to Make Critics Pay for Misleading Health Claims

In an effort to put an end to the scaremongering campaign carried out by e-cigarette opponents, be they public health authorities, scientists or politicians, an industry group called The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) is raising money to fight misleading health concerns about the safety of vaping in court.

SFATAAt a fundraising event called ” The Line in the Sand” held in California, on February 9th, SFATA managed to raise $110,000 in a matter of hours. The event was hailed as the most successful fundraiser in the history of the e-cigarette industry, but with more such meetings scheduled in the near future, it was only the beginning of a long-term campaign designed to fund upcoming legal battles with e-cigarette naysayers making unsubstantiated claims about their effects on health.

Stefan Didak, co-President of the Northern California SFATA, told Mirror Online that this new industry initiative was provoked by the constant “disinformation campaigns” carried out by scientists and health authorities and propagated by mainstream media to strike fear in the hearts of e-cigarette users and brainwash the general public.

“Several state funded tobacco control coalitions have taken their approach too far and crossed a few lines that we are going to have examined by lawyers,” Didak said. “Misleading arguments can and will end up in court in front of a judge.”

The money raised at these meetings will apparently also be used to fund objective studies on the effects of electronic cigarettes and gain political support for the industry. “The only way to combat influence over public opinion would be to present the facts… combined with political pressure through lobbyists,” Stefan Didak explained. “To top it all off [there will be] some specific litigation against the worst offenders who knowingly engaged in publishing misleading information.”

The online vaping community has been very actively trying to combat all these misleading stories in the media, but blogs and forums can only do so much against a constant barrage of misinformation and accusations.

Then there is the issue of negative research popularity, a theory confirmed by Professor Robert West, from University College London’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, who claims that authors of positive research on electronic cigarettes often have a tough time getting their works published. “Bad studies on e-cigarettes are easy to do and easy to get into top journals, which are hungry for publicity,” West said. “Good studies are hard to do and are difficult to get into top journals if they do not lead to scare stories.”

Truth be told, conspiracy theories about Big Tobacco and Big Pharma investing heavily in negative e-cigarette studies have been circulating in the vaping community for a while now, and Dr. West’s claims tend to confirm their veridity.

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  • VapeSpec LLC says:
    5 stars

    As your parents and grandparents…is the marijuana tax act of 1937 just on a different playing field. Reefer madness rewritten as Vape Craze. We have the tool to properly defend against unjust propaganda this time around, but all of us small business owners in the vape industry must stand together.

  • OCD says:
    5 stars

    Will be a day to celebrate when those who would sell out public health for ideological or monetary reasons virtually signing the death certificates potentially for millions get their just dues.

    Not many in all of history have caused so much harm for so many, with the advent of a possible complete replacement for smoking anyone working against the facts is supporting the continued use of combustible cigarettes.

    There is an odd grouping in bed together here. Tobacco Control who doesnt want to lose their purpose claim complete abstinence is the only option yet even that isnt their goal as it would make them irrelevant. Tobacco manufactures who would obviously lose income completely unless they can seize control of vaping. Medicine manufacturers who stand to lose from end to the other as sales of ineffective NRT goes away AND they see reductions in maintenance and endgame drugs that treat everything from colds to cancer brought on by smoking. Medical practitioners who treat smoking related illnesses.

    Last but certainly not least and probably those who will push the hardest and willing to stoop to the lowest of lies are the Politicians who stand to lose not only tax revenue but also the sweet deal they already sold and spent called the MSA (Master Settlement Agreement) because without sales of cigarettes they stand lose that income from the Manufacturers while still owing for decades to come on the money they already spent.

    Note that while most everyone above is entrusted with public health in one way or another none are thinking about that trust in their actions, in every case it is money that decides their direction.

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