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Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Review

The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is a compact vape pen released alongside the GTX GO 80. It features a smaller battery, lower power output and lower e-liquid capacity than its companion, but it is smaller and easier to carry around for vaping on the go.

Vaporesso GTX GO 80 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 22 mm
  • Power output: 40W max.
  • Material: Zinc alloy, PCTG
  • Battery: 1,500mAh (non-removable)
  • E-liquid capacity: 3.5 ml

Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Packaging and Presentation

The GTX GO 40 comes in the same style packaging as its big brother, the GO 80 – a rectangular cardboard box featuring a picture of the device and pictograms of its main features on the front, and some technical specifications, a list of kit contents and manufacturer information, on the back.

Inside the box, we have a small plastic holder for the GTX GO 40 vape pen, as well as separate slots for the included coil-head and charging cable. The user manual and warranty card are located underneath the holder. Unfortunately, this kit comes with just one coil-head, which was disappointing to see from a company like Vaporesso. This being a vaping device aimed at beginners, the lack of a spare coil-head is a big deal, and a huge con in my book.

Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Design and Build Quality

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, the GTX GO 40 is virtually a smaller version of the GO 80. It has the exact same classic vape stick design, the same build quality, only everything is on a smaller scale.

The magnetic pods that replace the classic 510 tanks hold only 3.5 ml of e-juice, compared to 5, the diameter is also reduced to 22 mm, and the mod itself is just much slicker. It uses the same range of GTX coil-heads as the GTX 80, only you’ll need to make sure to buy the ones that have a maximum recommended power output of 40W, as that’s all the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is capable of.

Coil-heads are inserted through the bottom of the pod, and can be easily removed thanks to a couple of very useful grooves that allow you to stick your fingers under the metallic base of the coil. To fill the GO 40 pod, just rotate the mouthpiece a quarter turn counterclockwise, until you feel it click in your hand. Then remove the mouthpiece and fill through the larger opening on the side, not the one in the middle.

Everything else about the GTX GO 40 design is pretty much identical to the GTX 80, so go ahead and check out that review for a more detailed presentation.

Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Battery Life and Performance

As a much smaller device than the Vaporesso GTX 80, the GO 40 only has half of its battery capacity (1,500mAh), but I for one don’t see that as a con. If you prefer a slicker, more compact device, you’ll just have to accept a smaller battery, that’s just how physics work. Besides, half the battery doesn’t necessarily mean half the battery life.

It all comes down to the power output. If you use the GTX GO 80 at the maximum 80W output, and the GO 40 at its maximum of 40W, you should get the same battery life out of both of them. Still, you should know that the GTX GO 40 doesn’t really excel in the battery department. Luckily, it does feature fast charging via the USB Type-C port, as well as vape-while-charging technology.

When it comes to performance, the GTX GO 40 is somewhat similar to the GO 80, but not really. Yes, it features the exact same system, works with the same GTX coil-heads, and is powered by the same chip, but they don’t necessarily vape the same.

First of all, you are limited to just a handful of GTX coil-heads that work best at power ranges up to 40W, so don’t expect the same vapor production as from the GTX GO 80 vape stick. The temperature of the vapor will, in some cases, be lower than what you’d get from the larger GO vape pen. Finally, the airflow slots are much slower on this device than on the 80W one.

With the GTX GO 80, you can’t pull off an MTL draw even with the airflow fully closed. There’s just too much air getting in, and there is nothing you can really do about it. With the GO 40, on the other hand, you still can’t do a restrictive MTL draw, but loose mouth-to-lung is perfectly doable with the included 0.80Ω mesh coil-head and the airflow fully closed.

I have to say that the MTL option makes the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 more worth it to me personally than the GO 80, but if you’re all about huge plumes of warm vapor, than stick to the larger vape stick…


All in all, the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is a nice little vape pod stick that is inferior to the GO 80 in terms of power output, battery capacity and e-liquid capacity, but more versatile when it comes to vaping options. The smaller airflow slots make it possible to pull of a loose MTL draw, and that a big pro, as far as I am concerned. The lack of a spare coil-head is a disappointment, but other than that, I can’t really fault this vape stick in any way.

The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 was sent to me directly by Vaporesso, for the purpose of this review.

  • great build quality
  • slick and compact
  • GTX coils
  • MTL options available
  • no spare coil-head included
  • limited battery capacity
  • 40W power output (subjective)

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2 Comments/Reviews

  • Nick says:
    4 stars

    I’m digging this device so far. I got it as a no-think easy-carry travel vape. When I bought it I ordered it with the GTX 0.3Ω coils which is my favorite resistance to vape at. Glad I did because the included 0.6Ω coil is very much lacking in flavor and vapor. The downside to the 0.3 coils is that they guzzle e-juice. I definitely had to refill at least once a day. To help me split the difference between flavor, battery life, and e-juice longevity, I got some Voopoo PnP-VM3 0.4Ω coils to use with the device (Vaporesso doesn’t make anything between the 0.3 and 0.6). So far so good. It should be noted that no matter which brand coil you use, the device does tend to crackle when you hit it. Plus side is it’s the most leak-proof device I own. Absolutely bone dry because of the awesome top-fill system. Hardly get any condensation either.

  • Jake says:
    2 stars

    After 2 breaths in a row, the tip overheats and burns the lips.

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