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Wotofo OFRF Nexmini Review

The Nexmini is a new pod mod by OFRF, which, as I understand, is an offshoot of Chinese vape manufacturer Wotofo. It’s definitely one of the slickest pod mods on the market, featuring a classic yet refined design that both looks great and feels very comfortable in the hand. But this thing has more than looks going for it, so let’s take a closer look at the OFRF Nexmini pod mod:

OFRF Nexmini Packaging and Presentation

The OFRF Nexmini comes in the same style of packaging we saw on the Wotofo Manik pod mod, a cardboard box with a see-through plastic cover. This design offers a clear view of the device inside, which I think is a pro, as some of the printed pictures on cardboard boxes can sometimes be misleading. There’s a lot of branding going on here, as there is on the pod mod itself, but I guess OFRF is just trying to make itself known to the world.

Inside the box, we have the Nexmini pod mod placed in a Styrofoam holder, and at the bottom of the box are the included accessories: a spare coil-head, charging cable, and a user manual. That’s pretty much a standard offering for this type of vape kit.

OFRF Nexmini Design and Build Quality

The Nexmini pod mod measures 110.5mm x 19.5mm x 19.5mm, and is made primarily of aluminum alloy and PCTG (plastic). The choice of very light materials makes the Nexmini one of the lightest vaping devices in its size category, at just 56 grams. The device comes in seven different combinations, from the classic black, to a vibrant yellow. For this review, I received a green to black gradient which I think looks pretty cool.

Although we’ve seen the squarish pen design before, I think OFRF have found a way to make this classic yet bland design look very slick. I personally love the way it looks and feels in the hand. I love the form factor, and the beveled edges and light materials make it super comfortable to hold. Think of it as a slicker, lighter and more eye-catching version of the VooPoo Vinci.

Apart from its slick design, the first thing you’ll probably notice about the OFRF Nexmini is the excessive branding. There is a big OFRF logo etched into one of its sides, an even larger #NEXMINI hashtag plastered on the opposite side, as well as smaller referenced to nexM coil-head technology and the company’s proprietary NEX chip. It’s too much, to be honest, but as I said in the previous section of this review, it’s understandable, because OFRF is a new brand trying to get its name known as fast as possible.

Starting at the top, we have a PCTG refillable pod, with a flattened, non-removable mouthpiece, side-fill port, and replaceable coil-head. There is also a helpful ‘MIN’ marking on one of the sides of the pod, which indicates the minimum level of e-liquid required to ensure that the coil-head is wicking properly.

nexM coil-heads are inserted and removed through the bottom of the pod. All you have to do is push them in all the way, or grab and pull on their knurled base, when removing them. The coil-heads come with an airflow adjustment ring on the base, so make sure you set that to your preferred style of vaping, for an optimal vaping experience.

Airflow adjustment is one of, if not the coolest features of the OFRF Nexmini. It allows you to fine tune your vape all the way from loose direct lung (DL), to a tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) and anywhere in between, which I think is awesome and we should see more of in the future.

The air comes through two small holes on the sides of the Nexmini battery unit, and not through the charging port on the bottom, as it happens on other mods. That’s because the pod port on the Nexmini is completely sealed.

Another cool thing about the OFRF Nexmini is that the pod loading port is waterproof, so even if your pod were to leak, there would be no risk of juice finding its way inside the device. That’s always good to know, but then again, I’ve seen traces of juice or condensation on most of my other mods, and I’ve never had issues with that ever affecting the battery unit.

The Nexmini has a classic control panel, with a large fire button located near the top, two smaller + and – buttons near the bottom, and a rectangular display in-between. The fact that a device this size even has a screen is a bonus, in my opinion, but I will say that it is a very small one, and if you don’t have perfect vision, you’ll probably have to at least squint to make out all the information displayed. It is a fairly bright screen, so that’s a plus.

OFRF Nexmini Battery Life

Size-wise, the Nexmini pod mod sits somewhere in between compact pod systems like the Asmodus Pyke and advanced pod mods like the Vaporesso Target PM80, and the battery capacity mirrors that. The Nexmini comes with a non-removable 800mAh battery, which should keep most users vaping for the most part of a day, at least. It all depends on the set power output and how much you use it, so ‘mileage’ can certainly vary.

It was nice to see that OFRF has adopted the USB Type-C standard, which enables fast charging, meaning it can go from no battery to fully charged in just under an hour. That’s not bad at all for an 800mAh battery!

How Does the OFRF Nexmini Vape?

At the end of the day, it’s performance that makes or breaks a vaping device, and I’m happy to report that in the case of the OFRF Nexmini, it’s definitely a plus!

The Nexmini is not the most complex pod mod money can buy. In fact, I can think of dozens of more advanced pod mods, but it has something that most of them don’t – a good adjustable airflow system. That little ring on the bottom of the nexM coil-heads is probably the best feature of this entire kit. It allows both DL and MTL vaping, with all their respective variations (restricted DL, loose MTL, etc.), and that’s not something you see every day.

Some of the best pod mods, like the VooPoo Drag X & S  work great if you like direct lung vaping, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want to do MTL on them, whereas the OFRF gives you both options right out of the box. Sure, it doesn’t offer nearly as many coil-heads as VooPoo does in its PnP line, and the power output is limited at 30W, but for what it is, the Nexmini kit is a very well-put-together package!

The OFRF Nexmini comes with two different styles of coil-heads, the M22 nexM mesh (0.6Ω), and the M21 parallel wire coil-head (0.6Ω), both of which have been performing very well for me, in a loose MTL mode. I basically use them with just one airflow hole exposed on the airflow control ring, and they provide both excellent flavor and decent vapor production.

The coil-heads included in the kit work great with the airflow wide-open, if you like an airier draw, but I wish they had a higher resistance option for tight mouth-to-lung. You can definitely pull it off with the included coil-heads, by shutting the airflow all the way off, to get a cigarette-like draw, but I think a coil head around 1Ω would have been even better.

Still, not too much to complain about with this kit, especially if you’re a casual vaper.


OFRF may be new to the vaping game, but they are definitely starting out on the right foot with the Nexmini pod mod. Not only is it very pleasing aesthetically, it also performs wonderfully thanks in particular to the well-implemented airflow control system and the excellent coil-heads. The latter is no surprise, considering Wotofo’s experience in the field. All in all, a great little pod mod aimed at both casual users and advanced vapers looking for something slick to use on the go.

The OFRF Nexmini was sent to me directly by OFRF for the purpose of this review.

  • elegant design
  • compact
  • excellent airflow system
  • excellent coil-heads
  • USB Type-C charging
  • too much branding
  • 0nly 2 available coil-heads (currently)

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