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Joyetech eGrip 2 Review

Tho original Joyetech eGrip was one of the first all-in-one vaping systems that combined both the vaporizer and the tank into a single unit, and paved the way for other manufacturers to release similar style devices aimed at all categories of vapers, from beginners to advanced. The recently released eGrip 2 builds on the success of its predecessor with a leak-proof top-filling system, higher power output and extra features, including a popular video game to help you pass the time on a slow day.

The eGrip 2 comes in a standard Joyetech cardboard box with a nice photo of this stylish mod on the cover. Inside you’ll find the eGrip 2 80W vaporizer sitting in a foam holder, and underneath that you have a beefy user manual, a micro-USB charging cable, a smaller containing different types of coil heads and an RBA, and a spare drip tip. The packaging is nice overall, but I confess I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I was too busy trying to get my hands on what is probably the most elegant vaporizer I have ever seen.


To say that the eGrip 2 is a nice looking mod would be a severe understatement. To me, this device is simply gorgeous, and I can’t even think of another vaporizer that even comes close to it in term of looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the SMOK R200 and the H-Priv, as well as the Cuboid, but the Joyetech eGrip 2 is just on a whole other level in terms of elegant design. Its minimalist shape reminds me of one of those stainless steel spirits flasks that were once so popular, only a lot smaller, and the brushed stainless steel finish just makes it look stunning. I’m not very good at describing nice things, but let me put it this way – if I had to part with my entire collection of vaporizers and could only keep three of them, the eGrip 2 would definitely make the cut.


But it’s not just the look of the Joyetech eGrip 2 that totally won me over, it’s also the way it feels in the hand. It’s not as tiny as the iStick Pico, but definitely on the small side compared to most box mods I’ve used in the past, so I can say it certainly qualifies as a stealthy device (although this is the kind of stylish mod you just want to show off to everybody). The eGrip 2 measures 99mm in length from the top of the drip tip to the base, it’s 45mm wide and just 24mm thick. The rounded corners feel great when you grab it and despite its slippery-looking stainless steel finish, it’s reduced size makes it hard to drop.


Unlike the original eGrip which featured a fill port on one of sides, the new eGrip 2 has a more efficient top-filling system that is virtually leak-proof. If you’re used any of Joyetech’s more recent releases, like the Cubis tank or the eGo AIO all-in-one kit, you’ll notice the built-in tank of the eGrip 2 is quite similar in design. Starting from the top, we have a wide bore stainless stell drip tip that can be unplugged ans swapped with the extra delrin drip tip included in the kit. Then we have a stainless steel cap with hidden airflow controls that you can open and close by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Unscrew this cap and you can see the 3.5ml tank that you can just pour juice into without fearing any kind of leaks, because it is completely sealed at the bottom. Just makes sure you don’t go over the indicated arrow on the sides of the eGrip next to the little tank windows, or juice will spill out when you insert the coil.


Apart from the tank windows and Joyetech logo on one of the sides of the mod and the eGrip name on the other, this device is just clean brushed stainless steel, and believe I could just stare at it all day and not get tired of it. On the bottom, you have a few battery venting holes on one side and a reset switch on the other, which can be activated with a small needle, if you ever need to return to factory settings.

The controls and display are located on the front of the Joyetech eGrip2, on a black panel that goes great against the stainless steel body. The large power button is located in the upper section, the OLED display takes up the middle, and the “up” and “down” buttons – which are really just one button – and the micro-USB port sit further down. The buttons are nice and clicky, there’s no rattling to speak of even when frantically shaking the mod, and the display is as clear and bright as that of the Joyetech Cuboid.


The eGrip 2 features the same ciruit board that Joyetech has been using on other of its latest mods, including the Cuboid, Cuboid Mini and the eVic VTC, so if you’ve used any of these devices, both the display and and the controls are going to look familiar. If you’re used to DNA200 devices, operating the eGrip 2 is going to be a bit awkward in the beginning, especially since the “up” and “down” buttons – basically an oval button that acts as two buttons – are not labeled in any way. You’re going to push the wrong button every once in a while and have to start over, which can be a bit frustrating, but you’ll get the hang of it before you know it. Plus, the user manual is a big help and the eGrip 2is worth the learning curve.


To go into the main menu of the Joyetech eGrip 2, just keep the fire button and the “up” button pressed for a couple of seconds. The first option you have is to change the color of the tank LED. Every time you press the fire button, a light turns on inside the tank, and you can chance the color, or simply turn it off completely. To scroll through the various options, only press the “down” key, as pressing “up” will take you to the next menu. Hovering over the preferred setting, simply press the fire button to confirm your choice. The next menu lets you set how long the display screen stays on, then you can turn the logo on or off, and finally, there’s an actual video game you can play. If you’ve ever owned on iPhone or an Android smartphone, you’ve probably heard about Flappy Bird. It was quite a phenomenon before its creator simply pulled it from the marketplace because he thought people were getting to addicted to it.


I heard a modder hacked an eVic VTC a few months ago and installed Flappy Bird on it. His achievement went viral on social media sites like Reddit, and Joyetech apparently liked the idea so much that they came up with a firmware update that adds Flappy Bird to all their upgradable devices. There are various difficulties to choose from and you just have to press the fire button to keep your little bird from hitting some obstacles. It’s a simple but addicting game that will keep you busy when you have time to burn.

Some have argued that installing a video game on a vaping device isn’t helping our cause in these troubled times, especially with the FDA and e-cig opponents using every opportunity to make a case that e-cigarettes are targeted at kids, but I think this evolution was inevitable. We have Bluetooth technology on some mods, dedicated apps, even a vaping smartphone, so video games were bound to happen at some point.


I would really like to explain just how customizable the Joyetech eGrip 2 is, and go through all the different button combination, but there’s just so much to go into that it would probably confuse you even more. But I will mention that you can customize the display to either show you technical details like wattage/temperature or a cool digital/analog clock, change the orientation of the screen, lock in your resistance in temp mode, select from three available materials for temperature control (nickel, stainless steel and titanium), and even set the advanced TCR mode. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but the cool thing about this device is that you don’t need to know how to do all this settings if you’re not interested. You can just fill up the tank, screw on a coil, set the wattage or temperature according to the atomizer resistance and just vape.


As I mentioned in the beginning, the Joyetech eGrip 2 is a small stealthy device, and while that has its advantages, it also means battery life is not going to be outstanding. This device comes with a built-in 2100mAh battery that might keep beginners and intermediate users vaping a whole day without having to recharge, but for me it just isn’t enough for a full day. I have been using it with the included Notch coil at around 40W, for about a week now, and I can’t get seem to get more than 8 hours out of it. That’s pretty decent considering the size of the mod and the fact that I’m a heavy vaper, but I do need to rely on another mod while this one is charging.

I haven’t toyed with the included MTL (mouth to lung) coils too much, but you should get a lot more usage time out of your eGrip 2 while using them. I’m personally not a big fan of MTL vaping, though, so it doesn’t mean that much to me.


My experience vaping the eGrip 2 has not been completely free of issues, but overall I am satisfied with the way it performs. There are no annoying delays when pressing the fire button, so the coil heats up fast, the buttons are clicky and responsive, and I’ve experienced no leaking whatsoever. Vapor production and flavor intensity have been outstanding, especially with the 0.25Ω Notch coil and the little RBA that comes with this kit. I was expecting nothing less, to be honest, since the eGrip 2 has the same style tank and coils as the Joyetech Cubis and eGo AIO, but I can confirm that this device will not disappoint even the pickiest of vapers.


Unfortunately, my otherwise pleasurable experience with the Joyetech Notch coil has been shadowed by a really annoying issue. The first time I filled the eGrip 2 tank and inserted the coil, the first few draws were hindered by gurgling and serious spit-back. They went away fairly quickly, and I thought the issue had resolved itself. I didn’t have to deal with these problems if I kept vaping, but as soon as I let the eGrip 2 sit for a few hours or overnight, the coil would get flooded and the gurgling and spit-back issues would return. Droplets of hot juice hitting the roof of your mouth and back of your throat is not the nicest sensation, let me tell you, so this problem was particularly disappointing.


On the bright side, the MTL coils didn’t seem to be plagued by the issues described above, so if you’re a mouth to lung vaper, you should be fine. There is also the possibility that my coil was defective, but with just one included in the package, there’s no way to be sure, so I thought I’d report these problems just to be safe.

I’m not going to talk too much about the two MTL coils, simply because I haven’t used them very much. I can tell you that the much tighter air shaft also makes the draw considerably tighter than the sub-ohm Notch coil and the RBA, even with the air slots wide open. Since their resistance is a lot higher as, the vapor will be cooler. These coils are meant to be used at low wattage, so you can expect improved battery life as well.


The RBA included in the Joyetech eGrip 2 kit is identical to the one that comes with other Joyetech devices, like the Cuboid Mini. It’s a welcome addition, and it performs surprisingly well for its size, but recoiling or rewicking it is a pain. There is a tiny screw at the base of the RBA that keeps the coil in place, so you’ll have to take it off to replace the coil, but actually getting the cotton around the coil is a bit of a nightmare. If the wick is too thin it will flood the coil, and if it’s too thin it won’t saturate properly and cause nasty dry hits. I managed to get it right-ish after a number of tries, but to be honest, it’s just not worth the effort.


Lastly, I wanted to bring up the Joyetech 510 adapter. As good-looking as the eGrip 2 is and as well as it performs, it would be at a serious disadvantage compared to other similar mods if it could only be used with the built-in tank. With other 510 mods, you can use virtually any type of atomizer to suit your needs and preferences, from drippers and RTAs to Genesis-style atomizers. Luckily, the included 510 adapter lets you use the eGrip in the same way, and even though the distance between the battery and the atomizer connector is longer than unusual, I didn’t notice any differences in performance.


To summarize, the Joyetech eGrip 2 is the classiest, most elegant mod I have ever used, the build quality is impeccable, and it comes loaded with various features, including variable wattage/voltage, temperature control, and TCR. Its size makes it easy to carry around and stealth vape if you need to, and being an all-in-one system makes it suitable for all categories of users. The 2100mAh battery is not enough for heavy vapers unless you have a backup vaporizer, and the spit-back issue with the Notch coil is annoying. It’s not a perfect device by any means, but I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons, so I recommend you give it a try.

The Joyetech eGrip 2 was sent to me by Heaven Gifts for the purpose of this review.

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • MiriG says:
    2 stars

    I loved this device for many of the reasons thou gave, and yes it’s got to be one of the most elegant devices out there!:)
    However, and it’s a BIG however for me,I’m also a MTL vaper but you think you’re disappointed with about only 8 hours use, well I’m getting about 3/4 hour before the damn thing goes completely dead on me, and equally bad is the fact that the battery indicator still shows full!!
    Only when it cuts out completely do I get a message saying battery is low and needs charging!!
    What the hell???!!
    I just start to enjoy my vape and bam! No damn charge is left!
    I’ve tried every battery I have with it ( I have a lot!), but it’s the same old thing:/
    I’ve gotten to the point where (yes, I miss using such a beautiful looking mod but….), I dread having to use it if any of my other mods are not able to be used for whatever reason.
    The only possible thing I can think of is the battery charging lead is no use, so I’ll buy another one and fingers crossed it works otherwise my elegant mod is absolutely worthless to me!:/
    I give this 2 1/2 stars only for the good points it certainly has, but with no charge even they are useless except for something beautiful to look at and hold:/

  • MiriG says:

    Oops, I got confused with the rest of my mods that have swappable batteries lol so ignore the part about trying all my batteries!
    …..and I didn’t mean to call you “thou” haha! Damn auto correct!

    • Vranks says:

      Damn, I was confused there for a minute. Yeah, that’s the thing with internal battery mods, once it dies, you have to throw away the mod, or just use it as a passthrough, with the charging cable always connected to a power source.

      Did you by any chance vape it till the battery was dead many times? That shortens the lifespan of the battery considerably, degrading its internal cells to the point where it doesn’t hold a charge for very long. You want to charge the battery when it’s very low, but not completely depleted (the mod doesn’t fire anymore).

      P.S.: Come to think of it, the battery might not even be the issue, especially if the indicator shows that it’s full. Do you get any other message on the display when you press the fire button? Might want to check the warranty, maybe you can trade it for a new one.

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