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Vaporesso Click Review

If you still like the Renova Zero pod system as much as I do, but you’ve just gotten bored with the way it looks and want to try something new, how about a pod system that looks like a flip-top Zippo lighter? That’s basically what the Vaporesso Click is – a Renova Zero pod system packaged as a classic lighter. It’s not a design that’s going to appeal t everyone, but it’s definitely different. Let’s have a closer look:

A Look at the Contents

The Vaporesso Click vape pod comes in a small cardboard box with a picture of the device on the front, and a short description, some technical specifications, a list of contents, manufacturer information and an authenticity sticker on the back. Inside the box, we have the Click sitting snug in a plastic holder, as well as various accessories: an extra refillable pod, a micro-USB cable, a refill bottle, user manual, as well as some informative cards. All in all, this a classic pod system kit, nothing more, nothing less.

Design and Build Quality

The thing that makes the Vaporesso Click stand out from the hundreds of other pod systems on the market today is its design. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, under the hood this thing is a Renova Zero, which means it vapes great, but it’s also design to attract attention. And what better way to do that than make it look like something else entirely, such as a Zippo flip-top lighter?

The Click vape pod measures 80mm x 46mm x 17mm, is made primarily of zinc alloy, and comes in four different colors – metallic grey, rainbow, silver an bronze. For this review I received the rainbow version, which definitely attracts a lot of attention, but for a more vintage lighter look I strongly recommend the bronze version.

At first glance, there is absolutely no way to tell that the Vaporesso Click is a vaping device, and even after you pop open the top cap to reveal the mouthpiece, some people are still going to be confused. You do have a small window in the middle of the metallic casing, for checking the e-liquid level, as well as a button, a small LED indicator and a micro-USB port on one of the narrow edges, near the bottom, but even so, it’s virtually impossible to tell that it’s a vape pod.

Just like a classic Zippo lighter, the Vaporesso Click has a hinged cover that flips over to reveal the mouthpiece and the patented valve fill port we’ve already seen on the Renova Zero and more recently on the Vaporesso Degree. The cover doesn’t open by mistake or anything like that, but it does wobble a bit, both when it’s open and when it’s closed, and the rattling of metal on metal gets annoying after a while. This would probably be my only complaint regarding build-quality, because the Click is otherwise a well-made device. The hinge mechanism even has that characteristic “click” sound when you flip it open, and it feels solid enough, but time will tell how it holds up in the long run.

The fill port is identical to the one we recently saw on the Vaporesso Degree. All you have to to is fill the included liquid bottle, or any other pointy-tip bottle, for that matter, press down on the metallic fill port and squeeze the bottle. By pressing down, you activate a valve that opens inside the pod, allowing the juice to flow, and once you stop pressing, the fill port closes up. It’s a really nice system that I for one have enjoyed using on the Renova Zero.

The pod system attaches to the Vaporesso Click magnetically, so all you have to do is place it in the slot and it will automatically “stick” to the mod. When you want to take it out, just grab the mouthpiece and give it a slight tug. The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid, and has a built-in 1.3Ω cCELL ceramic coil designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It’s a refillable pod, but you can’t replace the coil-head, the way you can on All-in-One devices like the Smoant Pasito or VooPoo Vinci. When the pod is no longer usable, you have to throw it away.

As for the button and the LED indicator on the Vaporesso Click, they work the exact same way as the ones on the Renova Zero. Pressing the button five times in rapid succession lets you turn the device on and off, pressing it three times lets you switch between the three available power levels, and a single click allows you to check what power level you are currently using the device at. The LED indicator lights up in three different colors – green, blue and red – each of which corresponds to a certain power level and battery level.

Just as long as you don’t find it weird vaping on a pod system that looks like a Zippo lighter, the Vaporesso Click is a nice device. The cover has some play to it, but other than that everything feels and works great.

Battery Life and Performance

Like the Renova Zero, the Vaporesso Click has a non-removable 650mAh battery, which should last the vast majority of users a whole day, or just about. It’s not the most impressive battery capacity we’ve ever seen on a pod system, but judging by the relatively low power output (12W maximum) it’s more than enough. The Click also features 1A charging, which means it can fully recharge in less than an hour.

And just in case the 650mAh battery proves insufficient, or if you just forget to charge it, the Vaporess Click has passthrough functionality, meaning you can vape on it while it’s charging.

As far as performance, I would say the Vaporesso Click is on par with the Renova Zero, which really isn’t that surprising, considering the two devices share a a lot of similarities. Apart from the shape of the pod system and that of the pods themselves, the only difference I’ve noticed was the resistance of the coil-heads (1.3Ω on the Click, compared to 1Ω on the Renova). The draw is about as tight as on the Renova, and you have the same three power levels – 9W, 10.5W and 12W – each assigned an LED indicator color (red, blue and green, from the lowest to the highest wattage).

The possibility to adjust the power according to nicotine level or simply the preferred vapor temperature makes this feature very important for a customizable vaping experience, and one of the main reasons I love the Renova Zero so much. I’ve mainly been using it at 10.5W, as that saves up some battery life while delivering a hot enough vape to suit my taste. I do ramp it up to the full 12W every once in a while, and the coil handles it beautifully. That’s not surprising, considering cCELL coils are famously versatile.

Flavor is on par with what I get from the Renova Zero, which I consider a positive, but you do have to use the device at medium or high power to really get the most flavor out of your e-liquid. Vapor is proportional to the power output you are using the device at, but overall, I would say the medium and high levels deliver a satisfying mouthful of vapor.

While the Vaporesso Click doesn’t offer the tightest MTL draw I’ve ever had, it’s definitely on the tight side, so if you prefer a looser draw, or a direct lung hit, this may not be for you.

I love the way this little thing vapes, but to be honest, I’ve only used it at home. For some reason, I find the idea of vaping on a pod system that looks so much like a lighter a bit too weird and attention grabbing. Plus, the cover hanging on the side while I’m vaping isn’t really that appealing to me, so I prefer using the Renova Zero or some other vape pod when I’m on the go,

But if you want something that looks totally different, the Vaporesso Click is definitely that, plus it delivers a very nice vape.


If you find the idea of vaping on a flip-top lighter appealing, or at least intriguing, than by all means, give the Vaporesso Click pod system a try. It’s about a good a vaping device as the Renova Zero, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in terms of performance, but this design is definitely not for everyone. I think it’s interested, but I wouldn’t use it in public just because it would grab too much attention. But that’s just me.

The Vaporesso Click vape pod was sent to me directly my Vaporesso for the purpose of this review.

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