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Green Smoke Review

One of the biggest names in the e-cigarette business, Green Smoke has received mixed reviews in its many years of activity. There’s no questioning the brand’s commercial success in this fast-growing industry, but while Green Smoke claims it owes this popularity to the quality of its electronic cigarette, some voices in the vaping community say it has more to do with aggressive marketing. So when I was approached by someone at Green Smoke about doing a review of their Ultimate Starter Kit, I jumped at the opportunity to test this famous e-cig for myself, and find out the truth.

A Look at the Contents

The Ultimate Kit, as the name suggests, is Green Smoke’s most complete package. It comes with three rechargeable KR808D batteries, 10 prefilled cartomizers, 2 USB chargers, a wall adapter, a car charger, a useful USB pass-thru battery and a carrying case. It’s definitely a bountiful offer, but at $74.05 it’s also one of the most expensive starter kits on the market today. And as much as I love the included USB pass-thru that allows you to vape without worrying about battery life, I couldn’t help wonder why they didn’t include an equally useful PCC (portable charging case). It turns out Green Smoke doesn’t offer this kind of accessory at all, which is pretty strange considering that’s where the e-cigarette industry seems to be heading. Instead, you get a plastic carrying case for the batteries and some cartomizers, which certainly doesn’t make up for the lack of a PCC.


Although Green Smoke uses the same old magnet-top box for its starter kits, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the overall presentation. While other companies just slap on their logo on the box and ship it to customers, Green Smoke clearly put some effort into designing a nice background image, as well as other graphics on the back of the package and in its instructions manual. The cartomizer packaging is also top-notch. They come in nifty beautifully-colored flip-top boxes and instead of the common rubber caps to keep the juice in, they have green leaf-shaped stickers. These are just small details, I know, but Green Smoke is one of the few electronic cigarette companies that understands how marketing works. Just make it look good and the product is half sold.

All in all, very impressive presentation from Green Smoke, but for me the steep price of the Ultimate Kit is definitely a deal breaker.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

Green Smoke e-cigarette batteries are the very popular (and my personal favorite) model KR808D. The short battery has a mAh rating of 160, while the long one is rated at 270 mAh. Obviously, the short battery is not going to hold you for very long, especially if you’re a heavy vaper, but it’s nice to have around for when you want to go incognito, as it’s exactly the size of a 100s analog cigarette. I had a chance to use Green Smoke’s electronic cigarettes for a couple of months before doing this review, more than enough time to measure battery life. On average, I got about 200 hundred puffs out of the small battery (that’s about two hours of use, for me), and between 250 to 300 puffs from the long one (roughly three hours of use). That’s about 100 puffs less than what Green Smoke officially say their batteries are good for on a full charge, but I stopped believing commercial claims a long time ago. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the results, considering the size of the batteries.

Otherwise, the batteries have performed perfectly. The switch is very sensitive, activating the battery at the slightest drag, and the build quality of the devices is visibly superior to many other similar-size batteries I’ve used. They also handle shocks pretty well, as mine have rolled off the desk a few times and seem to perform just as good as before.


There are a couple of things I don’t like about Green Smoke batteries. First, they don’t offer any manual batteries. I’m a big fan of manuals, and as much as I like the analog-feel of the automatic, sometimes I get fed up with having to prime the e-cigarette in order to get the vapor and throat hit I crave, and long for that easy-to-use button system. But I guess, Green Smoke is trying to emulate the tobacco cigarette as best they can, and a button sticking out of the battery would ruin their efforts. The other problem I have with the Green Smoke is the threading of the battery. As I said, they are KR808D, but what I didn’t tell you before is that they are a D-2 model, not a D-1. What that means is most of the KR808D cartomizers sold by other suppliers aren’t going to work with Green Smoke batteries. That’s the company’s way of making sure you remain loyal to their products, but again, they’re swimming against the current, as most vapers like to experiment with various combinations, not be stuck with a limited number of choices.

Vapor Production

Clouds of vapor, this is what Green Smoke e-cigarettes are notorious for, so I was really curious to know if they lived up to their reputation, or if this was just a clever marketing scheme. The company’s claim of being the “industry leader in smoke volume” fueled my curiosity even more, and I was pleased to find that these little devices actually produce even more “smoke” than I expected. I’ve used a variety of mini-style electronic cigarettes, and although I found their vapor production suitable for my needs, none of them were as good as the Green Smoke in this department. I don’t know if it’s their cartomizers or the mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid, maybe both, but something is certainly special about the vapor volume of this electronic cigarette.

The Green Smoke certainly has its faults, price being first on the list, but as far as vapor goes, you’re going to have a tough time finding a similar-size e-cigarette that will outperform it. The rumors are true, people, Green Smoke is a tiny vapor-making machine, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you might want to give it a try.

E-Liquid, Flavors and Cartomizers

As I mentioned, Green Smoke e-liquid is based on a combination of PG and VG, which seems to work really well, as far as vapor production is concerned. Now, the range of flavors is not particularly impressive, unfortunately. They do have three different types of tobacco to suit all tastes, which is nice, but otherwise you’re stuck with menthol, coffee, vanilla and chocolate. So much for flavor diversity, right? Well, if you’re into these classic tastes, you’re not going to be disappointed, because they are simply some of the best I’ve ever tried, every single one of them, but if you’re the adventurous type who likes to experiment with different flavors, you’ll be bored with these pretty quickly.


The few flavors that Green Smoke offers taste great. Starting with the rugged taste of the Red Label tobacco and finishing with the throat-freezing menthol, these juices are delicious. No one really knows who makes the e-liquid for them or if it’s produced in-house, and that’s a pity, because at $16.99 per 5-pack you’ll be breaking the bank in no time, buying from Green Smoke. But, hey, as long as you’re happy and off analogs, I guess they’re worth it! Seriously though, premium e-liquid, but very expensive.

I was a little bit disappointed with these new FlavorMax cartomizers. I think they don’t put as much of the good stuff inside them as I’d like, because they seemed to run out of e-liquid pretty quickly. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, as soon as they’re dry, you get this horrible burned taste. Once that happens, the cartomizer is pretty much unusable. Not that Green Smoke makes it any easier to reuse your cartos, anyway. The plastic cap is glued on to the cartomizer, which means you’ll have to use a syringe and refill it through the tiny air hole. I was pretty bummed out about that.

In conclusion

I see now why Green Smoke has been getting mixed reviews all these years. They have a few things going for them, like the fantastic vapor production and excellent flavors, but they manage to shoot themselves in the foot with their outrageous prices and attempts to keep customers loyal to the brand. I enjoyed using the Green Smoke, and if the high price isn’t an issue for you, I think you’ll be very happy with it, but for the financially conservative, there are other great electronic cigarettes out there at more affordable prices.

The Good

    • great vapor production
    • impressive presentation
    • delicious flavors

The Bad

  • very expensive
  • weak flavor selection
  • incompatibility and reusability issues

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Starter Kit Contents
4 stars

Battery Life and Performance
4 stars

Vapor Production
5 stars

E-Liquid Flavors
4 stars

2 stars

4 stars

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108 Comments/Reviews

  • Hill Julie says:
    3 stars

    Very good informative post for beginners.

  • Dennis Jarosz says:
    1 stars

    I have had a problem using the product and call to request a return and was told that I would see a return label sent to my e/mail well have not seen anything and have called 3 time and was told it takes @ 2 days for it to be issued. Well we are going on 3 weeks of this and nothing. So much for their 30 days guarantee!!!!

  • Marius Kuun says:

    Very nice product, a bit costly. would just like to know the health comparison to standard tobocco sigarettes.

  • R. Bauer says:
    4 stars

    I had tried a couple different brands, and this is my favorite. I plan on continuing to use Green Smoke, but if you order on line be prepared to to get several e-mails a week. I checked no emails when I opened my account, I un-subscribed again with every email I got, and even contacted Customer Service who rpomptly notified me it would stop, and it hasn’t

  • Denise says:

    I’ve tried blu, prosmoke, south beach, logic, v2. njoy……Greensmoke beats them all hands down. There is no comparison in my opinion. The only thing I don’t like about Greensmoke is that they use PG for their juice. I truly wish they wouldn’t but beyond that, Greensmoke is absolutely the best in every way.

  • Denise says:

    Oh, and I left out Halo. Just sent that one back. With Ecigs, I find the same problems all the time poor vapor production, poor throat hit, feeling like you’re sucking on a straw (hollow pull), nasty taste. I found with each and every one of the brands mentioned above, it was one or the other. I have not found a brand that performs consistently other than Greensmoke. I am searching for a great performer like Greensmoke that uses VG, not PG and also that gives a good throat hit with lower nicotine. The lower the nicotine, the weaker the throat hit. If anyone knows of something I’m missing, please let me know

    • Kathleen Pope Champney says:

      I am not a smoker, but my husband is looking for something like this. He wants to quit and has had a hard time with patches and lozenges. I am just wondering if we should make a suggestion to the company and spread the news. After all we know PG is just another carcinogen. I am doing research and am willing to also write and suggest this to them. Maybe we could also see if they have a FB page and make suggestions there, as well.

    • Georgia says:

      For all of you out there, I found a way to cut the cost drastically. Go to your local tobacco/smoke shop, where they sell liquid for vaporizer. The white tip on the cartridges can be removed, as well as the inner ring. Put about 10drops into the inner core, let it soak in, then add more until it looks wet. Put inner ring back in and push white tip back in til seated. You can buy the liquid in 2.4%down to 0. Cost is anywhere from $6 a bottle and up. Lasts me for about 30 or 40 fills. The Green Smoke batteries are the best on the market so far, though. I’ve been refilling cartridges for about a year and having been a pack and a half a day smoker, this method has saved me many hundreds…..think, 40 cartridges for $6 or what, $120 for the same number? P.S. I use a very small crochet hook to remove the white ring, fits in the little hole, just work it out.

  • Mac Trowbridge says:
    1 stars

    I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that Green Smoke has received the Seal of Excellence. This is one of the most poorly run companies that I have ever had to deal with. Especially when your customer’s are people that are already on the edge due to quitting cigarettes! The first person I dealt with was a very rude gentlemen who never accepted responsibility for Green Smokes mistake. I ordered a 4 pack on a thursday and it was not even shipped until the following monday. I chose UPS ground for shipping, which is more expensive then the USPS shipping methods but they fail to state that UPS ground is 3-5 business days. They have it in their FAQ’s but why would they not have it when you choose your shipping method? They have it for USPS and their other options but not that one…? Of course he blamed me for the mistake which I do take some responsibility but if that is what you call “customer care” then I guess the butcher down my street who calls his customers smucks should also deserve the seal of Excellence! While talking on the phone with him I was seeing it were possible to go to the FAQ page while making an order and not lose the order during that process. I accidentally ordered another 4 pack of cartridges because of this. I told him, I made a mistake and asked him if to cancel that order so I can get a refund for the purchase because I couldn’t afford it. He said that the “refund team” had gone home from work. This was at approximately 12:30 pm mountain time so eastern time that would mean their staff gets off at 2:00 in the afternoon on fridays. He told me that I’ll let them know on monday and that I should have be refunded by then. I call back the following but and it turns out that he never acknowledged my request and that they shipped out the cartridges that day. (The same day of my first pack I ordered the previous thursday…) I regret not getting the gentleman’s name because he knows what he did was wrong and he should not be allowed to treat customers like that. Overall I am absolutely infuriated with Green Smokes customer care and how they have dealt with their own mistakes. I now have to ship back the package I do not want, so I can get the refund I should have gotten that Friday. It’s a damn shame that this company treats their customers like crap. Especially when they sell a product that people, like myself, currently are dependent on. I quit cigarettes and Green Smoke has honest helped out immensely. It is a fantastic product that truly works but I honestly cannot take how I have been treated. They need to get their act together. If it continues I am filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

    • dale says:

      dude, chill out and have a smoke!

    • Joanne Wilson says:

      I completely agree with everything you have said re Green Smoke customer service. I received a a full page email,probably the same man telling me I expected too much and all about his hard working staff.
      The postage is outrageous compared with other internet purchases.
      The website is hopeless as it is too easy to make a mistake.
      Even though we like green cigs through sheer annoyance we are trying a different one.

    • Mr ANGELO S DROUTSAS says:
      5 stars

      Mac Trowbridge. Your review is BS. You made all the mistakes, didn’t read the FAQ’s and you’re pissed off at them? I’ve been using G.S. for a couple years plus and have NEVER had an issue with returns. Only once or twice I’ve sent a battery back and got a new one within a couple days. As for pricing, just look for the discounts, return your old cartridges for recycling and get on their auto-delivery set up. Compared to regular cigs I have saved thousands? Great product, customer service and pricing.

    • Matt says:

      Worst stuff ever , you have no idea what is in these !! I had a very bad overall experience . Smoked more after trying green smoke . It’s a expensive green joke ! They call it green because it makes them lots of it & you spend all your on it . You are paying for a nice box and marketing

  • GARY GAUDET says:

    i have tried a few different e cigarettes in the past,im very pleased with the product so far.long battery life,flavour,throat hit and quick delivery to canada

  • Erika says:
    1 stars

    This company does not care about their customers at all. Their “Customer Service” is a complete joke! I ordered one of their e-cigarettes and a sparkle carrying case. They sent me a generic plain case along with the e-cigarette. I e-mailed them regarding their error since the customers service calling number is always either a.) busy, or b.) not available at all (which is most of the time. Good luck getting through to anyone to actually talk to!). I was sent an e-mail saying they would send the correct case, and I would be receiving it soon, which I did after about a week. However, yet again, they sent the same basic case, and not the one I ordered. Again, I e-mailed them informing them of their repeated error. I was then told that that particular case was “on backorder” and I could wait for the case to be available, or receive a refund of my money. Of course, I opted for the refund. I waited for this refund for about a month, and when it still hadn’t come, I e-mailed again and I was told by a different Customer Service “Specialist” than I had originally been corresponding with, to send both cases back before I could receive my refund. I requested a prepaid shipping label that was e-mailed to me, but the e-mail was a bunch of strange characters which were not even legible. After re-requesting the shipping label by mail, and finally receiving it, (mind you, by this point between the back and forth e-mailing, two months have already gone by. Waiting, waiting, waiting) I returned both cases. It’s been over a month since I’ve returned the cases. I ordered this merchandise on July 22nd 2013. I have yet to receive the refund. I believe they operate their SCAM under the guise of a “new company”. I would advise any potential customer to not waste their time, nor money on these fraudulent jerks who have zero concern for their customers. The product is NOT worth the hassle that you have to go through. There are much better quality e-cigarettes and accessories on the market that are priced equally, if not cheaper. Buyer definitely beware! I would not have given them even one star if I had the option to do so. Do yourself the favor and find a better e-cigarette company to shop with. Green Smoke SUCKS!

  • Elisa Rose says:
    5 stars

    I have smoked 2 packs of Marlboro Lights for more than 30 years. after years of my family, friend and mainly my children, l truly wanted to stop smoking. The smell and inconvenience of running out or having to take few brakes at a restaurant or work, not to mention the cost I had started a new job early last year, and business was very slow in the summer. I found myself sneaking outside to smoke just to pass time, and got caught and reprimanded too many times. I decided to look into electronic cigs, just for work I did much research, as l didn’t have money to “try’ too many brands. I ended up choosing Green Smoke because of the low price specials they regularly run on their website, and purchased a starter kit for about $50.00. I truly never expected to take that first drag and think; this can’t be real. But it changed my life. I have not smoked tobacco in over 6 months. As far as the cost, l disagree with other opinions that the product is expensive I used to spend $240.00 a month on cigarettes, now, Green Smoke sends me enough cartridges to last me 30 days , free shipping, and free battery for $108.00 a month. Big savings for me. I fist ordered Red Full, and now have reduced to Red Medium, and eventually to 0 nicotine. Now, if l could just stop wanting to hold it in my hand every waking moment, that would be great! But, l feel better and don’t smell like an ashtray anymore. Thank you Green Smoke!

  • trudy says:

    Green smoke helped me to go off the analogs.and addicted to Green Smoke now. I am not pleased with their consistency at all. Their cartridge time durance vary too much.. Any idea for an alternative is welcome.

  • Linda says:

    Can somebody help me? I badly want some green smoke cartridge, I’m from Ontario Canada and can’t order them anymore.

  • Dave says:
    5 stars

    Bought the basic starter kit for $23.00. Only thing missing is the charger, but you already have a plug in USB charger, you don’t need it. Came with 2 cartomizers, full flavor. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and, of the many choices available, Green Smoke was the best option. I’m probably going to step down to a lighter version soon.

  • Ajay says:
    5 stars

    i have tried two others and then found greensoke, so gave it a try. now… i have been vaping greensmoke for 9 months. and not had a proper Cig, I use Greensmoke Uk ans cannot praise enough, i find the discount codes on google first and always get a discount. they have sent me a replacement battery same day as i emailed it was faultym no questions asked. only thing i would like is a confirmation of order dispatched email…
    otherwise very happy all round …

  • Nick says:
    2 stars

    I’m not much of a reviewer but I couldn’t fight the temptation. I think the feel and all that jazz is fine. My problem is that everything broke! The cig connected by a cable to USB eventually stopped working, and both of my batteries stopped working as well. I’m not particularly clumsy or abusive. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I have a bigger problem with how long each cartomizer lasts. I think it’s crazy that people talk about how long they last. I can’t believe how many cartomizers are done in a day, and I barely use the thing! The feel is good, but the positive reviews given my experience with the quality of everything else seems ridiculous.

    • Amanda says:

      I go threw a lot of cartridges,when I first start one , the taste is great, an hour later not so great. It has a bad taste…. kinda like a battery taste. The cost is awful
      considering those issues. I’m only doing them to help with quiting the real cigs. So I hope not much longer

  • alex says:
    4 stars

    The first ‘e-cig’ i used was one called Skycig which i had for a couple of months before i found green smoke, which are at least 10x better in all aspects, except for pricing. Was finding i was going through 3-4 cartridges per day equating to almost as much as a packet of cigarettes. Am now using an evod but would still reccomend green smoke to anyone who wants less hassle.

  • Linda says:
    5 stars

    I have been using Green Smoke for several months now. I don’t smoke the real thing anymore. No more cravings and no more complaints from co-workers. After not smoking you realize how much it stinks, literally! Be a non smoker for 2 weeks then get around people who do smoke. Yuck! I used to smell like that? It’s also great to not make a decision on whether to go to a certain place or event only if they allow smoking. I feel like a heavy ball and chain has been lifted off my neck. I would recommend Green Smoke to anyone!

  • Tina says:
    4 stars

    I started using Greensmoke in 2012. This brand is, hands down, THE best as far as delievering the REAL smoke experience – vapor, hit, flavor, etc. I’ve tried at least 5 or 6 other brands, and none could compare. However, I’ve seen the customer service and quality start to decline in the past 6 months. I think the company has started to do so well, that they are now cutting corners. The cartridges, which are supposed to be equivalent to 30 cigarettes, used to last me 1.5 to 2 days, then to 1 day in 2013. Now? Cartridges will be done in less than half a day for me. I’ve learned NOT to buy them when they are having one of their “sales” because that is when I seem to always get the least lasting cartridges. It’s like they are purposely putting less vapor in them.

    As far as Customer Service, in my office, there are about 6 people currently smoking the Greensmoke brand, including 2 bosses, so we had their delivery schedule down to a “T”. We were always told that if orders were placed before 2pm, they would be shipped out the same day. I would place orders on Friday early morning (which is our payday) with priority shipping, and always get my orders Monday morning. My last order was placed on a Friday morning, and it did not go out until Monday and I did not receive until Wednesday. I was not a happy camper as I ran out.

    I placed an order on Thursday this time, just to make sure, and now on Saturday, I check my order, and it was never shipped out. So once again, I will not receive until Wednesday and will run out. The strange part is that this company gives most of its employees off Friday/Saturday. Those that work on Friday apparently leave by 2pm. I’ve never seen a business that is closed on 2 of the busiest retail days of the week. Mail does not run on Sundays, so this basically only gives you Mon-Thurs to ship orders out.

    Anyways, the product itself is good and very effective for giving you the ability to quit smoking real cigarettes for good, but customer service is lacking and cartridge longevity is definitely going downhill. I would say they’re are closer to 15 cigarettes than the 30 cigarettes that they claim.

    • Don says:
      2 stars

      I’m not sure why you are complaining about the customer service delivery system. Once you learned that it takes longer to order something on a Friday and receiving it, then you should simply order earlier in the week. Additionally, this should have nothing to do with pay day as you simply put it on your credit card of which you can pay any time.

      • Marilyn says:
        1 stars

        So, It’s not my imagination! I’ve been using GreenSmoke for almost 3 years. At that time: nothing but rave reviews online. NOW: seeing all these 1 star reviews, I realize that my perception over the past year was right on target.
        These e cigs used to be the ultimate. Long lasting batteries, long lasting cartridges. Currently, I’m lucky if a cartridge lasts longer than an hour or two. They used to last almost a day. The consistency of product is mind-numbing; every now and then I’ll actually get a cartridge that goes a full day! But…not often enough! I believe the ownership of this company has changed hands repeatedly and what has happened is that they’ve DECREASED the quality of their product while INCREASING the cost. Why wreck a perfectly great product? GREED, I guess. I’m looking elsewhere. (One more thing: Customer Service is non-existent compared to when I first started using GreenSmoke.) Some of their reps are rude, arrogant, some just plain dumb.

        • Bess Collins says:
          2 stars

          My feelings exactly! The cartridge/filter things have gone downhill fast, while the price continuously goes up. It’s a great disappointment as these things can really get you off the fags. It’s a pity and I wish someone would start a comparable business and give us back what we had.

          • Justin says:
            1 stars

            Altria (Makers of Marlboro) bought out Green Smoke when it was in it’s prime. After many affiliate marketers like myself were dumped from the the business we made.

            BIG Tobacco was so busy putting down the e-cigarette, they put on the breaks and said, “We should be getting a piece of this instead of trying to discredit it.”

            As many of you experienced, when Big Money takes over the price goes up and the customer service and quality goes down.

            As one who helped this business grow in it’s prime day, I suggest dropping them and finding another. A couple of reliable products that can still be ordered online are V2 and White Cloud.

            Keep vaping but stop supporting Big Tobacco. Altria has dumped the hundreds of extra chemicals in their e-cigarettes that they had in their Marlboro.

            The other one to avoid is Blu-Smoke. Another one bought out by Big Tobacco (Raliegh) and sold in Wal-Mart.

  • Steve says:
    5 stars

    I’ve been using Green Smoke for five weeks. Previously I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over 40 years. I have tried hypnotism, acupuncture, patches, tablets…..everything. Since day one of using Green Smoke I have not touched a cigarette or more importantly felt the need for one. I feel better health wise. I no longer smell of smoke and I have more money in my pocket. I have used customer service a couple of times and found them to be first class.

  • Cynthia says:
    4 stars

    well, I ordered my Green Smoke Pro kit today (this morning) and there was a problem with the ‘my orders’ section on the website, so I opened the live chat and immediately got to talk to someone who assured me she’s fix it right away and that I’d get the cigarette monday or tuesday at the latest (so 2-3 workdays as promised). I’m really surprised that people say that their customer service is crap or that they don’t deliver when they’re supposed to. Everything’s been perfect for me. Maybe you guys just happened upon one of the customer service’s people who was sick of their job and was acting up because of it or something. :S

  • Louise says:
    4 stars

    I’ve switched from Veppo to Greensmoke for the following reasons:
    Taste – the cartos simply taste better
    Strength – I can get flavoured cartos in a lower nic dose, which as I am trying to kick the habit , is wonderful.
    Service – I made an ordering error and immediately got onto the live chat and the lovely customer service person cancelled it immediately.
    Now, I will say that their shipping is a bit slow, bit I live in Australia and I’m pretty sure it’s customs holding things up. I really would like tracking available but it seems to take about 3 weeks to Oz. The shipping price is comparable to V4L and Veppo, so I am not complaining,
    What I really like is the subscription service – I sign up and I know my order will get automatically shipped before I run out.
    I’d also like the option of a charging case – but I bought the leather case which is high quality and best on the market for ANY e-cig – it holds a bundle.
    Customer Service
    No tracking
    Can take a while to get it outside of the US.

  • Kelley says:
    5 stars

    Rather surprised by the poor reviews for customer service. Have had no problems at all. I’ve been using Green Smoke for 8 months now, haven’t had a “real” cigarette since I started and I don’t miss them. I don’t receive massive amounts of emails from Green Smoke and have had no problems with any of their products. I’ve recommended them to many people. All in all I’ve found using Green Smoke to be a very positive experience.

  • Peter says:

    I have tried those “things” you have to refill with liquid, you have to press a button to smoke (vape) and who are huge. A year ago I found Green Smoke. The best. No problems at all. And so easy to use compared to the ones I mentioned at the beginning. Living in Switzerland, I have a perfect service from Green SMoke Europe

  • Peter says:
    3 stars

    I bought the Green Smoke kit 3 days ago and have mixed feelings. I actually quit smoking 7 weeks ago (cold turkey), but after visiting a friend this past weekend who is using a Twisp, and tried it out, I decided that I also wanted an e-cig. I read all I could find on the Internet about these devices and it sounded like the Green Smoke product was indeed the best way to go. However, I knew that I didn’t want to be addicted to nicotine again and opted for the Zero Nicotine cartomizers. I would like to know from others who use the Zero cartomizers as I find them to produce a high vapour volume, but firstly taste like absolutely nothing and secondly do not last long at all-definitely not as long as people state they last. I have used 3 Absolute Tobacco flavoured cartomizers with zero Nicotine already, have had to charge the batteries (both long and short versions) twice and have just installed the 4th cartomizer now. But in terms of ease of use and quick changing times between cartomizers, the product is excellent. Just very expensive, for at this rate, the Green Smoke is going to cost me about 3 times as much as my normal cigarettes used to cost me. Any suggestions or tips?

    Thank you,

    • Mr ANGELO S DROUTSAS says:
      5 stars

      If your using them to quit cigs then you’re periled. 75% of trying to quit is quitting the habit and process of smoking which is the hand-mouth habit. Try using a cheap pipe instead of something that mimics a real cig and you’ll probably have a better chance at quitting.

  • sadie jacobs says:

    I am batteling with the chargeing of the batteries takes four hours to charge and then does not last long. i am also finding some of the cardriddges are not lasting very disapointed

  • Jim T says:
    5 stars

    At one time I was supervisor for customer service for an optical wholesale company. The Green Smoke customer service is the best I have ever encountered and not just for e-cigs. I called and talked with other e-cig companies and their CS team

  • yaz says:
    1 stars

    I have been a Greensmoke customer for over 10 months, I live in Australia and have just been informed that they will no longer supply here, no reason as to why just that it is a company decision, so disappointing, regardless of how good a product is, it is no good if you can’t get it, I feel that the company is no longer trustworthy especially as they didn’t even give adequate notice of the change

    • Gina says:

      I just tried Greensmoke menthol ice and smooth chocolate today for the first time. Not bad, but I really enjoy the Markten brand sold in our local 7-11 NJ stores. I used to smoke Salem slim light 100s and the. Markten most resemble that flavor. I would go with the Markten in the future. One great thing about it is that it has 4 holes when you inhale and that it looks exactly like a regular cigarette. The greensmoke ones are really long.

  • dayvidde says:
    1 stars

    hello, i think the full strength nicotine cartomisers are very good, after the initial warming up drags, you definately get a good inhale, a satisfying smoke. if youre a heavy smoker like me you can definately use one of these instead of analogue.
    heres my beef, the certified zero nicotine ones, you simply cant get a drag out of them. took this up with the company and they say there should be no difference. they sent me a replacement set of cartomisers and theyre the same. They lie to you. You cannot get a satisfying drag out of the zero nicotine ones. its got nothing to do with the nicotine level. Your sucking like hell and there simply isnt the vapour volume to satisfy like the full strength ones.
    i smoke over 30 a day and i think theres actually more nicotine in these full strength cartomisers than the 30 cigs.
    Whilst i dont dispute the vapour volume claims, they dont help you quit.

    • james 1 says:
      1 stars

      I’ve just brought one of this kits and although it is good quality and good vapor the taste is awfull I will stick with the real e cigs cheaper as well.

  • Scott says:

    Very good 90% of the time but a few times had a bad batch. Still worried about green being harmful

  • Nicole says:
    1 stars

    Well it did not take long for the tobacco industry to take over the e-cig market Green Smoke sold out to Altria which is in reality Phillip Morris. Since the sale everything has gone down. It is difficult to use the website, twice I have had to order through the chat or on the phone because the website would not take my order. And now the shipping is slower. What next? I will be looking for another e-cig company.

  • Liza says:

    Green Smoke, you can’t be serious. $30 for a kit w/ 1 e-cig and 2 pre-filled cartridges? And the cartridges last how long? Based on some of the reviews I’ve read here: less than a day. That’s absurd. Notice, too, that all positive Green Smoke reviews get 4 stars or more, while the negative ones get none or one.

    This entire site is just one huge promotion for Green Smoke.

    Cigarette Smokers: if you want to enjoy better health, AND less expense, take the initiative and educate yourself!

    Two years ago, I did. And here’s what I discovered.

    A good piece of e-cig hardware is an initial investment of about $50. Empty, refillable cartridges cost $7 for a pack of 5. Good e-juice, in multiple flavors, costs around $8 for a 10 ml bottle.

    Before I quit analog cigarettes, I was spending $240 a month, and my health was deteriorating.

    Two years later, my lungs are clear, my sense of smell/taste has returned. Monthly cost for my e-cig habit? $50.

  • Disappointed says:
    1 stars

    They used to be a good company before the new management took over. Since the summer of 2014, their products (namely cartridges and batteries) went drastically down the hill – reduced flavour and strength, weird taste, faulty batteries, cartridges are overheating. Also, they used to have a great customer service, now you are dealing with bunch of hourly employees.

  • Cheryl Read says:
    5 stars

    Been using Greensmoke for SIX years now after being a 1 to 2 pack a day smoker. Tastes better, and totally satisfied! Customer service has been flawless for me, and the price is extremely reasonable IF you order in bulk! Be a smart shopper people!

  • Jenny says:
    5 stars

    I have been using VIP e-cigs for 2 weeks and I have not been smoking a real cigarette for a week now, but I was not happy with the quality of VIP e-cigs so I decided to try Green Smoke (after reading very good reviews about this company) I ordered the starter kit and trusting the reviews I also ordered the 20 pack cartridges. I ordered them on Wednesday and I just received them today (Saturday) The delivery was free of charge, and very quick. All I can say is that there is such a big difference between these 2 brand (I did not try other brands) and I am very happy with the Green Smoke e-cigs! The flavours are amazing, top quality and if you buy a lot of cartridges they are even cheaper than VIP. I love this brand and will be a long term customer – if they do not compromise on quality in the future. The Vanilla flavour is so nice! Good price, excellent product, great customer service!

  • lookingforsomethinggood! says:
    4 stars

    So Im new to the ecig thing. I’ve smoked newport 100s for the past 12 years. I got the coupons in the mail for the Markten and Vuse. Markten did nothing for me, didnt like the taste. Vuse I did enjoy although their cartridges arent really available anywhere and they run out wayyy to quick. So I ordered the greensmoke starter kit. I am impressed with the vapor. The taste is the only thing i’m having a hard time getting past. The menthol flavor tastes just like the markten. weak and overly minty. haven’t had problems other than that so far. Shipping was fast, 3 days. Just wishing there was an ecig that tasted more like my newports!

  • Mark says:
    5 stars

    Brilliant. Ordered the starter pack (2 batteries and 5 tips) and it arrived two days later. Using the Tobacco 1.8 flavour and get a real hit. The vapour quantity is great and battery life excellent. Orders additional packs and received them FOC the next day. Can’t fault Green Smoke. This is saving me about £10 per day as a heavy smoker in the UK where cigarettes are taxed to death. I’m converted

  • Dan says:
    3 stars

    I tend to agree with the person who said their quality has been decreasing since they were purchased by PM. I I wrote this 6 months ago They were great-there customer service and delivery are top notch however the quality of cartomizers and batteries is declining. A cartridge would last me 11/2 days the last order with lots 104 and 87 last about 4 hours. Thanks big tobacco for messing up a good product. 5 stars down to 3

    • LindaG says:
      2 stars

      Completely agree with you – bought a 20 pack in September and the quality is so different – no taste, last half the time. I complained to Green Smoke yesterday but am switching brands. What a shame big tobacco got involved and ruined a good product.

      • Amanda says:

        So gutted. I was hoping my bad experiences were just a blip but clearly not. I have used GS for three years and since Aug/Sep last year the carts have turned absolutely crap. They taste disgusting and some are even blocked – so so rubbish. I have 25 packs to return/exchange and my emails are being ignored. This used to be a FAB product with FAB customer service. Absolutely shocking.

  • Tom Gemmill says:
    5 stars

    So far, so good…had been using Vuse but the battery went stupid on me, and decided to give Greensmoke a try. I still smoke home machine rolled cigs, but I use the e-cig as a supplement to my desires to actually smoke a real cig…like I said, so far so good. One question…how do you know when the battery needs charged????

  • John says:

    I ordered my $1 trial sampler 2 days ago. Already received it today. Customer Service helped me fast with the age verification procedure on live chat. My $1 sampler came with a e-cigg battery, usb charger, 5 regular bold flavor carts and 3 ice menthol arts. Battery came pre-charged and ready to use. The smoke vapor is the thickest cig-a-like I ever tried! Thick clouds of smoke, nice throat hits, and the flavor is delicious!! I am amazed the $1 trial is REAL! And the product is amazing!! I AM LOVING Green Smoke so far!!!!

  • Teresa says:
    2 stars

    I too am discouraged regarding my recent purchase of 20 packs of GreenSmoke cartridges. The quality really has diminished greatly. I noticed that most of the cartridges have a burnt taste or no flavor at all. They do not even last for half a day, which is not cost effective. Noting that I am not a heavy smoker. Customer Service has always been nice to me and even offered to send replacements but I am hesitant to continue being a customer with such a decline of product. I was looking for a constant, easy, convenient long term product to use.

  • Ann says:

    My husband and I were very happy customers for 2 yrs. Eady to use, great customer service, price, and most of the quality. Yes some maybe cheaper but you really get what you pay for when buying e-cigs.
    Everything has changed since Sept 2014. Just noticed they were purchased by another company. Orders have been messed up, lost in shipping, less points to use, and now have learned what is used in cartridges changed then also. We have had terrible bouts of nausea and could be the e-cigs. You took a great product and company and turned it to crap.

  • Larry L. DeGroff says:
    5 stars

    I have been a user of many different e-cig brands over the past 2 years and have to say, you will NOT find a better product than GreenSmoke. The quality is far superior than others. The customer service has been highly excellent and prompt. I do wish they would sell the e-liquid on their site as I like refilling them. Their flavors are better tasting, but must say I buy my e-liquid from Revolvers and refill my GreenSmoke cartridges because the cartridges to me are better. I don’t understand why everyone says they can’t be refilled, because they can. The caps just have a better and tighter fit. What would be a hands down enhancement, would be to offer e-liquid for their customers. I have used solely GreenSmoke products for over 1 year now with original batteries and no problems, just use someone else’s juice to fill my cartridges.

  • JJ says:
    1 stars

    I used Green Smoke for 4 years they used to be good but there quality has declined since being sold off to another company, they’ve got rid of all their best affiliates who built the business cutting their commissions and their cartridges last half a day so work out very expensive. I’ve moved on to e-liquid cigs now and would never use or recommend Green Smoke.

    • Mr ANGELO S DROUTSAS says:
      5 stars

      I don’t see any difference in the quality, taste or anything for that matter and think your info is incorrect. Also, who the heck likes lugging a bid steel pipe bomb around, mixing liquids and all that jazz? I guess you do. Anyway, have a good day.

  • EssexBoy1 says:
    5 stars

    I am in England. I bought a starter kit for c. $40. 5 cartomiser cartridges are $12-50, although they were $8-85 in the sale.

    Usually goods sold in USA are far cheaper than in UK; but it seems the reverse here.

    I have only tried one other make of e-cig: useless: like sucking fresh air. GreenSmoke seems one of the best.

  • papixsmoke says:
    5 stars

    Top stuff, excellent customer service, very generous, they throw free stuff and coupons whenever you ask them, free delivery and needeless to say, their product is top notch. A pleasure to smoke!
    Green Smoke 100% thumbs up
    p.s. i do not work for them… and also i am known to be quite rude on nasty products or bad customer service.

  • papixsmoke II says:
    5 stars

    Also i don’t know where you are located…. but the 2.4g menthol cart will last well over 1 day of regular puffs, it cost me average £1.50 a day to smoke… i d say that is better than 9gr hollborns or pack of 20 cigs (7 quid?? dunno i smoked rollups for years)
    finally if greensmoke can satisfy a guy who smoke rollups without filter…. i am sure they are good for every body!

  • Mike T. says:
    5 stars

    I reordered late and had to buy a BLU disposable until my order arrived. I smoked BLU in the past, but after vaping with Green Smoke, BLU is like vaping plain air. No taste, not throat hit and the disposable didn’t last even 1 day. I read a number of customer service complaints re: Green Smoke. I have had nothing but excellent service from them. I wish I could gicen this product 6 stars!

  • Cary Cass says:
    2 stars

    I have been using GS for 4 years and have been extremely satisfied up until the past few months with the cartomizers, They use to last at least a day to a day and a half. Now they last 30-50% less. They have become inconsistent with there longevity and sometimes have a terrible taste resulting in me having to purchase about 50% more than I used to. There customer service has always been great, no complaints. They have replaced 3 or 4 batteries for me but also lately the batteries don’t seem to hold there charge like they use to. The batteries always lasted an entire day but now I always have to carry around an extra because I never can get through a day without having to use the 2nd battery. I don’t know what happened to this company that I have recommended to so many over the last years! I wish I could find another company to switch to.

  • Jessica Aungst says:
    5 stars

    Greensmoke will save you money, retail me not always has codes you can use, and they always have sales. people do your research and always for everything search for a code!

  • Luke says:

    I have an ongoing problem with Greensmoke. Of the last cartridges they sent me about 20% were defective and didn’t work. When I ordered new ones I told them this. My complaint was dealt with by several people who clearly didn’t talk to each other and said I wasn’t entitled to replacements. I said reputable companies took customer complaints seriously and eventually they sent 2 packs of cartridges gratis, which I thought was an equitable solution. However, those 2 packs arrived but I still am waiting for my actual original order of 5 packs of cartridges, at a cost of around £40. I have raised this a couple of times with their customer service and am still left waiting, out of pocket. This is just the latest problem with this company. Last year I complained that the battery component of their product had a really short life when it stopped working. I was basically told it was guaranteed for only 1 year and I would just have to buy a new one. Which I did. But on top of what has now happened I wish I had just switched to another provider. Which I will now do! Greensmoke is a joke – don’t go near them!!!!

  • Rob S says:

    I stopped smoking normal cigs and switched to greensmoek 12 months ago. Great e cig. Unfortunately Greensmoke decided to abandon its Australian customers and cease delivery without much of a reason except rationalizing the company….wtf is that. So I am looking at alternatives like apolllo or Atlantic or V2. Really annoyed with Greensmoke who are owned by Philip Morris (they dont seem to have a problem shipping normal cigs to Australia!).
    Note you can refill the greensmoke cartomisers by prying the end off with a small screwdriver through the end hole. You can get 2 to3 refills this way. Dissappointed greensmoke ex customer

  • Susan says:
    1 stars

    If you look on their website, they only allow 5-star reviews and the latest one is from October 2014. That’s a clue I should have noticed. They did not tell me I had to be home to sign for this package I work and so couldn’t be there. I e-mailed them to say that when the USPS returns it, to credit the money back on my credit card. They have not replied, so I will call my credit card company and have the payment stopped. Shoddy customer service!

  • kim says:
    1 stars

    customer service is a joke. they don’t have any idea what they are doing. sure don’t know how to promote a product.

  • Bill says:
    4 stars

    Very happy with GreenSmoke. One thing I noticed, when I moved down to 1.2% nicotine level, the cartridges seem to run out much more quickly, is this just me?

    • Ed says:
      3 stars

      I have read all the reviews & to reply to Bill – No, it’s not just you (experiencing cartridges to run out much more quickly when you moved down to 1.2%). I have used GS exclusively for over 3 yrs & the past year I felt as if GS wanted me to think “I was the only one” who had a problem. I have experienced most if not all of the complaints or problems I just read in the prior posts. I too, recently realized if I buy the product during a big sale, the cartridges and/or batteries are near worthless & at times have wasted $ with only 1/2 to 3/4’s of the cartridges being good. My most recent order so far is 5 stars (finally received decent, more consistent quality) although I know the battery life & cartridge life is less than they use to be. I’m hopeful that GS improves as it’s been trial & error since the company was sold last year. I only use the red label 1.8% & have tried all nicotine levels & their other tobacco flavors. The less the nicotine level, the less flavor. Higher than 1.8% is too strong for me. I’ve had issues with inferior batteries (won’t tightly seal to a cartridge or won’t hold battery life) & inferior cartridges that just blow air (hollow air sound). I’m thankful this last shipment is as it should be (good! But I had to order it prematurely as my current batch at the time was mostly a dud & I was in a time crunch traveling.

  • judith says:
    1 stars

    Soon to be an ex customer. Their new policy having someone over 21 sign for the package leaves me out… I work! Why do I want to drive 15 minutes to pick up the package at fed-ex when I order on line? Too bad I really liked their product.

  • Ken says:
    1 stars

    My wife and I have been exclusively using greensmoke for several years. I agree, their new “someone over 21 must sign” shipping policy is horrible. We both work and it is a major issue with us. We’re looking for alternatives now… Would appreciate any tips.

  • BSH says:

    I agree with the entire review. But as an Australian customer, I would like to know why they refuse to allow anyone to distribute them in Australasia? It is quite rude in my opinion. Our government kicked their butts (Phillip Morris/owners) in court about plain packaging with really horrific images of smoking related disease. It could only be revenge, and for that, we are actively testing their e juice to replicate it 100% Sucks to piss off Aussies!

    • lexa says:
      5 stars

      sorry to hear about aussies not getting green smoke deliveries anymore.
      been vaping greensmoke since 2013 when my doctor thought i had lung cancer. i’ve never tried another brand, so maybe i don’t understand what could be wrong with them. they have always satisfied- i’ve gone from .6% to 0% to 1.2% to 1.8% to 2.4% nicotine and back over the years. i thought i’d use it as cessation to tobacco cigs, but it hasn’t happened. (but i haven’t smoked a cigarette since- and i was a tobacco smoker for 40 years).
      last doctor visit, she seemed interested- she’s also a former smoker, and she congratulated me for leaving tobacco-but asked me about the different flavors- my fav is mocha, but i also enjoy the cream flavor that used to be called vanilla (maybe called on no vanilla flavor in it, but it does taste like cookies!!)
      i’ve never had issues with customer service- i’ve called on phone, used live chat, and email. they have excellent customer service-IMHO
      could it be that your government is believing the studies out of japan?

  • Sharon says:
    5 stars

    Love green smoke! Haven’t smoked an analog for 2 years 6 months! I love the menthol ice and have no problems with customer service!

  • James says:
    5 stars

    There are no doubt that Green Smoke produces high quality e-cigarettes
    and cartridges and that’s awesome.
    However, I am quite disappointed because they offer only cig-a-likes..
    E-Cig market is changing fast and everyone is buying Ego e-cigs/eliquids and Mods.
    Would be nice to see some more products from Green Smoke as well. Anyways, I think Green Smoke is a great product,
    if you are beginner or you don’t need anything more powerful than cig-a-like.

  • Paul says:

    DO NOT BUY this stuff anymore, this week they told me that they stop distribution in about 50% of the countries in Europe, so the chance is real that your investment in Green Smoke hardware will be lost.

    • Diane says:

      Complete waste of money. Very disappointed. Returned the wall charger as they advised a fault and recalled. Promised a voucher for £10 which will be worthless as they no longer deal with the U.K. Bad customer service. Sent loads of emails chasing it up and each reply is just an automated one providing no further help. Disgusted with this company.

  • Mike says:
    2 stars

    GreenSmoke has changed the material of the cartridges outer wrap to a more paper like material which detaches from the metal of the cartridge when it gets damp. Also, the flavoring of the “Red” was also changed and they obviously didn’t beta-test with users as it is terrible. After being a GreenSmoke customer for almost two years I’m looking elsewhere.

  • David B says:
    1 stars

    Would strongly advise against investing in this stuff now. It used to be top notch but successive price rises and drops in cartridge life an quality has made them a bad option. I’m switching after 2 years, which is why I’m on this site!

  • KJ2 says:
    2 stars

    Anyone else have a problem with their wall chargers? Mine almost caught fire – or at least generated a very acrid smell of burning while I was charging the battery overnight. Woken up by the smell and it was pretty scary as I was in a hotel that night. Their reaction to this has been disappointing.

  • ERB says:
    2 stars

    I smoked Green Smoke 2 and half years and always have found them good, however the past year and a bit my cartridges last half the time!

    I am ordering 2 packs nearly every week nearly which is becoming quite expensive. As I was about to order some more cartridges 2 days ago the online system are having technical issues and still are…. I thought maybe its a sign to stop GS completely and find a better company. Anyone know Blue Tobacco or V2 being any good? If anyone has any recommendations!? I will have to do some more research


  • Yvonne says:

    They use to be good, cigs are not lasting long at all. The customer service is horrible now! Called to have labels sent to my email, it has now been 11 days an no labels! Now I’m being told they upgraded their computer system . Like I said when we started using Green Smoke 4-5 years ago they were excellent, now I would not recommend them to anyone! I will be looking for a new company to purchase ecigs!

  • Sheldon L says:
    2 stars

    Green Smoke has updated the design of their cartridges. Now the top layer of paper peels off due to the moisture in your lips. It is very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

    I have smoked Green Smoke e-cigs for 3 years and I have never had this problem before. In the past I would have rated them 5 stars.

    In addition, customer service refuses to acknowledge the problem.

  • Patricia Emory says:
    1 stars

    I have sent a review before, but it never got published. I guess the customer service decides what is worth publishing. I am not satisfied with the product any longer. As I have read, they taste terrible, and the cartridges or cartomizers do not last very long. Plus, I do not order online, so I can no longer get the 1.6 absolute tobacco. I was upset at first, but since I had a bad experience with Green Smoke, I no longer use them. Since the big tobacco company took over, everything about Green Smoke has gone to Hell.

  • Kaitlyn Serafin says:
    1 stars

    I have been an avid Green Smoke fan for the past 5 years and I can say with total truth that since the company was sold the quality of it’s products has declined hugely. Battery life has declined by half. Cartridges can be duds right out of the packaging. No longer can you get real-time shipping info on your order. Return labels for recycling cartridges takes 6-10 business days to appear in inbox. So sad since I was BIG supporter of this company and its products a while ago. I’m going to find a different brand to patronize.

  • JKruse says:
    1 stars

    Been using GreenSmoke for almost 5 years now. Had a lifetime warranty when purchased, but, like all good things this has been retracted due to massive battery failure after a junk redesign of the batteries. Batteries used to last up to 6 or 7 months. After redesign, batteries last a couple of weeks to a couple of months at most. Have to pay $7.00 to replace now.

    Cartridges have also gone down in quality/time of use. I used to get almost a full days worth of use from a single cartridge. Now I can only get up to a couple of hours use from a cartridge prior to the burnt taste coming on. Have about 30% of them go out within an hour. Horrible at that expense of them.

    Overall inconsistency in the product as a whole is horrible as well as quality. I still have one of the original batteries that is far ahead of the redesigned batteries. Just hope it will hold out until I receive my alternative e-cig.

    Do some research for an alternative prior to supporting a failing product. Used to enjoy it immensely, however, those days have gone by the way side.

  • Kelly says:
    2 stars

    I’m really not sure what’s going on with this company, but it’s going downhill fast. I have been a loyal customer since 2011. This past year I’ve had more bad experiences then good with them. My orders arrive late. My husbands mocha mist was out of stock with a promise of returning, only to be discontinued. Recently they were out of stock on Menthol Ice 1.2%. No one bothered to tell me. Had I known I would have switched my order sooner to another %. Most recently, I confirmed that the Menthol Ice 1.2% was in stock before ordering. And when I went to check the ETA on this order I noticed it was “on hold”. When I asked customer service why, I was told because it was recently out of stock???????? These are just a handful of unpleasant transactions I’ve had this year. I have reached out with my concerns before and never received a response.

  • Jean Shell says:
    4 stars

    I have used the green smoke for 6 months. The filters always last 2 days. Lately I am lucky to get ! day out of the flters and they are becoming very difficult to find i the stores

  • Albert McKenney says:
    1 stars

    The Customer service is awful. Placed an order on 12/7/16 with 2 day shipping. After 3 days no product. Called on the 11th they reordered with overnight shipping. On 12/12/16 the USPS tracking showed a label was created and nothing else. The CS people assured me the delivery would be on 12/13/16. Spent about 2 hours on the phone with CS and still no solution. Called today(12/14) since no product arrived yesterday and was basically told “What do you want me to do”. AWFUL, AWFUL customer service. It’s a awful shame when you spend almost $230.00 a month there.

  • Jean Mayes says:
    2 stars

    The flavor selection is becoming more and more slim. They discontinued the Mocha Mist which evidently was a favorite of many of its customers. Now they are discontinuing the Southern Gold, the only other flavor I find acceptable. I have spent lots of money on batteries, chargers, etc. and now will have no flavors that I enjoy. This is a lousy way to do business.

  • Susan says:
    1 stars

    Well, after using Green Smoke for over four years now, I’m looking for another brand. First, they drop the flavors. I generally stick with the Smooth Cream (used to be Vanilla), but like the Mocha and Clove. Next, the cartridges changed and one would no longer last me a day, I had to use two (and I’m not a heavy user). But now, they have again redesigned the cartridges again, and not for the better. They come in individual sealed packages and without the little green end plugs. Now, I’m going through 3 or 4 a day! And to top it off, the flavor is different, not as pleasant as it was. There’s no excuse for this. My vaping habits haven’t changed, I noticed this the very first day they arrived. I thought, at first, that I had gotten a bad cartridge, or two, or three. By the second day, I was sure it wasn’t a bad cartridge because every one is like this. I’m sorry, but after 3 years, I’m looking for a new company. You’ve now lost this one forever. Why did you mess with a good thing?

    • Vranks says:

      yeah, it seems Altria (the tobacco company that bought Green Smoke a few years ago) has become more involved in the company, making changes that old users don’t appreciate. It can’t be helped, though

    • Karen Hoch says:

      I’ve been using GS off and on for 9 yrs. They recently changed packaging and I’m now using 4 cartridges for every one I previously used. I’m looking for a compatible cartridge because I will never use these cartridges again.

  • Bob Gilbert says:
    3 stars

    Hmmm,been reading these reviews out of curiosity and I am seeing a lot of the same things I am experiencing. Although I never had any complaints with customer service I have been noticing lackluster performance with the product. My first set of batteries lasted two years and I just replaced them so too soon to tell on that but I don’t like the new single wrapped cartridges. I don’t think they have the same taste and not lasting nearly as long plus the outer wrapper peels and is annoying. Actually had to put scotch tape on several to finish them. It’s a shame because they’ve worked great for 2years and had no complaints but if they don’t fix something here I think I’ll be finding another brand to spend my money on.wouldve given 5 stars up until this latest order but not impressed!

  • Jim M says:

    Been with Greensmoke over 4 years. This company had a great thing going. A great product, although a little pricey well worth it compared to other e-cig brands. They backed everything they sold and customer service has been outstanding. Well no more. GS was sold and since then it’s spiraling down the drain. Batteries don’t last, e-cig cartridges last at most 30% of what they used to last are much weaker. I’m done with these guys. Too bad they sold out

  • Donna says:
    5 stars

    Wanting to stop smoking and doing research, I purchased Green Smoke. Since I bought it I have not had a cigarette. I enjoy the 1.2% smooth cream and took advantage of their coupons I receive on line. I also realized that when you start getting that battery taste it time to change the filter. I have two cartridges so I keep one to charge and use the other. It’s simple, easy and I’m glad I tried it. I wish they would come out with one that has no nicotine. To be nicotine free, would be the ultimate Green Smoke.

  • Eileen says:
    2 stars

    Another disappointed customer after several years of purchasing Green Smoke products. As mentioned in several of the comments the newer cartridges are not lasting very long. There are even some of the cartridges that don’t even work from the initial Puff. Too expensive to be throwing these cartridges in the trash. I also am looking for another company to get my business.

  • glenn stockdill says:

    i stooped smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day with the help
    of greensmoke over 3 years ago, the product used to be fantastic , now it is a total embarrassment, batteries will not charge & cartomizers last around 1/5 the time they used to, would give anything for the old greensmoke back , i have almost $400 in reward points that i am going to let go unused because the product is now so bad even at reduced cost (half price)it is not worth using, seriously , stay away from this product at all costs ,absolutely awful.

  • glenn stockdill says:

    would love to hear what people have found for alternatives, glad you have got away from this terrible product, i tried mark10 but they are just as bad, would appreciate views on alternatives.

  • BillR says:
    2 stars

    Greensmoke evidently wants to go out of business! The cartridges don’t last half as long as they used to. They have lowered the amount of fluid they put in them according to the gal I spoke with to make the product better. Better? They have ruined a great product!

  • Linda says:

    I was a customer of Green Smoke when they began as a family business. Once they were bought out by big tobacco Altria (Phillip Morris) they have taken a dive downhill since. First they reduced the choices of tobacco flavor. Next they changed their method of packaging their produce. And the quality is certainly not as good. Neither the batteries or cartridges last as long. Recently I discovered that the “paper” cover for the cartridges comes off while vaping. And, they have taken advantage of every opportunity to increase their prices. As some may now know, in California the cost of tobacco products has dramatically risen. But Green Smoke has taken it to a whole new level. If you live in CA Green Smoke will charge a surcharge of 50% of the total order (not just the products containing tobacco) in addition to the sales tax. I recently cancelled an order with them because 50% was too much. So I tried other e cig companies and of the two I tried (V2 and zero cig) neither applied the surcharge. Big tobacco all the way. And last but not least the customer service has gone from very good to terrible. So after MANY years with GS, I am happily saying good-bye.

  • Ken B says:
    5 stars

    2/14/2018 I’m on my 2nd unit. my first was destroyed in a car fire LOL

    It cost me $63.74 for intro kit & 10 pack of cartridges = 6 packs of cigarettes VERY reasonable price

    I was smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day ($10.00), now I use 1 cartridge a day ($3.00)

    I’m lucky I have 2 stores in me airier that sells the cartridges

  • Charles Orr says:
    5 stars

    This was my favorite vape/e-cig of all time. I began smoking them in 2015 when I moved to south Florida and nearly every gas station had them heavily advertised with posters and available. I never wanted a real cigarette again because of how much I fell in love with these. The throat hit was like that of a real cigarette as was the feel. It was a perfect electronic cigarette experience.

    I moved to Delaware and I felt lost being unable to purchase this product from any gas station, so I began buying them online. I think I remember buying packs for roughly $3-4 each and each pack would contain 5 butts (the screw-on tip with the juice) and I’d burn through 1 butt per day, bleeding into a 2nd later on so roughly 1.2 butt per day. Somehow I was spending around $70-80 per month on the products but I didn’t care, because I loved it until one day.. they went out of business.

    I started smoking real cigarettes again after not being able to find a substitute with the same feel and drag. It’s been around 5 years since they went out of business and I still have yet to find a feasible replacement. Mods are weird, JUUL sucks, and other disposables make me sick.. I am lost without green smoke and I’d give anything for this company to go back in business. Green smoke was my rock.

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